Jonathan Spencer Capstone

For my Capstone I worked with another student, Khari Evans in order to make a bionic arm at first. We quickly realized how impractical that was and rethought our Capstone. That was when we thought about designing something that didn't necessarily have to be attached directly to an arm but could be mounted to someone's back or to the side of a wheelchair. We quickly realized that we could accomplish this with a combination of simple machines. The top part is a lever, then there are two different systems of pulleys attached to it. There is also a set of springs attached near the bottom which act as a form of shock absorption. 

Throughout this Capstone I have learned a lot about a series of different simple machines and the roles they play alone and when together with a combination of other things they can be used to create more complex inventions. The arm can turn a 100 pound load into 7 pounds of effort on the user. This is simply a proof a concept that expresses how me an Khari Evans were able to work together and how a series of simple machines each played a role in the system. The final product was however a little bit of a disappointment because the base that the Mechanical Advantage Arm is attached to isn't the best of metals and bent easily after running a couple of tests to see what the max the arm was able to pick up. 
Click --> HERE <-- for Annotated Bibligraphy

Martez Card Capstone


For this final project here I wanted to do something that most people wouldn't dare do and something that will forever be remembered. Nuri and I ended up doing this capstone because at first we made a joke out of it but then people doubted us and thats when our pride made us want to end up doing the project and we also thought it would be very fun. So we decided that we would go out and get a first hand experience of the life of the homeless and record it for everyone to have proof that we actually did it. This capstone has opened my eyes to how cruel this world can be and how easily it is to have everything taken from you. it has opened my eyes to make me want to strive and do better so I never end up like this. 


1.  "Alpha Project: Where Miracles Happen!" Alpha Project Catalog Products RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This source is about an non profit organization who make it their duty to help the homeless and people who are in need. They also have basic homeless emergency service and they help anyone in need and provide housing and food. They help if you have a serious problem at home or something is wrong with your health and you really need help.

2.  "Building hope for today’s homeless ." Top Causes of Homelessness in America. Homeaid inc.. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source helped me because it gives information about what tends to cause homelessness. It also says the there are about 3.5 homeless Americans each year and that about a million of them are children. This also has helped me because it gives me ideas for the type of questions to ask the homeless people that I interview and also the people that work at the homeless shelters just to see if they are aware of these things.

3. "City of Philadelphia." Office of emergency shelter & services. City Of Philadelphia . Web. 28 Jan 2014.

This source helped me for this project because it gave me information in order to be able contact people in the city who are in some way involved with homeless shelters. I can use the contact information that I as given to find out who is the person I will need to talk to in order to continue on with work in this capstone.

4. ”Homeless Health Concerns.” Homeless Health Concerns. National Institutes of Health, 11 12 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source talks about the health concerns for the homeless and lets you know that some people being homeless was caused from health issues. It also tells you some of the main health issues that the homeless have and that tend to be obtained from being homeless. It also talks about the dangers of being a homeless women and how they tend to be victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

5.   "Philadelphia Pennsylvania Homeless Shelters & Services For The Needy." Philadelphia Homeless Shelters & Services For The Needy. Helping the needy Philadelphia Homeless Shelters & Services For The Needy. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source helped me because it gave me many different locations and phone number to many different homeless shelters in Philadelphia and New Jersey. I now know where all of the homeless shelters in Philadelphia are located and the phone numbers in order to contact them to be allowed to come and interview people.

6. Prois, Jessica. "Philadelphia Homeless Feeding Ban Officially Blocked By Judge." . N.p., 14 Aug 2012. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source talks about the attempt for philadelphia to ban the feeding of the homeless. The judge blocked this ban even though the Mayor had some reasons that could possibly make a good case for this to have happened. The mayor talks about how the homeless need other things than just food and this is why he tried to put the food ban into action.

7.  "Project HOME - Ending Homelessness in Philadelphia." Project HOME - Ending Homelessness in Philadelphia. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This source gives you an overall view of the project home and the different things that it helps the homeless with. It shows you the way that they help the homeless children get their education it shows the time of job opportunities that they offer to people to help out the homeless and it also shows the different kinds of housing and medical care.

8.  "The State of Homelessness in America 2013." National Alliance to End Homelessness:. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This source talks about the economic issues that are found with homelessness and also the change in the amount of homeless people who are out here on the streets due to something happening in their life. It shows the change from 2011-2012 and begins to talk about 2013. It also says that homelessness is caused due to the fact in which people have the inability to pay for housing due to the income made by everyone in the house. The income made per household is also dropping.  

9. "Watch Full-Length Documentaries Online for Free. Updated Daily." DocumentaryTubecom Watch Documentaries Online for Free RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This source gives tips on things that you should do to create a good documentary and things you can do to catch and keep peoples attention. This gives tips on how to make a documentary as if you are a professional filmmaker and with these tips it will be easy to make a very good documentary that everyone will love to see.  

10. "5 Simple Mistakes Documentary Filmmakers Make." Raindance Film Festival. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

This source talks about the things that people do when making/filming a documentary. This will help me as I go along with the recording process and when I am in the editing stage to make sure to avoid doing these 5 things that tend to make documentaries bad.

Website Link:

Keyaira Doughty Capstone

Topic: Philanthropy: Youthadelphia
Mentor: Hull

Project Abstract: For my capstone I am going to work with the Philadelphia Foundation’s Youthadelphia program and help donate money to Youth-led and Youth empowered programs in Philadelphia. I will work with a faculty of other teams sitting down and discussing different issues affecting the teens in our communities and help fund programs that our helping to reduce those issue. At the end of the program we get to have a big ceremony and reward those programs with a big check and thank them for all they are doing for the people in our community.

