The Petulant Petruchio

​"Comparing, "Taming of the Shrew," to, "Annie Hall,"

Sometimes, we don’t like the people we love. Throughout, “The Taming of the Shrew,” the charismatic Petruchio attempts to transform his wife, Katherine, into a more docile, submissive companion, and goes to extreme lengths in doing so. In, “Annie Hall,” Alvy Singer, a paranoid, nervous comedian, attempts to do the same with his girlfriend, Annie Hall.

Although Annie and Katherine are very much different from each other, they still aren’t the women their partners want them to be. Katherine is too demanding; Annie is too optimistic. Katherine is too mean; Annie is too ditzy, etc. While Alvy and Petruchio’s tactics are different, their goal is still the same - to transform their lovers into different people. Both men felt that their partners didn’t quite meet their expectations, and instead of adjusting their expectations accordingly, they sought to adjust the women to fit their expectations. However, there is one key difference in these stories: while, “Taming of the Shrew,” ends with Petruchio having successfully tamed Katherine, “Annie Hall,” continues a little further, showing the audience what happens when you try to change somebody. Annie falls out of love with Alvy; he changed her, so much to the point that she was no longer the person who fell in love with him. While Katherine stayed with Petruchio, and Annie left Alvy, both stories stated that people can be influenced and changed, for better or worse. Furthermore, love is a fragile thing, and can only exist between two specific people - before Katherine was ‘tamed,’ she did not love Petruchio. After Annie was ‘tamed,’ she did not love Alvy. The idea that, by changing the nature of your lover, you change the love itself, is one that has remained common since Shakespearean times.

“I will be master of what is mine own.

She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house,

My household stuff, my field, my barn,

My horse, my ox, my ass, my anything.

And here she stands, touch her whoever dare”

(Act 3, Scene 2, line number 235)

In this quote, Petruchio describes his relationship with Katherine. While the context suggests that this quote is more about him being her sole suitor, the implication is still clear: Katherine, or perhaps more broadly, woman, is something to be possessed and held like property, rather than partner.

While Alvy is obviously less overt in his words, he too sees Annie as something he can exert control over.


In this scene from, “Annie Hall,” Alvy attempts to convince Annie to start taking college classes - he sees her as a bit of a ditz, and wants her to be as well-read and pessimistic as himself. Immediately following this scene, we see the two of them arguing on a street; Alvy is convinced that Annie is cheating on him with her professor, and tells her to stop taking classes, that higher education is pointless. Essentially, Alvy doesn’t care what’s actually good for Annie, he just wants to make her into the person he wants.

"Such duty as the subject owes the prince

Even such a woman oweth to her husband;

And when she is froward, peevish, sullen, sour,

And not obedient to his honest will,

What is she but a foul contending rebel"

(Act 5, Scene 2, line numbers 171)

In this quote from, “Taming of the Shrew,” we are met with the fruit of Petruchio’s labors; Katherine has been tamed. She has now become the docile wife that Petruchio was looking for.

Annie, too, has a transformation of her own.


Annie is now totally dependent on Alvy. In this scene, she breaks down after they take time away from each other, because she missed him so much. If Alvy’s goal was to make Annie into a woman who truly needed him, he succeeded. He had tamed her. However, unlike the play, this scene is markedly sad, and lacks the positive nature of Katherine’s transformation. This may hint at the biggest difference between the two stories.


While, “Taming of the Shrew,” ends with Katherine’s transformation, “Annie Hall,” goes on a while longer. Eventually, they fall out of love, and decide to break up. Alvy, however, has second thoughts, and flies from New York to Los Angeles, where Annie now lives, to ask her to marry him. She says no - she’s a different person now. He asks her if she still loves him. She says no - she’s a different person now. Alvy is incredulous, possibly because he still believes that Annie is something he can exert control over, and that his loving her should be cause enough for her to love him. Of course, it isn’t.

Alvy changed Annie into someone who no longer loved him. Petruchio changed Katherine into someone who could love him. Both stories leave us with the same message: love can only exist between two specific people, and if one those people is changed, or ‘tamed,’ the love itself will be changed. However, “Annie Hall,” gives us one last lesson before the end of the film. Annie and Alvy find each other again, and while they’re both in different relationships, they’re still able to enjoy each other. While they lost the love between them, they still found a common friendship - which, maybe, is something that Alvy wanted all along.

Taming of the Basketball

In The taming of the Shrew,  The characters Bianca and Lucentio are the ones who I will mostly be focusing on for my movie Love and Basketball. Lucentio is trying to pursue his love interest who is Bianca, the daughter of Baptista, who is also the father to her older sister Kate who is known to be the “Shrew” in the story. Petruchio is the one who wants to marry Kate, If they marry Bianca is able to marry who ever she wants because she has a lot of suitors. Kate becomes violent with Bianca mainly because she thinks Bianca is stealing away all her potential spouses.

The movie Love and Basketball  stars two people who are in love with each other since they were 11 years old. The movie follows them all through high school, college and the years after that. The two characters Monica and Quincy met each other when Monica moved next door to Quincy and his family. They quickly become friends when Monica joins him and friend for a game of Basketball. They are quick to judge her because she’s a girl who know how to play basketball. Even through high school they both still are very passionate about the sport and they attend each other games. Quincy is well liked ,  but girls see him as a target because he is one of the best players on the team and his father has had successful career with the NBA. If Taming of the Shrew was a movie then there’s a strong possibility that Quincy would be considered Bianca because he is wanted by so many girls including Monica even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

"Quote from Play"

“Good sister, wrong me not, nor wrong yourself, To make a bondmaid and a slave of me. That I disdain. But for these other goods-- Unbind my hands”

Act 2/ Sc. 1/1-3, Bianca to Kate.

In this part of the Shrew, Kate has tied up her sister's hands and goes on go tell her that she is basically to blame, Kate thinks that Bianca has stolen all of the suitors and is almost saying that she is the reason that nobody want’s her. Bianca then replies to Kate saying that she shouldn’t blame her and tie her up just because of how she feels. Really it isn’t Bianca's fault that the men in the play thinks that Kate isn’t the wife material. It’s not because she isn’t attractive, it’s mainly because she isn’t kind to anyone around her. But there is one guy that is willing to marry Kate and is trying to change her into the women she can be.


Screenshot 2017-04-21 at 8.12.56 AM.png

In this scene Monica is at Quincy’s game and one of girls or suitors hands her a note to give to Quincy. Now, the reason why she didn’t want to give it to him herself is because she didn’t want him to think that she’s “fast”.  The note reads something like her thinking that he’s cute and she wanted him to take her to the dance and she was going to leave him “satisfied” after the dance. In the play, Lucentio is with Bianca, not knowing that Lucentio is dressed up as a schoolmaster trying to woo her. Lucentio would be the girl who is trying to make the advances on quincy through Monica.

"Quote from Play"

”That being a stranger in this city here Do make myself a suitor to your daughter, unto Bianca, fair and virtuous. Nor is your firm resolve unknown to me, In preferment of the eldest sister.”

Act 2. Sc. 1 Line 95. This is coming from Tranio as Lucentio

In this scene, as Tranio pretending to be Lucentio has made himself a suitor for Bianca. Although Tranio is the one who is trying to make the advance on Bianca and he is telling her father Baptista that he wants Bianca for his wife. He also mentions that he knows that he is new and Baptista begins to ask him questions about himself.  


Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 6.41.52 PM.png

In this part of the movie, Monica has just gotten back from the dance and she and Quincy are sitting outside where their house connect. This is the part where she has made a move on Quincy and he now know that she is definitely into him because when he goes in for a hug, she bends over and kisses him. Then they continue to kiss and then a little after they go into Monica room and have sex. This scene is related to the book because she has now made herself available to him, and now he knows that she is one of the suitors and that’s what Lucentio has been doing with Bianca. In the movie Monica is the one that has the greater chance of being with Quincy because they grew up with each other and it seems as through in the book that Lucentio is the one with the greater chance because he is making more moves than the others to win her.

Society views on relationships and things leading up to them is complicated because we tend to make them complicated and in the play and in the movie this is a more simpler case because in both of them made it seem like this was all about which suitor or girl was the right one for each other. I don’t think that either of these stories show how society’s attitude is towards relationships but they do show that there is so many possible ways for some to try to make themselves “available” to each other. It may also show how much a person is willing to work to get to one another.

The Truth

There are numerous different types of drugs in the world. Some of these drugs are like caffeine and can be found easily, while some are Crystal meth and can be found through searching. Because of all these drugs and the effects they have some of them have been labeled as illegal. One of these drugs is weed. Weed has been illegal for over 3 decades but for some reason, some states are  attempting to bring the legalization of it. But this is not a smart act, weed is a drug that must forever remain illegal.

One of the arguments that people tend to make for the legalization of weed is that it is not addictive. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a well known American Celebrity doctor, says differently. Dr. Pinsky says very clearly that “It would be malpractice to say cannabis isn’t addictive.” Further research into the national institute of drug abuse showed that the constant use of weed brings a level of dependency. When people who use weed constantly are taken away from it it is reported that they experience sleep problems, cravings, and physical discomfort. For these people the use of weed has become a very important part of their life and because of this it is needed for them to complete their daily tasks. Their brains/bodies cannot work without the soothingness that comes from a high. Being dependant on weed can cause problems with the social aspect of people’s life. Those dependant on weed will take risks to get their high even if it can result in them being placed in a bad position.

