q4 art

This quarter was the shortest one of all meaning that there would be less drawings, but since they were the last portion of lessons they were the most challenging. These lessons really made shading and hatching more difficult, especially with fur. The drawings were fun to do. As additional drawing I drew musician Annie Clark, actor James Franco, and actress Danai Gurira as here role of Michonne on the television show The Walking Dead. 
2014-06-06 17.10.47
2014-06-06 17.10.47
2014-06-06 17.11.02
2014-06-06 17.11.02
2014-06-06 17.10.56
2014-06-06 17.10.56
2014-06-06 17.11.20
2014-06-06 17.11.20
2014-06-06 17.11.36
2014-06-06 17.11.36
2014-06-06 17.11.55
2014-06-06 17.11.55
2014-06-06 17.12.08
2014-06-06 17.12.08
2014-06-06 17.12.13
2014-06-06 17.12.13
2014-06-06 17.12.37
2014-06-06 17.12.37
2014-06-06 17.12.43
2014-06-06 17.12.43
2014-06-06 17.12.48
2014-06-06 17.12.48
2014-06-06 17.12.54
2014-06-06 17.12.54
2014-06-06 17.12.58
2014-06-06 17.12.58
2014-06-06 17.13.02
2014-06-06 17.13.02
2014-06-06 17.13.31
2014-06-06 17.13.31
2014-06-06 17.13.24
2014-06-06 17.13.24
2014-06-06 17.13.39
2014-06-06 17.13.39
2014-06-06 17.13.46
2014-06-06 17.13.46
2014-06-06 18.16.45
2014-06-06 18.16.45
2014-06-06 18.55.15
2014-06-06 18.55.15
2014-06-06 19.12.01
2014-06-06 19.12.01
2014-06-06 19.17.33
2014-06-06 19.17.33
2014-06-06 19.25.00
2014-06-06 19.25.00
2014-06-06 20.02.29
2014-06-06 20.02.29
2014-06-06 20.01.17
2014-06-06 20.01.17
2014-06-06 19.35.30
2014-06-06 19.35.30
2014-06-06 20.03.49
2014-06-06 20.03.49
2014-06-06 20.04.39
2014-06-06 20.04.39
2014-06-06 21.57.46
2014-06-06 21.57.46

Quarter 4 Photography: Collins

​This quarter, I am turning in my photography. I have been experimenting with photo shoots. I spent so much time editing my images. I learned how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to create some very beautiful looking images. I fell in love with the contrast intensity of a black and white image. I think that my photos begin being interesting, but the edit can change tone, message, or any story you want the image to express. 

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Q4 Art - Nia Hammond

​This quarter's art had fewer drawings, but they were also more advanced. I enjoyed the challenge each lesson presented. I noticed that as the lessons progressed, there was more and more detail about the importance of shading for every drawing. Enjoy!
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.36 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.36 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.52 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.52 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.57 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.57 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.02 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.02 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.07 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.07 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.11 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.11 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.16 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.16 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.33 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.33 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.38 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.38 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.42 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.42 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.38.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.38.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.37.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.37.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.38.59 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.38.59 PM

Sci-fi story

  I always thought I had a great life. Never taking anything for granted, I was so humble. Just looking at my life you would think that I got everything I wanted. That I was set for life. However my family worked for everything we had. Born Jonathan Miles Harris, I am now 16 years old. I have black hair, I am 5 feet 6 inches. I am Milano male(Which is african american and Caucasian), With a heavy accent. I have reddish brown eyes, crooked smile, and I am 150 pounds. Who ever finds this short book will know what really happened to me.

    So to whoever saw my story on the news I disappeared when I was 13, and reappeared on my 16th birthday. From where I was I saw everything that happened when I was taken. Everyone tried to blame my parents for me coming up missing. Because my mother was a former drug smuggler for the black market people believed that she was the cause. Others came up with the theory that because my father was a powerful district attorney. He received death threats from people relating to the inmates, some people theorized that I was taken because of him.

    Breaking down the two theories was the job of the police and detectives, but It was impossible. My mothers past was filled with too many colorful people, and if this was a result of her past we could never know. My fathers was a smidge better, however still was a lost cause. After trying to ensure just for about a good 3 months the police gave up and left my parents with a huge burden.  

    When I was took by “this creature” I was scared for my life. I blinked about a good 130 times to try and see if it was a dream. I pinched myself over and over again, and I prayed continuously. I just wanted to be back in my room making a beat or in the gym. Really I would have preferred to be anywhere but here. I couldn’t stand being in this dark moving vehicle’s trunk. I remember what happened when I was abducted.

    It was a saturday, and I was walking to Acme to get snacks for the movie night my friends and I were about to have. While standing at the netflix box I was tapped and grabbed. Trying to put up a fight against 4 grown individuals was like a turtle trying to escape 4 different wildcats. After successfully getting my eyes and mouth covered I was shoved forcefully into a vehicle. After that I felt a heavy thump hit my leg, which were the snack that I just purchased. A feminine voice said eat these if you want to be partially satisfied during the trip.

    After being in this surprisingly roomy trunk, being tossed my fulfilling snacks, and not hurt during my kidnapping I had a feeling I wasn’t really in danger. Every so often I would hear the same voice ask me was I okay. I would answer yes, but can someone please explain. She would reply the same way each time all in due time. You’ll be caught up in all the confusion shortly sweety. I just knew from her tone that I wasn’t in immediate danger. After driving in a trunk for days, and only having the trunk be aired out once, we arrived in an open field in pennsylvania.

    As the 4 humans get out the car, I hear them speaking a different language.  When they spoke it was almost if they were devising a plan. I tried to listen to see if there were words I knew. After listening for about 40 seconds my thoughts became jumbled. I was so confused and went into a stage if mind where my eyes were completely shut, I couldn't move, but I was conscious.

    After being in this stage for about an hour, I woke up on a spaceship of some kind. Scared to death I yelled and tried to move. I couldn't move because I was strapped down. My throat was closing because the amount of air I had, I wasn't able to breathe. I felt like I was being suffocated, or the driest price of bread on earth. My airway was closing up and at a not soothing pace.

    2 people walked into the room and saw me struggling. One just stood there in amazement, while the other was a girl my age. She recited the words from the trunk and I went into the same stage. As I was laying there I felt a sense of relief as if a new adaptation was given to me. I was able to breathe in space now. As I woke up I remembered feeling safe again.

    However I realized that no person should be able to breathe in space. So many questions formalized in my mind. Why me? What are these things? What do they want with me? I wanted answers and I wanted them now. As I started to look around again the setting I was I'm started to adapt to my room. I start to pinch myself and blink again. Nothing happened I was still in this room.


    As Boredom started to rise, I start to interact with the things in my room. I went to play my game, everything on my play-station was the same. To pass the time for a while that's what I did. And every-time I got hungry I went to my mini fridge and got something to eat. I figured that if I stayed there I would get answers out of someone. After a good 6 hours of playing play station it got a knock at my door. It was the girl who saved me when my lungs collapsed.

    When she came in the room was dead silent for about 10 minutes. We both had awkward looks on our faces. Both of us wanting to say something. Until she says you must be confused. I reply kind of, but thanks for saving my life. I start to ask he about why I got here, and question what’s going on. She responded saying she doesn’t really know. We spend a little while talking and she ask me is she pretty? I respond saying yes she is very beautiful. She starts to cry and say that its been a while since she heard that. I ask her why she said that? She starts to tell me about her and her boyfriends latest break up. Conflicted with listening to this girl I just met, and figuring out where I am, I choose to listen to her.

    After talking for a while she ask can she show me around the space-ship. I tell her I am pretty tired, but I would love for her to show me around tomorrow morning. She exits my room and I cannot fall asleep for a while. I just keep replaying all the incidents that went down in the past couple of days. I try to comprehend everything, and even try to use my cellphone. None of that even worked. I was stranded somewhere else, and didn’t even know where I was. I still felt safe though I felt like I would be understood and taken care of. Around 5 o’clock I fall asleep and wake up 3 hours later. I feel really refreshed, and really hungry.

    As I wipe the sleep from my eyes I wake up to the same feminine voice saying goodmorning. I respond hey where am I? She tells me this time “you are better off here”. I say well can atleast tell me why I am here. She says that will be revealed in time.  She hands me a plate of my favorite breakfast, and the remote for my T.V. I thank her. As she walks out she says don’t worry you are safe here. I eat my breakfast and watch the new episode of my favorite show. Then a question arises in my mind how is my favorite show on, and i’m not on earth. As my favorite show is playing I recall what happened during the last episode. As the episode ends, the girl who I now know as jacell walks in.

    I start to get dressed and while i’m taking off my pajama bottoms she stares intensely at me. I know what she wants, but I quickly get dressed. We leave my room and go to explore the spaceship. We go to every area of the spaceship, we look at every attraction and place to eat possible. As we start to be around each other for this extended period of time we both get more comfortable talking, joking and having fun. As we are walking back to my room she grabs my hand. We continue to walk though. It's only when I got to my room she kisses my lips. I felt it coming though, but I was still surprised.

    As the weeks turn to months I am still on this spaceship. Everyone knows me, and pays more attention to me rather then when I was in Philly. I guess you can start to say I love it here. Me and Jacell are in a relationship now. I get to be free as in rules wise, and everyone likes me. In these past months I've had a blast, only things is I miss the people who loved me on earth. As time continues to pass I wonder "will I ever get to go back?" "Do they still think about me?" "What's happening now?". Questions clutter my mind on a daily.

    A years goes by, everything here is good. I still miss the earth but I love being here. I love my new friends, I love that if I go back to earth I can say that I breathed in earth without equipment. I love that I was made into a big issue, I love this spaceship as a whole though. I'm torn between my home and my new home. As I sit and contemplate all these things, I remember that even if I wanted to leave I can't. Then a thought comes to make the best of what I have here.

    Jacell comes and we walk through the park for a little bit. Then we go to the town hall. As we arrive I see all the lights off. I start to piece things together. We seen nobody on our walk, lights off, and I've been here for a year. I assumed it was a party. Unsure I didn't say anything to Jacell. I just walked in after her and as she turn on the lights everybody on the space ship jumped out at me from all angles. I was still surprised and I knew what it was. The party was great, they really knew how to make me feel special and welcomed. As I left the party everybody handed me gifts and I just loved that night.

As me and Jacell left arms full we walked back to my room. As I placed my gifts down, she pushed me onto my bed. Things from there got a little X-rated. I enjoyed her company that night. My one year on the spaceship was better than all my years on earth. As Jacell left in the morning, I got dressed. I'm starting a new engineering class. I still wanted to make music and play basketball, but I wanted to learn too. I get to my class and immediately felt welcomed. We were starting to make transporters.

    As a few more months passed Jacell and I moved into together. This was one of the best decisions I made. We got to be together way more. She would go to her job, and I would go to school. As time passed I became a better engineer. I was too of my class. When graduation came I gave the best speech of my life. Jacell and the lady from before were there clapping and screaming the loudest for me. After graduation I went out to dinner with the two of them.

    A few years have passed, and now I'm a engineer. I own my own company. I do my own things, and I own a house now. I moved out of the room and me and Jacell own a house. I gave fixed the spaceship so many times. Every time I help out, they give me new equipment. On my day off, I had some uranium. Looking at my first project, I replace me small stick of uranium, with a full stick of uranium. By multiplying the magnitude of the travel, this should be able to get me anywhere and back. My plan is to go back to earth and then come back. I tell Jacell my plans, and she says "if that's what you want to do." She tells me not to do it today. I respect her wishes. I wait a week before I leave. During that week I was shunned, and just by myself. I didn't understand it, and just felt disrespected. As I left, I kissed Jacell goodbye. And kissed the ladies cheek and got into the teleporter. As I touched down I wrote these words. "It feels great to be home." I spend a good minute looking at where I'm at. As my chest starts to hurt briefly. I feel as though

    I am being punched repeatedly. I ignore it, just thinking my lungs need to get use to the change in the air pressure. I collapse after walking for 5 minutes. Lying on the ground breathless, I think about the past couple years I had. I lie there fighting for life I hear a voice that says just let go, everything will be okay. I follow orders because the pain was intense. I let go. As I let go I can see the things that follow. My family with the addition of 2 little brothers come and see me on the ground. At my funeral I see tears of sadness and relief. My father and mother both say "it's okay. We have clarity of him not being harmed for that time." As they put me into the ground I am teleported back to the spaceship. Everyone yells we shunned you so your family could have peace of mind to not see you dead.

Quarter 4 Art Portfolio

This quarter I definitely felt more challenged by the sketches. There weren't as many of them, but the shading was definitely more tricky. However, I really enjoyed playing around with it and adding some shape to my sketches, as well as developing my own sort of style. 

Negative Space

  • A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it) Negative space is everything behind the object that is not colored in.
  • B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing? I found the negative space in my cut out by the different colors I used for the positive and negative. I found the negative space in my stool drawing by coloring in the whole paper and then using my eraser to draw the objects.
  • C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space? It is easier to see while drawing the art work.
  • D. How is negative space useful in creating art? Negative space will make it look very pleasing to the viewers and it looks more accurate.
  • photo (5)
    photo (5)

    The Infected

    As I quickly hop in the taxi, panting heavily, I can’t help but think if my husband has already turned into one of ... them.

    What if it’s too late? What if he already has the virus? 

    “Keep calm, you can fool them” says the taxi driver. 

    I look up at him through the rear view mirror with confusion. I reply saying “What?” “Keep calm, you can fool them. They’ll never know you’re still human if you don’t blink or breathe. The aliens don’t do that.” He repeats

    As we pull over in an alley way, I listen eagerly while I try to calm myself down, yet remaining cautious, unaware of what the man’s intentions are.

    He parks the car and then continues “The only way to remain unnoticed is to pretend to be them.”

    “How do you know this?” I say.

    “They got my wife. Two days ago, as I laid in bed with her, she cuddled next to me and I realized that I didn’t feel her heart beat. When I glanced down at her, I saw her just staring into space, as if she wasn’t mentally there. Just then, I understood, she had become one of them. I ran out of  the house immediately, hopped in my taxi and have been driving around ever since.”

    “What if I can’t fool them? What if they can tell?” I ask.

    “They won’t be able to if you remain calm and maintain your composer”

    “Here.” He says, as he passes me some eye drops. “These will allow your eyes to stay moist, to avoid the urge to blink.” 

    Before he pulls out of the alley way, he asks me “Are you ready?” 

    “I think so.”

    “Here we go. Prepare yourself.” 

    It’s the year 2120. NASA has discovered new ways to travel to other planets in order to explore new life and energy forms to enhance Earth in new superior ways. When the astronauts returned to Earth, they brought back with them an unknown, alien life form virus that infects people through a spit- like substance that becomes contagious upon contact. The virus begins to take over once the victim has consumed the substance. Once it reaches the human’s immune system, their body goes into an “out of body” trans, causing their brains to become unconscious and their hearts to stop while they have the appearance of being awake. Over half of the U.S population has already been infected. As for the other half of the population ... Well the only thing they can do is try to escape before the whole world becomes infected. Here’s the unbelievable story of how the whole world got infected.

    “Thanks.” I say in a humble tone. “Sorry about your wife too.” I add.

    “If only we could find someway to cure this but how can you cure something that you don’t fully understand?”

    He drives out of the alley and hits the main roads, leaving that last statement lingering in my mind. How can you cure something you don’t understand? 

    We continue to drive in silence, until the car’s gas meter goes off. 

    “Shit” he says. 

    A few minutes later, we pull into what looks like a deserted gas station. 

    “Wait here and remember what I told you.”

    I stay put and agree attentively. 

    Already paranoid, I wait for what seems like forever. Just then, I see him. A feeling of relief comes over me. As he walks over to the car, he begins mouthing something. I don’t quite understand what he’s trying to say. As he gets closer and closer to the car, still maintaining his alien- like stage, in the faded background, a group of people emerge. Then I understand, he’s mouthing “run!” I try to hope out of the back seat but I the door gets jammed. 

    “I can’t get out! I’m trapped!”

    The man runs towards the car, opens the driver’s side door, unlocks all of the doors and reaches over on the passenger side for his shotgun.

    “Go! Go!” he says

    He moves inches away from the car, while the aliens begin running towards us. Shots are fired, while I struggle to get my head together on what my next move is. I hop in the front seat and start the engine. 

    “Get in!” I yell. 

    “Go without me!”

    “Are you crazy?!”

    “Go, there’s not enough time!”

    “You can’t hold them all off by yourself! Get in!”


    I speed off with only uncertainty as my passenger.

    Okay, Okay keep it together. This is the statement I repeat over and over in my mind. I reach about a mile up the road before I pull over, cut off the engine off and try to collect myself in the silence of the car as the engine begins to slow down. I place my head on my hands, which lean against the top of the steering wheel as the silence allows me to interact more with my thoughts. I replay the moment that the taxi driver told me about his wife and how I was able to fool them. I reach in my pocket and pull out the eye drops. Looking in the mirror, I apply 1 drop to each eye. Straight ahead, I can see the west side of Chicago which the main road leads to. Back to civilization I go. 

    Once I reached the west side, the car’s gas meter goes off once more, forcing me to walk the rest of the way. I never felt more afraid in my life. 

    “Helen, stop. You need a plan first” I say to myself before getting out of the car.

    My thoughts become my only companion. 

    “How can you reach Jeff’s job without getting caught? And if he is already one of them, what are you going to do next?” 

    Even though I didn’t realize it yet, I had already answered my own question. There was no way of me knowing but I sure as hell was going to die trying out. If Jeff’s still alive, I know he’s either waiting for me to come find him or he’s trying to find me. I reach for my phone and replay the last message Jeff sent me. “Helen, where are you? Please come find me. I’m at work and something isn’t right. I think my boss and the executives are all infected. They’re trying to infect all the employers by the hour. I’m hiding in the storage closet in the basement. Please, help me Helen, before it’s too late.” 

    I straighten up my posture, give myself a little shake and ease on down the road. 

    As I look around at all of the people, I can easily see the deadness in their walk and the blank stares that they maintain. 

    So far so good. I got this. They walk pass me as if I’m one them. 

    “They’ll never know you’re still human if you don’t blink or breathe. The aliens don’t do that.” 

    I constantly remind myself of the words that the taxi driver told, along with other thoughts in order to keep my mind occupied. An occupied mind, leaves an expressionless face. 

    Before I reach the Sears tower, a group of men surround the building. 

    “Keep calm” Remembering the taxi driver’s words once more. 

    The biggest guard walks over. Even though he looks expressionless, he still has a look of intimidation. 

    “How may we assist you ma’am?” he says.

    Wow, they even sound out the norm. 

    Trying to sound just the way they do, in a robotic, scripted tone of voice. 

    “Yes, I need to enter the building to see my husband, Jeff.”

    I don’t know if I should have said his name but too late now. 

    He stares at me for a few seconds before saying “right this way”

    All I want to do is sigh with relief but I know I can’t. So instead I just say “Thank you” and proceed to follow him. 

    By the time we reached the elevator, I felt like I was seconds from passing out from holding my breathe so long. I have never been more anxious for these elevator doors to open. 

    “Here you are Ms, do you need further assistance?” he says.

    “No, thank you for your help” I reply. 

    I walk in the elevator and desperately wait for the doors to close. Once they closed, I exhale the biggest breathe I have ever taken, panting as if I just ran a mile or two. I press the button that leads to the basement and all that’s running through my mind is Jeff. Doubt and uncertainty get the best of me but I try to maintain a positive mind set and pray that he’s safe.


    The stop of the elevator sends my nerves through the roof. 

    “NO!NO!NO!” I say as the doors open. 

    I can’t believe it. When the doors, hey reveal my worse nightmare. I see Jeff standing there with the other aliens. 

    “But how!” I say.

    “Sorry sweetie, I knew you wouldn’t come if I tried to convince you so I had to sound in distress. It was the only way.” He says in that familiar robotic, scripted type voice. 

    “You tricked me? I can’t believe it.” 

    They move in towards me. This can’t be happening is all I can think. I know there’s noting I can do so I close my eyes as I hear there foot steps get closer and closer. 

    The Creature

    The skies were awake on a sunny morning in San Francisco. Most people were heading out to their jobs and students riding the busses to school. It was a ordinary day in the city and neighborhoods. Traffic was moving quickly down at 19th avenue, I was in the car with my dad heading to school while listening to the morning radio show. Most of the time, my dad drives me to school because he goes through the same direction to his job. He carries blue prints in the back of the care everyday to work because he’s an architecture.

