Slide about me

In technology we are learning about slides. Going into this topic I felt like I was not going to learn anything because I have been using a laptop and making slides for the past five years. I quickly learned that I had no idea how to make a good slide. The first website we looked at as a class, completely changed how I look at slide design. I originally thought that a slide needed to be captivating and have a lot going on as to draw the viewers attention. I now know that a slide needs to be simple and powerful, so that it gets the point across without being confusing.

I designed my slide this way because this is what I felt was most important about me. As we learned in class the point of the slide is to catch the viewer’s eye, and to get the point across. My favorite thing is sports, and I wanted the point of the slide to be that it is about me. Also I wrote “I am Jesse, I am awesome”. I meant that in the least full of my self way possible. For this reason I made sure to make the words a different and brighter color than the background as to draw attention. Also I made my name (Jesse) bigger than all other words because it is the most important. I made sure to not use a lot of pictures, and also not to bunch them close together so that they are not jumbled and confusing. I also chose to include separators between the pictures as to establish that they are different, and to draw the viewers eye to each picture individually. 

I learned a lot about slides, and I will use this knowledge to make my projects more captivating and interesting from now on. I think that this way is better, and I am glad that I learned it.

Me Slide

All About Me Slide!

In my computer science class at Science Leadership Academy, we are learning about slide design. The basic question you should ask yourself is “How do I make this slide memorable, while making it simple?” Throughout my learning experience and experiments with slide design, I found that less is more. For this project, we had to create one slide that was about us. I read some helpful advice on slide design, and tried to make my slide as appealing as possible.

For all the decisions I made on my slide, there was reasoning behind it. My entire goal for my slide was to keep it simple, yet effective. The reason I used a black background and white font for both “Zoe”s was because I wanted there to be contrast, but not make it overwhelming to the eye. I made both “Zoe”s with a font of 288 because I wanted the font to be huge and eye catching. I choose to have the font huge because I didn’t want to have too many words that were boring and useless. For both of the “Zoe”s I made them bleed off the slide just a little bit to make the eyes wander. It also makes the words look bigger than they are. I choose to have two “Zoe”s because everyone loves to see repetition! It draws the viewer’s eyes in and makes them remember it! I choose to put a statement in the bottom right corner. I choose this for two different reasons. Firstly, I do not want the viewer to be overwhelmed with too many words everywhere, so I left breathing room within the slide. Secondly, I put it in the bottom right corner so it would apply to the rule of thirds. You don’t want two items to be right next to each other because it makes the slide crowded and makes people uncomfortable. I choose the rainbow like color scheme for my statement because I wanted to make the statement pop and show contrast with the colors. I made some of the words bigger than others. I made “don’t,” “Black,” “and,” and “White,” a font of 80, and the rest of the words were a font of 55. I did this because I wanted those words to stand out, and for people to pay more attention to those words. For all of the words on my slide I used a sans serif font, because the eyes like words without little extra projection of the letter.

The goal of my slide was simple yet effective, and I hope I have accomplished this. By reading/listening to my explanation of my slide, I hope you, the viewer, have learned a little more about slide design. I hope you have taken something from my slide, and will apply it to your slides in the future! Thanks for reading/listening!

Reflection: Throughout this learning experience on slide design, I have learned a lot of new helpful tips and ideas. I learned that you don't want to crowd the slide, or else no one will know where to look and they will feel uncomfortable. You want to have simplicity, but make it noticeable and memorable. I also learned about all these tools that can make your slide ten times better! For example, when you have pictures, and you don't want the background in the slide, you can use alpha to take it out!

All About Me Slide

In technology class at Science Leadership Academy, I was given an assignment to make one slide that describes who I am. The class was given several slide presentation websites to read and use to educate ourselves on how best to present ourselves. We then had to write a script describing why we made the design choices we made. My slide is simple and colorful and reflects on what I’ve learned. Hope you enjoy!