I intend to gain more experience working with in a business setting with others collaborating on new ideas and topics revolve around my community. I intend to learn how to gain more experience with dealing with a great amount of responsibility in the workplace because when you’re working in a career you have to learn how to be a team and allow yourself to count on other people and share the responsibility.

Annotated Bibliography:

  Annotated Bibliography

"The World's Biggest Givers." The Richest . N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website talks about different philanthropist who have given billions of dollars to different foundations and different causes all throughout the world. These causes range from scholarships for high school scholars, youth sports, cancer treatment, healing diseases, homeless shelters, single parents studies, vision impaired youth, entrepreneurs and etc. This website has helped me a lot with understanding why some philanthropist have decided to give their money and what types of causes a lot of people are for supporting.

"High impact Philanthropy." Boston Foundation. The Boston Foundation, n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website comes from the Boston Foundation and talks about specific necessities needed to make a philanthropic organization successful. One of the main things they talked about is that you do not need millions of dollars to have an high impact on people and or a cause. Instead of worrying about how much money you want to give you need to think about the time commitment, energy, and being actively involved in the cause. Giving money makes you a philanthropist but giving money while being an active participate in the process of bettering a cause makes you a great philanthropist.  

Lotha, Gloria. "Philanthropic Foundation." Britiannica. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website gives insight on what a philanthropic foundation is and all that consist in beginning one. This website also taught me about the history of philanthropy and how the amount of money has increased dramatically over the years. Hundreds of years ago philanthropic organization were usually small and donated a small amount of money to only local and palliative purposes. The first huge amount of money donated to a specific cause was by Andrew Carnegie which was worth $350 million and was used to establish The Carnegie Foundation. Years laters researches have found out that most funds were for activities in the fields of education, social welfare, science, health, religion, conservation, international relations, and public policy.

Walker, Paul. ROWW. Reach Out Worldwide, n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

Reach Out Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded by the late Paul Walker. He first created this website after helping respond to the massive earthquakes in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Paul Walker believed that there was a huge and disturbing gap between the availability skilled volunteers and resources in post disaster situations. So he partnered up with STIHL to devote helping victims of natural disasters and making sure that they get access to skillful workers and paramedics to help and support them through a very difficult time. He provides project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, firefighting, EMT, paramedics, healthcare, and etc and takes the time to go out and physically help build homes and help heal the sick. This website has taught me that some philanthropist who create non-profit organization do not just sit back and give out money but become active participates in fighting for the cause.

"Becoming a Philanthropist 5: steps." Huffingtonpost. N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website talks about the quick and easy steps to become a successful philanthropist. They talk about how in order to truly be successful you must be passionate in the cause you are trying to fund and don’t worry about just trying to give a check. This website is more uplifting and empower them to become great contributors. They talked about getting your issue known to lots of people and get them to understand why this is so important.

"How to be an inspired to Philanthropist." About. N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website talks about what it takes to become an inspiring philanthropist. It gives you the tips of what you need to help improve your leadership skills, helping to find a certain role that you can fit into in the non-profit, knowing that this is a time commitment, that you should join a board and etc. This website was just like a few others I saw that were created to inspire, and educate how to become a successful philanthropist.

2014-05-29 18.03.35
2014-05-29 18.03.35

Abstract & bibliography Link to my capstone

Tyanna Pleasant


Mr.Ameen, Sayre Morris Recreation Center

Topic Summary:

The goal of this project was to develop skills that best helps elementary school aged children study better.

Project Abstract:

My capstone is designed to help children in my community better their academic skills and for me to gain teaching experience. I always loved children since elementary school, and I love to see them academically improving themselves and they progress to the next grade and eventually get to where I am. The best people to influence these young children are teenagers, because we are not too far from them in age, and we are not bossy and intimidating to them as adults are. This gave me the idea of helping children develop the skills that I had as an elementary school child. During this process I learned that each child has a different way of better understanding material. So I decided to create a test with english and math questions on it to give to them. The children who did not do so well were the children that I will focus my project on. I helped them study using the methods I came up with that best work for children and practiced it on them. To help guide me, I studied a psychologist named Jean Piaget, who came up with a theory on cognitive learning. I gave them the test again and who ever passed showed me that my methods and how I taught them worked. This capstone has given me a better understanding of cognitive learning and efficient way to teach something to a child and make it stick.

  • Ashman, A. F., and Robert N. F. Conway. An Introduction To Cognitive Education : Theory And Applications. London: Routledge, 2002. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This ebook is a source I found on EBSCO. Its about cognitive education by Adrian Ashman and Robert Conway. I read the section about memory and learned that in order to best understand the way cognitive development is learned, you must understand memory and how the brain allows people to learn. Without memory a person cannot learn “... if there is no memory, there can be no learning and without learning memory is an empty storehouse.” It also shows diagrams of how memory works by comparing it to holograms. This is different than my other sources because it is a book written by two professors of a psychology field and it is about memory while the other sources are about Jean Piaget and his theory. I believe the goal of this source is to help others learn more about cognitive development and to help parents and teachers understand how to help their children and others when teaching them something new. This source was very helpful to me, it made me think deeper into my capstone project. Especially when developing my tips for the children. I know more about memory and how to enhance a person’s learning ability. It hasn’t really changed much about what I think of my project. It made me think deeper into what i'm really trying to accomplish which is making effective study skills for elementary school aged children.

