"La Víctima del Día" por Christina, Sashoya, Ailin, Dayanna

Everyday the students arrive at 8:15am to la Srta. Manuel’s classroom. The only thing was, when they arrived with intentions of learning, la Srta. Manuel was nowhere to be found.  “Where was she?” Was a common thought throughout the class. As everyone continued in their daily routine, la Srta. Luisa Iglesias (played by Sashoya) suddenly appeared as the substitute for their absent teacher. No one was aware of the events that would take place that day... Would their ignorance lead to their demise?  Who will survive?  Watch to find out who ends up being a killer.

E1U3: La Tragedia Del Cubilete! : Autumn, Maciej, Meymey and Tyreek

Jacqueline (Autumn) is innocently holding a cupcake and looking at it with praise. A mischievous boy named Juan (Maciej) smashes the cupcake on her face. They exchange conversation and perform mean gestures. Juan (Maciej) then runs off while Jacqueline (Autumn) calls the police to report her damaged cupcake. What will happen next? Will they find and arrest Juan (Maciej)? Find out by watching this amazing, high dramatic show!

Beats Of The Southern Wild


“Hushpuppy, an intrepid six-year-old girl, lives with her father, Wink, in the Bathtub, a southern Delta community at the edge of the world. Wink's tough love prepares her for the unraveling of the universe; for a time when he's no longer there to protect her. When Wink contracts a mysterious illness, nature flies out of whack, temperatures rise, and the ice caps melt, unleashing an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs. With the waters rising, the aurochs coming, and Wink's health fading, Hushpuppy goes in search of her lost mother.” -- Written by Sundance Film Festival

The Mako Mori test:

a) At least one female character



b) Who gets her own narrative arc

She is the main character and the movie is about her.

c) That is not about supporting a man's story.

Her father more so supports her story arc and all the people around support her story arc as well being as though she is the main chacher.

My Film test review

My film test review will be called … It will have more than one person of color, that has their own plot line and is not looked at as the token black friend or token ethnic friend. They are not to be overly loud and deemed angry at the world. I want them to be curious about the world and live in a loving community. They will not act as the stereotypes that are placed on them by the world.

Personal Essay

Bartle is a character in a book called “The Things they Carried,” a book that I wouldn’t read for another 6 years. One event in the story was him having to shoot up a car even though he didn’t want to. Not to compare my actions to shooting up a car, or anything else for that matter, but to me, it conflicted my “morals” in a similar way that the event conflicted his.

It is always nice waking up at ten in the morning. I would have been late for school if it wasn’t for winter vacation. I was in the 4th or 5th grade. We were going to New York for Christmas, I couldn’t wait for it. It was originally meant to be a surprise, but I figured it out a few days before. I had been in New York, but never really as a vacation. Everything was already packed, I already knew what I wanted to do when we got there, I was just happy to get away from normal life for awhile. I could have had a nice vacation, but I hated my teachers and they hated me. For my Christmas and going away gift from them to me, they decided it would be best to give me a pink slip. It didn’t mean that I was fired from school, it was there way of basically saying “You should know better, give this to your parents.” I was always a straight A student. I always did my homework and always did the best on tests. I just didn’t like them and they knew it. I don’t know why they would give me a pink slip, they always did it, but I wasn’t sure why.

We left for New York on a train, it took years to get there, but somehow we made it there just before noon. We got off the train, walked up a lot of steps, and then we were in Grand Central Station in New York. It was annoying, everybody was walking like they were late, the unintentional pushing and shoving that they were probably use to. It would have been fun to start kicking people in the shins, but that wouldn’t have helped anyone. We walked outside of the station, it was supposed to be cold, but somehow I felt the warmth of everyone walking by, it was weird. I didn’t know where we were going, nobody really told me, but it was really nice to look at all the tall buildings. We walked around for awhile, then we got to our hotel that we were staying in. It was in Time Square, from our room, we got to see the giant displays from the windows. We weren’t there for long though, we left out later to get dinner. My sister always made things interesting, because of her allergies, we usually had to do some extra searching to make sure that her need were accommodated. It wasn’t a bad thing though, and the search turned into an I-Spy game through the crowd to find a place she could eat at. After we found food for her, we went to Roxy’s. I had a burger (this was back before my vegetarian days) and then an oreo cheesecake. After that we walked some, we went to the Nintendo Store and the M&M store. We got back to our hotel at around 9, we unpacked and then went to sleep.