I started by setting my background color as an aqua blue, which is my favorite color. I then picked a font recommended on the Zach Holman site that is bold, sans serif and easily readable. I set the color of the words as white to create striking contrast to the background blue. I aligned the smaller text box about my craziness slightly off center to the larger text box with my name. This created some contrast in font size and caps lock, and also draws ones eyes towards the corner. I colored each letter in the word crazy a different color to make a rainbow pattern, which repeats in the corner of the screen. Some empty space was left in the top right corner and the bottom left corner to balance the slide and leave breathing room for the viewer. The bottom right corner holds my main graphic, a rainbow that continues past the edges of the slide. The rainbow flows out to the sides and towards the corners. The color and the shape help represent my identity in which ever way the viewer perceives it.

 learned many new and worthwhile facts about slide design that will help me for the rest of my life. I hope you learned something too about slide design and about me. Thank you!

all about me slide
I did not change my slide. The contrast of colors was well balanced. The rainbow an appropriate image to reflect my personality. The flow of text to images  I think this is because of my interest in graphic and interior design. I also had previous design experience as the head editor of my middle schools art and literary magazine. I learned so much about design from being involved with that magazine and also increased my interest in graphic design.

All About Me

Our tech teacher is having us create a slide based off of a former project, our coat of arms, in which describes everything about ourselves. This project is a way to show the right way to design and present a powerpoint. Little details make a huge difference when it comes to power points. The following script will describe why every decision of the design of this power point was made. There will also be many vocabulary words included in order to portray reasons behind everything. You will then see another slide, similar to the first one but with some major changes. You will see the differences I made in my slide after being critiqued by my classmates. I will also reflect on this whole project process.

When beginning my powerpoint, I decided that the size and shape of my name would be very large and bold. The whole slide is about me, I figured that the important piece to introduce would be my name, which is why I made it stand out. Also, after learning that the human eye starts at the top right hand corner and works it way around clock wise, I decided the alignment of my images would follow that pattern. I decided to make the contrast of my photos very light so that they didn’t overpower the words, even though they would be larger. All of the pictures have the same contrast in order to show repetition. I left the slide background to be empty, since there are several images. I decided that the color and shape of all of the words would be bright and bold to give you a main idea of the picture so you won’t sen so much time staring at them, and also to make them stand out from the images. All of the words in my slide are sans serif, to make them catch people’s eyes. 

tech powerpoint

This project helped me learned so much. I hope the script helped you understand the powerpoint a little more, and also help you to understand why everything was done. 

tech powerpoint
After having the class critique my old slide, I learned a lot of new ways to make my slide so much better. Well I started out by changing my pictures around by using Alpha to blur out the backgrounds, making it look a lot better. I also got rid of all of the words because they were things that I could just say in the presentation. I enlarged my pictures and moved them around a little to make them more noticeable and take up more space since the words were taken out. I kept my name as the boldest thing on my slide because I still feel it's the most important thing. I also left the pictures blurred out so that my name stands out more. I think my slide has improved so much after hearing everyones comments.

About ME!!

In my 9th grade Tech class, my teacher introduced a project. This project is supposed to build on from our, "Coats of Arms" in our English class. With this project, we had to create a single slide that we feel represents us. We then had to create a script saying why we put the items that we did on the slide. Once we created and finished our slide, we will then later present to the class. We will then be graded by our teacher and classmates. This will help us when we create a new slide.



I used the black background because I knew that it would help my other words pop out. It made the contrast even better. I used the visuals (pictures) because I know that it would help send out the message. I picked the size of the pictures because I did not want it to be that big, but also not that small. The words I put on the screen are all words that describe something. The something is the family. I picked to me each word a different colore because the words have a certain mood. The mood was the color I picked. I did not put the words in close proximity because I wanted them to all be spaced out from each other so the reader could let them all set in. I aligned the pictures because they are all equal to one another. This is why I did what I did.

The slide above is what my project looked like for my 9th grade Tech class! I used all of this because I know that it would help get my point across. Not only that, but the reader would get the message without having to take time processing it. After everyone in the class presents and gets graded, we will then reflect about our process. Once we receive our edits, we will then create a new slide and write about what we learned.

Tech Slide
After I presented my slide to the class, they critiqued my work. I was told that I could move a few things around and change some of the colors. I also learned different ways that I could change my position of things. Additionally, i learned different techniques on how to work my laptop to my advantage. For example, I could use things like, "alpha." Alpha is where you can eliminate things , but still have the picture there. I decided to change the words around because it would help the pattern. I also changed the colors of my words to the colors of the things in my pictures. I did that because it would be easy to understand where the colors of words come from. This would make it look more professional. I also deleted a few words so there would not be to much on the slide. This is all due to the help of my peers in my Tech class. 

