Home Network, Matthews

My L.A.N. is what provides me and my house with internet. My I.S.P. is Verizon. Devices connected to my L.A.N. are electrons like my cell phone, my laptop, the school's cromebook, my Nook HD tablet, my Xbox, the Wii, my mom's cell phone, my brother's laptop, my friend's cell phone, and her brother's cell phone. What I've learned about networks are that your parents and service provider can see what you are or were on. So beware. 
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Home Network, Cuffey

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I have a lot of devices that are connected to my home network. I have 4 mobile phones, 5 house phones, 4 TV's, 1 PS3, 1 ipod, 1 tablet, 6 computers, and 1 roku box. I've learned new things about the internet and my own home network. I learned what my internet service provider was, the type of wire that gives me internet, and were the internet wire is located throughout my house. Your home network is what gives us the power to browse, research, and work on the internet. The best thing to do is learn more about it.

Home Network, Patton

My home network is Xfinity by Comcast and it is around $400 a year for our internet. The devices on my network are, my phone, my Mom's phone, the wii, my laptop, and the house laptop. 

I learned that there are all different cables that connect your internet to your house. Also I learned how things travel in packets to get to one place to another.

To be safe and to get network who have fibers in their cables because the internet connection will be better because the fibers make it faster.

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Sample Climate Change Monologue Blog Post

Create a SLATE post in our World History course.

Title the post: Climate Change Monologue Project (Spell it correctly!) 

Part I: Write a paragraph that summarizes our unit of study and your goals while writing your monologues. Make this paragraph polished and clear for readers that have done little thinking about climate change or humans' relationships with the environment.

Part II: The monologues! Make sure they are polished and revised. Make sure each monologue has a title and that stage directions are in parenthesis. Make sure the formatting of the whole post is neat.

Part III: The video(s). Post the video to Vimeo. After Vimeo has processed it get the embed code and paste it into the html/embed code section of your blog post. If you do this correctly your video will show up within the blog post itself. (It should not be a link.) Make it clear which monologue is in the video.

Home Network, Shaw

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All the devices connected to my home network are two iPads, four laptops, two TVs,  two Chromecast devices, and three phones. I learned what the different between the Firewall and the Antivirus, how a page is transmitted to me from across the world, and lastly was surprised how much the internet costs. 

Home Network, Chen

     The devices that are connected to my internet connection is my iPod touch, Samsung tablet, 7 laptop including mine, and 6 iPhone. I learned that you need a modern and router to access the internet. Without them, we wouldn't be in the internet right now. I also learned that you need a coaxial cable to sent the information through the modern and router. Using a coaxial cable give you higher frequency signal and stop other things from interfering with the external source. For the OMG moment i learned that you shouldn't post things to your friend because you don't know what they will do with it. They can upload it online without your permission and share it to others.They can embarrassed you without even knowing. I find it interesting that when you share something or post something online anyone can basically read it. To tell other people how to use a internet service provider/home network i would say that you need a internet service provider because that will be your company to get internet and you will also need a modern/router unless you got wireless. You will also need a coaxial cable to access the internet and stop thing from interfering with the cable. You can connect devices to the home network or WiFi by simply clicking to turn on the WiFi and joining your own network. After you access the WiFi you can now get on anything and search anything you want . 
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Home Network, Syeda

1. All of the devices on my L.A.N. are 4 computers, 3 phones, 1 Ipod, and a Nook. My ISP is Verizon, I have an Ethernet cable, and a modem/router combination. 

2. My OMG moment was when I found how fast the internet travels, even though it has many jobs to do before it reaches your device.

3. I would tell people to be careful when they choose their ISP because some providers can slow down your internet and charge extra fees. Also, reading the terms and conditions is helpful because you'll know what you're getting yourself into. 
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Vocab Sentences

Eli Block

World war 2 was assuaged as the war came to an end.

In Jerusalem many jews are pietous.

During one of my brother’s rants I become vapid.

In many stories there is a malevolent character.

The Mbuti are indigenous to Africa

My dog sojourns  when I tell him to.

