The Push to be Perfect- Descriptive Essay

Looking back on it now, it couldn’t have been more of a mistake. Why did I say yes? Why did I volunteer my time? Why did I commit? Yes, I love it.. but was it worth it? Three days out of the week was such an easy commitment, but I should have known that having my dad as my coach wasn’t going to be. My mom told me don’t go, I was wasting my time. But I didn’t want to be a dancer, I wanted to embrace the tomboy inside of me and break out of that girly shell that I hid under for so long. I didn’t fit in. The dancing world was not the world for me, I was a little fat girl who looked ridiculous in a tutu. So I figured why not become an athlete, as long as I practiced; the talent would come naturally. Softball cannot be that hard. Atleast thats what I told myself. The first practice was a breeze, but that was only icing on the cake for what was about to come. I didn’t expect to be pushing myself so hard, but I figured thats what athletes do, they go until they can’t go anymore.

The night of the twelfth game, was the last game before we found out who was making it into the championships. My heart pounded as the last few innings were played and I couldn’t even fathom the idea of us even making it into the championships, but by the looks of how this game was ending, we were headed that way. We were three runs from ending this game and finding out the open positions for the championship brackets. Before I knew it, my friend Breanna hit a homerun with the a runner on second and third. That was it! She scored the last three runs! I couldn't wait to line up and shake hands so that the faster that was over, the faster we would find out.. It was so nerve racking. “Girls, go sit by the first baseline really quick before you go. It will just be a minute I promise” yelled my dad from the plate as he continued to talk to the umpire. As we sat in our circle, the emotions were high. We knew that there was a really high chance that we were the ones involved in the championships but there was no way to be sure. Moments later, my dad makes his way over to our huddle with a piece of paper in his hand. He hands the paper to one of the girls and walks away.

There we were.. all in anticipation to open the piece of folded paper and find out what was on the other side. Were we to open it? or let it sit as it was? Our fate was written in front of us.. Breanna uttered the words.. “WE MADE IT!” Our hearts dropped. We made it into the championship.. we were one step closer to being champions! Two games and it was it.. The girls were in a different mindset, one that proved how truly dedicated they were to more than just a sport.. but a passion.

The day of the final game came upon us and it was time to realize what we had to do. We had to win at all costs.

With one single crack of the bat, I was off! The ball made it right over the head of the first basemen and the right fielder completely misjudged it, she gave me 15 extra feet! The crowd was roaring! Screaming my name and cheering me on. “I can do this!” I thought to myself. “I can make it to at least third” Running as hard and fast, I can feel my knees getting weak and I feel like i'm stomping on the Earth. I realized it was going to happen, I was going get to at least third with that hit but I wanted to run home. My dad, the coach was on the third base line waiting for me, waving his arms for me to keep going all the while screaming for me to be careful running the bases. He didn’t want me to slack off on the base running and get caught in the path of a fielder. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Somehow, the left fielder got a hold of the ball and was throwing it into third. “No! This can't be happening” I thought to myself as I realized that I was nowhere close to third and I was going to have to slide in to make it. I’ve only slid in a game once before and that was the previous season, so I am really not prepared. I’ve missed every sliding practice due to family matters and I don’t even know the proper technique, but I have to do it; I have to slide. “It can't be that hard, just kick your leg out and fall down. I guess it was that easy huh?

Then it happened, I slid! I did it! or at least I thought I did. When I was coming down, my leg got caught under the third baseman's and her cleat crushed my kneecap. I heard it shatter, the bone was sticking out. I already knew I was going to be called out, but I can't even get up to shake it off, we were going to lose because of me. Where is everyone? Why aren't they helping me? I'm starting to get nausea and dizzy, I think I'm going to faint. Its the championship game, I'm bleeding and I can't even stand up. Someone carry me off the field. All I can remember is screaming for my dad. But where was he? Why isn't he helping me? Next thing I know, everything went black and I woke up on the bench.

Boys Soccer Keeps Winning!

