Compromise of 1877

Artist Statement:

The newspaper I wrote was to represent the Compromise of 1877. It tells the audience what the real cause was for the ending of the Reconstruction Era. There are multiple subtitles aligned with descriptions about it. One of the elements of the newspaper which may be not clear to the reader is that it specifically speaks out to what the hidden details were which most citizens and media probably didn't know or speak about. It has perspectives to it, one which is titled ¨what is occurring in the public¨ and ¨behind the closed doors.¨ On the public side it explains what the main things everyone knew about and what the terms were for the South. The closed doors side tells us about what the Republicans gave to the Democrats in trade for Hayes to become president. The South had more terms compared to Rutherford Hayes just becoming President and the newspaper highlights it. Another element of the visual is that there is an image under the ¨Consequences¨ title which may be a little bit confusing as well but it makes the audience think. It represents both sides, the north and the south and what the end product was. The north ended up losing their aid with blacks and the south was practically in charge even though Hayes was president. This newspaper matters and has meaning for the study of the Reconstruction era because it thoroughly represents what the Compromise was for and in many different perspectives. The era was an impact on American History because blacks were no longer in aid and it gave them a chance to stand up on their own and fight for their rights.

Research Link: All quotes with analysis and annotated bibliography.

Ku Klux Klan: The Evolution

To understand this graphic, you must first know about the Ku Klux Klan, a prominent terrorist group in our nation’s history. The KKK is famous for it’s appalling actions and violence against African Americans and may still be alive today. According to the KKK is “a secret organization in the southern U.S., active for several years after the Civil War, which aimed to suppress the newly acquired powers of blacks and to oppose carpetbaggers from the North, and which was responsible for many lawless and violent proceedings.” The Ku Klux Klan has had a large influence on the entire country and assisted in changing many things for better or for worse.

Many people know of or about the Ku Klux Klan and it’s part during the reconstruction. However, not many understand it’s true importance during the time. It wasn’t just an ugly mark in our history where thousands were murdered, the Ku Klux Klan made a huge difference in our history that is still influencing us today. The KKK held the south and our country back in time, keeping them from slowly progressing and getting past their racist views. They inspired violent actions and racist views once again, keeping those opinions alive and celebrated. The KKK also influenced the government, keeping racist democrats in power, slowing down the evolution of African American rights. The KKK’s actions more than a hundred years ago are still impacting us today. Their supremacist views and action contributed to our still racist country. Both consciously and unconsciously, our country today is still racist, whether we like it or not.

Research Link:

Black Coded Freedom


The two things that may be unclear to my reader about my visual are, the reason why Black Codes were created and how they affected African Americans during this time. This matters because if the reader of my visual is unsure about why Black Codes were created, thy will be confused about the codes themselves and will want me to explain more about how African-Americans were viewed during this time. Knowing why the Black Codes were created would help my reader determine and be able to comprehend the rules that the Black Codes allowed and established. Without knowing the reasons behind these codes, my reader(s), will start questioning the actions of the African-Americans themselves. The way the Black Codes affected African-Americans is also a little unclear, I give and state ways that they could affect African-Americans but I don’t really give examples and elaborate on this. My visual that I created has meaning for Reconstruction, because the 1800-1900’s were years of big changes especially the 1800’s.One of the ways people during this time would express their feelings about these events were through flyers and even newspapers. So, for my visual I made a flyer talking about the creation of Black Codes and the type of rules that were apart of these codes. Black Codes were created right in the time of successful Reconstruction to prevent current free African- Americans from obtaining the freedom granted to them through Reconstruction. Black Codes also affected Reconstruction in a very bad way. They defied the freedom and rights that African Americans were given and they overrided the ¨Reconstruction Amendments¨ with the codes. Because, of this African-Americans could not fully take advantage of the freedom granted to them. Black Codes also connect greatly with African American History because, not only were these codes made and set to just African Americans, but they were something African Americans had to overcome. This allowed them to grow and progress and made room for change. Black Codes affected many of their lives in a bad way. However, just like many other events and challenges  that occurred in African American history, we were able to overcome them through faith, unity, and standing together.

