Days of the Week!

Days of the Week! 

It is very important to know the days of the week for a various of reasons. These are the days of the week. 

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Note: The spanish days of the week begin with lowercase letters, not uppercase. You must also remember the accents! They are just as important as the word itself! It would help if you knew the spanish alphabet as well, since the words are pronounced differently compared to the English alphabet. 

To say "Today is..." in spanish, it is "Hoy es ___"  
To say "Tomorrow is..." in spanish, it is "Mañana es ___" 

Click the link for some practice. Remember practice makes perfect!
Video Introduction
Here's a video of a student turning in his homework late because he didn't know the spanish days of the week. 

Click here to see the video. 

iHola! how to introduce yourself to an exchange student from Puerto Rico

Here are some key words you need to know in order to have a conversation with someone. simple words that means hello, how are you and goodbyes.
Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 9.58.17 AM
Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 9.58.17 AM

In oder to have a conversation with a spanish speaking person you must know:

ihola!: hi
Buenos dias: good morning
buenas tardes: good afternoon
buenas noches: good evening
que' tal: how are you?
mas o menos: alright
mal: terrible
muy bien: very well
adios: goodbye
Hasta mañana: see you tomorrow

Here is a demonstration on how to introduce yourself: 


¡Hola! How to communicate with a exchange student from Costa Rica.

In order to communicate with an exchange student you must know
-How to ask how they are doing in español 
-How to reply back to them in español

-How to pronunce the words right
-How to say goodbye
-How to say your name 

These are some ways of saying goodbye in Español
Words                                               Meaning
-¡Adiós!                                            Bye!
-¡Hasta luego!                                   See you later!
-¡Hasta pronto!                                 See you soon!
-¡Hasta mañana!                               See you tomorrow
-!Qué le vaya bien!                           Have a good one!

These are some words that describe how you are feeling
Words                                            Meaning
-enfermo/a                                      Sick
-cansado/a                                      Tired
-tranquilo/a                                     Chill
Contento/a                                      Happy

*The male would say the word with an "o" at the end where as the female would say it with a "a" at the end of a word. Also you would say the formal words to adults or like the president to show respect. 

Here are some flash cards that can help you understand the words better and hear them.

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 5.39.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 5.39.00 PM

Days of the week.

​When learning the days of the week in Spanish remember that the week starts with Monday, not Sunday. Also, remember to make the first letter of each day lower case.

This video may help you learn the day's names and the order of the days:

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.13.26 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.13.26 PM
This is a video of Nebil and Tomy reporting to you live from Philadelphia about the week's weather forecast.

Los Días de la Semana-The Spanish days of the week

If you ever meet someone that you like and want to go out with them but they don't speak total English, it can be difficult. In this lesson you will be able to learn the spanish days of the week from the multicolored chart below. Remember: in the spanish language the days of the week start with Monday, not Sunday and that the days of the week do not begin with a capital letter. Below is a video to demonstrate a real life situation of a boy asking someone out for a day in the week.

Please note: the audio may be a bit off in the video and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 5.34.13 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 5.34.13 PM

Marcus Cruz Inranet

(Comcast is my internet service provider) My internet first connects with a cat five wire directly to my modem. 

My modem is connected to a wireless router (Netgear) with an ethernet wire that sends signal to our electronics.

Electronics that include: 


-Playstation 3



-Wireless speakers
Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 8.50.52 AM
Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 8.50.52 AM

Who are you talking to? tú vs. Ud

There is a difference between tú? and Ud.? When you are talking to your amigos (friends), or just somebody your age or younger you ask a question with tu? but when you are talking to somebody superior you say Ud.? to show respect. 

tú is for friends
usted shows respect

 Click HERE and HERE  to see videos of a student talking to their best friend vs. talking to a grown up.

Hola! Que tal?

​For our project we will be teaching greetings, and will also be teaching the time. Specifically we will teach how to greet (like saying hello), how to ask how are you, and how to say goodbye through basic conversation at different times of the day.

Buenos Días- Good morning
Buenos tardes- Good afternoon
Buenos noches- Good night
¿Qué tal?- How are you?
¿Cómo Va?- How are you?
¿Cómo estas (tú) informal- How are you?
¿Cómo esta (ud.) formal- How are you?
(Muy) bien, gracias- (very) well thanks
Más o mens- Alright 

For our video we will show two people from a spanish speaking country greeting each other in a natural fashion.

We also will go over how to say the phrases about time, mainly asking and telling what time it is. We will review how to say different times and how to say numbers.

Qu dia es hoy? What day is it today?

