Filmography Internship

Filmography internship with Judith Redding - Dates and times: 09/15/2015 from 1 PM to 3:30 PM, 09/25/2015 from 1 PM to 3 PM, 10/03/2015 from 2 PM to 4 PM, and 10/11/2015 from 2 PM to 3:30 PM. TOTAL LOGGED HOURS: 8.

What went well?: What went well in my ILP with Judith is the fact that she has given me so many tools to succeed in my filming and editing process. She gave me a video camera, a book on camera shots, an iMovie manual, and some other odds and ends- for example, a list of films I should watch. Something also incredibly helpful is that she always explains to me how things would be in the real world of filming, or tips for scenarios I might be in or forms I might need to fill out. She has helped me both with my video editing, and how to include audio and music legally in my videos, with the proper copyrights.

What are you looking forward to?: I am looking very forward to when I have edited all of my footage and I can show Judith. I only have snippets so far, but it is great discussing how I might achieve my next scenes or edit the footage to tell a certain story. iMovie gave me trouble at first, but then I figured it out and I am really looking forward to spending a ton of time turning all of my random clips into beautiful art. I also look forward to my meetings with Judith every week (obviously) because she is really cool and the best ILP host EVER! She is so knowledgeable and her work is amazing.

What stands out that has happened so far?: What stands out to me that has happened so far is how practical my ILP is. When Judith first brought me the video camera I am using, we went through the whole thing like I would if I were renting one in real life. She had a mock form for me to fill out and everything. She also emailed me permission forms some film contests require for the people you may happen to have in your videos. What also really stood out to me is how she asks me challenging questions like how can I do a scene if I don't have access to this or that or I can't shoot in a particular place. I have learned some very helpful tips that way! And lots about my video camera, too- like white balance and the other settings on the camera.

What you think is important: I think it is very important to recognize the fact that Judith is only a filmographer, not an educator, but that she has given me so many resources and taught me so well already. Taking time out of her schedule each week, she always brings papers for me or lesson plans she has created to ease me along the filmmaking process. And, whenever she has shoots I am allowed to come, too! All around, I am just so appreciative and lucky to get an ILP that will really help me advance in my film career and my skill, too.

Wellner- ILP Checki-in (10/14/15)

​Wednesday, October 14th, was my third day at my ILP at the Center City branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. My first day was a simple introductory day where we learned what we would be doing at this ILP, which was recording and documentation of different parts and events related to the library. The second day, 10/7/15, myself and Tito, who is working on the same project as me, began work on our first documentary, a short 3-4 minute piece on the restoration of the paintings in the children's department. So far, I think this is going to be a very good ILP, because it focuses on video and editing, something that I'm interested in learning about. I'm looking forward to working with other people at the library 

Samuel Dennis: ILP w/ Philly.

I recently landed an ILP with Philly, a news source website that connect other organizations and companies by writing different stories about them. My mentor, Juliana Reyes, has been guiding me since I started 4 weeks ago. Reyes is a committed writer to, and writes for multiple media sources. It has been a blast, and is moving to another location soon. With one story published already on their website, I am looking forward to publishing even more, and becoming a skilled writer along with everyone else I work with. With, I will be able to understand more about rh Philadelphia tech community, and I'll be able to change in ways that will benefit my writing and social skills.

Home Network - Ameer Johnson

My home network is composed of a Verizon FIOS router that is connected through a coax cable from the bottom of my living room floor. That router connects wirelessly to every device in my house. I have 2 smart phones, 2 game consoles, one handheld, a printer, and 2 laptops that connect to my router. I learned a lot of stuff about the internet and home network. One of the biggest things I learned is what the difference between a router, a modem, and a modem-router was. Prior to this, I had no idea that they were different things. If I had to tell someone something about their ISP/Home network, I would tell that person that everything you do on the internet is tracked and so technically, you don't have any privacy online.

Home Network, Long

This is my L.A.N internet diagram. It begins with the modem being set upstairs. The modem/router has a coax cable since my provider is Comcast. The modem/router allows things to be connect by wire or wireless. Then the modem/router is connected to a smart TV. As well as my other devices which are a wireless printer, 2 ipads and 3 iphones and 4 laptops. I already knew some things about the internet and my modem/router. But I never knew anything about it in full detail. I learned that the wire connected in my modem/router is a coax cable and that different service providers use different cables. I don't really know what I would tell other people about having a home network, maybe that nothing is actually on the internet. 

Home Network, Hughes

  1. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.
  2. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
  3. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

Home Network Murray

  1. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.                                           My L.A.N is Comcast - I have # laptops, Four phones, two ipads ,two smart tv's , and an alarm system.
  2. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.                                                                                                 I had an OMG moment when I had found out about how packets are sent from a building to my device so I can get on the website or download something.    
  3. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?                                   I would tell them to be very careful about the sites they go on and what they download or upload because you can get into a lot of trouble. The reason why is because nothing is safe everything is public when you search or download something.

