Teen Peer Pressure

                             Teenagers Facing Pressure From Peers!

Teen peer-pressure is what I will be basing my project off of. Growing up, I was always affected by this and a lot of my friends struggled with this as well. Every child wants to be liked by their peers in school and some will do anything to receive that acceptance. The topic of peer-pressure interests me because of how much this affected me and other close friends. With teens becoming more and more obsessed with being ¨the popular one¨, I felt that gathering deeper research would be engaging to certain readers. Especially since most of my readers are actually teenagers themselves, this topic can be easier to relate to. Peer-pressure affects a lot of teens around the world, especially when they are attending school.  


¨Being accepted by peers is crucial to many teens, and it can affect teens if they are not.¨

Teen peer-pressure is significant because of how many teens it has affected and still affects to this day. According to research from sources I found on this intriguing topic, teen peer-pressure affects around 70% of children at each school. But overall, teen-peer pressure is a common issue for tenagers. All teenagers wants to be accepted in the ¨popular crowd¨ or at least be apart of the cool kids. The Effects of Peer Pressure From research, it states that when this happens teens tend to loosen up and do things that they normally wouldn’t do. Such actions like smoking, drinking, drugs, stealing, and even having sex before ready. I read in my sources that there was a survey that made a compelling conclusion. It states that teens with friends who do drugs and drink alcohol are more likely to do the same. This statement really stood out to me because it’s amazing how much control friends can have over some teens. All parents do is lecture their children on the things not to do, and just because a friend is doing it, now it’s acceptable to join. 

http://trewmunson.wikispaces.com/Peer+Pressure?responseToken=09339a543ef28031e9eed6  a96cbca6764

¨Peer pressure includes teens making big decisions regarding drinking and smoking with with friends that think it is ¨cool.¨

It is important for the readers to know that what you do and say to others really can impact their state of being. And with the information, the readers can think to themselves if they ever felt that they changed themselves because of peers around them. Or think to themselves if they ever made another person feel disliked or unaccepted. The reason why teens give into peer pressure because of friendships and the ¨everyone is doing it¨ factor that can make a teen feel compelled to comply. Giving into the Pressure Combining with a teen’s curiosity this leads to risk taking behavior and why teens give into peer pressure. According to ¨Giving into the Pressure¨ source, teens are accustomed to follow social standards set by their peers.

In conclusion, I wonder what are the things a teen can do to keep themselves in control from pressure they can receive from friends. I wonder what causes a teen to change who they are for others. Is it because some teens feel as though they are not accepted at home and want to attract acceptance from their friends. I am interested in learning how much the use illegal substances affect the pressure put upon teens. Drugs, and even smoking and drinking seems to be the most common activity teens put on their peers, and teenagers follow along to be accepted into the crowd or develop some type of consistent relationship.Troubled Peer Pressure As this project go on, I will like to find certain situations about teens suffering with peer pressure and how it has affected their life as a teenager.

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Would you give money to a hobo?

Would you give money to a hobo?

In this project I will be focusing on the issue of Homelessness. I’ve experienced being asked for help by homeless people in the streets of philly multiple times. As a kid my mother always told me to not give money to homeless unless that you see that their are really in need of money. As i started to grow up I starting to form own opinions and control my own actions. Im interested in this topic because I believe not all homeless are bad and everyone deserves a big push to start a new life.There has been an enormous amount of people that are homeless in the country of The United States. Main factors why most people are homeless is because of economic problems such as low incomes and lack of afordtable housing. Knowing that, I hope I could see people who are in somewhat good conditions wealthwise, helping the homeless get back on their feet.

This issue has been around for years. Its a problem today because according to the adamplimton website it shows that over 133,000 people sleep on the streets or in a shelter on any given night. January 2014, on any given night there was at least 578,424 experiencing homelessness in the U.S. Knowing this gives me the motivation to help out the homeless. I also find it very interesting how 23% of the 3.5 million who are homeless each year are U.S Military Veterans. Serving the military and then coming back home to find yourself homeless is devastating. Although the rate has been decreasing. In addition, 25% of the 3.5 million homeless each year are children under the age of 18 years. Imagine trying to survive in this world homeless. As humans we take advantage of what we got. Imagine on a 20 degree cold day outside and you finally coming home to some warm comfort. Think of the homeless who are outside suffering and have no hope of heat. Also i feel like homeless people are shunned by people. I feel like everyones thought of a homeless person is a older man, over grown beard, smelly and is a drug/alcohol addict.Known as a stereotypical hobo. Thats a bad stereotype to have in so many ways. Anyone can become  homeless. Bee talks about this in a video about the homeless.

Im wondering what kind of stereotypes other people have againist the homeless. Im also wondering if they know what kind of people are homeless and how would they react. I also wonder reason why people decided not to give a homeless person money. I also would find it interesting to try asking the homeless people some questions also.


Homeless person sleeping on the streets.


Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 8.46.48 PM.png

Data on homeless people sheltered and unsheltered in 2014


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Autism. A mental condition that 1 in every 65 people have. Children with Autism are separated from society. They are outcasts because they think differently. They act differently because they process the world in a way that we ¨normal¨ people cannot comprehend. Yes, Autistic children do things that the general public perceives as ¨weird¨, but they are truly intelligent. There have been numerous cases when Autistic kids have excelled in a subject. For example: I myself have seen Autistic kids that are amazing at math. This means that they aren’t different if anything they are a advancement in the human brain. But then why do we fear them? Why do we fear people that have shown the capability to have more efficient brains than us? Because we humans fear what we don’t understand. We fear what has been labeled different.


