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First off, what is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the principle that all internet service providers should treat data without legal bias. The term was developed by Columbia media law professor Tim Wu. Net neutrality is seen as an important component of an open internet. Policies which favor this outcome allow users of the internet to communicate and conduct business without barriers including interference from a third party. This is how our internet has been working for several years.

Well if this is how it is working, what is important about it? Recently, the concept of treating Internet content equally has been challenged. This erupted when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a proposal that would provide Internet “fast lanes” for larger companies that can afford to pay a higher fee. This means smaller companies cannot afford equal treatment in terms of speeds where the content reaches the consumer. Currently Congress and the FCC are still debating about it.

Why is this important for teens? Well if Net Neutrality is demolished that means certain content might restricted to some individuals. Teens will be limited to what they see and this can prevent them from seeing the whole picture. Information will even be limited for school and education purposes, limiting the students greatly in their studies. The internet should be a privilege and not a product for companies to sell off.


Los Seres Queridos En Mi Vida


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Fin: ¡Eso es todo! Gracias por tu atención.¡Adios!

Kaamil Jones Net Neutrality

I think net neutrality is important for teens to know because we are the future. I think the internet is becoming more and more futuristic. I think we are gonna be the ones affected by what happens with Net Neutrality. I also think we should know about this because its about equality and thats a big part of life and a huge topic.

Net neutrality is really important because if net neutrality wasn’t a thing we would all be treated unfairly. The ISPs would be able to scheme us teens and have us pay more for services. By them doing this it would make online communicating much harder. This a problem because us teen do most of our communicating online. Communicating online has just become a way of life.

Teens should know about net neutrality because if we didn’t our future would be completely controlled by companies. Our world would be controlled by companies because technology and the internet is what we all depend on. Teens especially like me should know about net neutrality because thats online is where I turn in and do almost all my work. So that means net neutrality affects my education.

Net Neutrality: Why is it important for teens to know about?

Net neutrality describes the state when everyone, who can access the internet, is open to the same material and content as other internet users. The term was first coined by Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu in 2003. This term is imperative for teens to be knowledgeable about because most teens are heavily-dependent on the internet. As the world advances, textbooks are being replaced with e-books and a myriad of innovative new ways of acquiring information is being developed. Moreover, the internet is a salient influence in the lives of most teens. They use it to complete homework and further explore subjects that they find interesting. Net neutrality allows them to have access to more information, so that they can form their own personal opinions and grow academically.

Moreover, if certain students and teens are limited to certain information, it could prevent them from becoming individualized character. For instance, if one never knows the different aspects and facets concerning a topic, they might find it harder to form opinions on that subject due to ignorance. Furthermore, this topic is also important to teens because it decreases the amount of information students can use for projects and assignments related to school. Some teens are not even aware of this term, when in fact it is something that affects them.The internet is a wonderful, complex tool and students need to be able to have access to all the possibilities is provides in order to be successful.

At last, teens should also care about net neutrality because it affects them in quite some ways. It prevents them from visiting some websites others may have access to. It limits the amount of information they can reach via internet for school purposes. There are surely more ways that net neutrality affects teen; however, some teens remain oblivious to the concept. It is important for teens to know about because they are the future of society and they need to be able to obtain the necessary resources needed to ameliorate the world they live in.
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Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because it gives us equal internet access for all users. Most users on the internet is in fact teenagers. All teenagers want all rights on the internet and net neutrality gives us these rights. Teenagers should be happy there is a net neutrality plan to give them access to things like social networking with peers and more. Net Neutrality helps us teens tremendously.

In the world today, teenagers use the internet all the time. I use the internet everyday myself for school work. So does everyone in my school and a lot of others. We all individually need access and rights on the internet to get work done and net neutrality contributes to giving us them fair rights and equality. It makes work easier. There is no discrimination involved in net neutrality. Everyone has the same rights at any time.

ISPs(internet service providers) are planning to give internet users unlimited content. This is just to make more profit for the organization. The more people using the internet, the more ISP make. So for them, it’s about satisfying the customers. If all teenagers can have unlimited content, they will always be on the internet. Even more than now. Again, which would make more money for the ISPs organization. The net neutrality contributes to this by making sure all the users have equal internet rights, so everyone will stay using the internet and internet service providers.

