Remix Me Magazine Slide-Miranda Sosa

Me Magazine Tech Slide (3)

When I was offered critiques, I learned that making pictures bigger gives the audience something to focus on while also focusing on the big words. By hearing my pictures were too small I made the pictures bigger so the audience can really see them. I changed the positioning of everything, and added a new border around my pictures that was still flowers like my original slide. People said they liked “family” in the middle, so I kept that and put my two cities on the top and bottom of that. The arrows show that family is represented through those two places.

I actually thought that my other slide was good, I put a lot of thought into it, and was very proud of it. Then I realized that some things didn’t make sense, like having the cat and basketball made it look bad. So I took them out and made everything simpler. I also asked my friends and teachers about what they thought and kept asking for advice so that really helped me.

Even though I changed the slide I still have most of the same design elements, like symmetry, texture, color, sizing, contrast, framing, and repetition. These design elements make the slide have more thought and care. Overall I think my slide is more presentable looks simpler but in a good way.

Ashton Krause One Slide

Tech presentation (3)

I learned from my critiques that I needed to pick a lighter font for my words and to make my words bolder. Also that I need to add another thing onto my slide so that it doesn’t look so dry. So I chose to add a bitmoji of my dog and I to go with my central idea of my dog (family). I learned that short sentences or a low amount of words will make it easier for a person to read your slide and that light eye catching words attract more eyes than dark colored words and everyone loves dogs so the picture of the dog and bitmoji will draw more eyes.

Link I used this document to learn about the color I should use for my text.

Another link I used this link to show me that shape is a major key which is why everything on my slide is big or bolded.

Sukainah Hasan- Updated slide

Sukainah Hasan_ Tech project (2)
In the beginning, I didn't know what I was going to with my billboard or how my billboard was going to look. All I knew was that I wanted it to be as simple as possible. As I was researching, I came across this website called "99 designs." "99 designs has 4 ways to design a billboard. The first one is to make your point quick and easy to see. The second one is to have a meaning to what your saying. The third one is to make your point heard. Finally, the fourth one is to have creativity. I think my billboard meets these expectations, because the topic and design of my billboard gives off of what is expected.

Before I changed my slide, it had my name at the bottom of it. The changes of my group suggested was or me to take that off, because it was unnecessary. When I looked at my slide once they said that, I absolutely agreed with them, because the people that are looking at my billboard doesn't care about my name; they care more about what the billboard is about.


New Slide Tech -Annie Chen

Tech Slide 11%2F16 (2)

I learned new things and new ideas that could help me and my slide that I hadn’t thought of before. I learned that I had a lot of blank spaces and I could use those blank spaces to my advantage. I also learned that I should probably add color to my background because it was a little boring and tepid. In all, the critiques were constructive and all useful. I kept basing my slide off of the one idea of always keeping everything simple and I might’ve went a little overboard.

I made my slide dramatically different as in terms of displacing the words, the images to cover blank spaces. I took advantage of all of the blank spaces I had. I also made my background a light faded blue color to contrast the black letters. I had to pick a new earth image because in order to change the background color, the earth had to have the blank space around it. I had to make sure the picture was also legal to use.  The faded blue isn’t very loud, it’s calming in a way, so the letters and image aren’t disrupted. I enlarged the words and the picture. I also slanted the writing, made sure they were all at 341 degrees or else it would’ve looked wonky and tilted unevenly. I placed it exactly 341 degrees because I had positioned it in many different angles, some were nice but I ultimately decided on 341.

The research definitely helped with my slide and my talking parts of the project. I researched other sites and youtube videos about how to make things pop. Most of them all had the same suggestions, and critiques. I really enjoyed looking into Project Zen, when explaining the simplicity of the IKEA signs. Even just learning new vocab words such as contrast. There were many things that I knew of but didn't know the official title for it. It helped a lot, I had less repetition of words. I also learned new techniques that I maybe wouldn’t know or use in my slide. I used the different rules from presentation zen, and the other websites.

More than anything, I think I got inspired when I saw my other classmate’s slides. I saw all the different techniques they had used to make their own slide. When I originally made my slide, I think apart of me wanted to keep it as simple and easy as possible, everything was an average scale of things.  When I received my critiques, I decided to go out of my comfort zone with dilating everything bigger.  

Tech Slide

What I learned from the people who critiqued my slide was that before the map I had did not show every country I was listing so I got a different map. Another thing I learned was that I should fix the font so the country's I am listing actual fit were there supposed to fit. Finally I decided to add the stars to make things stand out  more.

