Q2 Artist's Statement and Slideshow

For the Second Quarter, I have made 6 different types of artworks. They were the blind contour drawings, add color to the contour line drawings, choosing your own painting, recreate a piece of art, illustration from a piece of writing, and photo editing. For the first assignment, I decided to draw the cartoon characters that I saw on the ceiling and the objects that were next to me. It was really hard to draw the characters and making it precise without looking at the character. For the second assignment, it was really easy to color the drawings I did for the first week without thinking. For the third assignment, I decided I wanted to make a Dreamcatcher. I use blue and purple because it is a cool tone color and that it is catching all of the bad energy. For the fourth assignment, I wanted to draw my favorite South Korean singer, so I recreated a drawing of him from Google. For the fifth assignment, I decided to Illustrate the song from Moana. I wanted to make the character scared of finding her own path. I use color pencils to add texture and color. For the last assignment, it was really funs getting to edit the photos and learning how to use the app. I got to edit the photo I took from San Fransico and the photo of me and my friend, Ashley.

Artist's Statement- Majarucon

This Quarter 2, I did the contour drawings first by taking blank pieces of paper and a charcoal pencil to draw the object that I am trying to draw without looking at the paper. After doing 10 drawings, I colored all of them in and enhanced the drawings through the colored pencils. The second project was to choose our own painting and medium on a piece of paper. I chose to do an oil pastel artwork of a dark ombre sky in a desert or a dull hill. The third project was to recreate a piece of art and I chose to do "The Son of Man" by Rene Magritte in 1964. The fourth project was to illustrate something from a piece of writing which I chose to do two short poems. One called "A Girl" by Ezra Pound and "A Birthday Poem" by Ted Baker. Lastly, I had to take pictures and edit them using pixlr which I did. So, I took four pictures and edited each of them using pixlr on my computer.

"That Pasta Jawn"

The food that I am choosing to analyze is one of my favorite dishes made in my household. It does not have a name, I tend to call it “That Pasta Jawn”. It is made with Turkey Kielbasa, whole grain penne pasta, cayenne pepper, oregano, pepper, as well as fresh garlic, basil, onions, and red, green, and yellow peppers. I believe that about 60 percent of this meal is processed. The pasta and meat have the biggest proportions in the meal which leads me to think that the other 40% consists of vegetables. There is a lot of garlic, onions, and peppers involved which sort of equates the meat and pasta which are processed.

In total, this meal would cost about $19.59, but it would feed approximately 6 people. Compared to the fast food restaurants you’d initially think that the it’s cheaper than the meal that I described, but that isn’t the case. My meal would be able to feed about 6 people meanwhile a meal at a fastfood chain could vary from $5-$12 per person. Fast food lives up to the idea of being fast, quick, and easy, but often times home cooked meals can be cheaper and healthier.

Although this meal isn't 100% bad for you, it’s also not the best thing to eat every night. The protein that is apart of this meal is beef/red meat which isn’t so good for your body. They’re typically high in saturated fat which makes your cholesterol high and can later lead to heart disease if consumed too often. The whole grain pasta that’s involved isn't the absolute worst on the market, but it is still a processed food. Because it is whole grain, there’s more protein than regular pasta, but it is still a carb which isn’t always the best for your body depending on your diet.

Ryan Artist Statement

This quarter in Advanced Art we did alot of really fun and cool things that were also very challenging and creative.My favorite artwork came from us choosing our own paintings because I got to do what I wanted and use any method of painting I wanted. I had a lot of fun finger paints and drawing on that assignment. I got to relax with it more. With the recreation piece I was a little stressed because I knew I couldn't live up to the original artist work. I feel like I tried to hard to make mine like theirs at first instead of making it my own but in the end I decided that I should do my own thing with it. This marking period I made a lot of piece that I am proud of. With the blind contour drawings I feel as though I really pushed myself because I found it extremely difficult to draw without looking while still capturing the lighting and concept of what you are drawing. It was really hard to look at what I was drawing but not at the paper I was actually writing on but I learned that sometimes I need to focus on one thing at a time in order to really understand it. The best piece I did this quarter came from the painting. I decided to do something different with this one and I tried the method of blowing the paint around the paper to make the castle from fosters home for imaginary friends. It was really messy but it was also super fun to do, I would love to get the opportunity to do it again. I worked really hard on that piece and did something outside the box and it benefitted me. Our last assignment was editing pictures and I think it was my favorite assignment assigned. I enjoyed taking the pictures that focused on one thing the editing of the photos was really difficult since I couldn't always convey the theme and message that I wanted through the pictures. I thought it made that thing stand out more. The editing process on the other hand was extremely hard to me because the website was really confusing but I eventually worked it out and got some great pictures out of it. Overall this quarter I think I progressed very well. I'm starting to try a lot harder in the class and am enjoying art a lot more. There is a huge difference in my artwork now from before and I am really proud of it.  

