spanish journal #6

El Pais 10/4/13

“Grand Theft Auto V”


lanzar - release/launch

ficticia - fictional

tamaño - size

amplitud - scope/scale

revelador - developer

incluir - include (irregular?)

recreativo - recreational

dos semanas atrás, el estudio “Rockstar” lanzó  un juego pequeño se llama “grand theft auto v”. Ellos estaba trabajando en ese juego por cinco (o más) años, y ahora cuando que su juego está en las tiendas, tienen mucho a decir sobre lo. No me lo he jugado eso, pero lo ve bueno. Normalmente no me gusta juegos que tiene más violencia pero siento que tengo que jugar este por que lo es su obra maestra. Lo es un juego sobre vida en california y las historias de tres caracteres  y sus tiempos cuando eran criminales. La historia está en el ciudad ficticia de “los santos” su versión de Los Ángeles, y está muy fantástico en su tamaño y amplitud. El ciudad en el juego tiene más a hacer aparte de robando carros, tiendas y bancos; el revelador,

Rockstar, estaba tratando a hacer Los Santos sentir que un ciudad reales. Ellos incluyen cosas recreativas como al golf, y al tenis. Es un experiencia sobre los males de vida, y también los partes divertidos; el jugador puede hacer todo en el mundo del juego, y eso está una cosa muy peligroso. Esta idea,  para tener un mundo realito, está una manera buena a mirar personas y como actuamos cuando podemos hacer todos. Esa estaba el objetivo del revelador, y lo estuve muy exitoso. El juego hizo un billón dolares en su tres días primeras.

World History- Pipeline Project

This unit we learned about not only the keystone pipeline, but a more broader idea of environmental issues in the U.S. and other countries. I feel I have learned more about the government's participation in the environmental problems. Based on the movies we’ve watched and the discussions we’ve had I think that the government has forgotten its role. They keystone pipeline has many pros and cons, there are environmental problems involved with building the pipeline but it has numerous economic values. TransCanada is prepping for the building of the pipeline but can not be built until the President makes his decision.   

  • The proposed 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline would transport up to 35 million gallons of oil every day

  • The oil company they are using is called tar sands and its one of the dirtiest energy sources in the world.

  • The U.S. State Department is currently considering a proposal to build Keystone XL.

  • An existing pipeline

  • called Keystone 1 has already leaked 14 times since it started operating in June 2010, including one event that dumped 21,000 gallons of tar-sands crude.

  • The pipeline would cross rivers, streams, wetlands and wild areas that are home to at least many rare and endangered species

Monolouge #1

Are we on? Great, yeah it’s great to be here thanks for inviting me. Introduce myself? yeah my name is Dallas Gray I am working with TransCanada and I live here in the great state of Texas. Right Right, The Keystone XL pipeline is an expansion on the original pipeline and hopefully soon we will be building from Hardisty Canada to Steel City in Nebraska. I’m here to answer any questions or concerns that the public has and reassure them that we take pipeline safety very seriously. Great question, TransCanada is very committed to minimizing the environmental impact along the proposed route. In fact if you look at some photos then you’ll see that the before and after of the pipeline looks identical, I can hardly tell theres a pipe down there. The impact underneath the ground? Well, our workers are very experienced and they do there best to plan and in order to avoid impacts to the environment. Yeah next question? Jobs! This is always the best part, it just makes me so happy to say that we will need about 20,000 skilled American workers to help us build the pipeline. This project will provide jobs for welders, mechanics, electricians, pipe fitters, laborers, safety coordinators, heavy equipment operators, and other workers rely on large construction projects for their livelihoods. Amazing right? What? What happens when the pipeline is built? Could you uh, emphasize on that, I’m not sure I understand. Oh, what happens to all the jobs? Well, we will need people regularly to make sure the pipeline is in perfect condition. So yeah, yeah some people will lose their jobs. I-I mean, most won't but some will. N-Next question? If the oil strikes groundwater then m-movement of oil and any contamination that  c-could enter groundwater would be very slow and limited, likely to hundreds of feet at most, even in sandy soils. A-Are we done here because I-I have to go, can you please turn the camera off?

Monolouge #2

Hey man, what’s going on? why you got that camera? What? Answer some questions? yeah sure man I got you. Well uh, I’m here today protesting the building of the keystone pipeline. I think it’s stupid! They want to put a tube of toxic waste through this country! and our government is actually considering giving them a permit. Last time I checked that wasn't their job, their job is to protect the people, thats not what they're doing! We need to fight back against TransCanada because no one else is going to! Thats why were all out here today, to fight back and get our message across. Yeah, some people have been arrested but the crazy part is that they aren't fighting it, they’re taking it which is just so awesome and they’re just so involved! Well, my buddy’s girlfriends mother lives around here and he and I came out to see her and we passed a protest so when we got to her moms house we asked about and we became super interested so we’ve started researching the pipeline and we realized exactly  what I told you earlier, the governments job is to protect the people of America and if a permit is given then its gonna screw everything up! So now I go to protests whenever we can, We even organize some, like uh, there was one last week that we organized and we got like 30 people it was awesome. Well, I think that we need to get this story out there, because if people really knew what was going on then they sure would support us! Like, we’re trying to start this thing where we like, tweet at celebrities and try to get them to I don’t know,  maybe get them to like address the pipeline. Then their fans would support us too. Its just an idea, its kinda stupid. Anyway man, I got to get back to the protest, good luck with your movie and all! (He runs away and the camera fades)  

Monolouge #3

  (Women is sitting on swinging bench) Hello its nice to meet you, thank you for asking me to participate in your film. Yes, I am Natomah Robbins I live here in Nebraska and unfortunately my home is located right where a part of this pipeline could be built. Yes, yes I have two daughters and three sons, my-my husband passed away eight years ago. I live with my daughter her husband, and their three children. Well, I think that this pipeline is a bad idea. Because its transporting dirty oils through our land,  the land where some of us grow crops. Right, I understand but what if ten years go by and a crack appears. It will either go up to our crops or down to ground water.  People have already destroyed so many beautiful places, why do they feel the need to take away more homes? Yes, I am angry. At the government, because its their job to look out for the people of America. Thats not what their doing, they care more about money than we people. No one seems to understand that this isn’t our world, we were placed here. And if they keep pouring their toxic waste everywhere they will destroy their home, and no matter how much money they pool together. They can’t buy another earth, we will all be dead bodies floating around in space. And if they keep polluting everywhere, water levels will rise. Half of Manhattan would be covered in water, then they couldn’t go to their fancy office jobs because they’d be underwater! (laughs) yes I-I have done my research. This was all my husband could talk about when he was alive, there was always something wrong and he was always coming up with ideas to fix them. Actually my son works with a small environmental company and he listens to my opinions and we come up with ideas together, so yes I am still involved. The protests? Well, I think they're a good idea, I mean people are becoming more aware. But I just don’t know, I believe some people don’t take us seriously. (Camera cuts off)  

Article #4 “Los cigarrillos electrónicos son tan nocivos como el tabaco convencional”

Temperance Moore
Ms. Manuel 


     “Los cigarrillos electrónicos son tan nocivos como el tabaco convencional”

Este artículo es sobre los cigarrillos electrónicos que son perjudicial porque los cigarrillos contienen sustancias idénticas a tabaco en regular cigarrillos. La subida de los cigarrillos electrónicos son exponencial. Los cigarrillos electrónicos son no recomendó. El artículo dije, “Estos cigarros se anuncian actualmente como una forma de dejar de fumar o de hacerlo de manera menos perjudicial. Su funcionamiento consiste en un dispositivo electrónico que simula al cigarrillo convencional aunque no emiten humo sino que atomizan una sustancia en forma de vapor que puede contener nicotina, glicol de propileno y otros productos como esencias y saborizantes...” Los cigarrillos electrónicos son no diferente que regular cigarrillos. Los cigarrillos electrónicos tiene nicotina y otro productos que son malo.

