Tech Media Fluency - Conley

I chose to use this picture of a bowl of rice crispies on the stairs, because I believe it most closely represents me in one picture. This is how I spend most of my 3am’s, and I like to say that it is how I keep my sanity, because it is how I wind down and stop the momentum of my day. I used extremely an extremely large font, and focused my image on the right hand side. I kept my image on the right, in order to follow the rule of thirds, which dictates that the focal point of your slide should never be in the middle third of the presentation.  

Tech Slide

Media Fluency

Media Fluency Me Magazine Slide

The first choice I made with my slide was to pick a color palette that I liked. According to the first source given, you should pick colors that contrast with each other, which is why I picked white and red. The source also mentioned that the words should be big and simple, which is why I do not have many words on the slide. I used kerning to make the “my passion” part fit into the word "reading" in a way that is visually pleasing. According to the second source (the Ikea one), you shouldn’t be afraid to let your images bleed off of the page. I decided to have the books bleeding off from the bottom of the page to make the image more engaging to the audience. I tried to use the rule of thirds to have my audience focus on the books first by making the books the larger image. Overall, I tried to keep my slide simple and to the point in order to get my passion across.

Media Fluency Eli Zimmerman

I choose to use use a very vivid dramatic image that is somewhat mysterious. This grabs the reader's eye and keeps it focused on the slide. I used large wording and a simple phrase that goes hand in hand with the picture. My background color compliments my image and my text color. I used the rule of three to get and keep the spectators attention. For the kerning I used a professional style, which means I slightly spaced the words. I wrote the word connection in a larger font because I want the readers mind to stick with that idea.
Tech Media Fluency

Tech Media Fluency - Gerber

For my slide, I wanted to focus on photography. It's a passion of mine, and I wanted the slide to reflect that. I tried to find a picture of a camera that I liked, but this proved to be very difficult. The creative commons pictures of cameras aren't what I was looking for. Eventually, I found this one, and I added it to my slide. I chose this picture not only because I liked it, but because it followed the rule of three. It had the largest point in the right third of the slide, and this was something that the websites told us to do. I wanted the image to be what you saw first, and I tried to make my words fit in a way that made that happen. The rule of thirds makes the image pop, but the words have an impact on it to. I didn't want to over power it too much, but I tried to balance the photo out as best as I could. I didn't have to use kerning in my slide. I thought that I might, but I didn't end up needing it. I also didn't have to bleed, which really surprised me. My plan all along had involved bleeding a photo of a camera, but I never found the right photo. I'm happy with the one I have, though, so it's alright. Overall, I tried to use what we had learned on the websites to make a slide that was easy to view, but still showed my passion. 
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Media Fluency- Salsabeel

Why I did I make the slide the way I did?

I made the slide the way I did because Music is my passion. I enjoy playing piano and making song covers. I always listen to music and also enjoy writing songs. Music is my passion.

I made the slide empty and plain because I think that it should show the most important things that represent music and It should be in black and white to be classy. I tilted some of the pictures in my slide to make it pop out a little.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 1.31.23 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 1.31.23 PM

Media Fluency

Tech all about me

Hello, the name is Sean. Today I am here to present who I believe that I am and how other people think think of me through these two categories.

We first begin with my silly side that I think everyone in this room has gotten to know very well. I feel as though I express a silliness because I am sort of an attention seeker, which causes me to do some stupid things sometimes. Outside of school I have a sort of reversed personality who doesn’t want to be bothered and is a loner. But on to the next category, I am a pretty active person. I play soccer, I dance ( ballroom & freestyle ), I do cycling, I work out, and I occasionally go to my jobs at the academy of natural sciences and Zoo.

This pretty much sums up who I am as a person and I’ve learned to appreciate it and live with it.

Media Fluency - Amelia Benamara

Tech Slide

I made the slide look the way it does because I wanted to have a clear, beautiful cooking background that is very colorful. The colors that are in the picture also symbolizes happiness and passion about cooking, which the quote talks about. Colors with a heavy amount of contrast provide a lot of flexibility with text, backgrounds, and objects around the power point. This was influenced by the major love I described for cooking and how much of a passion it is to me, in the Me Magazine. I think this was a good way to present the board because I feel that the audience will connect with the quote mostly, because everyone has a passion that would colorize themselves and make them happy in any way, such as cooking does for me.