I learned a few things while making my slide. One of them was how to research and use the things that I found and put them into my slide. The one other thing I learned was design. I learned about design and what was good to do and what was not good to do.    

The site I researched and used to create my slide was presentation zen. The author said that people won't stop and look at something that will take a while to read so I decided to use something that was short. He also said that there should be some color so I wrote the country's out in different color so it will stand out. The last thing I did was add the stars to make the whole thing stand out more.

Screenshot 2017-12-07 at 1.04.48 PM
Screenshot 2017-12-07 at 1.04.48 PM

Life of Doug

tech (2)
​The main focus of my project was to say that my family was the highlight of my life. During my critiques I learned that I have to have the picture of my sister and I bigger. To make it more noticeable.  At first it was five photos put in one slide. It wasn't good at all. 

I was told to make the picture of my sister and I bigger so more can focus on it. When the pictures were all mashed up you couldn't focus on anything. Nothing stood out. Until Ethan helped me.

What also helped was the sites Ms. Hull linked. But Ethan still helped a lot. He helped me make everything stand out in it's own way.  

Me Slide 2.0

Me Slide Final
I made 1 Google slide that represents me for a project in tech class. When it was time to present, I thought that I had made a great slide and everybody would like it. I was actually very wrong and there were a couple issues with my slide. My group told me that it looked boring and it didn’t get their attention. I tried to follow the advice of Presentation Zen and use a little text as possible and I might have gone too far. I only had my name and a stormtrooper doing the moonwalk. They were in black and white for contrast and I wanted to keep that, so I had to make the words more interesting. My name was in a boring font so I needed to change it. On Google, I searched what font is used for the Star Wars logo, since I had a stormtrooper on my slide. That exact font doesn’t exist on Google, so I used another font in the same family. Another thing they told me was that just my name was boring, so I decided to replace it with a quote. Between what I have learned from Presentation Zen and my classmates, I’m sure that from now on, all my slides will be way better.

Remix for Tech Slide

Remix of tech Slide

I learned many things after looking at other people’s slides and comparing it to my own. For one, it was supposed to look like something that would be displayed on a billboard, and my slide absolutely did not look like that. I put way too many pictures on it, those said pictures had a background (instead of being clip art), and most importantly, I didn’t know enough about the technical part of the slide when presenting. That was really bad because that was the reason of presenting: to learn more about billboards and the technical side of it. But since then, I have completely re-did my slide and learned many things in the process.

I completely started my slide over. I tried to go for a more simplistic approach for this new slide. I took out all of my pictures, and put in clip art with no background. This was so I didn’t distract the viewer from the colors in the background. Also, I made the background a solid color so it wasn’t too bright, making it a mellow purple. I used the rule of thirds to make leave more space. Last, I made the font bigger to make the words pop.

I used plenty of different resources for my slide, along with the Presentation Zen video. Also, I used the presentation zen article and the rest of the links on the link that Ms. Hull made for us. Also, I looked up “ How to Make A Good Billboard” on Google.

One Slide Remake- Yasir Thomas

IntroTech- 1 Slide Remake (2)
I learned that I shouldn’t have a lot of pictures crowding my slides. People told that words were hard to read and that the quote should be bigger. Also, either all of the pictures should be rotated or none of them should. I didn’t have to put as much stuff on my slide as I needed to at all.
I started from scratch again with my slide because I used too much space on my slide. I also didn’t use any of the rules that I researched on my slide either. This time I used less space than what I did the first time. I took out all of my pictures and only put one this time. I still used my quote and my name. Another thing that I changed was the font of my name and quote.
The research helped me to use bigger font sizes and more professional fonts. I also tried to use the contrast rules and rule of the thirds. Then I used empty space on the sides of my slide around the text. The sources that I used were Elements of Design Defined, Presentation Zen, and Slide Design Link.


POSTER for tech (4)
My original slide was pretty good, but this time I will make this remix even better. the first comment I got was that the pictures need a background and so I did just that. I added the backgrounds with grey on two of the pictures and blue on one. The second comment is that I need to change the text font. I change it into the Playfair Display font. 

Other changes I made was I changed the background color too blue. Also I made it smaller so I could fit in the pictures. I learned from research that I have to make the the backgrounds with the pictures. also I learned that I have to make the pictures 3/4 long.