` Marijuana is also bad for a person’s health mentally. A recent study done by Northwestern University  showed that “marijuana users have abnormal brain structure and poor memory and that chronic marijuana abuse may lead to brain changes resembling schizophrenia.” The American Medical Association has also reported that “Heavy cannabis use in adolescence causes consistent impairments in neurocognitive performances.” Basically teens constantly using weed will make them dumber. If the future of the nation continues to use this drug they will get dumber which means that America’s future will not look that great. If weed becomes legal and easier to obtain for adults that means it will be easier to obtain for the youth. The same way a child can steal their parents pack of cigarettes is the same way a child could steal their parents bag of weed. Now the small child is not only damaging their lungs by smoking by also lowering their IQ and limiting themselves.

In conclusion weed should stay illegal because it does more harm than good. Look how America has gone with weed being illagal why make it legal and stop the growth. Some people say if weed was legal the police could focus on more important matters. But that goes for everything. If murder was legal the police could focus more on kidnapping. Weed is a problem, it is a gateway to a dark hard future. This future can be avoided by keeping it illegal.

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Reasons Beyond Advertising

Justin Mack
English 3
May 1, 2017

Reasons beyond advertising

When someone is on the highway, or is walking home, they pass by a large rectangular board standing highly, easily visible. These are billboards with advertisements for a company, for the purpose of getting a message across to people. Some people ignore it and some actually pay attention to it. Billboards are important because the advertisements that are displayed are to impact the people that pay attention to them.

In Philadelphia, there was a protest about the SRC not paying teachers enough. Protest broke out and through all of it, nothing changed. According to CBS news, a teacher from Central High School, George Bezanis, raised $5000 to put up a crowdfunded billboard up on I-95. The billboard says, “Welcome to Philadelphia, where we don’t value our public schoolchildren. 5+ years without a raise for our teachers.” This went up to show awareness to the parents of students as well as the School District of Philadelphia, and to show that teachers were not getting paid enough to teach students. This would lead more parents, students, and others to help protest.

In Utah, two brothers raised $12000 to post a billboard to attack Jason Chaffetz to do his job. Jason Chaffetz is a US representative for the state of Utah. What he wasn’t doing, was investigating the Trump-Russia connection. The people of Utah weren’t happy about this which caused them to put up many messages on billboards all around Chaffetz local headquarters. From the power provided by the people, they were in hope that a change would occur. The brothers are gathering more people to help along with them. Although no changed has happened so far, the brothers are continuing to put up billboards until a change happens.

According to Yale Daily News, students from a class at Yale, has a project to create a quote that would send a message. During the period of this project, Trump had released his immigration ban against Muslims. Throughout the many quotes created by the many students, they all thought to create a new quote of the feelings they were brought upon the ban. “Hate Does Not Make Great.” This was the quote created by these students. To spread the feelings brought by these students, they effortly reached out to a billboard company to put it up out 15 minutes away from Yale’s campus on I-95. This was outside of the project’s requirements, but to spread a message against a big issue in America made people feel aware.

Billboards are essential to the cities that they’re located in. People need to be aware of the how billboards attract them so that people can get messages across so that a change in the city can happen. There are also regular company advertisements, but they get their message across to expand in the city. Overall, billboards easily get messages across to people and it can cause a change in  many people.

Over the many months writing 2fers, this is possibly my best 2fer ever written. This 2fer is my best one due to the fact that this is showing something that people see everyday. Billboards are something people see everyday and it can have a message to make someone smile. All the resources i gathered was a situation in a city that was people who was putting up billboards for a message, rather than the companies that are trying to pull in more customers.Although this isn’t my favorite topic to write about, it gives others to acknowledge what people provide to the city.

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Love at First Blink

Kara Lazorko

Ms. Pahomov

English 3

May 1st, 2017

Love at First Blink

Beauty products are purchased by both women and men. From products such as makeup or skincare products, companies produce what their consumers are interested in. The category of makeup has become a career for a lot of youtubers and makeup artist. Kylie Jenner is known for her promoting of mink eyelashes and her lip kits all over Snapchat. Over the past couple of years eyelashes have become more and more popular in the makeup world. Eyelash companies have expanded growth of business, due to the increased popularity of extensions and glue ons used by celebrities and beauty gurus.

Firstly, eyelashes were not a very popular tool when it came to beauty. In 1911, Anna Taylor invented eyelash extensions. It wasn't until an actress named Seena Owen had to have her eyelashes a certain way, and the looked could not be achieved for her film without eyelash extensions. Since makeup has become such a big thing for so many people, faux eyelashes have blown up. According to Business Insider, “They don't come cheap however. a full set of eyelash extensions at Akai’s salon starts at $250 if done by an advanced specialist. The base price for a master specialist who applies the same set is $450 (Brianna Arps).” Consumers pockets are emptied for the trend of longer and fuller looking lashes. With all the potential side effects of lash installations, it lowers the amount of consumers due to the fact that the job has to be the best quality possible.

Consequently, spending hundreds on lash extensions every month has it's downsides to it. The eyes are a very sensitive part of the face, and having products constantly on them irritates them. The cheaper the lashes that are being applied, the worse the symptoms can be. If the lashes are being installed by an artist who is inexperienced, the eyes can be highly claims “Just like you wouldn't let an inexperienced waxed near your bikini line, you shouldn't let an inexperienced lash-pro near your eyeballs (Zoe Weiner).” Otherwise, it is just money wasted on a job that was not achieved. The more amount of money spent, the better the quality for the application. “ Cheap services tend to use cheap products, which can serious damage to the skin around your eyes (Zoe Weiner).”

Furthermore, there are other options besides getting extensions professionally done for $200-$300. Drug stores and make up stores sell the eyelash extensions that you glue on above your eyelid. There are tons of brands offered and application glue that fits to the consumer’s preferences. The difference between the ones already packaged and ready for application and the ones that are professionally put on is that the ones that are professionally done do not have to be reapplied after one wear. Unlike the ones sold, they can remain applied up until it's time for them to be replaced. Only one is cheaper and has to be redone after each wear, and the expensive way to go last longer.

Overall, lashes have become a huge thing for beauty gurus and celebrities with large social platforms. There are multiple ways to have them installed. While on the other note, there are many cautions that can be taken when deciding on who to get them done by and how they are done. Consumers such as makeup artist have a giant influence on the sales for the different brands and stylist for lashes. For something that started for a feature for a film had turned into everyday wear and trend.

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On the news you hear about violence, rape, crime, but you never hear about catcalling because it happens a lot and it’s not considered illegal. Catcalling is a form of street harassment and it is very disrespectful to women. This is when men or a man and even teenage boys call out to a random beautiful women. They usually whistle at them, ask for there number, and saying that they are very beautiful. They do this because most of the time they think that they can get sex. They go for women who has some type of issue in their life with there family or anything else.

When a women are teenage girl is catcalled it is very disrespectful and most of them don’t feel good about themselves. It doesn’t matter of thr guy is really hot and sexy most women don’t like it period. It makes women feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Most of the time women are catcalled the person is in a group and they are scared that they might get raped. If the women doesn’t say anything back such as “thank you” they are considered to be a slut, bitch, or a whore.  Even though most women don’t like it some actually do, they just really like the attention. Women don’t want to be just focused on their looks and if you absolutely need to comment try to get to know the person first.

Men proclaim that women should not complain about being catcalled when other men are being catcalled and not making a big deal of it. People say that men scare women, when they go somewhere in a crowded space or walk at night they are most likely to be harassed. This is why women go places unusual with her friend so they can try to prevent this. Women get catcalled everywhere, in the subway, on the street, it doesn’t matter.  You may think that part of the reason for catcalling is from what women are wearing. Sometimes this is true but sometimes it doesn’t matter what they are wearing, you could be fully covered up and it still wouldn’t matter. Men will use their imagination to see women in a more pleasing way. This happens everywhere in the world, some places more than others.

One person who was involved in Catcalling was Bill O'Reilly with Perquita Burgess. There offices were really close to each other and he walked by her most of the time without saying a thing. Sometimes he would grunt at her for no apparent reason. Every time Bill passed he r he would look up and down at her to check her out, it this gave her chills. He would call out to her when they walk by and in the elevator. At one point he called her “Hot Chocolate” and she immediately felt creeped out. Donald Trump stood by Bill and said that he did nothing wrong. She just couldn't believe that our president would defend him on this and how he uses his power to intimidate women.


What's The Problem here?

Hi, my name is Michael Ing and when trying to decide on a subject that ment alot to me that I knew I would relate with I chose bullying because let's face it we have all experienced bullying in some way shape or form, so that's what I chose to pick for my subject in my You and the World project. I know I have been one of those people to experience it and I want to make a change, as much as I can anyway. While I can't go around and stop bullying myself what I can do is looking at the past experiences of those who were bullied and use it to help others cope and understand it. I can also use statistics to see who is affected more by bullying and why it mainly occurs.