I never actually went to sleep though, I just stayed up and watched the repeating commercials flashing on the giant screens outside the window. The fact that I had a pink slip was getting to me for some reason. It wasn’t rare for me, they were always stapled into my journal so I couldn’t forget. It’s just that in this instance, I had hid it under my bed, I didn’t really expect anyone would see it in my room, no one was home. This is an event similar to what Bartle went through. A person might say “You didn’t have to hide it.” But I did, it’s not that I wanted to just ignore it or maybe I did, and I had eventually told her after vacation, I just wanted to to leave that back and home for when we came back. I had brought my Nintendo, but I never played it, knowing that I probably shouldn’t. To me, it was interesting how much I was thinking about it, but I normally think a lot. I think that it was more of the feeling of not telling my mom. If I would have told her before or during our vacation, everything would have been different.

Video: https://www.wevideo.com/hub/#media/ci/561928006

Telenovela: "El Gran Rechazo" (The Great Denial)

In "El Gran Rechazo" Mateo (played by Matthew) wants to set his friend Katalina (played by Kaitlyn) up with Pepe (played by Majd). When Pepe sees Katalina he daydreams of their future together. See how Katalina reacts when they meet. 

There is a classic, dramatic plot twist waiting for you. Watch "El Gran Rechazo" to find out what it is!

Film Reviews

A movie that passed the the Bechdel and/or Mako Mori tests, is Jurassic Park yet the 2 women do not even have a conversation. Yes it passes but nothing real, like real communication is not made. I give this movie a 3.5 for there is 2 women, when they talk with 2 lines each fully to each other that is good enough. I mean in this movie there was plenty of chances for more women actress and more convo between them. There is plenty of space for improvement. 

If I were to make my own rules I would make a total of 4. First it would be a 25% of the actors would be women. For if there were 2 women but 100 men that is not fair. The second rule would be that you have to look at movie situation because if there are 2 women that are in the a old timed movie zone when communication is hard, and when the communication is not made between the 2 women that is not always the movies fault. The third part is that at least one women/girl has clothes that does not show-off anything. The fourth rule would be that there has to a good communication that is not about men/boys but about something smart like work and/or education. 

The movie that I reviewed is the The Lord Of Rings Trilogy there are 3 very important and strong, forceful women. They all were respectful clothing and even though they do not talk to each other for the huge distance gaps between them it is understandable. All of there conversation are well also for they do not exactly talk about men but about the war. Overall I give this movie a 4.5 they lost the .5 for they still could have found a way to at least find a way of communication between at least 2 or the women. 

U2 #8 - William Huang

In class, we've watched two TV shows produced by Frontline--Digital Nation and Growing Up Online. 

Digital Nation was a film that discussed how we as a nation have transitioned to depend on the internet. The film emphasized how the nation has become more reliant on the internet as a whole. Growing Up Online focused on several examples of how kids in the new generation use the internet. It focused more on individuals. Both films discussed the advantages and dangers of such a technology.

The most memorable thing from either film was when that kid, whose name I do not recall, killed himself. It was utterly shocking. He was bullied in school and wanted his dad to teach him how to fight. His dad didn't want him to start fights, but encouraged him to defend himself. Eventually, he learned how to fight, which seemed like the tide turning moment, but even then, he still took his life.

I think it's important to watch shows like these because it teaches people what such a technology can do. While it can be beneficial in many forms, there are even more ways it can destroy you. I think the topics discussed and the kids in the show are easily relatable to the general public. People don't often stop to think about what they're doing online, and shows like these can make them more reflective of their internet activities.

To keep my future family safe online, I will set fairly strict restrictions. Although this may be frowned upon, is it better for the long run.

It is important to talk to your family about internet safety because anyone can be a victim to its dangers. Unlike physical sports, which often go hand-in-hand with accidental injuries, people don't think about getting harmed when they're online, something people typically look at as a form of recreation. Because of this, many people can be taken by surprise.

For parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online, I would recommend to just take away that privilege from them. The only way to prevent it definitely, at least at home, is to not give the option for it. 

