The Scarlet Letter & Juno

The creative piece that I decided to create was a rap/poem. The rap/poem has three parts. Basically they are describing the theme public versus private self and judgement put onto people from society. The first rap/poem it is describing the three most common things that African American males are known for or judged on. In the second rap/poem it is describing the three most common things that African American females are known for or judged on. In the beginning of each poem the male/female is describing how society views them negatively. Than later on in the poems it shows how they person actually is and the dreams or missions that they want to accomplish in the future. In the third poem, it is relating more to me and what I choose to show publicly and keep in privately. Another theme that ties into the third poem is secrets and how they can have consequences to them. The third poem is describing the struggles that I had to go through with my depression and self-harming. The reason I chose to write this poem besides the theme was because it made me relate to Hester and Juno. They both wore their “sins” on the outside (Hester – scarlet letter/ Juno – pregnant) and so did I (scars). All three of the raps/poems is meant to show the stereotypes that are put on people by society even though society does not know us individually.

My process for creating this creative piece was difficult. At first I wanted to do a dance than I switched into doing visual art and settled for a written piece. I wanted to being more of me into the project while still working around The Scarlet Letter and Juno. I am not the best writer so to want to do this type of project I know from the beginning would be difficult. Than I started playing around with the words and people that I know. Another issue that came up a lot was deciding whether or not to talk about my depression and self-harming. Most people see me as the happy, outgoing and helpful girl that is always there for her friends. Topics like this and others I don't really talk much about unless there is someone that can relate to me and they need advice. I do SAT for health but even when we discuss issues like these I still feel uncomfortable because I feel I am letter my guard down which I don't like to. It just came down to whether or not I wanted to put my personal life online for people all over the world to see.

Overall I am proud of my project because of the amount of detail that I put into the rap/poem. I personally am not a strong creative writer. I do write poems, stories and essays and when I can relate to the prompt or my beliefs agree with it than I can write a stronger writing piece. For this creative project, I was able to be creative with people that I know on a daily basis. There are people in my life who are womanizers or flirts or they are just another statistic so it was just easier to things to come to me. I am also proud of how I decided to put myself and the issues that I have gone through on paper and online. This is not just a poem that relates to the themes of the two literacy but it is also me being comfortable enough to share and allow other people to know me who haven't met me.

Even though there are a number of things I liked about my project there are also things that I could have done better on. Those things personally is the detail of the rap/poem for the female. Even though I am a female and issues surrounding females should come easy to me, it was difficult with putting that into a poem. Throughout the male rap/poem you see transition when the person switched, rhymes, more flow/beat with the words and more detail overall. For the female I feel as though that I hit the surface or picked stereotypes that are hard to describe.

If I could do this all over again what I would do different is the way I present the project. The first and second rap/poem is meant to be a bounce off of three different people. The first paragraph is one person, the second another person, the third another person and the fourth paragraph back to the first person. Basically a flow of different voices so you can recognize the voices differently and actually see the progress they made or showing you how the way society views them doesn't matter as long as they succeed. The format I would do differently is maybe an audio, video going between three people or having it down in person by doing a group project.

Noah's Slide

In technology class, we discussed using slides and signs to effectively get a point across. We also talked about how these same slides and signs have affected our culture today. this slide shows everything in the world that makes me who I am today.

Many decisions had to be made about putting these pictures into place. I modeled this slide off of the Ikea advertisement with the cups. The cups had a nice contrast to the black background and the empty space made you notice them. I also used a black background with mostly white symbols to contrast the background. I kept a lot of blank space so you had no other choice but to look at them. The reason one picture was a different color is because I wanted your eyes to go there first. I wanted it to pop out at you so your eyes would start at the top, most colorful image and work your way down until you reached the bottom and realized that it spelled my name. Too much negative space, however, is a bad thing. I put another image that represented me in the negative space but made it slightly transparent so it wouldn't create 
much of a distraction for your eyes. This slide explains me through pictures, but without pictures of me. It explains me without words.


Jordan Awesome Blog Post

In technology class we discussed how to make efficient slides on PowerPoint that do not have much on them, but say a lot. The idea for this script is for me to be able to be able to explain a slide that is about myself without getting choked up. 

