Wow another one great !

One slide 2.0
They say ''the third times the charm'' I say ''you skipped a number buddy'' and hit them with a poodle. But in all seriousness hi my names Ivan and this is my slide new and revamped. I chose less images to try and figure out what little text I should add to make my slide feel different from it's past self. I will say I made it have a different problem with more space less images. This was a little difficult to remember because I forgot what the feedback was. But I tried my very best to remember and make the new even better than the first.  

Petty Magazine

Untitled presentation (2)
I choose to make a different slide just because the fact for it to match and I also put some more thought into the pictures I put up. I also thought having less pictures would bring out the slide more.

My Slide- edited

Untitled presentation (1)
In this project I learned a lot of things. I learned that you can't just wing it, and to make sure you can back up the research you have for a project. I also learned that you need to keep things neat and simple. You can't have to much on the slide because then it takes away from the point you are trying to make. I made these changes to my slide based on what people thought would make it better. Before my picture was black, white, white in the background, now it is white, black, white. Also my title is more centered and I changed it from being called Me Magazine to Madison's Magazine. Research is very important when starting a project. If you don't have research you will be very confused on what you are actually looking for. Research puts ideas in your head. 


ME Magazine Slides (3)
I chose to completely change my slide because it look nothing like my ME Magazine. this time I used contrast within my images. I also used transparency with my background. One top of that this time I used my own background instead of the one from google slides. On my Me Magazine I also made different fonts in my text so incorporated that in my slide.

Split Brains: 5 Minutes of Science

The science of my topic surrounds a part of the brain called the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a set of nerve fibers located between the two hemispheres of the brain and allows the two halves of the brain to communicate with each other. In 1939, the chief surgeon at the University of Rochester Medical Center, William Van Wagenen, performed a surgery on ten patients which cut their corpus callosum in hopes of treating epilepsy. He thought this would work after seeing an epilepsy patient stop having seizures after a cancerous tumor destroyed their corpus callosum. This surgery resulted in an obvious reduction in seizures in seven of the ten patients.

Through split brain patients and experiments done by other surgeons, much has been learned about what happens when the two sides of the brain cannot communicate with each other after developing with a functioning corpus callosum. Roger Sperry ran an experiment on split brain cats where he covered one eye of the cat while teaching them the difference between two shapes. When the eye was uncovered and the other eye was then blindfolded, the cats could no longer tell the difference between the shapes without relearning. This shows how in split brains, each side of the body works independently. Each hemisphere of the brain only controls half the body. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body while the left hemisphere controls the right.

Sperry later worked with human subjects with the help of Michael Gazzaniga and Joseph Bogen. They performed a split brain surgery on William Jenkins, a WWII veteran that suffered from seizures, in 1962. After the surgery, they ran experiments on Jenkins. In one, a dot was in the center of a screen while another picture was shown to the left or right. If the photo was to the right, Jenkins said he saw it, but if it was on the left, he claimed to see nothing. When asked to point to the object on either side, he could. This showed only one side of the brain could communicate information through words in split brains. In addition, Gazzaniga found by working with a patient referred to as P.S. that the left brain made excuses for mistakes made by the right brain pointing to a photo when it would not make sense to instead of saying they did not know why they were pointing.

In another experiment, Jenkins had to arrange blocks with one hand. The right side of the brain is good with motor skills, and his left hand was, therefore, able to arrange blocks easily. Meanwhile, his right hand not only struggled, but his left hand would start helping subconsciously. The sides of the brain can disagree in split brain patients or get in the way of each other. For example, Jenkin’s left hand would undo what his right did when allowed to use both hands. This work won Gazzaniga and Sperry a Nobel Prize in 1981.