U2 #8 Reflection- Justin Stewart


     ​In Tech class, We watched a video based on the danger of the internet. In my opinion, the most memorable event that happened in the film was when Ryan committed suicide. This was memorable because, it goes back to our Cyberbullying session a few weeks ago.


It is important for us teens to watch this film because, it shows us what could happen to both our online and personal life. It shows that we could be talking to older men/women when their profile picture is a picture of a 14 years old girl.

I would keep my future family safe by making strict rules for online uses. The reason why you should have a talk with your family is because you need to tell them the dangers when they’re online. I would encourage other parents to get the password to their kid’s devices to search for things that shouldn’t be happening.


Tech Movie- A Digital Nation

Over the past fews weeks, our Tech Class has been watching a very informative documentary, "A Digital Nation."

The aim of this show was to inform its viewers of the dangers and wonders of our present internet world. As we watched this video, I'd have to say that the most memorable thing I saw was the personal real-life accounts of instances where the internet had some part in a problem of one's life as a problem, solution, or both. In my opinion, it is important to watch shows such as these because they enable their viewers a chance to become more familiar with a concept in our modern world that affects our lives daily.

To keep my future family safe online, I will make sure that they are also aware of the dangers and perks of the internet- as well as what to do in any problematic situation involving our online world. I think that it is important to talk with my family about such matters because it helps both them and myself to become better aware of the consequences and rewards of the internet together. We can watch out for each other. To parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online, I would advice that you first become familiar with this information, then speak to your children about it. The most important thing is to TAKE ACTION against online threats to your children. Don't just sit by in ignorance. 

I would hope that they take my advice. 
Stay Safe Online
Stay Safe Online

My Digital Media Reflection

Leo Cassel-Siskind

In class we have been watching Digital Nation. It is about how all humans and teenagers in particular are online so much more than they used to be that being online is becoming a new lifestyle. The most scariest thing I viewed was about how people were chatting each other and encouraging each other to kill each other. There was even a website you could go to for the best place to kill yourself. It’s important to learn about things like this because it helps us protect ourselves online and helps us understand what we are doing online. If I was a parent I would make sure that I could see what my family was doing online whether talking to friends or posting pictures on social media. It’s important to do this so that in case someone is bullying my kids I can see that’s happening and help them out. Parents today who grew up without all of these things need to keep track of all the things their kids are doing online even though it may annoy them. Being online can be dangerous and they need to be protected.


​We had to watch a documentary about media and how it affects people in this generation. For me, the most memorable thing about this show was Ryan's tragic story. It's really sad when you find out that a kid was so unhappy that they thought taking their life would help. I think it's important to watch these types of films so you get a different perspective on this topic. There were many different people talking in the show from very opposite sides of the argument. I have a really good relationship with my mom and if I need help with something I go to her. If I ever have a family in the future I'm going to try to pass that relationship on and let them do what they want. My mom isn't overbearing at all, she let's me go on social media and gives me as much freedom as I need as long as I keep my grades up and stay out of trouble. Hopefully in the future, my family has a relationship like that because in reality it's the ideal relationship for parents and children. If I were giving someone advice on this topic, I would tell them to just talk to their child; don't demand anything, don't make them give you their passwords, just talk. Don't just talk once continue talking, a lot. Tell them how you feel about the internet situation, but don't limit your conversations to just that. Talk about everything and anything, they will reply. Simply put, just communicate with your kids.
actual tech thingy
actual tech thingy

Growing Up Online Powers

Yesterday in class we watched a Frontline program called growing up online. It was about technology in our world now and how it is changing the way we do things, mainly our memories and behaviors.The most memorable part of this show for me was Evan Skinner's overreaction to her son's trip to New York and the videos of it. I think she was ridiculously irrational and should have kept her reactions and opinions to herself. However, it is important to watch shows like these because they have many opinions by researchers and professors, as well as kids like us. They often give a well rounded perspective on controversial topics. To keep my future family safe online, I would teach them about the dangers and benefits online, instead of shielding them and reprimanding them. The more educated they are on this topic, the better online decisions they will make. It is important to talk with your family about internet safety to see if anyone is being harassed online and your family can help you prevent bad situations online. If there are people in your family who are very afraid or opposed to the internet, this talk could help them use the internet as a resource and also protect them from unsafe online situations. Parents who are struggling to keep their kids safe online, here is some advice: Learn about the uses and dangers of the internet so you are not ignorant to everything your kids do online. After that, make sure your kids are informed of situations and consequences online. If you want, Parental Controls are available, but most of us kids know how to get around those. I mostly recommend talking about it, instead of making the internet a big, exciting, and possibly dangerous unknown that kids will try to explore in secret.

