Girls Soccer Wins Public League AA Championship

The girls soccer team pulled out a nail biting overtime win over Prep Charter to win the Public League AA Championship on Monday. The game was tied 0-0 after regulation, despite dominating play by the Rockets. The two teams battled through two 15-minute overtime periods and the score was still tied. 

After the first round of penalty kicks, with goals by Aateeyah Sharrieff, Alyssa Winner and Hannah Nicoletti, the score was tied 3-3 and the two teams went into a round of sudden death penalty kicks. Jackie Middleswarth scored on her kick, which was matched by a Prep Charter. Goalkeeper, Imani Holness, knocked the next goal in, followed by a missed Prep Charter goal for 5-4 win. The Rockets take on Archbishop Wood at 5pm Wednesday at the Northeast Supersite for the District 12 Championships.

SLA Cross Country Sends Three Runners to State Meet!

Congratulations to the SLA Cross Country team on an outstanding season! At the District 12 meet on Thursday, the SLA boys scored 4th overall as a team against Public and Catholic League schools, showing an extraordinary effort in their first year in the AA division composed of larger and typically faster schools. In addition, three runners placed high enough individually to earn spots at the state cross country meet in Hershey, PA on November 1: Juniors Desmond O'Donovan and Javier Peraza, and senior Thomas Jeffcoat. The entire team ran an exceptional race, contributing collectively to the outstanding 4th place finish.

The SLA girls also ran a strong race, despite the appearance of some nasty weather at the start of their race. We are incredibly proud of the strong effort and enthusiasm demonstrated by the cross country team this year, the largest cross country team at SLA to date!​

Home network , Wilson

mind mapping software
First its the internet in space. So my internet comes from ( ISP) is comcast and I have a modem that is in the living room which an ethernet cable is connected to the computer, but sometimes it doesn't work so I have to put in a pass code. But my modem sends off wifi that connects to the computer, my phone and table also laptop and my tv and xbox.

SLA Boys Season Review

The SLA Boys Soccer team finished their season with a strong 8-3 record. With great leadership from Max Amar-Olkus and William Derry, the team came together to establish themselves as a strong soccer program that improved throughout the season. The team finished second in the Public League C-Division, posting an 8-1 record in league play. 

A special thank you to all players and parents who showed their hard work and dedication all season with their commitment to practice and support at our games!

Journal Blog Post


City of Brotherly Love

peace v. war in the streets

crimes washed away in the streets of West Philly

but there’s hope

sightseeing, liberty bell, constitution center, it’s all here.

best cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, lemonade

clean, tranquil neighborhoods for everyone


montgomery lucid chart

mind mapping software
This is my home network. My i.s.p is xfinity. This means i have a coaxial cable. This cable comes in through my room and connects to my motem-router and gives us wi-fi. The wi-fi connects to our phones, tv's, computers etc.
I learned a lot in class about technology and the internet. i never really understood the internet until now.

Climate Change Project

​In class we learned about how Climate Change affects people in different places along with the meeting that go on to find ways to stop global warming. Through this project Jelani and I (Antonio) talked to the readers/listeners as different people, and a polar bear, to try to convey the importance of global warming by showing how it affects others in a way that many people can understand and might be familiar with.

George H.W. Bush

(Sitting in desk-chair talking to camera crew)

Ah, I remember when I went to Brazil for that meeting, the uh, Jane what was the meeting I went to back in 92’.... yeah I know it was a climate summit, but what was the name of it...oh. So apparently it was just called an Earth summit and it was about the uh...Jane? What was it...oh, thanks, the Forests of the Future initiative. It was nice to fly to Brazil, I even remember when me and some of my acquaintances stopped by and heard some person ranting on about some Tupac tree or something, it was hilarious to watch, but anyway the meeting. It wasn’t anything special, it was just a meeting unlike that meeting in Panama that one time, they wouldn’t even let me speak, was I not aloud to or somethin’. Well what I am trying to say is Americans need to watch their...uh...consumption of stuff...what do you mean I can’t just say stuff….oh so I have to be more specific, ok ok. SO, America it is up to us to change this world whi-….what do you mean we can’t change the world, is that what you tell your kids….yes I know I can continue talking, thank you. Ok you know what, lets do the whole thing over.