This site is about Piaget’s cognitive stages of development. It goes more into details about what each stage of his theory says. It also says that Piaget acknowledged the children who did not go through this process accordingly because of other mental problems. The ages he has for each stage is the average ages of children he tested. I do think that this is a useful source, because it is not a blog, or a made up website. I think that website is reliable because it has who its by and when I search it the same information this website did. This website is different than the other I used because it elaborate more on the theory and what exactly does each stage of his theory is about. I think that it achieved its goal of informing others on Piaget’s theory. This information helped me think about how I am going to structure the test and teach the children my tips for better studying. Should I teach them visually, by writing on the board, or tell them something and make them repeat it?

This website helped me better understand how to write an annotated bibliography. It has a lot of information on grammar questions, annotations, bibliographies, and many other issues or questions someone may have about english, or things you should know how to do when writing a paper. It teaches students to split it up into three categories summary, assess, and reflection. Each section has guided questions based on what the section is about. This site is very reliable, a lot of schools and teachers recommend it and they use it to show their students. I think that this source is objective, it is educational and explains the correct way to write papers and other help other with grammar issues. This source helped me write my annotated bibliography. I answered most of the questions in each section as it pertain to each source in all of my annotations.

This video is about a psychologist who focuses on motivation and young children. This video explains her theory, that when you congratulate children on their success they will be more motivated to do it again and move on to harder challenges. When you do not congratulate them, they will either want to try it again or stick with what is easier for them. She studies the correct way to congratulate children because the way you congratulate them could have a positive effect or a negative effect on them. This source is useful because it gives me a visual explanation of who she is and what she does. It tells all about her theory and how she came to them from the tests she did. It helped me think more about how to keep the children motivated and wanted to learn more in order to keep them interested in what I am showing them. I learned the proper way to congratulate a child when they have done something right to make them want to do it again or move on to something harder.

This website was about the different theories made by psychologists about child development. It has the different theories and who they are by plus a link at the end about the theorist. This website helped me determine which theory I wanted to focus on because focusing on just child development was too broad. After reading the theory made by Jean Piaget, about cognitive learning, I became more interested and wanted to know more. I do think that this source is reliable because it is not opinionated. The goal of this source was to inform others on the different categories of child development and the theories that famous psychologists came up with that are also being used. This was helpful to me, it helped me determine what I wanted to do my capstone project on.

This website talks about what cognitive learning is and how do we learn. We learn cognitive by experience something, processing it, and remembering it. This source is based on something that I must know in order to complete by capstone. I think that I should know what cognitive learning is, and this website gave me a lot of information about it. I think that it is reliable because it isn’t made of others opinions, and it has facts that I can look up and confirm. This fits into my capstone by allowing me to have the ability to better explain what cognitive learning is. I will be able to inform others about how memory is a big part of cognitive learning, and it enables us to communicate with each other, and understand what others are talking about.

This video is a documentary about Jean Piaget and he theory. It shows actual clips of him testing his theories on children of different ages, from infants to teenagers. It gives an overview of his life from when he was a young child till his death. This is reliable because the man who made the video knew him personally, and he had actual evidence of Piaget working on his theory. I think the goal of this source was to inform an audience on who Jean Piaget was, and to show how his theory came to be. This source helped me in my capstone by better understanding his theory so that I could give the audience more about him and have the ability to answer any questions about how he came up with his theory and what made him interested in it.

This website is about what a student teacher learned while teaching at an elementary school. I will use these eight skills she learned when teaching the children at Sayre. It says that each student is different and they each have different potential. As a teacher you must push them to do the best they can. This source is credible because I know where and who the information is coming from, it also has other link to topics similar to it and it is coming from a personal experience. I will use this in my capstone by have a slide that will include how to explain things to some students and to remind my audience that each child is different and they do not think in the same way the teacher does so things may seem harder to them than they actually are. This source was very useful when learning how to make connections with the students to get them to better cooperate.

This website is about mindset and how Carol Dweck tested her theory with blocks. It introduces what a “fixed” mindset and a “growth mindset” is. Also how “gifted” children could avoid challenges because they are afraid of losing their status. This is a great source, it goes into more detail about Carol Dweck’s theory. It gave me more of an open mind about what else I should know when doing my capstone. This is different than the other sources in my bibliography because it is based on the mindset of humans. Also it talks about how the environment and the way a child is treated while growing up either gives them a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. This fits into my capstone by allowing me to better explain to other what is the difference between telling a child good feedback that will allow them to have a growth mindset, and feedback that will leave a child with their fixed mindset. It helped me think about how I should refrain the praises I say when they get something right or understand what I am teaching them.

This website is a biography of Jean Piaget, and it explains every theory he ever had, about developmental psychology each of them based on cognitive child development, detailed observational studies of cognition in children, and a series of simple but ingenious tests to reveal different cognitive abilities. It also informs us that before Piaget’s theory, children were just people with less sense and ability. No one really thought about how and why children act the way they did. Piaget showed that children have a completely different mindset than adults. This source was very useful, it also helped me realize that children really do not think the way adults do, which makes me start thinking about the brian development of children. I think I should further my research and look at the brain of children and adults and compare them.

Final Stats Podcast

Final Stats Podcast
​Group Members
Robert Jenkins 
Markietra Keese
Martez Card 
Niyala Brownlee

What Our Group Discussed:

Chapters 7,8,9, and 10.