Source for image: https://learningneverstops.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/communication-difficulties-in-autism-my-personal-view/

By conducting this project I plan on showing the public that kids with Autism are simply just normal kids. Every single person in the world has a different way of processing info and so do autistic children. I myself have an autistic sibling. My younger brother was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. Living with an autistic child has taught me a great deal. Yes at times my brother can go crazy, but when he puts his mind to something he accomplishes it. You see up until the age of 5 my little brother did not talk in any place outside our house. This led people to believing that he is a mute. In school he simply sat down and stared blankly into the darkness. This led the teachers to not believe us in any way when we said that he does talk. But one day it changed. One day he went to school and said good morning to his teacher. He sat in his seat and did every task the teacher gave him. When home he brought up memories of things that had happened years ago as if they were yesterday. He wrote the whole alphabet a though he knew how to and successfully counted to 50. This was amazing. A child that did not utter a single word in public was now having full conversations with strangers and proving that he had an outstanding memory. After this day I researched autism and learned that kids with autism do not understand the world in the same way we do. They are completely normal but they see the world differently. Sometimes this is good while other times this is bad. A child having autism can be a serious problem if the autism is not detected at an early age. Some signs that a child has autism are no babbling or pointing by age 1, no response to name, and excessive lining up of toys or objects. Kids with Autism are extremely intelligent human beings that perceive the world in a different manner.


Source for image:https://mcb.berkeley.edu/courses/mcb61/

Sources for info:

"Autism Fact Sheet." : National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015.  http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/autism/detail_autism.htm

"Learn the Signs of Autism." Autism Speaks. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/learn-signs

You Mean, You're not a Housewife?

  1. For my project, I would like to research the relevance of women’s rights in our society. Throughout the decades, women have made great strides trying to maintain the same social and economic status as men but have failed due to the society we live in. Even today, women are paid 70 cents to every dollar a man makes for the same job, and if you’re a female of a minority the pay is even less. As a female growing up in this time and am very interested in joining the workforce as a young adult, I would like to spread awareness on the topic of unfair pay amongst genders. Another issue that affects women today is education. Women make up ⅔ of illiterate people in the world and it’s because the lack of being given formal schooling. Because of this, there are still a multitude of male-dominated fields within the workforce such as engineering, science, math, and even literature.

    There are still people that believe the only title a woman needs is “Mrs.” Because of this mentality, young girls are afraid to unlock their potential because they only trust in their ability to walk down the aisle. In certain cultures, marriage is the most important aspect of a woman’s life, and because of this we need to stress the relevance of education especially today. Even in the U.S., over 1200 schools provide single-sex studies. Since this is the case in our society and even the media, the a lot of the misogyny and sexism sprouts from these sources. Because of this gap of females in certain fields, most of the homeless population across the globe contains women and children. It is incredibly important for people to know about this issue because there are still a significant amount of people that believe that women are given all the basic rights that are required. Thoguh I’ve labeled prominent issues that affect women in our country, there’s an immensely greater amount of issues that women face around the world, even some that aren’t socially visible. Sexual abuse, dehumanization, and sexism on a much larger scale just to name a few. What can we do to combat these problems and give women the equality we deserve? I often wonder if this issue will even be relevant in the future and if women will ever be considered equals, socially and economically. I plan on interviewing women on their experiences with inequality whether in the workforce, as a mother, in school, or any other possible situation. I also hope to observe in certain fields how women are treated and if they are being treated visibly different than their male counterparts.

Pediatric Cancer - You Can't Dodge the Bullet

images (1)
This is a image of the ribbon that represents childhood cancer awareness.

Pediatric Cancer. Those two words have been the worst fears families have had and continue to have across the world. Doing a topic on cancer was something I already had in mind, but when I learned of two cases of cancer on the same day, I knew it was my calling to do a project on pediatric cancer. One case that I heard about was during school when someone told me pop star Taylor Swift, mother was diagnosed. The case that made me definite about choosing pediatric cancer was when I found out a freshman student at SLA Beeber had cancer. I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I saw a picture of a girl who took a selfie and captioned it ¨first bald selfie¨.  I began to look through her photos and I realized a girl my age who attends SLA sister had cancer. This hit so close to home. This topic interest me because there are so many teens including me who take things for granted. I want to show that people who are just like us are fighting a fight they didn’t choose and are in a worse situation than us.

This is a image of facts about childhood cancer: http://www.alexslemonade.org/childhood-cancer-facts 

No matter who you are, no matter how much money you have you can’t dodge the bullet of cancer. Every year an estimated 263,000 cases of cancer affects children under the age of twenty.  From 1970 to 2011 the amounts of deaths from childhood cancer has decreased 67%, which is really important but there are so many more steps we need to take to cure childhood cancer completely. About 250 children lose their lives to cancer every single day. The scariest fact of them all is that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease and the number two cause of death overall in the United States.  These number makes me scared but It just reminds me how fortunate I am to live each and every day without the fear of dying. This topic is also important because it affects everyone that’s involved with the person and you can become someone involved with someone with cancer.