All About Me

Hi my name is Nashay Day and I attend Science Leadership Academy, since we are a project based learning school, my assignment was to show the things that describe me on a slide, and to use the skills that I have learned from looking at billboards, and analyzing them by looking. All of the billboards had one thing in common, they all were simple and straight to the point, and they all followed the same color scheme for each of the boards.These are the things that describe me because I love them. I love family, because they love me unconditionally, I love NORDSTROM because it’s always there for me when I feeling blue. And I love Jesus because he has always stuck with me. This all shows that I have attempted making a slide. In conclusion I learned that it is VERY hard when you have to put everything that you learned on one slide.

Red Shoes

(The Call to Prayer sounds the city. It's 1982 during the Iran v. Iraq war. Setting: Abadan, Iran)

Am I alive Baba*? I’m too scared to open my eyes. Can you hold my hand? Why are your hands so cold? Were you trying to fix the refrigerator again? Baba, the Iraqi soldiers broke that down. You can’t fix something that was broken by army batons. They’re stronger than you and me put together. Okay, okay I’m getting up, I just have to run through my checklist. Okay, the windows aren’t shattered. Check. The door isn't broken down or have bullet holes. Check. My red school shoes? Wait, where are my school shoes, baba?! Baba they were right here! Right here! Oh. Haha. I see them. I don't really know what I would do without   those red shoes. I'm not materialistic or anything. It's just that, I feel safe in those red shoes. You know? Before mommy joon was captured by the soldiers and taken away, she bought me those shoes. She told me as long as the bright red leather was still shining, everything was going to be fine. Wait, you pitched in too?  You’re usually so frugal with your money. I’m kidding, baba! I love you. Is the breakfast ready? Oh yeah, I forgot. Um, it's fine we don't have to get anything. No, no! I'm not hungry, don't worry baba. I would have been late for school anyways. We both know how Principal Zahari gets when I’m late. Let’s just leave now. 

Can we take the shortcut today since I don’t have that much energy? No? Why not? Why don’t the Iraqis go back to their own country!? This is Iran! Not Iraq. I HATE THEM. Don’t try to cover my mouth baba! Baba take your hands off my mouth! Get off! (pause) So what if they hear me? They’ve already taken and killed a fourth of the kids in my class. They can take me too. I don’t even care if they kill me.  At least I would be with Mommy. Then what do you think they did to her?! Took her to a prison and let her starve. STOP DENYING IT BABA. THEY KILLED HER. THEY TOOK HER FROM US AND KILLED HER. THE SAME WAY THEY DID TO AGHA* HOSSEINI NEXT DOOR AND KHANOOM* PIROOZI 4 DOORS DOWN FROM US. *Sound of her father’s slap* Go baba. I said go! I don’t need you to walk to me to school. Just go home. 

(Leila screams from a few blocks away)


(Sound of a air raid/strike warning siren) This can’t be happening. Baba where are you! I’m sorry please walk me to school. Baba! I don’t know what to do baba! I can’t find a ditch to lay in. How do I, ugh, baba I don’t know! Baba please tell me you hear me. I can’t run any faster BABA!

(Air raid hits and air becomes dusty)

Baba there’s blood everywhere! What do I do? I can’t raise my head there’s something on me. Baba where are you? Baba help me! 

(Leila realizes the thing over her is her father)

Baba? No baba please! Please wake up! I didn’t mean anything I said. C’mon baba joon I need to get to school. Principal Zahari is going to get mad at me, wake up! *restless tone* Baba joon lotfan beedar sho*. Please baba joon wake up. 

(Leila looks down at her feet)

Baba my shoes aren’t shining anymore. *starts to cry* Baba what happened to it’s shine?

*Farsi Language Key: 

Baba- dad

Khanoom- Mrs.

Agha- Mister

Lotfan Beedar Sho- Please wake up

Joon- Honey; dear


My Slide!

My name is Amirah Bolling. My favorite color is pink and has been that since day 1. My favorite animal is a Cheetah, so I love cheetah print. My bestfriends are Courtney, Tatyana and Nakwan. My play big sister is Alexis. I met these girls in middle school(besides tatyana). I really love these girls with all my heart. They have been there from day 1 and I dont think they are going anywhere soon.