How We Discussed It:

We basically just threw at dart at the topic of lying with percentages and based most of the discussion about that as that was what most of the chapters were about. We also discussed how people should do their research before just buying a product so that they can be sure they are getting what they want and need.  

Any Points of Conflict/Disagreement In Discussion:

We agreed that using percentages could help companies because it could hide a large number by having such a low percent. We also agreed that people cannot be mad about a product or anything that they have purchased if they didn't do any of their own research to make sure it was what they needed and wanted.

Positive and Negative Space Reflection

  • A. What is negative space?
Negative Space is the space around an object drawn. The object drawn is the positive space, so space around it is negative. 
  • B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?
Negative space in the cut-out can be found by identifying the parts of it. In my cut out, you can see that since the object drawn is the owl (positive space) , the space around it (background) is negative space. 
  • C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?
This is useful because you can find hidden images, for example in a trophy drawing there are two faces.
  • D. How is negative space useful in creating art?
Similar to previous question-it can be used to "hide" images in your artwork and add detail without clouding your main focus. 

Keith Moody's Q4 BM Difference between then and now

  • What did you set out to do?
  • I set out to do multiple interviews then pick out 2 of them in which explained, the questions that I was asking in detail. These residents were giving their personal insight on what used to be. I also set out to find a couple of residents that were mainly born in the 20's and 30's so that we can see the history.

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
  • They tell their own stories through the interview. There are many people who would love to get their stories out and these residents were happy to do so.

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
  • I hope the audience gains a sense of feeling to the old days of life and be able to compare to theres. Even though things were cheaper life was a lot harder.

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
  • Gained a sense of confidence which allowed me to help guide the residents through a series of questions. 

Sidney Williamson Capstone


My inspiration for this project came from a love I've been developing for poetry, since, I had Mr. Kay assign my class to write for the first time, during freshman year. I ended up sharing that poem with him and a few visitors and he asked me to join the poetry club. While I never did, poetry became a great outlet for everything from the good days to the bad, it was like everything I couldn't say, I could always write. I never thought I'd be sharing my poetry, it was always just something I kept for myself. Last year, I started sharing what i'd written with some close friends and their reactions are one of the main reasons I decided to share my poems publicly through this project. Another reason I feel more inclined to share my poetry, now then I did in previous years...Last year I was in attendance to the Slam League's Championship showcase, and it blew me away. These were kids just like me, who'd written everything they couldn't have said any other way, and they were baring it all to all of us. So many people were touched, and everyone could relate to something that had been said that night, and I decided I wanted to give that same feeling to people one day. This wasn't my first choice project, but out of everything I proposed doing for this project, this is something I can truly say is important to me and has my undivided attention. I hope what I'm presenting with this project brings people at least half as much inspiration as I felt that night. 

Project Link:


The Paradox of The Internet #3

         Hello everyone, it is once again Ian Fay here for my final blog post. Last time, I talked about my own opinions on the issue I am covering. I also discussed the original research I had conducted in the form of a survey. If you did not see that blog you can access it in the links at the bottom of this blog. Now, it is time to make one last blog because now I have even more stuff to talk about. So let us get to my Final Post for Change!

         In my last blog post I talked about how I was to do my Agent of Change action. Since then that part of my project has passed and now I’m here to tell you about it. For my action, I did a presentation for my advisory. I went over the many things I have shown in my other blogs such as the identity theft, web restriction and discrimination, and the one murder charge discussed in my first blog. I feel like the presentation went well and I did a good job at informing the class of my issue.  

         Other than what I have done to raise awareness of the issue, many other campaigns and people have decided to do the same. If you read my last blog, then you may remember me talking about a video with a man by the name of Eli Pariser. He was talking about how certain websites that use algorithms to supposedly suit a user’s likes can create “Filter Bubbles” which can effectively restrict you from numerous amount of websites. Also there is a campaign called Save The Internet which helps to give net neutrality a secure foothold in our online society. There are other campaigns like this one which could really use a donation or even taking action in these campaigns. These are some of the few ways that awareness of this issue is being spread.

         In this whole process, there were some things I wish I could’ve done a better job in doing. One example is getting my survey that I created to more people to get a much wider opinion on my topic. Also I wish I could have done something more for my Agent of Change action. However, due to the complexity of this issue, I do not see any alternatives as of right now. Maybe there will be a solution sometime in the future but, as of right now there seems to be little to do unfortunately.

         Throughout this process,I have learned many things about not only my issue but, also myself and those around me. When it comes to this issue, there is a lot of mistrust, differing opinions, and other things that complicate it even more. There are many other problems like this were there doesn’t really seem to be a solution. Only time seems to tell how it ends. It’s hard to find out how to fix things like this and it takes years or even decades to solve. RIght now, all we can do is combat internet privacy issues. Eventually we may find a solution to keep our online society at peace once and for all, but until then we have to combat it and hope it will come soon.

         Thank you very much for reading my blogs. I hope I have informed you enough to where you can make change happen yourself. If you check out the bottom, then there are many different links to my past blogs, websites, videos, many other things for you to be aware of. This is Ian Fay here for the last time.

Blog #1

Blog #2

Eli Pariser “The Filter Bubble”

Save The Internet Campaign

Final Perspective Drawing


a. What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before?

One thing I learned from this project is what drawing something really takes. It takes time. It takes countless eraser strokes and even more pencil lines. The lesson is not about the end result, but like in life, learning from your mistakes. The one point perspective makes it look like you are standing in the classroom taking a picture.   

b. How did leaning this thing make your drawings better?