Yo elegí este artículo porque no me gusto
cigarrillos. Yo pienso allí debería no cigarrillos porque son muy malo para el cuerpo. A conexión es mis abuelos murieron de cáncer porque ellos ahumado. Los cigarrillos son muy perjudicial y puede matar personas. Yo no sé por que personas fuman cuando cigarrillos son perjudicial. Yo pienso cigarrillos debería ser banda. Cigarrillos causa cáncer y muchos muertos por años. La nueva vocabulario que aprende es sustancias, perjudicial, fumar/ ahumado, nicotina, glicol de propileno, saborizantes, y exponencial.

Word Count: 202

PIÑERO, LUIS QUINTANA. "Los Cigarrillos Electrónicos Son Tan Nocivos Como El Tabaco Convencional." Cadenaser, 1 Oct. 2013. Web. 01 Oct. 2013. <>.

Pipeline Monologue


For our most recent unit of World History, we have been learning about and discussing the Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline will be an extension to the already build Keystone Pipeline. The Keystone XL Pipeline will carry Tar Sands oil from Canada to US refineries. Opinions on this pipeline being built vary. Many people believe that the pipeline is good, bringing more jobs and tax money to the cities where it crosses. On the  other hand, many people believe the pipeline is bad because it takes a huge toll on the environment. There are concerns of the pipeline leaking and damaging one of the biggest safe drinking water reserves. The Tar Sands is also a big concern. It is one of the most hardest things to refine and when refined, it adds many pollutants into the air. 

Key Facts About the Pipeline

1. The proposed extension currently awaiting approval by the Obama administration would also run from Alberta, traveling almost 1,700 miles directly through the United States to refineries in Texas, passing through Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

2. One of the chief concerns of Keystone opponents centers on the nature of “tar sands” oil, which environmental groups argue is more corrosive than the crude oil the U.S. normally imports, increasing the chances that pipes might wear away more quickly and result in leaks or spills.

3. The Keystone debate has also become a personal issue for Midwest communities living far from the pipeline route.

4. TransCanada has argued that further delaying the Keystone project could result in the company losing approximately $1 million a day.

5. Because the pipeline crosses international borders and a Canadian company, TransCanada, owns the project, the U.S. Department of State has had the responsibility of approving or rejecting a permit to allow the proposed pipeline.

(Source for the above facts:



(Girl comes skipping in and sits down in the corner of her room with her favorite toy.)

No Mr. Snuffles! You just don’t understand! You don’t understand because you don’t have a mommy and daddy.


Yes, I know mommys and daddys fight sometimes but as soon as daddy gets home he starts yelling... Yeah... Mhm, loud yelling - the worse kind. 

(Rolls her eyes)

No Mr. Snuffles, when I yell at you to get off my bed, it’s not loud yelling. So then mommy yells back at daddy. They yell about a thing called money and work... No, Mr. Snuffles. At first I thought money and work were ice cream flavors too, but they’re not, Mr. Snuffles. They are important to mommy and daddy. 

(Long pause)

They yell about a line, but not the types of lines I draw in school. 


Yes, Mr. Snuffles, you should know by now that I am in first grade. Anyways, the line isn’t even straight! And daddy wants to build this line. Mommy knows it’s a bad idea to build this line, but then daddy yells... Mhm. Loud yelling about money.


Then, the weirdest thing is that daddy always, always yells. “Karen!” - that’s mommy’s name - “What about Lilly’s health?”


Mr. Snuffles! MY name is Lilly and your name is Mr. Snuffles! Get it right! 

(Suddenly focused)

But then he talks about money and a thing. (Confused) Oh what’s that thing? Oh I forget!


Oh! Yes! Thank you Mr. Snuffles. He talks about college and that work will get him money for my college. I don’t know, it’s big-kid talk. 

(Talks fast)

Anyways, he says that this not-straight line will make him lots-a, lots-a money, but Mommy says there’ll by lots-a, lots-a dirt in the air.

(Happy, claps hands)

Good job, Mr. Snuffles! Dirt in the air is a bad thing. Mommy says this line will make lots-a dirty air. Mommy says it’ll make me sick and I don’t wanna be sick, Mr. Snuffles. Mommy also said what the line is gonna carry is icky. She calls it Tar Sands and she says it could go into the water and we’ll have dirty water that’ll make us sick. 


I just hope Mommy and Daddy stop yelling and I hope daddy gets his money and mommy gets her clean air - 

(Cut off by a distant yelling)


Oh! Mr. Snuffles, you heard that! Dinnertime! Meatloaf! I’ll talk later Mr. Snuffles!

(She runs off)

Only the Good News 

(A woman who is dressed in her Sunday best carries a basket with store-bought cookies in it and a book on top.)

(She rings the doorbell of her friends house, fixes a piece of loose hair that fell from her neatly styled head, and tidies her pearl necklace.)

(The door opens)

Oh, hello Maura! Yes, I know. It has been a long time since our last book club meeting... Oh yes, please - I would like to come in. I brought some cookies. Of course, I just freshly baked them this morning! 

(The two ladies walk into a very posh living room where the cushions are covered in plastic)

You have such a lovely house Maura, dear... Are the other ladies here yet? Oh that’s great. 

(Other women join the pair in the living room)

...Well, Maura, if I may suggest, how about we discuss that fancy pipeline project from the news? 

(Long pause while the other women chatter)

Haven’t you heard? It’ll be huge. It’ll cover 1,179 miles! ... Oh, it’ll carry a thing called Tar Sands oil. 

(Nods her head towards other comments)

Yep, then the United States will have their own oil instead of obtaining it from other... (nasty tone of voice) other places... Right Janice, we don’t want to help the enemy, we want our own oil independence... Oh yes! It’ll even open up jobs for all the unfortunate families who don’t have jobs... The jobs will be building the pipeline. 

(With a twinkle in her eyes)

Doesn’t sound amazing! Oh! We’ll earn so much more money for our state, isn’t it spectacular! 

(She gets serious again)

It’s not all going to be brand new. There’s already a Keystone Pipeline, but this Keystone XL Pipeline is going to be bigger and better... Yes, it’ll carry Tar Sands from Canada to our American Refineries. 


Miranda! No! They would never transport oil that could harm the environment... Now where did you hear that Jeanne? Their pipelines are the safest! There is barely a chance of spilling. Darn gosh! You ladies need to watch the news more, this is the safest, most beneficial thing ever! 

(Glances at watch)

Well, ladies, my husband will be home soon, I have to prepare dinner. Have a lovely afternoon, it was nice chatting.

(She stands up, smooths her skirt, and exits the house.)

Their Pipeline

There’s not a day that passes when I don’t wonder why.

I wonder why the ground is shredded like old office papers are. I wonder why trees are plucked as often as a little girl plucks flowers. I wonder, I wonder why

Why does all this need to happen? Well, I guess, it doesn’t need to happen - they want it to happen.

The need to want things is so strong. They grab and grab and endlessly, tiredly grab for things they cannot grasp. They cannot even grasp it with their imaginations. 

They need to do this to make America better... Or is it that they want to do this to make America more powerful?

Is there a thirst for power or a thirst to ruin Mother Nature? Does their throat dry up so much that they need to quench it with horrible, sickly deeds? They chug and chug power while they drown Mother Nature in toxins and pollutants to make life “better”. 

Mother Nature has natural veins. Her veins are made of beautiful things. These things of beauty are natural. However, they like to add to her veins, and, in most cases, take from them. They exploit her blood and use it to power cars, which in return rises to the atmosphere, adding more crap into her fragile lungs. 

They invade with their bulldozers and huge machinery. They see nature, helpless and serene, and think nothing of it. Their sticky hands grab pieces of harsh metal and stick them in a line, a pipeline, stripping Mother Nature of her beauty. 