    My dad turned to Sloat blvd and onto 26th street, driving towards Eucalyptus Dr. He parked at the corner of the school. I stared at the school, thinking it’s going to be a long day. Before, I could get out of the car, my dad slightly turns his head towards me.

    “We’ll Michael, this is your stop,” he said.

    “My stop to hell,” I shrugged my shoulders.

    “Don’t say that, you’ll be fine. You know what, how does pizza sound for dinner tonight?,” he suggested.

    “I guess that sounds okay.”

    “Alright, I’ll let your mom know. But hey, it’s just high school plus you’re only a junior. What do you have to lose? Better things will come in your future,” He said joyfully.

    “Hopefully, one more year left and then I get to leave for college.”

    “We’ll take care and stop stressing. I’ll see you at home, Okay?”

    “Okay,” I said.

    I grabbed my school bag and headed out of the car. I shut the door and turned to the car, my dad rolled down the window.

    “Remember it’s just High School. Have a good day!,” He shouted.

    “Thanks,” I replied.

    My dad was pretty strange but I wouldn’t change a thing about him. Slowly, my dad drives off down the road.  


    When I was signing in with my ID, I reminded myself that I have Mr. Greg class first which was physics. I was a A+ student. I didn’t feel any special about being one of the smartest kids at school. I felt completely normal. I walked to the second floor towards the grey lockers to grab my binder. Physics class was down the hall.

    When I entered, mostly everyone was present. The class was way too loud, I didn’t know people build up their energy so quickly. For Christ sake, I can’t even get up from my own bed. Lowell High School was a lot different from any other school in San Francisco. Sometimes, I wished that I went to a regular school. The class was completely arrange with groupies. The popular girls were on the right side in the back of the class near the windows. In front of the class, the nerds were watching Japanese Animes. The athletes were on the left, talking about last night basketball game on ESPN. And I, just sat in the middle of the class.

    When I got to my seat, David came to class. I’ve known David since elementary school, David is the only latino friend I have. He was wearing a Lakers snapback, dressed in a white V-neck with black skinny jeans along with a nice pair of jordans. Sometimes, he likes to mock me in Spanish. Sadly, I didn’t understood what he was saying because I’m Italian.

    David walks towards me.

    “Yo Michael, guess what I found out yesterday,” he said


    “I heard Brittany moved back from New York. I didn’t believe it at first but when I was walking towards the park. I spotted Brittany and her family moving furniture from the truck on 33rd and Ortega. I didn’t say hi to her because I thought she wouldn’t recognize me, It’s been 6 years since she moved,”

    “Oh that’s great, I remembered we all went to school together and fooled around”, I remembered her. Back in the old days, she was my crush. I liked her but I never told her.

    “Yeah I know, We should stop by and talk to her.”

    “Maybe tomorrow.”  

    Before David could speak, Mr.Greg entered the room with his leather suit bag. You can tell in Mr.Greg’s face that he looked excited. Mr.Greg looked like he was around his mid 30’s. He was everyone’s favorite teacher. His class was my favorite. The student were curious about Mr. Greg thoughts.

    “Okay class, I have a announcement to make,”  Mr. Greg said excitedly.

    “Please, take a seat.”

    Everyone tries to finds their assign seat. The class was anxious while Mr. Greg seattles his suit bag onto the desk.

    “Okay, It’s a truly honor to say that our school is eligible to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. We were picked from a raffle and lucky to have such a great opportunity. More than 1,700 high school students from over 70 countries were provided and within the winner receives a $5 million award.”

    At that moment, I retreated into my own head, picturing X. when Mr.Greg kept talking to the class, I faded away from the class conversation and only thought about the competition. A science and engineering fair and a $5 million award, huh? This definitely sounds that would fit me perfectly to achieve. I would have to create something that no one have ever thought about doing. I have to get started right away. All eyes will be on me, I can already imagine. The judges would be surprised and many people will be mindblown. It’s going to be a process but it’s going to be outrageous.

    My mind fell out of the zone. I continued to listen to Mr. Greg. I faded away from the class conversation and only thought about the competition. A Science and Engineering Fair and a $5 million award, huh? This definitely sounds that would fit me perfectly to achieve. I would have to create something that no one have ever thought about doing. I have to get started right away. All eyes will be on me, I can already imagine. The judges would be surprised and many people will be mindblown. It’s going to be a process but it’s going to be outrageous. My mind fell out of the zone. I continued to listen to Mr. Greg.

    Mr. Greg explained to the class, “From now on, I want all of you to come up with a idea and just generally brainstorm the project based on what you want to present,”

    “So folks, We have to work this out and make everything seem possible. I would recommend to start now because the deadline to turn in the project is May 25.”

    Its only March, I have time to work on my project. I just need the right idea to work my way through. I looked around the class, I seen that no one was interest and wasn’t planning to do their best. The only thing that I can think of is, It’s my lucky day.

    David tilted his head towards me.

    He mumbled to me, “This is stupid.”

    “It’s not stupid, I can ace this project,” I rejected.

    “We’ll you can, not me. It’s science fair project for a stupid company, these days no one is interest in intel.”

    “What does this have to do with popularly?”

    “Everything Mich, everything”.


    After settling down with my parents and siblings on the dinner table eating pizza, I explained to them the science fair opportunity. They were glad to see me that I was interest in such thing. They supported me, I was also surprise as well that I was into the fair. I was wide awake, I kept thinking about Intel ISEF. I knew that it was going to be extraordinary. To me, it’s not just a science and engineering fair. It was more of a life challenge, I want to accomplish something that my parents would feel proud of me for once. Now that I realized that I became to obsess with the science fair.

    I remembered my dad keeps his tools and blueprints into a little house, that he built in the backyard when I was younger. It was already midnight and everyone else was already asleep. I wanted to take a look at my dad’s private space and to search for the right tools. Soon, I decided to sneak out the backyard but before I can get anywhere my dad keeps his space private. Of course, I would have to get the keys but it was too easy to find them. I got out of my room and walked silently down the hallway. The keys were left in the kitchen. Opened the back kitchen door and ran to the small house.

    “Damn, which key is it,” I said frustratedly knowing that there was 20 different keys.

    Finally, I found the key to the lock. I slowly turned the lock and opened the door. I switched the lights on, everything seem completely normal. I walked inside and notice there was blueprints laying on the middle table, dust were cover on the shelfs, construction tools were attached to the wall. I didn’t see anything interest nor I found any secret. I knew my dad was hiding something but I suppose it’s not hidden here. I put my hands onto the table and thought to myself.

    I notice a red glance between the blueprints, I became anxious. I pushed the blueprints onto the side and saw it was a small red button, I was a coward to push the button but I had nothing to lose. Suddenly, the walls were changing their appearance. The room was transforming I never seen such thing before. There were new silver screens, holograms of DNA’s, machines, and gears. It filled the room with such great technology, I was shocked and wonder why my dad keep this for so long or maybe he was keeping from someone?

    I searched around and experiment some new gadgets. To the left, I saw a little creature that was kept inside of a large glass cylinder. The little creature was gray but looked more like a newborn puppy, It was covered with electric wires.  It was marvelous, it blew my mind, I was fantasize.  

    “What are you?”,

    “What type of creature is this?,”

    “Are you alive?,” I questioned.

    I noticed on the bottom of the glass cylinder there was a name tag. It was labeled as “Experiment 106”. My dad created a masterpiece. It was unbelieveable, I was blown away from my dad’s secret projects. Suddenly, I had gotten an idea. I thought about the Intel ISEF, I wanted to go beyond than people expected with the projects. I decided to take the creature from the lab and use it for my presentation at the fair. At the same time, I couldn’t take it away. It was my dad’s property. I didn’t know what to do, It would be counted as stealing. Everything was locked, I had to type in a code in order to release the little creature.

    I started to guess random numbers,


    “ Access Deny,” the computer lab spoken as it flashes a red light on the pad.


    “Access Deny,”


    “Access Deny,”


    “Access Deny,”

    “96780?,” I was getting frustrated. I knew my dad wouldn’t make a random pass code onto the computer. I thought about an important date that my dad treasures, first thing that came in mind was parents wedding date. I gave it a try.


    “Access Approved”

    My heart began to beat fast, It was nerve wracking. The red light had switch to green and the wires began to untangle from the creature body. There was a green water inside the glass cylinder that kept the creature in place, it began to empty itself until there wasn’t anymore liquid inside. My hands were shaking, I slowly took the glass cylinder. I tried to avoid my thoughts and the consequences that could happen. I approached the middle table put everything back in place, I pressed the red button, everything went back to normal. I made sure I locked everything with the right key. As I gotten back outside, I checked both sides and ran to my room.


    I woke up the next day, It felt like I was in a dream. I looked under the bed and saw the creature laying inside of the glass cylinder, I knew it wasn’t a dream but it was now reality. I reach for my phone and called David as soon as I can, He was the only person that I trusted. I dialed the number.

    “Hello?” David answered.

    “David, meet me at the local park”.


    “Because, it’s an emergency. You have to come now.

    “What happened, are you alright?,” David became frighten as I heard in the tone of his voice.

    “Yes, I’m completely fine. It’s about something else.”

    “Alright, I’m on my way,” David ended the phone.

    I got out of bed and took the glass cylinder inside of my school bag, I rushed to change clothes and headed out the door. I bumped into my mom before I can exit out of the front door.

    “Michael, Where are you going at this time? You haven’t eaten your breakfast yet,”

    “I know, I’m going over a friends house,” I lied.

    “At this time?”

    “We have a big exam that is coming up soon and we have to study.”

    “But it’s only saturday.”

    “Practice makes perfect, right?”

    “Yeah but…” My mom didn’t know how to respond.

    “Hun, just let him go. He’ll be fine.” My dad said.


    “Just let him go” He suggested.

    “Alright, just don’t come back too late. Okay?”

    “Thank you.”

    I rushed to the door and headed my way to the park.  


    Luckily, when I got to the park no one wasn’t there. I waited for David to come. I had a feeling he was going to freak out when he see’s the creature. I checked my bag and realized the creature wasn’t breathing nor moving. It stood silently still or maybe the process wasn’t complete as I thought it would be. David finally arrived, I was expecting that he might freak out but I knew he would understand.

    “What’s the emergency?” David asked.

    “I don’t know where to start but what i’m about to show you is top secret”


    I took out the glass cylinder from the bag, David began to freak out.

    “Michael, What the hell is that?” David said with the scarness in his tone.

    “I’m not sure what in the world is it but I found it at my dad’s laboratory in the back yard”

    “Is it dead? It’s not moving.” He questioned.

    “Hopefully, it’s not. I need it to be alive for the science fair?

    “Wait wait, you stole this creature from your dad just so you can win the fair?

    “Its not just any fair, it’s just…,” David stopped me before I could finish my sentence.  

    “This is about the money isn’t it, the 5 million award? Your parents are already rich, What more do you need?”

    “I don’t want the money,”

    “I just want to go big and do the best that I can.” I tried to explained.

    “Look, I understand you want to go huge on this but isn’t this just too much?”

    “No, I know this can work but…”

    I felt something shaking, it was the little gray creature moving around in the glass cylinder. The creature was opening it’s eyes. They were shaded blue but form like a goats eyes. It looked furious. Inside, the creature was going insane. I got scared and threw the glass cylinder across the grass. It had hit a tree and broke the glass, I absolutely made a huge mistake.

    “David, stay calm.”

    “What the hell are we going to do,” The fear in his voice he cried.

    The creature slowly got up from the ground and onto it’s 4 legs, it started to stretch like it was asleep for many years. The creature looked from both sides, it was confused and lost. A coat of fur began to grow on the body and claws were getting sharp by the minute. Within the time, the creature started to get big,. The create  was getting upset, so it begun to howl and hiss at us. Step by step, It was slowly moving towards our direction.

    “Run!,” I shouted. There was no time to lose, we had to make a run for it.

    We ran and ran deep into the woods, we noticed it was endless. We were being chased by the grey coated creature. I was losing my breath, my heart beating like crazy, the warm blood were rushing in my veins and sweat were dripping down my face.

    “This is hopeless, we have to climb a tree!”

    “No, we have to go back to my house?”

    “Are you kidding me?”

    “This is my fault... I’m the one who caused this problem and now I have to fix it,”

    The woods seem like you would see something from a horror film. There wasn’t any sign of the creature so we stopped behind a tree to catch our breath. We stood completely still in one place.

    “So whats your plan? How are we going to get out of this crap?” David said silently.

    “There has to be sometime injection inside my dad’s laboratory”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I’m positive, I remember seeing a green chemical inside the lab. It should be able to work. The creature is created made by genetic, on the other hand it’s a clone. It is able to be stopped.”  

    I was hoping, my plan would work. I don’t want to fail. We heard footsteps, it was getting closer and closer.

    “Whatever happens, just keep running.”

    “Alright then, this just better work!,”

    “I’ll distract the thing, while you make a run for it.” David suggested.

    I was afraid. The creature found us hiding behind the tree. The creature was aiming at David, as he was distracting the wild beast. David dodge when the creature tried to jump on him, he soon grabbed a wooden stick and slam the creature against the tree.  

    “Go, Go!” David shouted.

    We ran for our lives.


    We were running like the speed of lightening. We put as much energy as we could before the creature was able to attack us. This mess was all my fault, I shouldn’t have touch anything. I was way over the top to think a creature for a science fair would be a good idea, I was wrong.

    We finally got to the house and noticed the creature kept chasing us. Me and David ran inside but luckily the door was open. We shut the door before the creature was able to get inside. The moment was intense.

    “Dad, Dad!” I shouted.

    My dad rushed downstairs. He questioned, “Michael, what is going on?”.

    “You have to help us,” I begged.

    “Dad, Listen I’m sorry. I stole your experiment from the laboratory, I shouldn’t have took done such thing in the first place. You have to help me, it’s coming after us.”

    “You took experiment 106? Michael, that clone is way too dangerous,”

    “Did you not read the label that was above the glass cylinder?,” He said angrily.

    “That’s why I need you to help me, I know you have an injection that can stop this creature.”

    “Michael, you put me and the family to crisis!”

    “Where is experiment 106?”

    “It’s outside.” I was disappointed in myself.

    “In public? You let it out in PUBLIC?”

    “The glass cylinder broke and got away, I wasn’t able to stop it”

    The door was banging, it was the creature. I looked to the side of the living room and seen  my mom holding the twins tight in her arms by telling them, that everything is going to be okay. Deep inside, they were scared to death.

    “Honey, take the kids upstairs.” My dad requested.

    My mom obeyed and took the kids to the room upstairs.

    “Michael and David, I want you both to go upstairs as we’ll”

    “Dad, This is my mess. I need to fix it.”

    “No, it’s too dangerous,” My dad said with a worried in his face.

    “I can handle this, I swear I can,” I wanted to be brave.

    “I can too sir.” David said.

    “Alright follow me.”

    My dad requested us to distract the creature while he was able to get the injection from the laboratory.

    “Hey, hey. Over here you little freak” Shouted David as he was slamming against the trash cans.

    I as we’ll took slapped the metal trash cans together. The creature was running back and forth, it seems like the loud banging voice of the trash cans were bothering it.

    “Tackle it and hold it still” My dad cried.


    “Grab it from the behind, It may be strong but its the only way.”

    We ran towards the creature. The creature growled so hard that it even hurt my hearing. Next thing, I noticed was that me and david were wrestling the creature. It was strong and husky, the creature pulled out it’s claws and scraped my face and arms. I was bleeding and so was David. Our clothes were getting ripped and dirty from the mud. We put as much strength as we could.

    “STEADY, keep it still.”

    “Hold on,”

    “Watch out!”

    My dad sucked inn the injection onto the creature stomach.

    The needle was the size of a nail tool and the liquid inside was bright green but thick as blood. It made me nauseous just by looking at it.

    “That will do, It’s a injection that is able to kill the creature. I kept it secure for in case of emergencies.” My dad explained.

    The creature was slowly closing it’s eyes, and wasn’t putting force onto itself. It was slowly dying. I was glad, the situation was almost over.

    “Here, that will do… for now.”

    I was finally able to breath, I was exhausted.

    Later that day, My dad set up a bonfire. The only solution to keep this creature away was to burn it into ashes. I watching the creature melting into the fire, It was unbelievable scene. The creature was now gone.

    High School by Lala Doumbia

    The beginning .

    “Mom! Mom! I got my letter.”

    Having the letter in my hand looking at it. I was so happy, and enhances. it few like I was waiting for this letter for years when it was only 7 months. Most people like to be the one to open their letter but I was scared. I didn’t know if I was going to get into to the high school that I wanted. My mother walked in the room looking confused.

    “What letter are you talking about ?”

    “My Letter is here, my high school acceptance letters. I’m scared to open it can you open it for me ?”

    I felt like I was going to cry when I gave her the letter.

    “Sure sweetie, are you ready?” with a smile on her face.

    “I remember when I got me my high school acceptance letters. It was years ago.”

    “Mom can you tell me the story later and open the letter”

    I want to say mom I don’t care,  just open the letter you're taking to long.  

    “Okay okay” she said .

    She started to tear the side of the envelope, that how she open it. She don’t like to open it from the top. She says that opening it from the side is much easier. She started read the paper out loud.

    “Dear Ms.Jean Here are your five schools you applied. If you don’t get into any of the schools you will not be allowed to go to high school. You will Have to go get your blue papers and start look like for a job that will take for. ”

    I didn’t want to start working yet, I wanted to go to school to get more education before looking for a job. I started to remember when My mom told me about when her mother was a kid and everyone have to go school. And if you didn’t go to school you would get a good job. But this was in the year 2041, and it 2094 and a lot of things changed. My mom looked at me and read the schools name.

    “Reddy Science High - accepted”

    I like that school but it’s not my dream High school.

    “Union High school - accepted”

    This school with one the the biggest school I applied to. I’m scared it might be too big.

    “Mac Smith Math High - accepted Dream High - accepted ”

    These school was my safety school. I know I would be able to get in. I have a 38 GPA and the highest GPA is 45.

    “And last but not less the High school I know you want to get into Central High School -- accepted.”

    My mom gave me the letter . I wanted to start crying but I was to in shock to say anything. Today was a day that I will never forget. Central High school is one of the top school, I get to live at school and meet new people. This is the only school I really wanted to go to. Everything change, the stories I would hear about how My great grandma would Went to college and got her master and still couldn’t get a new job. To me that sounds sad, I didn’t understand how that could happen.

    First day !

    First day of Central high school the school was so big. We drove 20 miles from the city to the suburbs. There wasn’t a lot of noise outside. It was like no one was there walking on the sidewalk. Looking out the window Waiting to see the my dream school My mom started to talk to me.

    “Sweetie I’m really going to miss you. It’s going to be different without you being there with me.”

    Tears started to come down her face.

    “I remember when you was a baby, changing your diapers, doing your hair and making sure you ate your vegetables”

    “imma miss you to mom,” I said.

    “Now I want you to work hard not get into any trouble at the school. You know they will kick you out if you do. ” she said wiping her tears.  

    “I know mom I know mom.”

    We go up to the front out the school. When there were hundreds of kids just like me waiting to start their first day. I got out the car went to the truck and got my bags and suitcases. My mom came over and help me out. I looked at the mansion-like building. Everyone was walking through the big front door. As me and my mom follow everyone else , there was a Man wearing all black suit. He had blue eye and blond spiky hair.

    “Welcome to Central high school my name is Eric. I’m the Dean of the school. I will be making sure you kids who are young adult now, get the best education. If you can come follow me, I will be showing where your kids can sign in, get there rooms, and their food card.”

    I was so happy, I know I was going to make new friends. Their was 5 line so the students can sign in. I hope this don’t take all day. 30 mins passed I get to the front of the line.

    “Next! ” Said Mike, it was on his name tag.

    “Hey” replied back nervously

    “What your name?”

    “My name is Carly Jean”

    “Here’s your Room number 307 here is you key, you will be rooming with two others girls. If you lose your key come to the office and they will give you a new one, but please try not to lose it. Here your food card. You get breakfast, lunch, and dinner free. You will have 2500 points for other foods like snacks throughout the year.”