Learning this made my drawing better because I was not afraid of making a mistake. Since I was little, I was scared of messing up my drawing. I knew that  I could easily erase, but  I wanted to be like professionals, never knowing that they messed up too.

c. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

If I did this assignment again, I would  start with a 12 inch horizontal line 5-7 inches from the top of the paper. When I messed up  it was usually when I started the drawing. I take a long time to draw something so I would also organize better.

d. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

My advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before is: before you draw an object figure out which line is which (horizontal, vertical, or perspective lines).

e. What resource helped you the most and why?

The resource that helped me the most  is this site:

They showed one two and three point perspectives, and explained how to draw one point perspective.

Blog #3 Agent of Change

Hey, It’s Ona  I’m back for the last phase of my You and the World project. In my previous blogs, I expressed to you my concern about musical  therapy. In my first blog I told you a little about what I was doing and why I was concerned about my topic Click here.  Blog Post 1. In my second blog post I explained how music was therapeutic. How music affects the brain and our mood. Click here  Blog Post 2 .  

This is my agent of change blog. This project has gave me a broader view on the world. It showed me that just because I’m an adolescent doesn't mean I can’t do anything to change the world. You don’t have to have money or be famous to contribute to the world. If someone does a little, no one has to do a lot and that’s how change starts. I was concerned about a certain topic, and I went out and did something about it. It made me feel important, like I was in control. I didn't have to wait on anybody else. I speak for my whole class when I say we went above our self imposed limitations. This project didn't allow us to be lazy, it was very hands on. This project also help further my knowledge about the brain and how music affects it.  I got to learn how the brain works and the different parts of it. I came out of this project with knowledge, a new look on responsibility and independence.

For my agent of change I knew I wanted to do something with kids. Whether it was reading a book to them, entertaining or playing music/dancing. I wanted to volunteer at Children's Hospital. But I was unable to do that because they don’t let unauthorized people interact with the kids, I needed  specialized training. So I decided to go volunteer in July. I would be able to feed, and nurse the babies. I’m still able to help in some type of way. Just because the project is over, doesn’t mean I have to stop caring about my issue, I still want to keep doing. Along with volunteering I decided to present a slide deck to the Dunda and Herman advisory, Showing them how music is therapeutic. I asked my classmates questions after I gave them background information on my issue. I played several songs and got feedback on how it made them feel. In the slide I gave a brief overview and went into detail while speaking.  Click here. Is Music therapeutic ?  Music

Is It Therapeutic ?

(This is the title of my presentation the link for it is above.)

At childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, musical organizational groups are coming and teaching the children how to play instruments, and playing music for entertainment. They’re using the music as therapy for the children, to help take their minds off their situations and pain they’re going through. Also, at some hospitals chronically ill patients that are undergoing surgery are being prescribed anti-anxiety drugs along with being assigned to listen to certain music to calm them down. At temple college there is an ongoing study on how Mozart and classical music helps the brain think better. All of these examples are of things that are currently being done in the world about my issue. Hospitals are using music as therapy and conducting studies on how music really affects the brain. I think this is the next step up and it’s really good to bring attention to.  

I’ve always struggled with time management, that is one thing that I wish I could've handled better on my “Agent of Change”. If I timed things correctly I would've been able to volunteer at the hospital before the project was over instead of July. Also, for my presentation I think I should have used more songs that people didn't know about, because they would not have preconceived notions about the songs. So, it wouldn't affect how they felt about the song. I’m looking forward to continuing my project in the summer by volunteering at Children's Hospital. I would like to acknowledge Ms.Dunn for her handwork and dedication. She laid everything out for us, all we had to do is follow the steps. She checked in daily with us to see how we were doing. She offered her time during lunch, and her space. Thank you Ms. Dunn. I would also like to acknowledge my classmates. Getting through this project wasn't easy. It took a great deal of hard work and devotion.

Brandon Mangum Capstone

Abstract: For my capstone project I decided to create a guide for new freshman into SLA. I named this guide SLA 101. In order to properly make my guide I had to do some research on student behavior, bad tendencies most students have, and tips to help make students successful. My research consist of interviews from students currently enrolled at SLA and some online research. From everything I’ve learned and the knowledge that I currently know came together to make my capstone “SLA 101”.



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Hello, My name is Niah Lombo and I am a ninth grader at Science Leadership Academy. I am doing a project for my English class about an issue that concerns me, and I have to write three blogs about it, I am back for my third and final blog post.  For my YATW (You And The World) project I choose to raise awareness for the shortage of donors for Hispanic, African american, and mixed people.  If you would like to read more about my issue in my past blog posts please click here for blog post 1 and click here for blog post 2. After learning more about my issue it was time for me to take action and get my hands dirty (literally) and step up to help my cause.

I knew that for my agent of change I wanted to do more than just bring in stuff because people will most likely forget. That was too much of a hassle to do, I wanted to do something that will get a lot of teenagers excited and for them to learn something. Then I had an idea! What better way to draw in a crowd then Food! So on May 15, 2014 I sold food at lunch to raise money and donate it a charity that helps support my cause. My main goal was to draw people in with the food so I could inform them about my cause and collect money for the donation. My lunch periods are longer than usual schools lunch periods are (1 hour and 5 minutes) so that gave me a lot of time to get to talk to everyone about my cause and how I am trying to take action. What shocked me the most is that 95% of the people that had asked what I was selling food for (Hispanic rice, baked chicken, and salad) was not aware of the shortage of donors for Hispanics, African Americans. After I told them what I was doing they wanted to learn more about what I was doing, so I showed them to my blog post 1 and 2.