What you need to know
The days of the week
What order they go in

Make sure to remember
They days of the week en español don't start with Sunday, they start on Monday

To ask you say "¿Qué dia es hoy?". That means "What day is it?". To answer the question you have to say "Es..." than say the day. "Es..." means "It's..." in spanish. 

 The Days of The Week

In Spanish and English















HERE is a video of when you would need this for a real life situation.
If you were in a spanish speaking country, and you wanted to know what day it was.

¿Donde estoy?

Lesson 2. 

Preguntas basicas de conversacion: 

In order to complete, one must know the following phrases:
1. ¿De donde eres tú?
2. ¿Comó te llamas?
3. ¿Comó estas?
5. ¿Hasta luego?
6. ¡Que tal?

Above is a comic of preguntas basicas de conversacion. It is telling the story of a person who is coming out of a koma on a beach and meets a stranger. The man coming out of a koma then proceeds to ask where he is, and who he is....?

Keystone XL Pipeline

For our world history class we had to wright 3 monologues if we work alone and 5 monologues if we work with a partner. Our History teacher Mr.Block Told us to wright about the Keystone Pipeline and what other people from different state and cities would say about this Pipeline. Hope you enjoy it!.


No...Noooo.. My dad just got notice this morning from the government to leave our house because they putting some pipeline here in my house. Is thats the pipeline my history teacher was talking about?. Thats made me go back to the day when we was learning about the “Keystone Pipeline”. In my history class when my teacher told us about the Keystone Pipeline and all my classmates and I start wondering what this pipeline is about. We were about to ask the teacher, when he told us to watch the video describing the details. This is the coolest thing I ever saw- wow, pipeline start from Canada and through United States. Then when we start going deep into the video we realize that keystone pipeline is a ridiculous idea because it not only bad for our land its also going to affect our environment, And now I have no house. Thats is why i am here with you guys to stop this pipeline to save my house and our environment. All want you guys to do is be with me and help me to stop the pipeline.


I am a owner of corner store in texas and when i was watching the news this morning and i heard that some kind of Pipeline for oil are starting from canada through the united state and going to ends at texas. This pipeline might take place in my town,neighborhood or even in my store. Doesn’t matter where this pipeline going to take place it will destroy everything and it will make difficulties for our next generation to leave. This is ridiculous “Why” we need this pipeline?. Why can't we live the way we usually live. why?


Buzzz....Buzzzz......Buzzz Hello who is this? Hi I am Steve Calling from the National Oil Corporation. I was wondering what do i think about Keystone what? pipeline? What about it?. I am just going to take one minute for you to talk about the Keystone pipeline starting from canada and all the way through United stade. The keystone XL pipeline connecting us to Canada’s booming oil shale production the pipeline will bring so much bad oil from canada that will affect our environment. So What do you think about the pipeline Ms?. wow-cool I am sorry i have to go to work so can you please call letter when my husband is here.


Keystone Pipeline XL Monologue Project

In my 10th grade history class we were learning about the Keystone Pipeline XL . The Keystone pipeline is a pipe that travel from Canada through the USA carrying tar sand oils . We learned some of the benefits that the pipeline has such as creating new jobs and cheaper oil. We also learned about the disadvantages that the pipeline would create such as oil spills, climate changes and many more. In my monologues below it shows someone or something and how they are feeling about the pipeline and whether or not it is the best thing for both Canada and the USA. Hope you enjoy!  

What's good for me Now.

(Daequan is walking down the street and notices Ms. Willson on her step)

Hey Ms. Wilson... (Pauses to listen)

This weather is lovely isn't it..(pauses to listen)

Hows it going?... (pauses to listen)

(sighs) Well I'm not doing too well, I haven't had a job in 5 months. Schools about to start up again and I don't have any money to get Leah any clothes. This is Rihards first year in school and I don't want him to go to school feeling like he is less than anyone...(pauses to listen, walking up the steps to go sit on the porch with her)

yea I've tried looking online but no one is hiring any more or you need a certain degree and I only have a degree in construction … (pauses to listen)

Yea I've heard about the Keystone Pipeline, I also heard that they are debating weather or not if they should build it which to me should be in issue since it creates hundred of thousands of jobs. Only if they were to agree to build it I would be back on my feet... (pauses to listen)

Well , I did hear that it would pollute the air more than regular oil and would cause climate change but i have to look at how it would benefit me now. If they don't decide to build it I won't be able to put food on the table or pay the bills, we would become homeless. The issue of pollution wouldn't matter. Come on Ms. Wilson you know how hard it is to get a job out here especially being an African American...(pauses to listen)

I know if the air is polluted it would have an effect on my grandchildren and my great grandchildren but I have to look at it now , (getting sad)  my children won't even be able to have children if I don't provide for them right now. Think about it, if they were to decide the pipeline that would mean the gas would be cheaper and I would be able to take you to the supermarket and get those sweet cherries you like and take you to the white folks neighborhood and buy you those fresh collard greens from the produce market...(pauses to listen)

I guess nothing will convince you that this pipeline is the best thing that can happen to people like me. People who don't have any other chance of work except this.. I understand, (starts crying) I need the money, I don’t care about what will happen in the future I am broke right now. Imma talk to you later, I have to go fill out the application to work...(pauses to listen, walking down the steps)

Just stop! Anything you say will not change my mind. Goodbye.