Media Fluency Alfaro-Allah

The reason I made this slide the way it looks right now is because the people in my background came off to me as very determined and cool. Also you can see that I stayed with a simple look but also a very late night relaxing sleepy background. The reason why is because every time I think of jazz I think of winter and old school Noir detective. I was influenced making this the way it is because I think of jazz as very simple to look at but a very complex culture and idea. And because my first encounter with jazz in my dad’s car playing smooth jazz while we drove home that winter night. I cropped the image so that it focuses on the musicians a little more than the background. The design of it all is something that I find very relaxing and fun to look at. Such as all the elements like snow, trees and over course the musicians. That’s what makes it so nice to look at.
Tech slide of me magizine

Tech - Me Magazine Slide

The reason I created this slide to look the way it does is because I wanted to use keywords from my magazine and include them in the advertisement.

These words included passion, art, and me.

The major piece in out Me Magazine was our passion piece. For my passion piece, I wrote about my love for art. Therefore, it was only natural to include that in the slide.

I also did not want the slide to appear crowded, so I used as little words that I could. As for the picture, I looked at pictures that had not been copyrighted and were open to the use of the public. I saw the picture and I really liked it. I also felt that I could relate to the picture. Art had ¨pulled me by the hand" when I was younger and has continued to do so these past years. It also appeared the be bleeding off of the page and brought my attention to it.

I spaced the letters and put them in a unique font that I found eye-catching. As for the spacing, I used graph paper first the see how it looked and when I created a set-up that I found appealing, I translated it onto the slide.
tech Me Magazine 3

Kielar Me slide

Untitled presentation

This one slide shows all the things about me and what had inspired me. I had began making this slide by adding a large title in order to get the reader’s attention. The title tells you what the slide is and explains that this entire slide is about me, Kamil Kielar. When learning about making slides it was explained that the slides must be very visual in order to be noticed by others better so in order to do this I had added countless pictures. Also the colors chosen for this slide where very bright and go well with each other giving the slide a theme. Contrast had also played a very important role in my slide. Every color way mostly light except for the big picture in the middle. It allows the reader to pay attention to this picture allowing them perceive it as more important. Last I had used size variation in my pictures to show the readers which things are more essential to my personality.

The things I had put in my slide show the stuff that is most important to me and past memories that have stayed with me for all these years. The first picture to the left shows my nationality and where I had come from. I was born in Poland and speak the language every single day. This is one of the most important thing in my life. Next is the big A right under thing the flag. For my entire life my parents have pushed me to my limits and all my life teachers had always expected more from me. Academics has always been an important part of my life. Through my academic I hope to go to MIT or some other good college. Out of all the memories I remember the biggest one I think is my car crash. I was in a big accident where my entire car had flipped over but luckily no one was hurt. Then is one of my favorite shows is Two and a Half Men. I like to watch this show and find it very entertaining. Last is one of my favorite quotes. This quote has defined me as a person and changed my future.

All about me

I started with a picture looking of the pictures of me. I was looking In and I had a few of my and my dog but I went with my and my best friend Theo.  After looking at it for a few minutes I realized it draws up your eye but only for a second I very bright compared to the not so bright dark background of the rest of the slide.  After that I got a bit suck.  I really did not know what to right on the side.  After a bit of thinking I started to list things about what that I would talk about during the presentation.  I listed three things in relatively big letters.  I thought that it would give a basic idea without directing your attention away from from me.  Also the image bleeds of the slide.  I did this because because I wanted to make it look like it was a bigger image without making the acall image bigger since it did not as good if it is bigger.  If the Since the picture was not too advanced. You get the idea of both though it taking your attention for two long.   I also had my name on top after a bit of thinking I was not sure if  I should have had it. Since it more text that can distract them. I decided that I could just say it.  

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Media Fluency Rivera

Tech Project - me


Family means everything to me . They are always there when no one else wants to be.

My family allows me to be who I really am, they listen to anything and everything that I have to say.


Not just any friends, but true friends “I would rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”.

Friends ties into family because you can have such a strong connection with a person that they become apart of your family.

Helping Others:

This means a lot to me, I love helping people with their situations. It's something I enjoy doing, to see someone so down and then smiling and happy because of what you said or did for them.


Basketball is where I can just have fun and focus on the game and nothing else. Basketball is my favorite sport.


Singing is something that I can't resist doing, I do it every second of everyday. Singing would be considered my happy place. When I'm singing I block everything else out.


Success is also a big part of my life. I feel if when you are older and you look back on your life and your not happy with your job or you have regrets,  you failed yourself. Success to me means being proud of yourself for getting to where you are, it also means having a job that you love. “If you really love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life”.

This slide represents me as a whole. The slide mentions things that mean alot to me. I tried to stay in the empty space rule. I made it eye catching by changing the fonts and adding different colors. I had a hard time keeping everything in the 3rd rule.

