Buying with Statistics - Team Voldemort, Podcast #2

Group Members Present: Stephen, Manna, Marley

Topics Discussed: ​Lying with Graphics, Biases & and Incomplete Truths, Miscellaneous Advertisements 

Specifics: How graphics are used by advertisements to lie to consumers, and how a party's bias might affect how incomplete their truths are. We also talked a lot about advertisements we've seen and what we thought about the way they displayed their information.

Questions: Who is to blame for a consumer buying an advertisement's incomplete truth? 


Arlana Brown Capstone

Name: Arlana Brown

Mentor:Rosalind Echols

Topic Summary;

The goal of this project is to implement a successful exercise program at a facility.

Project Abstract:

The reason why I choose to do this project is because I wanted it to tie into something I want to do in the future. I want to be a nurse and it would help if I had some one else then my self to watch closely over and to make sure they were doing the right thing. I did exactly that in this project. I worked with my church to make this possible. I was able to conduct this project with the help of 12 people total. They worked hard and allowed me to document this project by taking pictures. As a result I will be able to show my mentor and my classmates what my capstone turned out to be.


Process Paper

Chelsea Janette Smith_Capstone

Chelsea Janette Smith
Mentor- Senorita Manuel 
Advisor- Zoe Siswick
Capstone- Latin Dance

      1. Smith, Chelsea. 31 January 2013. January . Print. The reason I used myself was because I am the one who started this dance group and started doing the choreography. Also I’ve used myself because this topic happens to be close to my heart. This was a way for me to express my culture.

      2. Cruz, Benjamin. Personal Interview. 31 January 2013.
        Benjamin Cruz is my uncle on my mother’s side. When I was younger he taught me how to dance salsa. From there it grew into something much more and allowed me to love the dance and everything that came with it.

      3. Smith, Wanda. Personal Interview. 31 January 2013.
        My mother of course who has showed me what my heritage is. By making original latin cuisines and speaking her native language around the house. She also has helped me to understand who I am and what it means to be Puerto Rican.

      4. Guzman, Noemi. 31 Jan 2013. Jan . Print.
        The reason I used Noemi (my grandmother) is because she always taught me how to stay true to my heritage just like my other family members. She also was the one who help me to become more interested with my heritage by the foods as well as the language. No matter what she was the one who helped me stay true to myself and be able to explore myself even more.

      5. Valentin, Maricza, perf. Maricza Valentin & Jose Valdes Jr. (Latin Rhythms) perform 'Quimbara'. Perf. Jose Valdes. 2011. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        In this video it helped me get some ideas together for one of the songs that we will be performing (Quimbara). I came across this video after hearing the song and decided that this will be the perfect thing to dance to. I used this video because the performers are professional and I look up to professional dancers.

      6. 2008. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        This was actually the first video that I ever watched of a bachata dance. Once I saw this video I fell in love with the art of dance. I looked at this as a way to really show what a hispanic can do especially through a dance. It was also what inspired to me to explore more through a dance and learn more than what I knew.

      7. La, Alemana, dir. Ataca Jorgie & La Alemana. Dir. Ataca Jorge. 2009. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        In this video this where I learned ways to incorporate a group performance. Also the way that they move together is so graceful. This video also bought my interest because of the thought of being able to perform in front of people. As well as being able to get a positive response from people because they aren’t use to seeing this kind of dance.

      8. Kensinger, Tanja. Internet Chat Interview. 31 Jan 2013.
        Tanja Kensinger, better known as La Alemana is a professional latin dancer. She started dancing salsa in 2005 and began dancing bachata in 2008 with her partner Ataca Jorgie. She has continued to grow her love of salsa with her passion of bachata and teaches at one of the best dance schools in Fort Myers, Florida.

      9. Lopez, Jennifer. 31 Jan 2013. Jan . Print.
        The reason I am sighting Jennifer Lopez is because she is one of my role models. She has a love for salsa and seeing how much she loved her heritage gave me a look on how much I love mines. She also says how much salsa is important to her and just like its important to her its important to me.