The Science Leadership Academy's Boys Soccer team brought home another victory against Douglas High School with a final score of 7 to 0. This was made possible because of the dedication and strength each player devoted to the game. It's important to acknowledge Tomy Fleurine, Daniel Wirt, Jeffrey Schwartz, Owen Grzywinski, Ilker Erkut for all scoring goals during this match. Jhonas Dunakin continues to shine as goalie by making unbelievable saves and leading his team to success. Keep up the good work!

Story by Cyndi Lynn Sheridan

Pres Debate 1

I really do want to say that Romney won, but I honestly can’t give credit to someone who keeps indirectly answering questions. Romney was giving some pretty strong statistics about Obama and sticking to them, but after Obama explained and answered his questions, he fired back with some questions of his own and Mitt was really general with his answers or he just didn’t name some of the things he should have. It’s not hard to throw mud and point fingers, especially when a large percentage of the population thinks that everything is in your control, but it takes some pretty valid and hard evidence that what someone plans to do won’t work. It takes some pretty deep analysis of past experiences and proof. I would give the W to Obama simply because he had an approach that varied and he pointed out why Romney wouldn’t succeed. Romney actually revolved most of his responses around the fact that Obama didn’t keep his word about halfing the debt we are in, but Obama did make it clear that we are in enough trouble that would make it hard for one term to fix things and would probably need two terms. Not to mention, Romney wasn’t really following the rules and was speaking when he should not have.

Descriptive Essay- Learning Lessons

              Final Descriptive Essay

It was 3 years ago. The middle of summer in July. My family had took a trip to Virginia where we will spend our first day at Kings Dominion. After about 3 hours inside the park, we decided that it was time to check into the hotel where we will be staying at for the 4 remaining days. On the second day we decided to head down to the indoor pool after breakfast, after waiting at least an hour. Surprisingly no one was there. The long rectangle said four feet at both ends of the pool and then in the middle was the number 5, indicating that the pool was five feet deep in that particular section. The only people in the water were me, my sister, and both of my cousins. Everyone else was sitting in chairs at one end of the pool, talking. My sister gets out of the water because she begins to have problems with her ears, due to the water. When my mom is done treating her ear problem, my sister approaches the water, but doesn’t get in. She begins to run around the edge. “Girl! you better stop running before you fall in.’ My mother shouts. “I won’t.” My sister replies. While my sister was disregarding her warning, she slips and plummets into the water. She began splashing around and instantly panics. She resembled a fish out of water except she was in the water. My mom then gets up slowly, walks over to where she was “drowning,” lifts her out of the water and brings her to the chair that she was sitting in. Everyone begins laughing. My sister never realized that she was never drowning. Water had splash in her face when she fell in, which made her think that she was drowning. She was about 4’8 at the time and she was standing up in the part that was only four feet. She didn’t know that she wasn’t drowning. The water splashed in her face. The part that made it funny was at one point she actually squatted under the water, got up, and walked around with her arms in the air. I would have helped her but I thought she was faking.

School had just let out. Me and my sister were getting off the bus on a sunny afternoon about a week into spring. Our red summer uniform shirts shimmered on and off as we pass the shady areas that the trees long arms were providing. As we began to get closer to our house with my key in my hand I suddenly stop. My hand acting as a hand brake as I put in the middle of my sister’s chest. “Don’t move.” I whisper. A beast appears with a stick in its mouth, piercing yellow eyes and a black coat on. The stick drops from its mouth and at that very moment my sister takes off running down the street. The beast runs past me and heads after my sister. Down the street my sister runs, arms looking like noodles as she flails them in the air waving them back and forth while her back juggles her pink book bag and everything inside. I didn’t know what to do, I  just stood there frozen as if spring rewinded back to winter. The animal then turns off and runs away, as if someone had called it. My sister then turns the corner still running, eyes ahead and arms still in the air, not knowing that the animal had forgotten about her. I run after her screaming her name. “Simone!” When I finally catch up to her and calm her down, I am greeted with screams and punches. “Where did you go?” she yells. “I told you not to move.” I responded. “Do you really think I’m going to stand there with that dog in front of us?” She replies. I nod in agreement. “Well come on, we still need to get into the house.” I said hoping my sister’s bravery would grow. As were walking back up the street my sister picks up a stick. “This is for that dog. If we see it again, I’ll throw it and say fetch, ok.” She says with a stern look on her face. Luckily the angry beast never showed its face to me or my sister again.

