My ILP (Savannah Manns )

My  ILP is helping old people learn how to use modern day technology.

What went well?
Something that went well would be, getting the ILP. 

What are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to teaching the old men and women how to become more knowledgeable with modern day technology.w

What stands out that has happened so far?
When I get there the lady that supervises me is usually MIA which irritates me.


I do not have an ILP as of yet. But my dad and I, with help from his production studio co-owner, have compiled a list of recording studios around the area that will most likely need interns. Earlier this week I tried to email a place named "third floor tapes" but the man running it made clear it was a one man team that did not need any help. So, tonight I will complete composing the emails and send them out. Most likely I will have an ILP by the end of the weekend knowing many places are in need for unpaid interns. 
The main place I am interested in is a place called "Shooters", it's located downtown and they work on both film production and music production. I am interested in both of these fields so I am excited to send this email. Plus, my dad's friend Brandon says that he knows who works there and has put a good word in for me. So, I am hoping they might accept me into their program. 


I started my internship at Major League Ultimate over the summer. So far i have not gone to my ILP this school year due to the pope and several frisbee games. What is going well is making the connection there. There are a lot of things going well there and I am excited about going back again. Going to games during the season stood out to me because it was so much fun. The ILP is a good match for me. 


  •  What went well?
So far I am learning how to be responsible, so when I take the the kids to their classrooms and things of that sort it goes well because I am learning how to be responsible for people. 
  • What are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to continue you on helping around the franklin.
  • What stands out that has happened so far?
What has stood out to me is the amount of trust my mentor has for me. 


I'm thinking of going Jeremy after I talk to my old principal. I've been trying to find time to go back to my old school because I want to help out there. I think what got in the way was that I wasn't really sure on what I wanted to do. I think that it's important because, since I know my old school, I can try to help them out. 


Dont have one. I met with Jeremy last week and he requested to email the principal at greenfield but they were full. Trying to think of something. The thing that got in the way was that i didnt know what i wanted to do and still dont know what i want to do. I need help finding what I want to do and the location has to be convenient for me.


I have an ILP at a middle school in North Philadelphia called Olney Elementary. My first day was a couple weeks ago, and it went really well. I got to grade tests, and help out the teacher for her 7th and 8th grade classes. After school, I got to help out the kids at their Students Run practice, and going home. I'm looking forward to working with the younger kids more, and one substantial thing that has really stood out to me was how the kids reacted to me being in the classroom. They seemed so excited and curious to have a new face in the classroom with them. I think it's important that I get to help out and get to experience what it feels like to teach.


I started my ILP last week. I am interning at WXPN the radio station. I met loads of new and interesting people. It was a really fun experience even though the first day I just did some steady office work. I'm looking forward to shadowing the different departments & setting up for events. I can't wait to see what this year brings me!


I already met up with Jeremy.
I have to send an email to my friend's dad, who is a musician, who can supervise me recording my music.
This is my first year in SLA, and no one really explained ILPs to me going into the year. I've been playing it by ear since the start, and I am pretty close to having one.

ILP Blog Post #1

1. I hope to talk to Jeremy during Study Skills or lunch tomorrow, October 16th.
2. I had sent an email to the Philadelphia History Museum at Atwater Kent, but, because, of changes at the museum, I didn't receive a reply until today. I have a slot open for the 21st of October.
3. Because of restructuring/changes at the Philadelphia Museum, my reply was delayed by several weeks.
4. This is important because my ILP was delayed for almost a month. 


​What went well with my ILP was that I was able to put experience in administration I had developed over the summer to use (making phone calls, filing, etc.)

I'm looking forward to building upon this experience.

What stands out is my ability to think on my feet. I have a certain script to follow on the phones, but sometimes people have follow up questions or start a conversation and I have to go off script. Also the people I work with are really nice and the environment is great.

What I think is important is maintaining professionalism and politeness since I technically am a representative of the organization. 


I'm currently in the process of getting adjusted with my ILP, which is the Social Media Innovator position at Imagine Leaders LLC. I haven't started yet, but essentially I would be able to decide what content is displayed on the company's social media platforms. I'm able to work from home and the work times are extremely flexible. I'm looking forward to bringing my ideas to the tale, and also to get leadership training along the way. 


​I haven't met with Jeremy yet, I have been trying to find an ILP on my own. If I continue to struggle with this, then I will consult him. I have been researching and looking for oppurtunities. I have asked my parents on what they think also. I just haven't found a suitable ILP that I like yet. I would like to find one in the city so it is easier for transportation, but I haven't found an oppurtuinty yet.

