Who am i online, Norton Sharron

1. in class we worked on a video called ''I Am A Witness''. This video talks about when cyber bullying occurs, how you can stop   it. 

2. This video brings up to me how people see cyber bullying, but don't do anything. They just allow the bully to keep doing what they're doing/ saying knowing that's wrong. 

3. I am Me online. I appear to what people close to me call myself. Funny, hype, petty, childish, loud, sweet, nice, and pretty!

4. They perceive me to be what i describes above ^^^^^^^^^^. (the stuff i post on instagram and twitter). 

5. To feed off your reaction 

6. Yo have the power to feed into them giving them the power they want. Or you can not reply and don't give them the power   they desire for you . 


Bullying lesson- Becca Snyder

​Today in technology class we watched a video about bullying and a kid named Jack who was bullied. In this video we were taught about the eye emoji as a tool online to show web trolls that we see their bullying. This tool is a way to stop bullying or at least stop being a silent bystander. This video reminds me that there is always a way to stop bullying and help people who are being bullied. The eye emoji is an action online to prevent further bullying. 
The second part of the activity was to google ourselves and a partner. When I googled myself I didn't find any pictures of myself but I found lots of other people. Based on those pictures of others I look like a fun party girl. I also look friendly and family oriented. 
The goal of internet trolls is to make others feel badly about themselves in order to feel better about their life. Internet trolls try to keep online anonymity. A good part about online anonymity is that no one knows who you are, so people can't stalk you. A bad part about it is that it encourages bullying behavior because no one knows who's behind the screen and if someone is in trouble online you don't know who you're reaching out to.
Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.18.14 PM
Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.18.14 PM

The Map

Press Release:

When Logan set out on a trip around the world he expected it to change his world and he thought he knew how. Looking back on it, he finally understood the answer to what he had been thinking throughout the entire trip “Why did he want to change?”

In this bestselling novel from the acclaimed author Stuart Perry, readers are introduced to Logan Harian, a soon to college student who has remained undecided in all manners of identity. Going on a trip that can “change lives” he sets out on a trip to find out who he is. As he travels from his hometown of Hollow Rock, Tennessee to the places deemed most “life changing”, he learns that life isn't very straightforward and the map that he’s following may not be the guide that he needs.

by Carolyn Borock & Dylan McKeon

Who Am I Online?

Today in class, we watched a video about the context of bullying, and what it does to someone. We also learned some tips about how to end it.
Bullying, left alone, can make a victim feel alone and helpless, while the bully probably feels better about him/herself.
Online, I believe I appear as a person who will intervene. For example, when I am playing a game online with other people who are strangers, and some guy starts picking on another player. I don't reply to the bully, but give complements to the person specifically. Later, I will report whomever was bullying to whatever site I am on. A more specific example of this is when one day, I was playing on Roblox, and a player called... I can't remember- they were bullying another player called... Water-something- and they were saying how they were such a bad player and kept costing the whole group points in a group game. This was in fact not true (It was me costing the group points) and nobody really believed this guy. So, I told the victim about all the things that he did well while he was playing this particular game, and that I would report the bully. I believe that my actions made the victim feel a whole lot better about him/herself in a good way. I hope that bully got what he deserved...
Based on my appearance, I think hat people think of me as an average player or sometimes someone different from who I really am, but this isn't always the case. Some people act as how they really are on the inside, because in reality they are too scared. Therefore, I think that sometimes I am different from reality, and sometimes people are extremely true to themselves online.
The goal of internet trolls is to make other people feel pain, or bad about themselves, in order for the internet trolls to feel better about themselves.
There are many different positives and negatives caused by online anonymity. Some negatives are online predators, hackers, internet trolls. As your identity is unknown, predators can prey on unsuspecting people- free of the worry that they will be discovered. They do this by making their victims feel valued and right all the time, even when they may not be. Believing that someone gets you is the quickest way to opening up to a complete stranger with your name, address, and personal information.
 Positives include the ability to be true to one's self online because no one can criticize you to your face. For example, a very smart person may feel that they want to be a sports jock, but feel as though he will be undervalued if he actually becomes one. So, online, he becomes who he wants to be, and feels that he is online, aided by online anonymity.   
Eyes glued to the TV (free download read below)

Q1 Benchmark / Contemporary Kafkaesque — Clio & Avery

Press Release

AcceptU: New Website and Podcast Explore Gender Identity and Technology

AcceptU is a new outlet for people who are going through Gender Identity problems.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.02.46 PM.png

AcceptU describes itself as a community where people can tell their stories about coming out. They hope to make more people who are having a hard time feel comfortable. AcceptU believes that technology has become such a huge part of people's lives, and people get so much more support from others on the internet, than they would have before.  Therefore, the theme of the conversation on AcceptU is how technology helped people in their time of self discovery.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.35.43 PM.png

Here is a story from one of the members of the community. When people send in their stories, AcceptU asks them to say their name and what they identify as. They are also asked to say tell how technology has impacted their lives or how it has helped them come out.  The site is in a blog format, so after the administrator(s) have read a story and approved it, it is then posted to the front page of the site.  