This is important to society because it challenges ideas of individualism and self. If the two halves of the brain can work separately, it questions whether a person can be one or two conscious beings in one body. One way the theory of two beings in one body is being tested is through the current research of Michael Miller. In his experiments, the split brain patient is told a character trait while the word “me” is on one side of a screen and “not me” on the other side to the left and right. Then, they must point to the screen when a word corresponding to how they were told they are appears. If each hand points to opposing words, that proves each hemisphere in split brains can have its own unique emotional state. However, this research is ongoing. Split brains also build on Sigmund Freud’s idea that psychologically, humans have three parts fighting within them (the ego, the super-ego, and the ID). Multiple personalities in one body can also be seen in stories, such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

As far as myself, I was drawn to this topic after watching a YouTube video, and I am a YouTuber. I also like being able to debate things that have no clear answer, like split brains being either one person still or two beings. I think it would be cool to imagine two beings in the brain, but that also makes little sense. I have been raised with the idea people can change over time, and we are multiple people over the course of a lifetime, but not two people at any one time. I suggest people stay open to any possibilities science can later present, but not worry about split brains too much right now.

I do not think the original video I watched was reliable since CGP Grey does not list their sources or even give their own name. However, I was able to find my own reliable sources to backup the video. The Nobel Prize’s website talks about split brains since Gazzaniga and Sperry shared a Nobel Prize. I was also able to find a large amount of information from an article published in The Atlantic. I found information on Sigmund Freud’s theory on a site written by a college professor of psychology. I learned more about Wagenen from The Society of Neurological Surgeons. While I found this topic from a questionable source, I was able to verify the science of split brains with trustworthy websites.


The Split Brain Experiments. (n.d.). Retrieved December 17, 2016, from

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5 Minutes of Science: Music Theory


Music theory is the study of music. Before researching music theory, I researched sound. Sound is an audible mechanical wave, or a wave that is an oscillation of matter, through a medium like air or water. Acoustics, which deals with the study of mechanical waves through different media, is a science that can be applied to architectural acoustics, audio signal processing, musical acoustics, and more.

Music moves in waves. Let’s analyze those waves. Timbre is the perceived tone quality of a specific note that distinguishes notes by the source of their sound production. A complex tone is the sound of a note with a specific timbre. Complex tones consist of many smaller periodic waves sometimes called partials, referred to as “simples tones.” Fundamental frequency is the musical pitch of a note that is perceived as the lowest partial present.

Moving on to pitch and rhythm, the basics of music theory. Pitch is the highness or lowness of a note and rhythm is the sequential arrangement of sounds. Notes can be arranged into scales or modes. In Western music, the octave is divided in twelve tones, called a chromatic scale. In-between notes are called half-steps. Lots of non-Western music features octaves that don’t have equally-divided note division. There are seven main modes, or types of scale, in Western music: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian. Songs generally have a melody and harmony; some have a counterpoint. Melody is the main string of notes that make up a song and a harmony accompanies a melody and is dependent on the melody. Counterpoint is the combination of at least two different melodies to make one song. No melody is dominant; the melodies tend to wind around each other. In chord structure, “consonance” describes notes that sound good together and “dissonance” describes notes that do not sound good together. Consonance and dissonance are very subjective measures of sound quality. Time signature measures rhythm or meter. Rhythms can be simple or complex. Complex rhythms include things like syncopation, or rhythms with accent notes in places that you would not expect them to be, and polyrhythm, or multiple rhythms layered over one another.


The study of acoustics is important in many other scientific fields and disciplines. Acoustics impact everyone. Humans can generally hear sound wave frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz. High noises bother many people. Architects must always be aware of the acoustics of buildings.

Everyone listens to music, but few people that aren’t musicians give much thought to the composition of music. Scientists aren’t certain of the impact of music on the human brain, but studies have shown that some people have an easier time remembering and recalling information if the information is set to music or if they listen to music while studying and then listen to the same music while trying to recall the information. Perhaps research will eventually show some stronger correlation between music and information retention, or even determine which music helps people remember information most effectively.


I like music and am a musician. I like music theory. This project forced me to jog my memory on a lot of music theory concepts. Schoolhouse Rock songs helped me to remember multiplication tables and grammar rules as a kid, so I’m curious about the impact of music on memory. I was disappointed to find few concrete conclusions on the topic, but I hope to keep researching.


Janus, S. (2016). Audio in the 21st century. Retrieved December 12, 2016, from,

Khan Academy: Music Basics. Retrieved December 12, 2016, from,

Van Dillen, O. (2011). Outline of Basic Music Theory. Retrieved December 12, 2016, from,


I made this slide because I am inspired by photography and art basically any kind of art. That picture I put up was the temple from my church and I took it myself. I'm just really inspired by the setting of the sun touching the flower has they defrost from the cold weather.  

