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1:This was a class project on how we are perceived online, and we watched an interactive video on preventing cyber trolls, and this blog post is about the questions associated with the video

2: This video brings to mind cyberbullying, and its very similar to it too

3: Online I don't use my real name, but my user names are usually MooseMan, or DriftRacer88

4: I think people perceive me well, since I usually try not to be mean if i'm online, for example, I don't start fights while playing games online

5: To get a response, and then get enjoyment out of your suffering

6: Anonymity is good because people can’t find you in real life, and possibly hurt you. It's bad because people could post things that are really mean, and you wouldn't know who it is, and not be able to stop them

Who am i?

I searched the web and i found many pictures of power rangers. Apparently Theres this kid from the power rangers that has the same exact name as me. But thats not the only the only pictures i found on google search. I found many pictures of Criminals. Mostly drug dealers and murderers.

Home Network, Ortiz

On my home network I have 2 laptops, 1 iPhone, 1 tablet, 1 Wii, 1 Dsi, 1 wireless printer, and 1 iPod. I learned that ISP's are Internet Service Providers and they are the ones the provide us with our wifi, of course as long as we pay them. I also learned that some people can have a modem, router, or a combination of both to get their internet. I also learned that by connecting a device to your modem, router, or a combination of both with an ethernet cable you can make your device receive the wifi faster, this is mostly recommended for gaming systems. I think that people should be aware of how they get their wifi (modem, router, or a combination of both). 

Girls Soccer Advances in Playoffs

Congratulations to the girls soccer team who defeated Olney 3-1 to advance to the quarterfinal round of the playoffs. Senior, Hannah Nicoletti, knocked in the first goal after the goalie bobbled her shot, making the score 1-0 at the half. Second half goals came from sophomore, Emma Schwingel-Sauer and senior defender, Bella Beato. The Rockets take on a tough opponent, Franklin Towne Charter School on Thursday at 5pm at Northeast HS.

Who am I Online? - Ayala Silverman

We watched I Am A Witness in Tech class about Jack, a boy being bullied by his classmates.  We watched the video two times, once without clicking the button to help Jack, and another to see what happens when we did help Jack.  The video sort of showed how bullying can happen anywhere and in any form.  It also showed how many people don't step up and help, even if they see what's going on.  

There's not much on me online.  A few of my old projects and another girl's website for becoming Bat Mitzvah are what appear right away.  I doubt people who search up my name would randomly click on the websites that feature my name nonchalantly, so I'm not sure whether I would be perceived as anything. 

The goal of internet trolls is to get a reaction, usually a negative one, out of other people on the internet.  This is made easier because of anonymity granted by being online.  Anonymity online makes the internet trolls' jobs easier, but it also allows for people to have conversations and opinions without giving too much of themselves away to strangers.  

Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.10.26 PM
Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.10.26 PM

Q1 Benchmark - Contemporary Kafkaesque

Mia Weathers-Fowler & Deja Johnson

The theoretical piece of work we chose was a short story. We focused on a couple themes. One was the way that we are so drawn in by our technology that we forget to look at the people around us. The second is that all of the information we have access to often isolates us instead of connects us further. As the authors we created a fake blog with our Press Release (book cover, summary), Author Bios, Audience Response (podcast), and Cultural Fabric (buzzed article). Link


Inside of class we watched a video made by the I Am A Witness Campaign. The video was about a child, named Jack, who was being bullied and what you can do to stop it. The campaign was trying to get people to use an emoji to respond to cyberbullying. The video reminded me of when I got bullied at my old school. I remembered how I felt and I really related to Jack on a personal level. I don't really exist online and no one has my exact name but, when I google my name a lot of white people and people that live in Andorra show up. If you googled me and didn't know what I looked like or how old I am then, they might think that I am most likely a elderly white person. The goal of an internet troll is to make you mad and to get a response. The positives of online anonymity is that it gives you a sense of privacy but some people abuse this. Because of people like this it makes online anonymity dangerous for others.

#IamAWitness - Gregory Tasik

Screenshot 2015-10-27 at 11.36.22 AM
Screenshot 2015-10-27 at 11.36.22 AM

In tech class on Friday, my class and I watched an interactive video on bullying, titled #IamAWitness. As the video progressed, it allowed us to make a decision; allow the kid to be bullied, or to stop the bullying. The first time we watched, we allowed the kid to be bullied, however during the second time, we stopped the bullying. Then, we had a classroom discussion and every student did a typed reflection on Canvas.