Home Network, Boubou Magassa

My home network starts from my parents room and the coax cable goes downstairs to me living room and is connected to my Modem/Router and then i have a ethernet that connects to my desktop. Then we also have wireless and WiFi receiveing phones and 6 total. My brother also has a tablet. I now have a chromebook. And we also have a Xbox 360.   

Home Network ,Matt Reed

My home network starts with the internet coming delivering to the Fios box in my basement. Then, the box sends a Ethernet wire through the floor and into a router. The router is hard wired to my To my Desktop PC. All of the other devices ( Phones, Tablets, and Laptops) are wirelessly connected to my router.  The only thing I really learned is that my internet is my internet was really expensive. I would tell people that they need to be financial healthy in order to be keeping up with your ISP bills. 

Home Network, Li

My L.A.N Local Area Network has many things connected to it. For example, phones, a computer, tablets, laptops, and a printer.
The thing I learned about networks is that everything is connected to one another. For example, it all starts with the internet, then it goes to the coax cable, it then goes into the router, modem, or modem router, and lastly into the devices that are connected to the modem/router for internet. Another thing I learned about networks is that every time you go on any websites, it is actually sending a message to some states and then to another country all within a matter of seconds to have access to that website you are requesting to go on. The things I would tell other people they need to know about having an ISP/Home Network is that they should know where the internet provider in the house or building is and how everything is connected.


For my ILP I wanted to do something interesting and fun. I thought I'd do something with sports, specifically soccer. I met with Jeremy and told me to look up contact information. After going to some collages' websites and gathering contact information, I told Jeremy about it and he said to work on and e-mail to send them. I e-mailed the athletics program at Drexel and U Penn on October 7th, saying that I wanted to intern at their soccer training program. I haven't heard back from them. Currently I am working on sending a second email. I want to meet with Jeremy this Wednesday and see if there's another way I could contact them or if there's anything else I can do.

Home network, Ward

On my home network, there is an Apple TV (Wi-Fi), parent's iPad (Wi-Fi), parent's desktop (connected using Ethernet), my laptop (Wi-Fi), my brother's laptop (Wi-Fi), the home phone (phone line), four smartphones (one per person, Wi-Fi and 4G), and a wireless Epson printer (Wi-Fi).
Although I was aware of this before I learned it in tech class, I did have an OMG moment about the fact that our exact locations can be tracked down just with an IP address. It's almost scary at the fact that we all are monitored all the time across all of our devices - EVERYWHERE!
If I had to tell someone one thing about having an ISP/home network, I would say, "We're all being watched...."  

Home Network, Saw

My local area network has a pretty strong connection. I can load everything from all of the devices I am using within seconds. The devices connected to my ISP are smart phones, laptops, desktops, printers, gaming systems, and tablets. 
I learned that network came from the sky. At first I thought networks came from internet providers and that internet providers had a machine system thing that sends out internet signals to use. 
I would tell other people with IPS/home network that they need to know what cables are bringing internet into their home from the signals in the sky. 

My home network, Elbakhadaoui

  1. We have a x-box connected to my brothers tv (X4 Tv's), X4 phones, we also have 2 laptops, a desktop, a printer, a i pad mini 
  2. My OMG moment was when I learned that when you get home you should use your home network on your phone instead of your data.
  3. I would tell them that having wifi (verizon) is amazing it's really fast and you need wifi, internet for homework and many other things

Polished for Pennies: My ILP

This year for my ILP, I am working with the woman who created the blog "Polished for Pennies". This blog inspires young women to have fun with their fashion, but the outfit pieces are from thrift stores. The mission is to make fashion affordable and to write daily blogs and post videos that inspire and are helpful tips for fashionistas on a budget in modern day.
So far, I have just secured this ILP and spent Wednesday afternoon conversing with my mentor about what my tasks will be and when we can meet in person. So far, I am very excited about meeting my mentor and learning from her as well as being an intern for such a great blog and person. My tasks so far have been to email her about timing and to coordinate a day and place in which we can meet to finalize a weekly schedule. I am anticipating meeting her and look forward to my year as a helper for Polish for Pennies!

Chen: I have a ILP

My ILP is greenfield every Wednesday at 1:30pm at 22nd and chestnut. My first day was on September 30 and on that day I got assigned to helped the kindergarten. I also helped the teacher with getting things done. I really enjoyed helping the teacher and kids. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know them better every Wednesday at 1:30, since, I find the kids to be so innocent and adorable. I find it really cool that the kindergarten get snack time everyday after recess which was interesting even though, they just came from lunch. They also get recess after the recess that, they just had. I had started this ILP since September 30 and noticed that they are assigned different things everyday. I noticed that sometime, they work on their alphabet and numbers which is important for the kid to get educated. It was interesting to see how hard the childrens in kindergarten was trying to get their alphabet and number correct. This ILP will defiantly help me in life to make sure if I really want to do something with childrens which is something that will be useful in the future.