    The photo represents my artistic side of myself and what you see is a big church  and the sun over it.well the sun just represents my shine of happiness and the flowers represent the new things that bloom at and day.



ME! Presentation  (5)

Media Fluency Slide Pt. 2

After presenting my slide to my classmates they gave me some insightful feedback. The first bit of feedback was to make my name on my slide much bigger so it doesn’t look the same size the words below it. In doing this I immediately saw the difference between the two slides. The second thing I did was take out part of the sentences I wrote because I was told it was too much. I understand why it was too much because it was a glance media slide and there was a lot to read for just a glance. My classmates told me that all of the colors worked together well especially the gray background, so I didn’t really change any colors. The final thing I changed on my slide was the picture. I was told by my classmates that the picture wasn’t big enough and that having bleed of the side worked but that it needs to be bigger so, I made it bigger. Those are all of the changes I made.

Media Fluency Slide 2

Media Fluency Reflection

Google Slide (1)
In this project, I learned more in-depth about some things I already knew. For example, I knew about the rule of thirds, but I didn't know exactly why it wasn't appealing to the human eye. I didn't change much about my second change, but I feel like the change I made changed the slide drastically. I wasn't given many things to critique about my slide, but the one thing that seemed crucial was the text. I was told that my text should be bolder, so I chose a similar, but thicker font. I was also told that my former location of the text wasn't as great as it can be, so I changed it to appeal to the rule of thirds. To conclude, research is something that's incredibly important for this project, as is practicing what you'll say. Without research, knowing what to say and how to answer questions will be very dificult, and it'll definitely be evident that you didn't research or practice.



Formed by mutated nerve cells which expand & is inheritable through parents. Inheritance is of type "Autosomal Inheritance Pattern", known as ADIP. The dominant gene for Retinoblastoma (Rb) is located on the autosome. Therefore, you only need one gene to be affected by Retinoblastoma. For example, if a father has Rb, than there is a 50% chance for child offspring to have it, and 50% to be unaffected by Rb. This image shows Retinoblastoma tumor before & after treatment. Thermotherapy in conjunction with Chemotherapy is used over 6 cycles to remove Rb, therefore leading to scar tissue prominent in image D. 


Rb can affect life by numerous factors. First, in places where advanced medical treatment is unavailable, Rb left untreated can be fatal growing rapidly and inhibiting normal function of the eye, then facial features, leading to very large growths. It can be detected by a photograph; when taken with flash, light will bounce off back of retina thereby showing up as white, when normal eye would cause light to bounce of retina, causing 'Red Eye'. Vision loss will occur even after treatment of Rb, leading to a blurry or soft-focused image. Focusing of the eye most likely will be not functioning, with eye control sometimes being impaired. Rb affects 200-300 people in the United States, and is the most common type of eye cancer in Children. Affecting 15,000 people per year, it occurs equally in boys and girls. Right/Left eye appearance of Rb is equal, with 75% chance of occurance in one eye, with reduced, 25% chance of occurance in both eyes. Over 9/10 cases of Rb are treated, however this is in US, with modern medical procedures (chemo, thermo, cryo & laser therapy). 


I was affected by Retinoblastoma at an early age, around few months of life. Treatment taken place using Chemo, and continued check ups lasted till I was school-aged. After these treatment for Rb, I continue to receive checkups at Wills Eye in Philadelphia. I was prescribed glasses though due to little improvement, and dislike I stopped wearing them. My control of left eye is difficult and although it follows my right eye movement, I cannot focus or see images through left eye clearly. After using the eye-patch at an early age, it improved my visual acuity through left eye to the point where peripheral vision is equal in both eyes. I still have difficulty with activities requiring both eyes, such as 3D glasses, or looking through binoculars/ microscopes. My views on Rb are that, I am thankful to Lord for being treated, and that I am able to continue life normally. 



For my 5 minutes of science I chose to do autism. I chose this as my topic because I, as someone on the autism spectrum find it necessary to talk about what makes me unique. I also think this is good to talk about the science of what causes people to have autism and why they have it.