Some self influenced things I added was that I change the name to Max Lewis. I made the max white and the lewis black. I also took out the swirls and replaced it by making the pictures bigger. Lastly I learned a lot from this remix because the new set of research was more informational and helpful.

Saniyyah's Remix Slide

As I redid my 1 slide I took everything my classmates said about my first slide into consideration. They said I had a lot of different colors and my slide was a little crowded. I decided that in my second slide that I was going to get rid of a lot of colors. I kept it pretty simple with the colors black and white and added a little pink in as well. I matched the picture of myself which had pink in it , with the pink inside the music notes.

I added one of my favorite quotes because I strongly believe it and it shows what type of person I am. I also added it to fill up the open space in the middle of my slide. I was thinking about adding pictures but then my slide would have started getting crowded so I used a quote. Also in my research I learned to limit the text. I did not add a lot of words, I added just enough.

Overall I think I did a better job my second time doing this 1 slide then the first. I learn to not add lots and lots of pictures. I learned to limit the words on my slide and to use colors wisely. The research and my classmates really made me realize that my slide needed to be clean and pretty simple. The website that helped me with my one slide was Presentation Zen and Elements of Design Defines. These websites taught me a lot and making slides will now be more easier to do knowing what I know now.


Kofi's New Slide (It's The Remix!)

Untitled presentation (4)
I did my first draft of this project in an hour, and assumed it was fine. I didn't realize all it's flaws until I was presenting. This time I made sure to line everything up and leave more blank space. I learned from the critique of my slide how much different shades of colors (I tried to fix it but it would've erased all the other details of the griffin). I also learned how important the right spacing of things is, and how less is better, so I up sized the title and down sized the words, and then moved them to the center of the page and lined them up with the divide in the slide format.
When I looked back at the research, I started to realize things I didn't realize before, and when I used them on my slide I realized it looked a lot better. When everything was centered the slide looked a lot cleaner, and putting some words in the red half helped everything meld together. 
The source I used most were billboards I saw on the highway. They helped me realize what I could read quickly and focus on, and what I couldn't. I also used the Presentation Zen website a lot. I scrolled through some videos of presentations, mainly TED talks. All of this helped me put my slide together.
~Kofi Kohl

Slide Remake: Abel Solomon

One Slide Project (1)

Through the critique of my slide, I’ve learned the importance of taking your time while designing something. On my first draft, I rushed my assignment and as a result I didn’t use any of the strategies we learned through the videos. Not to mention the fact, that the background color didn’t fit the theme. But, after I received my constructive criticism, I bled all of my pictures, and I chose a more suitable background color.

The changes I made to my slides incorporated the advice used from the videos that we were linked. I wanted to keep my slide straight to the point. So I chose white as a background so it wouldn’t make the slide pop. This was really the only way to achieve it because I already went for a simplistic approach. The most influential source of those we received was the presentation zen.

The research that I used ended up helping me in a variety of ways. First and foremost we have bleeding. Prior to reading the article I had no understanding of bleeding whatsoever. However, after reading I used the bleeding technique. Then, I learned how important keeping it simple can be. With complex designs using bright colors and such, it often takes away the meaning of the design. So, instead of using a bright green for a background color, I used white.

Remix Slide

Untitled presentation (1)
something that stands out to me in this slide is the picture of me. that stands out to me because baseball is me ive played that sport since i was 4 years old. in this slide i put all the sports on the bottom so they can go together instead of it being all over the place. 

the changes i made to this slide was to balance things and make the font neat but not that notable . i made that change because  it took away from the pictures. i also change the title last time i had ''me magazine''. i change the title because first it was not a magazine and it was a to long of a title for one slide. i put the pictures to the eg of the slide because it had to match the whole slide so it could bleed off.

something  that help me change the slide is my classmate feed back on it. to change my slide i watch a video on how to make things bleed and put pitctures in the same catorgy. i look up good slides on how they desigh the slide or what font most of them used to make it how they did. i did the back round bring blue so the pics can pop. i made sure the pics had no back on them so they can look really nice and neat.

Maysa's Remix Slide

These are most of the things that I like or enjoy doing.

From the critique to my slide I made a lot of mistakes. I learned that I should not use slanted front and to make my text bold. My pictures and my background was two different colors so it clashed. I used a lot of pictures so the slide looked cluttered and not balanced. I didn’t really include the research that I found from the websites in my slide.