So America, we are all away of the hot topic called Global Warming (leans back and talks to boom operator) see what I did there I used “hot” and “warming” hehe, oh what do you mean it’s not funny, your acting like this is a serious problem. Anyway as you know America we have the power to stop the progression of Climate Change, but only by working together. We have to stop relying on the hazardous things we use now, and we should start considering new energy sources such as earth, wind and fire (leans back again) see what I did there, Earth Wind and Fire is the name of a band (faces forward again). These new ideas can be put into motion by replacing the cars we use now with solar or electric powered cars, the old cars can be sold for scrap and, or recycled to make new cars. Ok Neil do you have everything for your project, good so there is no reason that you shouldn’t get an “A” on this assignment right son? Ok and by the way what did you mean when you said you got allllll of it, hey don’t up and leave like that.

Polar Bear:

(Walking along ice field)

Another night interrupted by part of my home crashing into the blue. Everyday my home seems to get smaller and smaller. There is nothing I can do to stop this, the warming of my home. My home has been changed by the people who visit here. This began long before I was born. The ice everywhere has been melting and I have been seeing camps pop up occasionally. I have also seen great ships pass through the land cutting through it like it was air. I rarely see anybody else around, there seem to be so few of us left.

(Jumps into water/ swimming away from iceberg)

The land isn’t frozen  like it used to be. There is barely any land left to live on, I always have to swim somewhere. The bigger lands that are still frozen are very far apart, but that is where the people sometimes set up camps. Sometimes I see the people walking around digging in the ice and then going back inside. I always wondered what they were doing. Anyway I hope I can find another ice-ber-...what is that sound? It’s almost like a high pitched screech.

(Dives head under-water)

(Sigh )

It seems the orcas found me again. I hope I can swim back and climb up the ice before they move-in. It looks like it is about 4 or 5 of them, but they look like they are just following me.

(Whale rams underside of bear)

There's nothing that I can do but keep swimming, if I stop to fight, they will just pull me under. Almost there, but the whale is turning back around

(Gets front to feet on ice)

(Whale bites hind leg and slowly starts to pull him in)

(Lets go of ice and slashes at nose of whale)

*Ugh* I made it...I can’t move my leg, I can’t swim if I can’t move my leg, I can’t eat if I can’t swim, and I can’t survive if I can’t eat…

Person Commenting on Barack Obama

So I mean Barack…..  I guess Obama…. is the President of the United States... of the thing we call our country America. You know Obama right? for him to not solve a problem is very critical for all of us. Bruh... President Obama did not show up for a National Worldwide Meeting...let the man enjoy his breakfast and his helicopter probably ran out of fuel you know with him saving the world and everything he finally took a break but you know bruh it’s no days off so you gotta you know reverse time and go back to that meeting and you know attend it because climate and other things environmental worldwide stuff is actually you know pretty important right? If I was the one who could answer that question it wouldn’t be important it’d be pretty unimportant if it was up to me you know other things obama has helped on war is it just pretty/  because he was probably busy handling other things toward helping the world. He was sent a message by  the minister to approach the problem for the call of that meeting ,but President Obama did respond to the problem and it was handles/solved as he said he would do towards the problem. President Obama also made an announcement for the world about the price range for army weapons because it’s more important about the soldiers and troops health then them killing each other. The U.S was called out by China,Asia because the U.S owes China over a Trillion Dollars! Also we’re not in that type of money zone right now to pay China back. Everytime the tax  imports money from our bank accounts and hard our hard earned money some stuff always happens because it’s stolen from us and was never given back. Yup, I guess thats all for today, or for the rest of my life, I mean I wanna thank ya’ll for listening for-real for-real like you feel me or naw?

P.S: Yall suck

Nature Enthusiast:

You know, first off, I just wanna say, OMG, I love them Kapok trees! They are one of my favorite trees in the world because one, I love rain forests, (oh yeah the Kapok Tree located in a rainforest, a freakin Rain forest!) It is such an important part of the rainforest because the best looking tree in the world is the Kapok Tree in the rain forest! Also if you say Kapok Tree you’re exercising your mouth muscles. Come on say it with me KAPOK TREE see that was great wasn’t it (total silence) yeah I bet it was! You know why? Because we’re thinking about the freakin Kapok Tree! (No one paying attention). I just wanna thank you for listening or were you all being idiots and not listening to the good ole Kapok Trees. So let me ask you a question, if you still care: why are you cuttin down my friends. These trees are helping us and the ecosystem, they are THE center(z) of the forest. They are the Washington D.Cs of the United Would you cut down the White House if it was a tree, NO…. well maybe, (under his breath) knowing you guys. SO (claps hands once) “Ceiba Pentandra,” come try to say it (waves at crowd) let the “a” drag: draa….draaaa, Pentandraaaa. This is the scientific name for the Kapok tree, you guys know about science right, I’m sure you know the science behind cuttin down trees and, burnen’ forests and, destroying habitats, but do ya’ll care. Nawwwwwww, you just gotta have your land, cut down “their” homes to make yours, who is them? You know, the animals yall claim to be separate from, your cuttin down their homes for what, FOR what? Ok so you, no don’t crouch down, you what did you say (puts hand to ear and leans over stage) it was fun, ok, ya’ll heard that? (Sarcastic Voice) Johnny Appleseed over here said it was fun, ok...ok (rubs hands together) so, tomorrow night, WHEN, yeah WHEN, I come to your house with a chainsaw, (giggles) hehe, ok, hehehe, ok, ok, will that be fun? No? Come on say it louder, it won’t be? Ok then. So you know what, I’m gonna just stop myself here, cause I don’t wanna make anyone feel bad so goodnight, follow me on Twitter @killmytreeikillyou, so see yall later.