Q2 Artist's Statement

In quarter 2, I tried pushing myself and my art. First, I drew some blind contour drawings, a dog, two obamas, and my hand. I made 2 paintings. One is some dude stuffing an empty gun through his cranium, I just wanted to throw a few colors onto the paper and get something with it, exclusively red and black. Second one is a little more abstract. Some blue guy, I was experimenting with hues and such. Next is a rogue, I used a couple reference images for this in order to see how light works on the hair, body, and metal (the shoulder pad). This next lady with the troll hair was me just experimenting with a bunch of different brushes digitally, sort of abstract. This one, "smoke" is some lady holding a cigar and there's a lot of smoke, working on folds of clothes and shading again. This palm tree girl is more caricature esque. I'm trying to put more detail into my art, realistic or otherwise. For "eye", was practicing how the upper half of the face works, particularly the eye. I wanted it to be sort of creepy. This one, "lonely", I was trying to make a more complete piece, which is not something I do often. I focused quite a bit on the lighting and space background. I could have done more with the roses, but I don't usually do things like this. The last one is a photo edit of my cat. Made it bluer at the bottom, hue shifted a bit, and fixed lighting. 

Quarter 2 Artist Statement

This marking period I made a lot of piece that I am proud of. With the blind contour drawings I feel as though I really pushed myself because I found it extremely difficult to draw without looking while still capturing the lighting and concept of what you are drawing. It was really hard to look at what I was drawing but not at the paper I was actually writing on but I learned that sometimes I need to focus on one thing at a time in order to really understand it. My favorite artwork came from us choosing our own paintings because I got to do what I wanted and use any method of painting I wanted. I had a lot of fun finger paints and drawing on that assignment. I got to relax with it more. With the recreation piece I was a little stressed because I knew I couldn´t live up to the original artist work. I feel like I tried to hard to make mine like theirs at first instead of making it my own but in the end I decided that I should do my own thing with it. The best piece I did this quarter came from the illustration piece. I decided to do something different with this one and I tried the method of blow drying crayons and letting them melt on a canvas. It was really messy but it was also super fun to do, I would love to get the oppurtunity to do it again. I worked really hard on that piece and did something outside the box and it benefitted me. Our last assignment was editing pictures and I think it was my favorite assignment assigned. I enjoyed taking the pictures that focused on one thing. I thought it made that thing stand out more. The editing process on the other hand was extremely hard to me because the website was really confusing but I eventually worked it out and got some great pictures out of it. Overall this quarter I think I progressed very well. Im starting to try a lot harder in the class and am enjoying art a lot more. There is a huge difference in my artworl now from before and I am really proud of it.  

Espanol 1 Unidad 4



¡Hola, mi nombre es Niya! ¡Hola, mi nombre es Alina! ¡Hola, mi nombre es Orlando! y ¡Hola mi nombre es Peyton!  Somos estudiantes  de primer año en LA. Tenemos Quince años. Nuestra escuela está situado en 22nd street. Mi escuela es cerca  del Instituto Franklin. Mi escuela es único porque somos buenos amigos y trabajamos bien  como una comunidad.99 ikm


La Srta Hernendez ensena espoñol. Me encanta porque ensena esponol.  Me encanta porque trabajor. Su clase es tenemos que estar prepardo, tomar apuntes, e prestar atencion. Nuestros estudiantes son trabajar duro, prestar atencion, bonito, es tipo.


Las clases que yo tengo son matemáticas, inglés, q uímica, historia, drama, tecnología, e ingeniería. Me encanta ingeniería porque me gusta proyectos físicos. Necesito hacer experiments para un grado, Necesito tomar notas con un montón de dibujos. En la clase de inglés nosotros hablamos que nosotros escribió acerca de. En la clase de bioquímica nosotros aprender cómo a hacer un proyecto. Nosotros tenemos buenas notas en la clases de ingles, bioquimica, historia, y ingenieria, Nosotros necesitamos buen enfoque.


Cuando llegas por primera vez a SLA puede ser difícil. Una vez que te familiarices con la escuela, será más fácil. Podemos vestir libremente. Esta escuela pone su responsabilidad a la prueba. Me encanta la libertad que tenemos.  