I made the made the changes to make my slide look more pleasing to look at. I used a lot  less pictures and change my background to just white so the pictures and the background didn’t clash or be distracting. I changed my font from slanted to straight so my slide could be comprehended. I chose to make my slide bold so it could be seen from a far distance too.

The research helped me to make a better slide because it said to make the text big and  bold and that’s what I did. I also tried to make it look more billboard like so it could grab people’s attention and to make the pictures bleed. The source I used was Presentation Zen.

Brielle's Remix Slide

I learned that my slide wasn’t really a thought out design. It was just a few pictures slapped on a white background and there wasn’t actual design techniques on my slide. I made my pictures altogether and a quote in the middle so it could pop out. I chose colors with darker backgrounds because I didn’t want any pictures to stand out more than the other.

The research made me realize that everything had to be nice and clean because it is very noticable if not. Also, I had to change the font because it was a font  middle schoolers used not real designers. I know that my slide was too plain before so I had to fix it to make the audience have interest in my new slide.

The first time I did my slide it wasn't really organized it was pictures all over the place and I thought i was doing something by slanting the pictures to make them all fit but that wasn't it at all. I tried to make my picture kind of bleed off my name but it looked tacky and sort of covered my name. The websites that i read from helped me improve my slide tremendously. I used Presentation Zen, Elements of Design Defines, and Slide Design LInk.

Remix Slide


Untitled presentation (2)
This is supposed to represent the definition of me and who I am. The ocean blue background is not just my favorite color but also is a symbol of creativity and intelligence.  I love arts and sketching and video games cause it is one of the things I do enjoy besides drawing. The word that I say that defines me is creative. I learned from this that I don't have much to say about myself.
The changes I have made is that I'm describing just about my creative personality.I did run into a couple errors with part of this, at first I was going to put in a zoo picture to talk about my love for animals but that was just something i liked. I made this slide better through finding parts about me that have more meaning. I enjoyed making this presentation. While creating this I discovered a little more about myself.

Nicco: Remixed

Remixed Nicco
​So, originally, I thought the first slide was awesome. It took some constructive criticism for me to figure out how I could make it better. Everyone thought my slide was overly disorganized, making for a hard-to-understand slide playing with the viewer's attention. I fixed that.

First, I tried organizing the slide by straightening everything out. There was still something missing at that point, however, but I remembered Ms. Hull said it'd be a good idea to make opposite-colored rectangles. I thought it was a good idea, as it would make the text easier to see and decrease the insanity (that I still want to keep alive) and put them behind the text. It looked much better, but I decided to make them slightly transparent, to hind the background behind it.

I mainly used ideas from, as the slides presented in the blog were very eye-catching, in my opinion. I made everything big and bold, but for the remixed version you see above, I used more ideas from, to deal with the "clutter", inspiring me to use the rule of thirds (in some part, anyway) and to increase contrast to make things easier to see. I think I've learned a lot about making presentations, and I think it was fun making this.

Noor Kreidie-One Slide

Tech Presentation-11%2F16 (2)
From the Critiques that I got about my first slide I learned a lot. I first learned that less is more. I also learned about using more contrast, with that I did a pink background with gray lettering. Another thing that I learned is that having a simpler slide will make it look cleaner. I also learned to not be afraid of having black space.
I decided to make lots of changes to my slide because my slide was a little confusing and had to much going on. I decided to remove lots of my pictures because it made the slide to congested. I also decided to put less color on the slide because with all the different colors that I had on my slide it didn't have contrast. I just simply decided to remove lots of color and pictures on my slide. I also decided to put make all of my pictures more transparent because it makes the slide look cleaner.
I used lots of the tips from the sources you provided to create this slide. I definitely used lots of the tips about contrast to create this slide. In my first slide I used the rule of threes but ended up not using that because it didn't make the slide look clean. I really liked how I used contrast to create this slide. I also used lots of tips from my class mates to create this slide.

Ravencroft Tanpranadi - Redo Slide

Untitled presentation (4)
After presenting my slide to the class or rather table, I received many critics to improve my original slide. I Learned to straighten out my images and use the negative spacing in my slide accordingly while not overcrowding the slide. I did learn that my text's font was quite boring and dull so I changed it to be more eye catching but yet not take all the attention from the center of the slide. I also learned to incorporate more of the slide designs into my slide. 
I made changes to my slide again because it was kind of dull and not eye catching. Now to fix this I had to start using some colors that would match the background but also match the other images. The rule of the thirds also helped my slide look more organized because the bitmoji resemble my social life so it took up 2/3 of the slide. I also made the text match the basketball so the upper half would be one color and the bottom half another color.
The research I did made my slide better because using a bleeding image instead of the entire image made it fit in. I did not need the entire image to be on the slide, it gets rid of unnecessary spaces it takes. It also taught me about texture and coloring. The rule of the thirds made my slide look more organized. I used bitmojis as one of my sources and presentation zen.  