While there is no comprehensive diagnosis on what causes autism there are some speculations. one of these speculations is that the genetic vulnerability of the parents can cause their offspring to be born with different neurological Pathways in their brains. these Pathways differ from neurotypical brains, to different parts of the brain.  as a consequence you will hear people with autism referred to as  ‘wired differently.”

Autism is a very nuanced topic but it is just very misunderstood by most of the population because the first glance does not manifest itself very well. Most autistic people are very introverted and are just classed as weirdos and that's the end of it. That's why I felt the need to make this my science presentation.

The School Transition

I don’t know what to write about. I forgot my idea. I posted it, I swear, but now I can’t find it. My teacher is bugging me about it. She won’t leave me alone. My old school wasn’t like this. I just can’t seem to get used to this untraditional learning style.

Here’s what would happened in class at my old school, I would walk into class and sit down at the desk with my name tag attached to it and immediately complete the question on the smartboard.

After completing the question the teacher would tell the class to take out the homework from last night and pass it to the front of the classroom.

The class would then write notes and the teacher would specifically tell us what to write down in our notebooks. At the end of class we would be assigned a question prior to what we learned in class that day. This was an everyday routine.

But i’m not there anymore because I thought that military school would not benefit me unless I wanted to join the military in the future.

And now, I’m stuck in this new class with no idea what to do, and the teacher is going to come look over my shoulder any minute, I know it.

And in Math, the teacher asked me about my homework and why I was absent. I was absent because I was sick. And i sent an email out, but i don't know if my teachers got it -- because nobody responded. I didn't even want to send that email. My dad made me do it.

And I told the Principal my lunch sucks. THere are these Freshman in there. He told me to get over it.” That´s  what he said! ¨Get over it.¨ I don't feel like I have any support here. This school, they try to say they support kids here. They say the work is hard, but I don't have a problem with the technical part -- I have a problem with the format, how they all teach. It´s confusing. I have a research template for World History, and I didn´t know if that was homework or not. I thought it was, and then I missed the deadline. To say ¨the template is due the next day,¨ then itś not clear that itś a project until the end. It just is like any other lesson until the very end, when weŕe making it pretty and presenting it in front of the class. This is so confusing.

There are never any specific instructions telling me how to complete anything. My teachers just expect me to figure it out, and when I ask for their assistance they tell me to use my brain. It’s not that I don’t understand the lesson taught in class it’s the format of each assignment given after the lesson that always confuses me. This can’t go on any longer I have to try and figure these issues out before it's too late.   

The social life here is not any better. I gave one person my instagram, and then overnight everybody had it. And all the girls act weird around me. Iĺl talk to them and they stare at me as I´m talking, and then just laugh and turn their head like I said something funny. Except Iḿ being serious. Itś kind of annoying. At my old school, they werenẗ shy the way they are here. I don't know why they would be shy, Iḿ just talking. Iḿ trying to be friends, and they get all weird like weŕe not supposed to be friends.

Except the one who sits next to me in English, Julia. Her behavior is different because she talks to me. She doesn't laugh at every single thing I say. She actually talks to me about the work, and doesn't get off topic if we do talk in class. She doesn't ask me about Instagram or anything.

Why did I do this to myself?

I just have to stop turning in nothing in class. I have to turn in something, or else it becomes a zero.

Hey Julia I have a question. Can you help me get started?




Stated by the National Institute Of Drug Abuse marijuana is a dried up leaf that comes from a hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa, this plant contains the mind altering  chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC. When smoking marijuana from the lungs into the bloodstream at a very fast pace. The blood is the carrier of the chemical which sends the THC to the brain and other organs throughout the body. The brain and other organs in the body uses “natural” THC-like chemicals in normal brain development and functioning, however THC affect’s certain brain cell receptors by over activating the amount you would need to function correctly.