While doing this project I’m looking forward to getting to know people who have had to go through or are still going through cancer. I want children who have cancer to know that people their age actually care about their condition. I hope to inspire people to live everyday to the fullest and let people know that there are people going through worse situations than them. I also want people to know the symptoms and the risk they have when it comes. I want people to have a different perspective on life after reading my blog posts.

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Social Anxiety Destroy Lives

Most of us deal and interact with different people everyday. But not all of us feel comfortable. Especially people with social anxiety or social phobia. These people feel the discomfort in certain situations. Comfort levels in social situations vary, depending on personal traits or life experiences. Some people are naturally born shy while some people are more outgoing. People with social anxiety get nervous on occasion, like when giving a speech or when they present themselves in front of different people. These people fear being the center of the attention.

Not wanting to be involved in an activity which involves interacting with other people is also a fear of the people with social phobia. Let’s switch this around. Wanting to be involved in an activity or wanting to do something so bad but… nervousness, anxiety, and the fear of being judged by others strikes? Yes, people with social anxiety experience this.

I know this topic so well that I can relate to the description of social anxiety. It is so much easier for me to understand this topic because I live in it. What I mean by “I live in it” is that I experience social anxiety but I am not saying that I have a social anxiety disorder because I feel like my personality is just taking over my thoughts and actions.


According to socialphobia.org, Social Anxiety is the third largest mental health problem in the world today and approximately 7% of the population suffers from some form of social anxiety disorder.

"Social Anxiety Association | A Nonprofit Organization That Promotes Understanding and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder." Social Anxiety Association | A Nonprofit Organization That Promotes Understanding and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. <http://socialphobia.org/>.

This issue is very significant because a good amount of people from all over the world have social anxiety. Millions of people all over the world suffer anxiety every day. Social anxiety cannot be avoided because it is an issue that mostly involves your mental health. Social anxiety destroys lives. How? Well, it is taking over peoples lives. It prevents people from leading the life they want; it prevents them from doing what they are good at doing; it prevents them from having friends and relationships, even though people want them.

This issue is important for other people to know about because the world is very judgemental and so we all need to be aware that people do what they do because they have an acceptable reason behind it. They cannot avoid it because it is not an easy thing to be avoided and ignored.

Fortunately, social anxiety disorder can be overcome. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective social anxiety therapy for people with social anxiety. Everyone with social anxiety can be cured if they use the appropriate type of cognitive-behavioral therapy.


According to this graph, most of the 13 to 18 year old women experience social phobia than men.

Going crazy and you don’t know what to do? Talk to someone you trust, whether it is a friend, a family member, or just someone you can rely on. Do not be scared of telling someone about what you are going through. You are not telling the whole crowd but that one person. They might have a great effect in your life. Don’t worry, take one step at a time. You can get through it… STRONG.

As of now, I am wondering if the information I provided in this essay would change other people’s perspective about people with this type of disorder. I am hoping that I will dig deeper and learn more about this issue so that I could have a better insight in this topic.

Here is my annotated bibliography.

The Invisible Abuse

Domestic Violence is an everpresent crime infecting our communities one victim at a time. Silence falls over those who are in danger’s way, far too fearful to speak out about the dangers of not knowing what abuse lies in their futures. By educating myself of the heinous acts of abuse cast upon one third of American women, I am able to give a voice to those silenced by the bruises left by the ones who supposedly loved them most. Since this issue effects so many people around me, I refuse to be apart of the thirty six thousand abuse accounts reported annually. I am desirous to contribute to the efforts of many to stop domestic violence and create a more positive society with brighter futures for all.

                               Image result for domestic violence

Bruises are just one of the numerous marks domestic abuse leaves on its victims  


Domestic violence is heavily silenced. It isn’t taken as seriously as other misconducts even though it accounts for fifteen percent of all crimes committed. It is right under our noses, yet we are blind to it. We may not notice the signs of those in harms way like the wearing of long sleeves in the summertime to hide the imprints of struggle, or those who wear sunglasses inside to cover the bruises layering their skin. It isn’t solely about the beatings, though; it can be taken as far as resulting in murder which is the fate of five hundred women annually. The effects can be fatal, and the forms can be mental and sexual as well as physical. After realizing that someone who claims they love you can bear to beat you day after day, it can cause many psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. Domestic abuse takes many forms and tactics are used to effectively violate the victims such as dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial, and blame. The general public seems to believe that this issue is easily solvable, all the victim has to do is leave the relationship to end the torture. What the majority of people are unaware of is that more than 70% of deaths from abuse happen after the relationship has already ended. The abuser does not like to lose and likes to control the situation at all times, hence the abuse in the first place.


  Domestic Violence effects almost everyone, whether it be directly of someone

                we know is effected by it, domestic violence is hard to escape in American societies.


One may never know everything about Domestic violence unless it is experienced first hand, and this means I am left with numerous questions. I am wondering why this issue it is not taken more seriously, and I wonder if it could be because not many people are informed of how much violence is taking place in the United States. I am also wondering if people who have been abused are more likely to then become abusers themselves or to stay as far away from domestic abuse as possible. I would be interested in hearing personal stories of domestic violence victims and how it has changed them as a human being. I am looking forward to seeing what answers I uncover in my future research and am most interested in finding a way in which I can help to end domestic violence once and for all.