    “Thank you”

    Eric walked in the room with this big smile on his face. His smile make you feel like you going to drop to the floor how pretty his smile is.

    “You might being having the dean as your new father.” My mom turns to look at me.

    “ Ill mom, don’t say that ...” I look at her like she crazy. I can’t see my mother being with the dean of Central high school the school. He probably makes more money than my mother plus some of the parents. I can see him in his big house with lots of cars.

    “It looks like everyone is almost done here. This is the time when the student and parents say their goodbyes. If the parents have any question you can come to me call the school or email me. I will answer any of your question. We will be seeing you in three months for visiting day.” Eric said .

    “My baby is all grown up now. You can call me anytime to talk. If you need anything call. I love you Carly Jean.” saying While my mom hugged me so hard that I felt that I couldn’t breath. I tried to move my arm up so I can hug her back.

    “Mom I can’t move.”

    “Im sorry” I pick my arm to give her a real hug. After the hug my mother gave me a kiss on the forehead. She started to walk away from me. I remember I didn’t say I love you to her . “Mom I love you!” I yelled not caring who seen me.

    “Okay student everyone grab a map of the school and go to Central Living building there are 10 floors in that building. Whatever is the first number to your room number you will be the floor your room is located. After finding your room you will have until 1:30 until we will meet at the ballroom.” Eric told us.

    I was scared I didn’t know anyone in the school. I was hope the my roommate was going to be nice and fun to be around. I was so nervous that I was thinking of how I was going to say Hey to them . Hey my name is Carly Jean I'm your roommate. Or Wassup my name is Carly Jean. I also wanted to know if my roommate was going to me all freshman or mix of classes? Their was so many question in my mind. I follow everyone to central living building. There were elevator and stairs . I didn’t like the elevators because one day I got stuck in between the 3rd and 4th floor of my mothers jobs. She works as a Lawyer at so fancy building. After that day I never want to get on the elevator. So I took the stair as some people waited for that elevator to come back down.

    When I got to the 3rd floor I started to look for my room. The hallway was long and narrow, It felt like I was walking for year looking for my room. I finally found my room 307. I used my key to open the door. I felt like I was a grown person. I didn’t have my mom here, and i didn’t know anyone. One I open the door I see a tall girl with long black hair. She was so pretty that i felt like the school was fill with beautiful people. Looking at the girl she made me feel like I wasn’t as pretty as I was People always told me that I was pretty but looking that her she made me feel avenger looking.

    “Hey my name is Carly Jean.” I said not knowing if she was going to be nice or mean to me. I was hoping we like the same thing so we can get alone.

    “Hey Carly nice to meet you! My name is Helen.” Said Helen with a big smile on her face. She even had straight teeth.

    “Nice to meet you Helen.”

    “So I picked my bed it’s this one” she point to the bed on the left of the room. There was three twin size bed in the room. Three working spaces with lamps and a flat screen t.v, they even have refrigerator. One bed was on the left side against the wall that the one Helen pick. One bed was in the back right next to the window I wanted that one. I wanted to look outside and see everywhere. I come see the fields and the mean building where we are going to be learning at.  The other bed was on the right side it was against the wall. We all had desks next to our beds. all the beds look alike and so do the desk.

    “I think I’m going to pick the bed right to the window.” I said to Helen as I walk to the bed.

    “Are you ready to take the test?” asked Helen as she unpack her things.

    “Ugh I’m scared I want to do well on this test .” I replied

    “You're going to be fine just don’t think about it too much.” she said smiling.

    I started to unpack my things as I see a short girl with glasses on walk through the door. As she walk in,

    “Hey everyone ! My name is Rita”

    “Hey Rita my name is Helen”

    “Hey Rita my name is Carly”

    “We pick I bed already the only bed left is the right side one.” I said pointing to the bed.

    “Hey you guy It’s almost 1:30. We have 15 mins, we should leave around leave in ten minutes.” Helen pointed out to us.

    “Rita you ready for the test their about to give us” I asked

    “I don’t know, I didn’t know what type of test it would be? I’m nervous”as she unpack her thing on to her bed.

    “I know I’m not going to finish unpacking right now.” Helen said.

    “Same here” rita and I said at the same time.

    “Let stated going to the Ballroom before we end up being late.” Rita said

    When we got to the ball room everyone was taking their seat. Helen, Rita and I sat right next to each other. Eric walked in the room and went to the stadium.

    “Alright everybody take a seat we’re about to get started. So as many of you know you’re going to be taking a test. This test does not affect anything just let us know what you know already. Try your best and we will help you become smarter. Goal is to make sure that everyone has a IQ of 1800 or more.”  Eric said.

    “That high number for the IQ test” Rita look worried saying it.

    “The test will start after this speech. You will be ok, just try your best. Everyone will get a going to a class room. the teacher will come and count the people to go to the classroom. ” Eric said

    A teacher came over to where I was sitting and started counting us off. The teacher walk us to the classroom . We all sat down, they gave us a the test and pencils.

    “Here the test no talking. If you don’t know something you can skip it, It will have all the time you  need to finish the test. Good Luck! ” The teacher told us .

    The test was a package, I felt like I wasn’t going to finish this all today. I started to look in the test to see what i know in the test. It really wasn’t that bad. I got a lot done in about 40 mins, but most of the people felt the classroom. There was some question I couldn’t answer so I got up and walk to the teacher gave her the pencils and test.

    “Ok your done you can go get some lunch and class will start 2 days from now.” The teacher said quietly .

    I turn to see if Rita and Helen was still taking the test, but only Helen was in the room. So I walk in the cafe, think to myself, if I did good on this test even if I there no good or bad grade for this I will still want to be very smart. I finally got to the cafe. I walked up to the lunch line to pick something to eat . They had everything that you can think about from pizza to hotdog. Everything you wanted was here. I got a hotdog and an apple juice. I started to look for somewhere to sit.

    “Carly ! Carly over here, I have a seat for you ” Rita was yelling and waving her hand.

    I walked over to her and took a seat.

    “Hey how long you been here ?” I asked

    “I got here 5 minutes ago. They have everything here, I ever have so much food and one place.” Rita

    “I know right! Well we have two day to look around and see everything here.”

    “Oh yes, I want to see everything. I hear they have a pool, I think we should go swimming.”

    “That sound funny!” I said

    Later that day I was walking around that until I got lost. These hallway all look the same after a while. But I seen Eric walking so I started to walk behind I didn’t want to yell. But he walk in this room. The room was filled with computer and scientists.

    “They kids are so dumb . They would be able to get 1800 on the IQ test. Do you have what I need? ” Eric said looking mad.

    “Yes , Sir . I’m done make the GS shot. This is will make sure they will get higher than 1800 on the IQ test.” a scientist said with a smile on his face.

    “Good we will started tomorrow! These kids are not going to make my school look bad .” as he started to walk back to me. I started to look for somewhere to hide. I was behind the door. I was still lost and I didn’t want to ask Eric after finding out that he going to give us shot to make us smarter. I started to think the I wasn’t smart . But I didn’t know where I was at so I follow Eric until I got to the cafe again. I ran to my room, where Helen and Rita was there.

    “Hey where you been ?” Helen asked

    “I got lost and guess what I seen Eric and some scientists, and they made a shot called the GS shot. It’s how the students get smarter. I don’t like the idea of this. What if we die, or what if we get something for it . I don’t like the sound of this. Eric keep saying that we was not smart and we all need the shots.” I said.

    “What that not right! “ Helen said.

    “I think we should tell everyone what happening.” Rita said .

    “Yes, but we need to show them the GS shot.” I replied .

    “We will need to go to the lab and get the the shot” Helen said.

    “We should go to the lab tonight and go get the GS shot I want everyone to know about it,” It started to make me mad that he call me dumb. I was one of the told people in my class. “ let go right now because I think he is not in there now” I said

    “Your right let go” Rita said putting her shoes on.

    We all went downstair to the stairs to the lab. I looked inside to see if there was anyone in there but there wasn't. We all slipped up to look for something call the GS shot.

    “I found it” Rita yelled.

    “Lets go” I said.

    We ran up stair but in to our room, locked up our door.

    “Tomorrow I going to call the police and tell the school.” Helen said.

    “Yes let go to sleep.” Rita said.

    In the morning we got when to go get something to eat people was talking about the meeting with Eric. After eating Eric starting his meeting in the cafe

    “Goodmorning student, today I’m going to be talking to you about a shot the you're going to have to get. This shot will make sure you don’t get sick, ” said Eric

    “You're lying!” said Rita.

    “Yea you're lying!” said Helen.

    “We know what's the shot is for to get us smarter you say that we was the dumbest student. And I have the shot with me.” I said  Showing everyone “It’s call the GS shot. He made scientists make it so we can get smarter. But we don’t know if it can hurt us or even kill us.” I said.

    “How did you get that ?” said Eric.

    The police walk over.

    “Do you know Illegal for shot like this ? You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?” said the police officer walking away with Eric.

    “Yes we did it now we can learn without no chemicals in our body,” Rita said.

    Ray Albarouki's Q4 Art

    I wanted to create something that felt natural. Unexpected Moments was my theme for Q4. This photo represents that theme because when my best friend took this of me, then posted it on Instagram, it was completely... well, unexpected! The photo mosaic is made up of all of the unexpected moments I documented with my iPhone. I think that it's a personal artistic statement.

    La Casa Quieres


    Jason Greene y Harry Freed, arquitectos

    Screenshot 2014-06-03 at 2.17.20 PM.png

    Cliente: Tomás Arango

    Nuestro cliente se llama Tomás Arango. Es muy listo y feliz. Tiene 15 años. Vive en el Centro de la ciudad. Le encanta skateboarding y jugar videojuegos. Le mucho gusta plantas, y le gusta verde y la playa.

    La casa de Tomás es en la playa en Los Angeles. Es cerca de un parque y un supermercado. Es una casa mediana, moderno, sofisticado, y elegante. La casa tiene dos pisos. Es muy bueno para perros y gatos. En la piso primero de la casa, Tomás tiene muchos partidos.

    • La sala de estar tiene dos consolas y una mesa para la tele fantástica.

    • En el dormitorio de Tomas, hay una piscina caliente.

    • El comedor tiene cuatro sillas elegante y una mesa.

    • Hay a baño en el piso primero  y cuatro dormitorios en el piso segunda.

    • Tiene un bidé y un lavamanos en el baño.

    • No hay un sótano en la casa de Tomás.

    • Tiene una nevera frío, una estufa, y una fregadero.

    • Hay muchos videojuegos divertidos.

    • En el piso segunda, hay un baño más, con una ducha.

    • Tiene un invernadero grande, también.


    El piso primero y el invernadero:

    spanish 1 photo 3.jpg

    La fachada (muy narcisista)

    spanish 1 photo 1.jpg

    Selfies -Jaccar Garcia

    When it comes to taking a selfie what mostly matters is who I’m taking it with and what mood am I in. My selfies show my personality and especially what my personality is like around certain people. If its someone who is my friend and I can feel comfortable with them then I most likely to take a silly picture. If its someone I love like family I’m more prone to take a selfie that shows my love for them, etc. The way I present myself to the world shows me as I am. I am the type of person who wants to be known for who they truly are, I can say that I’m as clear as a vase. I’m an open book and I try to portray that.

    La Casa Perfecta Para Ms Jonas

    Michdars CO.

    Michael & Darius Real Estate

    Cliente: Pearl Jonas


    Descripción De la Persona: Nuestra cliente, Pearl Jonas, es muy atlético y simpático. Le gusta colore verde. Vive en filadelfia. Le Gustaría correr y leer.

    Descripción de la Casa:

    • Uno pisa.

    • La sala de ejercicios es grande.  

    • Mediana garaje.

    • Tres baños.

    • Maestro dormitorio y cuatro regular dormitorio.

    • Jardin es magnifico.

    • Cerca de un parque y supermercado y transporte público.

    Peticiones: Mediana, Antigua, Dos pisos, Divertida/Vibrante, Con jardín, Un cuarto para ejercicio, verdes.

    House Blue Print

    House spects.PNG

    Picture 1

    house photo 1.PNG

    Picture 2house photo 2.PNG

    Designed by Darius and Michael from Michdars Co. Real Estate

    1(800)- PIMP-YO-HOUSE www.Michdarscopimpyohouse.org

    Benchmark By Alexa Eddy

    Chapter 1 (Isaac)

    Isaac was 6 when his father died in the 50 gallon war. What was the fight over? 50 gallons of water. His mother also fought in the war, but she survived and went on to become a scientist. She became one of the world’s most respected scientists.It was 2078 and the population had drastically gone up. The world’s population clocked in at about 12 billion and resources were running thin quickly, especially water. Clean water has become so scarce that even the fishes must huddle in together and take short breaths to not take up all of the oxygen in the water because there is so little. Aside from America and Germany fighting over 50 gallons of water found in Japan, all countries are kind of tense. Gallons are never found randomly. They are harvested. And each country has a fair share based on their population. Japan harvested and hid fifty gallons in violation of their population. They had 450. They were only supposed to have 400. Even though many people hated the war, some loved it. Some felt like they needed it. It was a sort of population control. Many people were drafted. Although, the battle ended short when the two countries just decided to split it 25/25. Not as many people died, and it was a peaceful two years. Then the discovery of “Scrups” happened. And all humans were turning against each other so quick you would have thought they were enemies even before time. 

    Isaac was now 8 years old and he lived in a tiny house along with his mother. He shook the black hair from his face and he walked into the kitchen. 



    "What are you eating?" 


    Isaac frowned, he knew that they were blessed with money but he wish she didn’t spend it on fresh food and eat it all. Both corners of her mouth scrunched up into a satisfied smile. Isaac had always heard "Eat healthy, you are what you eat ya know," from his abuela and he was always afraid his mom would turn into a steak. He never shared this fear with her because he didn't want to be labeled as a "dummy". She always called him that when she thought he made a stupid comment. His mother ate steak every night. Every morning. Every noon. And for snack, which was 6 times a day. And with each steak she ate, she drank a 8 ounce glass of orange juice and 2 ounces of water. Little Isaac walked up to his mother. 

    “Can I have some?”, his eyes went wide. “BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT!”

    His mother jumped back and her right eyebrow scrunched up, “Que te pasa?! Why the hell are you yelling?!”

    Isaac apologized as his mother cut a small piece of steak. Her eyes were rimmed with dark purle, and the sea of wrinkled invaded her eyes, creating saggy bags. Despite his mom being exhausted, he loved her because she still took the time to talk to him. She flashed him a tired smile as she fixed him a small plate of steak. He was glad he only asked for a little bit, he didn’t want to turn into a steak. 

    “Lo siento, I forgot your fork!” Maribel stood up to run to the kitchen. 

    “No te preocupes, I’ll get it,” little Isaac got up to grab a fork. As he went to grab the iron handle to the wooden drawer, he bit on his lip so that he wouldn’t gasp as draw flew open as the handle pulled out straight towards his hands. 

    “Isaac? Are you okay?” his mother called. Worry was deep in her voice and she got up to move. Just then, Isaac came running through the door. Spoons, forks, and knives were flying through the air and they seemed to be chasing him. He ran back and forth, desperately trying to live when his mother brought a fist upon his cheek. Isaac blacked out, that’s all he remembered. 

    He woke up on a soft bed, screaming. He mother ran into his bedroom and held him down. 

    “Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Ya cálmate!” she held his shoulders down as he panted. 

    “What do you mean calm down already?! Did you see that mommy?! Did you see that?!” he pointed everywhere, he quickly became paranoid as the metal candle holder on the brown wooden dresser started to shake. He screamed and his mom put her hand over his mouth. 

    “Shhh, the more calm you are, the less it happens. This was much easier when you were younger. I used to put medicine in your bottle just to calm you down,” she sat up on the bed and wiped the tears from his scared face. 

    “Your father, used to laugh. He believed that he had everything a man wanted. A wife, a beautiful child, a good paying job. He didn’t mind. We knew you were always special. Especially because his jacket buttons always stuck to your back. It was easy to peel them off of course. But it was funny to see the rainbow of colors on your back.” She giggled. 

    “You...you mean you knew I was a scrup?!” Isaac’s mouth twinged into a tight pout. 

    “A what?” her right eye brow scrunched up. Isaac knew that look, but he didn’t care. 

    “A screw up mom! A screw up!” he yelled, her temper came in quick and she slapped him so fast he didn’t even see the hand. Just heard a “whir” before he saw stars. She began to yell! 

    “You are NOT a screw up Isaac! You are beautiful and you are special!” she saw the tears in his eyes and she calmed down. She didn’t like hitting him, even for disciplinary reasons. 

    “We just, we just didn’t say anything because we thought we could keep it under control. We didn’t know what caused it at the time. We don’t know. But what we do know is, if people know then they will take you away from me.” 

    She began to cry, streams of tears dressed her delicate face and she no longer looked tired. Just devistated. 

    “I can’t have them take you away from me. I would die. I would just die. I wouldn’t know what to do!” She held on to Isaac and they cried together. 

    “W-w-what do I do mami?” he held on to her hand. 

    “I’ll show you,” she held up her right hand and a fork flew right into it. Isaac’s eyes went wide. 

    “WHOA! YOU HAVE IT TOO?” Isaac almost passed out. This was too much excitement for one day. He damn near fainted. 

    “Yes, come here. You can read well can’t you?” she pulled out a leather bound book. It was big, brown, and it had a metal lock on it. 

    “Yes ma’am,” he said proudly. 

    “I know you’re mature. I was waiting to give this to you, go in your room and read it,” she handed him the book. But he didn’t know the lock combination. It was a 7 slot lock and he didn’t know if he had to guess or what, and he flashed a worried look at his mother. She held out her right hand and the lock turned. The term “SOFRITO” came out and Isaac smiled. Only mami would do something like this. 

    “Mom, anyone whose spanish will know this! Can’t I change it?” he pouted. 

    “Yeah, here”, she held out her right hand again and made a fist. Something clicked and she rephrased the word into “ISAACYR”. 

    “There, your name and the first initial of your father’s last name and the first initials of my last name. Better?” she looked proud. 

    “Yes!” Isaac ran to his room and plopped on his bed. He opened the book, he appreciated the fact that his mom drew pictures for him to understand. 

    Chapter 2 (Maribel’s Diary)

    Dear Isaac, 

    Hello, if you’re reading this, it means you’ve finally discovered that you are special. Like me. I might be retired now, and we’re probably living low because we are “special” and I need to teach you how to conceal your powers. Because if they are found, we will both be killed. Please read this, and learn a lot. This was from the studies that I did when I was still a scientist. Ok, here we go. 

    Basically, we are of the magnet origin. It is ancient, and it’s just ONE of the many origins that people can come from. Not everyone in the family has it. Just you, me, your grandma, and her father. Basically, we have the power to magnetize and demagnetize ourselves. But with magic, comes science. I’ve done some experiments on myself and I realized that the reason why you are of magnet origin is partly my fault. You know how I always eat steak and drink orange juice? Well, those are my favorite things to eat and drink. The issue is, we are already born with an iron imbalance in our bodies because we are basically human magnets. You know what else has iron? Steak. And do you know what an orange has? Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron and I pretty much ate this while I was pregant with you. I’m so sorry Isaac, please forgive me for burdening you.

    Okay, here’s a simple diagram: 

    Okay honey, as you can see, we have a crap load of iron in us. Therefore, at will, we can become super magnetic. Here are things you need to know: 

    1. Even if you want to panic, don’t. You will pull all of the metal to yourself or push it away. 
    2. Befriend people of different origins. If you want, I can introduce you to some. 
    3. Befriend people of similar origins. Here’s a chart of how they’re broken down. 