`Now before we go any further we have to actually understand “what bullying is”, well bullying is a form of aggressive behavior towards a person that is always intentional. Usually “bullies” will choose the easiest target to pick on since it is usually done for entertainment. Bullying can occur in any different grade, and to any person. How the community reacts, well since Bullying is most familiarized in school environments i'm gonna use my examples in school environments mostly. In most common cases all students play roles even if they do nothing at all. In situations like this the most common types of roles include the bully/bullies, the person or persons being bullied and the bystanders. When reading through one of the cites it said that you shouldn't refer the “bully” as a “bully” but instead a person who has bullied (This also applies to the other roles also), this is because labeling the person might make them believe how they are perceived won't change and can't change so they just decide to not change anything.

This issue is significant because it can occur anywhere at anytime and it is not ok, I relate to this subject because I played the roles of bystander and person being bullied and it's not fun going to school everyday knowing you're not safe there like you deserve to be. It is important to learn more so we can actually know how to deal with these problems and change them for the better. The most important thing about my research is reading about the experiences that other people had to go through no matter what role they played. Also finding out the statistics about what general “group” those bullying mostly affect.
The Eyes, Amr Elshamy (Cairo, Egypt)
The Eyes, Amr Elshamy (Cairo, Egypt)
For more information check out my annotated bibliography  

The Forgetfulness of the WNBA

The Forgetfulness of the WNBA

This image is showing how many people attended a WNBA game. The estimated amount was 2,326 people.

Have you ever wondered why the WNBA doesn't get as much recognition as the NBA? Have you ever wondered why the WNBA does not have their own video games, famous sneaker lines, or social media attention? Well, according to an article by a Sports Illustrated writer, Jeff Pearlman, The WNBA isn't and will never be a popular league. Well, why is that? For the past 14 years, league employees have been trying to figure out why. Surveys have been conducted, marketing experts have tossed out every possible slogan. Simply, the majority of sports fans simply don't crave women's professional basketball. Jeff Pearlman explained how the WNBA isn't appealing or interesting to watch. Men aren't really interested in watching women play basketball because when men watch basketball, they look for aggressiveness and competition, which the WNBA doesn't have. As blessed as women like Parker and Lauren Jackson and Diana Taurasi are at basketball, their skills are not as appealing as Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Basketball fans want to see LeBron James dunk and Ron Artest lock down an opposing scorer. They want to see players such as Stephen Curry shooting threes and Kyrie Irving breaking people ankles. hi-res-183488072-lindsey-moore-of-the-minnesota-lynx-shoots-a-layup_crop_north.jpg

Women in the WNBA don’t dunk like men do in the NBA. That is why men say the WNBA isn’t aggressive enough.

In 2009, the championship series between Phoenix and Indiana averaged a .4 rating on ESPN2. That Is about 548,000 viewers. The NBA Finals drew 18.2 million viewers. This is a huge gap. The WNBA didn't even reach 1 million views while the NBA reach 18 million. Even though the WNBA did not reach many views, this was still an achievement for them. It was an achievement because the league celebrated a 73 percent rise from the previous season. The WNBA doesn't usually have many viewers that watches their games.

Have you ever heard of the WNBA player Maya Moore? Most people haven't because the only people they know that plays in the WNBA is women like Skylar Diggins or Sue Bird. Maya Moore is a small-forward that plays for the Minnesota Lynx. According to an article by Lyndsey D'Arcangelo, Maya Moore has been compared to Michael Jordan as his female embodiment in women’s basketball.


Maya Moore is known as one of the most athletic and aggressive Women in the WNBA.

Maya also has her own sneaker line through the Jordan brand, but she doesn't seem to get much attention or publicity. Maya wrote an essay for The Players’ Tribune, called Invisibility. She talks about the hard work she puts into basketball to get to get to where she is today, and how disappointing it is that all that hard work goes unnoticed. Basketball fans don’t really care about the stories off the court. They care about basketball products. Unfortunately, the product isn’t televised as much as it needs to be. The league’s best teams aren’t showcased like they should be, in order to market product.

According to Brian Mazique, the WNBA was founded 20 years ago, but there's never been a video game made with its players and teams for fans. Publishers don't believe they would sell enough copies to cover the cost of production. They also believe they wouldn't be able to make a huge profit. It will take more production to deliver a full WNBA release than the NBA games. The licensing shouldn't be an issue, but 2K would have to get female motion capture talent if they hope to make the game look and play authentically just like they make 2K17 look.


Image from WNBA 2k prototype

The WNBA should have as much recognition because they NBA because they work just as hard. The WNBA does not get paid as much as the NBA.The NBA has more views and more money. Half of the W.N.B.A.’s 12 teams lose money, and they benefit from revenue generated by the N.B.A.’s national television and sponsorship deals. The $25 million that the WNBA is getting from ESPN is a small fraction of the N.B.A.’s average $930 million payment from ESPN and TNT. There is an issue with equal payment in the NBA and the WNBA. For women such as I, I believe that there should be equal payment because I love women's basketball with all my heart. If I ever decided to go far with basketball, I would want to get paid the same amount because I am working just as hard. Basketball means a lot for me and as I get older, I will work harder and harder. For more information, click on the Annotated Bibliography



All students have ever complained about in school is the hours. School starts way too early, ends way too late, and happens way too often. Some kids have to wake up before the sun even shines just so they can travel to a place they don’t want to be. All of this makes kids unmotivated. People over the years have researched school hours and how it affects kids minds and work ethic. If starting school later or having shorter hours has already been proven to help, why hasn't anything been done?

Teachers tend to assign hours of homework every night. Many would agree that they usually don’t take in consideration how long this assignment might actually take, and because of this there is now what seems like almost an entire mini project for homework. This is just one class. All teachers do it and expect the assignment the next day. While assigning these they also say you should still get 8 hours of sleep. When you don’t get 8 hours of sleep you are told to go to bed earlier, all while trying to complete the homework. With these two factors, getting homework done and still getting a good amount of sleep where you can still function just becomes a cycle of endless impossibilities.

Most of the adolescents of today suffer from sleep deprivation. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens are the least likely to get their required amount of sleep to function at a satisfactory level. By the end of high school teens have averaged less than  hours of sleep a night.  This sleep schedule that had been interrupted by school, work , and other activities affects brain development, and the ability to take in important information. Most people think that kids just need to stop complaining, but don’t realize that sleep is the most important in your teen years. A lack of sleep can cause a number of things. Such as emotional and behavioral problems, violence, depression, alcohol use, impaired cognitive function, etc. The list just gets longer. All of these consequences just because nobody wants to shorten the school day.

Although sleep is a huge and major part, it is not the only part. Just cutting off one day from school would save millions for school districts. To keep schools running 5 days a week is such a high cost that really isn’t affordable. This causes budget cuts and that makes for a lower quality learning experience. Shortening the week would also help with activity involvement. Students are encouraged to go out and try new things that will benefit them, but never have the time because school take up most of their time. If hours or days were shorter, kids would put more effort into doing things help them in the long run. Another benefit of a shorter school week is attendance. Since students won’t have to go as often, they will actually come on the days that are required just to get it over with. All of these reasons are just a few of the positives to shorter school weeks. Of course there is  a bunch of cons to go along with these pro’s, but you can’t knock it till you try it.

This is my best 2fer because I really wrote about something that I often think about. This is a decision that I truly stand by. Especially given the fact that I experience some of the negatives of overwhelming homework assignments and not enough time to complete them all.


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The Art of Printmaking

Printmaking is a type of art that is made by printing, most commonly made on paper. This process was created 105 AD and originated in China. Printmaking is made by drawing out a design, carving out the negative space with a carving tool, applying ink to the drawing then lastly transfer ink to a piece of paper. There are different form of printmaking but the main four that contrast with relief printing are called intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, and mono-printing. When you cut an image into metal it is called intaglio. Lithography is based on repelling chemicals of water or oil. Monoprint is one version that cannot be copied. Serigraphy is a silk screen printing that was invented in the 20th century. Serigraphy was invented in America. Printmaking also made an appearance in Europe in the 15th century. Printmaking is revolutionary. It adopts different techniques from different countries and they all make different looks. For example Chinese printmaking are usually black and white and focuses more on gradients and American printmaking is more colorful and shadow is often applied. Printmaking is important because the various processes that are a part of making a print is through printmaking.

This piece of artwork is artistically interesting because I notice the picture is black and grey print with pops of brown. I wonder why the artist chose these colors and how the mood or the emotion shown will change by using colorful colors. What if the two men wasn’t in the background wasn’t in this print, how will it change the picture’s meaning. What if there was a gunman in the picture, how would that change the meaning.  

Negative Space

Negative Space is the space around and in between an object of the image. The negative space around the object can form a shape around it to make up the image. From my cut out I notice the negative because the lighter pink brought out the shape of the tree.

Hiding how you really feel hurts in the long run

Comparing “The proposal” to “Taming of the shrew”

In the story Taming of the the Shrew it shows that women can be in denial about or afraid to get married. In taming of the shrew Katherine isn’t married and doesn’t have the urge to like other women. She also isn’t as wanted as much as her sister especially since she’s annoying. In the movie The Proposal The main character Margaret is an awful, annoying, arrogant person. She’s not on anyone's list to date but she ends up marrying her assistant.