The Tar Sands will turn their hands black with greed. They will be caught black-handed because they are making the world a better place by making the environment and the air they breathe and the ground they walk on a worse place. 

I wonder why they don’t take a step back to see what wrong they’re doing. 

Remember, we don’t just use the earth for it’s resources - we live here too. Keep mother nature healthy.

diario #3

Me llevo bien con mis profesores todos los dias. Me cae bien con señor baird porque el es muy gracioso. Tambien, historia es mi clase favorito. Me da miedo señor vk porque el es muy antipatico en los juegos de futbol de sla. Srta. Garvey es muy simpatico y intellegente y me cae bien con ella. Me molesto Srta. Manuel porque yo no hablo español todos al tiempo. Me molesto Srta. Echols porque mis bromas en clase esta muy tonto. Lo siento Srtas. Manuel y Echols. 

Article Response #4

Lauren Thomas       Q1

Senorita Manuel

Trece Muertos en un Accidente de Autobús

Los medios de locales de el central Estado de México informaron este al menos trece personas murieron y otras veinte personas tienen heridas en un accidente de autobús. Un autobús de pasajeros volcó en la carretera. El accidente era hoy, el cuatro de octubre. El accidente era en la carretera que conecta el municipio de Naucalpan con Toluca, la capital del Estado de México. El autobús cayó de la carretera. El autobús cayó por un barranco. El barranco es sobre treinta metros de profundidad.

Decidí escribir sobre este artículo porque muchos accidentes de la carretera ocurrir. Es triste cuando las personas mueren porque de accidentes de la carretera.

También, me conecté este artículo a otro artículo. El segundo artículo es sobre otro accidente. Un avión tuvo un accidente después de despegar. El avión despegó del aeropuerto internacional Murtala, en Lagos. Hay muchos accidentes con carros, aviones y otros vehículos. La seguridad de la carretera es una problema importante en todo el mundo.

Yo aprendido nueva vocabulario de este artículo. Yo aprendido que sobrevivientes es “survivors” en Inglés y yo aprendido que pasajero es “passenger” en Inglés.  

Ciudades de todo el mundo tienen accidentes de carro y aviones como los Estados Unidos.


"13 Personas Murieron Al Estrellarse Avión." 13 Personas Murieron Al Estrellarse Avión. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Oct. 2013. <>.

"Trece Muertos En Accidente De Autobús En Una Carretera Del Centro De México." Trece Muertos En Accidente De Autobús En Una Carretera Del Centro De México. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Oct. 2013. <>.

Boys Ultimate Wins Back to Back Games!

The SLA Boys Ultimate team won back to back games on Thursday and Friday, beating Cheltenham 15-8 on Thursday and taking down Masterman 15-4 on Friday. The Rockets were led by Junior Julian Makarechi who threw for ten goals across the two games and senior Roger Bracy who caught eleven goals. 

The two games represented the highest caliber Ultimate the Rockets have played yet, with all players contributing to the wins. Junior True Black played a strong game, both offensively and defensively against Cheltenham, and junior Marcus Burrell anchored the SLA defense in both games. Senior co-captains Robert Jenkins and Matt Marshall played their usual brand of strong offensive Ultimate, and junior Pierce Luck scored and threw multiple goals in each game.

The Rockets have two home games next week, taking on Archbishop Carroll on Thursday and rematching Masterman on Friday. Both games are at the 31st and Chestnut St field. Go Rockets!

Estados Unidos amanece con parte del gobierno paralizado

​Michelle Friedman
Señorita Manuel

Quarter 1
Estados Unidos amanece con parte del gobierno paralizado

En martez, del primero de Octubre, el gobierno en los estados unidos paralizó. El último paralización del gobierno fue en 1996. Ese paralización duró veinte y uno días. Hoy, no pensamos cuántos días va a durar ese paralización.  

Palabras nuestras que yo aprendí de este artículo estan paralización, conservadora, logro, y empleador. En ingles, paralización esta “paralyze”. Conservadora en inglés esta “conservative”. Logro en ingles esta “accomplishment”. Y, finalmente, empleador en inglés esta “employer.

Hoy, miles de personas con trabajo para el gobierno no tienen trabajo. En Washington, los museos del Smithsonian el zoo nacional cerraron.  Y también, muchas personas con trabajo por el gobierno tienen que ir a trabajo pero no se les paga. Por las personas en este situation no estan muchas alternativas porque sus trabajos estan necesario por los estados unidos.

Yo pienso que el situation en los estados unidos hoy esta muy peligroso por los personas que viven aqui, como yo and ustedes. Además, el situation esta peligroso por otros países. Otros países no pueden funcionar sin los estados unidos y ahora, nosotros (los estados unidos).

Muchos de las problemas estan en Congreso. Las personas en Congreso no pueden hablar suficiente y trabajar bueno para que encontrar una solución del problema.

Palabras: 205

Pipeline Monologue Project

Over the course of the unit, we have been learning about the positives and negatives about the Keystone Pipeline. Basically, the government is in the process of making a 1661 mile pipeline, carrying oil barrels from Canada's tar sands. Some things that are good about the pipeline are that the pipeline will create 20,000 new manufacturing and construction jobs, and it is the purpose of making the American economy stronger. Some consequences are that if the pipeline spills, a large portion of the drinking water will be polluted by the oil.

1: Everyone is worried that the pipeline will put pressure on President Obama.(

2: there are no significant impacts. (

3: President Obama doesn't need congress to do anything about the pipeline.(

4: Everyone is starting a peaceful protest against the pipeline. (

5: The pipeline will start a crude oil production. (


[construction worker is about to enter gate; son runs up to him]

Oh my god, where is he? Dad? Dad! Hey. I’m fine. Listen, I need you to do me a huge favor. You absolutely have to quit your job. No, really. You need to stop working on this pipeline. It’s not going to help the world. It’s going to pollute everything. Dad! Dad! Look, you need to listen to me. This is important. I did research at home, (yes. Yes, I did research) and I need to tell you what the pipeline will do to us.

Don’t walk away from your own son! I’m serious. Look, just listen. There are a lot of consequences, and I mean a LOT, that’s going to affect the economy. What happens if the pipeline spills? Don’t laugh at me! I am serious about this. You could be part of the construction that’s going to ruin the US. The pipeline is going over, like, 70 streams of drinking water. What happens if it spills? There goes our water! Plus, some researcher in Nebraska estimated that there’s going to be about 90 more spills in the next 50 years, depending on how you construct this monster. Also, (Dad, shut up) the pipeline’s going over the Ogallala Aquifer. Do you understand what’s going to happen there? It spills, and that large amount of water supply is polluted. You need to listen to this information. If this is going to be one of the most longest pipelines in the US, then the oil will probably pollute, like, a hundred fresh water streams. 180,000 oil barrels….into the water supplies.

Oh yeah! You know how there’s going to be 20,000 new construction and manufacturing jobs once the pipeline is finished? Well think again, dad! Those “new jobs” are only for short terms. They’re not going to help anybody. What do you think about that?!

Now, I think I am done here. The tables have turned, dad. You need to listen to me. See those protestors gathering right now? Well, I’m joining them. That’s right. I’m protesting against this pipeline. Your own wife could be out there. And you know what? I don’t care if I get arrested, because that’s going to be me proving a point. Think about it!

(protestor is being taken to the police station by an officer)

Listen, officer. I’m not gonna fight, I’m not gonna argue, but you need to listen to me...can you just watch those handcuffs of yours, they’re scraping my arms. You see? Just taking my though the front doors is not gonna solve anything. More and more people are going to end up here, you know that, right?...not gonna listen to me?...Not at all? Fine, but this time, you don’t tell me to stop, I tell you. Yeah, that’s right. You! So, while you explain to the nice gentlemen up front why I’m here, I’ll explain my side.