I felt good to know that I was already making a change and that was getting the people aware of what is happening that you wouldn't see on the news or in the newspaper. I wish I could have done more for my agent of change , but I did raise a lot of money for the foundation I am planing on doing it again.  My hopes were to raise money and inform/aware people of the shortage of donors for African Americans, Hispanics, and mixed people; and I am glad to say that I did exactly that. I had raised $76 and I plan on holding on to that Intel I do my second agent of change and donate everything all together.

There are a few things I wish I could have done better. I wish I would have started my agent of change earlier so I could have done more. I also wish I would have done a little gathering that would inform/aware more people on what my issue is. Now all I need to do is give donate the money and I will have completed my YATW project (not exactly). Even though school is almost over and I will be going into the next grade this issue is important to me and my family and I plan on continuing my effort to aware people. Overall, I am so glad that this project was given to my class and if I got the chance to do it again I would. It was a fantastic experience and I felt like I learned more about me and others doing this project. Thank you for reading and I hope you all learned something even if it was from my blog or my classmates blog.

Kilah Kemp Capstone

I am and always have been all about self empowerment. For a very long time I struggled to get myself to a point where I can say I am the best thing I can be. When I finally got that chance it turns out it came after self improvement. I believe self empowerment comes after self improvement. I am not saying change who you are as a person, I am saying that if you want to be the best you make it so that you are the best you always. When I do believe self improvement is something that is on the inside it is also on the outside which is where make overs and such come from. So when asked what my capstone was or what did I contribute to the Science Leadership Community it was something self improving and self empowering. I organized an event for the ladies of SLA could come and get a makeover. I know the ladies felt absolutely beautiful. 


Maryam Biuibrahim

​Mentor: Elisabeth Menasion   

I chose this capstone Because for many years I struggled with trying to find my self , who I am as a person . Going to High School I faced a lot of problem that Affected my personality. I also built trust issues . I would hurt my self , I would turn to drinking , Drugs . No one knew. I kept everything to myself. I wanted to help someone because I knew that someone out there , was going thought the same thing
Since I was a little girl I've always wanted to be a psychologist. I  always had an interest in helping people with their problems and struggles to get through life when I got this Opportunity to do a big project  knowing that it can be whatever I wanted . Basically My project is about self-esteem and how a person can go through things in their lives and still have confidence in themselves. I picked this topic because I personally struggled with a lot of different things in my life and getting through it was hard , it can cause depression wanting to harm your self and a lot of teens struggle with that . By doing this project I hope to learn about how teenagers think , understand the reason why they do what they do,  what leads them to become depressed , how come their self esteem is so low.This project will enable me to do things that I never had the courage to do such as Talking to different people about their personal life . Allowing people to get a glimpse of my life as well as theirs.


Final Capstone:

AnandaKnight Capstone2014


Name: Ananda Knight

Mentor: Elizabeth Menasion

Reason For Mentor Selection: The Reason I choose Ms. Menasion as a mentor is because she is a person in the school that I talked to often and I didn’t find it hard to converse with her and after telling her my ideas she was very supportive and we bounce new ideas off of each other well. 

 Summary: For My project I will be using media and a website to bring attention to SLA and give people insight to who we are as a school, what we do, and what makes us special. Promotional Sight for Science Leadership Academy. 

abstract: My process for this project was all about finding a good and interesting ways to present information that is factual, and needed but to stray away from it being boring or something that people feel like they are forced to visit and read. I have been creating a website that attracts the eye and pushes you to want to read and learn more. The website can be for students and teachers to visit but I envisioned to to be more for people who are interested on some of the things we do in our school and what the students do to contribute to the warming environment of the school. Going to high school is an important step in life and choosing the wrong place of attendance could affect you in the future. The website provides people with the choice to have an “inside look” of the school and should be helpful in determining if SLA is a place where perspective students and parents would like to be involved in. The website includes information as well as fun. 



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This website contains different ways in which a person could go about promoting a website of there own. One of my main concerns about my capstone and my website is that I will not get many viewers which is why this site is and will be very important for me to use. One thing I have already taken from the site was to use social networks to promote the website. Also when you want people to view a website it is best to make it highly accessible so the more you post leading links to it the more people you will get to view it.

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This is the Wix. com site. I decided to use wix because many of my classmates said that it was very easy to use and had many interesting templates that would be useful for my video blog. It contains many different themes and templates. Here is the link to the specific website template I will be using. The reason I chose this specific template is because It is mainly for videos which is what I will be posting twice a week. I also has a good amount of tabs which is good for me because I will now be able to categorize my videos since there are different topics that I will be covering in the video blog.

3 "How to Create a Video Blog." wikiHow. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. <>.

This website gives information about successful ways in which you can create a blog. The site gives me step by step information about the actions I could and should take in order to make my blog successful. The site even gives suggestions as to what type of camera is  best to use for recording and gives information for if you want to record using a webcam. Another useful thing about this site is it gives advice to appearance you should have for your video blog. This site is helpful and relevant to me and my capstone because I will be creating video blogs and I would like to make sure they are as clean and organized as possible.