This slide (believe it or not) was inspired by a IKEA sign, since like most they make a point by saying little to nothing. My slide can be considered “glance media”, since in only one quick glance you would get all the information you need to understand it (I am a fencer and I am the best you will ever know). “Bleeding” is when you take a photo and cut part of it out of the frame, this would not work for this in my opinion since you need to see the full picture to know I am fencing. You may also have noticed that the first thing you looked at was was ‘You Will Ever Know’ on my slide since it makes you have to look back and read the rest.

The picture I chose was not random, it is the perfect picture to get the point across about who is the best. The photo was a action shot which causes the viewer to train his eyes on to it, also it bring forth excitement. The slide portrays a bright photo which draws the attention of the readers right after they have read the statement. The only flaw is it holds no emotions, just me fencing, but other than that I is a superb slide.

One slide about my self

Photograph Set - Martha Robles

For this creative project I decided to branch out and create a photoset with all original concepts and photos by me. The concept of all 4 photos is that of displaying different emotions through color. As seen the pictures aren’t all very straightforward when it comes to connecting them to themes, which was the main purpose of this. I didn’t want these photos to only be seen one way but to have different meanings to them. I also wanted to present something that I knew would capture both the book and the movie but also more than just one character from both. What better way to do this than by using photography?

I think that a big aspect of this was being able to not only capture in through my eye but to be able to display what I saw in order for others to understand. I really enjoyed the process of this because as a whole I really enjoy photography and displaying more than just a pretty picture through it. Even though my finished product was something that I'm really proud of I think that steps to it were a bit stressful. It got hard once it was time to shoot. I had trouble being able to focus,even though I could have used auto focus I tried to keep it all manual in order to make it a learning experience. I also saw myself having trouble when it came to picking which pictures to display. Even though it's only 4 pictures I ended up taking at least 40 of each, which in the end only made it harder for me. Even though this process was hard I really enjoyed it and the coming up of the concepts of using colors since that was also used in the movie. In the end I wouldn't change anything about it. 

“Oh What’s Another Ten Pounds ” – JUNO

            Through out the movie Juno to me was on a journey. The journey to find her true emotions. Through out the movie she faced various challenges that deep down inside affected her. As seen on the photograph there are various colors displayed. Starting from Black, Royal Blue, Tan/Orange, Green, and finally pink. All these colors representing a side of Juno present through out the movie. Also as you can see the colors that are most seen are pink and green while all the others are in the shadows. I did this to show that no matter what she went through in the end she was able to find that balance in order for her to trust Paulie and let their love blossom.


Black – Protection 

She used both Mark and Vanessa as protection from the reality of her being a teen mom, Not only that but I feel like she used in order to start cutting ties with Paulie.

Blue – Security

This happened when she knew how much Vanessa wanted to have a baby. This gave her security to know that maybe things would be okay at least with her baby because she was giving it to someone who would love and give it everything that she believes she can’t.


Tan/ Orange – Courage 

I fee like Juno somehow got the courage to not care what people thought of her or what they saw. She only cared about being able to give Vanessa what she needed. She was able to stay afloat for quite sometime.


Green – Healing 

I think this happened once she knew that it wasn’t about Vanessa and Mark, but about Vanessa and giving her the gift of motherhood. It was about being able to understand that not everything lasts forever but that she shouldn’t just let Paulie go like that.


Pink – Happy/Sense Of Well Being/ Romance

 This finally came when she realized what her and Paulie really had. She was able to let go of those past ghosts and move on because she honestly wanted to be happy and wanted Paulie to be by her side.

“ Thou Hast Escaped Me! “ – Chillingworth

Orange - Success  

 This photograph is more of a contradiction. Through out the book all Chillingworth wanted was success. However in the end we all know that’s not what he got. Which is why in the photo the emotion being displayed by the little kid is anger. He wasn’t able to succeed which is why in the end he died. He died because he drowned himself so much in his revenge that in the end when it was all over he no longer had anything to live for.


“My Little Pearl” – Dimmesdale

Red - Strength /Blood 
In this photo we see a pearl necklace covered in red. The pearls not only representing little pearl but also representing Hester Prynne. It is also covered in red because red stands for strength and blood. He shed so much blood because of the strength he had to keep it all a secret even though in the end it was all thrown out the window. He ended up giving up his own secret to the people of puritan Boston. He was no longer able to hold in therefore killing himself in the end, hence the red for blood. The pearls also representing the forever link he had to both Hester and Pearl even if he had kept it all a secret.