Net Neutrality & Teens

Yo Dawg- Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is basically the principle of an open internet, in which all data is treated equally, being sent and being received, concerning what you have access to and the speed it is accessed (actual internet connection issues based on location or other variables aside). The thing is, though, that having net neutrality in place means that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) cannot take in more revenue by charging users for access to certain sites or faster speeds whilst using them. Of course, this leaves them upset. Recently, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) have started to ease away from net neutrality, with certain policies being put in place and such, but it's not a complete change. Although, this doesn't mean it isn't possible to do so, and every teen should be aware of what would happen if there was.

Say, net neutrality wasn't in place anymore due to some FCC regulation and you're really bored today. So, you hop on the computer, search up on Netflix and...waiting. ¨That's strange,¨ you'd think, ¨This never happened before...¨ Suddenly, a window pops up on the screen trying to convince you to pay for Comcast's new ¨fast lane¨ internet service. ¨Well, my internet is pretty slow...¨ So, you go ahead and pay for the ¨fast lane,¨ hoping it'd help you out. ¨Hey,¨ you'd think, ¨This internet connection is exactly the same as it was before the FCC's new regulations!¨

Huh, it makes it seem as if ISPs are using their control over your internet in order to make a quick buck... If net neutrality is left behind, then that means companies limiting your connection and access to certain sites based on either how much you pay them or how much that particular site's owner pays them. They believe that since it takes too much money to have giant piles of information piling in from huge streaming sites like Netflix, we should pay for it, even considering that people are paying for internet in the first place! And I know y'all teenagers love your Netflix, so this is serious business. This is a matter of the freedom of the internet and how you experience it, so it's important for all teens who regularly use the internet to truly understand the idea of net neutrality and what's up with it.





Net Neutrality- Sok

It is essential for teens to know about net neutrality because we are using the internet all the time. It is needed for school, entertainment, convenience, communication, and eventually for our jobs. If we are constantly using it, we need to understand it and be aware of the rules that are involved. Once we understand it and know the rules that are involved with the internet, we are able to use it effectively without causing any harm. In addition to that, being aware of rules related to the internet allows us to take a stand for what we believe in when the government makes decisions about one of the fundamental rules of the internet called net neutrality.

Everyone who pays to receive internet can all agree that net neutrality must not be taken away. Net neutrality preserves our rights to an open internet where ISPs are not able to control the content that we stream in any way. The internet would no longer be a happy place without net neutrality if our accessibility of data is being influenced. Like in the image that I attached, some content will take forever to load and some will not even load at all if the ISPs decide to block it. I cannot imagine the fustration of being unable to access any website I want at the same speed as everyone else.

As Americans, we are ensured the freedom of speech. Banning net neutrality interferes with this law. For example, if I made a comment on a website and the ISP that I pay monthly for does not like this comment I have made, they have the power to block it to prevent me from saying further comments if net neutrality was not enforced. People would soon feel supressed to say what they want to say because ISPs are able to censor the information that we request and share. Therefore, if net neutrality is not advocated, our freedom of speech on the internet will be provoked also.


Media Fluency 2

Technology Slide
On this slide, I learned the different fonts for my lettering on this slide. One thing I did differently on this slide is making sure I have a good contrast in color between my lettering and background. I used quotes on my slide to make the message being sent easier to understand for my audience and viewers. I made some of these changes to this slide because of feedback from my classmates on my first slide. So, I wanted to make sure I focus on the things I could improve on and make it better on my second slide. 

Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality is the concept of having equal internet access for all users. As consumers of the internet, we all want it to be unfiltered, untampered exposure to the web, right? Well, the answer to that question for most is a yes. Especially as teens, the internet is probably the biggest things in our lives right now. With links to schoolwork, information, articles, social interaction, shopping and much more, the world wide web has taken over our lives the most. Because of our relationship with it, we must make sure that we’re very aware of what is going on. ISPs (internet service providers) are planning on making those unlimited waves of web into specific content that they want us to see. Why is this? Well, ISPs main goal is to make money, so the more internet you use, the more of your money they earn. With being able to control how much internet we actually intake, they’re wiping our wallets clean and cheating more people out of the access that they paid for. Of course we’re not that concerned with the initial issue now because it doesn’t affect us just yet...but that doesn’t mean it won’t. We teenagers must be aware of the issues that concern us and what we use daily. I feel that it is important for us to know so that we can be prepared for the situation head on and not be ignorant to this issue as is faces us.