4 Menasion, E (2014, January 24) Personal Interview

I had a talk with Mrs. Menasion about revisions to me capstone. I asked her about a good way I could make my capstone idea accessible to students but It won’t have to be shown during advisories. Together we came up with the idea to create videos and webisodes that people could go to and find out about SLA events. At the end of our conversation we decided that I will create my own website and post video blogs about SLA, Events at SLA, and Recognizing Students at SLA.

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This site contains information about the Nikon D3100. It is a users guide for the digital camera. The Nikon is the camera in which most of my recording will be done from. The site is useful because It tells me about every feature on the camera and how to change up your settings. Im pretty proactive with how to use the camera but in order to make the process of recording blogs and making sure there are no technical difficulties this is a good site I can refer to to refresh my knowledge. With this site I can learn all of the ins and outs of the Nikon Camera.

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This website shows how to site interviews and when you talk to a person and they give you information. The website shows how to site interviews in person, interviews by email, interviews by phone, and interviews by email. This website is helpful for me because there will be a lot of times when I ask people there opionions about the website and what they think I should change or add. I will take peoples ideas into consideration and whenever they give me ideas I will show recognition to them.

7 "Random Acts of Kindness Home Page!."Random Acts of Kindness Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2014. <

I visited this site so that I could get ideas of random acts of kindness performed by people in the past, also it described what random acts of kindness are and how they help people. One of the segments of the video blog will be others and I performing random acts of kindness and trying to encourage others to do them too that is why this site is useful to me. Whenever I ran out of ideas for random acts of kindness of my own I can reflect on this website. The site contains tabs that have different stories people wanted to tell after they performed one of the many random acts and it seems like they all turned out to be very successful. They helped both the giver and receiver.

8 Roland, S. (2014, January 19) Personal Interview

I asked shay what Kind of things she would like to see on the website and what kind of videos I should make. She gave me a few good ideas for example she said “I could ask people around the school to show off some of their talents and make a student talent segment to the webisode.” She also said it would be a good idea if I put up dance tutorials.

9 "The OICB Radio & TV Career Tips Blog."3 Basic Tips For Entertaining Your Audience. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This website is all about entertaining an audience. The website gives readers tips about how to keep viewers or an audience entertained and engaged as well as interested in what you are presenting. The reason this website is useful to me is because not only do I want my website to be informative but I want it to be interesting and not boring. The website will help me be sure about ways in which I can people interested in what I have to present.

10 "What Is a blog?." Getting Started with Blog Basics. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site gives me all the information about the basics of a blog and what exactly it is. This Site provides terminology info that I should use for the blog and when I talk about the blog to others. The site gives tips about what type of things should be posted on your blog and how you can make it to fit you as a person. The reason this site is relevant to me and my capstone because I am creating a blog so first I wanted to research what a blog is exactly and how I can make it fit to me as a person and the theme I will be blogging about.

Jamie Murphy Capstone

Abstract: I was inspired by the documentary, "Happy". Which is a film about how the main goal in life is to be happy and to find happiness. So I wanted to make my own version of this. I decided to make a photo blog of happy people and what makes them happy. I went around and interview different people and asked what made them happy and how they defined happiness. I've gotten a complete bunch of different answers and I find it all so interesting how unique everyone is. I also really like photography so incorporating all of these elements made the perfect capstone for me. 


Link to capstone: ​ 


Name: Maleena Mel 
Mentor: Mr. Best
Mentor Outside Of School : Molly Willow
Title: My Baby's Development 

  When I first started my capstone I wanted to show a part of my life, as a young teenage parent. I wanted tell a story, give some tips, and show first timer parents what I have gone through and what they would need to know. What I did was research many things I needed to know about a new born, the nutrition that the baby needs and what to do with a new born as a first timer parent. Some of the things that I did for my presentation was make a video of my baby’s development over the years from when he was born and till now at the age of one. For my self i had a lot of experience so when my baby was born i knew what to do. One good experience that i had was watching my baby sister when she was a baby. My mom thought me how to do things like changing the diapers, making the milk, bathing the baby, and what to do when they are sick. Ever since than i knew house to take care of a baby and watch a baby. By doing this project i have learned many things because i didn’t know how the babies development was, like how their brain function, how babies learn things, their behavior and nutrition. I hope by sharing my experience that people would learn how watch their first baby. 

Video Of My Product
Annotated bibliography

Blog #3 - Agent of Change

Hi! My name is Katarina Backo and I am a ninth grader at Science Leadership Academy. I am doing a project for my English class about an issue that concerns
me, and I have to write three blogs about it. Here is the link to my first blog, second  blog link and this is my third blog in this series. My issue involves play time, and how technology impacts children’s activity and therefore their lives. I am an artistic, athletic person connected with my family and happy about it. I wish that everybody could have the happiness I have, but I think that wrong use of technology prevents that. Hope you’ll enjoy reading my ideas.

In my Blog #1 my focus was on balance (“I love technology as well, but I think that everything should be balanced.”-Blog #1). My concern was that nowaday teens will choose to play with technology rather than going outside to play.

In my previous blog my focus was on how “ I went to all my activities and still didn’t notice new teens making use of abundant free teen programs that exist in Philadelphia. Besides working on this project I  had the opportunity and luck to do a research on how technology affects people for my technology class. For my Science Fair Project I have decided to dig deeper into how teens tell time and that helped me understand how I could resolve my issue.”(-Blog #2)

For the past few weeks, I was aware of how friends around as well as myself, were totally out of order and organization for our school work. It’s not that we can’t do other things, its just that when we are playing a game, listening to music, on facebook, on twitter, we lose the sense of time and end up not being able to finish things. If people heard about and tried the programs Philadelphia offers, then there would be enough human interaction. They would be able to experience what people used to do for fun, before electronics were there. If we do that it will help us not depend on technology so much.