Some short term effects this drug can have on you are: 


•             altered sense of time

•             altered senses (for example, seeing brighter colors)

•             changes in mood

•             impaired body movement

•             difficulty with thinking and problem-solving

•             impaired memory



Medical marijuana has been legalized in 23 states and the district of Columbia, so it is becoming more and more accepted in society. Much of its acceptance has to do with the research in treating diseases. Researchers from the University of South Carolina discovered marijuana's potential to treat autoimmune diseases in which chronic inflammation plays a pivotal role. These include arthritis, lupus, colitis and multiple sclerosis (NyDailyNews, 2014). Research has also found that the drug helps with pain relief related to chronic migraines, muscular skeletal pains, and cancers. Medical Marijuana has been developed, over the past few years, to remove the portion of the drug that impairs senses. This drug could help many people who are in a “no treatment” situation such as terminal cancer or those seeking an all- natural solution.






Marijuana should be able for use for people who suffer from diseases. If there is a solution that can alleviate pain and help treat people the government should make it legal. As it stands, there are some states that do not allow it, which leaves them without the drug or they are forced to buy it illegally. This is a dangerous because more and more people are becoming aware of its benefit, including the elderly, and if they are forced to buy unregulated drugs it could make the situation worse or possibly kill them. In a report published in Scientific Reports at the end of January, “compared the potential of death from the typical, recreational use of 10 drugs: marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, diazepam, amphetamine and methadone. Marijuana was, by far, found to be the safest, even when compared to alcohol and cigarettes”(Warren, 2016). Although some might argue that marijuana less harmful to the body than alcohol and tobacco, it should not be used for recreational use, it’s a bad drug the devil’s drug if I may and I have never used it a day in my life.



Retrieved from:



Retrieved From:



Retrieved From:

My slide- Samera Baksh

Slide for tech  (3)
 I made the slide this way because I didn't want any pictures. All I wanted was a plain colored background. I wanted my quote to stand out the most. I wanted my slide to explain about who I am. My slide explains about how I am different from others, to be honest I am okay with that difference. In just a few words my slide explains who I am.  I chose the colors blue and white because personally I really like that combination. I wanted the words to be bold so everyone could know.

The Incredible and Creative William Magizine

The Incredible William Magazine

I made a slide with the picture of an otter reaching for ice cream bars in a meme describing the other's thoughts, saying ¨I need dis¨. Below the meme is the title, The Incredible William Magazine. I gave this title so that it could be the cover page for my Me Magazine. Below is the sub title, ¨Now that I've got your attention, please feed the otters or your in debt to me!¨ says to the viewer that the picture has grabbed your attention and it is now asking you to carry out an order to do something related to the picture, in this case, it´s asking to feed the otter(s). I wrote that so that the slide would be interacting with the viewers by asking them a question, to see if they will choose to feed the otter or not. This question is supposed to make the viewer feel like they are looking at what could become an add on a billboard. I chose this picture because it was a meme and lots of people like memes for how funny they can be and memes are sometimes used to get points around. I chose the picture because in my opinion, otters are cute and fascinating animals and otters is most likely to grab the audience's attention. I used a real picture instead of a 2-D cartoon or drawing to apply texture. A real picture shows the true details instead of made-up ones like those of in man-made art. For color and value I put the brightness near middle gray and used black letters to stand out among the gray. The transparency is at 46% and the color contrast at 48% to make the colors of the picture to be visible and not very dull amongst the sentence. The picture covers the entire slide so that it can be very visible to the viewers because it is what is needed to get the viewer´s attention so that they will listen to this presentation. I put the title in red and in piedra font and for the subtitle in black and orbitron font so that they contrast and stand out against each other. Thank you for being a respective listener(s).

Clearly Cianni

Before I made my slide I read the presentation zen link to see what a nice slide should consist of.  The information I got from Presentation zen was to make my letters big, contrast colors , use pictures not a lot of words , and have one theme. So based off the information I decided to make the theme of my slideshow about who I am as a person and put some symbols to describe me. The urban michel basquiat crown  is to symbolize me being a princess. On my slide there is a melting diamond , it symbolizes me not being perfect because no diamond is perfect but still is beautiful and shines very bright. Lastly there is a heart made by people holding hands. I decided to put that there because I have a big heart and I always try to give people a helping hand. My slide has a black background with ombre colors as my title. Presentation zen suggested that people should use contrast colors when trying to make something stand out.  Presentation zen influenced my slide a lot. The title of my slide is Clearly Cianni because the slide clearly describes who I am.   