      10. Fuego Dance Co. - Miami Salsa Congress 2012 (Saturday - Performance). 2012. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        Fuego Dance Co is a well known dance group in Philadelphia and the reason I used this specific video is because of how dedicated they are to dancing. In the video you see how the audio stops working but the dancers didn’t give up. They continued to dance and finish their performance and that’s what I like to see especially in a dance. Its takes a lot of determination and commitment to continue to go even when things go wrong.

      11. Fuego Dance Group 3-11/12. 2012. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.

      In this video I watched it mostly to get a feel of the way people were dancing to the song Promise. While watching this I loved the transition from bachata to salsa and how they were all confident and kept moving. Also I used this video to show my dancers how confident they should always be.

      1. Santos, Romeo, prod. Promise. Perf. Usher. 2011. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        This song is a new bachata original by Romeo Santos and has Usher featured on this song as well. I decided to use this because it has a beautiful beat and makes it a lot easier to dance and catch everyone’s attention. Also this was a very popular song so I know people will love to watch a dance that is done with this song.

      2. Anthony, Marc, perf. Valio La Pena. 2009. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        The song Valio La Pena (meaning “it was worth it”) happens to be a very popular song in my family. Especially when it comes to my Uncle and his love for salsa this happens to be a song that he really enjoys. I figured the best way to show this would be to have a dance for this and represents what this means from my family.

      3. Anthony, Marc, perf. Aguanile . 2007. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        When we first started to do the Latin Dance group I had went around and asked people what would we be a great performance song. It turned out that a lot of people loved the way Aguanile worked as a performance. I decided the best way to bring my audience attention in is through this song and from there they can get into the mood of the show.

      4. Cruz, Celia, perf. Quimbara. 2010. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.

      In this song I decided to take time out and just work with the people that wanted to do an extra dance. We decided to mix the song and make it a little shorter than the orginal song and from there work with the fast beats with this song. I figured this will really keep the audience entertained as well as on the edge for wanting more.

      Click here to see the keynote

You And The World : Agent of Change - Teen Pregnancy

My name is Brittany Cooper, over the past seven months I have been working on my You and The World Project. I had a very difficult topic for my age which was teen pregnancy. A agent of change is a way you would make a difference.  For my agent of change I made posters about teen pregnancy. Stating general facts about the topic. They would be found all the school and throughout the hallways.

I was highly hesitant to pick what my agent of change should be, because of how opinionated my topic is. I felt as though, I might not be in control. I was unsure as to what I was going to do, weather I was going to interview people or even do a presentation. But I wanted to hands on so I decided to make posters and post them around the school. The posters would contain information from my previous blogs. A problem that occurred for me was making sure I don’t repeat or overfill the poster with information.

After doing this project I learned that one mistake can change your life . Getting pregnant at a young age, is not worth it. When you get pregnant in your teen years you give up everything! You have you grow up fast and have to take responsibility for your actions because it is no longer about you. I believe my topic makes teens think twice about having sex. That abstinence is the safe way.

I see myself in the community as a person who is always willing to educate themselves. Also as a leader. A positive person who is proud to be a person who is all for abstinence. From this project I will take a different look at the level of maturity people go through. That there is a time and place for everything.

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English Journal #21: "I Wear The Mask"

​There's a mask that I wear all the time.

That mask that I use to hide the real me inside. To cover my face that has these deep indents like pot holes from the tears that constantly ride down my cheeks day in and day out.

I wear the mask.

The mask that extends not only on my face but over my whole body 'cause I have too much insecurity to be me. To wrap around my arms and wrists to hide the lingering cuts that stain my skin like tire tracks 'cause I took that pair of scissors to deep.

I wear the mask.

It travels out of my mouth and my hands and covers the words and phrases that I know I can’t say aloud without someone clicking their tongue or taking their dialect up three octaves.

I sensor.

Letting the mask covers and translate what I want to say into something acceptable for these ears to listen to and take in.

I am covered by the mask.