One Slide Presentation

One slide presentation - Ethan McLeer (1)
From the critique of my slide, I learned that I probably shouldn't bleed pictures off of the page, and should definitely take out most of my text. My first biggest change was to take out most of my text. Before, the text overwhelmed my slide and made the whole thing unbalanced.
The research that I did explained that a little is a lot. I tried to implement this into my slide everywhere possible. I also tried to reduce the amount of color I used in this slide to make things pop more. One source that I used that really helped me rebuild my slide was a website called This website has many helpful tips for building an attractive slide.
In conclusion, I fixed the issues with my slide and hopefully made my slide look lots better.A good looking slide can be very helpful in the real world. It can be the difference from you getting a job or not or passing that final project.

The Story Behind James Kry

The Story Behind James Kry

What I learn from when I presented my first slide is that I had to change the color of the font to be able for it to see. Also, I was told to do pictures around my title and nice color font that’ll match my background.

I made my changes how the way it looks because I wanted my pictures to be equally balanced around my title. There was some difficulties because their were some pictures that were really stretched out so I had to change the picture.

I had choose a different research site because the one I chose before didn’t work out right. I choose a different slide option which was putting pictures around the title. The research I did was about someone buisness job interview. They put pictures around some of their titles, but theirs were somewhat transparent. Some sources were google images and presentation zen.

My Slide Remix

All about me slide  (1)
In my critique, I learned that I need to make my slide more cohesive. I also learned that my slide would be a lot better if the colors were more focused. I changed my slide to a color cohesive color palette of black and blue. I kept my name exciting but made it more simple as I only used two colors. I kept my leg symbol as it fit with my color scheme, but took out the flower as it didn’t go with the overall vibe of the slide. The new flower I added was all black and a very simple drawing, with kept it matching with the other designs. I made sure all my drawings were transparent so that they didn’t have a background that would take the focus off of the important parts of the slide.
A problem I had with my other slide was the font. The fonts didn’t go together and didn’t make sense with the theme. This time I kept the font very simple and clean. I changed the quote I used because I thought that this one - that comes from Frida Kahlo - would work better and also look better on the slide. I used shadowing with my title, to keep it interesting and create a 3D effect to make the slide look less flat.
My research told me that less is more. I tried to convey that by keeping my slide within only 2 colors and just having a white background. My research also told me to use a color palette. I choose black and blue because they are a classic pair, I made the background white to help the colors pop. The sources were presentation zen and They both said to keep the focus on the important parts of the slide, which I tried to do.

Jonathan Rodebaugh- My Redo Slide

I learned many things from my critiques from my classmates. One of the things they told me was my pictures were very uneven with each other, they were even to long or too wide. Another thing was they told me to find common colors in each picture for a good background color. I learned a lot from my criques, I needed to improve a lot which is good. The criques really help me learn to make a great slide.

I made many changes on my slide. One of them was size of the pictures, none of the pictures were the same size, they were all not even. I really needed to fix it, so I evened it all out. Then I changed the text and background colors. The colors are far more calming to look at. I changed the colors because I thought that it was far too exciting, and the colors did not match, or work with the pictures.

With the research I had it made me really understand how to make a capturing and quality slide. I learned a lot on how to make my slide really look professional. I used a source called Presentation Zen, and Google Images, that were able to be used, and Bitmoji. Presentation Zen taught me a lot on slide making. I think I became a better project maker.

All About Me (2)

Hillary Hernandez Slide

From the critique of my slide I learned that I should include brighter and  clearer pictures. As well as that they should all be the same size and that they should be aligned with each other.  That I should use up the most space as possible and alligin both flags with the letters.
 I made the changes I did to my slide because wanted to include brighter pictures and less pictures. So I wouldn't overcrowd it as much and I made those pictures bigger. Than I fixed my quote because the one before was a picture and it was blurry so for this one I decided to type it and make it bigger. 
During my research I learned that you have to put something in the middle and have that pop and than I put two things along side of that to balance it out. Than I put something in the middle so it would balance the top. I aligned all of them and made sure there was no random spaces
Untitled presentation (1)