Do you have any idea...any idea at all, what everybody was doing at the construction? The pipeline construction! That’s all I need to say. The pipeline construction. (okay now we’re walking) That new one that’s being built right now. The one that’s already surrounded by hundreds...maybe thousands of protesters! I suppose you don’t know what I’m talking about….I’m pretty sure that everyone in this neighborhood knows that the pipeline is totally bad for the environment. That keystone pipeline….how many times did it leak already? One, two, three, four, five, a DOZEN! a dozen times it has already leaked! And this one? It’s going over, like, 70 rivers, streams! Who knows how many times it’s gonna leak! Do you also know about the Ogallala Aquifer? Yeah, that’s right. The pipeline is going to go over that. The Aquifer has a large amount of water supply for about, I don’t know, about 2 million people? No, I will not be quiet. I don’t care if “anything I say can be used against me in a court of law.” The courts need to hear this. Let’s say that the pipeline is constructed over the Ogallala Aquifer. Then what? It leaks….and they lose their drinking water. Boom! gone! You know what else? some researcher from the University of Nebraska is saying that there’s going to be more than 90 spills in the next 50 years.

Oh look. Here we are. My jail cell. I hope you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you put me in here. There’s going to be more people coming through those front doors. There’s going to be more. Just remember to what I said. Just wait and see what that pipeline of yours does to our country. Just wait and see.

The Pipeline Excitement

[a man is sitting in the living room, going through tv channels]

Oh, lord. These channels are so boring. Honey! Did you see anything good on tv yesterday? No? Knew it. Hmm….Huh? What’s this? Hey, the keystone pipeline. Oh my god! They already started working on it. Wow! I’m am impressed. Honey, the pipeline is in progress. You know, I’ve been looking stuff up on the internet, and I actually found a lot of good things about this. You know what? I gotta call my friend.

[he takes his phone and dials a number]

Hey, Rich. Good News. No I’m not getting a divorce. You know the pipeline thing? What? You’re protesting against it? No. You can’t. Oh, my god! I’m looking at the construction right now on tv. A lot of people! They don’t even know the positive side. There are a lot of good things about it. Just listen first. First listen! You know that once the extension is finished, the pipeline will create 20,000 new manufacturing and construction jobs. Yeah. That’s right. 20,000. All new. And you know what? Everybody may be complaining that the pipeline will spill, but this one’s being made with stronger steel! It’s like impossible for it to spill! Plus, you know, it’s gonna be one of the longest pipelines in the country. yeah, bet your money on that! Hold on. [He puts him on hold] Honey! My buddy here’s protesting against the new pipeline! I know! I know! It’s weird. [He returns to his call] I’m back. What? You’re still protesting. Huh. Some people are getting arrested? This can’t be. You haven’t even heard the rest of my facts. Because of the pipeline, we’re gonna get more access to markets in the mid-west side of America. Plus, its purpose is to make the economy stronger. Oh, come on! You know what? I don’t care what you think. I’ve set my own mind, already. You can just get arrested and be stuck there for a while. Goodbye. [He hangs up.]

Spanish Article 4

Zack Hersh 10/4/13

Señorita Manuel

Brown Firmó Ley Que Permite Conducir a Indocumentados

Hay noticias grandes para immigrantes indocumentados en el estado de California: su Gobernador, Jerry Brown firmo un ley que les deja legalmente tener lincencias para manejar.  California es el decimo primero estado que hacer este. Este es una cosa grande para los immigrantes indocumentados que estan viviendo en California, (hay un million de ellos) y va a cambiar sus vidas.

Mientras muchas immigrantes indocumentados ya pueden manejar, ahora ellos pueden hacerlo legalmente. Ademas, California puede poner ejemplo para otra estados. Ahora que California he hacido este, muchas estados otras puede hacer la misma cosa. Con suerte este va a ocurir en meyoria o todo de los estados en los Estados Unidos. 

Muchas personas, immigrantes indocumentados o no, estan muy feliz hoy y estan celebrando. No me parace justo que este no fue un ley antes, y solo ahora es un ley. Pero, es meyor que lo paso ahora que no pasando. En este “dia de justicia”, los immigrantes indocumentados son finalmente permitido manejar legalmente. No tiene sentido que si les pueden manejar, aun ellos no puede tener lincencias para manejar. Ahora, les pueden (en once estados). Y ahora ellos pueden hacerlo legalmente. Pronto lo va a ser legal en todos los estados. Este es justicia.  

Palabras: 205

EFE, Brown Firmó Ley Que Permite Conducir a Indocumentados, Al Dia, 10/3/13, Web, Accessed 10/4/13

El Sumario 4

Sieanna Williams                                                                                                  Q1

Srta. Manuel

Saga de terror "Insidious" tendrá una tercera entrega

Yo elegí este artículo porque me encanta la saga de terror  “Insidious”. La película primero estaba “El estreno de la primera parte atrajo al público de todo el mundo y rápidamente se convirtió en una de las películas más debatidas de 2011” como explicaba de un comunicado los directivos de las compañías.  era sobre la familia Lambert quien experimentaron fantasmas malvados y demoníacos. Los fantasmas tomaba al hijo mayor cuando él iba a dormir. En el fin de la película, la esposa descubrió que el fantasma importante actualmente tomaba su marido (el padre del hijo) cuando él era un niño. Ella tomó un foto de su marido y vio que el fantasma estaba dentro de él. En la película segunda, era total sobre la historia del padre y fantasma. Porque de esto, explicó muchas cosas de la película primero que no tenía sentido.

El artículo dijo que, “cuya segunda parte es la actual reina de la taquilla,” y yo puedo creer. Honestamente, yo no pienso que Insidious necesita una tercera entrega, pero porque la segunda parte estaba muy llamativa, de medio y cómica, yo espero la tercera parte sería mejor. También, porque del fin de la película segunda, hay que respetar la decisión que una tercera entrega va a ser muy interesante. La cosa solo que me preocupo es el guión va a ser redundante.

Lo más importante es, Insidious es y siempre va a ser una saga asombrosa. Como el artículo dijo, Insidious “mantiene a sus seres queridos conectados a una oscura dimensión”. Es por eso que Insidious no es como otras películas de terror. Es más que eso. Insidious es de muy suspenso, satisfactorio y creativamente y bonitamente escribió y filmó. Es la película perfectamente ver en un noche de tormentoso.  


EFE, , ed. "Saga de terror "Insidious" tendrá una tercera entrega." EDITORA EL NACIONAL, 16 Septiembre 2013. Web. 4 Oct 2013.


Brown Firma Hoy Ley que Permite Conducir a Indocumentados

Este artículo es sobre cómo el gobernador de California, Jerry Brown, confirmé una ley que dice que los inmigrantes ilegal o indocumentados en California puede obtener una permisio para los conductores.  California no es la primera a permitir los inmigrantes ilegal o indocumentados a manejar.  Los estados de Maryland,  Illinois, Oregon, Nuevo México, Washington, y Utah también permitir ellos a manejar.  California no voy a aplicar este ley inmediatamente.  El Departmento de Vehículos a Motor tiene que tener un sistema a identificar y dar las licencias a los inmigrantes ilegal o indocumentados en la uno de enero en dos mil quince.

Este es noticias grandes para mucho de los inmigrantes en California.  Antes, ellos no pudieron manejar legalmente.  Soló hay once estados que permitir los inmigrantes ilegal o indocumentado a manejar legalmente.  Mucho inmigrantes pueden manejar, pero su estado no permitir ellos obtener un licencia legalmente.  Ojála que mucho más estados va a hacer la misma cosa después de California.  Me parace injusto que los inmigrantes ilegal o indocumentado no puede obtener licencias legalmente.  Si ellos puede manejar, ¿porque no da el estado una licencia a los inmigrantes ilegal o indocumentado?  Yo pienso que este tiene que ocurrir en más estados pronto.