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We Can't Just Turn Our Backs

PIC: Syria and Refugees

The specific issue in the world that I chose is refugees, most notably Syrian Refugees. There are over 11 million Syrians displaced from their homes, with almost 4 million displaced outside of Syria. So many people are being forcibly removed from their homes because of war, conflict, and persecution. This is a real issue, a serious issue. I’m not interested in this topic because it’s interesting, I’m interested in helping to solve this issue because it’s an issue that needs to be solved.

A refugee cares for his grandson, who was born on a refugee camp in Lebanon. Image from World Vision, on the 4th image of the slideshow.

This is a significant issue in our world, because it’s hurting millions upon millions of people everyday. People are being forced out of their homes, their country, people are being attacked, injured, and murdered. Homes are being destroyed all throughout Syria. Lebanon, a country on the west border of Syria with a population of only 4 million people, has over 1 million Syrian refugees displaced in it. There are also about 1.6 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. There are less than 1 million but at least 100,000 refugees in Iraq and Egypt, and over 600,000 in Jordan (Statistics from the  UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.) The reason this is an important topic to know about is because it’s a topic that needs things to be done about it. These refugees need food, reliable clean water, hygiene supplies, blankets, and more. There are over 2 million Syrian refugees that are children, most of which are receiving no educational support (Numbers from the World Vision Website.) These people are being forced into terrible situations, and unhealthy locations. Some of these people will be their for the rest of their life. The average time for a refugee to be exiled for upwards of 17 years (information from TED Talks.) This is something that is important to know because people are dying, and will continue to die unless we do something about it, and we can only do something about it if people know things about it.

Raijab’s camp settlement in Lebanon, just miles from the border of Syria. Image from World Vision, on the 5th image of the slide show.

At this point in the project, I’m still planning on finding more out. I still have questions, such as: What is the rate of illness in these refugee camps? Approximately how many people are being forced out of their home per day? These questions and anymore will hopefully be answered from my Original Research, which leads me to the last thing that I’m wondering: I’m not exactly sure what to do for my Original Research. I could do some sort of survey, which could tell me something like how much people know about the topic, but this wouldn’t tell me much more information on the topic itself. I could instead to an interview, although I’m not exactly sure who I could interview. I’m still working on it, but I’ll figure it out. Anyway, that about wraps up my first blog post, but before I end this, here is my Annotated Bibliography.

I'm poor, I'm black, Yay I got to Harvard

Jevon Price


English 1

24 April 2015

                                            I’m poor, I’m black, Yay I go to Harvard!

The project that will be focused on is the concept of whether Affirmative Action, an act that is committed throughout the United States, should be used in the selection process of higher level education. For those that are unaware of the issue, it’s the process in which people are selected predominantly based on both their race and geographical background, and in many cases the sum of yearly income that enters their household. It’s basically what allows the higher power to choose which of those can live their lifetime goals of achieving the dream college, but putting a huge racial stamp on the envelope. I know that at the ripe old age of fourteen that this has nothing to do with me, but in just a few short years myself as well as my fellow peers may fall victim to this flamboyant secret that is meant to be a figure of imagination that has since grown to national recognition. This matter that is often swept under the rug, should in fact be brought to the light as it does not clearly benefit the masses.

Perhaps one of the most principal problems facing young men and women every year is that of where they will go after they receive their high school education. For many that have made a clear choice to reach for the colleges of their dream thinking that it would be the most ideal place to nurture them through the beginning stages of adulthood, while constructing the foundation of an illustrious career in the making. But it is the broken spirits of those who are more than qualified that can’t draw their bulging eyes from the big REJECTION on the top of their letter simply because their not a poor black child from the mean streets of Compton, or a talented hispanic singer who’s mother worked hard to support multiple kids. What might seem to be ridiculous on paper is true for many all across the country. Something that is absent from many people minds is continuously being brought into the life due to working a modern use of racism. By striving for a look of diversity amongst its students, many campuses are using race to forge an image that does not deal with the quality of education that is being offered. Studies have shown that over the past twenty years, while trying to make a supposedly diverse campus many colleges are accepting more and more black and hispanics while limiting the amount of white and asians.


( This image illustrates the averaged enrollment of African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in college.)


It is seen that despite your abilities, if your color is not what they want in their crayon boxed your don’t become a member. People have the right to know that their futures are depending on if they’re either black or poor enough. Darker or can be spared more pity. Minority is what can get you to a major. The dangerous part of this is that many who are accepted into these high level institutions are not at all ready for what comes with the acceptance letter. Law school as proven to be a case in which this is evident as African Americans have shown to generally do poorer both in school and on the LSAT exam.


( The image illustrates the performance of African Americans, Whites, Asians, and Hispanics on the LSAT exam, percentage of getting into the law school, and grade point average. )

It should also be noted that African Americans students generally make up the bottom twenty percent of for those in law school. Probably the most shocking is that this idea is being approved by some of the public. A recent study showed that there are those who believe that Blacks and Hispanics deserve a little extra help compared to that of their Asian and Whites peers. Others also believed that they deserve special treatment as a result of inequalities faced in the path. Neither having to deal with whether an applicant is qualified enough. Interesting. For college the work doesn’t matter.



