How does writing help you connect?

Writing helps me connect in many ways. I personally feel like writing takes me to places I have never been before, writing is the life in my pencil, writing is the soul of my life, without writing I would feel like I have no one to talk to. Writing makes it easy for me to write my feelings down, There are certain things in my life that no one knows besides, my pen, my book and me. I feel like without writing I would never have the courage to speak up. I have a voice in writing, Because I can see someone else reading what I wrote, and It don't matter if it is unanimous, but at least I know that my voice is out there somewhere on a piece of paper. Especially living in a society where people think constantly run their mouth. But if you write your problems down, without showing to anyone you will be okay. Writing has the power to build back up your broken pens. Writing always accepts you for who you are. It's doesn't judge what you have to say. Writing connects me to many misconceptions in life.


Writing helps me connect to life and the world by providing an outlet for me to express myself. I feel like I can be myself while I write because my voice comes out without any imperfections. Im not the best public speaker so writing gives my voice some meaning.

write2connect: Writing And How It Will Last Until The World Explodes Or Something

Writing helps me connect to the world and people around me by keeping me up to date on what is going on in the world. Wether it's reading articles for an American History class or discovering an amusing post going around the internet. Writing has gone beyond pen and paper and has taken over the modern age. Writing reaches people across the globe through the internet. Writing will probably never die but just change in the way that it is delivered. It was made to connect with other people and will continue to do so until the Earth explodes or something.


​I believe that writing helps me connect to the world because it makes me express myself in a way that only the paper understands me at certain points. When there's no on to talk to I can escape to my own state of mind where only the pro's and con's of my core values seem relevant. 

National Day on Writing- Julian Makarechi

Writing allows us to communicate is silence, without disturbing the peace or have to speak up. Writing lets me tell the world whatever is on my mind by simply putting words onto a piece of paper. When you think about it, writing is one of the most popular and long lasting traditions is almost every culture. It allows us to give others our opinions and let people know about our thought process. I connect to my friends using the words that I write our type, I stay connected with them and am always there for them. Writing down words help you remember things and it gives them more meaning. When someone writes he or she is given so much freedom about what words to use and where to put them. Writing is one the biggest ways I communicate with all the people I know. 

National Day on Writing

Writing helps me connect with an open minded to have different prospectives. With out writing, the world goes blank and the key is to define critical thinking, locking the inner thoughts. There are no wrong answers with writing and it connects to every day life to reading. There are always room to improve on writing and it helps with with socializing with people. 

#Writing2Connect Raekwon Smith

Writing helps me connect to different life situations. It allows me to express myself without having to say it aloud. Sometimes the experience of writing then reading it and better than listening to someone speak. Writing allows me to connect to other people who can relate to the same things I'm writing. Some people feel the same pain and express it together---I'm not one of those people but I surely know people who are.

National Day on Writing

Writing helps me connect with others through the art of writing handwritten letters. Writing allows me to share my story to people who I care about but do not see on a daily basis. Writing about my experiences and ideas to people who I know will respond and share their own thoughts allows me to learn how to effectively express my opinions on paper and allows me to shape my ideas through the people writing back to me. Writing has become a necessary part of my every day life by means of essential communication with other writers.

National Day on Writing

How does writing help me connect? Writing is a thread. It weaves people together, and traces out similarities that are often overlooked. Writing helps people understand you, and helps you understand others. The way you write reveals something about you, no matter what the topic of your piece is. No only that, but writing shows things about yourself that you might not have noticed. Writing connects us, in a way, with ourselves. I write to attempt to lay out the contents of my thoughts, and piece them together in a way that makes sense. I read to do the same with others. 

How does writing allow me to connect?

Writing lets me convey my inner deepest thoughts into something tangible that people can understand and find inspiration from. I personally don't write that much but I deeply admire the writing that inspires me. I love inspiring quotes and poems and short literary pieces because I feel they bring me new ideas and thoughts that I had not previously had. I feel like writing opens my mind.

How writing helps me

I write when I have something that's bothering me but I cannot tell anyone else. Writing helps me gets all my feeling out and lifts my mood when I'm feeling down. It's hard to tell people things and so writing it all down could also give the same effect as telling someone but without actually doing it.

How does writing connect me

Whenever I write, it's either an escape for me or letting out what I usually bottle up inside. When I'm not able to say it, I like to write it out. It can be about anything, actually. Sometimes, I cannot process certain thoughts in my head so when I take it out on paper, I feel like a weight comes off my chest. 

How Does writing help you connect?

Writing helps me connect to the ... inner me, if that makes sense. It's like, when i write, i lose the outer part to myself and become indulged with the art of writing; like a second brain. The same goes for poetry: I get into modes where writing becomes my aura everything. Writing helps me connect to memories as well. For example, I was trying to remember the name of a book, so I wrote out a past memory of me cleaning my bookshelf and BOOM, I remembered the name of the book. 

Journal Entry (October 21st)

Writing to me is very important and is the source of opportunity. Writing allows me to express my thoughts and ideas. Writing helps me to establish my true self and ambition. Without writing I believe that people would not be able to think creatively and also be able to discover their abilities. The most important thing about writing is the fact that writing allows people to connect with the many events that goes on throughout the country. The power of writing is able to transform all of the issues that are currently happening in the world today. 


Writing helps me to connect to my ideas. In my mind everything is fluid, changing writing helps me anchor my thoughts and study them. This also me to see the big picture of my mind. Without writing I would be without focus, wandering in the static look for the door. Writing is my platform to present me, khari to the world and to be understood by all.  


Writing is a concept that is very universal. It has the power to connect people from all different walks of life. Without it we would be unable to communicate with one another. We would not be able to learn and educate ourselves. For me writing has helped me ever since I was younger. Things like learning to write my name and address are memories that I still vividly remember. They are things that are very important to who I am. Writing helps us to figure out our identity because it connects us to who we are. I can also remember how writing does and still does help me connect to loved ones. It is impossible for me to always talk to people I care about all the time. So whether it be a letter, e-mail, or even text; writing helps me to feel closer to them. In my life right now writing is helping me connect to what my future will hold. College essays and essays in general that I have to write are helping to determine what my tomorrow will look like. For the rest of my like I know that writing will be a very important presence.  


Writing helps you connect by allowing you to read words that others have said and understand them, draw conclusions, and think about what they are trying to say. You can write something down to convey a message.

Writing helps me connect with other's because people can see how I feel about the world, and what is beneath the surface. Many people assume I'm a certain way because of my outer appearance, but aren't aware of the reasons why. When writing I can reveal those mysteries and help people understand why I am the way I am.

I've had people I've worked with never be interested in me or become surprised when they view thing's I've written. They are always shocked at how radical and unexpected my opinions, it's as if they don't expect me to be as smart as I sound. They don't expect be to have an opinions, because I'm so young. They don't expect me to understand things, or being able to recognize the ubiquity of things they call normalcy, as nonsense in my mind. 


Writing and I have a very strange relationship. Whenever I’m feeling down, I usually write how I’m why I feel that way, who’s annoying me or whatever ticked me off during that moment. So, when I think about the concept of writing it connects me to moments that are not happy. However when I think deeper into the subject I realize that that isn’t always the case. I write everyday on Facebook, letters to family and friends that are in the armed forces, and journals during school. Writing lets me vent about how I’m feeling and it connects me to the people I care about. 

Writing on Facebook helps me connect to family and friends that I don’t see very often. Even writing letters helps me stay in contact with people that I can’t just pick up a phone to call. Writing keeps me connected to myself and to the people I care about. #write2connect.