Docientos dos palabras.

"Latino News and Opinion." Brown Firmó Ley Que Permite Conducir a Indocumentados - . N.p., 03 Oct. 2013. Web. 04 Oct. 2013. <>.

Spanish Blog #4

Aaron Tang

Ms. Manuel


Quarter 1

Roaslio Corona hablaba de frutas y verduras en Italian Market en la ciudad. Inmigrantes  llegó a Filadelfia hace trescientos años.  Los Chinos no puede venir a los Estados Unidos. Franceses, Italianos, Irlandeses y Judíos fueron en Queens Village y Pennsport. No muchos Latinos y Temple de Universidad hizo ayudar Latinos en Filadelfia. Cinco millionaires emigraron a Estados Unidos en 1880-1920.  Los inmigrantes trabajan y tienen una empresa. Hay barcos en el río y Dave & Buster era para barcos. Cigarrillo es muy popular y inmigrantes que venden. También los latinos trabajaron en los fábrica de Spring Garden. Vinieron de San Antonio en Texas trabajar. Muchos Mexicanos restaurantes en Filadelfia. Inmigrantes son aquí trabajar y hacen dinero.

Mis padres son inmigrantes. Nosotros movieron a Filadelfia para empresa. Nosotros tienen restaurante y la tienda, pero vendimos a gente. Mis padres querían hacer dinero, y nosotros tenemos gente comer y comprar la comida. Yo ví muchos inmigrantes en Chinatown y South Philly. En Chinatown hay Mexicanos y ellos trabajan en el restaurante y cocinan. Yo sabo no hacen dinero. Yo quiero trabajar, pero tengo tarea y escuela. Yo vivo en Norte filadelfia y hay muchos diferente gentes. Filadelfia es un bien para inmigrantes trabajar porque ellos pueden hacer dinero.

Gamboa, Ana. "Latino News and Opinion." Misma Philly...muchos Más Inmigrantes - . N.p., 03 Oct. 2013. Web. 04 Oct. 2013. <>.

Los premios Billboard de 2013

A partir de drásticas actuaciones y terminando con saltando en la audiencia, los premios billboard 2013 fueron increíbles! Muchas celebridades se llevaron a casa. Cantante y compositor taylor swift Se llevó a casa 8 premios. Esto no era una sorpresa por que swift taylor hizo en el Grammys y CMAs. Ella superar a la competencia como One Direction, Adele, y Mumford & Sons. Cuando Taylor Swift habló agradeció a sus admiradores más. Entonces ella bromeó acerca de su relación. Taylor dijo a sus fans “Eres la mejor y más larga relación que he tenido. Gracias."

Los premios no se detuvo porque fenómeno del pop Justin Bieber due el siguiente. Justin bieber ganó el premio por las redes sociales y el premio de hito. Cuando era el tiempo para Justin Bieber hablar, dijo que es seria y decidida y le encanta la música. Además Justin Bieber agradeció a su familia, amigos y Jesús Cristo. 

La noche continuó con actuaciones asombrosas por Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, The Band Perry, David Guetta, Chris Brown, y Prince. También, además, Prince le fue otorgado un premio honorífico.

Finalmente, cuando la noche estaba terminando, cantante y compositor Miguel accidentalmente saltó a la audiencia. La cámara mostró una cara de mujer coz por Miguel. Ella está bien. 

Word Count- 209

Los Criminales y Disturbios Políticos

Quarter 1

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

Los Criminales y Disturbios Políticos

Recientemente, una prisión se cerró en Chile. Los soldados en la prisión eran muy males. No les gustaba derechos humanos. Sin embargo, porque eran soldados, la prisión fue muy buena para ellos. Tenían una piscina, una parrillada, y agua caliente. Fue un lujo. No merecen el lujo.

El presidente Sebastian Piñera decidió cerrar la prisión. Esto es porque la prisión es perfecto. Muy bueno para gente mala. La decisión provocó un alboroto. Mucha gente en el gobierno quieren cerrado y otros no. Hay desacuerdo. El presidente dijo “iqualdad ante la ley” y los prisioneros son los mismos que los demás. 

Todo empezó con una entrevista. Manuel Contreras era un jefe de policía. Ahora está en la cárcel. Se mofó los guardias, y dijo que no hicieron nada. Palabras fuertes de un hombre que no tiene nada para perder. Aunque, ahora perdió su agua caliente. Triste, triste. Muy.

En mi opinión, la prisión deberá ser abierto. Personas más importantes merecen mejor tratamiento, Especialmente en la cárcel. La desigualdad es fantástico y súper importante en una sociedad funciona. ¡Les dan agua caliente, canchas de tenis, los parrillados, y las pascinas! Se ganaban.

Elegí este artículo porque me encantan las prisiones. Cuando creceré, quiero ser un prisionero. Es mi sueño. Siempre estoy interesado cuando personas discuten. Creo que es divertido y comido.

Aprendí mucho nuevo vocabulario como prisión, lujo, igualdad, y muchos más. Aprendí sobre prisiones chilenas y cómo su gobierno funciona. Es muy interesante. Siempre me fascinado con el gobierno y la ley. ¿Es un mundo loco, no?

Número de palabras: 270

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." Cierre De Penal Ocasiona Malestar Político En Chile - . Al Día, 1 Oct. 2013. Web. 03 Oct. 2013.

Pipeline Monologue Project

This project relates to the unit that we are currently studying, the Keystone Pipeline. There has been a lot of debating if it should be built or not. The Keystone Pipeline goes Canada all the way the middle west ( gulf coast region). The Keystone pipeline will have the capacity to transport 830,000 barrels of oil per day to the gulf coast. During this unit I believe that I learned that every decision that the government makes has an effect and can effect other people. 

1. Dozens of Gulf Coast Organizations Draw The Line on Tar Sands

2.  TransCanada Caught Training Police To Treat Peaceful Protestors As " Terrorists"

3. Who We Are

4. Why Oppose KXL? 

5.Our Actions

First Monologue:

Characters: Brian

Setting: Westmore School

Plot: Brian hears from another student that there was a protest and people were arrested. Brian then goes to class and asks his teacher about the pipeline and how it affects us.

Wait, say that again?



A Pipeline?

I don’t understand. What did they do wrong, why were they arrested?

Hold that thought. It looks like it’s time for class.

It’s ok, I’ll ask my teacher when I get to class.

( Bell Rings, Brian goes to his next class)

Hi Mr.Jones, Yeah I have my homework. Here you go.

Hey Cameron, do you have a pencil?

Uh, but no eraser, it’s fine.

Damn it, Cameron do you have another pencil, this one broke?


Wait, what was the journal entry?

I do pay attention, don’t question me just tell me what the journal entry was.


( Brian completes his journal entry and awaits to ask his teacher about the pipeline).

Mr.Jones, can I ask you a question?

Ok, fine I’ll wait.

( Ten minutes have passed)

Mr.Jones, I really need to ask you a question.

I’ve already waited ten minutes!

Fine, I guess I can wait.

( Five more minutes have passed).


I would really like for you to listen for five minutes!

Thank you.

Earlier I heard something at lunch talk about some kind of a pipeline, and

that people were getting arrested.

Why are people protesting against this pipeline?

Tar sands. what’s that?

Dirty Oil?

But isn’t oil already dirty?

Whoa. That sounds like a problem, but how does it affect us, and the


Pipeline spills have happened, what were the after affects?

Even our bodies have been contaminated by pollution from the dirty fossil fuel?

Honestly how can people live like this, knowing how bad it can affect our

drinking waters, our fresh air?

TransCanada, pipeline company?

But if the pipeline is built, it will create more jobs.

Wait a minute, really?