My grandfather expounds his political points.

When I am mad I become erratic.

Sometimes I can be very contentious.

When my mom tells me to take out the trash I begrudgingly agree.

Fishing string is often times discernible.

I love to be auspicious.

I quell quickly after getting mad.

Bees are benign and many people are scared of them.

When someone cries many people tacit each other.

Food is  benevolence.

When my friend insulted the teacher I was caught gaping.

Promptness- The promptness of the trolley is very reasuring.

Morbid- Not many people ask morbid questions.

Pulpit- A preacher stands on a pulpit.

My Home Network, Whyte

Currently, there are 7 things that are connected to my L.A.N., 4 laptops and 3 smart phones. My Chromebook, my laptop, my mom's laptop, my grandma's laptop, my phone, my mom's phone and my grandma's phone. I learned that networks, prior to recent thoughts, are a lot MORE complex than I thought. I actually encourage people to try and learn more about their home network because it's really interesting to know where exactly your Internet comes from. I bet you it's not as easy as you thought! 
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Home Network, Wellner

My I.S.P is Comcast. It enters my house through my dining room on the first floor of my hose. It uses a Modem/Router connected by Ethernet. The desktop in the dining room is connected by Ethernet cables directly. The printer, cell phones, laptops, and other computers are connected through wireless. The home phone and game systems are connected through Wi-Fi, along with a Blu-Ray player that can access Netflix Streaming and Pandora. When I learned about this, I was surprised to learn that my printer needed Wi-fi to functio. 

Home Network ; Dennis

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My Home Network starts off with my ISP (internet service provider), which is Comcast.The internet comes in through my home from our Dining Hall from an Ethernet cable. This goes straight to my modem and router, which is separate. The two are then connected by another Ethernet cable and ultimately end by connecting to my desktop. The WiFi that is emitted then spreads through the house to connect all of the smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Smart TV's to the internet.
I did end up having an "OMG" moment when I realized that there were so many wires in my life. All those wires have a purpose for keeping the internet up and running in my house.
Advice for others. Libraries still exist. Of course the internet, in my opinion, will make all the libraries go out of business, so lets try NOT to make that happen. It is your choice. Knock yourself. But I guess if you want your parents to pay 765$ for internet every year, then go right ahead.

Home Network, Khan

​​My home network begins with my ISP, or the internet service provider, mine being Verizon. First it's connected to my modem/router combo by the Ethernet cable, which then connects to the desktop computer and home phone. I also have wifi connecting any laptops, cellphones, gaming devices and TV's in the house. 
I have learned quite quickly that the rather unorganized network of cables in my dinning room is actually a lot more complicated than it already looks. There's a huge bundle of inner connecting wires that pull everything together in the end. 
Everyone should really know that the ISP network is very complicated and very important. Without it, you wouldn't have internet at all, and frankly I doubt anyone could live without it. 
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Home Network~ Chuon

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My L.A.N is connected to my Modem/Router in my room. It is connected to my desktop, my brother's desktop, and my mother's desktop. At this moment my internet is down because the all-in-one router and modem wifi's was horrible so when i do something while someone is watching youtube it takes a while to load. When i learned about Network or the INTERNET.
I abused it. By secretly going on my Eldest brother's desktop to play games and got in trouble until i got my own desktop. It brok because it was over 20 years old. I now have a Vista that is now a Windows 7. In my opinion and everyone i that i know of that has knowledge about computers, "VISTA MEANS DEATH". We all find it true and hilarious. But never in my life i had a OMG moment in learning new things on the internet because i learned the internet at a very young age ( 4 years old). But i was never the spoiled brat type, i always used what i have to it's fullest. Sometimes i might want to be spoiled but then later on i don't want to be spoiled. 

The only Advice i'd give to people who are new to ISP/Home networking, is never pirate stuff without knowing what to do. Or do unnecessary without knowing what to do or without asking others for help that know a lot of techy stuff. 

