Quarter #1 Artwork

Its another year of art and I wanted to continue what I did last year. I know it is the same exact course as last year but it will be a great opportunity to improve from last year. These were the projects I did for this first quarter…. 

Ceiling Tile: This was my favorite project. I really love to paint. I decided to go with an SLA type tile, by creating the main key about the school, which is the rocket. I love how the colors stand out in all of his paintings. I feel great on how it came out. I like the the kind of colors I used. My favorite part is the fire. It doesn’t look like an ordinary fire take off. I just wanted to be creative and take it my own way. 

Drawing of anything I want to draw: As of last year I really wanted to continue my legacy of pencil drawings. It’s funny my girlfriend inspired me to do something with a heart in it. So I decided to do a heart and flower type mix. I enjoyed using different shades of pencil.

Jack-o-lantern: Its another pencil drawing because, like I said last year I like to make pencil drawings. The jack-o-lantern has an evil look. As you can see I decided to make different patterns on the jack-o-lantern because I wanted to be creative and have fun with, after all I am the artist.

Self Portrait: I was able to draw myself again. This year was totally different because one I had longer hair, and two I’m wearing a hat in the photo. Personally I like this portrait better because I think I look better with longer hair.

In conclusion I enjoyed redoing this course again because I know it will be a great year and a fun and relaxing time!

First ILP Class

For my ILP I am taking a Law Class in school. So far the law students talked about the amendments and real life situations. Then we gave real life examples and how we would personally act on those situations. It is very interesting and it really gets us thinking because we talked about things we could use if we get into those situations. I'm really enjoying my ILP and I hope I get to learn more about law.

I still don't have an ILP

​No I still do not have an ILP. I have been emailing Jeremy. Jeremy has got in the way of me not having an ILP. I may be getting an ILP , working with Kindergartners.  I have been doing everything I was supposed to do meeting with Jeremy, talking to other schools and I just received an email and I may be starting an ILP next week. 

Jamie Polson's November Post

Although I may have not have my original ILP I found a new one and have been attending for 3 or 4 weeks now.  The ILP is I am an intern for the Give and Take jugglers which is a juggling group based in Philly and they do shows at schools and if you request them to perform they will kindly do that.  In the past few weeks I have done lot's of financial work for them such as searching elementary schools in the Pennsylvania Delaware area and get genral info about each like where it is who the principal is, the url and email for the school and principal and that type of thing.  Also I had to research Country clubs and get the same type of info and make a table to put all the info on.  That's the business side of it but the fun stuff is that I also get to practice classic give and take routines like spinning a ball on my finger and perform pipo and pepe which is a kind of acrobatic act where your in this suit bent over and it looks like there are these two guys (puppet people) dancing and you move your hands and legs to make them move and it looks really realistic and awesome!!  

Wellner- ILP Checki-in (11/12/15)

The last time I went to my ILP was 1 week ago, on Wednesday 11/4, because the Library was closed on the 11th for Veteran's day. Currently, me and my partner are working to create a documentary on the paintings that are in the children's department of the library. It's very interesting, because the paintings were donated to the library in the mid 1900's, and have undergone a few changes, from being moved, to the restoration process they have and are going through right now. There are multiple paintings, such as Thumbelina, to the Giant Squid, to the original Snow White. Hopefully next week, we will be able to have our interview in order to gain more information, so we can edit and finalize our documentary. 

ILP Update- 11/12/15

I really like the class I am taking. Everyone is so welcoming and it feels like family. I am learning new things like conjugating verb and verb tenses. Also, I am looking forward to next class, we are sharing ideas in class. I really enjoy this activity because it gives everyone a chance to say what's on their mind and we all learn from each other. What stands out to me is the sense of family in the class. Everyone is really close. The teachers are very encouraging and really want you to succeed and help you along the way. Which I think is very important for a child who is striving to learn and grow. 

NO ILP (11-12-15)

I still do not have an ILP. What I have done to get an ILP is contacting via email to several businesses. I talked to Jeremy before but it seems he has forgotten to help. Tomorrow I'll be talking to Jeremy again and see if he can help me crack down to getting an ILP. If we cannot get in contact tomorrow then hopefully Monday by the latest. Things that has got into the way of me getting an ILP is probably that fact that everyone has been busy and me not contacting Jeremy as soon as possible. Another thing that has gotten into the way of me getting an ILP is me not talking to Jeremy in person instead of via email. 

Chen: ILP Check in

I am enjoying my ILP. My ILP is still at greenfield every Wednesday at 1:30 pm. I am currently still helping the teacher and children. I really enjoy spending my time with the children. Sometime, I help the children's such as help the children's on the assignment and games like the puzzles. Every lunch time, they go out to play and then I noticed that the children still have snack time every Wednesday that I am there. I find this to be important because children's need to eat to snack time once in the while. I am looking forward to seeing the children's every Wednesday because I enjoy helping the children's and teacher out. The children's are very interesting and amusing and it feel nice to actually help them.

About my ILP now and then

​My Ilp is in Rm 301 every Wednesday at 1:30. At my Ilp I am learning how to take apart & put together  a Chromebook. We are also how to re-image a Chromebook. I am really excited to find out what we are doing next. I made a couple of new friends named Scott & Nick. They are really nice and cool. That is it for now.  I will tell more about my Ilp next time.