The PodcastDrawing.png

AcceptU: The Podcast was started after the founding of AcceptU by two members of the JMAC podcast company who wanted to spread awareness of both the website and the issue it discusses.  Each week they read about another member who shared their story, and talk about it.  They plan on starting to bring the actual members onto the show for interviews soon. Since the podcast is so new, there are still a few things that they need to work out, but they are taking listener feedback and using that to improve.  

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.53.15 PM.png

If you wish to be featured either on the site or in the podcast, anyone can submit his or her own story through the website’s “Submit” page. Once you submit your story it will be read and reviewed and then the owner of the website will decide if it will go onto the page or not.

Cultural Fabric:

AcceptU Podcast - 10:25:15, 12.28 PM

All of the links that we provided are about gender identity. Many are about how people have been affected by this change. This is pretty much exactly what we wanted to represent in our website, article and podcast. We tried to give a variety of different links here because we wanted to show that there are currently a lot of different things going on that have to do with gender identity. While many of the links are just articles about gender identity in general, there are also a couple that are about specific things.

One of the more important links that we chose to do was one about Miley Cyrus identifying as Genderqueer. We wanted to use that because one of the stories on the AcceptU website talked about Miley Cyrus coming out and how it impacted the character. We thought it would be interesting to give a little more information about that, and because we thought it was useful to show how Miley Cyrus was using the internet and social media to share her story. That also follows into another link we decided to share, we found a story about a transgender female to male. He had been taking his hormones for a year and decided to share every step of the way in a video.

That video ties very well into the story about Gabriel, the transgender female to male child.  It’s important to that character’s story, because at some point the character would most likely start taking testosterone just like the person who made that video.  It is interesting and important to see a real-life example of the kind of story that we created on AcceptU, especially a successful one.  It brings the idea more to life, and brings the topic out of the reader’s imagination.

We wanted to get a variety of different kinds of sources, so we found a website that has all these different songs that relate to gender identity.  These songs were all posted online which was a huge part of what we focused on in our project: the internet. We wanted to show the different types of ways people are creating art that has to do with gender identity. Even though, unlike some of the other sources, it didn’t directly have to do with our project, it does tie into it all. We think it is definitely important that people who are going through things like this have support in whatever media it is in, that was really the main point of the website and the podcast.

On Control Group, another one of the links we gave, they talk about Gender and Technology. It was basically about when you have to fill in that box that asks what sex you are. The author then goes into tell us that she would rather just be labeled as who she is. Instead of filling in a box that talks about what gender she is, she wants to fill in a box that says something about their education. She wants the question to be eliminated in total to give people a sense of relief. This kind of brings up the idea that none of this is black and white or girl and boy. There are people who identify as other, which is what we wanted to show in this mix of stories we created.

The final link is to a New York Times article about design and gender fluidity.  It discusses furniture, apps, toys, and clothing.  There are two main style concepts it talks about: eclectic and neutral.  Eclectic, in this case, means that there are obvious and equal signs of both genders, but they are played with and mixed up.  An example that the article gives of this concept is the apps and games made by Toca Boca.  In it, there are all types of colors, boys, girls, but also characters that aren’t really either.  The neutral style essentially means that there is no information to push something in the direction of either female or male.  A good example given of this is Agender by Selfridges, in England.  This is an experimental section in the popular department store that has industrialist themes, and completely gender-neutral, unisex clothing, in mostly neutral colors.  The concepts of both eclectic and neutral style are interesting, and both relate to the story on our website about the gender fluid teen.  This is an increasingly common identity, so we thought it was very important to include a few sources about the topic.

Butterflies with Curly Hair

Butterflies with Curly Hair is a book of poetry written by Paige Wordsworth about the connections she has made throughout the years and how that changes with the introduction of technology. She gives her readers a new lens to view the technological era from an outsiders point of view. Through her new and old connections she creates poems in language that captures her readers in the first stanza. If you are looking to get into poetry but it always intimidated you, her style of writing - which is very direct - will let you enter the poetry world and still understand it.
Watch out for this book in stores!
​Listen to I think you're cool to hear some cool  people discuss the book.
-i think you're cool- podcast
Blog Post by: Michaela Prell & Jasmin Gilliam

Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes — Zack Hersh and Amelia Stuart

(click on the picture of the book jacket for a larger and higher quality image) 
fifteen mins cover screenshot
fifteen mins cover screenshot
What isms represents the current generation? What defines it? What does it mean to be a human in our time? These are just some of the essential questions our piece of literature, the novel Fifteen Minutes, sets out to answer.