Joan's Zucchini Bread


2 cups zucchini raw, peeled and shredded

3 eggs 

1.5 cup sugur 

.5 cup honey 

1 cup applesauce 

1 cup coconut oil 

3 cups flower 

1 teaspoon baking soda 

3 tablespoons cinnamon 


Mix all ingredients 

Cook for 45 mins at 350 degrease 

Check center with toothpick 

Cool for 10 mins 

My mom make zucchini bread all the time, and I've always loved it. This recipe has a lot of whole foods but still some processed ones. sugar, applesauce, and flower are all processed while; the zucchini, eggs, honey, baking soda, and cinnamon are all whole foods. The only ingredient I wasn't sure about was the coconut oil. All coconut oils taste different, but are still very similar. The actual oil comes from the flesh of the coconut and its extracted at high temperatures not being processed, making it a whole food! 

Q2 Artist Statement by Nick Ryan

This quarter, I created a lot of pieces of art. The first thing we did was blind contour drawings. We had to find at least 5 items and draw it without looking at the paper and do it all with one line. This was difficult as I had to predict my hand movement and proportion the drawing correctly. The second project we had to make a painting. I recreated Van Gogh’s piece “At Eternity’s Gate.” I used watercolor and oil pastels to create this painting. I dealt with a lot of trial and error with this project because my watercolor wasn’t vibrant and it leaked on other parts of the paper. This was not difficult, but it was frustrating and time-consuming. The third project we had to recreate a piece of art. I recreated the cover of “CAGE” a comic book created by Genndy Tartakovsky. I used my Copic markers and my Sakura pens to create this piece. I had a lot of fun doing this particular project because I love drawing cartoony things like this and it was a little difficult because I had to learn Tartakovsky’s style of drawing. The fourth project we had to create an illustration from a piece of writing. My illustration was based off the song “Changes” by Tupac. I drew Tupac sitting on a stool looking at the viewer, with a city which is supposed to be Compton bleeding in the background. I did this to symbolize Tupac’s pain he suffered in his hometown and his struggles to try to help it, but like he said, nothing changes. I used my Copic markers, my sakura pens, and color pencils. The final project we had to edit a bunch of photos. For this, I took a picture out of the window of the SLA school building, a picture of city hall, and a picture from when I went camping. The first picture, it was originally a gloomy picture but I increased the brightness and warmth of the picture to create a positive effect on the picture. The second picture, I did the same except I created a vintage old photo effect. It looks like an old photo taken from the 60s. And then the last photo, I created a weird effect. It was a picture from the summer and I changed the atmosphere from a warm, spring-like environment to a wintery cold environment. I changed the ambiance so that it has a purple effect. It looked cool to me. I learned a lot this quarter. I learned to proportion my drawings better so that the sizes in my drawings are better proportioned. I’ve learned to adapt my style so that it fits other artists’ styles. I’ve also learned to develop my own style of drawing. Finally, I learned the basics of photo-editing. Reflecting back on my artwork, my art has become clearer, cleaner, and more organized. This creates a more pleasing effect on the eyes of my viewers.

Na'eem Artist Statement

For my second quarter, I created a lot of diverse art. I started off with using pastels for my first assignment. It was tough for me because I never used pastels. For my second assignment, I decided to try shading in faces. I try to study the human bone structure when making this piece. For the third assignment, I used art apps to make my sketches come alive. I recreated my inspirations, Jhené, SZA, and FKA twigs. For my last assignment, I went around the city to take pictures that had depth in field. This was the most fun assignment because I got to photoshop later on.

Q2 Artist's Statement and Slideshow

Drawing is not really my strongest point so in some of my pieces you might have to laugh but it's okay I've tried my best. Creating these pieces were pretty interesting and fun and some pictures from google did inspire some of my paintings which were cool to re-create. My favorite assignment this quarter was the photo editing because taking photos and editing them are things that I like to do and editing pictures to make the main features come out is relaxing.

E1 U4 Zeyah, Micah, Robert, Naseem

Hola, somos Micah, Bobby, Zeyah, and Naseem. Somos del primer año en escuela la Science Leadership Academy. SLA está en la ciudad de Filadelfia. La escuela tiene cinco pisos. Todo el mundo es diferente en SLA y magnífica . La escuela está cerca de una tren estación. Ofrecemos fútbol, baloncesto, ingeniería, y mucho más. participamos en baloncesto, ingeniería, y arte.  

La clase de historia es interesante y necesitamos trabajamos duro. Inglés es importante y necesitamos participar. Tenemos que estar siempre preparados para tecnología. Bioquímica es fácil, tomamos apuntes. Álgebra es estresante y difícil. Tenemos que preparados. Español es importante. Hacemos la tarea. Los materiales que necesitamos son papel, lápiz, computadora, calculadora, bata de laboratorio, y carpeta. Para tener éxito en esta clase necesitamos trabajar duro.

La escuela SLA es muy importante. Me gustan todas las clases pero nuestra clase favorita es historia. La profesora de historia y la Señorita Jonas enseña muy bien y es bastante tranquila. Su clase es muy difícil pero es muy divertido.  tenemos trabajamos duro y leemos muchos libros. En la clase de inglés tenemos muchas tarea. La tarea es muy difícil y nosotros tenemos muchas pruebas difíciles.  

