Home network-Tayah Brunson

All the devices described on my internet connection are: my computer tablet phone and television, my mom's phone, her husband's phone, family television, all of our laptops, the wii that's wirelessly connected to my television, and the family ipad. 
What I learned while learning about networks was how many places a network has to go through before it gets delivered to your device.
Something I would inform other people about their home networks is that nothing is private no matter how private you think it is and to be careful what you view because of exactly all the steps a network goes through before reaching your computer.

Hillary's home network

So at my house we have a modem that 's with A DSL cable and a wireless route and than that connects to our Wireless printer and our phones, laptops and Tv's.

What I learned was that there was so many parts to the internet and how it works, I really didnt know how it worked until know 

To be careful with their internet

SLA Film Finalist in WHYY Youth Media Awards

Some exciting Digital Video news!

SLA Senior Digital Video students Pablo Salvatierra, Harry Wellner, Tito Mazucchi, David Williams, and Jack Celli created a film last year called Mt. Sion that has been selected as a finalist for WHYY Youth Media Awards.

From WHYY: Between May and August, WHYY received over 230 video entries from around the region. These submissions showcased the full spectrum of young talent and were a testament to the depth and breadth of the passion for filmmaking among greater Philadelphia’s young people. Of the more than 230 submissions, we are only able to screen 18 finalists at the November 4th event here at WHYY. Your video will be one of those 18.

Congratulations to the SLA Digital Video Team!

Home Network- Aigner Turner

A.) In my household, we have a lot of devices that needs wifi to work 100%. We have multiple phones connected to the wifi, as well as laptops and tablets. As you can see everything except the for the T.V is wireless. The T.V has wires connected from our wifi box to give us cable. 

B.) Learning about my network made me notice a lot of things about my wifi. I learned/notice that wifi is very important to wifi. Also how wifi can e(a)ffect technology in positive and negative ways. 

C.) Well in the world we live in some people can go on without the use of technology but to tell the people with a home network,I can tell them how Wifi play's an enormous role in their technology.

Home Network- Yasir Thomas

A.) There are 11 total devices on the wifi at my house. Most of them are used at the same time and are wireless. There are 4 xbox ones, 6 tvs, 1 IPad.
B.) I learned that a tv could be hooked up to the wifi and that there are so many devices on the wifi.
C.) People should know how many devices are on the wifi and how they are connected to it.

Home Network-Jimmy Kry

a.) All the devices that are connected to the internet are iPhones, iPad, Laptops, T.V., Fire Stick, and Xbox One 

b.) I learned that WiFi can come from different types of buildings to all homes around the building. I did have a OMG moment, I learned that whatever WiFi that you connect to that is not yours, the people controlling that WiFi knows what you are doing and that you have to follow their rules

c.) That the satellite goes through all over the world into your home network, then into your WiFi box and into your cable box, that would then let you watch any channels you want, then, the WiFi connects to any/all of your devices and let you do whatever you want

Home Network-Charna Kirkland

1. In my LAN, there are plenty of devices. It is connected to many, many devices in my home, such as my family computer, my family laptop, my school laptop, all of our tv’s, my printer, and everyone’s phone (there are 4).

2. I learned a lot about my home network while doing this project. I learned that my internet at home is surprisingly faster than most people's internet in my stream and around the world. I also learned that I have a combination modem/router, which is also not very common with people in my class. In general, my house is fairly technologically advanced. This was an OMG moment because I realized that I am blessed to have the life that I have, and I learned that I shouldn't take it for granted.

3. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Most of the time, your internet service provider is also your cable provider, but not always. For example, my internet service provider is Verizon Fios, but my cable provider is Directv. An easy way to see who your ISP is to look at your modem. This can be anywhere in your house, so you have to find it and it should be right on the top/side.

Home Network- Nicco Carleton

A. In my house, there are five computers, a Nintendo Switch, a Wii U, and five phones.

B. I learned that Wifi isn't all wireless (or magic). I haven't had an LOL-OMG moment, however.

C. Don't get a triple package, it's expensive and no one actually uses their home phones. And, don't forget that the cable box doesn't magically give Wifi.

Home Network- Brielle Thompson

I have actually learned where my internet came from. I knew it wasn't magic but I never sat and thought about how my ISP hooked a wire up and I have access to the internet. I did have an OMG moment because it makes sense now. I would tell people to maybe ask questions to the person from your ISP about how placing that cord and router in their home gets them access to the web.

Home Network - Iman Ahmed

  1.) I have Xfinity Comcast and it works pretty fast. We ( as my family)  use it for 3 phones, 2 laptops, and 1 printer.

  2.) I learned that the internet does not come out of nowhere and that it has a very complicated process. What i learned for Lol Omg is that you can not control the internet.

   3.) I would tell people who are not informed with the internet to know the rules to break the rules. I would also tell them to stop posting everything on the internet

Home Network- Williams paredes

A. The things that are connected to the WI-FI 4 phones, 2 Tablets, and 1 ps4
B. I learn that there is a white line in the back that goes out the house. i thought that it was like a phone that made it work.
C. That having a NetWork in your house is hard to get it in side and that there is line under the water to get the text around the world.

Home Network - Ethan McLeer

1. LAN (Local Area Network) is the network that all of your devices are connected to. Some of these devices may be your phone, your computer, or a gaming console. 

2. Something that I learned about a home network is that at some point, it is connected to a wire that runs across the bottom of the ocean. I find that completely surreal and cool.

3. One thing that I would tell someone about a home network is all about bandwidth. If you have many devices on one network, it will be slow and laggy. 

Home Network- Abel Solomon

a. The devices connected to my network are the following: iphone 6,iphone 6, iphone 6. xbox one, and my custom gaming pc.
b. The only thing that I've actually learned would be that data was so cheap,because  I've had an understanding of how networks work for a few years.
c. It's important to monitor how many devices are on your network, because it's possible there are uninvited guests slowing down your speeds.

Home Network - Mo Kelly

1. My local network starts with the cloud. That sends wifi to my house. Verizon, my internet service provider, is the one giving me my internet. That goes into my router, which is also a modem. The wire connecting to my router is a coaxial cable. The devices connected to my wifi are, 5 phones, 4 computers, 2, i-pads, and 2 televisions.   

2. So far, I have learned a lot about networks. I learned that the cloud is a real thing. It is a large computer stored in a building. ALso, I learned that there are many different cables that could connect into to your router. Before, I thought there was only one. I did not know what a modem was. I learned that sometimes a modem and router can be a combination. I am glad I learned about these things. Now I can understand the thing that I use everyday much better. 

3. If other people wanted to know about home networks, I would tell them that in your house, you need a router in your house in order to connect to wifi. Also, you need a modem. I would tell them about the different kinds of cables and ISP's. Hopefully I will be able to help anyone in need. 

Home Network-Noor Kreidie

  • ​ On my local area network we have 4 computers, one tablet, one tv and 5 phones on the line.
  • What I've learned is about how important is it about what you do on the internet and that it can always be tracked.
  • I would tell people that it's not just a wire connecting it to your WIFI its a much more complicated than you think.