Margaret marries her assistant because she needs her visa renewed or else she’ll get deported and lose her high paying editor job in New York. She essentially forces her assistant to marry her. She tells her bosses because they’re the ones that told her she needs her visa renewed or else she would be fired. But She didn’t marry him as planned. The plan was to get married and get divorced soon after.

“Of all thy suitors, here I charge thee tell. Whom thou lov'st best. See thou dissemble not.”

Act 2 scene 1

In this quote katherine reveals her want to get married. In the story taming of the shrew Katherine acts like she doesn’t want to get married. But when she begins to show interest in bianca’s suitors she gets curious and starts to rethink the not getting married idea. So she asks her sister about her suitors but she doesn’t tell her. This makes katherine a little upset and this shows her interest in really wanting to be married.

In the movie The proposal margaret wants people to believe that she’s independent and can make a living for herself.


Andrew’s grandma was having her 94th birthday in their hometown in Alaska. When Margaret takes the trip with Andrew and spends time with Andrew’s family she realized how much she missed having people around her. She began to explain to andrew that she had been alone since she was 16 because her parents died. This was andrew’s first time seeing any emotion other than angry come out of Margret.

“I never saw a better-fashioned gown, More quaint, more pleasing , nor more commendable. Belike you mean to make a puppet of me.”

Act 4 scene 3

In the story taming of the shrew Katherine gets fitted for her wedding gown. She is excited because she had never been fitted for one before. She was astonished how nice it looked and felt. She also brought up the point that it’s this nice because the husband just wanted to have a one up on her. If she were to do something the husband didn’t like he could use that against her in an argument.  

In the movie the proposal margret also gets fitted for her wedding dress.


The grandmother gives margaret her wedding dress to use in the wedding Margret and Andrew are suppose to have. While she’s getting fitted for her dress she begins to tear up because it reminds her that she’s not really getting married. She takes a second to regather herself and after its done she runs out the store. She sees that all the things andrews family is doing for her is too much. She didn’t want the family to hate her when they were suppose to get a divorce soon after.

Both The Taming of the Shrew and The Proposal have things in common about marriage. But they’re portrayed slightly different. The confessions of the main girls actual feeling about marriage is revealed differently but is revealed. In The Taming of the Shrew it’s shown more subtle but in The proposal it’s shown very directly. Both stories show that marriage is important in life but not everyone needs to be married by a certain time and that showing your true feelings is better than keeping them hidden. It will only cause you trouble down the road.

Goku vs Superman

Mekhi Friend


English 3

30 April 2017

For decades now, people have paired fictional characters against each other. One of the most iconic matchups of all time being  Goku vs Superman. There have many videos, internet debates and panel discussions on who would win in a ‘fight to the death. Some claim Goku will be victorious, while others side with Superman. Some even say it will end in a draw. Although both characters have similar powers, personality and backstory, Goku would be unable to beat Superman.
Superman was created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. His origin story starts on Krypton, an alien planet whose inhabitants resemble humans. Due to the planet being on the verge of destruction, Superman’s father placed him in a spaceship as an infant and sent him to earth. On earth, he is found by the Kents and is given the name Clark. As a child, Clark shows he is capable of lifting cars, running fast and even flight. Aware of his abilities, his parents teach him that he must hide his powers from the public but to use them for good when the time is right. Due to being kryptonian, his cells absorb solar radiation from the sun. This grants superman with super strength, speed, senses, breath and heat vision. He can also fly faster than the speed of light, withstand almost any physical attack, and recover from the ones he can not. After spending time in the core of the sun, Superman can bench press the weight of the earth, travel fast enough to reverse time, hear from light years away and fly in and out of black holes. His only two weaknesses are magic and Kryptonite, a gem from his home planet that emits toxic radiation. Superman is hero known to be brave, righteous, and kind hearted.

Goku was created in 1984 by Japanese manga artist, Akira Toriyama. Goku’s origin story starts on planet Vegeta, an alien planet whose inhabitants, the saiyans, resemble humans with monkey like tails. The saiyans are a vicious warrior race, who are born with tremendous power and a lust for battle. The saiyans send their infants to weaker planets in hopes the baby will eradicate most life there, allowing them to sell the planet to the highest buyer. Kakarot was sent to earth where his spaceship malfunctioned causing him to hit his head on a rock. This eliminated his vicious behavior, however his lust for combat remained. Lucky for him, he was adopted and trained by martial arts master Gohan and given the name Goku. As a boy, Goku was shown capable of lifting humongous rocks while moving faster than the eye . He could take bullets head on without sustaining any injury. Goku was even able to fly and release energy beams from his hands. At the age of 24, he proved himself to be the strongest and most skilled fighter on the planet. As time went on, Goku’s power exponentially grew. He could move planets, fly and fight above light speed, teleport, and destroy galaxies with the palms of his hands. Goku’s endurance allows him to fight for days, hold his breath for long periods of time and survive nuclear explosions. Although he is a skilled warrior, Goku is a tad naive, pure of heart and strong willed.

Although they seem evenly matched Goku cannot beat Superman. Yes, Goku is one of the most powerful characters to have ever existed but Superman is on a completely different level. Goku has the power to push himself beyond his limits whereas Superman does not have limits to begin with. Superman can carry eternity and lift infinity. Both these characters are more than just drawings, they are ideas that manifest into the real world. Goku is the idea that humans can overcome any obstacle with hard work and dedication. Superman is the idea of an all powerful being, only vulnerable to magic and alien radiation. He is not designed to lose matches like these. Goku is a man attempting to live amongst gods where as Superman is a god trying to live amongst men. In the end, Goku vs Superman comes down to a man who can rise above any limit  versus a man without limits to rise above. The winner is Superman.

This 2fer is the best for multiple reasons. The first reason being, I enjoyed writing this. Writing about two characters who greatly impacted my childhood was much fun and very intriguing. Secondly, this 2fer is the best is due to the fact that I turned it in on time and used a lot of detail. Other 2fers were late and supplied an insufficient amount of detail to back up my statement. The final reason this is the best 2fer is because it is the last one.

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What's up?

Siani Wilson


English 3

April 27th 2017

What’s up?

If someone was to ask a teenager if they believe that teens spend too much time on the internet

or just phones in general, they would say no but other like parents of these teens would have to disagree. There has been a lot of research done around this topic because it actually has become an issue that parents and other legal guardians face everyday with kids. Most of these studies shows the percentage of teens that use their phone nearly everyday single day. Many might say that phones poison the minds of children, and there is proof that it is true in a way.

The site ‘PewResearchCenter’ literally starts off by saying “24% of teens go online almost

constantly facilitated by a widespread availability of smartphones.” This is a extremely true statement because teens are and will forever be on their cells phones, consumed by the screen and social media. Cells phones and tablets have been around for a very long time and so have social media, things like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook would be the main factors as to what would be why a lot of parents and researches might think that the minds of teenagers are “poisoned”. Teens that are between the ages of 13-17, which is more than half (56%) go online several times a day. About 12% only use the internet to go on social media once a day. 85% of teens that are African American have access to a smartphone. While others don’t have a phone at all.

Other sites like ‘ The Washington Post’ say that they have actually had teens admit that they are addicted to technology. The word addicted is sometimes taken lightly but it is very possible to be addicted to technology. On TV, they may make shows about how teens, adults even become addicted to things like drugs or sex, they also surprisingly show how they can also be hooked on things like video games and all types of things that might influence someone’s action in any type of way. “Digital devices have transformed people’s lives. They are changing everything from parent-child relationships, to human interaction, to our ability to focus on the task at hand.” This is a quote from James Steyer who is the CEO and founder of Common Sense, which is an organization that studies and rate social media intake and technology for children and adults.

People may take this lightly but many will assure teens and adults that this is a serious problem now days because of the dangers that it can cause and it’s possible for this effect your health. When someone visits the doctors, they may say something like you only need 1 screen hour per day. This is actually advice that could help someone who may be too attached to the phone. Staying on you social media sites and things like that can lead to loneliness and weight gain because all of the interaction that people are having is through a screen and that's not good for anyone. The one thing that parents would mostly be concerned about is the grades, too much screen time can also affected that as well.

The moral of the story is teens no matter what they say spend too much time on their phones, and it can lead of serious health problems. So can technology poison the minds of teens? Maybe. But it has been proven and shown that teens aren’t the only ones that can be affected by this adults can be as well. It goes both ways with this one.


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Why should I have to go to college?

In today’s society, education is a necessity. The United States has a system set so that all children have access to school up to twelfth grade. However, the system does not have anything set for students’ education past high school. Even with that, students are assumed that they will pursue their education further, something As it stands today, the pseudo-requirement of going to college in the United States is perhaps one of the most detrimental aspects of living in the United States.

To show how much of a requirement it really is that a person attends college, one simply needs to take a look at the numbers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2013, the median annual wage for an occupation that does not require at least a 4-year degree in college is about $28,000. The living wage, or the amount of money a person needs to spend to live comfortably, for a person living in Philadelphia is $59,384, according to the Huffington post. Those are two very different numbers, with the amount of money needed to live comfortably being over double the amount a person would usually be making if they had a job that did not require a college degree. This should lead one to the conclusion that in order to live comfortably, they cannot have a job that does not require a college degree, and therefore they must get a college degree.