People have had toxic tar sands transported right through their

hometowns that have had disastrous effect?

How is this even allowed?

People are right to protest against this, they are extracting toxic sand oil

from deep within the earth and beneath our homelands.

Mr.Jones, can I ask you one more thing?

How can we as humans relate to the environment?

Well installing a pipeline isn’t going to help.

Yeah, being more proactive with the environment can help improve our

environmental issues.

Thank you Mr.Jones.

( Bell rings, Brian exits his class)

Second Monologue:

Character: Chris

Setting: Outside the White House

Plot: Chris hears about the protest for the pipeline and goes with some friends. By the end of the protest

police ask to move away from the property but he doesn't and gets arrested.

Man, what a day.

What do you guys wanna do?


Your going where?


About what?

Wait really?

They are still going with the pipeline after it destroyed my hometown?

How can the president allow it happen?

Doesn't he know that many people have died from this?

No, no I'm not going to calm down!

He'll yeah we're going to the protest!

Fine, we'll make some Pickett signs, but you better hurry.

( Five minutes later)

Come on already, we're gonna be late!


Grab some food quick and let's go!

Ok, let's go.

( Chris and his friends walk to the protest)

Now this is what I'm talking about!

This is protest!

People angry, people giving speeches.

President won't be able to ignore this.

( ten minutes have passed into the protest)


Can't you feel the energy you guys?

What, what do you mean?

It's just getting started.

You Guys can go, I'm going to stay here.

( Chris stays at the protest and starts to get out of control)

We say no to extracting, transporting and processing tar sands oil!


No I will not back away!

I am an american citizen, I have the right to protest!

I don’t care, shot me if you have to I’m not moving!

Did you lose your friends and family to toxic sand oils?

The oil that we use killed my loved ones!

How can you stand there and not do anything about, how can our president sit in his little oval office and not do a single thing about it?

No, no!

I’m not moving, arrest me if you have to!

( Chris was arrested after he decided not to move, he is currently at a police station hours later)

I accept all charges.

Artículo Respuesta #4

Betty Louis                                                                                                      Q1

Senorita Manuel

Phonebloks: el 'smartphone' que durará toda tu vida

Este artículo es acerca de un hombre nombre Dave Hakkens German que creó un teléfono llamado phoneblock que podría durar toda la vida. Se dice que "Phonebloks reducir residuos electrónicos mundial ofreciendo a los usuarios la oportunidad de actualizar las partes (o bloques) de su teléfono celular en lugar de sustituir la totalidad del dispositivo." Me encantaría si mi teléfono podría quedarse para siempre. Sería genial. yo puedo utilizar mi teléfono un montón y que normalmente sólo duran un año. La Phonebloks me ayudaría mucho. Tengo amigos cuyos teléfonos sólo duran un par de meses. Si Phoneblock obras que me costaría mucho dinero. Yo elegido este artículo porque me fue esperaba algo como esto podía suceder. Me gusta saber sobre nueva tecnología. Pero en la articulo Martin Cooper, el inventor del teléfono celular, dijo a CNN : “La razón principal por la que el Phoneblok no llegará al mercado es que costará más, será más grande y pesado, y será menos confiable… para el momento en el que pueda ser llevado al mercado, el problema que generó se habrá ido”. Yo espero phoneblock sea exitosa de todas formas. Se dice que la phoneblock recibió más de 12 millones de vistas en youtube. Doy Dave Hakkens alemán la mejor de las suertes.

Word count: 210

"Phonebloks: El 'smartphone' Que Durará Toda Tu Vida." CNN En Espaol Ultimas Noticias De Estados Unidos Latinoamrica Y El Mundo Opinin Y Videos RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Oct. 2013. <>.

Pipeline Monologue Project

In this unit of study, we learned about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and different view points of people and how they felt. Also, along with the unit we learned what a monologue was, and the different type of tips that should make up a monologue. We wrote three monologues incorporating information about the pipeline, climate change, or anything related to the topic of the pipeline and we used the different view points of the people to make our characters unique. I finally learned what a monologue actually was, and it had made a stronger writer. Now, I'm also up to date with some current events.

a) The pipeline is running from Hardisty, Alberta
, and going South to Steele City, running 1179 miles.(TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline)

b) "And I think that's so important, that we need to realize that, first, we don't give rights to nature. Nature has rights... nature's rights and people's rights are allied as one in most places of the world, where, in places like Jaitapur or places like POSCO area, people are saying, "This land is our mother."...It's the most relevant, potent, democratic idea of our times.(Vandana Shiva on "Democracy Now") 

c) The proposed pipeline is about $7 billion, that will carry "tar sands."(PBS on the Keystone XL Pipeline)

d) "The mind shift is that we are a species like any other and that we will not survive unless we place our rights in tandem with the rights of the earth, and then we understand that we come from the earth. Everything we have, everything we eat, everything we touch comes from the earth..."(Maude Barlow on "Democracy Now")

e) "The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world -- we've actually been on the way for quite a while..." (

What a Shame

(Cruising through the Earth, and abruptly stopped by workers talking about building the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline) Oh, what is this I see? Aww, how cute. Humans just creating machinery, how innovative they are now a days. As long as they aren’t hurting me, and my fellow gods and goddesses.

Wait.. Wait.. What is this I see? It appears to be not what I thought. Refining how much oil, how long? Oh gosh, this is a disgrace. I thought humans were smarter and eco-friendlier than this! (angry, thrashes arms which starts an earthquake) This is MY land! I am the greek goddess, Gaia! Earth is my home, earth is my place to be! All these people in the world just think they ought to trash an item on the ground, dig up trees, hurt the environment, and never think twice about this finite world! (Exasperated, rapid hand gestures) All these thriving people with their dirty jobs, do people not know who I am? Do people not know thee consequences? The ignorance the human race has come to, yet I still take so much pity on them. They all rely on me, and soon I will die if things don’t change.

Through all the pains the people have put me through, the worst of all has to be when people extract oil, dig, or plant harmful machines from and into my bones. This pipeline is taking up 1179 miles of my body! The oil in the ground is meant to stay there, not have 830,000 barrels refined every minute of every day. On a deep mind level, these people know it is wrong but they do not care because they will die out before I die out. (sighs) I am living too, yet they all forget. This climate does not just keep getting hotter by itself. With help from those humans, it is and shall just get worse. These humans think the earth is just “naturally” getting higher, and there’s only some global effect to it. You are polluting my husband’s air, Uranus, this is not fair!

Am I just some unknown creature these people don’t care about it? I can feel the pain, with each drill. Oh, I am light headed from all the pressure. I can not stand this anymore. Irrational thoughts of these people have me feeling so low, and I don’t feel so well. The ignorance is too much to bare!

The Pipeline is a NO

(Waits around, pacing in her room on the cell phone) “Hey… Hello Betty? ...Yeah hi! ...No no, I’m just checking in. (Uses hand gestures)It’s friday, and I know we usually talk on Monday’s at 2, but I just couldn’t wait. I’ll even pay you an extra hours worth. Yeah I know you’re busy, but I promise this is important. Just give me some time... Really? ...You’re going to do that for me? Thanks, thanks, you’re the best! I just need to get this off my chest.”

“I know I keep dwelling on this same topic, but I can’t help feeling sorry for myself. I’m all alone, with just my kid. He means the world to me, but every time I look into those ocean deep, blue eyes, it just reminds me of his father. It’s hard enough I can’t keep a steady job, and without money I can’t provide. (Angry) No. NOO. That’s not an option. There is no way I’m going to apply for a job at Keystone XL. (exasperated)You’re supposed to be the supporter here, and you go out and suggest some crap like that? This is the whole cause of my depression! Life is grabbing me at the throat and I can never catch a break. Oh, all of a sudden you’re busy? Oh I see how it is, Betty. Okay, fine, whatever. Bye(Hangs up phone).”