True Colors

(Rondo sees the major of the city he lives in in Canada, he shakes his hand and begins to talk)

Hello Major Ashton I am Rondo White and I have come to you about the problem of the Keystone Pipeline....(Pauses to listen)

Well my concern is that this pipeline will destroy all living kind. It will destroy our air, destroy our water and cut down the amount of tree’s that we have...(Pauses to listen for a 3 seconds  also looking as if he is confused)

Yes I am native to canada...(Pauses to listen)

Listen, I’ve heard all about the jobs that this project will provide for all of the people who live here and who live in the USA, but the amount of jobs wouldn't matter after the pipeline has done all the damage that it can do. If you all go forward with this the people of Canada will not be able to tend to their daily lives... (pauses to listen, the major says how?)

How you ask? (Chuckling) (in a rude way he says...) Please don't be so naive, you are building a giant pipe in the middle of our city, we as Canadians won't be able to go to our ponds and fish because the water would be so polluted. We won't be able to go hiking because the workers would be mining the trails and even worse, we can't even take a nice fresh breath of air because the air would be so polluted. The tar sands extractions releases 3 times more carbon dioxide then then the fuels we already use...(pauses to listen anger builds up in his voice)

(looking around with hands held out) Is this what Canada has become? The only thing that you all can talk about is how many jobs this pipeline creates are you all even concern with the fact that the well being of the people is at risk because of this pipeline...(Pauses to listen)

I understand that us as a people complain about how high the unemployment rate is and how high the gas prices are but do you really think building this pipeline will benefit our country more than it will hurt us?...(pauses to listen)

Sorry, I hate to interrupt you but if you build this pipeline there will be no reason for jobs because there will be no more people...(Pauses to listen)

Please enough already, I came to you because I thought you would understand me being a native Canadian but I guess we will never come to the same conclusion. (getting up) I already had a family member die from polluted air and I refuse to sit back and watch my whole country die. Thank you for your time ,but this isn't the last you'll see of me .

The Trees we Use to Be

(Treesum is a tree that lives in a forest in Canada. Talking to a worm that is beginning to eat his leaf. )

Hows it going ? (Pauses to listen)

Well I am not in a  very good mood. As I am standing here today, it has come to my attention that I will not be able to live on much longer. Before the humans where here this earth was beautiful. The air was fresher than ever, the water was clearer than grass and all my family was alive . Now the human race has put us plants through it all, but today is the day that I realize that it is getting worse then ever before. A little bird came to eat the wonderful seeds that i have to offer when it told me that the USA and Canada are planning to build a pipeline that runs through both of the countries. I am terrified. If they go through with this then we will be cut down (Looking around to the other trees, (beginning to get sad ). Even if they decide not to decide to cut us down we are still going to die because 90% of  water that they use will be polluted and will be released back into the general population. When the extract the oil form of the tar sand they will release so much Carbon in that air that we will die from not being able to separate the oxygen we need from that disgusting carbon we don't want. (sighs) we can never win. They just don’t care, don’t these crappy humans no that we are one of the main reasons why the can take in good breaths but yet they are trynna tear us down. (getting angry) It's sad because all we do on a daily basis is trying to help them and all they do is kill us. If they decide to build this pipeline there are losing out on ever breathing a fresh breath of air. They are going to miss out on the wonderful scenery that we, as trees, have to offer.(Pauses to listen).