( Study of Whether black and hispanics should have special preference when it comes to applying for college)

Affirmative Action was used to give African Americans equal opportunities, and in many ways it has, but on the other hand it is setting up many young black students for failure as their futures are being tampered with to make the cover of a brochure more...colorful. If the idea was to make blacks more apart of the grand scheme of things, it has worked but at the expense of many white and asians students who now seem to be thought of as to privileged for college, or not struggling to the capacity of gaining a quality education. I don’t understand why colleges continue to use the idea of affirmative action to only benefit themselves, when the whole point of college is to mold the new generation to be the best that they can be. I also want to know how can something that has severe origin in a dark time in history that was used to help those in need, do almost the same exact thing as those from its original time period but to a different set of people. More importantly why is this still being allowed to happen. As I continue, I want to center more on the individual effects that affirmative action has had on people. Affirmative Action is the secret that both makes and breaks dreams without a logical purpose, and from what I’ve come across is not needed in the modern society.

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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

My project is based on events that has been happening since the Jim Crow era and is sadly still relevant in 2014 and today. My topic is police brutality. I am interested in this topic because I want to express how wrong and inhumane a lot of these crimes are and I want to show people how horribly this affects black people as well as other races.

Ever since the 1950’s ( the start of the Jim Crow era) police brutality has been very effective and has been taken out towards black people. It all started from wanting the rights to vote and since the white people didn’t want the blacks voting, police and other white citizens beat, imprisoned and stopped the blacks from voting. Even though now in the 2000’s blacks have every right granted in the constitution, law and amendments there’s still a sense of hatred towards the race as a whole. Some of this hatred is inflicted on black people by police.

                Police using excessive force to arrest man.


The issue of police brutality holds a lot of significance because one, it’s affecting America as a nation. People constantly disrespect cops everyday because of the obscene acts of violence some of these officers carry out. There has been this one saying going on for months and months now towards police. This saying consists of the words “ F@*! 12” of course these words were started by young people but as more incidents happen, the saying begins to become more common from people older and older. Of course we know not every cop in America is like this but when enough cops are acting in such a way they all become generalized.

It’s important for us to know because some of us are ignorant and believe police do this to people who deserve it, but that’s not always true. There is no justification to beat a mentally disturbed man. Mentally disturbed! He probably can’t even figure out what’s going in his own head so to have a brutal beating inflicted upon him makes me and other American’s wonder. Majority of police officers who do get charged for being so violent, wind up spending a couple of months of their sentence in jail which is proven. For example, the Fruitvale Station incident where the officer claimed to mistake his gun for being a taser and out of a 2 year sentence, he only stayed for 2 months. There is a video showing a police officer shoot a man that was already cuffed, in the arm and then he states “ Oh shoot, I thought it was my taser.” The tasing statement is an excuse heard many many times by police officers who are caught red handed using excessive force but because they are cops they get the pass.


Teens protesting in Ferguson during Mike Brown protest


We need to open our eyes and stop being blind to the fact that police officers take their power to another level and actually stand up for our safety and our people in general. If we keep letting cops treat us any way, living in America as a black or any other race that is targeted won’t get any better.

NYPD using excessive force to arrest young teen in Queens,NY


Gun Control - Awareness for the Youth of Philadelphia

Growing up in Philadelphia, I found myself running across a pattern. The fact that I had gone to a charter school in elementary and middle school, and a public school in High School, you get a wide variety of kids coming from many different backgrounds. More and more people I found having deaths in their family, or family members in jail because of a gun accident. Some of the friends I had made had brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunts killed from a gun. Or occasionally you would hear about the kids parents being put in jail for shooting someone, which brought me to a realization. Not only that, but one of my friends is currently in jail being allegedly charged with murder as an adult. So many victims from a situation involving a gun has affected so many lives, especially young kids, giving them mixed messages whether its good or bad. I soon began to think, is Philadelphia really a safe place to live, is there a lot of gun activity now? So here’s another question? Is having a gun really safe? Should we be able to have them to prevent accidents from happening, used as self defense? That is for me to learn, and you can come along my journey with me on my “You and the World” project to help make a difference against gun violence.


       Here is an image with statistics of who has the guns in the U.S.



More than 100,000 people die in the US because of a gun. There are 89 guns for every 100 US residents. With that said, US is #1 in the whole world when it comes to gun ownership. That means out of every continent on our earth, our nation owns the most guns. The real question is, are guns really that necessary that 40% of US homes have one? Is it worth that about 1,500 children are hurt every year because of just a gun? No one deserves to die because of a gun whether if its an accident or not. If these sorts of “accidents” and “non-accidents” keep happening because of a gun, then why do we need them? If no one was armed, then there would be less of an issue of people being killed or hurt because of a gun.  

This issue is only getting bigger as the years go by. Everyday I find myself watching the news more and more often because the same sorts of gun incidents happen. How can we educate people about demonstrating that guns are safe, and won’t make the situation any safer for you or anyone else around you? How can we stop young teens from making decision based on the patterns they see in their everyday lives that come from social media, the news and newspapers?

       Here is an infographic on information about guns in the U.S.


I hope to learn further into my topic, and educate others about how guns aren’t safe and they are a life changing thing, even though they might be common. I am ready and looking forward to making a difference in our community as a city and making it safer place, for all of us.       


To read my bibliography click here!                            


Learning English As A Second Language

The picture on the left, demonstrates a group of children learning in a classroom.

For this quarter benchmark I would like to do on tutor kids English, as a second language. I'm more comfortable with doing this topic because I know a lot of languages, and I want to help others who don't know at least the English language. What I am hoping to do is to help tutor kids with their homework, who speak another foreign language. They are a lot of immigrants children that come live here in America. When some of them do, they may not know or understand how to speak English. My goal is to make kids comfortable learning how to speak English to get a better communication with whomever may encounter with.