“Aww, It Kind Of Does ” – Vanessa

Orange - Ignorance
In this case the orange in the picture stands for ignorance. The ignorance and neglect she had towards he marriage. She drowned herself in wanting the baby that she completely forgets how to be a wife to Mark. She only focused on what Vanessa needed and what Vanessa wanted that in the end she destroyed her marriage. She was left alone. Even though she ended up still keeping the baby, I think that if she wouldn’t have been so observed in wanting a baby then maybe her marriage would have been saved. 

upload this
upload this

Me Slide Tech

I used a black background to let the pictures and words stand out. I chose to put visuals  of the things that I like and chose to put “ Achieve greatness”  because that it’s a quote I’ve gone by when I did sports and school work. Its  basically means to me that you can’t do anything without striving to exceed in things that are important to you and mean something valuable to your life. I put a basketball in my slide because I like basketball. I’ve played last year on my previous school’s team and I liked it. I want to do the same for SLA’s basketball team this year or next year. I put a visual of a man at a track and field starting line because I like track and running in general. I feel like nothing in my life can hold me back when I run. I put the visuals not in a proximity that they would bunch together and overlap one another. I put my words in a font that would stand out and would attract people’s attention. I wanted to align my visuals and writing equal to each other so the slide wouldn’t look shifted around.
Tech slide 1



In technology we’ve been focusing a lot on media technology and how it influences our culture today. The slide that I’m presenting describes me!! We’ve also been talking about how to catch someones eye using different types of media, like powerpoint or video.


I made my slide look the way that it did, because it reflects my personality who I am as a person. The slide is purple, because purple is my favorite color. What influenced the pictures on my slide is the activity’s, and friends I’ve made for most of my life. I also included things that interest me during the winter seasons, thats why I included the picture of a steaming cup of coco. The picture of the green frog represents cut the rope a game I’m fond of. Another item I added was a smily face. I added this, because I’m always happy and feel as though happiness is the key to everything. I added my friends,  because they make my day everyday when I come to school and i love and appreciate what they do for me. This is my slide, this is me.


I took all of my pictures off, and the border, I made my name bigger and arranged my pictures around my name like an arch. I changed my slide, because it to crowded and disorganized.


Tech powerpoint
Tech powerpoint

Photoshop the Truth

​Photoshop the Truth

I will not photoshop the truth

I will not crop the truth, truthfully speaking the truth

I will not resize the truth for the fittening of your frame

I will not resize or rotate or flip it so that when you first hear it, it feel less offensive

I believe that scars are lessons learn so I won't even fix any blemishes

I won't add any special affect in order for me to look more like you

Somehow, he then touched me.

When he was supposed to be loving me,

It triggered my mind leaving me confused with what state of mind I was in

What I didn't know was that I was about 8 going on 9

And I didn't have the opportunity to decline what would be define as my first sexual intercourse

I went from learning my 1, 2, 3 to learning about birds and bees

Child life was no longer as easy as learning A, B, C

I wanted to know why

I was looking and searching for a sign

I felt used and thrown away like paper cups and plastic utensils at 8 going on 9

My heart was beating out of my chest

And that night, I slept with him, went to school the next day and smile like nothing happened

I just wish for that one moment, someone would look past my outside and look inside

Nothing comes out of my voice, but inside of me, I wanted to scream "Can anyone see that I'm hurting?!"

Took the pain, stored in the back of my mine, and purposely forgot the combination

There is light at the end of this tunnel

We don't see the end, but God sees it clear

For every boy and ever girl who feels defenseless

For every man and every woman who feels like the enemy is beating them senseless

For every tear that rolls that your face and swallow of cry in the middle of the night so no one can hear

For every face that is barried in pillows to hide the tears

Christ is your breath of life and can be your inhaler.


If there's an opportunity to make a difference in your life or someone else life, you do what you can and make the best out of it. If there's a point in time where an obstacle comes along and you don't know what to do about it, you have to suck it up and do what you have to do. Between all those obstacles and change in life, you grow stronger as a person and become independent. Through the characters of Juno from the movieJuno and Hester from The Scarlet Letter, both characters shows their independence and strength with handling their obstacles even though society is continuously pushing them down.