What this video brought to my mind is that cyber bullying is just dangerous as physical bullying because every person takes things differently. It also reminded me that I have to be careful of my image online as much as I have to be careful with my image in real life. I realize I have to be careful with what I say over the internet. In my current state, I do not interact much with people online besides social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Based on what I’ve done on the internet, I believe I am perceived as a troll in a funny type of way(only to my friends). Hopefully, I am not perceived as the trolls that are described in this article - https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists -

which describes them as narcissists, psychopaths, and sadists who try their hardest to get a response from the victim. Lastly, there are positive and negative results of online anonymity. The positives is that the average “joe” wouldn’t know who you are without some research and that you can remain anonymous. However, the negatives is that, if someone does enough “digging around” a person can find out who you really are.

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Ahmed Ahmed, Who Am I Online

1. The video we watched in class today was about bullying.

2. This video gives me the sign that bullying is wrong. No one should be bullied and no one should be bullying.

3. When I searched up my name online I found pictures and facts about an Actor/Comedian also named Ahmed Ahmed.

4. I don't think people will perceive me because I have nothing of me online.

5. To make all of them stop being trolls.

6. I really don't think there is a good thing about being anonymous online but a bad thing is you will never know who the real person is which could be a really bad problem.

Imani's Blog

What comes to my mind is someone hurting someone else mentally and physically. I also think about broken down homes because most bullies come from a broken home with parents fighting and unstable people that are living with them. 
I don't appear online I have pictures of baby dolls and a famous person named imani. People would think that maybe I am not really out there and don't have social media because I am not appearing on google. The goal of internet trolls are to beat you down and break your confidence and hurt your feelings. The positive thing about it is that you don't know who it is and that you can't get hurt because  you don't know who it is. The negative thing is that some random person is talking about you and you don't know them and they are saying these things about you that are hurting your feelings. 
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.15.23 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.15.23 AM

"Who Am I Online?" Reflection - Matt Reed

​1. We watched the video about Jack and him getting bullied. Then we had to search ourselves on Google, and respond to the information/pictures we found.

2. This video reminds me of my childhood, and how I got bullied a lot. They made me feel really bad.

3. I really don't make that big of an effect online.  I really just go on YouTube and a lot of Social Media.

4. When people look at my Facebook, they may think I'm sweet boy that loves my family.

5. The goal of internet trolls is to make others feel bad. They want to get a laugh out of others pain, even if it was a joke.

6. A negative of online anonymity is not knowing who if this person is messing with you for fun or actually trying to make you feel bad about yourself. A positive part of anonymity is doing things without the target finding out who you are.
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.38.43 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.38.43 AM

Reflection, Ailin Li

The video we watched in class today was a video from "I Am A Witness". It was about a young cyclops boy who was getting bullied in school and on the internet. There would also be an emoji that would only pop up when he was about to get bullied. You would click on that emoji to prevent any bad things from happening to him. After watching this, our classroom activity was to look ourselves up on google. What this video brings to mind in reference to the topic bullying is whenever I see online bullies or watch bullying movies because it they tend to be very captivating. Who I am online would be who I would be in person. I don't do much online. I would say I appear as just a normal and typical person going on social media. No one important or known. I think people perceive me based on this appearance by seeing me as just another person with social media, nothing else. I also feel as if the goal of internet trolls is to make people feel less about themselves so they can feel better about themselves since most internet trolls are private and usually provide no information about themselves. This way it is harder to find out who they are and they won't have a care for us. A positive result of online anonymity is that people won't find out who you are and you'll have your own privacy. A negative result of online anonymity is that people will report you and that you'll most likely give of a negative vibe to others, making them unsure and uncomfortable. This can lead to many problems.