    Earth (metal)

    Water (life) 

    Fire (offense)

    Air (supports) 

    Magnetic (attracts metal)

    Life (healers)

    Electricity (Good at fighting, can summon electricity. Good for black outs)

    Travelers (can fly/super speed)

    Rockers (Manipulate Earth/Metal) 

    Aqua mages (can manipulate water) 

    Starters (People who can summon fire)

    Pushers (Can maipulate air to create “natural” disasters)

    Chameleons (once they touch the earth they can blend in) 

    Green thumbs (Can manipulate plants) 

    Melters (People who just have the abilities to heat up things)

    Airlocks (Can summon air) 

    As people of the origins, our job is to simply keep the elements in balance and to keep the Earth safe from it’s people. We were supposed to live in peace. Now, for each origin there is a “mother” origin. The mother origins are the four elements. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. And from these stem the “baby” origins. Such as us “Magnetics”. Now, where were weeeee oh yeah. How to magnetize! Here is a practice method: 

    1. Sit in a calm, quiet room. 
    2. Put a metallic object in front of you. 
    3. Close your eyes. 
    4. Breathe calmly in and out. In and out. 
    5. Grab the fork. When you touch it, focus on the energy going back and forth into the fork. 
    6. When you close your eyes, hold the fork in front of you. You will be able to see a bright blue outline of everything. Focus on the fork until all of it is light blue. 
    7. Mentally tell it to push away. 
    8. Let go. 
    9. If it drops, you need to practice some more. 
    10. Once you master that, you can mentally “demagnitize” yourself. 
    11. Hold the fork until it’s blue again. Now, focus all the energy away until it’s faint blue again. 
    12. Drop it. 
    13. You won’t attract any metal unless you want to. 
    14. What the hell are you waiting for? Go try it! 

    Isaac was excited. He jumped out of his bed and ran to the door and screamed when he saw his mom standing there with a fork. 

    “Here!” she threw the fork at him and he screamed and put his hands up. The metal flew to his hand. 

    “Okay, here’s one thing. As magnetics, we can only pull or push. There is no floating or suspending in the air. That’s what the Rockers are for. Now, try to pull that spoon over here. Remember the guide. Y por favor, no te grites.” she pouted. 

    “Okay I won’t scream,” He sat on the floor and closed his eyes. He breathed in and out. In and out. He could feel his body gathering energy and soon he could see the outline of every little thing in the room. He focused on the little spoon on the marble counter and soon it began to turn bright blue. He thought “COME” and in a flash he felt the spoon smack into his hand. 

    “Whoa I did it!” Isaac jumped up and down.

    “Great, now, time to ea-,” she stopped in mid sentence. Isaac could see blood drip on the floor. 

    “MAMI!” he screamed to deaf ears. Dead ears. He saw her body fly to the ground and he held out his hand in panic. Her book flew to his hand as he backed in a corner and screamed. Tears flew to his face. He panicked, his body drenched in sweat and a little urine trickled. Four men in army uniforms started to walk towards him. The strongest one, the most muscular spoke up first. 

    “I don’t know Hank. He’s just a kid. Do we have to kill him? We could just collect him.”

    The smallest one, who was supposedly the leader shot back: 

    “Orders were, annihilate any scrups. Shoot him.” 

    The men readied their guns and shot. Isaac screamed and put his hands up and all of a sudden the shots stopped. All he could he was four dead men who looked like bloody swiss cheese then he was whirred away. All he saw was a flash of his neighborhood and his house getting smaller and the next thing he knew he was in a room. He looked up and there was an African American kid. 

    “W-w-what are you DOING?” Isaac began to stand up but he fell again. He was dizzy. 

    “Calm down dude, that’s gonna happen. Hi. My name’s Connor and I like Star Wars. Everyone get’s dizzy when I drive them!” Connor was 8 years old at that time and full of energy. 

    “H-h-h-hi. My name’s Isaac. I’m a m-m-..,” Isaac couldn’t stop stuttering out of fear. 

    “Magnetic? Yeah. I know. We all know. You’re mom used to be one of the big guys.”, Connor stood Isaace up and supported him on his shoulder. 

    “We all?” Isaac looked around. They were in a little shack. Connor pulled open a wooden plank and there was a stair case. Connor led Isaac down. 

    “Common dude! This is so cool! You’ll get to meet my mom, Jennifer, and all my friends!”. 

    As they slowly walked down the dark, spiral stair case, Isaac began to whimper and cry. 

    “I-it’s okay! You don’t have to cry! Please don’t cry!” Connor tried his best to calm Isaac down but to no avail. The loss of his mother was too much to bare. He trudged down the stairs to a big ice door. It was frozen solid. White, frozen, solid. 

    Connor yelled out “Jennifer!” and the ice magically melted. A nine year old white girl was on the other side. 

    “Aw, why is he crying?” she pouted. Behind her, a quick “whir” and a tall slender black woman popped up in front of her. 

    “Connor what the hell were you THINKING?” she yelled at him as he hung his head. 

    “I was… I got Miss Maribel’s kid. She…,” little Connor didn’t even need to finish the sentence till his mother’s hard scowl softened. 

    “Oh, oh you poor baby!” she lifted Isaac in her arms and he let her. He cried on her shoulder and she held him tightly. He looked around with his tear-blurry eyes and sniffled. The room was white with blue lights. The carpet and the couches were white where as the tables and chairs were blue. There were people of all ages staring at him. 

    Miss Lana set him down. “Would ya like some water honey?”, Isaacs eyes went wide with surprise. 

    “You can have juice, but water is illegal to have! Who are you people?!.” Lana gave him a warm smile. 

    “We are you, and you’re one of us. Jennifer!”, Jenny came with an empty cup and drew her right hand up she pulled the moisture out of the air and poured it into the cup. The cup got frosty. She handed it to a now very thirsy Isaac. Miss Lana introduced them all. 

    “This is Jennifer. Her origin is Aqua Mage, Mother Origin is water. And this is Connor. He’s a traveler, as you know he can run really fast and he makes trouble. Listen, I’m really sorry about your mother… she meant a lot to everyone here as well.” Lana held on to his shoulder. Isaac looked up with red puffy eyes. 

    “Why did they kill my mom? We didn’t do anything!” tears were streaming down Isaac’s face. Lana picked him up gently and took him into a small white room, she closed the door behind her to shield them from staring eyes. 

    “The government sees her as a threat. They don’t like people like us. It’s just that, I’m scared for them.” she said, her eyes looked down with sorrow. 


    “Well. Have you ever heard of the term “You are your worst enemy?”” She scrunched her eye brows up. 

    “Yes! My mom used to say it all the time!” 

    “Well, they will destroy themselves eventually. But, it’s up to us to protect our people. SNS. Suspernatural Society.”

    Isaac felt a sort of proudness. He quietly got up, walked to the door, opened it and looked out. 

    “Hi” he said, “I’m Isaac”. 

    Chapter 3 (2082)

     Isaac was now ten, even 2 years later his mother’s death still affected him. He walked out of a medium red house. That’s where all of the members of the SNS stayed. He walked down the sidewalk to the corner of the 56 septa bus. As it arrived he read some graffiti on the side “No Scrups”. Isaac was scared, but he remembered what his mother said. Be careful, and breathe. He breathed and got on the bus. He sat near the door, that’s where he always felt safe. A strange old lady, wrinkled to the bone began to chant something. He couldn’t hear it until she started to speak up: 

    “No Scrups! No Scrups! No Scrups!”, by that point everyone in the bus decided to chime in, getting louder in unison.  

    “NO SCRUPS! NO SCRUPS! NOOOOOO SCRUUUUPS!”, Isaac was getting nervous. His palms were sweaty, his eye brows scrunched up, his face in a frown. He closed his fists and the bus stopped. People’s chants died down and gasps went all around. The old crone whispered: 

    “There’s a scrup in here...everyone off the bus!” everyone ran out of the doors. Scared. Nervous. Violent. The outside of the bus was crunched. People scattered in all directions, women, men, children, even the old wrinkled prune seemed to gain speed as if she were 30 years younger. Isaac ran down the street to Erie and Torresdale to catch the EL to school. He was happy to finally make it. After he got on his long ride, he hopped off at 13 street and took a trolley to 22nd. As he went up the stairs, he could hear the same chants. He walked in on a crowd who were protesting intergrated schools. He ran past them and went to greenfield. He was about ten minutes late as he slammed into the seat of his first class, sweaty, nervous. His teacher Miss Mara scolded him for being late. He tried to explain but she wouldn’t have it. She made him sit up front, and the school bully Johnathon threw spit balls at him. Isaac was young, but he was old enough to know what happens. When a fight is going on, the kid that is the most in trouble is the one that retaliates. Isaac looked at his teacher and pretended to pay attention, but he changed his focus. He instead, saw a dull blue light around his teacher, but he could feel the intensity of the metal desk behind him. Jonathon teetered back in his desk and Isaac made himself negative between himself and the desk, pushing it back. Johnathon began to cry as Isaac smiled. He ran his fingers through his hair, it was oily. He figured he could get Connor to rush him home and wash it real quick, but he changed his mind. Jennifer was in his class as well, as Jonathon fell, Jenny flashed Isaac a smile. She was trying so hard not to laugh. After a daunting 45 minutes, the bell rang and all of the kids ran out into the hallway for their next class. 

    “Hey!” Jennifer yelled as she ran up. “Happy Birthday!” she smiled. 

    “Wanna skip?” Isaac inquired. He was so tired. A friend of theirs, Harry ran up as well. 

    “You can count me in! Hey, did you guys hear?” Isaac and Jenny looked confused. Harry decided to elaborate. “They killed him! They took him away and they finally killed him!” 

    “Who?” Isaac was curious! 

    “That Scrup!” he pulled out his hollogram phone and showed him a picture of an Asian man. His hair was scruffy, but that face looked familiar. No. Isaac couldn’t and would not believe it. His dad died in the war. But this man looked so familiar. No. Isaac’s dad died in a war. 

    “D-d-didn’t he die in a war?” Isaac was in shock. 

    “Heck no! My mom told me they got him while the war was going on. He’s on a death sentence. But they finally killed him! Isn’t that great? Hung him in front of everyone! They said he was the laaaaaast one that they knew about. They killed his wife already. They’re just looking for the kid! Well, I gotta go!” and proud Harry ran away. Isaac laid himself upon the wall. Shaking. 

    “We have to go home!” and just then a “whir” came by and Connor was standing 2 inches from Isaac’s face.

    “I can get you guys there!” and the “beep” of an announcement went on. They stopped to listen. 

    “Attention! Attention! News reports have stated that a SNS house was found and cleared out! Soldiers have eleminated the threats, along with their leader Lana Johnson!”. 

    Connor’s heart took no time to break. Connor grabbed Jennifer and Isaac tightly and ran with all of his might to the house. It was on fire. Wood and metal were everywhere and Jennifer held out her hands and frosted everyone’s skin. 

    “It helps. You won’t burn or even feel hot. My grandma taught me that”. All three of them slowly walked in. 

    “My father…. was alive.” Isaac whispered. Tears running down his face. He was sad, not only because he didn’t know his father. But because he heard what happened to prisoners through Harry as well. And from the bruises and lash marks that he witnessed in the picture, it didn’t look like he had it easy. Connor began to cry as well. He kneeled down and held a burnt black hand, he washed it in his never ending agony. 

    “Mama….” but alas, he had no time to mourn as five soldiers with masks and fire proof suits came in. They all held their guns and began to shoot. Isaac made himself negative and flew the bullets their way, killing all five. 

    “Connor! Take Jennifer and go!” Isaac pulled all the metal towards him. Jennifer screamed:

    “No, we’re not leaving! We got to stick together. Remember?” she frowned, she had no parents and Connor and Isaac were like brothers to her. “REMEM-” and Connor whirred her away after giving Isaac a strong and lasting hug. 

    Chapter 4 

    Isaac was brought before a crowd in Ritten House. Whipped. Bloodied. Dirty. Skin black from the ash. Through his chewed up ears he could hear: 


    He could also hear a group of women who were upset: 

    “NO! He’s just a child! He’s just a child!” 

    They brought him onto a stage in front of everyone and through him over a cold wooden block. A big man with an axe came by and made a speech. 

    “Dear ladies, and gentlemen. These “Scrups” are nothing but trouble. They think they’re better than us, stronger, and more deserving of life just because they have powers. We have a child here. The child of the two leaders of SNS. Maribel Rodriguez and Ichiro Akiyama. The child of disgusting scum who didn’t deserve to walk the Earth.” 

    A lady yelled out “They were SOLDIERS. They FOUGHT for this COUNTRY! You are the real scum!” 

    The man simply replied with “Shut the hell up you prune. Bring her up here.” two soldiers dragged her up to the wooden block and slammed her down as well. 

    The man cleared his throat, “As I was saying, as humans, we are supposed to take care of this world. And today, we will make progress. Look at this boy and his scum follower! This is the enemy! This is what we must kill! They are the reason for sickness, global warming, the pain and agony that we endure every day! It’s ALL THEM!” 

    And with that, he brought down the axe. The head of the old woman ended up in the middle of the crowd and they all screamed a yell of joy as her blood sprayed on the grass. 

    “Goodbye devil child”, the man brought up his axe and- 


    A ten year old girl with brown curly hair closed the book. She ran out to the living room to her mother. Her father ran after her: 

    “Clara, CLARA! Give me that book! JENNIFER COME AND GET THIS GIRL!”. Clara’s mother softly got up from the couch. 

    “Connor what’s wrong now?” she inquired. She was tired. 

    “Did this really happen?” she breathed in and out. She never read something so scary. Her mother sat her upon her lap. 

    “No honey, of course not.” She rocked Clara back and forth until she fell asleep. She gave Clara to Connor and in 1 second Connor came back. 

    “You tucked her in and all?” Jennifer asked. 

    “Yes. Was one second too long for you?” and he tried to smile but it didn’t cheer Jennifer up. 

    “Where did she find that book Connor? I… I hid it away. I didn’t want to remember. I didn’t want to remember being in that crowd. Seeing Isaac… for God’s sake he was only ten Connor! Only ten! How many other children did they need to murder before they got their point across? Just for being a magnetic? For being a “scrup”? We even have to hide today Connor. When will they stop hating us?” Jennifer’s face became coated in tears. 

    “Just because he was a child, he had a hard time controlling it. Just because he was special. They killed him. Did they have to?” Jennifer mumbled. 

    Connor held her frail body and hummed until she calmed down. 

    “I know honey. I know. We just need to keep hiding. Ok? They can’t just tell if we have powers. We’ve had a nice life so far ok? And our baby was born normal. You don’t have to worry. Even if we were found out. I’ll protect you and Clara with all my life.” 

    Jennifer sniffled and she smiled. “Yeah, at least Clara is normal.” 

    It was just then she realized that Clara had just walked in. She was scared. 

    “Mommy?” tears were in her eyes. Her body was shaking. She jumped into her parents’ arms. 

    “Yes honey what’s wrong?” Jennifer began to sweat. Hoping her daughter didn’t hear the conversation. Her daughter held up her right hand, and a spoon began to float. Jenny’s eyes went wide with fear. She whispered: 

    “A r-r-rocker!” Jennifer exclaimed. 

    “M-m-mommy, some kids at school saw. My t-t-teacher knows”. Clara couldn’t stop stuttering. She wasn’t ignorant to the world. She knew.

    Jennifer and Connor looked at each other as they heard a knock on the door. As Connor stood up to hold Clara and Jennifer to escape, the door flew inwards and broke open. 

    The End  

    Thy Shall Choose

    “It’s your choice Susanna, said Lawrence, “It’s all up to you”.

    “Choose from what?” 

    “If you don’t choose, you’ll face brutal consequences. Beginning with the ones you love most.” 

    This was the 5th night in a row Susanna was having this dream. The chills and hot flashes would wake her up everytime at 4:34 am causing for her not to go back to sleep. She would lie restless in her bed til 5:45, when her alarm clock would ring. Her day had begun.

    “Sam, wake up! You’re going to be late!” 

    “It’s stuck again mom, I need help.”

    As the aromatic smell of pancakes and coffee filled the house, so did the morning frustration. 

    “I told you that these don’t fit anymore mom,” said a frustrated Sam.

    “Look Sam, I called Dr. Procter 2 times last week, do you want me to harass the guy?”

    “Well if it leads to me getting the prosthetic legs that actually fit, then godspeed.”

    Susanna hadn’t called the doctor. Her insurance called her a week prior telling her that Sam’s new legs wouldn’t be covered by their insurance and that his doctor was no longer in their network. Susanna needed to look for a new doctor that would take a new patient that didn’t have that great of a track record. 

    Ever since George and Grace passed, things were tough for Susanna. She knew that she had to be strong for Sam, now that he was dealing with his amputation. She didn’t cry at the funeral. She didn’t bring any of the flowers, letters, or teddy bears inside. Ever since the accident, every morning, she tells herself “you’re okay”, when she knows she’s breaking. 

    “Okay, finish up your breakfast, you’re going to be late. Come on let’s go”.

    “Mom?” questioned Sam.


    “Why are you always in a rush to send me off to school because I’m always out the door 45 minutes before the bell rings when we only live 10 minutes from school?”

    She wasn’t going to tell him the real reason.

    “Because punctuality is the key to success, now go wait for the bus, it will be here any minute now.”

    “Okay, love you mom.”

    “Love you too pick you up at 4”

    As the door closed behind him, the tears began to blur her vision.


    “No tears Susanna,” she told herself. “Today is the day.” Today was the day she was going to make it. She showered, packed her things, and got dressed for work. She put her stuff on the kitchen counter and began to walk towards it. 

    “Today is the day,” she murmured to herself. “Today I will walk in.”

    As she saw the pink and purple bead curtains sway side to side, she remembered Grace’s laughter. The smile that was Susanna’s everyday motivation. The smile that was missing two front teeth. 

    As she stood in front of the door, she began to tremble. She put out her left hand and pushed the beads aside as she nervously reached her right hand toward to the door knob.

    “On the 3,” she said to herself. “One, two-o-o, thhre-e-e”.


    It had been three years since she saw Uncle Earl’s dollhouse. The vanilla essence brought back carpool, candy store visits, and father-daughter dances. The vanilla essence brought her to her knees.

    “Why! Why Gracie! Why!” she had broke. 

    Her cries for Grace were so loud that she didn’t here the front door open.

    “Susanna?!” It was her older sister, Nancy. “Oh my goodness Susanna get up.”

    “Why Nancy? She was only 5! She was to be at school right now. Why Nancy?

    Nancy hadn’t seen her sister cry before, this was all very new to her. 

    “Susanna it’s going to be alright. You’ll get through this. You need to let the past go Susanna. Sam needs you. He needs his mom to love and care for him, including his mother calling this new doctor her sister found for her.”

    “But, Nancy,”

    “No, no don’t speak about the money. It’s taken care of.”

    “I can’t accep-”

    “Stop. Yes you can. Now get up and go find out if this Dr. Lawrence Fisher is really as phenomenal an as they say he is.

    “Thank you Nancy.”


    The doctor’s office was just 2 streets down from her work. She decided that she’d go to work and then go to Dr. Fisher’s when she was settled.

    As she drove into the parking lot, something felt out of place. Everyone who was usually inside during their hours was actually outside. She parked her car and spotted Lucia, her friend. 

    “Is there a fire drill going on?” said Susanna. 

    “Um, no. We just liked how, um, nice the weather was. You know how suffocating those cubicles can be”

    “Yeah, I guess. So I guess I’ll see you inside?”

    “Oh yes! Most definitely!”

    As Susanna walked towards her cubicle, she began to see more and more flowers appear out of other people’s cubicles. The smell of her favorite Cinnamon Spice cake grew stronger as she approached her cubicle. 

    Oh no,” she thought to herself. “Martin.”

    A middle aged, athletic built man jumped from behind Susanna’s cubicle’s wall.

    “You bet it’s Martin! The one and only Martin. The man who’s meant for you Martin. The only Martin in your-”


    “I’m sorry, did I do something wrong? Oh no, it’s the cake isn’t it? I knew there wasn’t enough powerdered sugar on it!”

    “No Martin, it’s not the cake. This is so sweet of you to do all this for my-”


    “Our work anniversary. But today just isn’t the day. Okay?”


    “Thank you Martin, I’ll help you clean up”

    “Does this mean I need to cancel the massage appointment I had for?”

    Susanna knew she was not going to pass up on that opportunity.

    “Oh no! I would hate for that to go to waste, I’ll just take it for now and drive there myself.”

    “Oh okay, good!” exclaimed Martin “It’s two streets down, in that new doctor’s office. And Susanna?”


    “I love you”

    “Great, thanks for the coupon!”

    Susanna had never driven as fast she did for that massage session. In less than 5 minutes, she was welcomed into a rejuvenating advanced massage center that left her mesmerized. It wasn’t like anything she had seen before. She knew she deserved this. 

    She walked up to the service lady and handed her the massage coupon.