Nos gusta hacer amigos nuevos, Nos gusta leer muchos libros en la biblioteca. Nuestro libro favorito es “Nightmare Fuel” o “Pesadilla Fuel” en español. Nos  gusta historia africana-americana Los estudiantes son trabajadores, inteligentes, y divertidos, sociables. Los profesores es estudiante,  y divertido. No nos gusta Español. Tenemos que hacer el trabajo duro. SLA es una de las mejores escuelas de Filadelfia.

E1 U4 Joziah Alexis Justin Tyah

¡Bienvenidos a SLA! Los profesores son muy inspirantes. SLA es muy divertido pero exigente. Los amigos son chéveres. SLA tiene cinco pisos. Es muy fácil hacer amigos. SLA la escuela está en Filadelfia. Somos del primer año. Las matemáticas es muy importante. SLA es nuestra casa.

Tenemos muchas clases en SLA. Tenemos bioquímica, inglés, español uno, álgebra, geometría, tecnología, drama y historia. Todas son clases difíciles pero fáciles, también. Español es mi clase favorita. Español es mi clase favorita porque es muy chévere, interesante y importante. Leemos palabras en español, hacemos toda la tarea, tomamos notas, participamos activamente y somos responsables. Los materiales que necesitamos son unas plumas y lápices, unas hojas de papel, y unas carpetas. Necesitamos unos cuadernos, también. Para tener éxito en esta clase, es importante prestar mucha atención a las profesoras. Es importante tomar notas y participar mucho. Es muy fácil sacar buenas notas.

Mi profesor, el Señor Kay, es nuestro favorito profesor. El enseña inglés. Nos encanta porque la clase es fácil. Su clase es un poco estresante, pero me encanta la clase de inglés. El profesor es bastante tranquilo y inspirante. El enseña muy bien. Su clase es chévere y interesante. Nuestros estudiantes son interesantes ¡Me gusta la comunidad y la familia en SLA!

En general la escuela es perfecta. Es diferente. Nos encanta la libertad tenemos porque es fantásticos y tenemos que trabajador. Además SLA es chévere porque los estudiantes son interesantes y diferentes. SLA es como una segunda familia con amigos. Depende del día, SLA es político. Además SLA es muy música y artístico. Para más información, ve a www.scienceleadership.org  ¡Gracias y ven a vistarnos!

E1 U4 - Jeremiah, John, Christina, Oszain

                                                      Todo Sobre SLA

Hola, somos John, Oszain, Jeremiah y Christina y tenemos dieciséis, quince, y catorce años. Somos estudiantes de Science Leadership Academy (SLA) que está en Filadelfia. Está cerca de Trader Joe's un supermecado y una oficina de dentista. SLA es una proyecto basado la escuela. Hay cuatrocientos niños en Science leadership Academy y cuatro pisos en SLA. En SLA tenemos muchos deportes y actividades como el béisbol.

El Señor Kay enseña Drama y Inglés. La Señorita Jonas enseña historia. La Señorita Giorgio enseña álgebra. A Christina y a Oszain les encanta el Señor Kay porque es cómico y divertido. A Jeremiah le encanta la Señorita Jonas porque es tranquila. A John le encanta porque la Señorita Giorgio porque creativa. El clase de el Señor Kay es cómico pero serio.  La clase de la Señorita Jonas es tranquila. La clase de la Señorita Giorgio clase es tranquila.  Nuestros estudiantes son creativos, sociables y inteligentes.

Nuestras clases son inglés, español, almuerzo, historia, drama, arte, álgebra, geometría, bioquímica y tecnología. Nosotros pensamos que inglés es difícil e importante. En la clase de inglés leemos y participamos activamente. Español es fácil y chévere. En esta clase prestamos mucha atención y en español jugamos juegos. Almuerzo es sociable y cómico. En el almuerzo estudiamos y terminamos hacer la tarea. Historia es muy muy estresante y informativa. En esta clase nosotros trabajamos duro y leemos unos libros. Drama y arte son tranquilos porque el Señor Kay es bastante interesante. En drama nosotros actuamos. Álgebra y geometría son buenas. En álgebra nosotros tomamos apuntes y practicamos matemáticas. La clase de bioquímica es fácil y fascinante, nosotros aprendemos sobre disecciones y más. Tecnología es aburrida y buena. En tecnología nosotros utilizamos ordenador.

Me encanta SLA. SLA es divertida y creativa. Nuestros estudiantes son trabajadores e inteligentes. Me gusta SLA porque no es estricto pero los estudiantes son trabajadores y serios. Somos del primer año. Nosotros tenemos que estudiar y trabajar. Los estudiantes pasan un rato con amigos. Los estudiantes de SLA son bobos. SLA es muy loco. Es una broma. Ven a visitarnos.