Sofians blog stuff

In tech we watched a video about cyber bullying awareness. This cute little cyclops was bullied by some bad people. He got online at home and people made fun of him and made him feel sad. But then the second time we through the assignment, it was an interactive experience, and we could click the new emoji to make him feel better.  This shows how much bullying can hurt people, especially on the internet where its easier to say stuff because your not physically interacting with them. Online I have many social networks, consisting of facebook, instagram, snapchat, and all that stuff. I think there are heavy social norms on the internet, so I just share things that people would expect of me in person. The goals of internet trolls are simply to find people to harass. Because of online anonymity, it gives trolls a much easier job, which is negative. But a positive side is that you feel safer talking to random people beacuse you know they probably cant find you. 
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 6.25.42 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 6.25.42 AM


In class we watched a video to promote bullying awareness. It was about a kid getting bullied by a group of kids and you watched them do mean stuff to him, but there was a twist. You could press an eye emoji and change the scenario so that the kids would be nice to him i stead of bullying him. What this video brings to my mind in reference to bullying is that it happens everyday and to a lot of people and we need to be more aware of it to stop it. Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you see e getting bullied go help them and stand up for them, because if your doing nothing your just making the situation worse. Who I am online is a student of SLA, a gamer, someone who likes to watch YouTube, and a user of Facebook, but I appear as a student of SLA that posts blogs, a Facebook user, and a soccer player that has his own website. I think people perceive me as a smart and athletic individual which I think is good. The goal of internet trolls is to cause you pain over the internet by bullying you or annoying you which then gives them pleasure from doing. You see a lot of these trolls in gaming which is why you have the option to mute people online in almost all games now. The positive results of online anonymity are that nobody can find out personal stuff about you that they can use against you or to make fun of you because they don't know your true identity,the negative results of online anonymity are basically the same in the sense that nobody know who this person who's being rude or bullying people is since he has a fake name most likely, so they can't really stop him.

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Home Network, Carroll

  1. Write in full sentences.
  2. My L.A.N. consists of a modem/router and a extended router to create a stronger connection within the house. Other devices on my home network are my Ps4, my laptop and my moms desktop. Also all four phones in the house are usually connected to the home network. 
  3. I have learned countless things about networks during this course so far, we learned how networks are designed and how they work and we were walked through how a email would be sent or anything else from device to device. One OMG moment i had was when the video showed us how quickly the process of exchanging items from device to device takes. 
  4. I would tell people that when you have a home network you need to know what is on that homework and how much your ISP costs so your not overpaying. 
Blank Flowchart

Reflection, Grant Shuter

 We watched a video about cyber bullying. It showed a kid named Jack, and we saw how kids teased him in school and then when he went home, he continued to be bullied online. It shows how connected we are to everything. People can do the same things online as in person, and it is easier to do them because you don't have to face them. You can be anything that you want to be online. This can show you in many ways and people can believe anything they want to believe about you. Internet trolls just try to get under people's skin and make them mad, sad, or annoyed. The positive side of anonymity is that you can do things that are private without people knowing who you are. The negatives are the same thing. People don't know who you are so you can just cyber bully anyone that you want to. This can help people, and also really hurt them.


Q1 Benchmark

The piece that I decided to do was a musical piece. It is an album about people in Syria, an issue that I've been hearing and learning a lot about in recent days. The press release is a radio preview of the main song of the album and the whole audience response can be found here. Furthermore, the cultural fabric can be found here.

When I heard of the possible choices for this project, I immediately thought music because I love music. I thought that an album would be appropriate to represent the topic of Syrian refugees. Nothing speaks to me more than music so I couldn't think of anything better to speak to others with. I have done quite a good amount of research on Syrian refugees and I have experience with being forced to leave a home country and I have friends with that same experience. I hope you enjoy my work!

Who Am I Online? Reflection

1. In class we watched a video about a boy being bullied and what things could prevent bullying.
2. The classroom activity today, was to look yourself up on Google. Following that, you would look your partner up and describe what came up.
3. The video made me realize that anybody can prevent bullying from happening. 
4. Online, when I searched my name, pictures and links about Lauryn Hill came up.
5. If somebody looked me up on Google they would think​ I had something to do or that I was even related to Lauryn Hill.
6. The goal of internet trolls are to make others feel bad about themselves.
7. The negative effects of online anonymity are that you can continue to be bullied and not know the perpetrator.
8. The positive effect is that nobody will judge you based on what you look like because you will be anonymous.

In This Lifetime by Anonymous

When you enter this page, you will fill a weight lifted off your shoulders. You go through and see a reflection of yourself once in your lifetime. On this web page you will see be introduced to a new book called “In This Lifetime”. In this book you will be on a journey about a girl named Lilo. She wants to pursue her dream of traveling the world. But it will take courage and determination to overcome the hardships she will face in life. Through this web page you will learn about the different similarities of movies and books that relates to the book.