The Weekly British Observer

For my project I decided to create a newspaper that explain the general timeline of the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War. The timeline was emphasized on the contributions African Americans and former slaves made to rebuild the South.

My messages could be distinguished in different ways, but I thought about two messages that would be hard to clarify. The two elements that were hard to clarify were the two pictures in the newspaper. A piece of art can be seen by different people with various perspectives, so it’s important to get the right message across so there won’t be any confusion. The first one is a picture of seven African American men in suits and bow ties. This could produce distinct ideas without the caption at the bottom, however. This picture represents the first seven African American Representatives of the U.S. Congress in the early 1870’s. The picture is a physical piece of evidence that white Americans were getting around to accepting African Americans as responsible people instead of just slaves.

The second picture is the most confusing part of the newspaper because there is no writing portion to back up the thought process of the picture. The second picture is a political cartoon that displays America being rebuilt one step at a time during the Reconstruction Era. The two men in the picture is Abraham Lincoln and a U.S. Governor of Georgia. Abraham Lincoln is lifting a pole which is supporting a ball that turns out to be a picture of the southern states. The U.S. Governor is on the ball and he is stitching up the southern states with a needle and thread. This represents the North supporting the South so they can fix themselves.

This newspaper gets a lot of messages across while educating the reader. Learning about African American participation during Reconstruction is important because most people thought freed slaves didn’t do anything to help America regrow. African Americans educated themselves and thousands in the south, provided labor in rebuilding towns, and provided jobs to churches and organizations, and they did all of this without the North’s help or influence. This independent attitude the African Americans had weren’t well known throughout America to this day, and it’s important to learn about information that is unheard of.


Religion During Reconstruction

The Artist statement

This representation of a 1866 newspaper give you a feel of the time and what was happening then. The visuals and the statements given help any reader to understand the importance of religion and the church during reconstruction. One thing that the reader might not understand is that the picture in the middle is of the Olive Branch Baptist Church. This church is very historically important because it was the first church built after the Civil War. There is a misconception about these churches that most people overlook, but it is documented fact that these churches were not solely built and run by African Americans. In fact white people contributed to the production of the black church. Also not only did black preachers give sermons, but quite a few of them were given by white men. This go to show that in the eyes of religion we are all seen as equal. This newspaper visual was made to communicate to people that, even though most people didn’t see African Americans as humans, and gave them little to no rights, they could still seek refuge. You could say that these churches were a safe haven for the people. Not only did they churches give a place for people to worship, but they also were very involved in their community and took part in any local events. With the end of the came lots of privileges for blacks, but it also came with many responsibilities and burdens. Many people looked to God for answers, and there was no better place to do this then in one of his holy churches.

history newspaper (3)

Inside out: Foreign In America

My initial goal of this piece was to tell more and find out about what little we knew about the foreign exchange students that we have in SLA's senior class. We are all going to graduate pretty soon and I didn't what there to be any missing pieces and or gap in our memories of a person in SLA. I wanted their stories to be hear and shared to the public. 

I accomplished this goal by getting their full corporation to the interview and also by trying to continue the conversation and get more out of the story if there were any one word responses. 

I hope after viewing my piece that my audience will look at Ana and Andre more differently in a good way and become more open and understanding to their situation. 

Here is the video (click on here). 

Final Script for Skit


(Joseph is sitting in his house reading a book.)

Joseph: Me gusta leer.

(James is walking down the hall and knocks on Joseph’s door.)

James: ¿Queries mi casa comigo?

(James kidnaps Joseph.)

Joseph: ¡Clara que no!

(Nadia is looking for Joseph.)

Nadia: Joseph? Joseph? ¿Dónde está Joseph?