    “Hello!” screeched the computerized service lady. “I am Flo! I love the rejuvenation center! I feel so rejuvenated! How can I help you today?”

    “One massage please.” This was the happiest Susanna had been in a very long time. 

    “Great! Change into a massage suit and wait in the jacuzzi until we get to your turn.”

    There were already 3 ladies in the jacuzzi. 3 ladies that seemed a bit off to Susanna. Then again, since the accident, a lot of things seemed off to her. But these ladies were especially bizarre

    “You’re not crazy Susanna” said the blonde lady.


    “You’re not crazy Susanna” repeated the blonde.

    “Yes she is, she’s psychotic” said the red heard.

    “I am not psychotic!”

    “Yes you are,” said the 3rd women in the jacuzzi. “You are a slimy murderer who killed her husband and daughter!”

    “LADIES!” A tall man approached the jacuzzi from the steamy sauna in the back. “My kitties, this is not how we treat our new guests. Understood?”

    The 3 ladies stood up in the jacuzzi and their heads flashed a beam of light at the ceiling as they all answered “Yes Mr. Fisher”.

    Mr. Fisher was Sam’s new doctor’s name,”Susanna thought to herself

    “Susanna it’s a pleasure, I’ve been looking forward to our appointment.”

    “I think you mean my son, he’s the one who will be your patient soon.” 

    “No, you. Come with me Susanna.”

    Dr. Fisher walked Susanna through a glass tunnel that led to a steel elevator.

    “You are to take this elevator to the UG floor. Wait there for me, do not talk to anyone. I’ll take care of Sam.”

    “But Dr. Fisher-”

    “Call me Lawrence.”

    And with that she was off.

    The elevator was something out of a haunted house. It was dented and had bullet shots through every wall. Susanna had a headache began to worry, not for herself, but for Sam. Horrid thoughts crossed her mind one after another as she got deeper into the ground. The deeper she went the more pressure she felt on her head.

    Then, a light shined through the bullet holes. Susanna began to get light headed.

    “What’s going on?” said Susanna

    The shadow of a women appeared before her who pick her up.

    “The antidote is working. Let her fall.” said the woman

    Susanna began to see black and white stripes and fell into a deep sleep


    “She needs to choose Lawrence!”

    “Nancy, it takes time.”

    “No, there isn’t time, we don’t have time. Gracie and George are slowly fading away, we need them back or none of this.”

    Susanna was slowly gaining back her consciousness.


    This wasn’t suppose to happen.

    “Lawrence, I thought you said she wouldn’t wake up for a while!” screamed Nancy

    “Nancy is that you? Help Nancy, they took me.”

    “Lawrence I’ll put her back to sleep.”

    “Nancy, don’t. We need to tell her.”.

    “Lawrence? Tell me what?” Susanna began to tremble again.

    “It’s your choice Susanna, said Lawrence, “It’s all up to you”.

    “Choose from what?” 

    “If you don’t choose, you’ll face brutal consequences. Beginning with the ones you love most.”

    Susanna fell into a state of shock. 

    “No,” she said.

    “We can bring George and Grace back Susanna,”

    “No stop.”

    “Susanna, just listen to me.”

    “No I don’t want to hear it Lawrence, plea-”

    “Susanna!” yelled Nancy. “This is for your own good and for Sam. Okay?”

    “You’re in on this Nancy?”

    “George lied to you. George didn’t work for an architecture firm. He worked for the NSA. George was working on a very sensitive sensor that if not dealt with correctly, would endanger every single person in this country. This sensor detects natural disasters to bioterrorism plots. The only person who can unlock the sensor is George. He made the sensor so locked that only him or someone with the same blood as him can unlock this sensor.”

    Lawrence took over. “However, recently we got word that one of the militants in Kenya has hacked into the NSA’s system and is in the process of unlocking the sensor as we speak.”

    “George knew something like this would happen Susanna. He also knew that he would give up his life to protect this country. Therefore, he made the sensor in way that only a certain person’s blood, besides his, could shut off this sensor. An arm’s worth of blood can only shut it off.” 

    “Then, I’ll give blood. Give me a vile, I’ll do it myself.” proclaimed Susanna

    “You can’t Susanna,” said Lawrence, “we already tested you. You are iron deficient you can’t give up an arm’s worth of blood.”

    “But we know who can.” said Nancy

    A silence fell among them. Susanna looked to Nancy as she handed her a report.

    “Susanna, I tested Sam. He’s the only one who can sto-”

    “No! You won’t take another part of my son from me! He is already suffering enough from the last car accident. I won’t let you!”

    “It’s the country or Sam, Susanna! Uncle Earl would laugh at you right now.”

    “Me Nancy?! You tricked me into coming into this dungeon that has robot women who accuse me to be a murderer!"

    Lawrence realized this was all getting out of hand.

    “Look Susanna, we can calmly talk about this.”

    “No you listen to me, both of you! Do not get close to my son or me every again. You guys got us here in the first place and I want out. George is dead. He is gone. He left us. 

    This was his problem. Not mine and certainly not Sam’s.” 

    Susanna pulled the IVs out of her arm and pushed her way through the double doors to where she thought led her to the elevators. But instead, it led her to the hospital wing.

    Susanna saw a sight she thought she would never see again. 


    Nancy ran towards Susanna to stop her. 

    “Susanna wait! Don’t get close to her!”

    Susanna ran towards Grace and embraced her in her arms. She cried and squeezed her tightly as Grace stood there. Emotionless.

    “Gracie, it’s me! Mommy!”

    No response from Gracie just a blank stare.


    “Why did you let her run through the doors Nancy!?” Lawrence wasn’t pleased.

    “What did you do to her!” Susanna looks to Grace and begins to frantically shake her. “Gracie! Gracie!”

    Gracie looks to Lawrence then looks Susanna

    “You must choose Mommy”.

    Susanna looked taken a back.

    “You must choose Mommy. You must choose Mommy. You must choose Mommy.” Gracie got louder until the phrase into a siren shriek. 

    “What’s going on!?” Susanna couldn’t handle the sounds or her daughter anymore. Lawrence ran across the room and grabbed on to a red lever. Once he pulled it down, Gracie turned off. Lawrence looked to Susanna.

    “It’s up to you Susanna. Make your choice now or the rest of our nation’s children will end up just like Gracie.

    “Fine. But I want to be in the car with him to make sure he’s not in pain.”

    Nancy didn’t approve. 

    “It’s much to dangerous Susanna, I can’t have you do that.”

    “Me in the car, or not blood.”


    It was 4 pm. Lawrence’s robot driver and Susanna were on their way to pick up Sam. Susanna began to tremble again. She knew she had to be strong to make sure Sam would be okay, who she spotted limping towards the car. 

    “Hey sweetie, how was school?”

    “It was awful, I‘ve got blisters all over my legs. Did you call the doctor?”

    “I sure did. We are actually going now so buckle up.”

    As Sam sat in the car, he realized his mother wasn’t as happy as she usually was to see him.

    “Mom,” said Sam.

    “Yes sweetie?”

    “Are you okay?”

    Susanna squeezed out a grin and said “I’m fine”.

    “Okay, good.” Sam turned his back to the door and began to tell his mom about how much he loved coming home to be with her. As he turned Susanna saw Nancy’s programmed SUV coming straight for Sam’s door. She clenched his legs and closed her eyes. 


    Susanna heard Sam screaming for help but she felt restricted. She couldn’t move to hold him and tell it was all going to be okay, that he saved this entire country. All she could see was one of the jacuzzi ladies open her claw hands and grab her unconcious son. The blonde jacuzzi lady looked to Susanna and assured her that everything was going to be okay and that she was not going to remember any of this. Susanna drifted off.


    Lost In Knowing

    It feels lonely and cold to lock myself up like this. To hide from everyone, my entire family, all my friends, my peers, and people I love. To be unable to hold or physically touch the humans I care about..is the most unfortunate and torturing thing I have ever experienced and I believe there is no other person in this earth that goes through this conflict like I do. The fear and images that flash in my mind when I touch someone is unbelievable. To be able to predict someone’s death through a touch..is the worst gift anyone can ever receive.

    My name is Kayler  and when I was fourteen years old, I was riding the train to school in the morning. It was extremely crowded and I just needed to get to school on time. The train station I ride is one of the most popular train stations in my city to get to any part of the city you need to go to. Especially during rush hour, it made it worse, it was just packed, the train couldn’t hold anymore people and workers made announcement to ask riders to wait for the next train to arrive. Usually robberies do happen since I was getting on the station where most poverty exists. I saw a man in a black coat with a brief case running away from three policeman that was happening nearly a block away from me. He was running through people, shoving them and pushing them in order to escape from the cops.


    “Stop now!”

    The police kept yelling while chasing the man.  I thought it was just a robbery, maybe he stole that brief case from someone. It was no surprise to me, it wasn’t the first time I saw a robbery happening while waiting for my train to head to school. I looked away and continued to listen to my MP3 player. Suddenly, I heard a huge explosion and the ground shook. I lost balance right away and fell onto the ground and everyone around me started screaming. People also fell and half my body was crushed by two other people and I could not hear anything after that. All I heard was faint yelling and crying, and my vision was blurry. I started to see some smoke and haze as I looked up, trying to pull my legs out underneath from someone else on top of me. I started to feel dizzy and passed out. I came to the conclusions that it was just a bomb explosion. I passed out and from that day, my life has not been the same.

    It been a few months after the incident, I started catching buses to school instead of the train. My parents were traumatized by the small nuclear bomb explosion that happened months ago at my train station. It was closed for a while anyway and I don’t mind riding a few buses to school. It’s a lot less crowded than taking that train.

    “Oh my god is already 8:10” I got off my last bus to walk to school, and started to speed walk and turned up my music louder. I was too busy trying to change the song on my MP3 player that I bumped into a lady shorter than me. I looked up and caught her by her shoulders. It was a senior citizen, a frail small lady.

    “Sorry!” I felt bad, she looked startled even though I ran into her sofly . She just nodded and walked away.

    I continued to walk the couple of blocks I had left. As I walked farther from her, I somehow had these thoughts I couldn’t control. I kept seeing images of her in my head getting hit by a car. It was so strange, why am I even imagining this happening to her? I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I couldn’t stop seeing it in my head. The exactly images was her crossing the street and a minivan didn’t break into and hit her, and she just tumbled over. Something didn’t feel right, my gut was telling to turn back around and go make sure she is okay.

    As I pulled out my earphones and started to run backwards to find her two blocks down, I started to trembled at the thought. My palms got sweaty, my legs started shaking as I was jogging. I ran down the block to the stop sign and there she was. Laying on the ground in front of a minivan, passed out. A local crossing guard from the other street heard the car and went to go check. She started yelling that the senior citizen no longer has a pulse. If only I was faster, she wouldn’t had died. If only I hadn’t touched her, maybe I wouldn’t had saw that coming. It was a strange feeling,

    “How did this thought come to my mind?”

    “Why?  how did I know she gonna get hit by a car?”

    I ask myself a lot of question that day, but it just a mystery. I can't answer my own question. I got to school late that day. In class instead of pay attention to my teacher and learn how the earth orbit around the sun. I was in wonderland trying to answer these mystery question.

    Times go by really fast, it had been 5 years after that crazy incident happen with the lady. I’m nineteen years old attending to a university near home now . I was getting dressed for a close friend’s birthday dinner party. I was anxious because I can’t wait to take pictures and I heard there’s going to be a really special surprise there by my best friend’s boyfriend, Kevin  specifically for my Katrina. I arrived to the dinner party and we are having an amazing time. Later that night when is time for my her to cut the her cake. The light are off and Kevin slowly walk out the the crow and pull out the ring in front of Katrina.

    “Will you marry me?”

    At first she just cried and screamed.


    It was so sweet, it was such a surprise. She was such a happy, beautiful girl at that moment. A month later, my Katrina told me that her fiancé is taking an airplane to another state for an internship for a few weeks with a big business company. I stopped by his apartment to wish him good luck for his internship because I heard it’s going to be competitive. I just stopped by and had a drink then right before he closed his door, I gave him a quick hug.

    The day Katrina’s fiancé had to leave onto the airplane, I woke up from a really bad nightmare. In the dream, I saw an airplane crashing while trying to land at an airport and then I saw Katrina weeping and sobbing on the floor claiming that’s the airplane that her fiancé was on. I was so sweaty when I woke up, this reminds me of what happened to the poor old lady 5 years ago. I started to cry in bed because I had no clue what to do. My gut was telling me to tell Katrina right away but I don’t want to sound like a mentally insane person. It was 6AM and realized that his airplane was departing at 8AM. I couldn’t take it anymore, I called Katrina and she picked up and sounded very sleepy.

    “Katrina I need to come to your house right now is really important” .

    “What going? Are you okay?

    “Is something importance, I’m on my to your house right now”

    I drove quickly to her apartment. I cried so much in front of her, I had such a hard time explaining to her about the nightmare. I wasn’t able to tell her what happened with senior citizen because she not gonna understand. “Kayler is okay, stay calm and stop crying.” She hug my very tight that I can barely breath.  She called Kevin and explain what happen while they were talking I took the phone from her hand

    “Kevin please do not get on that plane.”

    “Listen to me for once, please Kevin.”

    “But Katrina I have to get on this airplane right now” He hang up the phone.

    I was shaking so much, it was the worst feeling ever. I left and went back to my home. I cried in bed for hours and that nightmare kept flashing by in my mind. I knew he was arriving at his destination around 5PM. I turned on the news around the time and there it was. Breaking news, a plane crashed. I called Katrina , when she picked up, her voice was trembling, she was crying and couldn’t the words out her mouth. Her fiancé’s airplane was the one that crashed while landing at the airport.

    I am able to visualize the death of certain people in my lives after I touch them. “Is it because of the nuclear bomb explosion incident when I was fourteen years old? ”

    After the accident I have been isolating myself among my loved ones. The entire experience has psychologically and emotionally changed me as a person, overall. I became a fearful, depressed and mentally unstable adult. I ended up transferring to another university and moving a few states away from home. My family and close friends has questioned my sudden move out and I no longer speak to my best friend of which her fiancé passed away due to the airplane accident. My life reverted from that moment on and I just can’t look back. I would much rather move far away and not create relationships or friendships with anyone in order to keep myself from feeling guilty or hurting anyone close to me. I would rather not use this “gift” of mine. It is harmful and it only causes emotional stress upon myself and people I really love.

    A new environment has made me feel better about my life. No attachments to other people meant no one nor myself was getting hurt. I spent the past two years trying to forget these terrible memories and not think about my “special ability”. But for the past month, all the memories have been flashing back inside my head, over and over again. It is all coming back and I have no clue how to stop it again. It is haunting me, day and night. Even in my dreams, I can no longer sleep well without seeing the old lady get hit by a car again or my best friend sobbing because of her fiancé death from the airplane accident. This was hurting me all over again. I have decided to spend tonight on my kitchen floor drinking until my blood streams are filled with alcohol. I’m gonna be so intoxicated to the point where I need to forget these memories. Even if it means to abuse my own body.

    Continuing onto my alcohol addiction now, it has not help me at all. I have only been able to wake up with headaches and still nightmares almost every night about everything. I have decided: enough is enough. If I don’t help myself, no one is going to help me. I need to reach out to someone. I feel lonely and worthless. I miss my family and all my friends back home. I can’t return home until I get rid of this “ability” or get over my fears. It’s like a monster inside, no one can destroy it except for myself.

    I have visited a local psychology clinic in my city to seek help right away. I was able to contact and get in touch with the most well known psychologist there. His name is Dr. Emeric and he is specialized in hallucinations. Although my issues are clearly not hallucinations, but there is still a lot going on inside my head and maybe he can help me out with it. Explaining this whole thought process is going to be difficult. Katrina  thought I was crazy when I was warning her about her fiancé death.

    As I spoke to Dr. Emeric from the very start and to the very end of my memories, he has no words but a phrase “interesting” which is the most cliché word that every psychologist usually says after he listens to a crazy person speak on their behalf. I still felt hopeless because his expression only changed a little bit. He told me to return back the following week for another appointment. I don’t really look forward to it but I will surely give it another try because I’m not giving up yet.

    After I got home, I spent a few hours online researching about the nuclear bomb explosion that happened years ago. I never really looked into because every time I read about it somewhere, it made me feel nervous and it made my anxiety worse. This is just the post trauma that I have experienced. I literally went through dozens of articles online to see if there anyone else out there like me. Someone who went through a similar problem like me, someone who understands my pain of this “ability”, or someone who has this same exact ability. I was desperate to hope there was information about the nuclear bomb, maybe some other substance that it’s made out of. Because this is not a normal nuclear bomb if it has literally psychologically messed up my brain and gives me the ability to visualized some people’s death. That just isn’t normal and I am trying every way to dig up facts about this incident.

    I was interviewed for a new job at a local office near my home. I decided to give it a try because I was offered a higher salary than where I was working at currently. I didn’t really like staying at one spot for too long, I started to become too friendly to my co workers and the goal of moving to this city was to stay isolated to avoid pain and harming others. Moving to this new job, there is a guy that sits across the room from me.  He name is Ivan and every morning when I see him he asked me if i want a cup of coffee he voice is very polite and sweet. I have no really had interactions like this with my co workers for a very long time being able to see someone’s smile like that towards me feels very heart warming. I miss human connections and feelings. But I must keep my distance to avoid any harm.

    I came to Dr. Emeric’s office for a following appointment, he has prescribed to me anti depressants and I knew that was going to happen. That is the usual for being diagnosed with hallucinations. I told Dr. Emeric that we need to go into more depth for my illness because I need to get the bottom of everything. He told me it takes patience and time and Emeric wanted to also do further research into the nuclear bomb explosion incident. I told him I already did that and I found completely nothing. Dr. Emeric sounded like he hesitated to do this but towards the end of our appointment, he told me that he’s going to have to refer to me to a scientist to talk about.

    I got home that day in a very bad mood. I don't know what to do and again I want to separate myself from the world.  I started to feel depressed and the only thing I can do now is to see Ivan. Ivan comforted me and the only one who understood me. He was there when I needed him. A connection between Ivan and I are becoming stronger and stronger.

    I learned a lesson. Ivan was there for me. I was never independent. He was someone out there in the world and now I found him. The person who has helped me and understood me for my own illness and my physical appearance.


    In the year 2100, science has advanced much more then we believed. Cancer has been cured, a new clean energy was found, even body modifications are possible. Like science, humans have also evolved over the years. Some people are born able to move objects with their mind, create fire out of thin air and other odd abilities due to being able to use all 100% of their brain power. While many welcomes such changes, there are those who oppose such things fear that it will make them no longer “human.” The story follows the life of Eli, a orphan who was adopted by Al.

    “Eli! It’s time for dinner!” Al shouted

    “Ok...” Eli says quietly as he walked down the stairs

    it has been about 6 months since Al has adopted Eli. During this time they have grown rather close. Al may drinks a lot and sometimes do and say things he don’t mean to, but he is still a kind person.

    “So how was school?” Says Al

    “I-it’s fun there... I made many friends...” Eli smiles nervously

    “Thats good to know, you were so shy around people that I was worried” Al said with a kind smile

    Eli just nodded his head and continued eating

    “ah-” Al tries to continue the conversation but also ran out of topics

    Seeing how there was nothing else to talk about, Eli and Al just keep eating in silence.

    Buy the time they were done, it was already dark.

    “Did you finish your homework yet?” Al asked while turning on the TV

    “Not yet... I’m going to finish it now.” says Eli and he walked back up the stairs

    As Eli go into his room, he could finally relax.

    “What’s his problem, wanting to know everything you do”

    “y-you’re wrong, he was just worried about me that’s all...”

    “Worried? HA! He is just like the others, he only cares for you so he doesn’t get in trouble.”

    “go-go away! He isn’t that kind of person!”

    “You knew as well was I that I can’t, remember, I am a part of you... that will never change...”

    After that, Eli’s other half finally went quiet. He is something Eli had to deal with for a very long time. Since as long as Eli could remember, he has been adopted and abandoned over and over again. All those who adopted him became afraid of him sooner rather then later. Sometime during cycle, he was born, a split personality that is the complete opposite of Eli.

    “Al is a really kind person...” Eli whispers as he continues his homework.

    Some more time past by and Eli has finished his homework. Just as he was about to go to sleep, he heard the TV downstairs still running. It was Al, he was still watching the late night news.