            Just like Juno and Hester, I, myself can relate to them on certain level. Growing up was hard for me. I had many challenges in life; wishing and hoping that it could go away. Juno dealt with pregnancy at a young age and it caused her to be more independence and learning how to deal with things on her own. Just like her, my past helped mold me to be more independent and not depend on anyone, but God. God was my everything. Anything that was happening, I kept my mouth shut and dealt it on my own and never asked for help. For example, in the movie Juno, during her pregnancy, Bleeker would ask her if she needs any help and she would constantly push him away and take matters in her own hands. Throughout my life, people put their hands out for me, but my mentality was just "no, I can do it on my own." As in the book, Hester's surrounding was constantly pushing her down and looking at her in a pity form, which I thought was mean, but Hester, as a character didn't let that bother her. She's the one who knows the truth and she's not going to photoshop the truth to please others.

            And that brings me to the next point. It was hard for me to decide what kind of creative project I wanted to do because I want to do everything! But I also wanted to be the best of the best. At first, I was going to draw, but since I'm not the greatest artist in the world, I decided to express my creativity in a written form. My spoken poetry is about how my past has taught me how to grow stronger mentality and trusting in God. The basic theme that I wanted people to understand from my poem was that you don't have to please society. They can believe what they want to believe, but at the end of the day, you know the truth and that truth creates who you are today and there is hope at the end of the tunnel. This poetry represents who I portray myself on the outside, and what's really happening behind closed doors. Society doesn't know about my past and what I go through everyday, so they expect me to be happy and act like everything is okay. That's why I always walk around smiling, but at home, the pillows are the sponges to my tears. Those tears gave me an opportunity to see the light and I want my poetry to help others gain hope.

I feel like my poetry is pretty good. It doesn't have much, but each words has a powerful meaning. I poured my heart out onto this keyboard, and I hope that my audience can see the pain and effort I put into it. I don't regret anything I have done. Everything has been on time and I have used my time wisely. I mean, there's always a spot to improve. In this case, I don't feel like I have any. If I were to ever do this project again, I think I would challenge myself to draw a masterpiece. That was my first intentions, but it didn't pull through. 

Nicoletti, Hannah Media Fluency


In Technology class we’ve been talking about the different ways to make a slide interesting and in a way that will catch a reader’s eye.  I used presentation zen to get the information I need in order to make my slide. I put some of the advice to action in my slide shown below.


My slide looks the way it does, because on presentation zen, a website with slide advice, it recommended that you use bright colors, so I used a dark background with bright blue and pink to add a contrast. The soccer ball represents one of my hobbies, playing soccer, as well as a personal trait, I have a happy personality. My name being big and bright has to do with the fact that the slide is about me. My slide’s letters and  picture is very bold, so people can look at it and know what it’s about. That process is called, ‘Glance media’.



I chose the bright soccer ball as the picture on my slide, because soccer is one of my main hobbies, and something I love to do. Also, because it has a smiley face on it and I have a happy personality. Being happy makes life more exciting, that’s why it’s important to include it on my slide. The bright colors are there to one, engage the reader, and two because I love bright colors, they help bring out my personality.

I changed the soccer ball on my slide, because the alpha tool didn't work well on my old one. I kept everything else the same, because I wanted to do my slide according to presentation zen and use glance media. Something I learned in the class discussion was that my slide needed improvements on the alpha tool, like I said before. I didn't need this tool, but I learned that you can frame pictures if necessary.

Slide Presentation

Trying to make a slide visual can be difficult. You never know if it’s good enough. You try to fill in all the spaces and make sure it doesnt look empty by trying to make pictures bigger or put more pictures on there without making it look cramped together. 

I chose to put a busy background so that the spaces in between wouldn’t look blank, empty and boring. I put pictures in my slide that describe what I live by.  The first thing i did was put a picture of myself that would best fit the other pictures i would later add. When i was thinking of what to put in my slide, i started thinking of things i did in the morning and one thing was put on make up so thats where the Mac Collection comes in. 

I tilted my pictures different ways to make it look more appealing so that people would want to know what they were about. I used repetition so that it would be clear of what i really liked. I clearly love Marilyn Monroe and beside the pictures, the quotes describe a what i look to for self motivation. I added ballet into my slide, it’s something that i have a strong passion for. It helps me escape the struggles and frustrations of everyday life. It’s peaceful and graceful and relaxing. I also incorporated a part of my culture into my slide which is where the Jamaican flag plays out.