Artist statement Quarter 2

This quarter i experienced new types of art. Like the first assignment we did was a blind contour drawing. That was a good warm up. I feel like my pictures improved each time I drew one. Then we moved onto paintings, which I like doing. My last water color painting with the girls hair blowing was beautiful and one of my best pieces ever. I am very proud of it. I can see the improvement in my art every week. I really enjoyed taking my time to draw and paint my pieces. Some of the art work I made are some of my best. I hope to see my art work grow in the third quarter. Based off the first and second quarter my art work is improving. 

E1U4 Ensayo

Hola, bienvenidos a SLA. Aquí es nuestra escuela (show a picture of the school). Hola, mi nombre es Tobi. Hola, mi nombre es Keyonne. Hola mi nombre es, Amayah. Hola, llamo Mamadou. Somos estudiantes de Science Leadership Academy. (all together) Está en Filadelfia. Está cerca de 30th calle station y 15th calles. estudiantes - más de quinientos. Tenemos cinco Pisos. Sla es muy alto. En SLA tenemos inglés, español, historia, drama, arte, álgebra, geometría, bioquímica y estudios independientes. La mayoría de las clases son fáciles. Ofrecemos muchos deportes en SLA como fútbol, pista, baloncesto, voleibol y boxeo. Nosotros participamos en ingeniería, fútbol y baloncesto. Esta es nuestra escuela. En la escuela SLA nosotros tenemos siete clases y ellos son inglés, español, historia, estudios independientes, álgebra, bioquímica, y tecnología. Mi clase bioquímica es favorito porque me gusta diseccionar animales como ranas y las estrellas de mar. En las clases necesitamos lápiz, mochila, el libro, el ordenador, y la bata de laboratorio. Nuestra profesora favorita es la Señorita Jonas. Ella enseña la clase de historia lunes, martes, miércoles y viernes. Ella tiene el pelo negro y corto. Señorita Jonas es simpática y tranquila. Me encanta porque ella no grita o frustrado cuando no comprende los temas y ella enseña bien. Su clase es divertida y interesante. Al final de cuentas su clase es importante. Nuestros estudiantes son horribles y aburridos…! ¡Es una broma! Todas personas son bienvenidos a SLA. SLA es inspirante en muchos formas, ¡Ven a visitarnos!
Nos encanta SLA porque SLA está una buena escuela en Filadelfia. Las personas nuestra escuela son trabajadores y interesantes en las clases. Al final de cuentas SLA es nuestra familia. Para más información, ve a www.scienceleadership.org

E1 U4 Ensayo - Dasia, Amani, Josh, y Michaela

Hola, somos Dasia, Amani, Josh y Michaela. Somos estudiantes del primer año en Science Leadership Academy. SLA está en Center City y está cerca de restaurantes de comida rápida y el Instituto Franklin. Está cerca de 7-eleven y wawa. SLA es una escuela donde hacemos proyectos. Nosotros estudiante de primer año vamos al Instituto Franklin los miércoles.

En SLA, cada estudiante tiene una computadora. Este es conveniente y muy muy excelente. Nosotros aprendemos usar las computadoras en la clase de tecnología. La Señorita Hull enseña tecnología muy bien. Es estricta pero inspirante. En SLA, nosotros también tenemos equipos deportivos.

Nos gusta la Señorita Hull porque ella entiende. Nos gusta el Señor Kay porque él es divertido. Nos gusta la Señorita Manuel porque ella es divertída y la clase es fácil. Nos gusta la Señorita Giorgio porque ella es fantástica y la clase es interesante. Me encanta porque Nosotros no tenemos un estudiante favorita porque SLA niños son simpático y divertida. La Señorita Manuel enseña español. El Señor Kay enseña inglés. La Señorita Hull enseña tecnología. La Señorita Giorgio enseña álgebra. Ella clase es fácil y divertída. Nuestros estudiantes son divertidos y simpáticos.

Mi opinión es, nos gusta nuestra amigos en SLA. Nuestra amigos son respetuosos. A los estudiantes en SLA no les gusta hacer toda la tarea en las clases. Me gustan los profesores en SLA. SLA es una escuela inteligente, sociable, muy artística, y simpática. ¡Cuidado! SLA equipo deportivo es muy bueno.

Al final de cuentas, SLA es una escuela fantástica.

E1 U4- Emily, Kishara, Cianni, Rasa, Timothy

Somos estudiantes de Science Leadership Academy. Está en Filadelfia.  SLA es pequeña pero cinco pisos. Está cerca de “7- Eleven” y City Hall.  Hay 500 estudiantes. SLA tiene muy deportes. Ofrecemos volleyball, Cheerleading, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball. ¡Qué chévere!