Listening always pays off in some way, shape, or form. You should always listen, especially to our parents, for the smallest of things because eventually listening pays off. Listening can help prevent you from being chased by a dog, or  “drowning” in a pool.

Descriptive essay

Through life i've had to try new things and confronting things on my own. I've always had to deal with big issues on my own.

It all started when I was really young my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer one of the toughest times in my life it all started when my dad walked into my room on a bright sunny morning, I was just getting ready for school when all of a sudden he comes in his face had a glum lookI knew from the start that something was wrong and it was serious. The next thing that happend changed alot of things in my life “ remember when your mom said she was feeling a little bump on her breast, well that little bump is a thing you call cancer and its not a good thing but mommy will get all better don't worry. How am I not supposed to worry my mom has a serious disease that could potentially kill her. I knew that I had to be positive and support my mom through this tough stage in her life

through the weeks I had to make sure not to show the emotions I was feeling in front of my mom because I didn't want her to worry. She was already going through enough so I made sure to do as much as possible to help around the house. I would clean the bucket whenever she  would throw up.

That help me become a better person and be more independent. When I walked home alone in the 5th grade it made me feel independent and I never knew I was able to do such a thing on my own. It happened on a sunny day in the spring it was still a little brisk outside but just a sweeter would keep me warm. School was just let out and I was waiting for my mom she wasn't outside waiting for me so I thought to myself she must be stuck in traffic than a half an hour passed and she still wasn't there so I called her. She said why are you not at home shouldn't you be on the school bus by now. I said you were supposed to pick me up today because I have practice, I forgot estefan ill be there in a lil go to rosita's house but instead of hearing that I thought she said walk to our house. So I started walking but it was getting a lil late and I kept thinking to myself did she really tell me to walk home. when I  got home I was surprised I walked in at around 6:30 pm everything seemed to be fine except my mom was not home. all of a sudden i hear knocking on the front door the people that were knocking seemed to mean business and were serious. when I opened the door I was shocked the police said “ we are looking for estefan is he here?” they told me that my mom called saying that I was missing. when my mom got home I felt scared I knew from the stern look on her face. “why were you stupid enough to walk home I thought you were kidnapped and i told you that you I was going to pick you up.” I regretted walking home I scared my mom and she thought she lost her only child. i learned a lot of things from that day. Some ill take and some ill leave behind.

Those incidents in my life have made me a stronger person and Ive learned alot from them. without those things happening in my life i wouldn't be there person I am right now. When my mom had breast cancer I learned to be independent and do things on my own because of that I had the courage to walk home 40 blocks which wasn't the best idea but a good way to show that I did become independent.

Descriptive Essay: Loving Life

Many people in this world have a problem, they don’t take heed in their lives or their youth while they have it. They waste their young years and then complain when their gone. Me, I like to take full advantage of the life I have while I have it. How do you do that? By doing anything you are capable of doing that you enjoy. One thing I love to do is play basketball. Basketball has been one of the things I can always rely on when I need something to do, whether its workout, have fun, let off some anger, or spend time with my friends. My most memorable basketball moment was the one day in a neighborhood league I was playing in a game there was 15 seconds on the clock. Down by one and we had possession, timeout was called. My excitement was through the roof I felt like my heart was going to jump out my chest. Before I knew timeout was over, time to get back in the game. The crowd was screaming but I could barely hear them through all the telepathic tension between our two teams. Everyone got into position and the ball was checked in. The second the ball was in play the entire crowd of screaming friends and loved ones went silent. Every second seemed an eternity as the clock winded down. It was like staring at a clock eagerly waiting for that clock hand to make its way around. The time was ticking as we passed the ball around, patiently waiting for an opening. Suddenly, a man was open for a jumpshot. With five seconds to go as soon as he got the ball I rushed to get the possible rebound. The shot went up but it was short. Without thinking I rushed to the ball, caught it, and put it up. As soon as I released the ball the buzzer went off. I looked up to see the ball spinning around the rim. Tensioned built in everyone as the ball rolled around the rim like a top struggling to stay up right. Suddenly, the ball balanced on the side end of the rim. I closed my eyes and said please don’t fall out. Then I heard everyone in the gym yell. Open my eyes to see my whole team running at me. I was overwhelmed with joy, I had made my first buzzer beater for a win.