    *Studies have shown that the birth rate of mutants have dramatically increased these past few years. Since the government still understand very little of these mutants, the government suggests to report to the local officials if someone you know is a mutant. Now back to you.*

    Mutants... *hic* those crazy things should be locked away in a zoo! *hic* It was Al drunk on the couch talking about how much he dislikes mutants.

    Eli walks down to Al and called out to him


    “eh? oh! El-*hic*i, did you sle*hic*ep yet? you have school tomorro*hic*w...”

    “I’m going to sleep soon, you should too...”

    Eli propped Al up against him and walked up the stairs with him

    After reaching Al’s room, Eli tucked Al in and went back into the hallway where the sound of the TV was still clear.

    “You know he will find out sooner or later.”

    “I k-know that... but I think he will understand!”

    “pft it’s amazing how you can trust him even after all the others you have trusted all betrayed you. Not to mention how much this one seem to hate people who has powers.”

    “ya... but still! He may be afraid of them but if we just talk to him about it, he will understand right? r-right?

    He was quiet. With that, Eli looked at the TV, turned it off and went into his room for the night.


    “So! Everyone should bring these back and get them signed  by next friday! Those who don’t won’t be going on the trip so remember to bring them! Class dismissed!” Says Eli’s homeroom teacher.

    “Hey! Eli!” shouted Kyle

    “Are you going to go on the trip!? It looks really fun!” Kyle says grinning

    “maybe, I’m not sure if father has time...” Eli says quietly

    “Of course he will! It’s not like he can’t take a break from writing his book~”

    “I don’t know... I really don’t want to disturb his work...”

    “Oh you worrywart~, just go and ask him! Here! I’ll come with you!”

    Saying that Kyle grabbed Eli by the arm and run off towards Eli’s house.

    “Mr. Alex! Are you home!?” Kyle shouted at the house

    “Ya! wait, wait just one moment!” Al said as a big clang came out of the attic

    When Al go to the door he was covered in dust

    “Were you cleaning Mr. Alex?” Kyle asks

    “Ya, I wanted to clean the attic for sometime now.” Al smiles

    “Welcome home Eli” Al says kindly

    “I-i’m back” Eli said

    Seeing this Kyle laughed again

    “Oh Eli~ you are just as shy at home as in school!”

    “Come on in you two and get some snacks” Al waves them in

    After Kyle and Eli had their share of snacks, Kyle finally started talking about the trip

    “Next month our class is going on a trip to the mountains! Can Eli go too!?”

    “Of course he can!” Al exclaimed

    “Can you come too?” Kyle asks

    “Me? hum...” Al was deep in thought

    “Maybe... I would have to wait and see... But if I’m free I’ll will definitely go.

    “Hear that Eli? You can go too!” Kyle jumps up and down happily

    “ya!” Eli replied

    It was the day of the trip. The sun was shining, clear skies and a nice breeze blowing. It was the perfect day for a trip to the mountains.

    “Everyone! Get to your groups! You will be camping with the people in your group here on the mountain for 2 days and 2 nights! Make sure you bring all the supplies with you! But most importantly don’t forget the emergency flare!. In case of any trouble or injuries, fire the flare like in the instruction booklet and a teacher will come and pick you up! Any questions!?”

    The teacher looks around

    “Alright! Go up this path and you will reach the campsite by dusk! Have fun and be safe!”

    With that, the students, teachers and parents who can come all went up the road to the campsite.

    “Awwww, so Mr. Alex couldn’t come?” says Kyle

    “ya... he had to go to a meeting...”

    “... Cheer up!” Kyle said with a grin

    “My parents couldn’t come either! So we will just have to do this ourselves!”

    This made Eli laugh a bit

    With all the chatting they did, they reached the campsite before long

    “Wow that was more tiring then I thought!” Kyle said gasping for air

    “Y-ya... it seemed... so much... easier...” says Eli just as out of breath

    They both laughed at how out of breath they are

    Afterwards they started to build their campsite.

    “Where should be build them Eli?”

    “anywhere is fine with me..”

    “Anywhere?” Kyle looks about

    “How about over there!” Kyle said while pointing at a giant oak tree

    “sure, that looks good”

    “Alright! Let’s start building!” Kyle seemed very excited

    By the time they were done it was already dark. So they had dinner and got really for bed.

    “Hey Eli? you still awake?” Kyle said

    “ya... I can’t seem to fall asleep.”

    “you too? hehe, neither can I”

    “So have you told your dad yet?...”

    “no... no, not yet...”

    “you should really tell him... it’s not right to keep him in the dark.”

    “you’re right... but how can I tell him?..”

    “I’m sure he will listen to you... I haven’t seen him as happy as he did with you since his wife died...”

    “I’ll think about it... I really want to tell him too...”

    “Kyle?” Eli looked at Kyle and Kyle seems to have fallen asleep already

    “thank you...”


    “Hey! Eli! Wake up already!”

    “how can you be so loud this early in the morning... *yawns*”

    “hehehe, unlike you I’m not lazy” Kyle says smiling

    “Oh by the way breakfast is ready! We have having biscuits and ham today! Also we are going to pick some mushrooms later! So make sure to bring your bag with you!” Kyle said cheerfully

    “alright... *sigh*”

    After  they finished their breakfast they gathered their things and went off to pick mushrooms.

    “hey Eli”


    “hey Eli!”


    “...HEY!” Kyle shouted


    “Are you ignoring me!?” kyle says with her cheeks puffed out like a bruting child

    “o-oh, nothing... I was just thinking.”

    “? Thinking about what?”

    “how I should tell father... seeming how much he hates mutants...”

    “... it will be fine... I’m sure of it. If it’s you I think he will accept you...”

    “thanks Kyle...”

    just as Eli finished saying that the ground under them caved in


    The two of them fell into the river below

    “KYLE! You alright!?” *cough cough*

    “y-ya! Sort of! We need to, find a way up!”

    “The sides are too steep! we can’t climb it!”

    “Kyle! Grab my hand!”

    Eli extends his hand and Kyle was able to grab on

    What can I do!? Eli thought to himself, as he looked around he saw a branch that is just long enough to reach the river.

    Eli closes his eyes and concentrates, on the branch. The branch started bending as if it were magic. The two was able to grab onto the branch and climb to safety.

    “well, that worked” kyle said

    “... but where are we now? We got washed quite the way down stream...”

    “Hey I know!Let’s use the flares!” Kyle says as she dug reached for her bag, but her bag was washed away.


    “... even if you had it, it wouldn’t work... it was wet and it wouldn’t light up anyways”

    “w-what should *sniff* we do?” Kyle said with watery eyes

    “wa- hey don’t cry! we’ll be fine! we didn’t get washed down that far!”

    *sniff* “you sure?” Kyle said as she wiped her eyes

    “...let’s go then or it will get dark before we get back to camp...”

    “*sniff* ok.” says Kyle

    So the two of them started to follow the river up, hoping to find the campground. But what they didn’t know is that even though it was a camping ground, there were areas that are fenced off to keep the wild animals out.

    Eli looks up in the sky, it was already past noon.

    “hey, Eli, do you really think we can get back before the teachers get worried?” Kyle questioned

    “... I don’t knew... but we should be close right? We have been walking for some time now...”

    Just as Eli said that, a sound came from a berry bush.

    “hey! maybe it’s someone from class!” Kyle said as she ran towards the bush

    But it wasn’t their classmate, it was a bear, and it was mad that Kyle disturbed it’s dinner.

    The bear chased them all over the forest, but somehow they were able to lose the bear.

    “well, now we are really lost...” Eli said as he looks around

    “s-so now what? are we going to die in the forest?” Kyle started to get teary eyed again

    “n-no! of course not!” Eli said trying to convince Kyle

    “*sniff* you don’t sound very convincing...” Kyle said looking at Eli


    As Eli frantically tries to calm Kyle down, he noticed off in the distance was a trail of smoke.

    “Kyle look over there! There’s smoke!”

    kyle looks up at where Eli was pointing and was smiling again

    “What are you waiting for!? Come on!”

    Kyle grabbed Eli and ran towards the smoke.

    Luckily the smoke was from one of the camps who started to cook dinner.

    When they got back the teachers were worried sick and the two got an long scolding from the teachers. But, since it was all over, they just patched the two up and let them finish the trip.

    As the two was going home

    “hey, kyle”


    “I’ve decided to tell father about me...”

    “really!? Thats great! He will surely understand!” Kyle smiled

    “thank you...”

    However the other side of him disagrees...

    “Are you really that stupid?! Do you really think he will accept you, a freak like you?”

    “... Al is a good person, I believe he will accept me... just like Kyle”

    “You’re kidding right? Have you forgotten what we have been through? Were they nothing to you?”

    “o-of course I remember... but just this once, just this once I wish to believe again...”

    “Well suit yourself... I warned you.”


    “Father, I’m home.” Eli said as he walked in.

    But there was no answer

    “Father?” Eli shouted, but there was still no answer

    As Eli walked into the living room he saw a piece of paper

    “Eli, if you are reading this, I will be gone for a week or so. There is food in the fridge and money in the drawer. My parents in the First District is sick, I’m going to visit them for a bit. Be good and look after the house ok? Oh and remember to do your homework and sleep on time!

    From: Al”

    “Hahahahaha, Just as you made up your mind, that guy isn’t here!”

    “sh-shut up! I trust him! i’ll just have to wait a bit longer.. thats all...”

    “suit yourself~”

    But a week passed and Al did not return. Then two weeks, then three. The weeks turned into months and the months turned into years. Al never came back. There was no news, no letter, nothing about Al. He just vanished. Five years have passed since Al disappeared. Eli, was was only only twelve is now seventeen. During these 5 years, the villagers gradually found out that he was a mutant, but no one was really not against it. To find his father Eli thought to himself that he must become stronger. So he trained his body and his powers for 5 years. Then he wished to leave the 2nd District in search for his father.

    “You better not disappear like your father Eli...” Kyle says with tears in her eye

    Eli smiles “don’t worry, I will come back... thank you and everyone for these years. Without you guys I wouldn’t be here right now. So stop crying ok? I’m not that shy little kid anymore.”

    Kyle nodded and joined the others waving goodbye.

    As he left, the villagers bide his farewell and gave him some money and freshly baked bread.

    After about 3 days of walking Eli arrived in the First District. It was nothing like the 2nd, for it was very new and everything looked very advance. There are drones cleaning the sidewalks, Self driving cars, Robots doing shopping for people, it was something Eli saw on TV before, but never seen it in real life. Instead of looking for a place to live and a job like the elder suggested, Eli spent the entire day looking about the city. So logically, when night fell, he still haven’t found a place to take shelter. He walked about the city and was able to find a park.

    Since he had nowhere to go, he decided to stay there for the night.

    After saying good night, Eli drifted off to sleep... but was shortly awoken.

    “STOP!” Shouted a voice “ST-OP! IN THE NAME OF THE LA-W!”

    The person who was getting shouted at ran pass Eli

    “Stop? Are you stupid?! Who would stop if you told them to stop?”

    “I-will-get- youuu *deep breathing* I will - catch you-!”

    “um... officer, I think he is getting away...” Eli says as he watches this comedy play out before him.

    “I-I-I know that!” The officer says out of breath

    “Would you like some help?” Eli asked

    “wh-what can you do, *huff puff* you’re just a civilian.”

    Eli waved his hand in the direction the they who the officer was chasing went

    and from the distance came a yelp for help.

    “There you go~” Eli said smiling

    When the officer went over to see what was going on, she found the robber suspended in midair.

    She gasps “you are a mutant?”

    Eli scratches his head “is that bad?” he questioned

    “N-no! That’s wonderful!” the officer said amazed

    Eli was sort of thrown off by her odd reaction and could only blush

    “Hey come with me!”

    “ok- wait what!?”

    “Come with me to the police department! You’re not doing anything anyways, besides I need to take you in for a statement too”

    With that said, she grabbed Eli and the robber to the police car.

    When Eli got in, he thought to himself, “I seem to get dragged around a whole lot...”

    “yes you do”


    “So what’s your name?” she asks


    “Eli? What a interesting name for a guy” she says as she let out a little laugh

    “I am Marry, I just joined the police this month!” she says happily

    “So what are you doing here and why were you sleeping in the park?”

    “I thought this was going to be a statement for catching the thief...”

    “Oh it’s fine!”


    Marry jumped in her chair and turned around.

    “I-i diddididn’t see you there chief.” Marry squeaked

    “How Many Times Have I Told You This Is Not A Game!?” the chief boomed

    “a-a lot...”

    The chief sighs and turns to Eli.

    “So I heard that you help this newbie catch the thief am I correct?”

    “uh, yes sir...”

    “And that you are a mutant as well?”


    “How would you like to join police force?”

    “...wait what?” Eli said looking very confused

    “Our previous psychic user retired, so we need someone like you. Seeming the way you look I’m guessing your new here and doesn’t have a place to live nor a job. The pay isn’t the best but you can live here. So what do you say?”

    “A normal citizen can just join the police force just like that?”

    “Well, no, you would have to go through training first but it isn’t that hard. It will take a month at most. So you interested?”

    “S-sure! It will be my pleasure!” Eli says happily

    “GOOD!” went the chief with him thundering voice

    “Here is the address for training, go there and just say Chief Luke sent you. They will take care of you from there.

    “I think I just got suckered into this...”

    Marry quietly nodded.


    It has been a while since Eli join the police force. With his powers, he was able to help many people and catch criminals that others couldn’t. But one thing still sits heavy on his mind.

    Where did his father go? Also that he was still unable to tell him the truth.

    One day while organizing the archives Marry found something.

    “Hey Eli! Didn’t you say you were looking for a guy named Alex?”

    “Ya, did you find something?” Eli looked over

    “I think so, is this him?” Marry hands Eli a folder with the name Alex on the front

    Eli was surprised, it really was his father’s full name.

    As he opened the folder he found out why he never returned...

    He was killed in a traffic accident the day before he was going to come back.

    Within the folder he also found the possessions Al left behind.

    There was his favorite pen he uses to write his books with, a photo of his late wife and also a odd looking disk.

    “Marry, do you know what this is?” Eli said showing her the disk

    “That’s a hologram recorder, are you going to listen to it?”

    Eli nods and starts up the playback.

    Eli, happy birthday, I don’t have the courage to talk to you face to face but, if it is a recording, I can do it. I have known for a long time that you were a mutant, but I couldn’t say it to you since you knew how much I hate them... But after I met you, I started to change, you are you, mutant or not. I just want to say, Happy birthday Eli, and I love you...”

    The hologram ended and so did this story.

    (In case if you are wondering why the story seem to be missing many thing, it was because I thought it was supposed to be a 25k word paper, not 2500. So the story was made around the idea that it would be 25k words. After finding out it was 2500 I had to cut out many things to make it fit the requirement.)

    Loss of the stars

    A giant metal behemoth span through orbit at thousands of miles an hour. Moth like in appearance, the middle was a cylinder roughly the size of the Hubble Telescope and each of its wings were thin layers of absolute darkness that covered a quarter of a kilometer.

    EC21-2,750 began to warm up the laser in its central cylinder. Flying through space it was the pinnacle of modern technology*, and launching the first one (EC21-1) into space had almost driven it’s developers bankrupt. Its four large solar fans could unfold 500 meters out and 500 meters wide, and during lift off literally weighed tons. Nobody knew if the firing system would be adversely affected during lift off. It hadn’t been. It had functioned perfectly, and its 27,659th grandchild was about to follow in its footsteps.

    Its large onboard battery didn’t heat at all as the orbiting stating prepared to fire its laser. That would be emitting frequency in infrared, and when it emitted a wavelength the station always made sure it was much stronger than that. The onboard computer of the station recognized the location and began firing the laser, a ray so strong that the eye couldn’t register seeing it and so tight a wavelength that it wobbled less than the nucleus of a hydrogen atom. A pillar of these threads of light punched through the atmosphere relaying the power to a station on the ground.

    Energy Collection model 21 unit 2,750 had deposited its power, and mere seconds afterwards, EC25-2,483,950 also deposited its energy.

    *Or it had been for about 6 months, but that was a year ago, so it was still moderately groundbreaking. Not like the EC10 class. Those guys were amazingly outdated.

    Amelia looked at the the flower. Its petals were brown and slightly curled, as it lay in the garden. She packed the dirt around its base, and plucked a withered leaf off it.

    The rest of the garden was in a similar state of disrepair. Plants that would normally be growing well were dying, and some plants had already assumed that it was fall and started dropping their leaves. She loyally crawled through the beds of plants, pruning and letting them devote more energy to things towards new leaves rather than those already withered.

    As Amelia lay back she shuddered. Even in the middle of the day, the light felt dim. Turning in disgust she left the garden and moved into her house. Locking the door behind her Amelia moved inside, turning on the lights in every room, not because she was scared but… well, not not because she was scared. Generally she didn’t. Her parents had driven it into her that she shouldn’t keep the lights on, because they didn’t like paying the electric bill. Oh, and because it would kill the planet, but nobody liked mentioning that. Of course now she had to pay the electric bills, but if she wanted to pay a little more today she could. It was a liberating feeling.

    As her computer began to download a video to watch in her downtime, its screen displayed the pre-downloaded news. More incidents of crimes taking place in the dark, of pot use changing to psychedelic mushrooms due to the scarcity of marijuana, and of a government official being bribed. No one cited the massive Energy Collectors as the reason for this, but almost all of the ads were purchased by the EC. Most ads on the net were these days. She furrowed her brow at the screen, but it quickly relaxed as the video began to play.

    Amelia drove to work in her electric car. The prevalent use of smart cars may have horrified cultures of the past, but it was pragmatic after a time. ‘Gas Stations’ got discounts and bought electricity through bulk purchases, and also used a higher amperage than what was used in normal electric lines. They had no qualms that the world had switched over to electric.

    As she stopped at a light, she saw a V of birds flying south overhead, preparing for the winter. 3 months early. While that was strange and unnatural, it wasn’t that surprising. It felt like fall, the days were shorter and it was colder than normal. As the light stopped, she saw one bird fall from the flock fall to the ground, crashing into a sidewalk.

    Amelia looked at it again. She checked her watch. She did some math. The light turned green, and she crossed the street, pulled over to the side of the road and got out. The bird flapped a little.

    She looked at it. Amelia didn’t know if she wanted to get close to it. Birds weren’t the most cleanly creatures, and if it was still alive it might bite. Or peck, since birds don’t have teeth… Regardless, she just kind of squatted next to it, looking down at its once flapping body. The bird didn’t move. Amelia moved her head closer, for a better look. The bird didn’t move. She kind of nudged it with her foot. The bird was moved, but didn’t react at all.

    Finally at peace that the little bird wouldn’t somehow kill her, Amelia got down to looking at the details of what the little bird looked like. Sad was apparently the answer. Other than the fall having looked like it broke its wing, the bird looked completely starved, its little skeleton almost visible beneath its feathers.

    Amelia sat there for a second, pondering of the strange events. The bird moving south early and the bird starving to death in the process was just strange. The bird had starved to death flying south for the winter. Except that the expectation of winter was a lie brought on by darker days, later sunrises and earlier sunsets.

    She stopped her pondering to check her watch, and saw that she had to stop her pondering for a bit more time than that.

    Taking out her cellphone, she snapped off a quick picture of the bird, and then on a spur of the moment decision she picked it up and put it in her trunk before going off to work.

    “Ms. Smith!” Johnny said “Is this right?”

    Amelia smiled down at him, if you could really call a smile that thin a “smile”. It was a grimace stretched out and curled up at the ends.

    “Indoor voices Johnny” Amelia rebuked “But yes, that’s correct good job.”

    Johnny smiled back, completely missing Amelia’s annoyance, and dumped all the puzzle pieces back onto the floor so he could put it together again. She made eye contact with the other teacher across the room. Mrs. Clifford looked back, and nodded. The kids were getting a bit too loud, and it was time to begin the next activity.

    Mrs. Clifford stood in front of the class, and smiled gaudily.

    “Okay everyone, it’s drawing time! Ms. Smith is handing out paper, make sure to say thank you, and today we’ll draw about the last time you saw a shooting star. Draw yourself and the star in one picture, and then we’ll draw what you wished for in the next one. Yes Daphne?”

    “What’s a star?”

    Amelia swooped in next to Daphne to handle the miniature crisis.