Ajanae's Home Network

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My internet is provided by Comcast and it goes through my living room to a modem, connected by  covax wire. Connected to my modem is an ethernet cord which connects my house phone and my desk top. Then, there's my Wi-Fi ! Connected to my wi-fi is my game system, tablet, TV, printer, laptop, and my cell phone.

Home Network, Irwin-Diehl

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My LAN begins with the Internet, which is gathered by my ISP Comcast, who then feeds it into my living room using a Co-Axle cable, and phone line to connect my home phone, for about $89 a month.That Co-Ax cable then connects to my modem/router. The router gives internet access via an ethernet cord to my desktop. Everything else, including laptops, smart phones, Smart TVs, and DVD player, receive their internet access using the WiFi that my router emits throughout the house. From this experience, I learned that the router is very important in my home network, as well as Comcast itself. I also found out that my parents are paying 1,068 dollars a year, just to keep us connected to the rest of the World Wide Web! Internet Service Providers may be costly, but they allow you to keep up with everything going on around the globe, and will probably become essential in the near future as our lives become more and more dependent on technology and the Internet.

Home Network, Khan.

My home network begins with my ISP, or the internet service provider, mine being Verizon. First it's connected to my modem/router combo by the Ethernet cable, which then connects to the desktop computer and home phone. I also have wifi connecting any laptops, cellphones, gaming devices and TV's in the house. 
I have learned quite quickly that the rather unorganized network of cables in my dinning room is actually a lot more complicated than it already looks. There's a huge bundle of inner connecting wires that pull everything together in the end. 
Everyone should really know that the ISP network is very complicated and very important. Without it, you wouldn't have internet at all, and frankly I doubt anyone could live without it. 
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SLA Playwrights Shine!

​Many SLA students won awards in Philadelphia Young Playwrights' Annual Playwriting Festival! Their plays are awesome!

Myrna Yousuf won third place for her play Love in Bangladesh.
Hikma Salhe won third place for her play False Happiness.
Lindsey Jones won second place for her play Two Drops of Genesis.
Zack Hersh won second place Father, Mother, Son.
Mitchell Berven-Stotz won second place for his play Double Takes.
Mia Weathers-Fowler won first place for her play Mirrors and Windows.

Mia's play will be performed at Temple University between Oct 2-11 as part of the New Voices Workshop Productions. Woo hoo!

New Voices 2014 Postcard_Page_1 (565x800)
New Voices 2014 Postcard_Page_1 (565x800)

Kaamil Jones Home Network

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​ The Devices that are in my L.A.N include my moms phone, my iPad, my brothers Kindle, my laptop, my phone, my printer and my chromebook. One thing you should know is that your parents can see everything your doing in your home network. If your in someone else network they can see everything your doing while on their network 

Home Network, Feliciano

My L.A.N. has may devices connected to it. It has to many cellphones to count, about 6 gaming consoles, 4 tablets and e-Readers, 3 laptops and even the TV's's are connected. My home network is pretty basic. My internet connects to my I.S.P. (Verizon). The fiber optic cable goes into the family room which is on the second floor of my house and is where my Modem Router is located. The fiber optic cable connects to the Modem Router. From there the Modem Router does all the work. The only thing connected directly to the Modem Router in my house is my PS3 (Play Station 3). All the other devices in my house are connected wireless. I had an OMG moment when i realized how expensive the services from my I.S.P. was so expensive. Its $3,096 a year! Besides that nothing really shocked me. That's my Home Network.
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Home Network, Yang

All of the devices on my home network are: my iPod, my father's Macbook, my Macbook, my housemate's desktop computer, the wireless speakers, and my printer. 

This assignment taught me how incredibly complex and advanced the entire international Internet network is. It's amazing to me that in one second, something can travel (through the Internet) around the world. I don't understand it all completely, but I do know the basics and I've finally been exposed to the beginnings of the world of the Internet. 

Something that stuck out to me about what we learned was that our ISPs can control the quality and speed of our Internet. It bothers me that they would slow the Internet down for people who don't or are not able to pay as much. I don't think that this is fair.
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