Net Neutrality And Teens

Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because they need to be aware of what’s going on in the community. It teaches them why its important.  Without it people wouldn't be able to go on certain sites.  Certain websites you would have to pay cash for. That's ridiculous that people would have to do that. Teenagers should be aware of these type of things.

Net Neutrality gives us the freedom to do what we want without anyone holding us back. Net Neutrality is a rule that all data is treated equally. Without it the Internet would change greatly. Wifi wouldn't be the same, we all know how much teens love wifi its the reason why we go certain places.
You would have to pay more for the Internet which is sad because that is a lot of wasted money that could go towards something of more importance.
The last thing I will say about Net Neutrality is that if we didn't have it our phones and Internet would loud super slow, even slower then now. Imagine trying to watch Netflix on your Internet provider and it takes forever to load. That's what life would be like without Net Neutrality. 
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Media Fluency 2

Media Fluency (1)
For my second slide I took the advice from the people that judged my slide and changed the picture to make it more relateable with each other. I changed the font and the background and I put the words on the picture to make it blend in a little and give it this certain effect. I chose this picture because I thought it was more visually appealing than the last on I did. 

Net Neutrality

     Teens should know about net neutrality. It's a really big current event at the moment. It's a very controversial topic that isn't far off from things like poitics. Many people and companies are mad. Many don't care. Personally I'm against making certain websites only run well if you pay extra.

     Net neutrality is impacting a big part of our lives today, the internet. We all use the internet for pretty much anything and everything at this point. If these new internet laws take effect, then certain websites will run worse unless you pay more. That doesn't seem fair to me. Some establishments might want to provide internet access, but can't afford it, including schools. Schools that use internet can be great since even if a student is absent, they can see what they missed most of the time. If these new laws happen, internet-driven schools may become less effective.

     To sum it all up, net neutrality is something that everyone should know about. It can impact a large variety of people everywhere if these new laws take place. Teens especially should know about it, since they can make a huge difference. Teens are most relatable to this kind of issue, since we all basically live on the internet anyways. As of now, the laws aren't changing, but anything can go in the near future.

Net Neutrality


The internet was created to open new passageways, for a different perspective. Having this led everyone to different way of communication that is fast. Wherever we go we cannot avoid anything that has to do with technology, and for teenagers it’s kind of impossible for them to just imagine it doesn’t exist. If we didn’t have net neutrality in our world today we wouldn’t have experienced many things and everything would be slower around us. If it was to ever be gone we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves and for ISP’s (internet service providers) things would be slower for them.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the most updated or most expensive internet that is made available for us, then your internet is probably slow. By having a ISP that can provide you with the so called ¨faster internet¨ is not exactly true because, even if you buy a more popular, and expensive provider you won’t necessarily get a better offer you will just be getting the same thing you had before. Doing this is not benefiting you at all, you’re just helping the companies find another way to get more money out of people.

By doing this they charge you a whole lot more based on what you do on the internet. They monitor you by looking to see what you go on and by basing it off of that they charge more money onto your bill. The internet is place for you to have free will and not be charged on what you do, especially teenagers. This is a place where we go to express ourselves, to seek entertainment, and much more. We shouldn’t let the internet service providers take our freedom away.

Net Neutrality // Davis

Net Neutrality is the term, used to end, when the people controlling the internet control what you can see and not see. They block certain websites that they feel is inappropriate and/or displeasing. The people who control the internet also control the cost for it. They will “raise” the speed if you start to pay more for it. If you do not start paying more money for your internet then they think it is okay to slow down the rate you are receiving it.

Net Neutrality is very important for teens because we use the internet everyday of our lives. Therefore if companies start to charge more for “faster” speed, that will cause a problem because that will limit the amount of time us teens can actually use the internet. Additionally, teens like to see what they want to see. So if you take this opportunity from them, by blocking sites, it will only create chaos.

Barrack’s opinion on the issue is as stated “there should be no gatekeepers between you and your favorite online sites and services”. Obama stands for Net Neutrality, and he says that only the FCC should be making the decisions not the cable companies.



Charles's Slide #2

Slide for tech
​In my new slide I have made some slight changes to the word layout and the places of the controllers. I took out the shadow from one of the controllers because of the feedback I received from my peers. They felted like it didn't fit in with the style of the slide and I agree. I wanted to stay with a simplistic style for my slide. The contrast between the controllers and the background still remains. I went with a less is more approached with the words on the slide, I want the viewer to develop what message I'm trying to get across with this slide. Thanks for looking at my slide and I hope you have enjoyed it.