James: ¿Queries al cine comigo?

Joseph: ¡No! ¡Ayudame! ¡Ayudame!

James: ¿Queries al parque comigo?

Joseph: ¡No, No, No! ¡Ayudame! ¡Ayudame!

James: ¿Queries comer comigo?

Joseph: ¡No, Clara que no! ¡Ayudame! ¡Ayudame!

Nadia: ¡Aha! Joseph Aqui.

Joseph: Gracias Nadia. ¿Queries al cine comingo?

Nadia: ¡Clara que si!

What does family mean to you?

My digital story consist of 3 short interviews with my friends asking the very simple question, "What does family mean to you?". This digital story is just an audio piece of their voices telling what it means to them and how "family" has affected them. I accomplished my goal by getting different perspectives on the question and the responses were interesting. I hope the audience gains what I believe the true meaning of family is by listening to audio. That family is more than the people you're blood with because there can be cases where your blood family isn't in your life at all. I am strong believer in being able to pick your family, being able to pick the people you surround yourself with that have a positive impact on your life, that protect you and that you love. These people are your family.   

Life on the Streets


Tell us a bit about your digital story, what did you set out to do?

We set out to show what the day to day life of a teenager in Philadelphia is.

How did you accomplish this goal?

We took tons of photos, and compiled the best ones in this photo essay. 

What do you hope your audience gains for viewing/listening your piece?

We hope that the audience gains some insight into a life different from their own, to show that this world is full of different perspectives. 


My post is about a memoir for my grandpa.

I write about my grandpa and our relationship, I put some memoirs that we have together and I expressed all my love that I have for them. He was a special person in my life and continued to be. 

I hope that them to like my digital story and to understand my love that I have for him and the importance that has he in my life. 

Donesha LeeDigital Story

I planned to demonstrate how seniors at Science Leadership have changed from their freshman selves. I fulfilled this challenge by using video clips, audio, and some pictures. I would like the audience to focus on how people have changed within a short amount of time and realize that sometimes focusing on the old can make you realize the new.



​My digital story is focusing on how the community of your school can change who you are. My goal was to tell a story on how once upon a time, I was a bad kid because of my community. My community was raised on violence and fights. I wanted to tell a story on how coming to SLA changed who I am, for the better. 

I accomplished this goal by showing small clips of my community and small clips on event that I attended at Chicago. I also think that my narrating help because it spoke about how SLA changed me.

I want my audience to know that it is possible to change for the better because I did.  

Menu - Kate & Asher

Nombres: Kate y Asher

Fecha: 28/3/15

Para quien es su menú? Nosotros!

Tiene el/ ella un dieta especial (vegetarian@, Kosher, Musulman, diabetico, etc.)? Cual?

No, Nosotros no tenemos un dieta especial, porque nosotros tenemos hambre

Plan one meal a day

Which meal: desayuno, almuerzo, cena





Panqueques y






Jarabe y Agua



Tocino y Brindis

Jugo de Naranja



Brindis Francés y jambón

Leche con Chocolate



Sándwich PB&J




Cerdo y Ensalada

Cerveza y Tequila



Pastel de Manzana y Helado

Jugo de Uvas

Spanish Skit - Sydney, Emma, Kate

K: Emma, ven conmigo.

E: Porque? Que pasa?

K: No te preocupes, sólo venga conmigo.

E: No puedo! Tengo que hacer mi tarea, pratcicar deportes y más.

K: No ahora!

E: En serio Kate, no puedo. Tengo que ir a muchos lugares.

K: Sólo dame un minuto.

E: Fino, bien.

(They walk around for a bit and Sydney appears with a poster saying prom? on it)

S: Yo quiero ir a prom con usted, pero yo no sólo quiero ir a prom. Quiero llevar a lugares, comprar cosas y ver que cada día. Te amo tanto que quiero ir a la playa con usted y juntos yacen en las arenas del tiempo Me hace el hombre más feliz y vaya a prom con mí?