That was one of the greatest moments of my life so far. Another way to enjoy life is not only doing things you love but things you like to do. One of my favorite pass times is going to the beach and playing in big breakers. This as a matter of fact I was on vacation and a storm had just hit. So I figured, big storm equals big waves. So I decided to go see how what the waves looked. I took my bike and started the mile ride to the beach. The air had a humid density to it and the sky looked like an old time cartoon. I rode at a relaxed pace. A strom has the potential to kick big waves into gear, but I wasn’t sure. Minutes later I pulled up at the beach. The sand was still drenched from the recent rain fall. I walked up to the beach and gasped at the sight of huge breakers. The entire shore was covered in white. It was if the ocean was pocessed. I darted toward my bike to tell my family of what I saw. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I raced back to the house. When I got back to the house you’d would’ve thought the military had burst through the door. “ I’m going to the beach, the waves down there are huge” I said. No one really cared at the moment because it was only 10:30 and nobody was really much of a morning person, so I put my swim trunks on and left myself. As soon as my feet hit the sand I made a straight B line for the water. When hit the water I was met by a wave that immedietly knocked me to knees. It was then that I realized it was gonna be a good day. After about an hour of being thown around like a rag doll at the mercy of a tottler my brother and cousins showed up. I would’ve been just as happy by myself, but it was good to have company and them be attackesd by mother nature. We stayed for several hours and then went home. Exhausted, I layed right on the couch and took a nap.

Those are two examples on how I like to enjoy life. I’m not saying people should do what I do, but don’t be afraid to do what’s fun to you or what interest you.

Project Reflection

Our first project in history this year was an in depth look at immigration into America. I didn’t find this project too difficult or too easy. It was a perfect combination of both. I think that the groups were good picks. I also liked how this project took something that we already knew, but showed it in depth and showed us each something different.

I was shocked and not surprised during this project. The data we have gathered is that even though over time America has had their ups and downs with the rate of immigrants coming into America. I knew that before, but I never knew why. I have learned that their were different acts that allowed some types of people to come in and not to come in. 

I feel like the amount of U.S immigrants will decrease over time. The word has spread that America is the land of the free and of opportunity. The U.S.A isn’t that much different than some other countries, so people will start immigrating everywhere else. Eventually all the countries will have almost the same views, maybe not in his century but someday. When that day comes immigration will definitely slow down because people will have the same options as America, but closer to their home.

We thought we should have it interesting so people wouldn’t be bored, but also show that we know our facts. Korah came up with the presentation and its was super cool. We wanted to have some visuals but still have words so we could stay on track. We followed the 10 word rule and overall I think our presentation was a success.

Group work was challenging because we didn’t know what the other people were doing and when it was done. It was also challenging that we didn’t really understand things the same as our group members. I know I was confused on the push and pull aspect of the project but after my group members explained I understood it better. Another challenging thing is trying to get done on time. I know mine was a little late and I didn’t find this project easy or too challenging.

I would get all of my work done early so we could have time to check it, add, or practice the presentation. Other than that I honestly wouldn’t change anything. I think our presentation was great and our facts were good.

I liked this project and I am excited to see what else we do this unit. I know it was a little difficult because we didn’t have you in the room with us while we were working on it, but I feel like we essentially did good.

Project Reflection

  The first project we were given In American History was one which we looked at immigration to the U.S causes over many decades.We broke off into groups of 3 and studied the decades 1830 to 2000. I was assigned the years 1890-1940 and already had a pretty basic idea as to why people would move to America during this time.I knew that the Holocaust would be a big factor but one thing that shocked me was the Russians who were escaping religious persecution in the Soviet Union. This event really surprised me because the targeted group was Christians. Prior to this project I thought that Christianity was the top religion therefore people couldn’t be persecuted if they were Christian. At this time period Atheism was the doctrine of the Soviet Union. This really changed my view on how people approach religion.  