En SLA, nosotros tenemos inglés, español, historia, drama, arte, informática, álgebra, geometría , bioquímica,  consejería, e ingeniería. La clase favorita de Rasa, Cianni y Kishara es ingeniería porque es muy interesante. La clase favorita de Emily es inglés con La Señorita Giknis. La clase favorita de Timothy es almuerzo. Para tener éxito en esta clase de ingeniería tenemos que prestar mucha atención. Para tener éxito en esta clase de inglés necesitamos tomar apuntas. Para tener éxito en el almuerzo que comer, socializar y divertirse.

Los profesores y estudiantes:

La Señorita Manuel enseña español y la Señorita Sessa enseña bioquímica. El Señor Estey y la Señorita Georgio enseña matemática. La Señorita Giknis y la Señorita Smith enseña inglés. El Señor Symonds y la Señorita Jonas enseña historia. La Señorita Hull enseña  tecnología y El Señor Kay enseña drama. El señor Kamal enseña ingeniería. Mi clase favorita es inglés. Su clase es divertida y muy interesante. La clase de matemáticas es difícil. La clase de bioquímica es facil.

Nos encanta SLA porque es divertida. Nosotros hacemos experimentos, tenemos 65 minutos almuerzo, y  nosotros tenemos estudiantes diversos. Sin embargo trabajamos duro.  Nosotros hacemos muchos tarea y proyectos, pero es casi siempre interesante. Los estudiantes en SLA son inteligentes y trabajadores. ¡Al final de cuentas en SLA  somos trabajadores, pero nosotros  lo pasamos bien!  

E1 U4- Kyle, Isayas, Siarra, Mayah

Hola! Nosotros somos Siarra, Mayah, Kyle y Isayas. Nosotros tenemos catorce años. Pero Sierra tiene quince años. Nosotros vivimos de Filadelfia y estudiamos SLA. En la escuela nosotros tenemos muchos clubes: unión de estudiantes afros, club literario, club de poesía, anuario, robóticas. Nosotros tenemos programas deportivos - voleibol, baloncesto y pista. Nosotros tenemos aproximadamente quinientos estudiantes.

Somos del primer años. Las clases que nosotros tomamos son inglés, español, historia, drama, álgebra y bioquímica. Nos gusta drama y inglés porque es muy interesante y divertida. Necesitamos el libro, la computadora, un lapíz y los tenis. Te gusta la computadora la mejor. Siempre estamos preparados. Es importante prestar atención. Nosotros leemos, actuamos, hablamos, escribimos, dormimos.  Para tener éxito en esta clase participamos activamente.

En SLA, nosotros tenemos muchos profesores. Por ejemplo, la Señorita Giknis enseña inglés, el Señor Symonds enseña historia, y el Señor Kay enseña drama. Me encanta la Señorita Giknis porque es divertida, extraña, inteligente, simpática, cómica, y artística. El Señor Kay es simpático, cómico, atlético, y creativo. El Señor Symonds es bobo, serio, extraño, y muy interesante. Su clase de historia es estresante y aburrida. La clase inglés es divertida. Su clase es drama es fácil, chévere, y interesante. Finalmente, SLA es la mejor.

Nos encanta SLA porque de los deportes, por ejemplo baloncesto, pista, y voleibol. SLA es seguro, divertido, y energético. Nos gusta SLA porque es divertida, estresante, y chévere. Lo que más nos gusta es los estudiantes porque son chéveres y guay.     

E1 U4 - Kai, Kennedy, Abraham, and Sean

Hola, somos Kai, Kennedy, Sean, y Abe. Somos del primer año de Science Leadership Academy. SLA es una escuela pequeña, con quinientos estudiantes y veintiséis professors. Science Leadership está en 55 N 22nd St, Filadelfia, PA 19103. Está cerca de 7-11, Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, Arch Gourmet, y  Starbucks.  Tenemos cinco pisos. Ofrecemos programas estar preparada por ejemplo; laboratorio de matemáticas y laboratorio de literatura. Abraham participa en robótica y Kennedy participa en animadoras.

Tenemos siete clases en SLA. Tenemos Historia, Bioquimica, Español, Drama, Inglés, y Álgebra. Mi clase favorita es Drama con el Señor Kay. Es chévere. Necesitamos prestar mucha atención. Necesitamos los tenis. A Kennedy le gusta Inglés con profesora Giknis. En la clase para tener éxito necesitamos prestar atención. Me llamo Abraham y mi clase favorito es almuerzo.

La Señorita Manuel enseña Español . El Señor Symonds enseña la Historia. La Señorita Giorgio enseña Matemáticas. La Señorita Sessa enseña la Bioquímica. El Señor Kay es nuestro favorito. Nos encanta porque él es muy cómico y chévere.