I do NOT have an ILP.... yet

I transferred to SLA this year for tenth grade, and though that I would need an ILP at some point in the future. Instead I quickly came to realize that I would need one as soon as possible not a distant time later in the year. In addition to my classwork and homework I have been working to get an ILP. I have  communicated via e-mail with Jeremy a few times, and met with him once. In the course of that meeting we managed to narrow down potential ILPS to one of several possibilities and ruled out some impossible ILP opportunities, for example positions already filled in organizations. The only thing that has really impeded me from quickly finding an ILP is that Jeremy can be difficult to contact, most likely due to the fact that he has so many students asking him for help and flooding his e-mail inbox. 

The Thang

​For my ILP, Im doing Project Stargazer, and I learned a lot of coding, (3 classes of computer science to be specific).

  • what went well? What went well is how smoothly learning how to code, and the goals of project stargazer
  • What are you looking forward to? I'm looking forward to advancing in programming, and being able to complete an idea that I would like to finish. 
  • What stands out that has happened so far? I think what stands out for me is the friendship people have in the ILP, because it sometimes amuses me.
  • Add what you think is important. N/A

Kingsessing Library Elementary Kids Tutoring!

I am interning at the Kingsessing Public Library in Southwest Philadelphia. I am interning there from 2pm-4pm.  I am mentoring both elementary kids and middle schoolers, however I am mainly mentoring elementary school kids. I started for the first time last week. I really enjoyed it! It was so fun. I worked with two sixth graders and a fifth grader. They were all boys and had me laughing the entire time. They had alot of stories about what school was like, and joked around alot. However, I made sure that they got their homework done and did their work while they talked and laughed. I also met  a Teacher Assisting Leader. Her name was Ms. Kelly. She just finished college, and is going to be helping the kids with their homework as well. She is really sweet. She also helped keep the boys focused while we did work. 
I've been going to the Kingsessing library for years, they have so many fun programs and movie nights that are really fun. I've also known most of the staff my whole life. They have a learning after school program called LEAP, which is where I am interning.  I also have experience working and babysitting kids so I wasn't worried. I am really looking forward to next Wednesday, seeing and working with the kids again. I also look forward to the fun arts and crafts activities I do with them after they are done their homework. So far, the thing that stands out to me so far, is the firs day of my intern and how fun it was. I think that is important that I establish a could connection with each of the kids I am going to be mentoring, so that they can feel comfortable when asking me for help.I also think that t is important that I act mature but also have fun and have a good time. I'm 15 but, I have alot to learn! I look forward to continuing my internship here. I love the fact that it is a combination of three things I love to do : talking, helping, and working with  kids. 

ILP- Tia Roberts

I volunteer at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School as an assistant coach of cheer leading. When I go there, I do a lot of leadership, and teaching the 14 girls different cheers and stretches. I feel it goes very well because each week I have accomplished teaching them about 2 cheers a practice. Also, I do a lot of paper work and dealing with contacting everyone and their parents with important information about practicing etc. I am looking forward to continuing working with each and every girl and creating more dances and cheers to teach them each week. 

Kaamil ILP 1st Experience

For my ILP I decided to do the theater program here at SLA. So far everything is going great! The teacher is a teacher I had last year for a residency here at SLA! I'm looking forward to going to see some plays next month at the Philadelphia Theater Company. I am also looking forward to making my own play and performing it at the Philadelphia Theater Company. 

I have an ILP!

I have gone to my ILP for two weeks now. 
I, along with Paul-Ann Whyte, work at the central library in the teen section. Our job for most of this year is setting up and organizing Comic-Con at the library! 
So, we've been working on getting contacts for the event, and finding people that came last year (this year?) to come this year again. (Well, next year.) And just calling people and organizing locations of possible events happening. 
We also have reign over smaller events and just general set up stuff in the library. 
It's so far really fun, and I look forward to hosting Comic-Con.

First entry

  •  What went well?
I had a discussion with him and we thought out basic lesson plans. We didn't actually do anything last time. but we have a solid idea of what we are doing today. I'm super excited to help teach scratch!!
  • What are you looking forward to?
tEACHING SCRATCH!!!! And also just learning how. And meeting the kids.
  • What stands out that has happened so far?
The awkwardness of going back there, kind of. The person at the front desk was someone that I remember from my school career there. Also Mr.Landis's desk was fantastically messy. 
  • Add what you think is important.
I'm not sure if he emailed jeremy yet.


For my ILP, I decided to  work at the after school program, Fuel, at my church. Yesterday was my second week and I have a blast there. I get to help the 3-6th graders with their homework and we teach them bible lessons. Then they go to electives. I work in the cooking elective. So far, we've made rice crispy treats and peach cobbler.

Tech, Jahan Israt, Home Network

Doing this Home network made me realize that My homework is connected to a lots of device like my laptop and computer and 7 phones and my TV and the family Tv and my mom and dad Tv . And with all these devices are connected I realized that how fast my wi-Fi works .