My bestfriend thats a boy is Jaron. I know we have not nown eachother for that long but this is my Diary I tell him everything and he gives me advice. My celebrity crush is Jaden Smith. I have loved Jaden Smith forever just becuase My mom loved his father (Will Smith) I really love music. Some of my favorite artist are Big Sean, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Rita Ora, OMG Girlz and Jhene Aiko. These artist really stand out to me because its all different types of music. These are not all of the artist that I love though. I attend Science Leadership Academy. The best High-School in Philadelphia in my opinion. Most people that I hang out with in my grade are Pilar, Imani, Jada, Gabby and Brit Brat. I feel like I can trust these girls. They already know so much about me and I love them dearly already.

boop boop
boop boop

Media Fluency By Myrna Yousuf

 This slide represents the whole point of creating and sending a message at a glance. Creating something simple and with few words and more of a visual can give a better message than having tons of words in tiny fonts. The visuals are easier to process and easier to glance at and get the information or message being indicated. These are some things we learned in Tech class to make our slides look appealing and eye-catching to someone who might glance at our slides.

The reason I had my text big on my slide is because it should catch the persons eye so they know what my name is. The color of the text was white because it would pop out against the opaque background of the flag. According to Zach Holman having colors that contrast and big font type text will catch the attention of people.

. The reason I put these letters up is that they relate to the flag and who I am as a person. A person can glance at my slide and see the message about how I am apart of another country. By doing this I create the idea of “glance media” as the message is given in one glance. 

Using slides helps give a message across to people and spread ideas much quicker than reading something that is pages and pages long. By having letters of different size  it is easier imprinted into someones mind and easier to remember. Using these ideas and tips I can improve my own projects and presentations in school. My own slide shows how I used this concept to create a message about myself and who I am.


I changed my background so that it fades in behind my letters. This is so that my white letters will pop out with what is behind it. This will catch the eye of people. I then have Red Bengali letters so that it matches the color of the flag and goes with the theme. I then have the letters turned around, rotated,and in different sizes so it is more appealing and catchy. This way every letter will look unique. I used the alpha tool to help me put the letters in create a space for them and not look out of place.

Tech Presentation
New Slide Tech

My Slide.

My name is Joseff Filamor, for Tech class, we were assigned to create a slide based
off our Coat of Arms project in English. The basic theme of my project was skateboarding and I have been skating for approximately 2 and a half years now.
It’s the most positive and creative influence I have ever encountered in my life, and I will continue to stick with it as long as I live. My slide’s main focus is on me and skateboarding. It includes two pictures of me skating, my name and I also put a quote
of mine which is me describing why I skate, which was also included in my Coat of Arms.

#R.I.P. Berrics.

~12/7/07 - 12/7/12

My Slide !!

The reason I have no words on my slide is because I feel as though my pictures should let you know who i am. As you can see I have pictures of people slipping so that should say that I play too much. I love that Stevie J face, everybody use to talk about that face he always make and it’s really funny. The reason I put pictures of my friends on my slide is because they are the people I go to when I need advice or have a problem. My best friend is the picture of the boy sleeping. He is and will forever be my best friend no matter what anybody say because he has always been their for me and vice versa. Of course my nephew is going to be on this slide because he makes me happy and he’s always a good spirit to be around, i love him so much! I have Chris Brown on their because well, thats my husband. I feel as though he know what he did was wrong but she moved on and so should everybody else, he’s just an artistic person. He know how to draw, sing and dance. YESSS!!! All the other famous people are on their because I like their work and personalities that I have seen across the internet. I love Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose together. They are still together and didn't let anybody get in the way of their relationship. That’s good. Every picture on my slide of me, I’m smiling! I’m always smiling, well during good times. No body can really put me in a bad mood, unless they do something crazy that just really got on my nerves! But enjoy :)
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 8.03.43 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 8.03.43 PM

Media Fluency by Tenzin Chemi

Using slides is a good way to do presentation. Its easy and simple. But there are certain ways of making it attractive and understandable to others. You have to put some thoughts into it, to make it look great, to make people just glence at it and understand the idea. To do this you have to make things big and bold, add pictures and contrast colors. In my tech class, we have been learning about how to create slides that are appealing. We were looking on websites that gave us tips and pionters on what a good slide looks like. This was a great way to learn and have great ideas to make a slide. Then we started making our own slides. A good, understadable, interesting, slide that people will actually like to look at. 