ILP Acquired, Still Hasn't Started (10/15/15)

In early September, I emailed Jeremy regarding finding an ILP. He replied with a link to the ACE Mentor Program, which is a program where the student gets to experience different aspects that an Engineering, Construction, and Architectural career have to offer. I have since signed up, got a welcome email from ACE, and the meeting begin towards the beginning of November.


My ILP is Real Estate. Getting this ILP was very easy. It only took one conversation with Jeremy and an email. I am looking forward to learning some cool things about real estate. I got to visit a mansion with my boss in University City. We got to tour around it and discuss it's property. I think it is important to be very professional during your ILP. Your actions may effect others around you.

Chernowski: I have an ILP

My ILP is working on Project Stargazer, a subgroup of project Space at The Franklin Institute. It is a student ran project creating virtual realities in space and using the Oculus Rift to perceive an environment, specifically space. On October 7th, I went to the Franklin to meet the team and I agreed to be part of their programming team. We were given an introduction to the language C++ and currently going through lesson plans to code a virtual game we can later use for the project as a whole. On October 14th we worked the the program Atom and had another crash course on the language. In order to learn the program, we are currently doing a mini side project and making a calculator and operating it in the terminal. What went well was that I get to work with my peers and feel fully comfortable with asking for assistance when I need it. I am really excited to actually be relearning C++ and using it for such an incredible project. I think this will really help me later down the road because I really want to pursue this further and learn even more, so having a good foundation is great. It also really helps with my part in Robotics as I can be of more assistance in a field I wasn't part of before.

ILP Update

As of right now I do not have an ILP. I've tried to contact people to get one, but a big problem is that people are not returning my emails. Also that if they do return the emails they can't help me out or really do anything for me. I'm looking to either do something involving law, or working with this program at the Mutter Museum. I'm actually planning on calling the director over the weekend, so that I can hopefully have an ILP. At the moment I do not have a meeting with Jeremy but if I cannot get this ILP at the Mutter Museum then I will met with him. Wish me Luck!!!

ILP Launch!

        I am interning with Project 440's managing director. Project ​440 is an organization focused on strengthening the music community. I was interested in this association because of a project last year in English where I focused on music and researched Project 440 and other associations focused on music.
        I first contacted the director in hopes of starting a conversation about an internship. I had known him from the All City High School Orchestra and was excited to learn more about what I could do to create this connection. It turns out he was extremely busy and had to forward me to the managing director. After a good amount of more communication, it was decided that we'd meet on Wednesday, October 7, to meet and discuss some projects I could work on. This meeting had to be postponed to the following Wednesday, October 14, because of an emergency on her side.
        We met in a shared office space and finalized email lists for the All City Orchestra on mailchimp. These will be used for events such as concerts. After sending two emails with our lists (yay!), we talked about two other projects- redesigning their website and creating more email lists for All City alumni which might lead to fundraising and feedback.
        Overall I was proud that I could connect with my host and felt that I was being helpful and productive. I’m looking forward to our next meeting and possibly working with the Academy of Music!

ILP Theater Month 1

I have started my ILP at Theater in the drama room. It takes place from 1;30pm-3:30pm. This was my first call this Wednesday. It's not like what I expected at, it was much more fun than I had pictured in my mind . I always like to jump right in and do skits but our teacher was more interested in teaching us the basics that we needed to get to those points and i'm glad she did, even though some of it was just review for me from last year, when I took a drama class in freshman year. It helped a lot for it to refresh my memory and it was a whole lot of fun collaborating with the people in the class because they were all very friendly to me.  The entire class time went well , also when we were given a small  task to put together small peices based on the material we just learned, it was slightly easy because of the guidance our teacher gave us and the enthusiastic group members.

    In the future I am looking foward to making all this new  people friends, also looking forward to seeing the rest of the classes and how they play out . I think that the thing I'm most excited about seeing is the play we are going to go see in November.


Siani / ILP

I currently do not have an ILP because my previous contacts did not respond. I know what I am interested in (fashion and arts of all sorts, sales and marketing as well) though have not started yet. I am currently working on finding something and if not will end up doing something at TFI. 

ILP Checkin - Month 1

​For my ILP, I'm working at Greenfield with Mrs. Charmont's 8th grade math class. I help her out with whatever she needs me to do. Usually I sit with one of the students who is either not getting whatever she was just teaching or otherwise need help with the math work. I've got 3 times so far and I'm enjoying it. I'm thinking about eventually becoming a teacher so I like getting the experience.

ILP Status

I am meeting with Jeremy on Monday next week. I have been researching for places that I could intern that intrest me. I looked up available places in hospitals and medical facilities. What stopped me from interning there was my age. I am too young to intern at a hospital, the ideal age is 18 and over. I have been looking for ILPs at hospitals for people  under 18 but there were none available. I do apologize for not having an ILP. I was so focused on looking for ones in a hospital that I didn't explore other options, as I am doing now. I started the search for other ILPs I would be interested in doing.