Nos encanta bioquímica, Historia y Inglés. Lo que más nos gusta de SLA es almuerzo. SLA es útil, divertido y interesante. Nos encanta la familia porque es muy cariñosa.

Q2 Artists Statement

   The first piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Blind Contour Drawings. This is where we picked an object or person to draw on a piece of paper but we weren't allowed to look at the paper when doing it or pick up the pencil. I feel like even though there were lines all throughout every drawing because we couldn't pick our pencils up off the paper they came out as abstract art and it wasn't us being perfectionists like we usually are. This assignment took 2 class periods for me the first hour was to draw and then the second class period was to color them in and submit them.

    The second piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Choose Your Painting. For this, it was a free draw and learning how to work with different types of paints such as watercolor, oil pastels and acrylics.I did mostly face paintings because I love drawing eyebrows and the last piece of mine were roses because they are my go to drawing. This took 4 class periods first class period and half of the second class to trace back over the drawings with a permanent marker.The last two class periods were painting and perfecting.

    The third piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Recreation Of A Piece Of Art. You could pick any artists and try and draw their drawings in their styles. I chose Toystory because I think the characters in the movies are so cute and are really fun to draw. I'm beyond happy with how all of my pieces turned out they look exactly like them! These assignments all took 4 class periods to draw. The first and half of the second I drew and traced back over with black color pencil to give them black outlines. The last two periods I colored them in and added extra effects to make them stand out more.

    The fourth Piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Illustration Of A Piece Of Writing. You could pick a song, book, poem, or even a line from a script and use those words written to create your version of what they mean to you in a picture. I chose 3 Songs Love is blind, Me, Myself and I and I'm every woman. I chose Love is blind because it was just a song I was listening to while drawing. I chose Me, Myself and I because it's a song I never get tired of and G-Eazy the artist of the song is one of my favorite people to listen to. Lastly, I chose I'm every woman by Whitney Houston because a couple weeks before doing this assignment my mom-mom passed away and Whitney was her favorite singer, I wanted to draw something that would mean a lot to her. This took 2 class periods. The first period to draw and color and the second to submit and erase any pencil marks.

    The Last piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Photo Editing. For Photo editing, we were recommended this app called Snapseed and this is where you can change different aspects of the picture to make it look way different than it did before. All of the photos I chose each meant something to me. This took 4 class periods to do. 3 classes, I worked on editing the photos and making more until the class ended. The last class was uploading them and putting them onto a document to upload the assignment.

    When looking back at all of my work for just this quarter I have grown as an artist and I have developed a more structured style for myself it's not final and it will never be final I will continue to grow and learn more techniques and abstract thinking ways to do my art for others to view in different ways. I'm excited to see what I can come up with in Quarter 3.

Ladoo - Popular Pakistani Sweet

Pakistani Sweet- Lado


  • 320G of Gram Flour 2.5 cups of Gram Flour (Besan)

  • 4.7G of Ground Cardamom

  • 500 mL of Milk

  • 3 cups (681G) of Clarified Butter/Ghee

  • 2.5 cups Cane Sugar

  • 2 tbsp. of Milk

  • 3.5 cups Water

  • Saffron


  • Strainer with small holes

  • Pot

Directions for Syrup

  • Mix the 500G water and 2.5 cups sugar and bring to boil.

  • When sugar dissolves, add in milk

  • Boil for 5 minutes, remove top layer and strain (return to stove after)

  • Add saffron & cardamom powder then mix

  • Set aside under low heat

Directions for Pastry

  • Mix flour and milk to a soft batter

  • Heat the Ghee in large pan.

  • Pour the batter through strainer (may need to add butter to strainer to make easier) into the hot ghee

  • Stir and remove batter when lightly brown

  • With the small pellets cooked, add them to the syrup.

  • Remove from syrup and take off excess.

  • Add few tsp of hot water to the pellets.

  • Cover for 4-5 minutes

  • Shape the pellets into small round pastries and put into refrigerator.

  • Enjoy!


Gram Flour - Less calories than wheat flour, low glycemic index, gluten free, rich in iron, rich in vitamin b6

Cardamom - fights against digestive issues, freshens breath, and is related to ginger

Milk - high in vit. D and phosphorus

Cane sugar - high in antioxidants, amino acids, and potassium, riboflavin.

Research the ingredients used in your dish and write up an analysis of this meal.  The analysis should be approximately 200-250 words.

Choose 3 of the following 5 lenses to analyse your dish. You don’t have to answer every question suggested for each one.

•Approximately what percent of the meal is processed vs. whole food?