E: Uhh, No! Tu eres un acasador obsesivo. Yo no quiero ir al prom contigo. Adíos!

From The Heart

In this short vlog, I am attempting to show people the music I am creating and how I'm striving to create something different than what the masses expect.

I think that I accomplished this goal by having the snippets of people talking about the music I've been creating over the past few months.

I hope that they understand how hard I've worked on my music, and that they should expect a new sound to emerge from the project I've created


My digital story was about Lloydism. It is episode 4 of an ongoing podcast that outlines the lloydist mantra. I chose to do this because I feel that alot of people don't understand where lloydism came from, or what it is about. This episode focused on the origin of Lloydism, as well as the ongoing effort to provide quality content for all of the lloydist people. I hope that through this podcast you will come to understand the life, adn effort, of a lloydist.
lloydist podcast episode 4

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an American Movement that feeds on people consisting of the Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes. There are many reasons why this organization was made. There are 2.8 million innocent blacks who are in prison today, This in itself is a crime. Black women are being assaulted. Did you know that there are 500,000 blacks in the states who are illegal immigrants? I bet you didn’t know that. These are things that we need to prevent for our society. I am interested in this project because it targets kids my age in today's society and educates them about crimes committed against minorities. Black Lives Matter also encourages us to come up with solutions to make a change and ensure that this violence doesn’t continue."

It is important for Americans to be able to rely and trust authority figures, such as police officers, EMTs, Firefighters, etc. Police brutality is both tragic and real. Take Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner for example. Both men ended up dead because of then injustice brought upon them by the police"

I’m wondering how to prevent domestic violence, to say No more to being assaulted. It’s time that we take a stand and make an improvement. To mine and possibly others, it’s Cruel and it’s Racist. I’m willing to create a survey about our segregation. would be better.

ooooooh kill em
ooooooh kill em


Tell us a bit about your digital story, what did you set out to do?

My digital story is about moving on, and letting go of home. It's about moving to college and starting a new chapter of my life. I wanted to show from Philly to my new home. 

How did you accomplish this goal?

I filmed on my way to accepted students day so I legit got good footage.

What do you hope your audience gains for viewing/listening your piece?

I hope they get the feels

The Art of Rowing - A Digital Story

My digital story is a compilation of some clips taken during my training that lead up to a race. My goal was to show the intensity of a sport that isn't as popular and well-known as many others. I didn't find the need to add much audio (besides the music) because the videos tell it all. I hope my audience just gets a chance to enjoy the short video and learn a little more about a new sport. 

Digit Storytelling - People Affect Other People

In my digit story, I wanted to show people that the other in you're life can affect the person you are and the person you become. The main focus was people who go from a high school life to a college life. The way I accomplished this goal is by questioning someone who went to college. I asked this person how did he change and if the hang was beneficial. By watching my video, I would like to encourage my audience to be aware of who they call their friends and make sure these people will benefit you in a positive way. Other than that I hope you enjoy my short video.

Jane Doe

Over View:
Jane Doe represents the overall story of how some children and teens live from day to day with depression, low self-esteem, and bullying. Represents the struggles and seclusion that people feel day in and day out. Represents the pain that people choose not to notice when they see it. The kid everyone laughs at in class, the girl who always gets profanity written on her locker, the boy who gets abused in the locker room. Many choose to turn the other cheek and pretend that they don't see it. That it's not their business or their fight. But by doing nothing they are feeding into this abuse. By doing nothing they are partially to blame for the kid that can't take the pain anymore and ends their own life. Jane Doe is just as important as anyone else.

Creators Notes:
I must say sorry in advance for this project. I took so much time off from school for medical reasons that this final product is not as good as it could have been. As it should have been. This topic was personal to me so I feel bad putting out this video that isn't good enough to me. I hope you all enjoy it and please leave comments. I will create a better version soon.