My slides describes me in my simplest form and it goes with the good points i need to make a good slide. 

Tech Slide

Single Slide About Me

My name is Dillon Hershey and this is my slide. This project is to create a slide all about me but you could only use ONE slide. Then we have to present about the slide and why we made the slide like we did. I wanted the slide to not be overwhelming or underwhelming so I just used my name and my a picture. In the picture I have words that describe me and what I like. I asked all of my friends if they could describe me in one word what would they say. When I first got the project description I thought that I should make a collage of pictures of me and what I like but after I reviewed Presentation Zen I didn’t want the slide to be too crowded. So instead I created a Tagxedo which uses words to create a picture. The words that I used are things that I like and words that people have used to describe me. I chose a plain background to keep it simple and the color of my font matches the border of the picture. In this project I learned about the rule of thirds, the term bleeding, and a lot about presenting the slide. The term bleeding means that you put the picture off the screen to make the picture more eye-catching. The rule of thirds is when you put the object of focus in one of the thirds, the left hand side, the middle and the right hand side.

When presenting the slide you should not read off the slide at all. I hope that you enjoyed my slide and learned a lot, like me!

New Slide

I chose to put the name on the side because I could make the name one third and the heart the other two thirds. Also it makes the reader have to think a little bit and turn their head sideways. Also I wanted to have the name match the heart but if I just chose one color it made the other colors seem inferior. So I made all the letters a different color from the heart. I thought about changing the font of the name but any of the other fonts didn’t look right with heart. I took the border off the heart and made the heart bigger so you could see the words.
Single Slide about Me.original
Single Slide about Me

Esperanza Gonzalez

My name is Esperanza Gonzalez. For tech class we were responsible for creating a individual slide based on the coat of arms we created in English class.  The purpose of the slide was that it had to be eye catching, legible, easy to understand, and able to be remembered by the viewer. I wanted One Direction to be my focus because they’re the best! One Direction itself is eye catching.  I wanted the pictures to stand out so I choose to do a pattern with the pictures. I chose red because it’s my favorite color and I also wanted to contrast the font so I made it white. I wanted to use a shade of black at the top to catch the viewers eye.That was slide for tech class.
​Hello everyone! I'm Esperanza Gonzalez.  For tech class we were responsible for creating a individual slide based on the coat of arms we created in English class.  The purpose of the slide was that it had to be eye catching, legible, easy to understand, and able to be remembered by the viewer.The slide above is my recreated slide. This slide is based on the critics I received from my classmates. I recreated this slide because I wanted to make it better. First of all, I changed the font of the lettering so it's smooth. This lettering was more easy for the viewers eye. My past slide consisted of different fonts. I kept everything in the same place. The contrast of the font stood out in the red. The pictures are well aligned and eye catching. That was my slide for tech class.

Life on a Vintage Point

Life From a Vintage point

In the second quarter of Technology class, students were given a project that had been based their Coat of Arms from English class. The slide could include anything wether it’s your life story, your interests, or it’s something makes you. The only thing the slide really had to do was to display a message or a story. As apart of my slide it tells what makes me. 

      “Life on a vintage point”. It describes how I look at life, taking everything, turning it, flipping it, twisting it, looking at it from the other side. It makes me understand things from every perspective. My slide basically tells what makes me, as you can see I'm a dancer and a musician. My slide contains a collage of photos of pointe dancers and instruments. The photos are crop to display the understanding of life on a vintage point. Majority of the photo’s are unilluminated and under lit but there is one picture that is a bright yellow. That bright yellow photo displays a contrast to all the other photos, it resembles how life has been mysterious to me but all of a sudden a bright light has pathed the way. Many of the photos bleed off the slide and also onto the other photos to bring an image to mind that all things connect even in the most awkward ways. The title is not that big and colorful because I don’t want to take the context and the focus away from the photos. The background image is also dark and under lit to blind in with the unilluminated photos. I have included a famous quote from Dr. Seuss and put it inside the bright yellow photo to bring a contrast within a contrast. 

  So I thank you for your time, and I hope that you enjoyed my slide. And I always remember that you are you and there is no one youer than you.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 12.16.38 AM
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 12.16.38 AM
Recently I have made a slide that contained many errors, there were to many photos and the front didn't match the color of the photos. The crowded photos didn't give a cool relaxing feeling but a hectic feeling with viewers eyes trying to follow all the photos. In this slide, I only used three photos and a grey front that blending in with the colors of the photos. I also used a bright yellow photo that displayed contrast from all the black and grey photos. Thank you and I hope this slide was an improvement of what was previously made.