Start your Journey Here

"Princess Jalicia" by Allison and Caitlin

Our website: http://akelly09.wix.com/literature-blog

For our project, we decided to focus on the issue of cultural appropriation on Halloween. The story we created involved a young princess of color whose kingdom is punished by the queen. It is the princess' duty to restore beauty to the kingdom. 
The way this is involved with cultural appropriation is that little girls everywhere look up to this character and want to dress up as her for Halloween. But these costumes involve blackface and the trouble that this causes is what our projects explores. Specifically in the form of a blog post and it's comments. 

Q1 Benchmark // Contemporary Kafkaesque

In senior English class, Being Human, we have taken the time in quarter one to read The Metamorphosis and explore the ways in which Franz Kafka’s tale responds to the many “isms” of his day. We each then, along with our partners, went on to create its contemporary equivalent. 

The first piece of this project included creating some type of literature in which would be the basis of themes in which the rest of our pieces explore. We were then responsible for crafting a "press release", a visual component portraying our symbols. Next, we created an "audience response", revealing the significance of our work on a contemporary audience. The last piece included the "cultural fabric". This caused for us to have to focus on these themes in a modern era and make all different sorts of connections. 

My partner and I crafted, for our literature piece, a kids' novel about a new Disney Princess, Jalicia. Written by a fictional author, Deanna Miller, and theoretically produced by Walt Disney, this new princess of color attempts to teach young children about empathy and cultural and societal appropriation. The press release of this piece of literature was our book cover, including a summary of the novel, and "about the author" section, and fictional, promotional quotes about the book as well.
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.30.26 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.30.26 PM
For our audience response piece we crafted a blog post of someone describing the book and then explaining how the story has "come to life". The blog speaks to the fact that with Halloween approaching and a new, popular Disney Princess making waves, little girls all over the world have been begging their parents to allow them to be Jalicia. This all seems innocent right? Wrong. It becomes evident that these young girls, simply trying to be their new role model for Halloween, are dressing in blackface, showing how the story truly comes to life. A quote from this blog pretty much sums up the situation and then leads the reader to a gallery of photos of fake Facebook comments from fake account showing the different perspectives society may have on the issue. 

"In the fairytale, the people of Apathania are being faced with learning to empathize with one another and understand what is appropriate to say and do in society, and it seems society is making these young girls and their parents also learn this the hard way. 

Obviously, blackface is nothing to be taken lightly, but is it possible that the intentions of these young girls were innocent and that society may be being a bit too harsh on them? Are the children really at fault here? The gallery below displays just some of society's feedback on the situation." 

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.48.40 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.48.40 PM
​The cultural fabric aspect of our project speaks to multiple articles and introduces two new books. It first explains how a popular music festival, Coachella, and its influential attire have gotten some celebrities, such as Vanessa Hudgens, into some trouble when it comes to societal and cultural appropriation. It then links to an article all above offensive and racist Halloween costumes. Lastly, it introduces two books, The Mouse That Roared and From Mouse to Mermaid. The first book speaks to the fact of whether or not the Disney corporation is a good influence on children, describing that in the past they have been accused of promoting gender stereotypes and racism. The second is a collection of essays that analyze Disney media through the feminist lens, Marxist lens, and many more perspectives.
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.54.20 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.54.20 PM
All of our pieces were put together on our own, originally designed website. The website goes through each piece and analyzes our overall theme of cultural and societal appropriation. We felt as though with Halloween approaching and costumes such as "Caitlin Jenner" being all the buzz that our topic is extremely relevant. Please feel free to go check out the website for yourselves. 
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.07.56 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.07.56 PM

Life is Now or Never By: Maggie and Katia

For the first quarter benchmark we were told to create a response to a piece of literature that reflected our society today. We brainstormed ideas/themes that would capture the our generation. We pulled themes from books and, videos that related to our theme For further analysis of how this project click the links as you continue to read. 