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/intelfreepress/11970795853/in/photolist-jePsxX-5XLTnD-3zGzJ2-jricQS-4kqwPN-3zPQNp-s4iLpC-3zPYFR-rMrt9r-3zKnTP-4hgCYc-6D53JD-nQaxoG-4VqLEw-4VFqxx-9gYgXa-nNbvSY-nQe85e-nS1DG8-nxK8iz-nQe5Nv-nQatLm-nQax5f-nQe7UV-nQ59XN-nxJrqv-nQauXQ-nNbx6j-nxJqXL-nQavYs-nPW4wT-nQe72x-nxJE6w-4VqMcb-4VqN3m-4VqKUu-4VmyRD-4VqMPw-4VqLaE-3A7U2M-4V679p-9FJKy3-4hkKhN-4AeyQ3-4VKHe7-EmGgn-2mAPEP-4DDwYE-nTquwM-4Vmx1r/
Screenshot 2016-01-13 at 10.15.01 AM
Screenshot 2016-01-13 at 10.15.01 AM

Heathers, Put to the Test

 The film I’m choosing to review for this assignment, is Daniel Water’s 1988 movie, Heathers. 

This movie actually, throughout different scenes in the movie passes both tests, the different Heathers talk to each other about many things, most of which are admittedly vapid, but are not about boys. In the movie there are three girls named Heather, who are secondary characters, and the fourth member of their high school clique is the main character, Veronica. Who as the main focus of the movie passed the Mako Mori test. She has her own narrative, backstory, and complete perspective throughout the movie, that at points involves a man, but does not revolve around him, and in the end she leads to his demise. 

Thinking on the parameters of these different tests to asses how biased/gender based movies are, I noticed that a lot of these tests have rules that revolve around the female members of the cast, or lack there of. And if I were to make my own test I would do so a little differently. 

1: Is there an equal presence of male/female characters?

2: Do the character’s relationships hinge on romance/sex between the sexes?

3: Are there characters throughout the movie that are purely to further the theme of sexualization and not relevant in any other capacity? 

ie-Don Jon, the numerous woman in the start of the film, that you see have sex with the male character, then have nothing else to do with the movie, having no actual weight to the story. 

Looking at the test I’ve come up with, I could probably add more if I thought about it long enough, and in all honesty, I’ll probably never be happy with it, and I’m not sure if all movies will eventually pass any test like this, but it is interesting to see the portrayal of different people based off of such trivial details, like gender in the media. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.16.56 AM
Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.16.56 AM

Bechdel/Jung-Allen Test


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off passes the Bechdel Test, but just barely. The movie revolves around a high school senior named Ferris Bueller and his circle of friends. The plot shows us that Bueller has perfected the faked sick day, and the movie begins by him fooling his parents into letting him stay home. As soon as his mother and father leave for work, he goes on a series of wild adventures throughout the city with his girlfriend Sloane and best friend Cameron. The Bechdel Test is utilized in one of the final scenes, when he is racing home to beat his parents and sister (Jeanie) there. Jeanie was given a ticket for speeding while out searching for Ferris, and she is driving back from the police station with their mother in the passenger seat. The car ride consists of their mother nagging and lecturing Jeanie for her behavior, and the scene is interspliced with Ferris and his father travelling back home as well. Technically, this scene would qualify as a pass for the Bechdel Test because there are two women who have a conversation about something other than a man. But this interaction is extremely short, is not an isolated scene, and the dialogue is ultimately unimportant to the plot. Furthermore, many renditions of the Bechdel Test require both women to have names, while in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris’ mother does not have a specified name. The Jung-Allen Test requires the following things: two named women, at least one of color, that have an interaction about something other than a man for a full, uninterrupted thirty seconds. This would mean that Ferris Bueller would definitely lose this test. It is not as low a bar as the actual Bechdel Test, but it is still a relatively low bar that I can only think of one movie of the top of my head that would pass this test (The Help). As a reminder, both the Bechdel and Jung-Allen Test do not measure anything about the movie except for its amount of representation. It does not measure whether the movie is feminist or not, and does not grade its actual quality. But the Jung-Allen Test will do a better job of performing the aforementioned tasks. The racial component encourages racial representation (however low), and the uninterrupted thirty second rules encourages the idea that the conversation will have actual relevance to the plot.