I know its sad (acts as if he hears a noise) Wait , What's that noise? They're here. I guess they really don’t care. (Truck gets closer, begins to try to cut down Treesum) Stop it... Please Stop it ! Ahhhhhhhhh. ( The construction works cut him down)


The Keystone pipeline will create hundres of thousands of jobs for people in the USA and Canada.
The world will never be able to recover if something goes wrong with the pipeline.
Humans have already used 2/3 of the natural resources that we have.
Americans dont need the oil, They waste nearly a million barrels a day.
The oil extraction of tar sands pollutes the air 3 times more than regular oil does.          
 The amount of carbon released by the pipeline will rise the climate by 30%


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Pipeline Monologue Project

For our Benchmark project in my World History class, we had to create three monologues from different points of view related to the Keystone Pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline is a pipeline that will run from Western Canada to Texas to transport oil from tar sands. There’s a lot of debate and controversy as to whether or not the pipeline should be built. This class project was created to inform others about the pipeline and to give them a look at how the pipeline might affect different people. I wrote my monologues from the points of view of Earth, the pipeline itself, and Fred Hassel, a man who has been looking for a job for three years. Throughout my research I have learned that the pipeline will cost about $7 billion to build and will run about 1700 miles long. It will carry over 800,000 barrels of oil a day and run over the biggest aquifer on the continent. People who argue for it usually argue that it will provide jobs, it’s cheap, reliable, and abundant because they’re buying it from ‘friends’ and allies. On the other hand, people that argue against the pipeline are more concerned about the environment. They live in fear of leaks and spills.  Hopefully the project I will show to you both informs and interests you and gives you an idea about the affects a choice has on a wide variety of things.

Monologue #1 (Earth): Earth and the People That Hate It

(raining) I’m dying. Those are the words the human’s fear the most. They hear it from a loved one and they believe their world is falling apart. (sigh) They hear it from me and decide to ignore it. To carry on with their days as if they don’t see the signs. The tears I shed pour upon them in waves, creating tsunami tides that wash away loved ones; my children. The emptiness I feel has caused droughts. The anger and rage has boiled over to emit fires, erupt volcanoes, that destroy everything in their path. (sigh) I’m falling apart. I’m running high fevers. These fevers are melting the world. Yes, melting the world. Destroying animals. Pollution. That’s what is causing this. It has to be. If that isn’t enough they decided to build this eye sore that runs through North America, transporting the world’s dirtiest oil through the Nation and eventually to other countries, causing more pollution.  

(scowl) Stupid humans. Do they not see what they’re doing? I’ve treated them well haven’t I? The pain they cause me is unbearable. I can’t believe this. (yell) What have I done to make them hate me so much? (thunder and lightning) I’m their mother. I feed them and provide shelter and resources. And this is how they repay me? By destroying me? By destroying the life that inhabits me? (thunder and lightning) Their world is actually falling apart. (sigh) I’m falling apart.

(sounds determined) I should destroy the pipeline. I should teach them a lesson. I could just end this now. No oil would have to be transported anymore. I’ve heard what the protesters say, “It’s game over for the environment”. That means game over for me.

But...(sigh) I can’t. If I destroy it, the oil will just spread on the land. It’ll cause more damage. I’m stuck. (look down) (raining)

Monologue #2 (Pipeline): Story of My Life

(lying on the floor) (disgusted) Here I am. Sitting here in the dying grass on the land a farmer once owned. I knew it. (angry)I knew since the moment I was mined from the ground they were gonna ruin me. Silly little humans. Uprooting me and my family, separating and compressing us into perfect sheets of shiny brown metal, penetrating our outer skin with big dull screws that cause more pain than necessary. (scowl and grip the grass tightly) (release) It wasn’t until I was shipped to to Texas and bolted to a stranger that I realized they planned to run the dirtiest oil in the world through me. 800,000 barrels a day. (raises voice) (tighten fists around the grass while saying...) A day! (release grass) Do they have any idea what they have done? It’ll ruin me! (pause)

(eyes widen, voice becomes shaky) Oh no. No, No, No! Why? What if I end up like my friend? He was so worn out he burst and caused one of the largest oil spills in history. I’m going to be over worked I just know it. I can’t do anything about it. (looks down) I feel so helpless. I can’t even find my family. (looks up with sad eyes) I’ve even tried to play “whisper-down-the-lane” with other parts of the pipe in order to find them. They’re gone and now I’ll never be able to say good bye. Even if I don’t burst, what will happen when all the oil is gone? There would be no use for the pipeline. No use for me. (angry)They tore apart families for nothing. ( grab the grass again) Dug up whole towns and civilizations of precious metal to make a profit. (release grass) (sad) I guess now all there is left to do is sleep. (weakly) Goodnight.

Monologue Revised #3 (Fred Hassel): Desperate and in Need of a Job
(sad) So this is how it ends, huh? (rock side to side on rolly chair) Sitting alone in my office spinning on a rolly chair. No job, no money, near foreclosure. My family probably hates me. I have no idea why my wife hasn’t left me yet. It’s hopeless. There is no way to pay off our debt. (angry) I have no job! Haven’t had one for three years now! I should just...(eyes widen in excitement and smile) “Ohh, an email!”