My partner and I decided to make our literature piece a rap album written by a young woman who emigrated to the U.S. when she was a teenager.  The album is called Life Is Now Or Never, because it describes humans not finding meaning in their lives  today. The album contains 10 songs, each one telling a different story; however they all speak of humans in the modern day. Today, everyone can create their own worlds on the internet, but at the same time they are ignoring the real world they live in. In other words, people  just watch life pass them by and do nothing because they are too busy trying to  make their fake worlds perfect. Although people can connect faster and for a lot longer, they also lose meaningful people; and they stop valuing things like friendship. Technology take us away from each other, and as a result we do not care about for one another. There are so many other reasons that cause humans to be less like humans, but the main reason is the advancement and development of technology.

We chose an emigrant to be the artist, because we were thinking about the differences between under developed countries and really developed ones.  We often think that people in developed countries have much better lives than those in under developed countries only because they have better resources. However, that is not necessarily the truth.  People in developed countries definitely have easier lives than those in under developed ones, but that does not mean that they are happier. It may be the complete opposite. People who live in under developed countries do not have technology that distracts them from enjoying life; so people care a lot more about each other, and even they suffer, they struggle all together. However in developed countries, people seem to do the same thing everyday, they run after money so they can  provide  themselves.

My partner and I thought that the artist should host an album release party. There’s not a real album, so we could not host a real party; that’s why we made a poster with an invitation to the party, and the album cover picture. The album cover is a picture of two people holding hands and that represents the union of human beings.

For the audience response, one of us pretended to be the artist and did a question and answer youtube video. We thought that it would be really important for the artist to interact with her audience directly, instead of  appearing on TV, news papers ad magazines; because the simplicity of the artist would draw the audience, it would prove that she is not conceited and she’s not just writing to write but to convey her ideas and transfer a message.

For the cultural fabric, we did a news paper article (Click here: https://docs.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/document/d/1k0MpWH5F1Ui-mHuPrHRDUwSt8P5fO97hNXPaZI-AkOs/edit?usp=sharing) that  asks whether Finn who’s our artist the only person who thinks this way. To answer this question, we talked about a book and two movies which we compared to the album. The reason why we chose a news paper article that asks the public a question, is because we thought that it would make the public to think about the question and try to answer it; so that way they’ll know if they also think like Finn or not. 

IMG_1620 (1)
IMG_1620 (1)

Traditional Relationships & Roles

In this first quarter benchmark, our class read a book called The Metamorphosis and completed a benchmark based on it. Reading The Metamorphosis we explored the ways in which Franz Kafka’s tale responds to the many “isms” of his day. Our job was to come up with a some sort of literature that reflected our modern era. Our group decided to do a very popular topic in today’s world. We explored how traditional relationships and roles changed throughout time. 

We created a movie trailer to promote our movie “The New Bae”. It was based about a girl who cheated both men and wanted to have an open relationship. Then, created a New York Times movie review to mimic the audience’s response. Finally, we compared our idea about untraditional relationships to existing work in the industry.  

Audience Response 

The New Bae
Cultural Fabric 
Official Movie Poster 
Movie Poster

"In The Eyes Of Man" Project by Shaion Denny and Soledad Alfaro-Allah

Click here to access our project

In our project we decided to explore the isms behind religion. We both grew up in Muslim households and we wanted to do a project that somehow connected two or more of the philosophies that we had contemplated before and during the read of Kafka's "The Metamorphosis". After 9/11 in particular there were a lot of stereotypes and misguided ideals about muslims hovering throughout the nation, and through many modern advances such as the internet which was honestly revolutionary, the opinions and perceptions of god have begun to change. Many authors/writers/artist began to contemplate god and what God meant to them. Some took a humorous route like "The book of Mormon." Or a historical Route with books such as "Killing Jesus" By bill O'reily, Books by Mark Cahil and more. So with that we decided to create a book written by an author who had all of these questions about who God was, and did an immense amount of research in order to find connections between the religions of Islam, Christianity and the philosophical concepts of Cartesian Dualism as well as Nihilism. We decided that it would be an interesting idea to ban the book, and to document how the revolutionary content within the book had broken the Internet. We created a blog following the progress of the book from its release to the banning of it, to the audience response which goes from two very opinionated articles as well as a series of tweets from influential figures on both sides of the coin. The responses are to the literature itself and the banning of the book, as well as the authors response to the banning of his book, and his youth, and experiences guiding why he wrote it. Our cultural fabric consisted of a list of books that came out from the early 2000s to now as well as the play "The book of Mormon." All of which are on the blog and easily followed. We had a bit of a hard time crafting our idea full out but we ended up happy with what we created in the end.