Now, examples can be drawn to those such as Bill Gates, who is one of the richest men in the world and did not complete college. However, Gates is a genius, with an above average IQ. The average person would not be able to create Microsoft, and that is why there are not very many enormous companies with billionaires at the top of them. It simply is extraordinarily rare and requires a specific person to make it happen.

Now, the reason this is such an issue is how much it costs. According to The U.S. Census Bureau, the reported median household income in September 2014 was $51,939. According to the College Board, the “moderate” budget for attending a public college averaged at $24,601. That amount of money is nearly half the amount an average household makes in the US, and that’s only for one person attending. Some families send multiple children to study at college, and families simply cannot support it purely on income. Most schools offer financial aid packages to students, but that usually does not cover the total cost, and the rest is placed on families or the person themselves.

The problem with this is that the people that are essentially forced to put themselves into debt. These families have to take out massive loans of over $10,000 just so that one of their children can pursue their education to a point that is considered satisfactory. Sometimes, the families don’t even do it: it’s by the student themselves. That puts them in a place owing a substantial amount of money as soon as they exit into the world and become self-sufficient. It’s an extremely stressful situation for a person looking for perhaps their first job.

That is exactly the issue. A person who is meant to search for a job and make a difference in the world should not have a huge financial burden on them as they try to do this. Perhaps this will happen on occasion, but it should not be a necessity that people are in $10,000 of debt as a starting point in their life.

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This is my best 2Fer ever because I really feel confident in what I am writing. I did a lot of research to form my arguments. I also went back and looked at my thesis after writing to make sure my ideas stayed consistent throughout. That was something I struggled with before, so I made sure to pay attention to it to make sure this was my best 2Fer ever.

13 Reasons Why.... Not

Hannah Baker’s story from the TV show “13 Reasons Why” broke the internet in a matter of days. Though, did it do so in the right ways? Fan accounts on social media, news articles and awareness were spread across multiple platforms of media. The suicide of the main character Hannah Baker sparked a controversy about a topic that was longing for conversation. Although the creators of the show say that “13 Reasons Why” was to spread awareness the show glamorizes the idea of suicide.

In an article published by People called, “Why Schools are Warning Parents About Netflix’s Series 13 Reasons Why” it talks about the effects the show has on the “vulnerable youth”. Experts began to worry that the impact of the show can have a greater effect on the teens because of the disturbing and gruesome images of bullying, rape and suicide. The National Association of School Psychologist explains, “research shows that exposure to another person’s suicide, or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of death, can be one of the many risk factors that youth struggling with mental health conditions cite as a reason they contemplate or attempt suicide.” Although the show did bring attention to the topics in school and at home, it has brought a larger concern along with it. The show did not take into account that the graphic scenes they included would have an impact on teens who might find these situations relatable. With that said, suicide in the show was depicted as if it was a good thing for Hannah Baker, causing many teens to feel that way as well.

Suicide was shown to be a lot less complicated than it actually is in the show. Given, bullying can play in a role in such a tragic incident, experts argue that the show does not show how complex it is nor does it touch on the topic of mental illness either. In an article published by the New Statesman, it highlights the fact that during the whole entire show there is no mention of depression or any form of mental illness that could have been connected to Hannah’s suicide. The show manages to highlight the actions of her peers and to hammer on the fact that they were the reason for Hannah Baker’s death, but never is able to analyze mental illness.  In the article is states, The show is right to be trying to provide teenagers with a lesson in compassion and sensitivity, but watching Hannah Baker cut her wrists in High Definition isn’t doing anything for youth suicide prevention.” While the show was trying to make a meaningful message by including Hannah’s suicide scene, it was almost too glorifying.

The show “13 Reasons Why” definitely brought attention to certain issues, but did not execute it successful. Spreading awareness about a topic that is romanticized and not explaining the complexity of it does not represent the real issue. Throughout the show Hannah Baker’s story is never fully understood or talked about, in which in the future shows need to address the real issues and look at the bigger picture. Suicide is not a topic that should overlooked, or represented in the wrong ways because it can lead to a misinterpretation for the youth, especially to young adults who may be experiencing similar things to Hannah Baker. Did it spread awareness? Yes, but did it come about it in the best way it could have? No. Suicide is not a matter glamorizing, glorifying and romanticizing, its a serious issue that is far more complex than the show advertises it.

Why is this my best 2Fer?

This is by far my favorite 2Fer I have ever written. I think I really tackled my weakness by efficiently staying on topic concerning by thesis and finding research that directly applies to what I talked about. I think the flow of my paper goes really nicely, the ideas mesh well together and supports each other really well. The evidence I used was also very helpful, and I think the quotes I used helped my argument a lot, and I didn’t overlap my thoughts. I also tried to include the “so what?” and “why does this matter?” my referencing to change the way things should be done in the future. Overall, I really enjoyed this 2Fer, and think it was my strongest because I targeted to work through what I struggle with most.


Shah, Neha. "Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Is an Irresponsible Dramatisation of Teenage Suicide." Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Is an Irresponsible Dramatisation of Teenage Suicide. New Statesman, 11 Apr. 2017. Web. 01 May 2017.

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Best 2fer

​                                                      The Decline of Advertising

Advertisements are the best way to display a product. The best ads attracts viewers’ attention and gets them to buy the item shown. With the introduction of new technology in the last decade, the advertisement game has change for the worst. With phones, computers and the internet it is easier to get an advertisement to the consumer, but the quality of those advertisements has went down as companies can just spam out ads. This is different from ads back in the day as companies had to make the advertisement count because they will only have a couple ad spots on television. The introduction of new technology has made advertisement lazier and a nuisance than the ones created before it.

Mobile Game Ads:

Advertisements in mobile games are sometimes annoying. They can stunt the gameplay as some game developers do not allow the game to be played for a couple hours until  an ad is watched. These type of ads are called rewarded ads; a video is watched and then the player is rewarded with lives or in game currency. Usually the advertisements displayed would just be a video of the gameplay.These ads are most of the time generic and shows viewers that not much effort was put into them. In order to account for the lack of quality, the advertisement have small X’s making it hard to exit out of ads. This causes people to accidentally click on the ads

Pop Up Ads:

The most hated form of advertisement on the internet is the pop up ad. These ads occur when a person gets on a website and then a random advertisement pops up. The advertisement is not apart of the website, instead it is a whole new tab. Sometimes these advertisement can give out malware and viruses if you click on it. The creator of pop up advertisement stated, “I’m sorry. Our intentions were good.” The Internet allowed advertisements to be forced onto people, so it doesn’t matter how good the ad is. People are going to see them regardless, they may even accidently click on the ads.

Old Advertisement:

    Before the internet, one of the best places to advertise was the newspaper. Newspaper advertisement did not intrude on the articles and conveyed a straightforward message. They did not try to trick people into accidently doing something like mobile game advertisement. Overall, they were a simple and effective way to advertise. Though internet advertising may be more effective now, they do not have the same quality as newspaper ads. With even some mobile games false advertising, making their games look like a first person shooter, when in actuality it is a tower defense game.


   Overall, people may think that this is no big deal but they don’t see that this reflects where society is at the moment. Where people value fast advertisement over quality. This is neither a good or bad thing, it just makes advertisement over saturated and harder to make something stand out. Advertising is just adapting, and in return the consumer is adapting as well. Seeing advertisements as a nuisance instead of a pleasurable clip of a fascinating new product.

Work Cited:

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Why this is my best 2fer:

I think this is my best 2fer because I had a nice and simple thesis that is arguable but not cluttered. Unlike some of my other thesis that were kind of complicated and did not have a straightforward objective. I also made sure that my work was peer edited and not have simple mistakes. In my other 2fers I had errors that I did not catch before submission.

2fer la coffee

People need coffee around the world in order to preserve the world’s coffee beans.


Coffee eh

People in earth make safe choices and not so safe choice of drinking.

Which is coffee,if consumer choose tea over milk or coffee than the consumer will make a better choice for the environmentally world it like pick water over soda than those people who choose the sugar drinks.

They are many types of coffee bean in the world doesn't matter it cheap or expensive it affect the earth's environment cycles.

This essay will explain the thesis about coffee comparing the people need coffee for energy and earth need it beans for a good earth environment so it won't be destroy  and also what coffee companies will be doing with theses beans

For example, people are perceiving types of coffee as a different category as milk or tea but they original from nature but how does this affect the environment   

Beans from plant also tea leaves people buy these product and base on research on line we learn that have abusive is use then teas leave that can leave harm to the environment.


Based on research their a quote talking about the bird earth environment   


(“Quote Is it bird-friendly? Some shade-growers even go the extra mile to earn the “bird-friendly” certification—because cutting down the forest, of course, means destroying the homes and disrupting the migratory patterns of tons of birds worldwide”

This quote that i got from the text show people have be careful about nature and others thing like birds,not just cutting down the tree which cause harm for the earth environment.”)

The analysis of the thesis show support of my thesis essay the qoute state one of earth issues which is the earth environment is being destroyed by people cutting down the trees and also include collateral damage to the bird and migratory some birds produce coffee beans too.

Second For example, people are perceiving types of coffee as a different category as milk or tea but they original from nature but how does this affect the environment   people also use giant chain to produce multiple parts of a coffee from companie and store like starbucks and nestle and also let's not forget the farmers.back on my thesis i stated Which is coffee,if consumer choose tea over milk or coffee than the consumer will make a better choice for the environmentally world also They are many types of coffee bean in the world doesn't matter it cheap or expensive we people have to be wise to pick the types coffee brand that we choose.