Above is the book jacket for Fifteen Minutes. 
The New York Times book review addresses the audience response.
The Cultural fabric analysis discusses the other works, events and ideas that are part of this movement and topic. 

Emily Martinez's Feud with Morton Salt

When the Morton Salt Company finds out that a woman named Emily Martinez is having some success in her newly opened salt mining company in Grand Saline, TX, the company writes hundreds of bad reviews on her yelp page and even makes a fake Facebook profile in order to defame her. Since Grand Saline is a small town, rumors about Emily Martinez not selling good quality salt and having poor customer service spread, and her reputation becomes ruined. This project shows how powerful the internet can be when it comes to spreading rumors. It also deals with cyberbullying since the Morton Salt Company harasses her online just to lessen the competition in the salt mining business. 
Press Release: Emily Martinez's yelp page full of negative reviews. 
Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.19.14 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.19.14 PM
Audience Response: 
On this episode of “Now That’s What I Call Business,” Matthew Jones investigates another Business Conundrum. This week, we hear from Emily Martinez, the woman whose reputation was ruined by the Morton Salt Company. We’ll hear her story, plus some musings on public shaming and the power of the internet over our lives. We’ll also ask the question: are we good people? All this and more on this week’s episode of “Now That’s What I Call Business,” brought to you by Plapor, the most poetic business tool.
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.45.46 AM
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.45.46 AM

Diaries of Extradimensional Beings

Press Release: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1Mdsz8RPkBDOMfE-XcmO9TnCiwJvjihJJIZNfHvgZe3g/edit?usp=sharing

Audience Response: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gPGpi4BbYJ-nTqgyHBqomwHV3m1RAEM2hiuSxD_YtgI/edit?usp=sharing

Cultural Fabric:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxYG76szxTEpZWxUR2JBY0tNcFE/view?usp=sharing

Noah and I worked together and for our benchmark we decided to create a collection of journal entries similar written by several different people similar to Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul and New Kids on the Street. Each of our journal entries tells the stories of immigrants from an alternate universe. This alternate universe was trapped in a 1940's like setting but unfortunately it was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. Luckily the survivors of the devastation were all migrated to different universes, our protagonists were separated from their parents and all wound up in our universe where they are stuck. These journal entries tackle the clashing themes and ideas from both past and present alike. Our goal with our piece was to show the evolution of society and how nothing is constant and everything is variable. We hope you enjoy our piece.


Today in class we began by watching the #iamawitness video. The video was of a little boy named jack who was getting bullied by three kids, while watching the video you had the choice of either clicking or not clicking a emoji that showed up on the screen, if you clicked the emoji the bullies would not bully him and let him have a good day. When I was watching this video I remembered how affected kids can be by bullying and teasing, I was also reminded that by doing one thing to make somebodies day worse you can also do one thing to make somebodies day much better. Online I like to stay pretty low key and keep a small profile, I probably appear as somebody who doesn't have a bunch of their information all over the internet. Online I think people would perceive me as somebody who isn't all out there with their personal information and I might seem shy and timid online. The goal of internet trolls is to get a reaction out of the people who they are trolling, or to see the person suffer hence the reference to a sadist. A pro of online anonymity is that nobody can receive your personal information, a con of online anonymity would be if someone needed to see your information like for a job then they cant find your information online. This picture below came up pretty late in my results, and is a picture of my parents at my birth. 
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 9.29.42 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 9.29.42 AM


Alexandrea Rivera                                                                                                                                  Green Stream

                                                        "Who Am I Online"

The video that we watched in class was "Who Am I Online" . The activity in class was to search yourself on the internet and see what comes up. The video made me think of social media and the bullying on there. 

I appear happy and silly, I feel some people perceive me as the same way as I do and some others may think negative things about me it all depends on the person that you are. 

The goal of internet trolls are to put people down. Trolls on the internet usually have been put down by others so that leads them to do that to others to make themselves feel good and better. Other times these people just enjoy people hurting themselves or feeling upset. 

The negative result of online anonymity is you sometimes cant tell who is bullying you. The positive result of online anonymity is that if you're sticking up for someone without being a bullying yourself the bully or troll doesn't know who you are so they cant bully you on a personal level. 


Reflection Kamil Kielar

Today in class we had watched a video about a little boy that was getting bullied. The bullies were doing all these mean thing to him and you could help him out by pressing this emoji. After you press the emoji the bullies do nice things to him instead bullying him. When I had seen this video I had felt so emotionally touched and bad for him. I remember when I was younger I was bullied by some kids but then I just learned to ignore it and ever since nothing has been able to really offend me. Online I am a complete ghost. I have never have a single social media and never felt as if I need one. Based on this appearance I think people tend to ignore me completely online which is both good and bad. In my opinion the goal for an internet troll is to annoy you and make you feel bad about yourself. The positive side of being anonymous is no one can bully you because you don't exist but the downside is you cannot interact with friend and be able to talk to them even though your not next to them physically.       