    “Stars honey, the lights in the sky that come out at night?”

    Daphne furrowed her brow.

    “I don’t remember seeing lights at night. It’s just dark.” Daphne said.

    “I’m sure you just go to bed too early for it.” Amelia replied and straightened to walk away.

    “I haven’t either!” Said Johnny, “And I didn’t go to bed until ten last week!”

    The other kids looked at him with slight awe. He puffed up his chest in pride.

    “I’ve seen them,” floated the dreamy voice of Sarah from across the classroom “but not for awhile. I think they just don’t like coming out any more”

    “I don’t know what to draw” Johnny complained, “can you show me pictures”

    “Draw dots on the sky, with yourself underneath it.” Mrs. Clifford intervened, “And then draw your wish on another paper.”

    The kids finally settled down and started making drawing.

    “Do they really not know what stars look like?” Amelia

    “I don’t know.”Mrs. Clifford replied.

    “I know that they need to know.” She said, her mouth a smile. A tight smile.

    Amelia had decided that a mass email to all of the parents at school over their children’s ignorance was bad idea, but she still could try and remedy the problem. She was about halfway through creating a website for public awareness when she found another website made to do the same thing, and she learned that she hadn’t been halfway done with her website. In fact Amelia might never have been able to accomplish what the Association Against Energy Collectors had with only the online ‘make your own website’ kit she had been using for free. The AAEC homepage was stark and annoyingly devoid of graphics; except it had a tiered forum system that allowed people to share information globally, super-regionally, regionally, and locally. Of course she joined immediately, and in a moment of weakness she used her actual name.

    All of the forums had pictures of strange behaviors by animals, stories about societal breakdowns, and the question of why energy wasn’t free. Of course all forums had their share of mystics who hated Earth’s separation from the stars and people who complained about the economic plight of the Middle East in a post-oil world, but internet trolls were always a result of open discourse.

    As Amelia followed the information, she realized that there wasn’t any single place that compiled all of the information. While of the forums had similar information, none had any real numbers, none stated things politely, and none gathered information about world wide similarities. Slightly annoyed, she clicked the email box in the corner of her screen and sent an email.

    The information on the local forums included birds migration and crime rates, but the primary focus was on a local rally. Apparently there was a public relations department of the EC was close by, and the rally there was supposed to support civilian sunlight rights. It was important, but was really just a stepping stone for a larger rally that would be happening at EC headquarters themselves later in the year, which also was thankfully close. The thread was mostly about what signs people should carry. After a moment of thought Amelia posted that they should just carry birds in.

    As Amelia was just about ready to hibernate her computer and start work on a lesson plan, she received a reply from the system admin.

    Amelia Smith,

    While we appreciate your drive, we don’t have anyone to devote to that. As a mainly volunteer organization, AAEC would be happy to post your articles, if you actually write them.

    Amelia checked her watch. She had some time, and she had Excel on her laptop. She could get some work done.

    Amelia checked her watch and leaned on her car. It was about an hour before the rally was scheduled to start, but she was composing herself. For the last three and a half weeks she had been posting reviews of the global condition, and for about half that time she was getting global feedback. Feedback at all was more than Amelia was expecting, but she was getting enough that she had to set up a different email account for it, and she got it to be hosted by the AAEC. The local forum had started calling for her by name whenever there was a question, and she had been uncertain on how to present herself for the rally. She had taken the safest route and dressed business casual, not how she normally presented herself, but first impressions were important.

    “Excuse me?”

    Amelia looked up startled. A news car had appeared in front of her and a bright eyed news caster was looking at her with a gaudy grin. The joys of electric cars was like constantly opening a present, surprising but not always in a good way.

    “The rally’s not for an hour. This can surely wait until then.” She said straightening herself.

    The reporter froze. He looked at the news car, and the camera mounted above it, and then back at her.

    “Well then preliminary comments? How about your name, and how you’re associated?”

    Amelia looked at him, and sighed. This is what the whole rally was likely to entail.

    “I’m Amelia Smith, and I work on the-”

    “You’re the one who writes the instructional part of the website!” The newscaster jumped in “I’ve read all of your posts! Is it really true that over 100 species of migratory birds are currently starving by beginning migration early?”

    “Yes,” Amelia thinly smiled “otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. I gathered pictures from across the global forums and had 5 birdwatchers and a zoologist identify them. Four more were identified, but only half could agree on them, so they were not included.”

    “And you personally are interested in this because of children?” the newscaster continued undaunted.

    Amelia sighed, and began answering questions. The newscaster not only seemed to enjoy every piece of information she gave him, but ask for more. She had more though, a result of trolls on the internet asking too many annoying questions, and she used her experience as a preschool teacher to say the facts simply.

    “Thank you Ms.Smith for your understanding of the AAEC, we will be back later for the rally.” He grinned. As suddenly as the newscaster swooped in, he exited.

    A car pulled up, and a heavily bearded head popped out.

    “Is this the rally?”

    Amelia sighed.

    The rally had gone well.

    More people had shown up than she had predicted would, and they all actually seemed invested in the cause. Throughout the event Amelia had stood in the back watching and checking to see if everything went according to plan. It did, being rather simple. Most of the protest was composed of yelling and waving dead birds on sticks (She gave all of her birds out to the others. They smelled.), but to end the protest they lit sparklers that represented the stars. They aptly burned brightly for seconds and then disappeared. Then a specifically chosen group of protesters went into press release building and had a sit in. After all, is it really a protest without a couple of arrests?

    At the start of the protest Amelia had decided to be amiable, and had introduced herself to the earliest protestors. They had all already known of her, and didn’t seem too offput by her actual appearance. Nonetheless, Amelia had appreciated her business suit. As more people showed up, Amelia had withdrawn to watch and to antisocially rest. However, a crowd of people followed her. Instead of introductions taking place, the new protestors would instead introduce themselves, and meet Ms.Smith. Ms. Smith would then either start a conversation or smile a tight lipped smile at them and continue her moments of isolation. Regardless of whether she chose isolation or society, she was always able to rejoin the community the moment she wished. Being able to choose felt good.

    Leaning back in her chair she smiled. It had been a good day, and proof was laid out on the computer screen in front of her. The news networks and daytime TV had latched onto the AAEC protest as a way of keeping viewers awake with their sensationalist stories of countercultural warriors. Amelia guessed that conclusion made sense. They were against one of the most taken for granted companies that existed. Energy collectors had stopped wars, started wars, and prevented global warming. A group of corpse waving fanatics that went against such a superpower could really only be seen as laughable. However, at the very least it gave the group notoriety. The local thread had just become a buzz of new greetings and moving pictures from the protest.

    Ms. Smith didn’t post anything about it in her section though. Her section of the website was devoted only to the most important global issues. Public forums would have to be enough for the bragging.

    A pop up appeared in the top right of her screen. She had gotten an e-mail from the AAEC headquarters.

    Amelia walked into the pre-school for the last time. Her smiles were uncharacteristically honest as she talked to the kids. They kind of fawned back, not saying any real full sentences, just exclamations tied together into something that made sense somewhere in their heads. The points sometimes got across. She smiled anyway.

    Before the day really began she pulled Mrs. Clifford aside.

    “I can’t be here anymore.” She told her. “I know it’s unprofessional, but I have leave in the middle of the year.”

    “I’m not sure I understand. You’re leaving? When? Why?, unless it’s too personal.” Mrs. Clifford calmly interrogated, swapping glances between her and the classroom of kids. She kept a placid smile on her face.

    “I was offered a job at a not-for-profit organization. AAEC, it does work that will hopefully let the kids see stars again.”Amelia responded.

    “Not teaching... to help children... certainly shows a certain imagination.” Mrs. Clifford said, lifting the edges of her lips into a smirk.

    “It’s temporary! When things change I won’t be needed anymore.”

    “That’s not going to work.” Mrs. Clifford turned her full attention to Amelia “Lifestyle choices have the tendency to change your life. It may be possible for you to return, but… well you’re always welcome here.”

    “Thank you. But I think the AAEC really needs me.”

    It was a mess. The constant compilation of data that was necessary for her job made Amelia’s eyes ache. The feedback was a constant rush and even trying to reply to one in three email she received was impossible. An even bigger mess was preparation for protesting at the EC’s main headquarters.

    The headquarters were in the middle of a megalopolis, and when they sent out a memo they received nearly two thousand replies. A march on the central headquarters would be the biggest thing that the AAEC had ever done. It just wasn’t equipped to prepare for it. The actual organization had tens of thousands of members world wide, but it only had about a hundred employees. Of these only a percentage were in the area, and of these only a small percentage was Ms. Smith, but she felt like she was burdened with all of the work.

    She knew that she was actually only working on different tasks than the others, they just seemed infinitely more frustrating. Amelia had been tasked to be the PR person for the group. While other members would work towards finding housing for traveling members and locating parking for the locals, Mrs.Smith was gathering media attention. Apparently her part of the website was the one most heavily viewed by non-members, and she was lucky enough to have been featured on several TV shows. These TV shows generally ‘allowed’ her to also talk a little about her cause before hand, adding an extra layer of stress. She wasn’t exactly a talky person, and the media coverage added to her frequent blogging made her feel exposed and exhausted.

    Except that she had a way to deal with this situation. Amelia opened her email and looked at all of the emails she was sent every day, and she felt supported.

    “Where are the stars?”

    ‘Gone’ was the answer the screaming crowd tried to say, but when hundreds of people scream at once words stop working. A wave of sound hit the man with the microphone, but that was kind of how it was supposed to work.

    Standing in the back Ms. Smith didn’t participate, but just replied to whoever talked to her. At first this meant responding to protesters who wanted to meet her, but it eventually became the news network. The biggest change was when the birds came out.

    A whole mob of people carrying dead birds stinks. The air was foul with their stench. The crowd around Ms. Smith parted slightly and a cop walked up to her.

    “The rally itself is fine, but having this many dead bodies around may be unsafe. I have to ask you to stop them.” The cop said, mindful of the protesters around him. In the path he caused in the crowd, cops followed him.

    “We didn’t bring the birds, they already were here. Dead. They starved themselves flying south for the winter in the August. We’re merely displaying what was already around.” Ms. Smith replied.

    “The reason behind them being dead aren’t my job. I’m just letting you know that the protesters need to be told it’s a safety issue for them to be held up like that.” the straight faced cop replied.

    “If that’s what you have decided, then you should tell them.” Ms. Smith said

    The cop looked at the crowd around him, and then at the crowd of thousands screaming closer towards the AAC headquarters. He looked at her.

    “I think that you have to tell them.”

    “I’m in no position of authority over them, I just raised awareness of the protest. I’m not carrying a bird. If you want to stop them you should.”

    The cop looked at the crowd. He looked at the 20 cops behind him. He looked at the crowd. He looked at Ms. Smith. “I never said that they should stop. I just said they should know that it is unsafe.”

    And then he left.

    Two days after the protests began the company let it be known that they were willing to make a deal. Of course, they weren’t going to negotiate with the whole mob, but they were willing to negotiate with twenty people.

    AAEC hadn’t quite prepared for this possibility, but a crack team was quickly made. Amelia and a couple of other important public AAEC figures were included, as well as more of the actual organizers and a few members who were lawyers.

    The group all walked together into the building, and were met by a man with a smile and a handshake.

    “I’m Greg Wharton, the current CEO of the company. I hope we can come to an agreement. But where are my manners! Negotiations will happen at a more proper location. If you would follow me…”

    Mrs. Smith turned her nose up upon entering. The Energy Collector headquarters were unnecessarily opulent, made more pompous by the CEO’s constant jabbering. It was a 10-story building with a green roof, and every floor was unnecessarily packed with electronics. The floors were TV screens, windows live streams of views worldwide, and most functions in the building were automated. In spite of the constantly working electronics, the rooms were kept cool through constantly running central air.

    Energy Collector was extremely proud that their technology meant that electricity couldn’t kill the planet, and found it necessary to flaunt their power as much as possible.

    Greg took the group up an elevator, and the whole entourage exited onto the green roof. Bare grass was underfoot, and Greg led them to the edge of it and looked over the fence at the gathered mob. He turned around and smiled.

    “You’ve gathered quite a force. Media coverage is flocking over this mess, and we don’t like it. We are willing to acquiesce to some of your demands.”

    Mr. Tarn stepped forward.

    “Our organization demands more equal orbits of satellites, a recognition of people’s right to sunlight, and an effort on behalf of the company to lighting our streets after dark.”

    Amelia smiled.

    “My company is willing to create community help programs to help after dark.”

    “I don’t think you understand Mr. Wharton. These are our final demands, we can’t step down any farther than this. The people have expectations.”

    Greg sighed.

    “The reason I brought this meeting to the roof was to be unobserved. Because we all have pressures on us, expectations, and we shouldn’t feel the need to have all of those met at the diplomatic table.” Greg turned and made eye contact with every member of the delegation. “Most people don’t know it, but Energy Collectors operate almost completely on profit. Once a satellite is reached, it’s pretty much self sustaining. What cuts in price people have seen in electricity is pretty much superficial. It costs us almost nothing to make.

    “Now what to do with all of that money… Until now, we have mostly just stockpiled our billions, knowing that they might become useful. Now we see a use for them. My investors aren’t going to be willing to create cutbacks in our programs. We can create nature reserves, create lights, fund schools; all of these options are preferable to cutting our income by a single percent. However, we are willing to make a deal with you.”

    “This year, our billion dollar industry is fed by most of the world. Cars feed it, companies depend on it, and we understandably get some money. We are willing to not get all of it this year. I have talked to the shareholders. If this deal works, we are willing to take one percent out of our yearly income… and give it to the twenty of you.”

    The group blanched. Amelia looked at all of them in shock, and knew that the group’s answer should be clear.

    “Profit or income?” Mr. Tarn asked.

    Surprised, Amelia stared at Mr. Tarn and then walked to the roof and looked at the protestors below as Wharton and Tarn quibbled. The rest of the group also became embroiled in the definition of a percent, Amelia could feel the greed radiating from the group.

    As the group was starting to calm down, she called out  “Mr. Wharton!”

    “Yes Ms. Smith?” he asked, strolling up to her “Any specific questions?”

    “What about the children?”

    He blinked. “What about them?”

    “Will they be able to see the stars?”

    “We can set up a TV station or something,” he laughed “maybe an interactive website. Is that all?”

    Amelia sighed. She lunged at him.

    Greg step backed shocked, and put his hands out, pushing her away. Amelia let herself be hit, and be pushed away. And Ms. Winters smiled.

    She stumbled backwards, and for a moment she felt the fence on her back. Then it gave way to a feeling of weightlessness, as the edge of the roof retreated.

    And the mob roared.

    La Casa Fabulosa

    By: Haisha Hashy y Chhievling Seng

    La Casa Fabulosa

    Nosotros cliente es Señorita Dunn. Señorita es muy guapa. Ella tiene alto marrón pelo. Su enseñar inglés. Srta. Dunn es sùper simpática y creativa.  Ella tiene una niña. Srta.Dunn es muy de moda. Ella favorita colores es rosa y gris. Srta. Dunn tiene muchas mascota, tres gatos y uno perro. Ella tiene tres bicis y dos carros. En Stra.Dunn familia, tres personas vivir en la casa. Le gusta hacer yoga. Ciudades favoritas es Nuevo, York y London, Paris.

    Esta casa está en las ciudades vive en Nueva York. La casa es mediana, moderna, sofisticada y elegante. Señorita Dunn casa tendrá cuatro habitaciones Tiene dos pisos con jardín. Va a estar cerca de en la ciudad , un parque, y unos museos. Srta. Dunn casa tendrá sala de yoga. Dentro de la casa es teatro, porque su familia le gust cine. Fuera de casa es elegante jardín. Baños en la casa es perfecto y moderna. Cocina en casa es bueno, tiene nuevo refrigerador y fregadero. La casa de Señorita Dunn es fabulosa.

    • Tiene cuarto mascotas casas gran pará tu tiene tres gatos y un perro

    • Tiene un grande garaje para dos carros y tres bicis

    • Tiene cuarto habitaciones magnífico para tres viven en casa

    • Hay un sala de  yoga porque le gusta yoga

    • Tiene un grande cocina porque le gusta cocinar

    • Tiene mini biblioteca porque le gusta leer

    • Hay un sala de estar con espacio para grande la televisión,  perfecto para viendo la televisión

    • Hay un teatro de casa porque le gusta cine

    • Tiene dos grande banos y un pequeño bano

    • Tiene un elegante jardín

         Solo cuesta: $482,000.00

    Contacto: Haisha & Chhievling

    Telefono :1-800-1TU-CASA

    Nuclear Technology. Or, how the worlds military could screw up everything

    The subject of nuclear weapons is always a tricky subject to tell. If brought up in polite conversation, it could trigger quite a number of interesting reactions among the party. Nuclear weapons were first created in the 20th century when humans were looking to develop an explosive powerful enough to deal with their enemies in a violent and very show-biz like way by  going out with a bang (if you’ll pardon the expression). And because of the “great” (point of view term) success that was had for the Americans when a group of middle aged men sitting around an oval table decided to drop two on different locations in Japan, the United States decided to put time, money, and effort into the development of nuclear technology that could do even more indirect self harm to their habitable space called “Earth” on the grounds of self preservation. There will probably be an added note somewhere in this story commenting on the level of stupidity that certain humans can exhibit when given too much power.

    This story happens to center around a man named Ben Williams. He was just promoted to a Lieutenant, and he is about to discover something rather shocking that could affect the course of his entire life, in a very short time period. He is at an airfield in Las Vegas, and is about to meet up with a general of the military government who will introduce him to the special project that he has been assigned to. But as of right now, he has no idea what the project actually is.

    “Lieutenant Williams!” The General shouted. “Good to see you again!”

    “Likewise General,” Ben replied.

    “I hear you’ve been assigned to our division.”

    “That’s right. I have.”

    “Well, that’s good. I could sure use a guy like you to oversee this project.”

    “What type of project are we dealing with?”

    The General laughed.

    “What? No one told you?”

    “No, they’ve kept me in the dark about that one. They just said it was special”

    “I can see why though. You know, top secret and all that. Come on, I’ll show you the project firsthand.”

    The General led Ben through a door that led to the outside of the airfield, where a large military plane was sitting outside. It looked like a giant metal tube with two wings attached to it.

    “Let’s move out!” The General announced enthusiastically.

    “Cool. Where are we going?” Ben asked.

    “You’ll see.”

    The two boarded the plane, went through the pre-flight checks, and took off from the airfield.

    Inside the cockpit, Ben suddenly realized that he had no idea where he was going.

    “Where are we going?” Ben asked.

    “Area 51,” the General replied.


    “Well, that’s where the plane is headed.”

    “Oh, okay… Wait, what?!”

    One of the things that is most peculiar about the world is the greater populations addiction to military power. The world is divided up into sections known as countries. Most countries have a military. And these military groups’s sole point of existance is to attack the military in other people’s countries or defend their country from the attacks of other countries militaries. Either way ends in usually disastrous results mostly due to the casualties of the wars, especially the great ones. It could be argued that history can be defined by the great wars that took place along the timeline. With random footnotes on important assassinations, right behind world changing inventions, all tied together with time periods where the control of these countries has changed hands through instances of violent conflict. Many aliens from other planets have stated their curiosity and bewilderment over this earth’s idea of war. Their main argument is this, “if they can get along well with people from their own country, why can’t they get along with the rest of the world like they get along with their country?” So far, that question has gone on unanswered and with good reason. Honestly, the aliens just avoid earth altogether since their reasoning is that there is going to be a major self caused catastrophe if the human race keeps up its ridiculous tradition of going to war with each other every other decade or so. Even worse that they keep shoveling money into it like their life depends on it.

    Meanwhile, Ben and the General have been traveling for about a 100 miles towards area 51, and at this point they’ve overshot it. Not accidentally though.

    “General, we’ve overshot area 51,” Ben said.

    “Don’t worry, the plane is turning around to go there,” the General answered.

    The General flicked the switch to autopilot. The plane started turning around. The General led Ben through the plane to the tail end. The General gestured his hand to the row of parachutes.

    “Pick your favorite,” the General said.

    “We’re parachuting?” Ben asked.

    “How else would you get to Area 51.1.”

    “I thought the plane was taking us to area 51!”