Growing Up Online Reflection Koffi

  1. In class we watched a video called Growing up Online
  2. The show was about the internet and its effect on technological advancement, education, and people, especially our generation
  3. The most memorable thing about this show was the individual stories of each teen that seemed really different but were actually quite similar in some ways. For example, Sara and Ryan Halligan, two very different teens with two very different stories, both turned to the internet for solace. Unfortunately neither of them found positive outlets online. In fact the internet may have made their issues worse.
  4. Shows like this are important because it is crucial that problems, like the ones discussed in the show, don't go unnoticed or forgotten. Instead these problems should be addressed and possibly solved.
  5. To keep my family safe online I would make sure that rules and norms are understood from the beginning. Norms about behavior online will be clear and precise 
  6. I think that it's important to make sure that family is safe online because my family's well being is important to me. I wouldn't want my family to be unhappy or to feel threatened. Safety in real life is clear so internet safety should be too.
  7. I would tell those parents to show their children shows like Growing up Online. The effects and consequences of abusing the internet should be made known to their kids
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 8.11.50 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 8.11.50 PM

Growing up online

In class we watched Digital Nation. This show was about instances that occurred online and how communities have reacted to the growing environment online. The most memorable thing about this show to me is when the mother emailed the whole school about a concert a large group of students went to and their maybe inappropriate behavior there. It’s important to watch shows like these in order to realize the consequences of what we post online and how it can affect our world outside of the internet. In order to keep my future family safe online, I will make sure everyone knows the consequences of online activity. I will also make sure they are aware of the people online and how to not give out private information. It’s important to talk with our family’s about internet safety because it’s a resource that affects us all and can be very harmful. It’s important that it’s a common discussion so that everyone develops good common practices. I would tell parents to talk openly about online activity and teach their children good practices so that they keep those ideas in mind while online.
download (1)
download (1)

Growing Up Online Reflection

The TV show was called Growing Up Online. The show was about kids and how they grew up with computers, how it impacted them, and how they spent most of their time online. The thing that I remembered the most would probably have to be how people would spend so much time online that they lost their ability to communicate with others and that people would die doing a long marathon. I think it is important that we watch these shows so that we can learn from the mistakes of others and and from those of the world. I would inform them of the dangers and tell them what to do and not but encourage them to use it but only if they let me know when they make an account so I can monitor them. It is important to talk to your family about internet safety because they should know what could happen from their doings and how different things can impact you and your family. I would tell parents to make sure they know what their child is doing and monitor it the best they can and ask your fellow parents about what they do.

Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 11.38.53 AM
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 11.38.53 AM


‘Sisters’ Movie Review Using the Bechdel Test

The movie Sisters is about two sisters whose parents are trying to sell their childhood home. They come home to pack up their stuff and they decide to throw one last party in the house for old times’ sake.

This movie definitely passes the Bechdel test. The first piece of criteria in the Bechdel test is that there are at least two named women. The movie’s two main characters are women: Maura and Kate Ellis. Kate’s daughter, Haley is also named many times. Another is Brinda, a woman who the sisters hate from their childhood who ends up trying to get into their party.

The second piece of criteria in the Bechdel test is that women must talk to each other in the movie. The main characters, Maura and Kate, talk to each other about many things, most of which is about their childhood home being sold and party planning for their party. They also do some talking to Kate’s daughter, who is going through a hard time because Kate is not being as responsible as her daughter would like for her to be.

The second piece of criteria for the test is that they speak to each other about things other than a man. There are times in the film where Maura and Kate talk to each other about men but it is not an overwhelming amount. They each have a crush at the party they throw but only Maura really falls in love with the man she likes and that is not until the end. They talk about the home, their parents, the party, and Kate’s daughter a lot more than they mention men.

If I were to make up my own test the criteria would be:

-At least 2 women are named in the film.

-They do not abide by strict gender roles.

-They are at least somewhat developed characters in the film.