“(Mutters to herself, pacing around the room again)What a shitty thing to say. Suggesting I work for the pipeline. It’s like she doesn’t know me… Well, maybe I overreacted. Oh god… Maybe I should call back and apologize. Yeah yeah, that’s what i’ll do(dials Betty’s number again and lays on bed hearing the constant ring).”

“Hey Betty… Okay, I just wanted to apologize. I’m not in a good state of mind, ya know (hand gestures) with my husband and the pipeline. I just, well, umm, let me just start from the beginning. You know I was truly in love with my husband, and one day he was just gone. I mean, when you suggested working for the pipeline, it just shocked me you would suggest that as a job. I mean I know I need the money and this pipeline is supposedly going to create at least 20,000 new jobs, … but, well I’m just not sure. The Keystone pipeline is terrible for the environment, it’s ugly, and corrosive to this planet. And number one, it killed my husband, outta the blue. I don’t want to subject myself to that, what if I die? What if I die and my precious son has nowhere to live but an orphanage?  My son needs his mama, without a dad, he’s already going to have it tough. Yes, money is a high demand right now, I just don’t see how I can work for this company when even while they’re working, they know it’s harmful for the earth.”

“(Turns to lay on stomach)I just need money though… Well I feel like I’m just talking to myself at this point. I sound like a snob, saying ‘I need money, I need money.” Is this my last resort? Is there any other option for me? I mean, I know I said there was absolutely NO way I would try and work for this company, but now I feel like I can only do this. I guess I should try and apply. I mean I don’t have to take the job. When I hang up, I’m gonna call TransCanada. I don’t have to do my husband’s job, I could just be a coordinator, no danger at all. Alright, I’m probably taking up all the room in your voicemail box. Just call me back, okay? Monday at 2 again? Alright bye, see ya.”

Just a Regular Republican

“(Points finger) You know Molly, ever since Obama became president I thought some of his views were right on. All he wants to do though is make this economy clean, and protect this environment. (Moves hand in a circular motion) I get it, I know, we should protect the Earth we live on but he’s the president for Christ’s sake! Shouldn’t he realize making money is tough now a days and you got to play it rough? Money is money, there aren’t as many jobs due to this shit hole of an economy, and this making of the pipeline will supply jobs! How great is that? (Spreads arms out wide) 20,000 new jobs, and you’re telling me that’s not a good thing? Molly… c’mon, look at it right now, in the present. This pipeline could be the next big thing! It could boost our economy! Now we don’t have to rely on other foreign oil as much as before! All those points against it aren’t set in stone, such as if it leaks, or farming jobs could be lost. Those are (Quotes) “What ifs…” or “Could bes…” (excited)Yeah yeah, I know I just said it could be the next big thing, but still!

I’m just so frustrated with Obama and his term. I voted for him again because I thought he would make some substantial change! Molly! Are you even listening? We live in Texas, and I have yet to see where his views and actions have taken us. This pipeline will be for the betterment of all to whom it concerns. Everyone out here who grows crops, they won’t be affected as much! There are even 57 special safety conditions to be incorporated with the making of the pipeline! Should I write a letter stating my frustration? ...No? Well how else am I going to put in my view points?

Ya know, this country needs some change, and how else will this country run if we just keep putting up with democrats in office? I’m certainly a qualified republican! My facts are true, and I’m over 35! Plus, I was even born here! ...Don’t give me that look, Molly. You know I love good debates and public speaking! How hard could it be? (upset)...You’re really not going to support your own husband? Fine, whatever. I’m just going to follow my dream. These people need to hear from an average republican, living the everyday life as a business man. All I want to do is make a change, to change their minds into supporting the pipeline. This is a good thing, trust me.”

Pipeline Monologue

In the early part of the year in World History, we are learning about the Keystone Pipeline XL. We are learning about the benefits and the consequences that the pipeline could bring. The pipeline would be a extension from the already existing Keystone Pipeline, built by Trans Canada. The project is proposed to create around 20,000 jobs for American but only about 30 people will be able to keep those jobs one the pipe is built. The 7 billion dollar project is also projected to make a total of 20 billion dollars. The only problem with this is by building this pipeline we now have a opportunity to damage the land beyond repair.

                                            Facts About Keystone Pipeline XL
1. Has a projected inservice date of 2016

2. Creates green house gasses
3. Would contribute to climate change
4. Run from Alberta to refineries in Texas
5. Cost 7 billion dollars to build


Presidents Speech

Were set to go live in 30 seconds and i still don't have my water.   (Clears throat ) 5 years ago, a friend came to me and asked me to read something over for him. SO I told him sure and kept on with my day. About a month later my schedule allotted me some time to read over this document presented to me from my northern friends in Alberta, ( Quickly Clears throat ). It was a proposed document to extend a pipeline that runs through the great plains of our majestic country and you know what I did. ( quick sarcastic laugh ). Well when I got back to him a couple of months later I told him its plausible. I mean why not right, creates jobs for our depriving economy. Why not, if it brings in millions of dollars more in tax money. I don't see a problem with that I stated. But being the democracy this is, I figured before I made any big decision I would talk it over with the people. And when I mentioned the idea of the pipeline expanding, I got mixed reactions. Reactions of joy and reactions of sadness, reactions of hatred and of approval. So I got back to this friend again and told him that we as a group of united people will talk over the proposal another time and as soon as we came to a definite decision I would let him know. Here we are 4 years later and still have not made up our minds. Maybe because we have been focusing on bigger things such as the war and funding the troops, but I feel we have waited long enough. We as a people need to decide, make a decision. Weigh the benefits and consequences of our choice. Should we go with the benefits we see beforehand. Or should we take a chance with the environment. Well personally I’d love to call my friend back and say sure, you can start building tomorrow, but I’m not sure that can happen. I am not sure we want to damage the environment beyond repair by taking a risk a chance a leap of faith. I don't think thats what we should do America, but at this point its not up to me its up to you.        

The Alberta News

“Hi, my name is Jeff Hankrich and I am reporting to you live at the building of the Keystone Pipeline XL. (walks around trying to get a better idea of what's going on) Here at the scene, there are hundreds of people, from corporate executives to angry mobs blocking the construction site. I mean it’s just ridiculous out here. To get a better view, we’ll go inside the crowd to find out exactly why all of these people are here. ( whispers “pss come on” for the camera man to follow ). Here with me today is Ms. Cindy Lou who traveled all the way from right here in our beloved city of Alberta, Canada to tell us exactly what is happening here. ( Says I see every now and then ). Well folks this is just in, Ms. Cindy Lou told us that the oil executives have lied to us and don't care about the safety of the pipes, they just want the money. Wow, I don't know who to trust anymore. Lets go inside enemy lines and get there take on the statement made by American Cindy Lou. Ok folks were here with Russ Girling to get his views on the matter. Hello Russ, I would like to know what you think on the whole pipeline idea.... Well you heard it here first on Alberta's number one news station Transcanada CEO Russ Girling feels these reports are outrageous and says we need to keep our oil out the middle east. Well I don't know about you but that idea sounds pretty good to me. We’ll keep you updated on the situation happening here but remember, protecting the environment is key to being able to live here for years to come.