Companies like starbucks and nestle attracted people around the worlds drinking coffee also their fair trade coffee within commute for people.

This coffee beans have impacted on earth greatly amount of a forest  

The Analysis of this parts is the coffee have negative effect people mood and also the surrounding of the environment what people thinks sugar drink or not also need to choose a wise way to preserve the world's coffee bean with bird into good environment instead of preventing damage to coffee product also for the environment. For example, people are perceiving types of coffee as a different category as milk or tea but they original from nature but how does this affect the environment   

Beans from plant also tea leaves people buy these product and base on research on line we learn that have abusive is use then teas leave that can leave harm to the environment. Image result for coffee


People out there argue out their the coffee thesis they need coffee to make business and other etc and some say we can choose safe drinks to pick like water and other to not destroy the earth environment also say caffeine is bad for heartly    

This entire side view that say coffee that is bad or good

The Analysis for the world coffee beans people many ways to grow coffee beans and other different aspects of it which is coffee so people brew coffee can also the environment to be little more safe and so with these coffee to brew which people enjoy it instead of bad soda drinks.

Best 2fer

Lotus Shareef-Trudeau

English 3

Ms. Pahomov


In every language, one can find swear words that are a crucial part of the culture. People often use swear words at times of emotional peaks, when they’re stressed or extremely happy. Though many are taught that the use of curse words makes someone a bad person. Often when someone swears excessively it gives others a negative impression of their character, but the truth is curse words are extremely important to mental health. Swear words are essential to human expression because it is an immediate emotional release.

As people grow older, things like crying to let a build up of emotions out becomes less and less acceptable. Crying when angry, or frustrated, sad, even when overly happy, as an adult is frowned upon not only in America but in many other countries around the world as well, it is considered weak and childish. But people do need some kind of emotional release, and if it isn’t crying, it’s swearing. Most children are taught at an early age not to swear, that it is something bad. This gives people the ability to make a more powerful statement by breaking “the rules” demonstrating that they feel so much that they no longer care to stay within the confines of social etiquette. Geoff Nunberg, a linguist at the UC Berkeley School of Information and the leading linguist contributor on NPR’s Fresh Air, wrote an article about swearing and stated that, “Swear words don't describe your feelings; they manifest them.” He says that, “the basic point of swearing is to demonstrate that your emotions have gotten the better of you and trumped your inhibitions.” By the way Nunberg describes it, swearing is a release of emotions, it acts as a valve to let off the pressure of feelings, that otherwise might build up and be a hit to one’s emotional well being.

In the human brain, curse words have a special place. They are not processed in the usual section of the brain that any other words are, the anterior speech area, or Broca’s area, instead they are sent to the limbic system, “a collection of deep brain regions which are responsible for processing emotions, certain automatic drives and habits, and even aspects of learning.” An article on Northwestern University’s science magazine, Helix, talks about where in the brain curse words are processed and what that says about them. “Swearing has an undeniable emotional component – some scientists argue that swearing is more about expressing an emotional state than articulating an actual linguistic idea. In the same vein, cursing is also considered a kind of automatic speech, as it is often used to fill space between thoughts or ideas.“ Cursing is more a communication of emotion than of ideas. This is evident in the fact that, unlike any other words, swear words live in the same parts of the brain as one’s emotions. Though people are taught to use them scarcely, restricting swearing entirely would be like telling people that they can’t feel frustration, or anger, it is impossible and unhealthy. People will always gravitate towards using words that are taboo in their culture to let off pressure because it helps them to deal with overloads of emotion.

Though curse words get a bad rap, they are necessary. They have always existed and are not going away anytime soon. They relay emotion when used and can convey the serious of a situation or show how much passion a person feels for something. The fact that curse words are considered unacceptable, provides the possibility for them to be used cathartically. If there were not the invisible “rules” put in place in societies against swearing it would not be as powerful when someone broke those rules and therefore it would no longer be as effective a tool to release those built up emotions. Not only is cursing necessary but the reinforced knowledge that one is not "supposed" to curse is also necessary in a society for people to maintain their emotional health.

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Why this is my best possible 2fer:

In the past I have struggled to make my essay theses debateable. On many occasions they have read more like a research paper than a persuasive essay. This 2fer in particular is better than my previous 2fers because the point I am arguing is more subjective and therefore more debateable, which makes for a better and more interesting essay.

13 Reasons Why Not

Tigidankay Saccoh


English 3


Best 2fer Ever

On the surface level, the original Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” conveys the message that kindness could save a life. Since its release on March 31, viewers have taken to various social media platforms to proclaim their love for the show, stressing the importance of acknowledging mental illness in teenagers. Some have even suggested it become required viewing for middle and high school students, even with all  the graphic displays of  violence. Despite its overarching message of compassion and understanding in the youth, this popular teen flick belies a more sinister meaning: Suicide is a tool for revenge.  The show relays the story of Hannah Baker, who kills herself and leaves 13 tapes behind to allocate blame.  ‘13 Reasons Why’ can be highly triggering for teenagers because it glamorizes suicide by portraying it as a means of retribution.

Hannah is the protagonist of the storyline. She commits suicide for thirteen reasons, or rather, thirteen people. She records their stories on cutely decorated tapes and sends them to the first person on her list. Whoever was currently listening  was to pass it on to the next after he or she went through the entire set of tapes. Initially outspoken and confident with her quick wit, Hannah becomes torn down by the bullying and rumors that engulf her social life. By the time of her death, she is self-sabotaging, incredibly insecure, and depressed. She then seeks revenge by killing herself and making sure those who wronged her feel guilt for her death.

In a recent Rolling Stone article, titled “Does '13 Reasons Why' Glamorize Teen Suicide?”,  Alexis Curtis, teen bullying expert, explains that the series lingers on the drama surrounding suicide. She explains that after Hannah Baker died, her story is continued and dramatized. Hannah continues to live through the tapes, and is almost immortalized. In fact, for most of the show, viewers feel as though she is still alive through countless flashbacks of her. This erroneous depiction of suicide romanticizes the trauma and pain it engenders.  “In real life”, Curtis writes, “when someone commits suicide, their story ends there. ‘13 Reasons Why’ failed to end Baker's story, since she lives on through the tapes. We become captivated by the drama of the suicide rather than the actual suicide itself” ”. Baker seeks revenge through suicide, which makes her feel validated and triumphant, which are connotations too glamorous for the bleak reality of someone taking their own life.

Moreover, the way Hannah tries to seek reprisal takes a toll on the mental health of those she leaves behind. For instance, Clay, her closest friend and crush, nearly loses his mind after finding out he is on the tapes. He starts exhibiting characteristics of a suicidal person and even attempts to jump off a cliff after he finally listens to his tape. He felt that by killing himself, he would make up for hurting Hannah when she was alive. Not only did he try to kill himself, but he also tries to make the other people on the tapes feel overbearing guilt. Alex, another close ex friend of Hannah’s, eventually ends up shooting himself in the head because he felt like he was mainly responsible for Hannah’s death. Her vengeful suicide gave a reason to those who fely that hey hurt her,  to become victims themselves.

In 2016,  the Jason Foundation reported that  suicide was the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. In 2014, 1,668 youth aged 13-18 committed suicide. Because this is the demographic the show targets, it is especially triggering for teens. For instance, President of the Child Mind Institute,  Harold S. Kopelowicz, explains in an interview, “This program is coming into living rooms with attractive kids, who seem cool and with it, and are very witty, and they are giving the message of ‘once you are dead, you can get revenge on the people who were mean to you,’”. This false, but contagious message, does not bring awareness to an important cause, but instead catalyzes teenage anxiety and makes suicide seem fulfilling.

Most teens don't leave tapes informing several people of how they contributed to their suicide. Because of these tapes, viewers were unable to witness the grief that occurs after someone commits suicide. 13 Reasons Why fails to end the last episode with closure. For teens who are battling mental health issues in life, witnessing the end of a life as casually as the show portrays, can be desensitizing to this very serious matter. Teenagers are usually very impressionable and pay attention to trending topics. ‘13 Reasons Why’ is the new teen craze attempting to destigmatize youth mental illness. However, it only exacerbates the issue by conveying a tone-deaf message of hope. This show can be highly triggering for teenagers because it romanticizes suicide by portraying it as a means of revenge and gratification.


Why is this my best 2fer ever?

This is my best 2fer ever because I was able to draw inspiration from the criticism of my past 2fers to create this masterpiece (haha). This has been the most concise, thorough, and analytic 2fer I have written yet. I gave necessary context and analysis behind my thesis in a way that is not overly pretentious, like I used to write my essays.

Introverted Extroverts

Luis-Manuel Morales


The Final 2Fer

Introverted Extroverts

Subliminal contradictions play a big role in many lives. Most people don’t notice, and may never do so. A person with both introvert and extrovert traits may appear to be conflicting themselves. An outgoing, shy person may sound ridiculous, however this is the case for many. Although it goes against popular belief, can a person demonstrate both introvert and extrovert personality traits?