Daniel Media Fluency

Music is a way to express yourself. It opens doors of opportunity.  It's a way to express yourself. The type of music you listen to; whether it's jazz or rap, it expresses your personality. A world without music is hard for me to imagine. I can't go a day without listening to music and that's why I designed my slide like this.

Slide about me

In technology we are learning about slides. Going into this topic I felt like I was not going to learn anything because I have been using a laptop and making slides for the past five years. I quickly learned that I had no idea how to make a good slide. The first website we looked at as a class, completely changed how I look at slide design. I originally thought that a slide needed to be captivating and have a lot going on as to draw the viewers attention. I now know that a slide needs to be simple and powerful, so that it gets the point across without being confusing.

I designed my slide this way because this is what I felt was most important about me. As we learned in class the point of the slide is to catch the viewer’s eye, and to get the point across. My favorite thing is sports, and I wanted the point of the slide to be that it is about me. Also I wrote “I am Jesse, I am awesome”. I meant that in the least full of my self way possible. For this reason I made sure to make the words a different and brighter color than the background as to draw attention. Also I made my name (Jesse) bigger than all other words because it is the most important. I made sure to not use a lot of pictures, and also not to bunch them close together so that they are not jumbled and confusing. I also chose to include separators between the pictures as to establish that they are different, and to draw the viewers eye to each picture individually. 

I learned a lot about slides, and I will use this knowledge to make my projects more captivating and interesting from now on. I think that this way is better, and I am glad that I learned it.

Me Slide

All About Me Slide!

In my computer science class at Science Leadership Academy, we are learning about slide design. The basic question you should ask yourself is “How do I make this slide memorable, while making it simple?” Throughout my learning experience and experiments with slide design, I found that less is more. For this project, we had to create one slide that was about us. I read some helpful advice on slide design, and tried to make my slide as appealing as possible.

For all the decisions I made on my slide, there was reasoning behind it. My entire goal for my slide was to keep it simple, yet effective. The reason I used a black background and white font for both “Zoe”s was because I wanted there to be contrast, but not make it overwhelming to the eye. I made both “Zoe”s with a font of 288 because I wanted the font to be huge and eye catching. I choose to have the font huge because I didn’t want to have too many words that were boring and useless. For both of the “Zoe”s I made them bleed off the slide just a little bit to make the eyes wander. It also makes the words look bigger than they are. I choose to have two “Zoe”s because everyone loves to see repetition! It draws the viewer’s eyes in and makes them remember it! I choose to put a statement in the bottom right corner. I choose this for two different reasons. Firstly, I do not want the viewer to be overwhelmed with too many words everywhere, so I left breathing room within the slide. Secondly, I put it in the bottom right corner so it would apply to the rule of thirds. You don’t want two items to be right next to each other because it makes the slide crowded and makes people uncomfortable. I choose the rainbow like color scheme for my statement because I wanted to make the statement pop and show contrast with the colors. I made some of the words bigger than others. I made “don’t,” “Black,” “and,” and “White,” a font of 80, and the rest of the words were a font of 55. I did this because I wanted those words to stand out, and for people to pay more attention to those words. For all of the words on my slide I used a sans serif font, because the eyes like words without little extra projection of the letter.

The goal of my slide was simple yet effective, and I hope I have accomplished this. By reading/listening to my explanation of my slide, I hope you, the viewer, have learned a little more about slide design. I hope you have taken something from my slide, and will apply it to your slides in the future! Thanks for reading/listening!

Reflection: Throughout this learning experience on slide design, I have learned a lot of new helpful tips and ideas. I learned that you don't want to crowd the slide, or else no one will know where to look and they will feel uncomfortable. You want to have simplicity, but make it noticeable and memorable. I also learned about all these tools that can make your slide ten times better! For example, when you have pictures, and you don't want the background in the slide, you can use alpha to take it out!

All About Me Slide

In technology class at Science Leadership Academy, I was given an assignment to make one slide that describes who I am. The class was given several slide presentation websites to read and use to educate ourselves on how best to present ourselves. We then had to write a script describing why we made the design choices we made. My slide is simple and colorful and reflects on what I’ve learned. Hope you enjoy!