This photo on the right, shows an example of how children in a classroom loses their confidence.

In terms of participating with the class, students who seem to have trouble with the English language are often shy and extremely nervous I would want to help them with finding their confidence and having a better communication with everyone in school. Some students faced teachers making their learning environment more difficult by their way of teaching. Some cases where teachers wouldn’t explain/go over the work appropriately, for the student to comprehend it and get it done the right way. Therefore, I want to assist not just teaching them English but, with finding their confidence any order to participate in school.

This image on the left, shows kids exploring a globe in a classroom.

What I am wondering at this point of process is, finding specific creative ways to tutor children their second language. Will I learn a couple of new languages as I tutor kids? It would be great if I do! I hope that through this process I not only teach a second language to others, but help them gain confidence in school. It would help a lot communicating with people who speak English.


Defeating Dyslexia Stereotypes #1

My project is on the subject of stereotypes about dyslexia.  The reason why these stereotypes exist is because people don’t understand what dyslexia is. The point of this project is to defeat those stereotypes and make people understand what dyslexia really is. I picked this topic because I have the beautiful disability of dyslexia.  We found out about it in 6th grade.  But my family knew I had it since around 3rd grade.  But when we told the school that we thought I had dyslexia they didn’t believe us.  And get this, they said that dyslexia isn’t a real disability.

Some of the stereotypes there is, includes dyslexics seeing EVERYTHING backwards; or that we are stupid, and can’t read or write.  But with my research and past experience with dyslexia I see that it isn’t like this.  It may be harder for someone with dyslexia to read and write but they can do it, they just need extra help.  And someone with dyslexia isn’t stupid… I mean Albert Einstein had dyslexia!  There are many famous dyslexics .

Some of the ways I researched this was by looking at different articles and watching youtube videos.  Also, I know many people who have dyslexia so I know lots from them.  And I have dyslexia so I am pretty experienced in this subject.  A reason people also need to know more about dyslexia because 1 out of 5 people have dyslexia.  It is a very common disability but not many people understand what it is.  And a you may even have dyslexia but you wouldn’t know because teachers don’t pay attention to it enough.  There are different types of dyslexia. Phonological Deficit is one type it is when you have trouble decoding and assembling words.  Speed/Naming Deficit this is when you are a slow reader and you have trouble with sight words.  A sight word is a word that is easy and doesn’t need sounding out.  Comprehension Deficit is when you have poor understanding of the text.  Here is a graph that shows what a dyslexic usually has…. Reading-Disability-Types.jpg


This shows that a dyslexic has all of the disability.  But some dyslexias are more difficult than others.  For instance I have a mild case of dyslexia.  I used to have really bad dyslexia but when I got older it got better because I got a tutor.  Dyslexia is when you don’t process the spelling and reading rules as easy as normal minds.  But don’t use this as an excuse to stop your learning, is the greatest lesson that I’ve learned.  Because hard work is what you need and you just try your best and you will overcome this struggle.

In this point in my research I am wondering different peoples stories and if they were bullied or treated differently because of their dyslexia.  I am hoping to find this out by interviews and researching people who have dyslexia and their struggles.  Maybe even find a couple famous peoples stories that have dyslexia and their struggles.  I really just want to open peoples minds to what dyslexia is.


Don't Touch Me. I Mean It.

Consent is a funny word. Everyone has a different idea about what it means, and many sides to the same face causes problems.

In my opinion, consent is safety. Consent is being able to trust that your sixteen year old child can go to a highly populated convention for cosplaying geeks and not be sexually assaulted and harassed. Do you know how difficult it is to have to convince your parents you can protect yourself from a community you're supposed to be a part of? Or maybe, the worrying you do when trying to figure out which costume to wear; “Will this give people the idea that it’s okay to touch me?”

I am a cosplayer, I am not an object.

Cosplay is “the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.”

Cosplay is not “Lets wear this to get everyone’s attention!” or “I just love it when random strangers come up to me and grope me!”

Consent is “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.”

Consent is not “Their clothes are so revealing! They were asking for it!” or “If you act like a slut, you'll be treated like one!”

So, basically what I'm trying to get across with this project: COSPLAY DOES NOT EQUAL CONSENT!


A sign from Geeks for CONsent. (SOURCE)

At this point, you're probably thinking about passing this off as just another passive-aggressive rant you can ignore, but this is important.

Last year, a young female cosplayer was found badly beaten, sexually assaulted, and unconscious after being taken from San Diego Comic-Con by a 29 year old male. (Source) This is only the most recent that’s been recorded publically. Sometimes, people get lucky and they don't end up drugged, and half dead- At that same convention, Adrianne Curry (America's Next Top Model) defended one of her friends after their pants were yanked down by a man trying to grope them. (Source) What I’m trying to say here is that this happens a lot more than you'd think. It might not be important to you, and I don't mean to pull this card but, what if this happened to someone you cared about? What if it happened to you? Would you know what to do?

More importantly, do you want to? Would you want to have to worry about protecting yourself every second you're trying to enjoy something important to you? Would you want to be bound to your phone in fear? Not just yours, but your parents’? Do you want to have fun, or be safe?