Tech presentation (1)

Teyonna Little

While adding pictures, I focused on one of the essential questions that the 9th grade reflection states. That question was, “who am I”. Who am I?  I added and added pictures and memories of my younger self. The tips I read from the sources,encouraged me to make the slide the way I did. The thing that influenced my decision making was the tips and advice given by the writers and authors. A picture is worth a thousand words. Encouragement and confidence is what also helped me to do make the slide the way I did. With those things, I knew that there was more that had to be expressed. The saying of one image, but the expression, memory, and feeling of multiple images is what needed to be seen. You look back and see what you once were, and you look at yourself now and you see all of the improvement and success that has come upon you. And you are proud, I am proud. That is what spoke to me and gave me the confidence and the boldness needed to make this slide.
Teyonna (1)

Media Fluency

Presentation (2)
I made my slide simple so it could demonstrate the thing I love the most. I made sure that the size of the words matched the space of the picture. I love baseball the most so I put the picture to represent myself. I decided not to add too many elements or patterns, not because I'm lazy but because I wanted to show I'm not an artsy person. I took into mind our class conversation about bleeding so I decided to get a picture that bleeded. I also decided not to make the words to dense in the little space I had so I spread them out in a small pattern , but not too much again to show that I'm not too artistic.

Media Fluency

When I was creating my slide, one of the first things I thought about was keeping it simple but able to get the point across effectively. To do this, I did my best to make it as visual as possible, with a minimal amount of words, and making the existing words font size as large as possible. Then I decided to make sure there was extreme contrast in the background so that the entire slide was eye-catching and clear. I kept most of the textures neat and smooth. When I was choosing an image, I wanted one that would complement the look of the text, so I chose one with horizontal lines that would match. When I was choosing a value for the color, I wanted it to stand out, but I did not want it to be too harsh, so I chose a dark blue. When considering balance, my slide is asymmetrical because I wanted to use thirds. I did not want the text or the image overpowering the other so I kept the sizes similar. When I was setting up the placement of text and images on my slide, I split it into thirds, putting the text up top and the image in the bottom righthand corner, and so that the slide was not visually overwhelming Ieft the rest as empty space.

Me Mag Slide

Tech Slide

tech 1 slide project-chandrea

Chandrea Lack

December 8, 2016

How I Made My Slides

I created my slides by looking over all of my pictures from previous years and just pictures that describe who I am. In my Me Magazine I presented and talked a lot about my friends, family, and music and I am glad to be sharing these pictures in front of my classmates. During my design process I thought it would be cool to add pictures to show the timeline of my  ME MAGAZINE.  I decided to look through my phone and put the pictures from years in the past and graduation into my slide. Some of the pictures reflect on the things that I like to do such as sports and listening to music. Some of the sports that I play are soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball.  The different types of music that i listen to are bands (Green Day, Panic at the Disco, etc.)  I listen to rap, hip hop, and other genres of music. This slide also shows my friends and how we always stick together from thick and thin and how we always have each others backs. The 2 best friends that have been with me are Alina and Christina. I have known Alina since 4th grade and my other closest friend is Christina  who I have known since 2nd grade. We love each other and consider each other as sisters. I hope that you liked my slide that I had created and the creativity that I have added.

Media Fluency

All about Dasia (1)

My slide has 2 flags which are the American flag and the Khmer flag. Those 2 flags represent what I believe in. I am Khmer and African American. I have quotes that inspire me because they have a meaning in life. “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a beautiful soul,” is my favorite quote because it has a meaning to being a good person with beauty in and out of you. All of my quotes makes me think positively and to never give up. What influenced my decision making was my parents who supports me with everything.

Media Fluency Slide

Untitled presentation (1)
I added a textured corkboard as the background, and increased the contrast to match the corkboard background on the scrabble tiles I used to spell out my name. I also angled the photos so that they convey a slight sense of movement, and a pleasing visual rhythm. The angled photos and the placement and rotation of the pins makes the entire picture more convincing and realistic, as well as making the appearance less unnerving.  The differentiation in the angles, along with the layering of images, creates variety in the complete slide. There is a white border along the outside of each photo, which is aesthetically pleasing due to the high contrast. The strip of rainbow as a top border acts as a line, and helps to draw the viewer’s attention systematically along the entire canvas.