Quarter #3 Art Portfolio

Quarter #3 Art was a little different from the first two quarters. The reason is because I tried new things. I made sure to give my absolute best effort at 100% of the time. I feel this may or may not have been my best quarter because like I said I was trying new things. But look on the bright side, I said this in the last two quarters and I'm going to say it again. What you make/draw is art. Everything in the world is art.

So for this quarter the assignments we had to do was a 2-D drawing consisting any shapes with different shadings. A self portrait of myself by using india ink (black paint). A value still life drawing by showing the differences of pencil shading of when to use light or dark shadings. A basic shape drawing to give you the understanding of how to draw the outline (or body) of a picture. Last project was an animal sketch of basically any animal you want. 

My favorite projects of this quarter was the basic shape and animal sketch. I say this because the basic shapes project gave a better understanding of the animal sketch. In the animal sketch, you can clearly find places to use basic shapes to help you sketch the animal in more detail. The basic shape project didn't make you do your picture in full detail, but it gave advice for the next project. I enjoyed working on my projects every time I got the chance! I seriously cannot wait for the 4th quarter!

Antoinette Hiller Q3 Portfolio

When it came to the art work that I turned in this quarter, I would have to say that I was fairly proud of the effort and the quality that I put into each of the drawings. Through each of the drawings, I wanted to display a theme in order to show my organization. I felt as though I was able to spend more time on most of the topics to be able to focus more on the quality that I put into my art. This would definitely have to be better than the last quarter and so I do feel as though I have improved. I do feel proud of my work and hope to have the same feeling next quarter, especially so that I am able to end on a good note. 

Emalyn Bartholomew Q3 Art

I was really excited about the work this quarter. I would say that my work is fairly reflective of my work ethic this quarter. I'm not, by any means, a person with a gift for art, but I do enjoy it, and I did enjoy many of our projects this quarter. I chose to copy the artist Picasso, because he is the first artist that really grabbed my attention when I was younger. I also love his sketches of animals, so I chose to remake both his dog and his cat for that assignment. My mosaic was also a really fun project, as it was the first time I had attempted to make one. The wire sculpture was way out of my comfort zone, but I definitely enjoyed trying to manipulate the paperclips into the shapes I wanted. 

Melanie Harrington Q3 Art Portfolio

As an artist I try really hard to use the art to my advantage. Art for me is very therapeutic and I especially enjoy painting. This quarter, the only thing I had the chance to work on was a self portrait painted with india ink due to personal absences from school. Each time I visited the art room I noticed a difference in my mood. Art makes me feel alive and it takes away my stress.Throughout my art I try to show how I am feeling, whether that' scribbling on a piece of paper, or writing song lyrics down, or even using calming brush strokes to complete a painting. I enjoy being part of this two day a week art class and look forward to pieces that we will be working on in this upcoming and final quarter of the year. 

Edgar Pacio Q3 Art Porfolio

This quarter was better than the last because I was able to expand my abilities to new mediums. Water color was definitely a challenge and it took a few tries to finally be satisfied with what I made. This quarter I also made my first mosaic using construction paper. The coat of arms was fund to do because I was able to draw influence from various different coat of arms online and combine them. The coat of arms I made is influenced by Spanish royalty and the Mexican flag influenced the cacti and the eagle. This quarter was also my introduction into the world of sculpture and I was surprised by how well my wire frog turned out. 

Q3 Art Reflection

  1. In my final drawing I feel I have accomplished the important requirements of one point perspective. I feel as though I showed that I’m improving on my drawing expertise. I know I still have room to improve but I believe I am improving with drawings of windows, chairs, tables, etc. using orthogonal lines

  2. My windows on the left side needed to be bigger and worked on more.

  3. I feel that Cindy’s final drawing was successful. The lines were straight, neat, and met her vanishing point.

  4. I learned the importance of orthogonal lines in one point perspective drawing and how much it contribute to making drawings look realistic.

Q3 Art Reflection

photo (12)
photo (12)
a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  (keeping the rubric in mind. 20pts. - back wall, 20pts. side wall, 20pts. ceiling, 20pts. floor, 20pts. table/chair = 100pts.

I feel like I accomplished a lot of the requirements, but, I am not that happy with my tops of the windows and my table and stools I think could have been a little better.

b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?

If I could do this project again, I would use my time better and I would do the larger part first of the drawing and then add the details.

c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?

The drawing is finished, the majority of the lines are drawn over with pen, the other pencil lines that are not drawn over are erased, the lines are straight, the stools and the table are outlined and colored. This picture is successful because it fits all of the requirements and some that were not really needed.

d. What did you learn about one point perspective?

I learned that up is down, down is up, left is right, and right is left when it comes to the vanishing point and the horizon line.

Q3 Art Portfolio

There are many different forms of art. The best part about creating it, is being able to make something completely new from things you know and that are familiar. Most of my artwork this quarter had been highly inspired from some of my favorite things in pop culture, with my own little twist on them.