As one source said, a cosplayer themself, “The groping, the stalking, the upskirting, the unwanted attention and photographs are all part of the misbehavior and women want it stopped.” (AATTP)

A spandex cat woman suit is not consent.

A short-skirted Harley Quinn is not consent.

A big-breasted anime character is not consent.


Because yes! This happens every single day to people on the streets and in public areas. This is something that happens. And the same excuses are used- Clothes, attitude, alcohol; but people don't even listen to cosplayers- to us. We're a joke. And yes, I understand that that’s the case for a lot of people, but there’s a lot more people fighting with them because more times than not people think cosplayers allow it.

As I progress with this, I want to consult with people first hand. I have countless cosplaying friends of mine willing to take part in helping me with this topic. I want to hear more first hand stories from people, and hear the experiences that people have had that weren't talked about. I plan on working with a group called Geeks for CONsent at this years Comic-Con, and helping them promote the cause. I think my main point of action as I go on is wondering why people don't talk about it, why they don’t speak up about sexual assault when it happens. And...hopefully I can work towards helping make a change with this.

“Where is the love”

This project is meant to show how poverty is affecting people's lives. I want to bring awareness towards how we can help. Poverty, in my opinion, is an interesting topic and I think that we can and must raise money to combat it. Poverty means the state of being extremely poor. This means having barely any money and a scarce amount of money means no food. Due to this, people are suffering and even dying because of poverty. Today, this situation is critical since the United State’s poverty number has doubled.

This is significant because Pennsylvania is becoming one of the poorest cities.

In fact, Philadelphia has the most population, but as the population increases so does the rate of poverty. This means that it has the highest risk to going to deep poverty. Nearly 185,000 people including 60,000 of children are in deep poverty and that rate is 12.2% in Philadelphia. 12.2%is almost twice the United State’s rate of deep poverty of 6.3%. Philadelphia’s deep poverty rate is a dangerous condition and if increased, more will die.

People that are in deep poverty live some days without eating, unsure about house and child care. They live with $1.25 and less causing some to starve to death. In fact, some cannot even afford to pay for their rent causing them to move in with a relative or friend and if that is not success, the street. Not only that, due to deep poverty, some children develop problems such as cognitive and emotional delays. Also, most children are mostly hospitalize and are most likely uneducated due to not doing well. They are most likely to be jobless and that is an problem since they need to work to earn money.

People need to know this information because you can experience a change of heart when you learn about it. We can make a difference to their lives. In fact, in a blink of eyes you can be suffering from poverty or deep poverty. We can saves some before they can become criminal for small rewards since some are desperate for money. We can save their lives and make an huge difference with just the smallest help that can be combined to a lot.

My thoughts as of now is to gather information and bring understanding to people. I am also thinking about the next part in which activities I can do. Some question I have as of now is if Philadelphia have the highest in deep poverty, does helping lower that amount? As I continue to research about Poverty, I hope to learn more about how we can help to prevent it or stop it.


This chart show that Pennsylvania have the highest in population and is one of the nation poorest cities due to extreme poverty. As the population increase, the number of poverty increases.

"Pennsylvania Poverty Numbers Available | Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger." Pennsylvania Poverty Number Available. Coalition Against Hunger, n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. <http://www.hungercoalition.org/story/recent-data-confirms-millions-pennsylvanians-continue-struggle-hunger>.

The Black Eyes Peas Where Is the Love”

Poverty can be relate to the song, “Where Is the Love” since in this song, The Black Eyed Peas sing about world problems such as poverty. They say how it is horrible, and peace and love should be the solution.

Annotated Bibliography Links

Love at first sight more like physical attraction at first sight.

       Love at first sight more like physical attraction at first sight.

   Comparing "Taming of the Shrew" to "Romeo and Juliet - 1996 Version"

                Carolyn Borock

In the popular shakespeare play “ The Taming of the Shrew” proves that the idea of being yourself is a bad idea and lying and being deceitful is the way to go in getting a girl. In the taming of the shrew young Hortensio sees beautiful Bianca and he decides to court her. The only thing getting in his way is that Bianca’s  sister Katherine is not wed and must be before Bianca gets courted. Hortensio comes up with the clever idea to dress up like a music teacher in order to get close to Bianca. But as seen in the 1996 version of “Romeo + Juliet,” Romeo sees young Juliet and falls madly in love even without one word coming out of her mouth. But he does not lie and deceive her as Hortensio has. ( Romeo and Juliet portrays the long-standing conflicts between the two families in Verona, the Capulets and the Montagues.)

Contrary to what society believes, people don’t really fall in love at first sight. Almost always, it’s lust at first sight. The intense attraction that people feel for someone when they  first lock eyes with each other, those butterflies in someone’s stomach and that skip in their heart, in all probability, is lust and not love. Lusting for someone isn’t a bad thing, because love generally starts with lust and desire and grows and blossoms into love over a few weeks or months. In the movie Romeo and Juliet, as soon as Romeo saw Juliet, that was it, he had to have her. The only thing that he was truly falling for was the physical attraction. The same goes for Hortensio who sees Bianca and he decides to marry her right away. In contrast, Hortensio goal’s are a little different by having the mindset from the beginning that he is going to marry Bianca. The way he goes about getting Bianca is by dressing up and not being who he is. On the other hand, Romeo loved Juliet but never lied and was not deceitful to impress her. This just shows that society has proven that, in order to win the girl, a person must be who they truly are. These texts show the standards in life and love that being yourself truly is a great thing.  