Media Fluency Dougan

Untitled presentation

My slide shows two pictures of myself surrounded by words that I thought described me. I designed my slide the way it is because I felt like it was laid out the way I am, random. Some words were bigger than others showing that those things are more important to me than the others were but they are all very important to me. When it came having some words bigger and smaller kerning was a problem, I found myself making some words bigger than I intended to because the letters were too far apart or too close together. Also placement of words and pictures were a bit difficult, I ended up bleeding the pictures a bit and scattering the words.  

Gregory Tasik - Music

I wanted my script to display two things, a saxophone and a musical quote. However, I wanted my slide to be a simple as can be, so my viewers eyes wouldn’t be drawn to multiple places. To do this, I left a lot of empty space and followed the rules of thirds. My saxophone picture( which I edited) is on the left ⅓ of the screen and my quote is on the right ⅓ of the screen. Another method I used to leave a lot of empty space was to bleed my saxophone picture over the right of the slide.

I also wanted my slide to be as simple as I could make it so I could focus on the few things I had on the slide. Fewer things = more quality pieces of the slide. To make my quote more interesting, I decided to play around with the fonts to make each word a different size. This gave my slide an extra layer of depth and quality. Originally, I was going to make my quote the color red, however I felt like it was too hard on the eyes and decided to get with a more mellow blue. Lastly, I decided to make my quote fairly big so the readers could notice it and read it with ease.


All About Me

Untitled presentation

I started with a picture looking of the pictures of me. I was looking In and I had a few of my and my dog but I went with my and my best friend Theo.  After looking at it for a few minutes I realized it draws up your eye but only for a second I very bright compared to the not so bright dark background of the rest of the slide.  After that I got a bit suck.  I really did not know what to right on the side.  After a bit of thinking I started to list things about what that I would talk about during the presentation.  I listed three things in relatively big letters.  I thought that it would give a basic idea without directing your attention away from from me.  Also the image bleeds of the slide.  I did this because because I wanted to make it look like it was a bigger image without making the acall image bigger since it did not as good if it is bigger.  If the Since the picture was not too advanced. You get the idea of both though it taking your attention for two long.   I also had my name on top after a bit of thinking I was not sure if  I should have had it. Since it more text that can distract them. I decided that I could just say it.  

Media Fluency Li

technology me slideshow
The slide about me was set up in a way to let people know the things that are important to me and what goes on in my life. I put a picture of some of my teammates on the the slide, a basketball, and some quotes because they all relate and make up who I am. The pictures on the slide were bled off to create more space and to also add a cool way of viewing it.The colors chosen for this slide was mainly pink and white. I wanted it to be nice and simple colors, but would still stand out for its unique and plainness.  I also kept the size of my letters at an average size so it would fit and not look either too big or too small. I like to express who I am by showing what is important to me and what I feel people should know. My love for my team, for being who I am, and my surroundings influenced my decision into making my my slide the way it is.

Media Fluency Tucker

It´s all about me -tech (2)

My Slide was designed on visuals in my head. I just thought about the most important things to me  and then made the slide. I made the pictures of me bleed off the slide for more space and better visual. I had to take some things off my slide and give it a main  focus “ME”. Everything on the slide has to do with me  and everything that I love.  I chose my colors based on if it would grab the viewer's attention. The size of the letters were so everyone could carelessly see every word That I wrote.

The actual slide is about all the things I love. I love Dancing and singing with a passionate if I could do anything it would be that. I am not a shy person and I love being in the spotlight or the center of attention. Whenever there is an opportunity I take it and don't look back. That is what my other slide is about how life is like a show and the curtain never closes so take chances with no regrets. Aaliyah is a symbol of who I want to be. She was herself no matter how many people tried to change her she stayed true to herself and everyone else. She was also a great singer and dancer and worked hard to become that.

I wanted the people who actually take away from my slide that I am a fun person who will work for what she wants. Also, that no matter what I will stay true to myself and my goals. Lastly, that I love living and singing and dancing are my passions that I won't let go.

Imani's Script and Blog

I just made it about me I knew everything about me and I knew what things were interesting and what things weren’t interesting. I took things people did know and what people didn’t know. I just wanted my slide to explain to you guys what I like who I am and what you should know about me. I am not like other people and no one is so I just thought it would be best to put everything that people would want to know and what people are curious about. I am funny, cool, out going, and serious. I don’t care about what people think about me and how people perceive me because regardless of what people think I am going to be me. The reason why I put the pictures is to give you a visualization of who I am and what I mean when I say certain things. I made things bigger than others because I would want someone to know this thing before this other thing. I just wanted to show you how I stand out as me. I didn’t just make it about my identity but also about what I like to do.