The last two decades (1990-2000) the highest number of immigrants moved to America. Based on that trend I can predict that factors going on in current world news would cause many people to immigrate to America. For instance, I am aware of the problems in the middle east, so maybe those factors will contribute to an increase of immigration.

 Working on this project showed how we have grown since 9th grade. I was expecting certain people to procrastinate or not give their all. I was surprisingly shocked at how easy it was to get in contact with my group members and how we all cooperated with each other.I think we all stepped our game up knowing that the 11 grade year would be particularly hard.
 Once we gathered enough research it was hard to figure out how to present our work without repeating too much of what other groups would say or putting our audience to sleep. We had a lot of information and very little time and space to match. We didn’t want to put a chart up and read off it because no one wants to look at charts after doing a whole project on spreadsheets  and probably organizing their own work in charts. The idea of using a prezi was brought up by me because I remember watching a prezi presentation over the summer. As an audience member I liked how everything was animated and it almost felt more like a very interesting TED talk, rather than a high school keynote presentation. Looking back, I feel like we choose wisely because we were the only ones in the class who did a prezi which makes us stand out. We really just wanted to be remembered because everyone was going to present that same information and when people reflected on this project we wanted to be one of the groups they would bring up.

 I do regret not remembering all the information we were suppose to relay verbally to to the class. Once we began to present it was as though we all forgot the valuable details we meant to say. However, I feel as though our basic ideas were grasped by the class because it was all around the same research that everyone else did. So, if I could do anything differently it would have been to give more details during the presentation as if we were presenting to an audience who didn’t do this project.  

 Once we were first introduced to the immigration project it was hard to picture what our final work would look like and how we would even go about this long journey of research we had ahead of us. Now that we were able to successfully tackle not understanding a project to actually finishing it, the bar for all our other work is set higher. I feel like once I have completed something I didn’t think I could, any other thing should become easier to handle.  

With that said I am excited about any other challenging work we will have in the future and how I am able to confidently start something when I have no idea what my outcome would be.

Whats Life Holds For Me

I wonders when change would come and make life different for me it was just like it was yesterday, I was on my mac going on to youtube just wanted to know what new videos were up from my favorite youtuber smosh After that I watch a lot of other video and i thought to myself "what if I could do that" and then I went on iMovie not knowing what I would make but just wanted to try to be funny and fun on camera and I did a video and then edited it to see what it was like and when I looked at it I thought it might not be good enough. a few weeks later I had a friend over at my house paling games and then I went on the computer and ask my friend if He would watch a video I made, he said "ok" and I showed him and he said to me "this is good are you going to put this on youtube and I did put it on and I got 100 views in 1 week and i fought it would not be good but it was good but it was good when I saw the comments and the likes I thought I may or may not have good talent because I thought I could never do anything like this in my whole life. 3 weeks passed and I went on the computer again I checked how the video was doing and I saw it had about 700 views and I thought at the moment that "ok I am getting more popular on the internet I might just might want to do this in my life" I was young at that time not knowing what the future would holed but just go what my heart says I might just might be able to do that. I started to make more videos and vlogs on there and I was getting better and better at recording and editing my videos and at the time I did improve for my videos I did not write how it would go at the time. When I got to high school I learned how to write good essyes and I worte more and I learned that I could make scipes and mini show on the internet. I made my own stories with rescarch and the life lesions in my stories and I became better at writing. On day near Christmas in 2011 I was just chilling with my friend and me and my friend was wondering what we can make next on youtube we had lots of ideas and music idea but I said we could do a TV internet show. He thought it was a good ides and then for the last six months I started making characters and scripts for episodes and I showed to him what we were doing and him and I wanted to be funny and we still continue to make this but we hope what I have done in the past I might get my show high views and great reviews by critics in the future