The Protest

Hello chief,

Sargent Buchanan told me that I was supposed to come here to fill out a report on the surveillance of the protest.. Thank you sir... do you have a pen I can borrow... I appreciate it... Ok so here is what happened today, the construction workers came to the sight as planned. And protesters threw themselves on the ground the the vehicles were supposed to be working. ( Sighs ). I just don't stand the inconsideration of those people. Just not too much goes on in this here. Where was I sir,... thanks, so like I was saying, the trucks were there as planned and these protestors just threw themselves on the ground ground making sure the workers could not get through. At this point Sargent Buchanan called in for back up but since its such a small town he found out we were the only troopers in the state of Nebraska. So he pulled out his megaphone and started shouting orders, (takes a sip of tea) and by that point every last one of them put there hands in front of them as if they were saying arrest me. But as we both knew there was not enough prison vacancies in the state to arrest these people. So we thought starting the truck would surely scare them away. But we were wrong. Its like they were fighting to save something. It was deeper than just some pipe being built. It brought all different types people throughout the state together. Its like this all had a meaning now. They were fighting for what they call home. They didn't want to see the land destroyed by the chemicals running through that pipe. Now I see why they did it, I understand how they felt. After all they need food and shelter just like the rest of us. So you see chief, I feel we should let them protest them fight, they are standing up for themselves.. ( takes pause ) they are protecting the only thing they know as home.

Diario #3

En cuanto mis relaciones académicas, mis profesores y yo nos llevamos bien a veces. Me gustan todos los clases y los profesores. Mis favoritas profesoras estan la Srta. Manuel y la Srta. Echols. Las profesoras me da risa siempre. El Señor Reddy me da miedo mucho porque él está muy autoritario y serio. Pero el me da risa a veces. La Srta. Rami me caen bien porque ella está simpático y permisivo. Mis compañeros y yo nos llevamos bien porque están muy divertidos y cheveres. Tengo todos los clases con mis amigos y estoy muy feliz.

Diario #3

Mis relaciones con mis profesores y mis compañeros en la escuela es muy diferente. Me cae bien Ms. Echols porque ella me da risa y me entiende y es fácil a habla con. Ms. Rami es muy simpática pero me molesta ella. El libro que escribió me inspira pero nos llevamos bueno. Ms. Rami y Ms. Echols son tanto muy excéntrica. Mis profesores y mí caen así así. 

Spanish article #4

Will (Guillermo) Amari



Blue Jasmine: ansiedad, pastillas, y crisis nerviosas

Blue Jasmine es una película y dirigido por Woody Allen. Es la nueva película de Woody Allen quien dirigido muchas películas famosasas. Antes de la película, Woody Allen fue a periplo europeo. El vuelve a Estados Unidos y en el ciudad llamado Nueva York. La película es sobre ansiedad, pastillas, y crisis nerviosas. Sin duda un típico filme de Woody Allen. Sin embargo, el filme no es muy comico. En lugar es muy triste. Igual a el filme Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Una chica se llama Jasmine vida entera se desmorona porque ella matrimonio con Hal quien es terrible. Por lo tanto ella mudó desde Nueva York al modesto apartamento de su hermana. Su nombre es Ginger y ella vive en San Francisco. Jasmine quiere para intentar recuperarse y recomponer ella vida. Jasmine es un sociedad de Nueva York y ella bebí alcohol mucho. El alcohol y las pastillas, a dios mios.

La elegante Jasmine es interpretado por Cate Blanchett. Hal es interpretado por Alec Baldwin, un adinerado hombre. Ginger es interpretado por Sally Hawkins. Buenos actores son en la película. Alec Baldwin es un de mi favoritos. Yo quiero para ver Blue Jasmine en los cines. Yo aprendí que Alec Baldwin es en la película. Leí el artículo porque me encanta películas de Woody Allen. El hizo más de cuarenta filmes.

Word count: 228

"Blue Jasmine: ansiedad, pastillas, y crisis nerviosas."

ABC. N.p., 3 10 2013. Web. 3 Oct 2013. <>.

Spanish Reflection #4

Chris Tran
Señorita Manuel

Jugadores Claves de la NLDS
Word count: 227

El sumario del artículo es sobre cuatro jugadores de béisbol llamadas Yasiel Puig, Yadier Molina, Pedro Alvarez y Andrelton Simmons. Este jugadores de béisbol es Latino americana. Pero éste jugadores estan el mejor de jugador de béisbol este juegue ahora. Ellos juegan duro por los equipos de sus a estan en el playoffs. La NLDS es dónde los equipos de béisbol juegan béisbol a impuso un campeonato. Jugadores como Yasiel Puig venío a un equipo a impuso y Los Dodgers estan en el playoffs. Durante de año, Yasiel Puig tuve un promedio de slugging de .534. Este promedio es bueno por un jugador de béisbol por un años. Yadier Molina, un jugador quien juegue béisbol duro tuve un año fantástico. El equipo de sus, Los Cardinals tenía un año duro porque de lesión. Pero Yadier juegue béisbol el mejor donde el equipo de sus nesecito. Yo use este artículo porque los jugadores de béisbol juegan béisbol todo las días por el verano y ellos juegan por el playoffs. El trabajo duro inspiró me a trabajo duro también a tuvo un carrera fabuloso. Los vocabularios que yo aprendí en el artículo es la pieza. Por ejemplo en el artículo use el parabla en esta sentencia, “El catcher y líder de los Cardinals es la pieza fundamental a la defensiva”. La sentencia es un ejemplo fabuloso por el parabla.


Pipeline Monologue Project

​I learned a lot about the environment and human behavior in this unit. I liked learning about all this stuff because i find it interesting. We definitely have enough information as a class to be experts on the pipeline. 

850 miles (1,368 km) in the United States (transcanada)

"This pipeline will allow Canadian and American oil producers more access to the large refining markets found in the American Midwest and along the U.S. Gulf Coast." (transcanada)

"require 9,000 skilled American workers" (transcanada) 

"With more than 60 years of experience building and operating pipelines, TransCanada has successfully reclaimed thousands of acres of native rangeland on pipeline rights of way throughout North America." (transcanada)

"Despite growing domestic oil production, both the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the International Energy Agency have forecast that the U.S. will continue to import 3.5-to-7.5-million barrels per day into the year 2035, to meet American demand." (transcanada)

Monologue One (Secret Service Agent)- 

(Secret service walked into his house late but just in time for dinner. He sat down at the table with his family.)

Boy have I had a hell of a day. All these hippie weirdos have been outside of the white house for days now. There hooligans! I can't stand them! They think they can do whatever they want! Not on my watch! So this hippie thought it would be a good idea to walk onto the White House lawn and run for the president! So of course naturally doing my job I ran at him and tackled him. Then he tried to fight me for tackling him! The nerve of this man! We had to evacuate the president and go threw all these security measures which made me late to come home. I don't know why this pipeline is such a big deal to them. Who the hell cares? Well anyway what's for dinner? Ohh pizza my favorite! 
Monologue Two (Pipeline Worker)-
(worker walks onto site and has a conversation with another worker about all the controversy)

Ya know I really don't know why people make such a big deal about this pipeline. Were making a decent living right now. I just really need the money for my family right now. I’m professionally trained. I went threw the training program like everybody else here and got certified to work. Everyone thinks were gonna mess this up. Do you get what I’m saying? I mean people make mistakes and stuff but I feel like we can't. They'll fire us and just replace us at the drop of a dime. Well, I guess we should get back to work before we actually get fired. See ya later.

Monologue Three (a fox living near the site of the pipeline)  

(The fox trots along, past the pipeline looking for a new home)

I can't believe these stupid workers would tear up my home and put this worthless piece of metal on top of it. I was living here peacefully until they ruined it. I had such a beautiful home. Now there going to destroy the earth and possibly spill oil all over the continent. WHats wrong with this human species? Why would they want to do such bad things? I just don't understand humans. I have no home, no food, no water and all they're worried about is this pipeline. Not the safety of all the other species in this world. Well, I guess its time to start over somewhere else. 

Diario Tres

Soy un estudiante seguro casi todo el tiempo, y porque tengo éxito a menudo. A veces, sin embargo, estoy orgulloso y un poquito flojo. Mis profesores me caen bien, a excepción de Sr. Reddy, porque el me molesta un poco. Mis amigos y yo nos llevamos bien, y me dan risa. Estoy contento en mis clases, y en mi escuela.