You can go far with your own imagination. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help from other places.

Chaveliz Nieve Q3 Art Portfolio

What I enjoyed the most about this quarter was the metamorphosis  drawling as well as the recreation of the image. They were both challenges for me but they were fun. I have never recreated another artists work out of scratch using paint but at the end, it worked out well. Also, foe the metamorphosis, I found online inspiration and decided to make a clock turn into an owl because the image was challenging but I wanted to create something different than what I am used to and I ended up having a sense of accomplishment. For next quarter, I expect to work even harder and I also expect to create more work that will make me proud and make me feel accomplished.

*The bird next to the bird sculpture is not my artwork. It is there as a comparison to show the similarities the sculpture has to the actual bird.

Quarter 3 Art Slideshow

During the third quarter, I would say that we definitely focused a lot more on value of color. In our first assignment with india ink, I had to practice my hand at something with such a heavy color consistency, and control where my darks and lights ended up. It took a lot of patience (and water). Then in our assignments involving shapes, I practiced how to form multiple drawings with just your basic shapes (rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles, thick and dark lining). Anything can start with just simple shapes and lines. I practiced lightening my hand which can often be heavy in my drawings. This quarter I got a lot better at successfully defining which color values belong where in my artwork. 
Q3 Art Slideshow

Amercia's Involvement in World War Two

In this inforgraphic, I focused primarily on the impacts and effects on America as a result of their involvment. Some of the impacts were temporary yet many are still seen and practiced today. Many new inventions and discoveries were made during that era (1939-1945) and continue to be advanced upon today. Overall, World War Two left many unwanted scars, yet at the same time, many desired marks on America and the type of country it is.
American History Q3 BM
American History Q3 BM

Q3 art reflection

  • ​I think I had done pretty good job on the drawing. I followed directions, other than the table. I feel I should get a A.
  • I would change the table, and add more detail to the drawing.
  • I think Taytiana V's drawing is really good. She followed the direction.
  • I learned that what I used to draw was wrong, because that I actually draw the 3D shapes like cube, in parallel lines.
Screenshot 2015-04-10 at 7.25.57 PM
Screenshot 2015-04-10 at 7.25.57 PM

Karoline Castillo Q3 Senior Art

This quarter, was a bit more unique and quicker than others. A series of watercolors, mosaics, metamorphosis, code of arms, and wire sculptures were made. Every week there was a specific assignment to do which made things go buy even quicker. I am most proud of my mosaic because it has many colors and came out pretty beautiful. Next quarter, I plan on working as hard as I did on the pieces I'm most proud of. 

Collins Quarter 3

The art I did this quarter is a good representation of my artist style. I have been doing a lot of photography and taking photos of the people around me that I am interested in. I did a lot of drawing with charcoal and that was a whole lot of fun because I think it is a great medium. I have become more focused in the last few weeks especially. I am more focused when drawing and it is very enjoyable for me. I hope you like it.

Emily Jenson Q3 Art

This quarter my art progressed more than it has in all four years of high school. I've experimented with mediums that used to frustrate me, like painting and paper cutting. I had never done a mosaic before, and it came out so much better than i expected. I almost ripped my hair out over it. The paper cutting and the triangle cardboard art were my absolute favor. I've found solace in repetitive drawing of triangles and other shapes, a lot of people have asked how i can concentrate on it for so long, and honestly though sometimes it can be annoying its relaxing, my mind wanders and i feel calm. The coat of arms is funny to me, the pill representing my families history with mental illness, the wine for my italian side and my dad drinks that kind of wine in the jug. The tree because we love nature and the country. And lastly a book because we love to read. The wire sculpture was one of my favorite pieces. As soon as "cube" was in my head, my hands took off and i twisted and twisted and created something I never thought i could. Art is everything to me. Its the reason to get out of bed in the morning. The art I make creates certain emotions inside of me, ones i can't identify. Art is a savior, a therapist, a warm hug, and a critical shove to keep on going. I hope you enjoyed my work. 

Amy Farrell Q3 Senior Art

The thing I enjoyed most about this quarter was using water colors. I also worked on my patience while creating the mosaic. I'm more comfortable with taking photos than drawing / painting, but I'm still practicing in order to be comfortable with both. I'm looking forward to creating new things next quarter. 

q3 art portfolio

this quarter in art I stepped out of comfort zone and played with shapes, shading and other components. i was able to produce work that I am proud of, I was able to familiarize myself with different lines and patterns. I feel as though this quarter in art while I was not always present in class i was able to learn a lot. 
Untitled presentation

Anna Davies Q3 Art Portfolio

Art Q3 Slideshow (1)
This past quarter we had 4 Major projects that we worked on. Being a self portrait in india ink, a value representation, animal sketch, and a basic shaped sketch. I thought the assignments we got this quarter were pretty interesting and fun to do. The only thing I didn't enjoy this quarter was there there wasn't much room to make the assignments our own. There were strict guidelines to follow.