The definition of introvert is a shy, self conscious person whose actions are often directed towards themselves. The definition of extrovert is an outgoing, expressive individual whose actions are often driven outward.. These antonyms make up for plenty of people's character descriptions, however for some, they carry both traits. Whether it's just for a day or the permanent makeup of a personality. In an article by Life Hack, David Khim goes breaks down what some may see as an Introverted Extrovert, or simply mood change, bad days, and other factors in life that can lead to such perspectives. Sometimes the days exhausting or uncertain, unpleasant circumstances can create an introverted extrovert. Or a person may just simply be born like such, and have those traits all the time. Sometimes a bad day or unforeseen circumstances can change moods and motives, however this does not mean they are necessarily permanent.

The perceptions of introverts, extroverts,have there pros and cons. The two together give more layers and genuinity to a person. In a 2013 article by Belle Beth Cooper for Fast Company, she discusses what businesses think about those with both traits. In one section, she discusses how an introvert gets energy from time alone, whereas an extrovert is able to get energy from interaction. Either way, businesses see benefits in both, however the two can make for a versatile employee. Someone who can be in more than one type of scenario. This kind of employee can tend to have more than one strong point and can be a more powerful asset to a company rather than a one dimensional figure, and this kind of employee is more sought out for.

Some people openly refer to themselves as introverted extroverts. One such person is rapper Kendrick Lamar. On 2017’s DNA off his album Damn, features the line “Antisocial, Extrovert, and excellence mean the extra work, and absence what the f--- you heard”. The idea drawn by Lamar is similar to a theme in his 2016 song “untitled 06 I 6.30.2014” in which the rapper describes both sides of him to be “equally odd” in a line sung by guest artist Ceelo Green. “Both sides of me are evenly odd, it’s attractive, you're intrigued, am I mortal man or make believe” Here Kendrick makes an argument rather than a turn off, the variant in his personality makes him all the more interesting, rather than a plain one dimensional figure. Earlier in the track Lamar says “A Gemini, duality personalities always conflict in me” this line sounds similar to a person with depression and what goes on inside their brains. Kendrick has never shied away from the topic of depression in his albums, especially in 2012’s Good Kid Maad City and 2015’s To Pimp A Butterfly. Reflecting on Kendrick's relationship with depression, this idea of conflicting ideas inside a human are normalized, and the idea of an Introverted Extrovert become more understandable.

Although it goes against popular belief, a person can demonstrate both introvert and extrovert personality traits. Whether its due to current life circumstances, mental state, or that's just how a person was born, it is not uncommon to encounter an introverted extrovert. Some don’t show it, others are open about it. Either way, it’s important to understand everyones differences and personalities, and when that is done, the world is one step closer to some sort of unity and community it longs for.

Why This Is My Best Possible 2Fer

In this 2Fer, I believe I had my strongest analysis and overall structure. I used the sources in different and unexpected ways and also dissected 2 tracks and Kendrick Lamar's overall theme in his music. I tried to order the paragraphs in such a way that the evidence for the thesis got stronger, and the final point was the dissection of an artist who fits the thesis description.


Animal Research Keeps Humans Alive

Scientists, medical professionals, and other analysts use animals to develop successful medical treatments and determine the safety and effects of medications as well as other products that are intended for human use. Through animal testing, cures to cancer, anemia, and tuberculosis have been founded as well as the discovery of penicillin and insulin - among other things. Even then, according to a study conducted by the Human Society of the United States, approximately 65% of Americans are against animal testing due to the harm that may be inflicted on the animals being used in the tests. It should be known, though, that although animal testing may be considered cruel and inhumane on behalf of the animals, and there are changes that could be made to the methods that are practiced, there are certain circumstances of higher importance where animal testing has proven to make major positive impacts and is necessary for the long-term wellbeing of our human population.

Animal testing is opposed by such a large number of the American population. However, it is questionable that what these people propose as solutions and alternatives to animal testing would be as effective, in addition to their not being very many. The only current alternatives include test methods where cells are modeled after human cells and computer based simulations where drugs are virtually tested. These methods may be useful but they do not provide the accurate and reliable results that animal testing does, as computers and models are only based off of real cells and are not advanced enough to understand complex human organs. Being that humans and animals share many similar biological characteristics, understanding the biological functions of animals and their reactions to certain drugs and products means understanding the biological functions of humans and how humans would react, therefore advancing scientific knowledge of the human body.

To put it simply, in order to develop effective drugs they must be put through many trial experiments and be reworked until made successful. A crucial step in creating effective medications, such as insulin, a critical discovery that lead to saving many lives of those with diabetes, is by testing them first on real cells and organs. In 1889 a German scientist studying diabetes found that once a dog had his pancreas removed, it got diabetes. This lead to further investigation of what exactly the pancreas’ job was: to produce digestive juices and to produce an unknown substance that regulates sugar glucose throughout the body. They carried out studies where the pancreas of dog A was removed, and dog B’s pancreatic ducts were tied off, stopping the flow of nourishment. Dog A developed diabetes, while dog B only developed minor digestional issues. They later took out dog B’s pancreas as well and filtered the fluids inside, through which they found insulin. They injected the insulin directly into the dog’s veins and found that it’s blood sugar levels dropped drastically and they were able to keep the dog healthy and free of symptoms of diabetes. These long, hard studies that took place over the course of many years perfectly portray the importance of animal research in both advancing scientific knowledge and developing effective medicines to cure potentially lethal diseases. There are many other instances where animal research and testing have contributed to understanding and treating harmful conditions, such as breast cancer, brain injury, childhood leukemia, cystic fibrosis, malaria, multiple sclerosis, and tuberculosis.

Some argue that carrying out these tests on humans, who volunteer to do so, would be safer and more reliable than animals. However, it is simply not feasible under many circumstances. By law, it is considered murder for a human to die by a drug that has not yet been under proper tests, also known as ‘unethical human experimentation.’ Additionally, it would be simply immoral to complete these possibly dangerous experiments on humans when the medications being tested are intended in the first place to make scientific advancement in the human world. Just as a product or medicine for a specific breed of dog wouldn’t be tested on that breed of dog first, products or medicines for humans should not be tested on humans before being released for public consumption.

When thinking about animal testing, people do not focus enough on the major positive impacts that have been made when it comes to expanding scientific knowledge and maintaining a healthy human, and animal, population, as shown with the dog who had been cured of diabetes. However, when it comes to the welfare of the thousands of animals currently being tested on, if the government were to consider implementing laws focused around animal testing it would be most beneficial if they governed how often and under what circumstances it is allowed to be used rather than completely eradicating it.

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Why this is my best possible 2fer…

I believe that this is my best 2fer thus far both through my writing and choice of topic. I chose a controversial and popular topic, then went against even my own opinions while writing this 2fer. In doing this, I had to be sure to do ample research to find substantial evidence to back the claims I make, which is something I had struggled with in past 2fers. My arguments were stronger in this 2fer and I think that is even more important with such a controversial topic.

The Taming Of The Bridesmaid

The Taming of The Bridesmaid

In the Taming of the Shrew Petruchio is a suitor to Katherine, he looks at her as just a symbol of money and wealth. While, in the movie Bridesmaids, there is Annie a young woman who lost her business due to the recession, who is in a relationship with Ted, a young and rich guy but they aren’t dating. Ted just wants the relationship to be a mutual no strings attached sexual relationship while Annie wants more than to be just a sexual partner. Annie later meets Officer Rhodes, a young police officer who got her out of a ticket, he flirts with her, they have sex and she leaves him, he seems to be really hurt by that. The relationship between Petruchio and Katherine and Annie and her two men is about the symbol of the relationship and what comes with it. Annie and Petruchio both want relationships but want them for different reasons. Annie on one end wants to be exclusive with Ted while Ted just see’s her for sex. Petruchio just see’s Katherine for the wealth of her family. Both the film and the movie reflects the belief that people only get into relationships if the status is right for them.

"And yet I’ll promise thee she shall be rich, and very rich"

(Act 1, Scene 2, Lines 60-65)

In this scene Petruchio was telling Hortensio that he needed to find a wife. Hortensio said that he could find a women that was really rich but probably not too much of a good person. This shows that wealth is a more important factor than how someone acts, in fact it was the only factor in Petruchio finding a wife with the help of Hortensio.

In the movie, Annie is with Ted only because of sex. This  compares with Petruchio’s relationship with Katherine because he’s only in the relationship for the money.  
Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 11.34.02 PM
Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 11.34.02 PM

In the movie Bridesmaids, Annie’s at a diner with her best friend Lillian having a hilarious breakfast. Lillian asks Annie what she did the night before and what she did, seemingly embarrassed to sleep with Ted. Lillian responds by saying “I know you say he’s cute and all that stuff, but he makes you feel like shit, you know, you’re a total catch and any guy would be psyched to be your man. You should just make room for someone who’s nice to you.”From this, it can be said that for a successful relationship, a person should be nice to another person who they want to have a relationship with. I guess what they have isn’t considered a traditional relationship but just sex partners, Annie responds by saying “You know what he’s honest, he told me that we are what we are and we’re just having fun.”

“I come to wive it wealthily in Padua; If wealthily, then happily in Padua.”

( Act 1 Scene 2, line 75-77)

This is the part in scene one where Petruchio responds to Hortensio when he says that he could find a woman who was really rich but not too nice. What Petruchio is saying is that if the lay isn’t nice that’s okay, her wealth covers up for that.


