Slide Revision - William Huang

From the critique of my slide, I've made a couple changes. The first thing I did was remove my name. It was deemed unnecessary and gave me more room to add things. From that, I made the font size of "Going Beyond" larger and moved it upwards to where my name used to be. I was also told that the font was very basic, so I changed one word from Arial to Kaushan Script to spice it up, while still making it easily legible. With those edits, I was left with a lot of empty space in the lower left hand corner, so I added an arrow that is parallel to the railing of the staircase. The detour represents the obstacles that you will face in life, and the "cutting through" of the words symbolize "Going Beyond".

William Huang (2)

MeMagazine Slide Version 2 - Colin Taylor-McGrane

Tech Slide (1)

When I presented my slide, I learned that you need to have empty space in the right places. I had put empty space above my picture, which I thought looked OK, however it really served no purpose and it didn’t look good. I also learned that you should never have red text on a blue background, because it vibrates your eyes in bad ways. I learned that just because the slide is about me, I don’t need to feature my name. For the edited version of my slide, I got rid of my name completely. I made the picture bigger, so it got rid of the dead space above it. I moved my text box to the left, so there would be more space between the picture and the text. I made the text bigger, and moved it up, so there was empty space above and below the picture. I hope these changes make my slide more visually appealing.

Slide Revision Ariana Flores

Design Slide Ariana Flores

​From my critiques, I got the impression that contrast didn't always have to be included on a slide. There were mixed feelings on whether I should include contrast and stray from my color scheme. I tried to add red and different colored paint splatters to blend in with the black and white on the second and third-third of my slide. However, it didn't seem cohesive. From there, I wanted to keep the font (Rock Salt) and size (64) because it was said that the tension between the "A" and the treble clef was apparent and worked well.

I didn't want to change the black lettering to one specific color, because the color seemed too vibrant against the backdrop. Then I tried typing the same text in a separate text box and stacking it over the black. From there I changed the color of the text on top to create a black shadow behind it. I applied colors such as white, red, turquoise, navy blue, etc. Although the color shadow added dimension, it didn't hurt or improve the slide. I ended up just keeping the letters plain black. I also spaced the letters “r” and “e” in “Flores” so that they weren’t confusing to the eye. It may seem a bit spaced out, but I wanted to make sure that it was easy to read without having to change the font.

Me Side #2- Sharron Norton

Screenshot 2015-12-09 at 12.02.55 PM
Screenshot 2015-12-09 at 12.02.55 PM
​I learned from the critique of my slide that my idea was very good and my application was amazing. From my classmates, i found a few mistakes i could change, but other than that everything else was fine. I made the changes to my side because first the critique i was given was in a helpful way and didn't offend me (hurt my feelings) in any way. And also i knew that it would help me out 

My Revised Slide: Jack Sugrue

I realized that the background of my photo made the slide generally too cluttered as well as the monochrome was a good theme to stick with. With this knowledge, I changed my background of my photo to fit with the blue background of the slide. I made everything blue, which, in my opinion, made everything less of an eyesore. Through my critiques, I helped make the words more legible, my name more centered for where it was, and made the background less prominent.


 JZ: Hola, Bae. ¿Quieres ir al cine conmigo luego?

Beyoncé: Lo siento. Tengo que bailar. 

Donald Trump: ktal, Hill? ¿Tienes ganas de ir a Iowa conmigo?

Hillary: Uf, no gracias. Yo soy enfermo.


Willow: kpasa, hermano. ¿Tienes ganas de ir al concierto de Missy Elliot conmigo?

Jaden:Ay dios mio, si!


MacBeth: ktal? ¿Tienes ganas de cenar (have dinner) conmigo?

Lady MacBeth: Lo siento. Tengo que trabajar.


Giorgio: ¿Quieres ir a Arch Gourmet conmigo?

Manuel: Claro que si!


Gerwer:?Tienes ganas de al cine?

Lehmann: No, gracias. Estoy ocupado.


Dora: ¿Quieres explorar a Perú en agosto?



SpongeBob: ¿Tienes ganas de ir a una discoteca conmigo?



Miley Cyrus: ¿Tienes ganas de escribir canciones (songs) conmigo?




Me Slide #2

I learned a few things from my critique. One thing I learned is that I had incorrect spacing in between my photos. Another thing I learned is a couple of rules about signs and billboards. I learned the rule of thirds where a billboard can be divided into 3 areas. I also learned about the sizing of my name. People said it was a little too small so I made my name bigger. Another critique I got was about my background. So I took away my previous background and replaced it with a background that sort of matched the colors of the photos. I also changed the soccer ball so the color could match the background. All in all, I am happier with my new and improved slide. 

My Slide #2

Untitled presentation
During my slide's critique, I learned that I did pretty well. I only needed a few small edits and I did my best to take them all into account. The things I was told need to be edited was all just placement so it was really easy to fix. I was told to move the words "Stay Alive" up to the tops so it touched the edge. I also made the clefs a bit bigger so they took up more space.

My Slide - Myah Mccoy

I learned a lot from my critque from my class. They all gave me a lot of helpful advice. I thought about the rule of thirds, color choosing, and using the space properly. I mad my name larger and and centered in under "BE YOURSELF". Since the classroom told me that my name was way too smal and I agree. Then I made "BE YOUSELF bigger also. Then I used the rules of thirds on my picture. Before I had five pictures on my slide. I decied to delete two of them because the slide was too crowed and instead of angling them, I just placed them in a line. 

My Revised Slide - David Roberts

Me Slide
I change a good bit of things on my slide. I removed my name because that took op too much room in the slide. I removed my fake images and found real ones on google. I made sure that the color of the word and the picture still matched. I used the rule of thirds to place my picture in their own third of the slide. I cornered the words "Science" and "Athletic" and made sure the spacing was symmetric. I centered the word "Technology". I put the words on top of the pictures that they corresponded with. I made my slide simple and to the point. My last slide was cramped with my name and the words and now I have changed that. 

Leo's Revised Slide and Reflection

I learned how to keep a slide very basic from the critique I was given. My slide had too many components and was really four slides put into one. On this one I kept it very basic. There is one clear image on this slide instead of four. I also tried to use more information from our research with the baseball cropped of at the top and bottom. The Phillies symbol on either side takes care of much of the empty space, but I still left some above each sign. I was advised to leave my name in all capitals so I did and finally my background was a little complex and had some odd patterns so I made it a white background, because black (the background for the baseball) an white go together well.

Me Slide #2 - Carolina Ortiz

Untitled presentation
From my slide critique I learned that my slide was pretty nice and organized. The only thing that I was told that I should change was the placement of my words. In response to my critique I rearranged my words so that they weren't so close to the pictures I have on my slide. This way everything doesn't look as crammed and the audience has a better opportunity to really see and understand my slide.