I started by setting my background color as an aqua blue, which is my favorite color. I then picked a font recommended on the Zach Holman site that is bold, sans serif and easily readable. I set the color of the words as white to create striking contrast to the background blue. I aligned the smaller text box about my craziness slightly off center to the larger text box with my name. This created some contrast in font size and caps lock, and also draws ones eyes towards the corner. I colored each letter in the word crazy a different color to make a rainbow pattern, which repeats in the corner of the screen. Some empty space was left in the top right corner and the bottom left corner to balance the slide and leave breathing room for the viewer. The bottom right corner holds my main graphic, a rainbow that continues past the edges of the slide. The rainbow flows out to the sides and towards the corners. The color and the shape help represent my identity in which ever way the viewer perceives it.

 learned many new and worthwhile facts about slide design that will help me for the rest of my life. I hope you learned something too about slide design and about me. Thank you!

all about me slide
I did not change my slide. The contrast of colors was well balanced. The rainbow an appropriate image to reflect my personality. The flow of text to images  I think this is because of my interest in graphic and interior design. I also had previous design experience as the head editor of my middle schools art and literary magazine. I learned so much about design from being involved with that magazine and also increased my interest in graphic design.

All About Me

Our tech teacher is having us create a slide based off of a former project, our coat of arms, in which describes everything about ourselves. This project is a way to show the right way to design and present a powerpoint. Little details make a huge difference when it comes to power points. The following script will describe why every decision of the design of this power point was made. There will also be many vocabulary words included in order to portray reasons behind everything. You will then see another slide, similar to the first one but with some major changes. You will see the differences I made in my slide after being critiqued by my classmates. I will also reflect on this whole project process.

When beginning my powerpoint, I decided that the size and shape of my name would be very large and bold. The whole slide is about me, I figured that the important piece to introduce would be my name, which is why I made it stand out. Also, after learning that the human eye starts at the top right hand corner and works it way around clock wise, I decided the alignment of my images would follow that pattern. I decided to make the contrast of my photos very light so that they didn’t overpower the words, even though they would be larger. All of the pictures have the same contrast in order to show repetition. I left the slide background to be empty, since there are several images. I decided that the color and shape of all of the words would be bright and bold to give you a main idea of the picture so you won’t sen so much time staring at them, and also to make them stand out from the images. All of the words in my slide are sans serif, to make them catch people’s eyes. 

tech powerpoint

This project helped me learned so much. I hope the script helped you understand the powerpoint a little more, and also help you to understand why everything was done. 

tech powerpoint
After having the class critique my old slide, I learned a lot of new ways to make my slide so much better. Well I started out by changing my pictures around by using Alpha to blur out the backgrounds, making it look a lot better. I also got rid of all of the words because they were things that I could just say in the presentation. I enlarged my pictures and moved them around a little to make them more noticeable and take up more space since the words were taken out. I kept my name as the boldest thing on my slide because I still feel it's the most important thing. I also left the pictures blurred out so that my name stands out more. I think my slide has improved so much after hearing everyones comments.

About ME!!

In my 9th grade Tech class, my teacher introduced a project. This project is supposed to build on from our, "Coats of Arms" in our English class. With this project, we had to create a single slide that we feel represents us. We then had to create a script saying why we put the items that we did on the slide. Once we created and finished our slide, we will then later present to the class. We will then be graded by our teacher and classmates. This will help us when we create a new slide.



I used the black background because I knew that it would help my other words pop out. It made the contrast even better. I used the visuals (pictures) because I know that it would help send out the message. I picked the size of the pictures because I did not want it to be that big, but also not that small. The words I put on the screen are all words that describe something. The something is the family. I picked to me each word a different colore because the words have a certain mood. The mood was the color I picked. I did not put the words in close proximity because I wanted them to all be spaced out from each other so the reader could let them all set in. I aligned the pictures because they are all equal to one another. This is why I did what I did.

The slide above is what my project looked like for my 9th grade Tech class! I used all of this because I know that it would help get my point across. Not only that, but the reader would get the message without having to take time processing it. After everyone in the class presents and gets graded, we will then reflect about our process. Once we receive our edits, we will then create a new slide and write about what we learned.