I contrasted the scene from the Taming of the Shrew with the scene in Bridesmaids where Ted picks Annie up from her car accident. In this scene Annie get into a car accident with her really crappy car after her fight with her best friend and has no way to get home, so she calls really rich Ted to pick her up. Ted pulls up in his $100,000 Porsche. While in the car home Ted asked Annie to have sex with him, she got really frustrated and asked to get out, he asked why she said “Because I would rather get murdered out here than spend the next half-an-hour with you.” This doesn’t show happiness, this doesn’t show a couple that's happy even though wealth is surrounding them. In the end of this scene Annie gets out of the car and never see Ted again, as she left he screamed “You are no longer my number three”.

Both the play and the movie both depict relationships that start of really bad, based off the concept. The relationships in both the play and the film show’s what people would do for status, Annie wants to be the girlfriend of this really wealthy man, but that’s not what he wants. Petruchio want’s a relationship with Katherine but she doesn’t. In the end both relationships differ, some people realize that relationship are best for them while others find out it was wrong all along.

Pre-Calculus is The Easiest Class Even Though Tito Doesn't Perform Well in It

Tito Mazzucchi

English 3

Larissa Pahomov


Pre-Calculus is The Easiest Class Even Though Tito Doesn’t Perform Well in It.

Pre-Calculus: one of the most ghastly names ever known to a high school student’s GPA. From the sophomore years, rumors are spread about the workload that is inbound, and when the time finally comes to take the class, many people take the stance of a fixed mindset— fearing the name that the class has acquired. While many people might think that Pre-Calculus is a difficult topic for students that do not possess a natural mathematical ability, it may come to the surprise of many that it can actually be among the easiest. It’s just a matter of understanding what the class needs most from its students. In this case, a high school's Pre-Calculus class could be considered the least difficult class. It does not challenge any problem-solving situations but rather functions on basic Algebra fundamentals and memorization; fundamentals that were already taught to the students.

So why is it that many people think it such a hard subject? Why is it that on average the grades of students enrolled in that class compares to be lower than the grade of other classes? The answer resides not in its material or teachers or schedule; but rather on the organizational structure of the subject. Reports from PBS about “Misunderstood Minds” regarding Mathematics touch upon many different factors ranging from: organizational difficulties and output difficulties, to computational and attention difficulties. Keyword: attention. This can be said about any class and that is, if a student has attention difficulties, then learning the material becomes a greater struggle. While it is true that individuals can be predisposed with natural ability or lack thereof, it is the very philosophy of many math teachers that everything can be learned as long as the appropriate amount of effort is put in. This effort translates into how much studying an individual commits themselves to. However, it is also the very same reason as to why the issue becomes split into two groups.

The structure of a standard high school Pre-Calculus class involves: material that is taught in class, homework/projects that are assigned, scheduled exams, and a baseline expectation for outside of class studying. While all of this may seem alright, the concern is how the material which is being taught is structured. See, Pre-Calculus is not the same as Physics. It embodies a math-procedures nature; where the core of the course involves testing the memorization of various units. It is about taking an input and generating an output using random numbers, and there are few times when an individual problem is applied to outside elements. On the other hand, Physics is similar to math-problem-solving, where students invest a larger amount of time focusing on the reasons why certain number values exist and apply their knowledge to solving scenarios rather than endless computation. In this sense, memorization of Pre-Calculus holds the impression of mattering more than abstract thinking or strategizing. While many math teachers disagree, it is the unfortunate nature of the subject’s structure. Students become too invested in memorizing the various things that are being taught as to perform well on exams and projects. In reality the class becomes a brainless computational ladder where all that someone needs to succeed on assignments, is either good memory, or a good ability to study.

Here is where the confusion is best illustrated. The majority of the student population has to challenge itself because in many cases, individuals have not yet fully developed their ability to study or personalized strategies of memorization. It is the truth that many times people struggle, not because of the difficulty in the math, as it does not really exceed Algebra 2, but rather on figuring out what that damn formula was or what were the set of steps needed for a solution. However, just because there is this specific element that many find difficult, the solution for it is very straight forward. Pre-Calculus is an easy subject because it is purely dependent on already learned material and the choice of whether to study or not. The concepts are not mentally mind-blowing or transcendental, they just require memorization. Therefore, because really there is only one thing that students need to do in order to succeed, the path one must take to success is much shorter compared to other subjects like English or History: where thorough reflection is a must. It is not difficult to repeatedly read the same numbers out loud until they remain ingrained in the brain, it’s just something that many people prefer to not do. That is why then in the future those same people struggle, and confuse the difficulty of Pre-Calculus with the difficulty of studying.

As stated before, due to the organization of the course, classes remain split between groups of students. Those who have an easy time memorizing, and those who do not. Those who are curious of the math, and those who just want a good grade. When much material must be taught in a year's time, less sessions can be spent on discussing real-world applications or analyzing scenarios from which math derives. In other words, a good Pre-Calculus grade depends on how well individuals memorize material, and therefore by not requiring unique thought, does not truly challenge a mind. However, many people wish there was a course that was more laid-back and did not rush through unit after unit. Among this group of people are teachers who wish for their students to truly understand the deeper meaning of math. As stated by an 11th grade math teacher on The Atlantic: “Overreliance on memorization is like most problems in education: systemic. One teacher can't topple the tyrant's statue alone. But she can begin to chip away at the base.” It is a shame that the current situation makes it more difficult for people to involve themselves into deeper levels of mathematical understanding. By offering rewards to “efficient students” that memorize material 10 minutes before class only to forget it 10 minutes after, means that a robotic strategy is adopted. Nonetheless, this is how the system currently functions, and it is more true for Pre-Calculus than it is for other subjects. Due to its simple solution, Pre-Calculus technically qualifies as the easiest class. The solution is to study.

Why is this my best possible 2Fer ever written in the existence of my writing of 2Fers that I wrote?

Well, for starters this 2Fer is the one which applies to the lives of the SLA community in the greatest way. No one can escape Mr. Reddy’s Pre-Calculus class, unless you transfer out of SLA or cheat and take math during the summer instead of learning like the rest of your peers. ANYWAYS, this 2Fer I believe really takes into consideration the state of the situation that many students find themselves in. In a way, it is almost like a combination of a reflection and advice for the students who will take Pre-Calculus in the coming years. (Truth be told, I don’t think my writing is great and I don’t think that this 2Fer is the best I’ve written. However, I have to write this paragraph, following Ms. Pahomov’s instructions.) On a more serious note, I can see how my 2Fers have improved just within the school year, this will definitely continue to be applicable for my future. Also, I wrote this paragraph in first person but we can pretend that I didn’t.

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I Love Marijuana???



Hi, my name is Josiah Mast and I am a 15 year old freshman that is currently attending Science leadership Academy (SLA) . I am a supporter of marijuana for  medical and recreational use. I started to realize the benefits(i’ll explain in an upcoming paragraph) of what legal marijuana could do for our city and state as it has done for the states that have it legalized for medical and recreational use as well. I wanted to do something about it but I didn’t know where to start and how to start. That all changed when we thankfully got this You & The world project because now I can talk about why I am passionate about this topic and real world issue that needs to be better addressed.

(Above) Marijuana leaf being grown so scientist can do research on the plant

It started out as just a support for medical marijuana for the reasons that it was helping people all over America with their diseases. In a show called “Last week tonight with John Oliver” he talks about a veteran he was trialed for having marijuana. The man explained that he had PTSD which is a disease that stands for post traumatic stress disorder. and the pill that the doctor was giving were not working so he would smoke some marijuana and then go back to bed. He said he would wake up in the morning and go help veterans and do other great things like that. John Oliver talks about how people are a lot of the time saying that Marijuana is a gateway drug “but it’s a pretty nice looking gateway if that’s the stuff that happens on the other side.” He said this referring to the man’s actions that he did when he helped people.I am very open with supporting marijuana and that went from wearing marijuana socks to school to creating and singing songs about marijuana. I had planned to start a medical marijuana club at school but got in trouble for wearing the marijuana socks at the school. What was intriguing to me was the school never gave me a chance to talk with them and change their mind. They said that because of past reasons with marijuana in the school that it could not be accepted. This is the school that on the front door has a sign that says all are welcome. I DO NOT FEEL WELCOMED!

The reason I support recreational marijuana is because of after doing some recent research online( Link to my annotated bibliography) and seeing how much more money states with legalized recreational use marijuana is making compared to the states that don’t. After visiting a multiple websites they all seem to give about the same estimate amount of how much extra money california has made since they legalized marijuana for medical and recreational. It is an estimated 100 million dollars. Imagine what our city could do with around that much extra money. We could fix up schools and unsafe neighborhoods. Help the needy and make roads evenly paved with no potholes. It would be amazing right? Well, with this state is not with medical or recreational marijuana we are not making that extra money so we are still stuck here with a poor school district and some rough neighborhoods. Do you really want to live on a city that is against something that could make us prosper? Do something about it know and tell people what is happening and join me in my fight.2cff41739ca69cdb5585319b8d12a7b9.jpg

       (above) Man shows his passion for recreational marijuana in the streets of philadelphia