•Political/economic:  How much did this meal cost? How does this compare to fast food? How are these food items regulated?  Who made money off your meal?  What small and/or large corporations/businesses are involved?

•Social:  What are some of the social ramifications of your meal choice?  Trace a few parts of your dish from the farm to the plate, including all intermediate steps on the way.  Where were these food items purchased?  Pick 2-3 ingredients and compare a commercial production process vs. a self-sufficient process.  (For example, how does the commercial tomato growing and delivery system compare to growing tomatoes yourself?)

The snack, Ladoo, is mostly unprocessed food. The majority of ingredients can be found naturally, and apart from your choice of sugar are all healthy. The main ingredient, Gram Flour (or Besan as it's called culturally) is natural, and has less calories than wheat flour, a low glycemic index, it's gluten free, rich in iron, and rich in vitamin b6. Cardamom fights against digestive issues, milk is high in vitamin D and phosphorus. Finally, cane sugar is high in antioxidants, amino acids, and contains potassium and riboflavin. Averaging cost for ingredients, it is a very cheap snack to make.

In India and Pakistan, where this snack is most commonly found, all the ingredients are a common find in every household. While it's hard to say who benefits off of a meal, street vendors often make this along with other sweets to sell.Small local businesses which sell ingredients to street vendors and individuals will benefit from this purchase, and in Pakistan, everything is grown locally, almost nothing will need to be imported as all spices etc grow locally. The largest organizations involved would be the farms in which sugar is refined, but it's  not uncommon to see sugarcane growing naturally and families processing it at home.

Social ramifications would be largely detrimental. Due to the popularity of sweets in the poorer, and more rural areas of Pakistan, it is hard to state health detriments. Eating such large amounts of butter, and sugar can cause diabetes, and this is rampant. Sugarcane is often processed by workers who are poorer, and labor is difficult. Often being paid less than others, and without any age restrictions, sourcing these ingredients can indirectly be equated to situations such as Apple's use of child labour.

Classic Beef Hamburger(all jokes aside don't laugh they're good)

- Pack of Ground Beef
-Seasoning (of your preference, salt, pepper, etc)
-Hamburger buns 
-Dressing(mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, again whatever you prefer)
-Oil (Canola, Olive, Vegetable, doesn't really matter)
-Frying Pan 

Step 1: Wash you hands then grab your pack of ground beef and a big mixing bowl

Step 2: Beginning to mix and mash the meat while applying your seasoning until it is a thick pasty type substance

Step 3: Get the pan and moisture where the burger(s) will cook with the oil.

Step 4: Turn on the stove and take some of the ground beef, shape into the size and shape that your prefer your burger to be, then let it cook in the pan. 

Step 5: As the burger cooks to your liking, prepare your roll with the dressings you desire.

Step 6: Once the burger is cooked to your liking, remove it from the pan and drain the oil from it (if you don't wanna OD on fats lol)

Setp 7: Sit the burger in the roll and dress how ever you want and enjoy!!

Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Breaded Chicken Cutlet 


1-3 Thin sliced chicken breasts 

1 cup of flour

3 eggs 

2 cups of breadcrumbs 

1/3 cup of vegtable oil 
Coat each chicken strip in flour. Brush off the excess back into the bowl. 

After the flour is applied dip the entire strip in the eggs (Raw and scrambled up so the yolk and whites are mixed)

Hold the strip over the egg bowl so the excess can drip off back into the bowl

Press both sides of the chicken into a pile of breadcrumbs, so they stick in an even coat on both sides.

Once the chicken has been breaded  place them in a frying pan that has the 1/3 cup of oil so they are not fully submerged but so they are in a shallow pool of oil.

Allow the chicken to fry until one side begins to brown (2-4 minutes depending on thickness of chicken strips)

Repeat the previos step but with the other side of the chicken.

Remove from pan and place the breasts on a baking pan. 

Bake the breasts until they are firm (about 8 minutes, this makes sure the center of the breast is not raw)

Remove from the oven garnish with lemon wedges and serve immediately.

This meal is not very healthy. There are quite a few processed ingredients. The main processed ingredient being the vegetable oil. Not only is vegetable oil extremely processed, but it is being used to fry the chicken. Fried foods tend to hold in all of the fats that are not good for us. Eating this meal every day would most certainly make you fatter.  

This meal is relatively cheap. My family picks up most ingredients from the farmers market so the are all grown locally. The things that we do not buy at the market are the processed ingredients. We but premade breadcrumbs and the vegetable oil from the super market. These ingredients are also fairly cheap, but are not as healthy as some of the alternatives. We could make our own bread crumbs but that's a lot of work on top of the already long prep time of the chicken. and for the oil there isn't really an alternative. We could use a different type of oil but it wouldn't taste the same. Almost all of the ingredients do not travel very far since they are all grown locally.