(Act 1, Scene 2, line numbers 130-140)

“Now shall my friend Petruchio do me grace

And offer me disguised in sober robes

To old baptista as a schoolmaster

Well seen in music, to instruct Bianca,

That so I may, by this device at least,

Have leisure to make love to her

And unsuspected court by herself”

In the “Taming of the Shrew” this quote is explaining how Hortensio is going to steal Bianca’s heart. He is tricking the father Baptista into thinking that he is a schoolmaster. This will then lead to the father hiring him to teach Bianca. His overarching goal is to get close to Bianca. In this scene he is taking to Grumio and discussing the plan. This goes along with my thesis because he is a servant and is changing himself to fit what he thinks her ideal man is. This proves the thesis by being yourself is a better option then tricking a girl to like you.

Even though the two shakespeare plays are quite similar there are major differences in how the characters go about getting the girl.  

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bApvA8me8q0  < Clip of the Scene

In this scene from “Romeo and Juliet,” the characters are seeing each other for the first time. Romeo starts to “flirt” with her in a way such as kissing the glass between the two of them. Romeo is being real and honest about his feelings for Juliet and expressing that. Unlike Hortensio who decides to be someone he is not when dressing up as a school master.

"Quote 2 from Play"

(Act 3, Scene 2, line numbers 70-85)

Gamut I am, the ground of all accord:

A re, to plead Hortensio’s passion;

B mi, Bianca, take him for thy lord,

C fa ut, that loves with all affection;

D sol re, one clef, two notes have I;

E la mi, show pity, or I die.”

Call you this “gamut”? Tut, I like it not.

Old fashions please me best. I am not so nice

To change true rules for old inventions.

In the play Hortensio is portrayed as being weird and unlikable. This quote was given at the music scene where he tells Bianca of the whole scheme to get her love and affection. Which in the end became a terrible idea because bianca found that a red flag.

In the last scene of Romeo and Juliet - 1996 version lying ended up being a terrible thing.

After romeo finds Juliet “dead”, he decides to end it all because he couldn’t live with the pain of losing her. This is the only time they have ever lied or was deceitful and look what happened they ended up dead. How she was deceitful was to intake a liquid substance and this would put her to sleep. People believed she was dead so she had a grave in place. The effects wore off about one minute before he drank the potion. She grabs his hand and starts crying and kisses him as he dies. She shoots herself in the head and they both end up dead.  

In the end being lying and deceitful is never a good thing.  Romeo and juliet end up dead. In the taming of the shrew hortensio doesn’t get the girl. Society hasn’t learned that being yourself in the end is all you need to be. These two plays portrayed that very well and tought some meaningful lesson that being yourself is ok and not to be the person who you're not.


Shakespeare, William. The Taming of the Shrew. Ed. Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. New York: Washington Square Press, 1992. Print.

Romeo & Juliet. Madacy Entertainment Group, 1996. Film.  

Passion, Information, and Change: Me and MS

How has MS affected the people around you

For my Passion, Information, and Change: You and the World project I wanted you introduce my class to the MS society. This is an important topic to me because my Mom has MS and its not just affecting her and her health its affecting my entire family I feel like out of everyone in my family it has its biggest toll on me. I couldn't imagine life without my mom, she has always been there and some advanced stages of MS can lead to the person losing their ability to control their movement. Some of the issues is that many Doctors and Scientist don’t have a cure for this disease and in advance stages people are at risk of losing their lives.

My Mom, Nikki has MS as well as my 5th grade teacher, her MS is affecting her spinal cord and I’m very nervous as to what can happen. I’ve seen my mom in pain many times and it upsetting to see the one you love the most in pain. My fear is that her condition might get worse and that she’ll end up losing the ability to move. I don’t want to see my mom like that, seeing what she goes though now is already unbearable. MS is a disease where the immune system eats away the protective cover for the nerves which can cause damage to the nerves obviously. MS affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. MS can affect the Brain, the Spinal Cord and the Optic Nerves, In my mom case MS is affecting her Brain.

When Doctors did an MRI in 2008 they found out that she has white spots on her Brain and she has really bad Migraines, she sometimes feels very weak and has tingling in her foot things like that. They diagnosed her with MS. I was only 7 at the time and didn't really understand what the problem was with my mom, I just knew that she was very sick. Me, My Mom, and my little brother been taking part in fundraisers that they organize during the summer and if you take part in the action they will usually give you an orange cross with is the symbol of MS. I believe that this is Important for people to know because I think that learning about this information and sharing it to others can maybe have an effect on them and maybe one day they can find a cure for MS to help the millions of people who have it, such as my mom. They have many Medication to help treat MS but all of them are though IV and my mom actually goes to the doctor once a month and gets her Medicine. She has to take a lot of pills to help her with the symptoms.

I have many questions that I would hopefully get an answer to one day. I just wonder why and how people get MS and where does it comes from. I know that its not transferable so thats a good thing. Like my mom I sometimes get bad migraines and I went to doctors don't be worried they just said I need to wear my glasses because I'm straining my eyes to see. Im wondering what I could do to help my mom and help her though this. I left some Links at the bottom, hope you guys check them out.

More about the MS society

Find out the symptoms

The Image above is like an overview of how a damaged nerve cover called the Myelin looks and the normal Nerve Myelin. 
images (5).jpg