Net Neutrality and Teens.

Net neutrality
Net Neutrality is important for teens to understand and to stand behind as well. With Net Neutrality we are able to have a voice, we can say, see, and do whatever we want on the internet. We are allowed to do this with a magical thing called Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a rule that all data is treated equally. This means that a Netflix show can't come faster than a YouTube video.
Without Net Neutrality everything will change, your Internet service provider will be able to pick and choose the packets of data that comes faster and slower to your computer. This also effects your voice and it's impact on the internet. If you love to blog without Net Neutrality your blog would be render useless if you don't pay a large fee to get it out there. It would be impossible to have a voice. If you have a favorite website that not many people go on, it will take FOREVER for it to load.
My final point is that you will have to pay more for internet. Like in my third link, your favorite websites will be packaged into different categories and you will have to pay for all the packages you want. You will have to pay this on top of what your paying right now. This is a legitimate problem, and we need your help. Protect Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality and Teens

Net neutrality
Net Neutrality is important for teens to understand and to stand behind as well. With Net Neutrality we are able to have a voice, we can say, see, and do whatever we want on the internet. We are allowed to do this with a magical thing called Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a rule that all data is treated equally. This means that a Netflix show can't come faster than a YouTube video.
Without Net Neutrality everything will change, your Internet service provider will be able to pick and choose the packets of data that comes faster and slower to your computer. This also effects your voice and it's impact on the internet. If you love to blog without Net Neutrality your blog would be render useless if you don't pay a large fee to get it out there. It would be impossible to have a voice. If you have a favorite website that not many people go on, it will take FOREVER for it to load.
My final point is that you will have to pay more for internet. Like in my third link, your favorite websites will be packaged into different categories and you will have to pay for all the packages you want. You will have to pay this on top of what your paying right now. This is a legitimate problem, and we need your help. Protect Net Neutrality.

New slide/ Abuharthieh

I changed my whole slide. At first my slide was very un organized and had too much on it. After the good information I was given just because you have more doesn't mean it is better. I kept mine simple by adding a picture of me in grey, with my name written in lime green with a very big lettering going across the screen to attract viewers. I added that certain picture in the back because most people wouldn't do something like that so it also pushes the viewers attention to my slide.

Tech slide

Net neutrality - Friend

Untitled presentation

It is very important for teens to know about net neutrality because it is a huge deal. Making the wrong decision with net neutrality could possibly cause protest. Teens are the future of the world and they need to know about very controversial topics. If we don’t then it is more like we will start controversies. If we do know about it than it is less likely we will have controversies.

Net neutrality is the freedom to view all websites without paying an additional fee to few certain websites. It also makes the speed of the internet faster. Now if you're in the one percent than you probably won’t mind having to pay. But if you're the average joe then you should have a problem with this. If ISPs get rid of net neutrality and teens don’t know about it then they won’t be able to restore it when we become the leaders.

Now lets say every teen new about net neutrality. I guess about 63% of them would protest to keep net neutrality. Now say if the ISPs still get rid of net neutrality. When we become the adults we can just restore it. Why? Because we will know that it is a good thing to have because we had to go through it.

Net Neutrality (Kara Lazorko)

To start off,  net neutrality is something that everyone who uses the Internet needs. It is not fair to have certain websites blocked off. The Internet is like a jungle filled with wild things. In that case, those wild things (websites) need to be accessed by certain internet users. For most people, that is not fair.
Net neutrality is important for teens to know about, because it widens their knowledge of the Internet. There may be those people who wonder why they cannot access certain websites. It would be really useful to know about it. Net Neutrality was/ is a giant issue! You cannot ignore what goes on behind something like the Internet that everyone seems to be using.
In conclusion,  net neutrality is not s light topic. It would be useful to those everyday Internet users to know. Specifically, teens use the Internet a log now and these days! So it would be useful knowledge for them. Also, for the school district, the wifi blocks off certain websites from students trying to access them.
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Save Net Neutrality!

Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality
The internet is in danger! Not too long ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a proposal. This proposal essentially stated that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast and Verizon would be able to control the internet speeds that you receive. The companies' justification is that certain data is bigger than others. They SAY want to prioritize this larger data, things like videos and songs, over other smaller bits like blogs and text.
However, if you know anything about big corporations, nothing is done solely to make our experiences better. There's always a string attached, and it's usually ends with them making more money. So, what exactly is it that makes this seemingly practical idea into an evil marionette? Well, such a proposal being approved would mean that ISPs would be free to throttle your interent connection, causing certain sites to move slowly, and others to be blocked entirely. The exception would be the sites they own and provide content on, unless you were able to pay the hefty toll to access the other websites. Short answer is, you don't.
I don't know about you, but this terrifies me. Not only would your Internet become expensive, but if you couldn't even pay for the extras on the Internet, the worldwide web would become one big Comcast advertisement. Given the relative popularity of AdBlockers, nobody would want that. So why are you just sitting here on your computer? Help us fight this preposterous idea before it's too la-

Sorry, it seems your Internet timed out. Possible options:
Try again later.
Check your router.
Pay a small fee of $70/month for premium access to the Internet.

*Picture is mine*

Second Slide

Me Slide
So, I made essentially three major changes. First of all, I enlarged and reorganized the text. This allowed me to make it bigger and easier to read. The second edit was the font. I got feedback from a few students that the font wasn't very capturing, so I selected one with more excitement. The final and most important change would be the image. I replaced the picture because the previous one was entirely off topic, so now I have one that's more of a play on words, and is much more relevant. I think it turned out quite nicely! (^_^)

Net Neutrality // Dennis Technology

Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is not a lovely thing. It prevents people from doing reasonable things on the net. Most people think net neutrality is a way of ensuring that the net is not censored. Net neutrality is a way of allowing net providers to filter content that they think is illegal, or slow down things that they think is taking up much space.

Net Neutrality is something that teenagers shouldn't have to adapt towards for future references. It affects what they want to see on the internet and that's a very bad thing. The issue with Net Neutrality is that when we would use our different resources on the internet with limited access to multiple things, a bill would stil passed on to you and I, ever though the amount of information we received was not sufficient enough. This is very important with teenagers and their schoolwork. If they're not able to get certain information due to their ISP's personal decisions, the work that they are trying to complete would end up become a complete bust.

There are several things at play here. Specifically, lots of people appear to be under the impression that Net Neutrality is somehow controlling of the telephone services that all teenagers and adults have access to. Every phone call makes use of the same amount of "bandwidth". If a user wanted the ability to place more calls, they had to pay more money for phone lines. The rules being discussed by the FCC fundamentally amount to the same thing. One example of an essential that teenagers use all the time is Netflix. Netflix consumes HUGE amounts of bandwidth for its streaming services, which takes up a lot of bandwidthIF they are willing to pay for it. Net neutrality isn't something that us teens should be forced to follow with certain service providers. It is ultimately our decision of what we want to see on the internet


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Slide Change (Kara Lazorko)

Tech--Lazorko (2)
I only changed a small portion of my slide, because there was not much I needed to change. As you can probably see, I shifted the word ¨HOPE" a little closer to my face. Other than that, my background and the word are still the same. To start with, my slide already had a deep meaning to it. I felt like one word could have a bigger meaning, then more words with less meaning. So I just experimenting with my ideas.

Net Neutrality

This is what your internet will be without net neutrality:


Net neutrality is when all data on the internet is treated equally. This means that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) and the government treat everything on the internet the same by not discriminating or charging differently by user, content, site, etc. This is important for everyone to have the same access to knowledge. Some people see net neutrality as an important part of an open internet.  A “closed internet” is the opposite situation, when there is restricted access to different resources in the Internet.

I argue in favor of net neutrality. If we did not have net neutrality then we will have to pay more to have faster internet. This means that those who have fewer financial resources will not be able to access the internet if net neutrality does not exist. An open internet increases creativity and allows people to share their ideas with the world. In other words, “diffusion of innovation” will decrease with no net neutrality. Discrimination on the internet might increase inequality in the physical world.

I feel confused and disappointed that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) cannot stop digital discrimination and ensure network neutrality.  Therefore, those who have more money will receive more benefits and have access to resources that the overall public cannot. Equal data does not hurt anyone because everyone will have the same access for the internet. When equal internet service providers do not want net neutrality it will hurt others by having to pay more. We say this because if the all internet service providers that suddenly started to be equal they will lose money.


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