Colors are the first thing people notice. So for my slide, I made the colors contrast and they also have repetition in it. These designs makes the readers be able to look at it quick and know whats there and understand it. Also, I wrote quick short words to explain a little of what the slide was about. My slide is a glance media, a reader will be able to undertand the idea within three seconds after looking at it. It’s unique and I made it catchy, by using big bold words and simple pictures. I used big and bold word on my disply because it helps grab attention and it also helps with guiding the viewer’s eyes. I made two of my words slanted as you can see in it, because the letters its self is a design, to make the slide different and memorable. A general principle I used for my slide is not adding to much text and having empty space. I used this principle because if theres a lot of text, the reader will instantly look away once they see it. My slide includes only one main point, so the theme is understood. 

In conclusion, using slides helps pass messages across. It shows a visual and helps remember things better. Big and bold texts with images, many empty space and color contrast ect. These tips that I learned and used in my slide are good ways to do a presentaion. Its important to have these things. I also enjoyed making this slide that I did and I learned a lot about making slides. Next time, I am able to use all these special tricks to help me with what i’m doing, like if i was making a poster for persuading people to buy cookies that I’m selling, I could use these information. This information will also come in handy with my own class presentation. I am very glad that I learned about all of this. My design on my slide shows some of the awesome things that I learned.


As you can see the difference from my first slide to the next one, I want to talk about what and why I made the changes I made. Though I didn’t get to go up to present my first slide and get constructive criticism about it. I still feel that I have a lot to change on my first slide. I learned more and more as each of my classmates went up to present. Each of them had lots of similar problems that I had also made on my slide. Since I didn’t get to go up, I started to give constructive criticism to myself, so that I could improve my slide to make it a great “glance media” slide. The first thing I changed was making the words bolded. Then, I really wanted to change the fact that my slide had lots of things on there. So I thought about it for a while trying to get an Idea. I looked through the google images. I saw a picture of a stick figure family. I looked at it and I knew it be perfect fitting into my slide. The contrast was there, the image wasn’t extra small that the pixels would be seen if made larger. The meaning I wanted was there, “family.” It was obvious. 

I changed where my bolded name was, so that people slide their eyes through the letters. Once they see one part of the name, the first one or the last, they’ll see the other part. I made my heart sign and name really big. Then I added my stick family picture on to the slide. I made it larger and larger. I did instant alpha on the background of the family picture so that I don’t over lap the black part on any of my other things. On the other slide, I had family, country, and friends. I decided to erase the country and friends part because I didn’t really want to focus on more than one thing on my slide. Also because when you have a lot of things together on one page, people can’t just look at it once and understand the idea. Sometimes people just don’t even look at it because its a lot of things on there. This was kind of how I had mine for the first slide. It wasn’t as interesting and glance media type as I thought it was. Now, I understand what I did wrong. My new slide is a lot more fascinating and there a lot of the things that are in it that is required to have a great slide. 

Me Slide
Me Slide 2

My Blog

The reason I made my blog the way I did was for several reasons. I named it Laugh Aloud because I love to laugh. Laughing is healthy for you and I do it all the time. I am a very silly person, only serious when I need to be. I decided to have pictures to describe my life instead of words because pictures are colorful and speak for themselves. I shall explain them though.I used the laughing ad crying emojis because those are my favorite emojis and I 5 times/10 I start crying when Im laughing. The two babies are me and my sister. I am the chubby light skin one. My older sister gets on my nerves and tests my patience all the time but I love her, my life wouldn’t be the same without her. The picture to the left of that is my friends and I when I was in 7th grade. We were at a graduation party in the photo booth. The bathroom picture was taken recently this summer, it is my younger sister and I. I used a picture of me laughing with Pilar because that was us laughing after something that happened the previous day. Things are still funny to me no matter how long ago it was, if it was funny, I’ll laugh just as hard as I did when I first heard it. The picture of those three Heat players are Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh. The Heat is my favorite basketball team. I added that picture not only because that team is apart of my life, but basketball can be funny too. President Obama is on here because I just love his smile. He has a smile that is contagious where you just have to smile too. The last two, are me just smiling. I’ve always been a smiley person and I shall continue to stay that way. Smiling to me is a sign of strength and I shall be strong until the end. The reason I used this layout is because its called scrapbook and I knew I wanted a lot of pictures to describe my lifestyle and concept. I really like the font style italic because it just because it looks fancy.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 7.29.14 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 7.29.14 PM

Media Fluency

In class we have been talking about creating a slide. Most people don’t know how to create a slide correctly. A lot of people try and put too much information in a slide, but you should actually only try to have one main idea per slide. Through using two websites, I learned how to make a better slide. One of the websites said that Ikea the furniture store did a great job with the way they did their posters for advertising. I really like the way that the posters look. That is where a lot of my inspiration for my one slide came from.