As an agent of change I would like to show what is happening in Philadelphia and I hope that my peers will join me in my endeavours. As I was talking about in the last 2 blogs, I have a lot of activities and I want to share my experiences in order to increase the visibility of programs for teens.   

I was happy to volunteer at my old Mural Arts Program location (Southwark), where anime photoshoot took place. For the past couple of weeks teen artists have been working on creating costumes of anime characters they created to present some of the world problems. For example one of the issues mentioned was littering, and I helped the issue come alive by being involved in finalizing this costume:


Litter anime character

The students first decided which issue they wanted to take. Next, they designed their costumes, which later they made themselves, with the help of teachers from Mural Arts, and volunteers like me. Mural Arts Program also provided all the materials teen artists needed.

The day of the shoot there was one photographer, professional makeup artists and volunteers. Even though there were professionals at the scene, teen artists took pictures, and everyone was involved in creating the wonderful environment. It was a really fun experience and I hope you will enjoy the pictures!!!!

The photo shoot

Makeup for all the models (even the guys)


Later those photos were displayed in a gallery with other art projects of the other locations of Mural Arts. From the experience teen artists had, I think they learned a lot about design, making and modeling. Events and projects are happening at Mural Arts all the time, throughout the city of Philadelphia. Murals, sculptures, drawings, photos, are not the only things students in the Mural Arts Program make, there is also memories, friendships and important life lessons.

I volunteered at the Christian Street  YMCA. My YMCA has a lot of holiday parties with lots of activities and food for different holidays.The YMCA provides lots of sports, activities and workouts, but my favorite part is the pool. I am the part of the swimming team and our team has a lot of swim meets, which are competitions against other teams from other YMCAs. When I did not swim on those I helped on the deck. Also I helped with swim lessons for little kids.

25 yard pool at the Christian street YMCA

At the Whitman branch of the Free Library of  Philadelphia, where I always volunteer, there are a lot of different sections, and teen section one of them. There is a lot of clubs in the library, scrabble club, chess club, games club, and they have a relaxing yoga class. I volunteered at the Science in the summer program and it is a 2 day course with different labs. They also needed volunteers for Summer Reading Program, to help them inform and deal out prizes. This time I volunteered at the activity for little kids called “Story time”, where kids listened to stories, made bracelets, mixed colors, and made collages.  

The teen section at the Whitman branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia

I asked the librarian to give me a few words about things they offer for teens in the library:

Throughout this project my opinion changed, evolved, and grew. It helped me see things around me clearer and with more understanding. Maybe, I could have made posters, flyers, and other advertisements, to represent the programs, to show people that they can do something interesting in their spare time. However, I think that this way everyone can get first hand personal experience from me.

The way I was an agent of change was not just volunteering. I also took my friends to those places and after they experience the atmosphere, activities and fun they stayed and started to go there more often. There is only one thing left to say and that is: Instead of staying inside, go out and enjoy the world around you!!!!

Dakota Foster's Capstone


Recently, i participated in Doula Training Class by the suggestion of a colleague. I began taking classes under the Maternity Care Coalition. I was one of three high school girls with the rest of the ladies were either in college or well into their lives with kids. During the classes, I fell in love with everything and anything that came along with being/becoming a Doula. I loved the people that I met in the classes, I loved the atmosphere, and the spirituality that was embedded in everything we did. Two things that stood out to me where that: the teacher told us that Doulas aren't well known and how we are helping them by being 'community doulas' - being more accessible to the community. We watched stories about the women that had Doulas and I thought to myself: something this great, why don't more women know about? That is when I decided to make a video about what Doulas are, the history of Doulas, and something little extra. Hope you enjoy!

Jessica Maiorano Capstone

I had the opportunity to be on Science Leadership Academy's Students Run Philly Style team all four years of high school. I have grown and learned so much by being on this team. The goal of this project was to find an effective way to encourage students to join  Students Run Philly Style and to give other students their own unique experience while being in the program. I have also used this website to show the qualities and experiences students can gain by being apart of any sports team. I met with one of the leaders from Students Run to exchange ideas on how to produce a final product that would get others to join. This required me to know the benefits of Students Run and how other members have been effected by it. The vision was to create a promotional video that can be shared. I have produced my video by using my skills that I have learned throughout my three years in Digital Video. I choose to put all my information on this website so it easy to see all the experiences that my fellow classmates and I have had while being on a sports team.  


Abou Hinson Capstone

My capstone was on leadership experience and character development. I knew I’d be working with Phresh Philly for the most part because it had been my ILP and I enjoyed it in the past. I initially planned to build a greenhouse in north Philadelphia but our plans since have changed. I’ve had increased participation in the group so I thought I’d document my role and talk about my experiences. 

The 3 events that I documented were the financial literacy classes I co-hosted at SLA, the “Global Youth Service Day” event that I planned with my mentor, and a mentoring/education program I co-founded. I worked with a number of organizations to put these things together and I met some very amazing and inspiring people. I decided to do this as my capstone because I’ve always felt as if I were never preforming academically at my peak or as good as I should have been. After a summer of reflection I decided to go on a journey to reach my intellectual capacity, and these events have gave me even more to reflect on.