Tech Slide
After I presented my slide to the class, they critiqued my work. I was told that I could move a few things around and change some of the colors. I also learned different ways that I could change my position of things. Additionally, i learned different techniques on how to work my laptop to my advantage. For example, I could use things like, "alpha." Alpha is where you can eliminate things , but still have the picture there. I decided to change the words around because it would help the pattern. I also changed the colors of my words to the colors of the things in my pictures. I did that because it would be easy to understand where the colors of words come from. This would make it look more professional. I also deleted a few words so there would not be to much on the slide. This is all due to the help of my peers in my Tech class. 

All About Me

Hi my name is Nashay Day and I attend Science Leadership Academy, since we are a project based learning school, my assignment was to show the things that describe me on a slide, and to use the skills that I have learned from looking at billboards, and analyzing them by looking. All of the billboards had one thing in common, they all were simple and straight to the point, and they all followed the same color scheme for each of the boards.These are the things that describe me because I love them. I love family, because they love me unconditionally, I love NORDSTROM because it’s always there for me when I feeling blue. And I love Jesus because he has always stuck with me. This all shows that I have attempted making a slide. In conclusion I learned that it is VERY hard when you have to put everything that you learned on one slide.

Red Shoes

(The Call to Prayer sounds the city. It's 1982 during the Iran v. Iraq war. Setting: Abadan, Iran)

Am I alive Baba*? I’m too scared to open my eyes. Can you hold my hand? Why are your hands so cold? Were you trying to fix the refrigerator again? Baba, the Iraqi soldiers broke that down. You can’t fix something that was broken by army batons. They’re stronger than you and me put together. Okay, okay I’m getting up, I just have to run through my checklist. Okay, the windows aren’t shattered. Check. The door isn't broken down or have bullet holes. Check. My red school shoes? Wait, where are my school shoes, baba?! Baba they were right here! Right here! Oh. Haha. I see them. I don't really know what I would do without   those red shoes. I'm not materialistic or anything. It's just that, I feel safe in those red shoes. You know? Before mommy joon was captured by the soldiers and taken away, she bought me those shoes. She told me as long as the bright red leather was still shining, everything was going to be fine. Wait, you pitched in too?  You’re usually so frugal with your money. I’m kidding, baba! I love you. Is the breakfast ready? Oh yeah, I forgot. Um, it's fine we don't have to get anything. No, no! I'm not hungry, don't worry baba. I would have been late for school anyways. We both know how Principal Zahari gets when I’m late. Let’s just leave now. 

Can we take the shortcut today since I don’t have that much energy? No? Why not? Why don’t the Iraqis go back to their own country!? This is Iran! Not Iraq. I HATE THEM. Don’t try to cover my mouth baba! Baba take your hands off my mouth! Get off! (pause) So what if they hear me? They’ve already taken and killed a fourth of the kids in my class. They can take me too. I don’t even care if they kill me.  At least I would be with Mommy. Then what do you think they did to her?! Took her to a prison and let her starve. STOP DENYING IT BABA. THEY KILLED HER. THEY TOOK HER FROM US AND KILLED HER. THE SAME WAY THEY DID TO AGHA* HOSSEINI NEXT DOOR AND KHANOOM* PIROOZI 4 DOORS DOWN FROM US. *Sound of her father’s slap* Go baba. I said go! I don’t need you to walk to me to school. Just go home. 

(Leila screams from a few blocks away)


(Sound of a air raid/strike warning siren) This can’t be happening. Baba where are you! I’m sorry please walk me to school. Baba! I don’t know what to do baba! I can’t find a ditch to lay in. How do I, ugh, baba I don’t know! Baba please tell me you hear me. I can’t run any faster BABA!

(Air raid hits and air becomes dusty)

Baba there’s blood everywhere! What do I do? I can’t raise my head there’s something on me. Baba where are you? Baba help me! 

(Leila realizes the thing over her is her father)

Baba? No baba please! Please wake up! I didn’t mean anything I said. C’mon baba joon I need to get to school. Principal Zahari is going to get mad at me, wake up! *restless tone* Baba joon lotfan beedar sho*. Please baba joon wake up. 

(Leila looks down at her feet)

Baba my shoes aren’t shining anymore. *starts to cry* Baba what happened to it’s shine?

*Farsi Language Key: 

Baba- dad

Khanoom- Mrs.

Agha- Mister

Lotfan Beedar Sho- Please wake up

Joon- Honey; dear