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Art Portfolio

This Quarter's  art was the best so far. I say this with the utmost confidence for a few reasons. One of them is that if you look at my art last year and my art this year you can see the improvement. Another reason why I say this because I am more engaged in my projects then I was before. I have taken out more time to make my projects to the best of my ability.

My ceiling tile was inspired by Tv. One day I was watching NFL network And I saw patrick peterson and since he is one of the best players in the NFL right now I decided to use him as an art project. This project was a little difficult for me because I never did a ceiling tile before but since I had help from my partners the project turned out great.

My self portrait was the hardest project out of my art profolio. I say this because It was hard to envision myself while I was drawing. Also I didn’t know how to draw some of my features like my hair. I feel like it is very accurate because I got the same skin complexion and low eyes that I have. I also added the kmart tag that I wear to work as an extra touch.

My next piece was “allah” in arabic. I did this because I grew up muslim and in my home environment I was surrounded by all things Islam so when Ms. Hull gave us the opportunity to free draw that was the first thing that popped in my head . This was pretty easy because I have pictures in my house similar to mine so it was easy to visualize on paper.

The Art Benchmark

Art benchmark

Throughout this year, I have been working on painting, drawing reality images and self portraits. This year, has been a challenging year, I had to try new things in art class. Painting, Reality Images, and the Self portrait, it was challenging but not hard. At first it was hard looking at it from a specific point of view but after trying and see that it was a little easy, then I got into the zone. How was I doing? At first I was doing bad, but not bad. Yeah i had to redo sometimes, but once getting that feeling it became easy and took a different turn. I felt more comfortable in the things I did. For example the painting, that was hard, but not impossible. Before beginning the tiles, I tried to make sure that the color matched up with each other. Even when I was sure, I wasn’t position but I had to do it because it was a grade. Another example, the reality drawing - now that was hard. I miss up a lot of times. I’ve gotten frustrated so many things, that I gotten to the point to where I wanted to give up. Lucky within me, giving up wasn’t an option, well at least not for me.

Doing the things that I can’t normal do, push my old limits higher and my abilities into a different direction. Meaning that a one point painting, reality drawing and self portrait was hard. Doing the things that I couldn’t do was hard but I didn’t give in. I felt great, being able to draw reality object, people, animals, etc…, it was great. Self portrait was nothing different, but a little hard. Within this year, I had fun pushing my abilities forward and be on, but within a great artist, there is always/usually a person that influence the person to become better.  

Mali Fenning Quarter 1 Portfolio

Art has always been a part of my life. Everyone in my family is an artist in some way shape or form. Almost everyone has the ability to draw extremely well, expect me. I have always struggled with drawing and painting, which is why I wanted to take art class. I am still trying to find my artistic expression in drawing. I found myself being challenged by trying to find my own style while applying technique. One thing I am very proud of is my charcoal still life because I spent a lot of time really thinking about proportions and technique. My struggles are obviously show in the still life, but I am still proud of it because I know that I did my best. I can’t wait to continue to learn more and expand my skill by learning from my own artistic expression and my peers.

A1 Artist Statement

In creating my images I wanted to have a variety that I could feel proud about. One of the projects painting the surface of a ceiling tile. For that project I decided that I wanted to paint a sierpinski triangle on a ceiling tile using the colors blue green and yellow. I chose to create a sierpinski triangle because it represents what I like to draw. I like drawing shapes and I like drawing things with symmetry in them. I chose the colors blue green and yellow for my sierpinski triangle because those colors seem to both contrast and complement each other. They go well together and I found that they would make my painting stand out.

The second project we worked on was any drawing of our choice we. We could chose whatever we wanted to draw as long as it looked like we put in a solid effort. When choosing what to draw, I wanted to chose something that interested me, or something that was very vibrant in color and detailed. I immediately thought of Butterflies. There is some thing about them that is quite interesting and colorful. I decided to search for an image of a Butterfly online to get an idea of what to draw. So many of the pictures were so simple, yet when inspected, were so very detailed, and that fascinated me.

We also had to do a self portrait which is something I have done before. I wanted to take a picture that would describe how I felt when doing this project. I decide to take a simple picture of myself with focused face. I was focused on this assignment which is why I took a fairly standard picture of myself. I like it because there is not a lot happening in the picture it is focused on me in front of a window with light shining through, showing that this is a self portrait of me. Everything seems normal and how it should be which is what I like

Quarter One Advanced Art Artwork

This is my quarter one artwork portfolio. This portfolio is of all my work from the first quarter including halloween bats, a self-portrait, a picture of the eagles logo and a ceiling tile drawing of a tree representing the environment. These projects took a good amount of time to do, especially the eagles logo and self portrait, the other things were fairly easy. Overall, this quarters work was relatively easy and I had fun doing it.