History Journal

​History Journal 4:
Janitor sick of cleaning up!
It was a crazy Wednesday morning and it gets even more crazier. Mr.Block, history teacher at high school science Leadership Academy, was teaching his class. I was sitting at the lunch room as I suddenly hear my name being called by the loud speaker. I was told to go to the office, from their they send me to Mr.Block's History class. I rushed to see what happened, hoping to not clean up a mess. I had spoken to soon! I walked through the door and see this egg that lays their on the floor. 

English Journal Entree

​Why do humans so often treat each other badly?
Sometime people just don't understand what it means to be a human. 
I think that humans treat each other like trash, some people do bullying,
some are to be racist to others. There are people who treat others badly   

based on their looks or maybe even based in their culture. People become 
disrespectful just to catch the people attention and isn't able to change there               
attitude. There was a reason why we were made into this world, to change 
the lives of others and not create violence.  

What different things change this cycle of negative behavior towards others.

We'll first, people change all the time. Once you get to know a person. 
Later in life they become to change slowly, from becoming to being nice to a cruel 
person. As a friends with another person, you call each other best friends,
but then as people change along the social media. You realize, who were your true friends and who wasn't. Becoming friends and letting go, can go along with how humans often humans treat each other badly.

History Journal #41

What is more powerful ​Violence or non violence? 

Non- violence is more powerful. I'm not a violent person at all. You have to be really...desperate when you have to get to a level where you need to HARM someone. I should be able to fight for my rights without having to throw a bomb or having someone throw a bomb at me. And war? It shouldn't exist. It shouldn't have to exist. In reality (no offense to anyone who has family or friends serving, I respect them highly) they don't fight for their country. They're pawns fighting for their king and it's all just a game. And we are simply players in this chess game of life and unfairness. If I'm a soldier why would I want to fight for someone who made poor decision and then puts us all in danger? Why does it get to the point where we must get below the animal line and actually fight and not come to a mature consensus. We need to worry about having a safer world and solving our problems, rather than having our thumb hovering over the red button ready to nuke anything and everything. 

Journal #21 & Journal #39

General Understanding:

Reflection teaches you that you're not perfect

Journal #21

​"We Wear the Mask"

MASK= Public Face

1) Protecting; shows happiness

We wear the mask that stares; but hides
It shows interest but never speaks or tries
This principle we pay to normal human live
With regret and disappointment we smile 
And my mouth with myriad subtleties

Why should the world be based off of traditions
In counting all our fears and cries
Nay let them only see us, while
We wear the mask.

We smile, but, heavens see our souls,
to thee from tortured souls arise
We thin, but our actions are small,
We try to release but the beasts watch
We wear the mask!

Journal #39

How do you define freedom?
Provide an explanation for your definition.

I believe "freedom" is the ability to live by your own words and the ability to make your own decisions without being controlled physically and/or mentally by one's decisions. I also believe it is being able to express yourself freely.
  • do as you please
  • way of feeling
  • relief of something keeping you trapped
  • illusion
  • mental
  • speaking, action, living w/o rules
  • free speech
  • no fear of judgement
  • not oppressed
  • controlling yourself

English Journal #40

Idea : Seeing things in a different lenses helps create a better understanding of the world

English Journal #40 (4/25/13) - Describe what it felt like to be crowded together. In what ways do you think this compares to what they went through in the book ?

It felt like being in a cage. Everybody's body heat made the experience very uncomfortable. There was no place to sit down, so I couldn't imagine standing for hours to days on end. It felt dark. This certainly doesn't compare to the real thing in Night : we were just in a classroom. We had places to go to the bathroom and food in our stomachs. They didn't. But it does give some insight. It was probably dark and highly uncomfortable not being able to sit down. They had the fear we didn't: the unknown. We knew we wouldn't be held up in this position for oh so long. We had to sit back down and get on with class. But those prisoners didn't know what was going to happen to them or what they were going to be headed up against. 