Alexander Robert Marothy, Q3 Art Portfolio: "The Art of Language"

I have made and described in my art a large array of feelings and sensations which arrive at the surface when viewing earth's ceiling. The stars igniting the clouds, reaching the greatest mountains or diving into the planet's core, they are sketching the sky along with the moon, in both its presence and its terrible, lonely absence. As aware and perceptive animals, people are, in whatever they do, affected by those shining balls of matter and energy. We smile upon the art the stars create—the tender love of the clouds and the old and brittle waves of heat. And the few who seek to document these majestic influxes with hand and page? They are the birth-rites of the stars, alive and on fire—a love of art. These children, when all the rest of this earth is in decay, will reach up from and out of the windows of our great skyscrapers. These offspiring who, when the sun disappears forever behind the clouds, will be be there to recreate the perfect art of this earth. Their Art will be all that is left.

Q3 Art Reflection

A. I feel like I accomplished partially of both of the side walls and the back wall. I missed some things on one of the side walls because I didnt have space but the other one was fully done. I would give myself full credit for both the ceiling, floor, and the left side wall because I followed all the directions for it. 

B. If I do this project again I would do the same wall but put more time to it and add color to the ceiling. I would also try to do the full room not missing parts from the side walls.

C. I would say Jaszmine's drawing is successful. I can notice that she put a lot of effort and time into it. She completed the back wall and the ceiling fully. The side walls have windows and doors on them and she detailed it with the board and door window which was great. I could tell that she followed the directions from the one point perspective and she used the vanishing point correctly. She also had a table and stool to top it off and it looks successful. 

D. I learned that you have to carefully use the vanishing point to get everything on point and you have to align everything correctly. You have to use the vertical, horizontal, and orthogonal lines. 

Q3 Reflection

I feel like this was the best art project i done. I took my time to finished it even though i kept getting frustrated but i took a chance and kept trying. What i would do differently is keep my measurements together because i think i used different numbers so maybe it wouldnt look like good but i tried my best. One art project that was successful was Isaiah project it was good his celing was a little off but the project was nice. What i learn from a one perspective is that i see different things from different people.

Q3 Art Reflection

  • a. I think I was very lazy with my drawing, but could have done more. If I were grading myself, I say I'd give a 5 for the back wall, 5 for the side wall, 10 for the ceiling, 10 for the floor, 15 for the table, and 12 for the chair, giving me a final score of... 57.
  • b. Well, I'd probably follow the directions a bit more carefully in order to finish quicker and with a higher quality
  • c. There's one drawing I really like. It pays attention to a lot of detail with the drawings on the wall and the placement of the stools and tables. I think the main reason why it's successful is that it uses orthogonals very well and keeps the perspective consistent, making it seem very life-like.  
  • d. Well, so far, it helps with making things be realistic in that they give a sort of field of view. With this in mind, things like buildings, cubes, prisms, and distance in general are much easier to deal with when drawing. Very helpful.


Q3 Art Reflection

1.) I feel like I finished the ceiling and the back wall and side wall I included a couple stools and a table. Also, I included my back wall and the two walls on the side. I feel as though I did an okay job for my first time doing a one perspective drawing of a room. 

2.) I would probably draw more tables and practice drawing my stools better before I put them on my final piece. Also I would use my ruler more efficiently and make my lines for the sink and table more straight. 

3.) I think that Kate Kopf's drawing is successful. I believe this because she had all the required requirements. She had a back wall side wall veiling tables and tools and she even had details on the wall, the fire flames. Also, she had a sink and cabinets above them. 

4.) I learned that you really have to pay attention to detail when you are drawing in one point perspective. You have to view things in a different way and that this is really how things are looked and this is a totally different perspective and art style than any other. 

Q3 Art Reflection

​1.  What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  
- I did all the things I just feel my details weren't that great and as good as they could've been.

2.  What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
- Try to finish the windows and make the fixed the tables, because they looked a little off balance and i'm not that sure if I did it right.

3.  Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
- I think Tajnia's painting is very successful. It has all the requirements and more. It had details of everything in the room and seems pretty neat and well done.

4. What did you learn about one point perspective?
- That anything under the vanishing point shows the top and anything on top shows the bottom. Anything to the right shows the left and anything to the left shows the right. Also, I learned that there are only, vertical, horizontal, and orthogonal lines.

Q3 Art Reflection

a. I accomplished working with orthagonals. I would give myself a 90, I did most of the requirments and worked well with the orthagonals.
b. What I would do differently about this project is include more detail about the whole room. I would've managed my time better so I would be able to do that.
c. A drawing on the wall that I thought was successful was Deja's. It had the ceiling, back wall, side walls, table and chair and included windows and doors. It was successful because she had correct orthagonals and brought the windows and doors out from the walls. 
d. What I learned about one point perspective is that objects seem smaller as they go back in space. Also you have to connect orthagonals to the vanishing point and make objects come out of the war and appear 3D.