‘Sisters’ Movie Review Using My Test

The first piece of my test says that at least two women are named in the film, like the Bechdel Test. I found this to be an extremely important for a film to be woman-friendly, so I kept it in my test. As I said before, Kate and Maura Ellis are the two main characters as well as Kate’s daughter, Haley.

My second piece of criteria for my test says that the women in the movie do not abide by strict gender roles. I found that “Sisters” also passes this part of my test. Maura and Kate are not overweight, but they are an average weight and they are proud of it. There is a scene in the movie where they stick out their stomachs and laugh about it, which I found pretty funny. They are not ashamed of their normal weight and they are not trying to obtain the skinny woman image that so often appears in the media. There is also a scene where they are picking out provocative dresses for their party. They are not doing this to attract men, they are doing it for themselves and they are laughing about it because the dresses are tailored more for younger girls. I thought that was pretty cool because they were just being themselves and showing as much as skin as they would like-just like a guy can. They also swear and drink which goes against the “polite, happy, and pure” stereotype that girls are held to.

My last piece of criteria says that the women in the movie are at least somewhat developed characters. “Sisters” of course passes this one with flying color as the two main characters are women.


Overall, I thought that “Sisters” was a funny and interesting movie that portrayed women in a realistic way. I enjoyed the simplicity of the movie and the way I could just get lost in it and not have to analyze too much while watching it. Although I do love movies that make me think, this one was good for an easy yet fun watch while also being feminist friendly.

Growing Up Online Reflection- Kiah Johnson

1. In class, we watched a show called Growing Up Online.

2. The show was basically a documentary about kids that grew up on the internet and they had some difficulties with having it. The show then told a lot of the kid's stories of them being on the internet, showing the affects of their decisons, teaching the audience how one decision can hurt them in life. 

3. I think the most memorable thing about the show was the story about the little boy who killed himself because of the group chat he was in. In the group chat he went to look for advise from these people, and he trusted them, but they totally betrayed his trust and they ended up responsible for his murder. This speaks to me because I know that sometimes life gets really hard, and we often want to kill ourselves, but it really isn't the answer. It reminds us that if we need help we should go to our parents and don't go to anyone else because we can't always trust the online world. 

4. I think it is very important for people to watch these shows because it tell others how and what could happen to them if they aren't too careful of what they are doing online. It will remind them that they can get hurt, bullied, and they might cause thoughts of suicide because of what others have said.

5. I believe I would teach my children to be safe online by just warning them of what could happen, but I will not block anything from them to make sure I can see if I can trust them. If they don't follow the rules and they end up breaking them, I would start to just inform them more about what could happen, but just a lot more detailed of the consequences. 

6. I think it is important for someone to talk to their family about internet safety because if they ever get into trouble, and they themselves don't know how to get out of it, their parents can step into the situation and help them with it. Not many people would help them with it, but their parents care about them deeply enough that they will help them.

7. The advise I would give to other parents is: Don't block them from stuff, because they will never learn. When they make those mistakes, catch them, inform them about the affects of doing it. After that, you must let them make their decisions until they come to you for help, unless the situation is unbearable in your eyes.


Growing Up Online Reflection - Bostani

In class, we watched two episodes of the PBS TV show "Frontline". The show documented how kids and parents have to be smart about what they get into online, since they are online almost all of the time. Another main idea is to highlight purposes for technology. The most memorable thing from this show is how pilots stationed out of a local Air Force base can fly drones half way across the globe and kill America's main enemies. I find that really impressive. I believe that it is important to watch these kinds of shows because it helps people keep their minds open to things. To keep my descendants safe online, I won't be an online tyrant. I'll make them accept my friend/follow requests on social media, and will be on guard through that. I believe that kids don't go around looking for trouble online, so I decided not to be totally annoying and on top. It's important to talk to your family about internet safety as it is almost a tool essential for survival, and just like any tool it's essential to know how to use that tool. A piece of advice I'd give to parents is to let your kids be active online. They won't learn from stuff if they don't make mistakes!
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 1.43.00 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 1.43.00 PM

Internet safety reflection Adams

We watched a tv show about internet safety.
1.It was about how to keep safe on the internet and it gave examples of internet tragedy 
2.Probably the kid that killed himself because it was sad and surprising 
3.Its not important because I didn't feel any different from watching this video so for me it had no affect on how I view the internet
4.I wont
5.Its not
6.Let them learn from mistakes don't guide them