Tech Slide


I believe that your future is up to you, no matter who you are or where you come from. It's your life and you get to choose what you want to do with it. Your parents shouldn't choose for you, nor grandparents, nor anyone. It's up to you. You shouldn't do something you have no passion for. You should do what you want in the future. You live once, and you should enjoy every second of it. You're future is up to you no matter who you are or where you come from.  
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Media Fluency - Kenny Carroll

Photo album

My slide began by me selecting photos to display my life and who I am. First, I added a picture of my basketball team and I, I chose this photo because basketball and my team mean a lot to me so it represents me well. The second photo I chose was a photo of me and my two of my friends before our eighth grade dance, I chose this photo because another thing that means a lot to me are my friends. The third photo that I chose was a photo of my mom and my two siblings when they were younger, I chose this photo because I have strong feelings for my family and they made me what I am today. The fourth photo that I put on my presentation was a photo of me at my basketball practice and again I post this because this means a lot to me. My fifth and final photo that I put on my presentation was a photo of my parents at the birth of my brother, I put this up there because both of my parents are very influential to me.

After I added the photos I made sure to put key points about who I am and what I identify as. I put my main point the largest font so that it was easy to read and my point would get across. Next, because I noticed that my main point wasn't easy to read because of the font color I had to adjust it so that my viewers could read what I was putting out there. As I adjusted my main point I again realized a problem with my main point, my main point did not have a eye catching font which I wanted to draw my viewers in so they could pick up what i'm putting down.  

Media Influency- Marcin Czapla

The reason I made my slide the way it is, is because of new things I learnt online from the links that we were given to us, which were supposed to give us ideas of how a good slide should look, and it did. The first thing I learnt is that the first thing people will notice when looking at your slide are the colors. You should always use colors with lot's of contrast since it makes your words stand out from the background and makes your slide pop out. The reason I chose black and white is because they have the most contrast out of any two colors and its the classic look, but also because it matches nicely with the soccer ball. Another thing I learnt is that your text should be huge, because there shouldn't be a paragraph on your slide, it should be simple and to the point so that people don't have to read your slide. The reason for this being, you're slides are supposed to back your words up, your words shouldn't back up your slide. I also used quite a bit of "white space" or emptiness in my slide so that when you look at it you don't have a bunch of images or words that jump at you. One last thing I did was bleed my image off the edge a little and make it larger so that the eye is attracted to it and the slide more, but also to just make it look nicer.
Untitled presentation (3)

Slide Presentation, Mindy Saw

In the slide that I made is about me. I made it have a picture of the city as the basic background because I was born and raised in the city. The random aligned words are not only random, but they are words that describe who I am and what I am. I made some words more visual than others with the reason being to create contrast in order to get the viewers/audiences to wonder their eyes upon the slide. Looking out the window into the city influenced me to set the background picture as the city. The random words came naturally when I figured to describe myself on one simple slide.

Tech Slide

sofian and stuf

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 11.26.23 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 11.26.23 AM
My slide is a representation of what I and others think of me. When I asked some classmates what came to their mind when they thought of me, they said that I’m always eating and being a musician. That’s why I put a guitar and a giant bacon cheeseburger. I used one of the tips from the IKEA article, letting the pictures “bleed” to make it look cooler. I also made the text big, to catch the eye of the viewer. I put Notorious BIG in the top left corner to fill the empty space, and because he is one of my favorite music artists of all time. I used a white background so the colorful images on the page would pop out.

Slide Presentation - Matt Reed

I really believe that my slide represents me as a person. It also does a good job of representing my Me Magazine. The key element of my Me Magazine is to show how I kept going no matter what I felt and went through. When I wrote “Don’t be afraid to show your true self” in my slide, I meant that people can not be afraid of showing how they truly act. People sometimes feel like they cannot be true to their real identity, when surrounded by their peers. So, my slide is to show people that is okay to let out their true identity. My picture is also supposed to prove a big point in my slide. The “skull” in the picture is supposed to be me. This is a metaphor for how  I let everyone see what is under my act I put on. I put on this act because I was afraid letting people see me. You may notice how you can only see half of the “skull”. This is because I wanted to represent me coming out from behind a wall blocking me from the outside world. I wanted to show you how I came to be the way I am today, by stepping out from behind the wall. I tried to keep my slide very simple like I learned on the website I visited (

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