Dear Mr. Fred Hassel, (mumble under breath like reading a letter to yourself) . … widen in excitement)....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................(raise voice in disbelief and question)guaranteed job................

(happily, smiling)) I can’t believe this! This is great! (excited) I can’t wait to tell the wife and kids. (types really fast on the computer)(yells) “Sweetie, come here. I have some great news!” (pause speaking. look over to your left) “Here, sit down, sit down.” (stop typing. look up in front of you)(take a deep breath and close your eyes) “I got offered a job. They saw my resume and want to hire me” (excited) “I know, I know! Isn’t it great? It’s so...(doubtful) well no I don’t really know when I start. Here I’ll explain it to you. So they decided to build this pipeline that runs from Western Canada all the way down to Texas, that will transport oil from the biggest tar sand in the world. Well they have this idea but no one to build it. So, they offered me a job as a welder to...” (pause) “Are you insane? Of course I’m going to take the job! I’d be stupid if I didn’t.” (pause) “No it’s nothing bad I promise. You have to trust me. We’ll be able to pay off our debt and send the kids to that nice school we were looking at.” (pause) (smile) “Yes I’ll even buy you that new pan that you wanted. The kind that you don’t have to grease before using.” (smile) “Thank you baby. I love you so much.” (close computer and stand up. hold out hand) “Come on lets go celebrate.” (walk off stage)

1)  Bill McKibben, an environmentalist, says that tapping into the tar sands will increase greenhouse gases. (PBS Newshour)
2) The tar sands are the 2nd largest pool of carbon on earth (PBS Newshour)
3) Carries about 800,000 barrels of oil a day (PBS Newshour)
4) The pipeline runs over the biggest water source on continent (PBS Newshour)
5) Joe Handson, a NASA Climate Scientist says that the pipeline will be “game over for the environment.” (PBS Newshour)
6) Over 400 protesters have been arrested (PBS Newshour)

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BILL , MCKIBBEN. "Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe - and that make clear who the real enemy is Read more:

Descriptive essay: The Best Worst Day Ever (Revised)

The Best Worst Day Ever

There i was having the worst time in my short 9 years of living. It was a beautiful summer day, I was visiting my grandfather Richard’s home. He was a small man and also a rich man that’s the reason I began to laugh when I first introduced myself to him, get it hes rich and his name is richard was a joke I said many times that day. His house was the biggest i've ever seen. There was at least 7 rooms and it was only him and his wife living in the huge red and green home with the brick stairs. His backyard was nice but his front yard is even nicer. His front yard consist of two main attractions,my personal favorite the blue trampoline and the nine feet deep pool with the “R” in the center. Thats where it happen I was just sitting there enjoying a cheeseburger with mustard after being extremely abused from the Blue giant that was the trampoline reflecting on the events that just occurred. The trampoline was full of grown men with 260 pounds of muscle, men that each were at least 6 feet tall. As the smallest on the trampoline I was forced to endure the torcher of the blue cell. I not only was step on, but also I was put through a series of wrestling matches with various strong grown men opponents. When I came out of the trampoline my record was 0-8-1 I had lost eight and thee “1” was a tie which was a result of my last of match, where I  had badly kneed my older cousin Andre into his “eggs”, well they were “eggshells” when I had finished.

So back to what I was saying before I'm was just sitting there enjoying a cheeseburger when no other than Andre himself came from behind me and grabbed me by my belt of my pants and “kindly” carried me towards the pool. Everyone has the knowledge of me being scared of water, well not all water just water from pools. I’ve always been afraid to drown I believe “if the pool is 6 inches smaller than you there is an drawn hazzard”. Back to the story the through me in the pool, while I was in the air I used every cursed word I could think of as I fell I seen the light or just the shine off of my uncle Shaun’s head which was perfectly shaved. The worst part of it all is my burger fell while I was in the air, one by one the burger had been dismantled, first the bottom bun and the actual burger fell together most likely because of my over use of mustard, then the rest of the grilled beauty fell like bombs hitting a small town. As my body hit the cold water but also warm water I felt an instant chill on my body including my tongue, my mouth was open. While I was in there “dying” I made my “will”, my psp goes to no one I want to be buried with it, my 2 dollars goes to my brother Aaron, all my clothes can go to Amir he’s been eying them any way, daejah my little sister who’s the lightest of our family gets nothing.

As I had sat there I decided to begin to start swimming  since everyone else had been doing it. I was a natural  so I decided to swim and swim until I had became hungry again, which wasn’t long since my lunch had fell. When I had got out of the pool, I had went and got my new and improved “Grilled Beauty” with pickles I realized that this was the start to “The Best Worst Day Ever.”