    “No, I said that plane was going to area 51. We’re actually going to a place that is so secret, you have to parachute to get there.”

    “How will we get out of area 51.1?”

    “That part will be explained later.”

    Ben proceeded to put on the parachute along with the General who seemed to have done this a thousand times already.

    “How many times have you done this before?” Ben asked.

    “I come out here every two weeks for two days to oversee the construction,” the General stated


    “Yep. Come on, we’re approaching the drop zone.”

    The light on the plane turned red and the rear door started to open.

    “Wait!” Ben exclaimed. “Who’s going to fly the plane?”

    A voice spoke from the plane. “Autopilot engaged.”

    “Well that’s convenient,” said Ben.

    “Wait for it…” the General said.

    The light blinked red for a few moments, then turned green.

    “Let’s move out!” The General shouted as he jumped out of the airplane. Ben cautiously followed.

    The feeling of being in the air was sensational. If felt like flying, or falling with style if you want to put it that way. The General was falling like a graceful swan that had been through this a million times whilst Ben was falling through the air like a fat pigeon that had never flown before, was attempting to fly, and had simply fallen out of a hole in a plane on it’s way to Paris. He of course had parachuted out of a plane before, but only few times and hadn’t gotten the hang of it.

    The General flew over toward Ben and showed him how to position himself so he would have an easier time falling. It worked, and soon Ben was falling like a graceful brick. It got to the point where he started showing off, and the General had no other alternative but to fly over to Ben and pull his chute manually. The parachute opened and Ben floated to the ground exactly the same way that a plane without wings wouldn’t. The General pulled his chute soon after that and they touched down on the ground.

    They came down on a barren desert wasteland with white sand covering the surface of the ground.

    The General walked up to Ben as he struggled to untangle himself from his parachute.

    “Not bad at all eh?” The General asked, a smile imprinted on his face.

    “Not bad at all. Actually Quite fun,” Ben said. “Do you have any more surprises I should be informed of before we continue?”

    “Well I can’t say I have more surprises for you, but-”

    Before the General could finish, he took out a remote and pressed a button. The ground below immediately below them as well as the ground within a 40 foot radius started sinking into the desert sand.

    “What the hell is going on here?” Ben asked.

    “Were taking you to your destination,” The General replied.

    “Okay then,” Ben just stood there as he said this.

    Two panels closed above them, encasing them in darkness. Then a bunch of lights came on. Meanwhile, the platform was sinking ever more into the earth at a gradual rate. It seemed to keep going down inevitably.

    “How long before I get the bends?” Ben asked.

    “Very funny,” the General replied. “We’re not going down that far.”

    After about a two minutes, the floor came to a stop.

    “And disembark,” the General said as he pointed his hand to a metal wall.

    “But there’s nowhere to go,” said Ben.

    The giant metal wall parted revealing a very, very high tech facility.

    “I see now,” Ben replied.

    “Let’s give you the tour,” said the General.

    The General led Ben through the facility. A very high tech laboratory with lots of important scientists running around operating various apparatuses that would make any normal person go insane from the amount of buttons and dials marked using the type of english that is confusing for a dictionary. Then Ben saw something that really surprised him.

    “Oh my god, is that Stephen Hawkings?” Ben asked.

    “Yep, he’s been a helpful insight into our project,” the General replied.

    “What is this project?”

    “This project is one of the most important projects since the Manhattan Project.”

    “The Manhattan Project?”


    “Is this project related to the Manhattan Project?”


    “How could a more powerful energy source be made?”

    “By adding more of the powerful energy sources together,” Stephen Hawkings replied.

    “AH! Stephen Hawkings!” Ben shrieked. “It’s you.”

    “Yes, it is me.” Stephen replied. “I’ve been helping the United States by providing my knowledge on advanced nuclear technology.”

    “That’s wonderful,” said Ben.

    “It certainly is,” the General replied. “Let me show you the main attraction.”

    The General escorted Stephen and Ben through the complex to the ‘main attraction,’ a large Nuclear Reactor and processing facility.

    “This is where a lot of our government funds have gone into. Lieutenant, I give you the worlds most powerful nuclear weapon that has ever existed. Capable of not only splitting the atoms we have in there, but capable of splitting the atoms of at least 2000 pounds of surrounding material. Enough to blow a pretty big crater on the side of our planet. We also have been developing a nuclear reactor based on the same technology. Capable of powering all of North America without having to be refueled for 50 years ”

    “But, why would you need a bomb as powerful as that?”

    “In case those damn Russians figure out that they can get us at any point in time, or use our technology against us. We’ve got mach 12 scramjets on this thing that’ll send it to Russia in minutes and POW! Instant crater 1000 miles wide. That’ll show those bastards they can’t mess with us” The general’s face produced a smile that seemed to match the width of the intended crater.

    “These people are crazy” Ben thought to himself.

    “Isn’t this power too much for any one nation to have?” Ben asked.

    “Maybe,” the General replied. “But if there’s any country out there that can handle these types of nukes, it’s us.”

    “Agreed, science and logic are on our side,” said Stephen.

    Throughout Earth’s history there have been many instances where power and might has been grossly mishandled under the assumption that they have complete control over it. Human error more than often plays a part in it because most people underestimate how stupid and careless they can be. That’s not even taking into account the state of being of humans under various substances and liquids. Even if they do manage to control the power and human error doesn’t play a part, in a lost of cases the power is misused.

    Meanwhile, you are about to witness the Nuclear Research facility experience some trouble, mostly due to when about a year ago. When in a small house in Silicon Valley, a Polish coder was coding away at the program for keeping the reactor in check. he was about a week behind and had been forced to stay up all night for about a month, only surviving on Red Bull and coffee while listening to Deadmau5. Under this hypnotically trippy state, he accidentally put in a wrong word in his code. This line of code would have the readout display that the Nuclear Reactor wasn’t overheating and melting down, when in fact it actually would be. This would cause the meltdown to go totally unnoticed until it was too late. This current scenario that would produce disastrous results if it actually happened is now being re-created in real life. And one of the technicians is pointing out the scenario in real life.

    “The reactor’s overloading! We can’t contain it at this rate!” A scientist yelled.

    “How the hell did this go unnoticed!” The General shouted across the room.

    “We need to contain it before it reaches the critical point!” Another Scientist shouted in response.

    “Get a technician in there and remove that plutonium!” Another scientist shouted.

    “I’m on it!” A scientist named Bob yelled as he rushed across the floor with a device meant to remove the plutonium while cooling down the reactor.

    Ben looked at a screen that displayed the new calculations coming in. He was very startled to read what it said.

    “You’ve got twelve seconds before something bad happens according to this screen!” Ben screamed.

    “God-damn-it!” The general screamed as he kicked a chair halfway across the design floor.

    10. 9. 8. 7. the worker ran across the metal bridge to the center of the reactor that contained the plutonium. Unfortunately, the reactor suddenly shook violently in the exact same way that a regular brick house doesn’t. The scientist fell in the reactor pool along with the device meant to calm the reactor and remove the plutonium. 3 seconds left on the clock.

    “Well,” said Stephen Hawkings, “We are all fu-”

    At that precise second, the reactor blew up. After about a minute, it was revealed that their calculations were in fact wrong. The nuclear device did not blow up and incinerate everything within a thousand miles, but it did completely obliterate the entire half of the planet that the nuke had settled on.  After the dust had settled, The nuclear device left a large half sphere of what remained of the earth. Obviously this created a lot of problems for the rest of the earth to deal with. But at this point you have to admit that what Stephen Hawkings was going to say was in fact true. That we are all totally and inevitably screwed.

    Do you remember?

    I’ve never had much structure in my life, I’ve never had someone to sit me there and tell me about the ways of life, telling me how to do my chores, I never had anyone to tell me to sit down and do my homework.. Hell, I don’t even think my parents would have known what grade I was going to every year if my school wasn’t constantly sending progress notes about the trouble I caused in class that day. Frankly the only thing that I remember of the days were waking up in the morning, and falling asleep at night. It’s never been something that I wanted to think about because when I was younger I didn’t think I lived the childhood that all kids lived, I’ve always had the feeling like something was different than others. Not believing that I was ever better than others, But.. Just different.

    I’ve always told myself that if I were to die tomorrow, I would be content with the state that I’m in, I’ve seen everything that I want to see, lived everything I wanted to live, felt everything that I wanted to feel, Ah shit, I don’t want to turn this into one of those stories where I’m going to express my suicidal thoughts and shit like that, Because that’s not me at all actually.. I don’t want to die, and I don’t have the balls to take my own life. But I feel like I’m ready, like.. I’m not scared.. ya feel me? I don’t feel myself either. Yeah it’s whatever.

    Well let me get the hell out of feelings and hop out of this bed, I can hear my grandmother’s footsteps coming upstairs because it’s 10 minutes past my alarm clock and she doesn’t “Hear my footsteps”.... Aw shit, I hear em coming.

    “TREEEEYYYYY!, you awake? get it moving, pick it up, I don’t hear my footsteps up there!!” Grandmother said

    “Yes, I’m AWAKE! Jesus christ”  *As I say it under my breath*

    What’d you say?” Grandmother said

    “Oh nothing, I love you!”

    Grandmother walks back downstairs into the kitchen to finish breakfast

    One thing that I’ve never understood is the way my grandmother tries to teach me “Responsibly” but always feels the need to baby me. Jesus Christ I’m eighteen years old. Maybe if she was too to stop babying me, you know? and start treating me like an eight year old, but then get on my case when I start acting like one. It’s like I can never win in this dreaded house. I hate life, Ard.. I don’t have the worst life when you see me in person and you if you didn’t know me.

    I live in a pretty financially stable family, my neighborhood is filled with million dollar houses where you can’t see the faces of neighbors without walking up to their front door. We have three cars.. Three cars that I can’t even DRIVE! But ... O take deep breaths to calm myself down, Okay... Let’s breath, that’s beside the point. But yeah .. it’s okay. I live with my grandparents, my grandmother works for a federal judge, while my grandfather owns his own law firm.. Yeah I live with some stuck up people, but I love them.. I think? Guess I’ll find out when they die.

    You can say I live the best of both worlds.. My mother lives in West philly, down at the bottom where you can’t see the sunlight.. She used to live in Germantown before my father took her house from her in a nasty Divorce, eh, that’s a whole other can of worms. But anyways... yeah I don’t see her to often.. she’s always busy and when she’s not, I’m always busy. We make phone calls to each other when we can, but it’s mostly phone tag. But when we do get on the phone, that’s okay.. But it’s a celebration every time we link up. Haha, Speaking of the devil

    My phone started to ring and immediately I knew it was her. I picked up.

    Hey mom!

    “Hey son, how are you?” Mother said

    Oh I’m fine, I’ve been thinking about you, I miss you, We never get to see each other anymore, I wanted to know if we could hang out sometime, If I’m not busy like always.

    Oh that’s fine with me, just give me a time a date” Mother said

    Okay, I’ll talk to you later mom, I love you!

    It seems like those plans.. never plan out. I actually don’t remember the last time that I’ve seen my mother longer than for a hour. It seems like it’s ALWAYS something that comes in between us that stops us from hanging out, almost like something is watching me. FBI agents climbing in the trees and keeping their close eye on me as I try to make these plans and they’re like “Noooo nigga”. Whatever.. I should probably get ready to wake out the house, I look over at my phone


    When I walk into the lunchroom, I see a bunch of people that I'm really not friends with. I seem to have trouble making the friends that I actually want to keep around, or do they want to keep me around? I actually don’t know. It’s 11:30 and I have to leave early to go to the doctors, I don’t usually go and I don’t remember making an appointment but my grandmother called me to tell me that we we’re going at 1:30, well I guess that this day is cut short. Remember when I said that I didn’t wanna live anymore? I just hope that the doctor will tell me that I have some type of cancer or something.. Like Lung cancer? Nah fuck that.. that’s a slow death.

    If there is anyone that I would want to talk too in this world right about now. it would be Dovi, See .. she’s this girl that I have 2nd period with everyday, we’ve actually never even spoke, but I don’t know why I haven’t talked to her anyways.. Every time that I want to talk to her, I just start folding and my stomach reaches toes and I just want to run away.. Shit shit.. She’s coming up the hallway and I have no where else to turn.

    *Scares at Dovi walk by*

    Hey Dovi! *Says in his head*

    *She looks at Trey like a weirdo*

    Shit shit, ahh it’s whatever. she was never going to notice me anyways. I’m just glad that I’m leaving now,

    *Calls on the loudspeaker*


    Welp, I guess that’s my cry for help. I’m out of this hell hole, only for the day.

    As I walk out the front doors of the school, I can see my grandmother in the car with a smile on her face, but I know deep down that she’s a bitter woman, but anyways that’s beside the point.. I get into the car and we say nothing to each other, I ask her why do I have to go to the doctors again. She kinda just ignores me for five minutes then tells me.

    “It’s just a check-up on your surgery” She said

    Ah, that dumbass surgery.. I remember it like it was yesterday. Well I actually don’t remember it at all. It was the summer of 10th grade when I spent a week a christian camp, It was some overnight camp in the middle of bubblefuck PA, the people were too nice and the food was nasty. I remember I would wake up every morning at Six O’clock on the dot to go into the bathroom and wash my face, brush my teeth and workout.. but anyways, I was playing football with a bunch of other kids and I slipped and hit my head on a rock that was in the park, the only rock that was in the park..

    I was rushed to the Hospital that day on a helicopter, I barely remember the ride, I barely remember anything that happened before the day that happened, I had lost all of my long term memory, well there goes my childhood.. I was 17 years old and I didn’t even remember my 5th birthday party. I didn’t remember where I went to school and I didn’t  even know who I was. My family tells me that I came out a different person once I got out that hospital.

    When I got to the doctors to have a check up on my post surgery, I didn’t have much to say, I didn’t have anything to say at all actually. I never like talking about it because I start to think about my life before the surgery, and I don’t even remember my life before the surgery. The doctor just gave me a short talk about how I can get through it and how everything will eventually get better, and that I might be able to get my memory back, ah shit.. don’t get me excited.

    After the doctors appointment, my grandmother and I got into the car and drove home, quiet as usual. I started to think about my past, like .. what if? I’ve always thought it was weird that my family never really tried to tell me, or let me know about my childhood.. It was just something that I learned to let go, But what if I found out about myself? the things that I got into, Hell.. I don’t even know if I’m a virgin or not.

    Once I got home, sitting on my bed,  I don’t know what to think about my life anymore, I think that I pretty much went over how I’m done with life right? I just want to know my life again.. Damn I have this crazy ass headache, this is the worse that I’ve ever had in a while, or just in my life, period. I think I’m going to grab some advil or something to take the pain away.

    Oh I can feel that this advil isn’t working.. I’m going to need something more powerful. I don’t think that there is anything that’s in the medicine cabinet. Maybe if I just take a nap, when I wake up, I’ll feel all better and It’ll just wash away.. hopefully.

    Whoaaaaaaa; what the hell? where am I?  why does everything look so different?! HEY HEY!

    I look around and I don’t see anywhere that looks familiar, I woke up in a car style bed, like when did I get this? where the hell am I? I don’t think that I’m home anymore, this is some crazy shit. I don’t even know where my phone is, I turn around to my left and I see a little ass boy laying in bed next to me, Aw shit, I’m not in pervert in this dream right? this is a dream right? I keep asking myself these questions when I know damn well I don’t know the answer too. I fell to the ground as I just jumped off the bed as fast as I could, I was frantic and worried like shit. I just want to get home, I hope I don’t end up in jail. I hear the door knob moving and I just know it’s someone’s parents rushing in, aw shit.. shit shit shit..


    “Mommy! Daddy!!!!! Thank you!!!” Random boy laying in the bed.

    “Come downstairs, we have something waiting for you baby!”

    The boy next to me, jumps out of bed so excited.. runs out of the room to go downstairs, The only thing that’s going through my mind right now is that, HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT SEE ME, WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! and those parents look really familiar, familiar to my own parents. I’m so confused right now.. what is happening. I’m going to just walk out of this slowly and try my best to get out here.. As I’m creeping out the little kid’s bedroom and I take a quick peek out the hallway and I see a group of little kids rush past the room.. I slammed that door so hard because I didn’t wanna get caught. I peeked my head back into the hallway and I didn’t see anyone. I walked down the hallway towards the front door steps. I see shit load of people sitting down, kids running around the place and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Still, STILL.. Not one soul noticed me, it’s like everyone is just looking through me like I don’t exist, what is happening right now? The only thing that I see are a bunch of people screaming happy birthday to that boy with the same name as me.. man this shit is getting weirder and weirder.  

    When I was weirded out in the background, I noticed that the boy was wearing the same socks that I have in my drawer at home, My grandmother use to always tell me ”These were you were favorite socks when you were younger” she always told me to hold on to them that maybe one day, They’ll help me “Remember” I never knew what she was talking about ....

    Until now.

    Holy shit, it’s my 5th birthday party...

    Is this a memory? dream? what’s happening.

    The crazy part is that I don’t think that I’ve ever seen this memory, I don’t remember being here, I don’t remember my parents ever being together.. my family being happy.. I notice that I had a smile on my face and all of these people around me who I didn’t even know, knew me.. where are all of these people now? I swear after this day, I’ve never seen these people in my life again. After the accident, I don’t remember seeing these people at all.. this was really weird. But really the only thing that I remember is me... living life after 10th grade. When I look at this, it doesn’t look like I was on the route to where I am now.

    As I sat down and watched all of them play and have a party... I took one blank and I ended up in my bed at home.. I woke up .. but didn’t I already wake up? I’m so confused, what is happening right now? as I got out the bed I turned to my phone to tell who texted me, I had got multiple calls and messages from my friends asking me to come workout with them.. I was only asleep for a night? it felt like forever. I have to tell my friend Shawn this when I first see him.

    As I got to school the next morning, I had to run and find shawn to tell him that I think I had a dream about my first memory. When I walked into first period I saw him sitting on the other side of the classroom by the window, I walk over there and sat down with him

    “Yoooo Bro” I said

    “Yo, what’s up bro” Shawn said

    “I think I had a crazy ass dream last night, I don’t know if it was a dream, bad nightmare or both”

    “What do you mean bro?”

    “ I just had a dream that I woke up in the bed with my younger self.. It was my 5th birthday party and I walked through the house and saw everyone cheering for the little version of myself” it was weird as shit.”

    “Damn that’s crazy”

    I decided to let it go, thinking that it was just a dream.. maybe it was nothing important.. but I felt like I was in there forever, I couldn’t leave, and that headache though? why did I get a headache and thought about that before I actually fell asleep?

    When I got home, I just went to my kitchen table and I sat down and looked for advil and other pills to secure my headache. I didn’t know why I was started to have these headaches more and more often and didn’t know what to do. I think that i'm going to go to bed and just hope that nothing happens, I'm going to sleep.

    I woke up in a dark room where I didn’t know what was happening. I just got straight up and looked around. I walked out the room and I was at a school.. did I just walk out the cleaning closet? The first thing that I hear on the the loudspeaker is.


    I didn’t know where that was so I just walked aimlessly around the school and I walked up a staircase and I saw this little light skin kid walk past me, he looked really sad, like he was about to get into a lot of trouble that he knew was coming to him. He walked into the office, so I followed him into the office and again.. it was like no one could see me. I saw that light skin kid sitting on the chair in the office and waiting to be called into the Principals office, I was just in the cut, watching him look like he was waiting for his death sentence..

    As I was sitting down and watching everything progress. The principal called him into his office and I slipped into the office as he walked in there. Once we got into the office, he sat down and the principal and him started talking

    “You have been being disrespectful lately, I can’t keep fighting for and standing up for you” said the Principal

    “ I just .. I just don’t know.. I’m sorry” Trey

    “ I’m sorry Trey.. but you’ve been expelled from Cedar Grove christian academy.”

    As I was sitting in the background, I was thinking.. I didn’t know that I’ve gotten expelled from private school.. When I would ask about what middle school I went too, she told me that I went to Henry, she said that I transferred from some little school because I didn’t “fit in” whatever that meant. Was I always a bad child? I didn’t know what to do next.

    I woke up the next morning wondering why I was going through these memories, it’s like I was jumping through. It seems like I’m getting my memory back.. every night I get a new memory every night and I get to re grow my past, to see why I’m the person I am today.. Ah man this is going to be a long ride.