Never Shall I forget

Never shall I forget the day he held me in his arms, 
For I did not want to let go. 
Never shall I forget the late night phone calls, 
The ones that were had so that he would be the last voice I heard before bed. 
Never shall I forget how much I love him. 
Never shall I forget the person I gave my heart to. 
For all these things worth remembering, I never shall forget. ​
Never shall I forget the day I saw him. 
I fell in love instantly and I knew we were meant to be. 
Never shall I forget the day I got the courage to talk to him. 
He liked me too. 
Never shall I forget the day he asked me to be his. 
Never shall I forget our first kiss by the backstairs. 
Never shall I forget the butterflies I get every time I hear his name. 
Never shall I forget the day he said I love you... because I love him too. 

History Journal #27

Idea : Seeing things in a different lenses helps create a better understanding of the world

History Journal #27 (2/19/13) - In your opinion, what are the different messages of the cartoon ?

The smaller fish represent the poorest of people, stating there is no justice. He doesn't get anything, but he gets eaten. Behind him there is a bigger fish ready to eat him, saying there is some justice. He represents the middle class. He's still able to eat something, but he knows he is going to get eaten. Then behind him, there is the biggest fish, saying the the world is just. He represents the higher class. He gets to eat everything with no repercussions and nothing to worry about. The idea of this cartoon is that the higher-ups see everything as completely fine because everything is going their way, and they don't get reprimanded for their actions. They can ignore the lower classes without a care because their life is great. The poorest of people have the worst of luck, but they see the world as it really is because they can't help but not ignore the lives of people higher than them.

English Journal #9: "I Wish I Could..."

​I wish I could love myself. I want to be able to walk anywhere without having my head down and eyes looking down like they're burdened by ankors. Having the self esteem of a pile of garbage. When looking in the mirror I see Medusa. I see a thing that is ugly; is unwanted; is never going to be anything. To me, I am trash. I am hideous and only filled with fake "I love you's" from guys who want to get in my chastity belt pants and buttoned collar top. I just wish...that I could love myself. I want to stop adding scars on my arms.

English Journal #6

​Why do humans so often treat each other badly? And ....  What different thing change this cycle of negative behavior towards others. 

You know Mr.Block I can not tell you what make these dumb people act like this. As a young child you might not believe this but I was bullied as a child. I was picked on and pushed around around and stepped on top of. I never did anything to the person or either the people. I am and always was the sweetest kid. I may have a thought they are insecure with their selfs. 

English Journal 42

​What prevented adults from acknowledging the simple truths of a twelve-year old boy? Can you think of other examples of groups of people failing to recognize reality?

Adults have been conditioned their entire live to believe a cetain set of truths. Evryday those children say the Pledge and then they learn. They drone out the Pledge until they are unconscious of the words and their meanings. Schools teach subjects separately and there are different units. They are not taught to look at the world as an interconnected place.
“No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."-Assata Shakur 
The adults feel that criticism of the country, especially a huge part of the American pie, represents a lack of patriotism. In most countries, like in Nazi Germany, a lack of gusto patriotism is/was treason. It may not be a law in the united States to not speak poorly about the country, but their is still an unspoken, unwritten one. 

  • Indoctrination: teaching of the se of beliefs that are not questioned.  

Journal Blog Post

Journal #41​

" 'I am talking about societies drained of their essence, cultures trampled underfoot, institutions undermined, lands confiscated, religions smashed, magnificent artistic creations destroyed, extraordinary possibilities wiped out...' - Amie Cesaire, Discourse on Colonialism

I agree with this sentence because this is essentially what happens to societies through out history.  The Native American's population pre-colonization was in the millions.  Now, after colonization, Native Americans are only about 2% of the U.S. Population.  The Native Americans that did survive the colonization and the things that came with it (smallpox outbreak), were often put in schools that strip them of their culture, their Gods, their beliefs only to be more Eurocentric, which to the colonizers, is more civilized."

History Journal #14

​"The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief. And by dangerous I mean thought provoking. I mean: people might get killed."

There is no doubt in my mind that I agree with this quote. It is saying that beliefs can be the most dangerous thing when it comes to fighting. Beliefs are what set people apart and the reason for all the conflict in the world. Any human being in the world has his own beliefs whether they decide to share them or keep them hidden. An idea is already bad enough because it leads to disagreements. But with a belief, there is something personal, and people stay very true to their beliefs and easily become enraged and offended when people disagree.