When I was making my slide all I could think about was how clean and nice the Ikea posters were. I liked how they had about 2 words, and then a picture of what they were trying to sell. I like how they didn’t try to make it crowded  it with a bunch of information that they wanted you to know. When I was making my slide I didn’t want to add too many colors. I think if I did it would be a little too crazy. I made it so there is only one point on the slide just like they said on the Presentation Zen website. There is a lot of empty space on my page, so it is not too busy. Another thing that I got from the Ikea website was that it looked more interesting to bleed your pictures. I bled my picture, to make it more interesting and to make it look better. I have seen many slides where they did not bleed and I don’t think that it looked as good as Ikea’s where they bled their pictures. On slide design for developers I used the idea where you only make the size of the letters huge. I wanted to do that because that would make it so that is what the people who are reading it see that faster. If I made the letters any smaller I think that people might not go straight to that. Another idea that I got from the websites is that if you take the words and slant them in the direction of the picture it looks very nice. I think it is because when you look at the words they are leading you down to the picture. One more thing that I did with my slide was that I tried to make contrast. I made the words bright green because they make a  great contrast to the rest of slide which is all black.

I think that creating a slide was really fun because I never knew how to make a slide that actually looked good. And I also didn’t know that there was so much to learn about creating a slide. The websites that we used had a lot of useful information on them. With mine, I applied a lot of the information that I learned. Overall, this information helped me create a really cool slide.

Tech Slide Revised:

I didn’t change much on my slide. The only thing that I really changed was that I changed the picture. I thought that this picture stuck out more. The words are leading down to my picture. The picture still bleeds off. It is very similar to the first one. I think that the words stick out well so you see them first, they lead you down to the other picture. My slide is very plain because I wanted I didn’t want it to be too distracting, and I wanted people to know where their eyes are going. The way that the words go, you can see which way your eyes are supposed to go. I am very proud of my slide, considering I never got to present, and get constructive criticism. I have learned so much about this, I now have a really good understanding on how to make a slide, and I will keep these ideas forever, since I have to make slides for the rest of my life.

tech 1slide
tech meslide

Tech Slide by Ilker Erkut

Ilker Erkut

I had a project given to me from Ms. Hull about how to make a 1 paged power point with out having to add tons of information and how to get the point across.  She said that if someone was driving by a billboard of your 1 page and saw lots of writing, they would not be able to read it.  But with this way, people can take a glance at it, know about it, like it and might want to check it out.  When making 1 slide with various amounts of information to put in, everything that you do is important.  The amount of empty space, the amount of words.  Everything matters.

This slide represents my love for soccer and everything else I like or am good at.

The reason I made my slide the way it is, is because I had a lot of information on my Me Magazine.  I could not fit everything in the 1 slide so I decided to get the key words and make a wordle.  It has all the important info and looks really swell.  Also I added the timeline that I had in my project because that shows how I grew up.

What influenced me to do it this way was that I thought what better way to preserve space and get your point across with out using a wordle.  It has all the importance of my Me Magazine.

tech project me magazine

Olivia Mack Media Fluency

On my slide I put things that I like. I put my name right on the top because the slide is about. I wanted to make a collage at first, but I didn't want it to be too much so I only put some pictures. I tried my best line up the pictures. I didn't want it to look sloppy. When someone put there eye's on it I wanted them to look at my name first, then they look at the pictures from left to right. My background was colorful so I made the color of the letter in my name white because of the contrast. You don't want too much color. Also, the letter's are really because I wanted to fill most of the slide. 

My decision making for the design was influenced by Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging website and the theme for your blog looks similar to mine. On the top there would say things and on the bottom on the page there would be pictures of things you like or just basically anything. That part of the design really influenced me because I think that Tumblr is one of my favorite social networking websites. To incorporate that into my slide as a design really shows that. 


I kept mine the same because I didn't go up. I think that according to the feedback that other people got that mine is fine the way that it is. I made the pictures straight as I possibly could. Also, I think that the contrast within the slide was pretty good. 
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 4.49.46 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 4.49.46 PM
Tech Slide

Shaion Denny Media Fluency

In my slideshow I have various pictures of things I enjoy. I think mines is very easy to understand. I like to play baseball, basketball, and I want to graduate high school and go to college to make more money. My favorite scientist to ever live is Einstein for various reasons. I put these things in my slideshow because I feel that people don’t know enough about what I like and want to do in life.