Asher Swartz ILP Update Thursday 11/12/15

Last Wednesday, 11/4/15, I attended my first ILP session with the ACE Mentor program.

It went very well, I think. I enjoyed it a lot, and am looking forward to the rest. I was a bit awkward, the only other kids from SLA are Juniors, but next time another Sophomore is coming. I can probably work on the whole "not being awkward around strangers I don't share a whole lot in common with" thing.

I am generally just looking forward to anything. It is a program that shows a broad view of engineering, and I am just excited to learn more.

I have only had one meeting, but I think they provide pizza everytime as it is somewhat late in the day. I like the food part, though we do have to answer questions to get it, but that isn't a problem. I feel like we're also going to be visiting active sites (not the enzyme kind, the building kind) which is gonna be cool.

I think I need to definitely work on the social thing, as I probably look a little bit weirder than I really am. Its important to remember that collaboration is an important part of engineering, and I need to do that better.

ILP Check in #2

In my ILP I have been working with amazing people that have been helping me learn how to use Excel. Now that I have mastered Excel I am now organizing important data. I love my internship because it is everything that I wanted to do and then some. Next week on Wednesday 18th I will continue to organize information and learn more about budgeting as well as  how the School District budgets their money. What I look forward to is to working with Ms. Karla and enhancing my knowledge of this practice as a whole. 

Jamie Polson's ILP October post

My first ILP in the month of October was I was an Intern for A production of Watership down.  It was directed by A man named Allen Radway who also goes to my church and that is how I found out about it.  It met Mondays-Saturdays from 7-11 pm.  It happened at Drexel University and was really fun.  Some days we would go over the script and do read through's, other days we would act like rabbit's and interact with each other as rabbit's.  Other days we would just do theatre games and fun stuff like that.  We practiced doing shadow puppets a lot because the show had a major puppetry aspect to it which was another reason why I joined.  Since I am a minor the University did not allow me to be on the campus and would have charged my family and I millions of dollars if I got hurt in any way because they did not want to be responsible.  So I had to stop doing that ILP but I saw the show on the 6th and it was amazing!!  I would highly recomend it to anyone who likes theatre  

I have an ILP #2

Ilp is going great. My Ilp is at my old school, Alliance for progress charter school and what I do there is just help the teachers with the kindergarten class during their gym class and when its time to go home. Im looking forward to working in that field someday and just for now seeing how things go. Nothing major has happened so far. I enjoy not listening to the teachers I can do what I want... kinda. 

Wes Midgett ILP Update

My ILP is at the Hacktory in University City. At the moment DM + D is moving locations so whenever I go there I am helping them pack up and transport there things to the new location. So far, everything is going well and I am getting to know a lot of new people. I am looking forward to moving into the new location and starting to work on a project.

Chernowski: ILP check in

My ILP is working on Project Stargazer, a subgroup of project Space at The Franklin Institute. It is a student ran project creating virtual realities in space and using the Oculus Rift to perceive an environment, specifically space. In order to learn the coding program, we are currently doing a mini side project. I am really excited to actually be relearning C++ and using it in an actual in the real world project. I think this will really help me later down the road because I really want to pursue this further and learn even more, so having a good foundation is great. It also really helps with my part in Robotics as I can be of more assistance in a field I wasn't part of before. Next week the new volunteers will be receiving their IDs.

Library ILP #2

At the central library I am going to be doing video reviews with Hannah Dunakin on different music, movies and books which will be posted on the libraries social media accounts. So far we have been making good progress, though we haven't yet completed a video. So far we have mostly been planning and writing a script and readying our materials. I'm looking forward to using the libraries green screen, I think that should be fun. 

Advanced Art Photo Gallery by Jared Trusty

The four assignments that I had to do was a self portrait, bat cut outs, a free draw, and a ceiling tile. To create my projects, I made sections on my pages and ceiling tile. On my ceiling tile, I cut the board into 4 sections. From the origin i could then draw the facial features of the character that I painted. For my self portrait i divided my head into six parts to create my eyes, nose and mouth. Everything else that I added to my face would follow from space. My free drawing is a picture of Athena. She has a shield on her left hand, spear in her right hand, and an owl on her left shoulder. For some reason I wanted to just draw my visualization of her. My ceiling tile had a little more thought, I decided to paint a character from Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is one of my favorite mobile games and i believe it best represents me. For the bat cut outs I tried to form a bat symbol just so add a little extra to the assignment. In my self portrait, i used a symbol pose to achieve a full resemblance of me. My shading of my skin is not accurate but my facial feature match completely.

Jesse's Q1 Art Portfolio

In the first quarter my artwork does a good job of showing a little bit of myself within them. Within each assignment I work on a unique aspect of what is expected to make the art my own. For the most part a recurring theme is my passion, sports. In both the ceiling tile and drawing I chose to honor two of my favorite athletes (Patrick Peterson and Claude Giroux respectively) by recreating them in my art.

For the bats assignment I chose to incorporate my favorite super hero and show another side of myself by opting to make the "Batman" bats as opposed to conventional Halloween bats. Finally the self portrait is literally a reflection myself completing the inner journey my art shows. My art this quarter show my passions and likes and then finished by showing how I see myself.