Who am I Online? - Andrew Rodebaugh

In Tech class we had to Google yourself and explain what we think about it. I am pretty proud of what is on Google all the stuff I am proud of seems to be on top and looking through it you can learn about me (In a good way). The only thing is that also on the first page on Google is a article about my heart defect that may seem OK but, I am worried if I want a job and they Google me and they see that I am worried they will be worried about me. I will work on my Internet profile and make it better.
Photo from https://openclipart.org

Dayanna Hughes #whoamI

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 11.02.08 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 11.02.08 AM

Today we watched an #Iamawitness video, that gave us an overview of both sides of a bullying story. It brings to my mind that we can change the whole perception of bullying by stopping it and supporting people who are victims. I am just one person in the maze of profiles on the internet. The pictures that show up are appropriate and cringe worthy as well ( fetus pictures. )  I don't think people perceive me in a major way because it's just a normal photo, not appropriate at all. The goal of the internet trolls are to hurt you, their main goal is to bring you unhappiness. I am now more aware of cyber bullying and it got me excited to help vicitims.

Home Network, To

1) My local area network is Comcast and the internet connects to the modem with the coax cable. Then, the modem is connected to the router with a ethernet cord. Lastly, the router connects to all my devices at my house are 4 wireless phones, 1 wire home phone, 2  wireless laptop, 1 wired computer, and 1 wireless printer with wiFi.
2) I learned about how the information were sent through packets to get to us. Also,  I learned that there were different wires like coax and also that Verizon provider has a 2 in1 modem/router, other internet providers has two of them separately. 
3) I would tell other people that they need to know about having an home network is which wires connect to what and the process on how our computers receive information and also about the internet providers. 


​I have not started my ILP yet. I have talked to Jeremy in person and sent e-mails. I've tried to talk yo him face to face but Jeremy is very hard to find when you're looking for him. So, my plan is to have a face to face conversation with Jeremy and hopefully we can talk about my options. A few weeks ago I went to the ILP meeting and picked things that I'm interested in.
I would like to do something involved with culinary arts. I f not that then something fun like a class about food science or something of that nature. I would like to figure this out soon so I can know how I can help to speed up this process.

Home Network, Jason

There are many people on my LAN because i have a lot of family members but the devices connected are Jason's iPhone,Jason's laptop, Cindy's iPhone, Cindy's laptop, Wendy's iPhone, Wendy's laptop, Dad's iPhone, Dad's laptop, and Mom's iPhone
Something i learned about about networks are the black wire that comes into my house i did not know it was a Coax.
If i were to tell someone something about a ISP or Home Network i would tell them what Router and Modern are.

Xfinity, Brown

The devices on my home network include two laptops, two iPhone's, and an Amazon Fire Tablet. I learned about how it is possible for me to access the internet from my home. I didn't have any OMG moments, but I did learn a lot of cool information. I would tell them that Xfinity wifi costs $64.99 per month.

Reflection blog

My LAN contains my laptop,phone,TV, and my mom's phone. This has been a quick and wonderful experience, I've learned a lot. I've actually always wondered what in the world the internet is and I was kind of let down that it was so practical yet intricate. I would tell them they should know what all the chords are and how they work so that if ever one needs to set up their TV or system/device they'll have no problem.

Home Network Kimberly Gucciardi Kriegh

1) The internet comes into my house with a Coax cable. then connects to my modem. Two computers are connected with a wire to the modem. The modem connects to the router with a  Ether Net cord. It send wifi out to 3 phones, 2 playstations, one Ipad, and one cromecast. 
2) The most interesting thing was how the information is sent through packets!
3) I would teach them about the way our internet send signals and how much it takes to recieve information to our computer. 

Home Network, Hinson

Blank Flowchart
My ISP is Verizon Fios. I have both a modem and a router. Connected to my router I have wireless wifi. Connected to my wifi I have a printer, 4 iPhones, 3 iPads, a PS4, a xBox 1 and an apple desktop. These are the things that make up my home network. One "OMG" moment I had was learning that there were firewalls inside of firewalls. For example, if you were a hacker and the thing you are trying to hack has multiple firewalls, it will be way harder to hack into the thing or site. If you are to have a ISP make sure you pick a ISP that has good quality for a good price.

My home Network: Shamus Keough

Blank Flowchart - New Page
My internet is provided by Verizon Fios, we then have a modem/router. We have our computer connected via Ethernet cable. Then we have an iPad, 4 i Phones, a wireless printer, an xbox, and a smart tv. In this class I have learned the different between the World wide web, and the internet, and have been taught how to use canvas, which was EXTREMELY helpful. Something I could tell other people is to think about all the devices you have that are connected to the internet and make a drawing of it and how its connected to the internet.