Dymek Malwina, MEDIA FLUENCY

       In my slide I put different things that describe me. They describe me very well, which means you can get a lot of information from them. 

        The first thing in my slide is a picture of me during volleyball game. I really like volleyball, it is my favorite sport so that is why I put that inside my slide. Volleyball was actually my dream when I was a little. I always wanted to be the best player at my teams. I enjoy playing volleyball everyday even if I am tired or I have a headache. The second thing I put was acoustic guitar and some notes because when I think of the guitar I can hear my favorite music in my head. I started to play on the guitar a few months ago and I am so happy that I continued to play it because when I was a little I stopped playing for no reason. There is also a word which is “MUSIC”.  It basically means that I love to listen to music and I always have my music turned on on my phone. I also have a translator which actually means a lot to me. I have no idea what I would do without it. It really helped me when I came to the US two years ago. On the background I have a Polish flag. When I look at it, it reminds me of Poland, family and my friends. It makes me feel sad sometimes because I go back to times with my friends and family and I really miss them, and I do not have that much of the contact with them besides my grandparents. 

       All those things mean a lot to mean. I do not know what I would do without them. They make my day happy and I feel confident about them. I think they are the best things in my life.

Slide #2 reflection:

I made some changes in my new slide from my classmates’ constructive criticism. The first thing I changed was my picture. The old picture was foggy and you could not see my face. I found a new picture where you can see my face so I decided to use it. The second thing I changed was the dictionary. On the old slide the dictionary was small and you did not pay attention to it. I made it larger so that everyone can see it. I did not change my background. I wanted to stay it that way because it is a Polish flag. 

My Media Fluency Slide Project

This slide represents my love of music.  I put my name on it because I’m the subject of the slide.  Each letter in my name is from an album cover of one of my favorite bands or artists.  The C is from Panic by Caravan Palace, the L is from Born To Die by Lana Del Rey, the I is from Fortress ‘round My Heart by Ida Maria, and the O is from My Head Is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men.  There is a picture of my bass, a blue Ibanez SR300, and a picture of my Ibanez acoustic electric guitar, and a picture of a microphone.  There is also a picture of me playing bass in a School of Rock show. 
My decision making was influenced by how much I love listening to music and how much I love playing it.  The instrument I play most is bass guitar, and I also sing, and play keyboards and guitar.  I wanted the slide to show that I love playing music, and I love listening to my favorite bands, and I think this slide does that. 

My last slide had the same instruments as this one does but it also had an additional picture of me, which was unnecessary and just made the slide more messy.  Also, my letters were images that got very pixelated when they were blown up, which looked unprofessional.  To solve that problem, at first I tried to find bigger versions of them which I couldn't find.  Then I came across a site that had nice lettering, available in really big sizes, so I went with that.  My name runs from left to right down the screen, which also takes your eye past a picture of my bass and a picture of my guitar.  The "I" in my name is a picture of a microphone, because I also sing.  I made the background mint green/blue, because that's my favorite color right now.  

Some suggestions I have for other people making slides are to look at websites on the topic and learn about it, and to also make sure not to crowd your slide.  
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New Keynote Slide

Felix d'Hermillon Slide

Felix d’Hermillon

This slide represents me by stating exactly what I like.It is telling you exactly what I am interested in.

I love skateboarding (my favorite thing in the world) so I had to put that up there. I want a penny board really bad. I am getting a gopro camera and they are one of my favorite things. I love surfing. I love photography, skim boarding, biking and music. I made the slide look the way it does so that people would be able to understand it and like the way it looks. What influenced my decision making was the blog that Mrs. Hull read.

In conclusion, this is everything that I like and the reason and decisions that I made.

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My Media Fluency Project Slide

I made my slide look the way it does so that it would represent what I like to do. I also made it look like the way it does so that people would look at it and be able to figure out what it means in a matter of seconds. I combined a lot of things that I think about when I think of myself and searched on the internet for pictures to represent them. The things that influenced my decision making was how interesting my slide was and the way that people think when they look at something. I used a picture from the movie the Matrix because it is something that is popular and a lot of people would look at it if they saw it on the road. From there they would see the rest of the slide and be able to figure out the message that I am trying to send about my life.

Technology Slide (pdf) Project copy