P.S. Trees Hate You

Home Network, Velazquez-Rivera

My L.A.N. is X-finity Comcast. I have a combination of a moter and router and the co-ax wire conncets it. We have 4 cable boxes they arent connected to wifi,4tvs not connected,1 x-box, 1 wii, arent connected and 5phones and 1ipod is connected 1 computer that is connected. An omg moment that i had was when i found out that the world wide web  and internet are two different things! Some things that people need to know where their internet is and what its connected to; also what wires connect your modum, router or both!
mind mapping software

Ole Philly...

Philadelphia is a pretty amazing city. Born and raised here, Philadelphia will always be apart of me. I go to school here, I had my first date in this city, my first job and soon I will have my prom here too.

Philadelphia has a lot of great amenities, it’s mostly just a city with tall building and busy streets, but if you wander around, you might find a little pocketful of nature. Besides all the building, and the big city lights, Philly has creeks and woods. One of my favorite spots is the Wissahickon Creek. Trying to find sanity in life, I go to the Wissahickon and climb to the tallest rock to oversee the city… I don’t see much of the city because it’s covered by tall families of trees… just the way I like it. It gives you an opportunity to take your eyes off your sinking feet and the “devil himself”, technology. It directs your senses to the trees whispering, the wind blowing, and the birds singing. In the Wissahickon, you find innocence, that innocence that you once had as a child, when nothing in the world mattered but dancing with the bountiful trees. You’re stepping out of a dream and realizing how wonderful it.   

Philadelphia also has a lot of exposure for cool things. There are a bunch of events and opportunities for you to grow and to gain experience. Small organizations such as “Public Workshop” where it gives you an opportunity to figure out what you want to do in life. Through Public Workshop, I decided that I want to be an Architect and Industrial Designer. I’ve collaborated with some really amazing people to gain lots of experience which colleges LOVE!

When I think of Philadelphia, I think of a Nat King Cole song called “You Stepped Out of a Dream”. It goes a little like this:


Stepped out of a dream,

You are too wonderful

To be what you seem.

Could there be eyes like yours?

Could there be lips like yours?

Could there be smiles like yours,

Honest and truly?


Stepped out of a cloud,

I want to take you away

Away from the crowd,

And have you all to myself,

Alone and apart.

Out of a dream

Safe into my heart.

Philly is truly unique, there’s no other city really like it. It’s like a dream that came to….

Unfortunately, I do plan on leaving Philadelphia simply because I want to experience all the world has the other. I think I have had enough of the city life and I want to move on to more down to earth places, like India or Hawaii or Thailand. I want to meet new people, get to know their struggles and testimonies. I want to become “one with nature”, and live life a little bit not in a concrete jungle but an actual jungle that will never leave me unsatisfied.  

“I should forget but with the loneliness of night I start remembering everything. You're gone and yet there's still a feeling deep inside that you will always be part of me. So now I look for you along the avenue and as I wander I pray that someday soon I'll find you. Somewhere along the way.” - Nat King Cole


2014 National Day of Writing


Sunrises peeking over the skyline to say good morning,

sunsets dipping under Boathouse Row to say good night.

The row is illuminated without warning,

the eyes of every child reflect the sight.

Drivers rush passed, dismissing the glow that it's adorning,

But we all know here in Philly, the beauty is true beholding.


National Writing Day 2014


I live in the city of Philly with a community that is much like family,

We love, laugh, struggle, and cry together,

Closely knit like the yarn of a sweater,

The home of many firsts,

Universities, libraries, and even the first school of anatomy,

And mouth-watering delicacies from around the world to indulge yourself in,

A melting pot filled to the brim,

We speak what’s on our mind,

By protests and strikes against “unfair” treatment for our teachers and students alike,

We lay down the road for education of our future generations,

Multiple opportunities to find myself,

Multiple opportunities to experience,

I have been given the paint by the city,

Now it is time to start my picture.