English Journal #42

What prevented adults from acknowledging the simple truths of a 12 year old boy? Can you think of other examples of groups of people failing to recognize rality?

To say that they have no not acknowledged his truths is inaccurate. They simply did not acknowledge them as true, their truths are different from his. The adult's truths were to see 'liberty and justice for all.' That was what they wanted to, and did, believe. That was their truth and because many people disagree with their truth does not make it untrue, in the same way that it does not make the 12 year old boy's truth untrue. They are simply true in different ways.

History Journal # 29

The Somebodies who don't require to have dreams. Who chose to signal out the bad luck rather then the good. Who see others as resources rather then names to be remembered. Who require no need to pray as luck always find them. Who have an entire neighborhood mourn when then meet an unjust death.

History Journal #37

​What is colonialism?

Colonialism is a method used to control another civilization by enforcing your ideas and beliefs as well as maintaining a military power. Colonialism is the ability to control the countries, government, laws and economy. It is a strategy to turn the "uncivilized" into the oppressors image. 

I Wish I Could ...

Journal #10

I wish I could live in a world where no one was judged. I know it's cheesy and the line "I wish I could live in a world where ..." is used a lot, but nothing ever seems to change. As much time as we spend trying to act the best we can or try and make the world a better place we are the main ones causing all of the problems. We never treat others how we would like to be treated and we only focus on ourselves. I know I do this all the time, putting others down to make myself feel better or to make my friends like me more. However I also know what it's like to be on the other side of the joke and it's not a good feeling. It's not okay that we live like this and that in our society bullying is somewhat okay. I wish I could change the way we all look at each other and not make it all about beauty. 

Lisa-History Journal #14:

"The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief. And by dangerous, I don't mean thought provoking. I mean people might get killed.
-Sarah Vowell

I agree with this quote because having a belief is what we live for and we fell really strongly about it but an idea is a thought. An idea may not turn into killing because we will not feel as strongly about it but if we think that killing is the right path than it will be more likely to turn into that.

English Journal

English Journal 8:
Write a made up story about fall.

We sat outside on the porch. Looked as the rain slowly fell from the sky. I got up walked to the store and I turned around and someone was following me, he walked with two black dogs. He was looking right at me with a creepy smile on his face. He wore all black the dogs growled. I started to run. I could feel him gaining on me and I looked back only to find that he was a few feet away from me. I tired to pick up speed, but I just couldn't. I eventually came to a halt and looked back again, almost positive that the man was there. Behind me was the man and his leaches. I looked down only to see that his two dogs weren't connected to the leashes I turned back around and was tacked to the ground by the dogs. They barked, growled, and bit at me and I lost all my hope. Just as I stopped resisting captain underpants saved me. *Fin*

History Journal #32

Has industrialization led to more harm than good, more good than harm or a lot of each?

I believe that it has brought more than good because it made a lot of of small businesses go out of business and the factories would pollute the rivers so the environment was affected and also the product quality went down for example before a shoe makes would make only like one pair of shoes a day specifically made for one person but now factories made hundreds a day due to a higher population and demand.

English Journal #10

​Finish the following statement!
I wish I could...........

I wish I could start my life over. Starting with beging comfortable with  the way I look and the way I feel about myself. Don't get me wrong I love who I am, there is just something I can not do. I can not walk through a crowed of people with out feeling like some type of weirdo way. I always wonder what people may think when they see me so I lower my head in shame, but when you think about it what am I a shamed of. I don't know why this happens to me, but I really tired of this shit. I need a way to gain my selfasteam. When people come and talk to me first it makes me like oh ok I can maybe be a good freiend or person. 

I wish I could read people minds. So I can see what people think od me. To see weither or not the people who smiles in my face are really there for me. This is why I hate going to a new school and why I hate doing somethings. Because I live in fear that someone is talking mad crap about me and for some real ass reason im sick and tired of it and I wish so bad I wish that people didn't come off so dumb then I wouldn't want to feel this bad way.