Glows and Grows

Glows and Grows

For my research portion of the you and the world project I researched the statistics of how many injuries per year does technology affect people. Some glows that I found were I found more research than I thought I would. Except that most of it was from two or more years ago. I wanted to learn more about if people are trying to find away to decrease the amount of technology being used.

For the original research portion of my you and the world pI did a field observation on a few of my friends. Over the period of an hour I took a few pictures of them and in each picture atleast one person was using technology. I thought it worked out well. I just wished I could've expanded my research and observated a larger group of people. The good thing about doing the field observation was my prediction was correct, during the whole hour everyone was using a form of technology.

Finally for the Agent of Change piece of the you and the world project I made a contest that whoever can go two days during school without using their phone would win. I don't think I made the impact I wanted to. After that I never really changed much. The real change occurred during the contest itself because Most people went out of their way to participate in my project which went well. Some of the glows were I finally had a winner and two of the contestants wouldn't use their phones at all while others lost almost within 5 minutes. That helped me a lot when it came to writing my blog post because I was able to explain the differences in what happened during my project/ contest. I am glad to have done this project in the end, it turned out to be successful!

Q4 Art Emalyn Bartholomew

This quarter I completed most of my projects on my own time. My favorite one that I completed was the bulletin board. I created this project from an old poster, painting the bulletin board and then spray painting around the outline of Philadelphia. I'm especially excited about this bulletin board because it's a reminder of both Philadelphia and my high school art class, and I can't wait to take it with me to Pittsburgh next year! I also love the silhouette. It's difficult to tell from the picture, but this is a life size portrait. It was pretty difficult to do, because I've never been very good at sketching and drawing, but I was so pleased with how it came out.  

Alexis Dean 4th Quarter Art

This quarter we had to pick our own adventure. We had to choose what projects we wanted to do. I chose to do a canvas painting as well as two drawings. These projects were the easiest way to express my creativity in the time frame that made sense with the rest of my schedule. This quarter I was faced with a lot of challenges in my personal life and that made it impossible to create more detailed art projects. I chose the canvas painting because I wanted to have something I could hang on my wall and be proud of. I chose the Disney drawing because I was leaving for my vacation and I chose the graduation piece because I wanted to capture one of the most important moments for us as seniors. I will take everything I learned over the last 4 years and use it to continue to boost my creativity. Art is something I enjoy doing on my free time and probably will continue to do to help relieve stress.

Digital Story

I've always been an only child living with two loving, married parents. I never understood what it was like for someone to have divorced parents. A lot of times I hear people say divorced parents cause behavioral problems and depression and even future relationship problems with the children. Here, I interview a young man named Dante who tells how he believes the divorce strengthened his family because his father wasn't good for any of them. He also gives advice for those going through what he once went through.

Q4 Art Slideshow

During the fourth quarter of art class, I REALLY went out of my comfort zone here. I successfully created an origami object for the first time, and I really enjoyed the process. Of course I had to throw in a drawing because that's where I do feel most at home, but then I went again and tried something different. I used cardboard to create a letter and then printed some of my favorite childhood photographs on it. I think all of my projects differed a LOT from one another and I'm happy to say that I really did step out of my norm this quarter. I'm truly proud of the pieces I produced this year overall.
Q4 Art Slideshow

Making A Close…

Looking back at this project I would like to say I am overall pleased with what I accomplished. This was an amazing project to do because I focused on what I was very passionate about. This has helped me think outside of the schools and explore issues that are happening in the world and our society.

For the Research Part, I wish I would have found more statistics, primarily in 2015 instead of 2014. I know it was just a year ago, but so much has happened within 2015 and I wish that I would have been able to capture that data. Some things I want to discover through my project on  gun violence in Philadelphia was to find out more about was how many of the families are dealing with the lost of a loved one because of this brutal action. I think that would have taken my project over the top and made the research very interesting.

The Original Research actually went well. I think I had enough people to take my survey to make a point.  Although I wish I found more information, I think I could have done an interview instead of a survey. It would have been great  to know what  a police officer or a family member who had a loved one shot or die because of gun violence felt, and how they cope with it knowing that this violent act is still taking place in our world.  But overall, I am pleased with my survey and happy that it went the way I wanted it to.

I had the impact that I was hoping for in my Agent of Change piece. A lot of people have been noticing the posters around the school, and I actually seen people taking the time out to read them and that is something I was hoping for. I think that having them around the school is something that can also impact other youth of what is going on in Philadelphia and that we need to support the movement for it to stop.

With closing, I would like to say thank you to Ms. Giknis for having everything planned accordingly and the project flowed with all of the due dates. Also for letting everyone do what they wanted to do and even giving extensions when needed so we can do what we really wanted to, and be passionate about it. I think that this will make me do more outside of this project maybe doing things in my local community to have more people aware of this situation. I may start by reaching out to the families who have suffered from the tragedy that gun violence brings, maybe by giving out care packages so they know I care.  This project was by far the best and I hope throughout my life I will have more opportunities to do things like the You and The World Project.

Q4 Art Amy Farrell

Art Q4
This quarter, I realized that I am not good with creating art with my hands. No matter how much I practice, I'm just not able to. I know I can take great pictures, but painting and drawing are just not my thing. I tried hard to make good paintings, but it didn't work out. I think my snowflake is the best thing I created this quarter because the painting is messy and colorful, which I like. I think I might be able to make good pottery one day, but for now I'm going to stick to photography. Photography is a medium that I can express myself through the best, and I can show my viewers exactly what I'm seeing. Nobody can define what art is, and nobody can tell me if my art is good or bad. I know what I like and dislike that I created, and my photos are what I'm most proud of. 

Glows and Grows

Glows and Grows

For my You and the World project, I dived into a topic that I wouldn’t have otherwise, which was Women’s Rights in the workforce. It was a topic that I really hadn’t put much thought into before since I didn’t think that it affected me. I knew that my family was made up of strong and independent working women so me joining the workforce was just expected but now I realize what actually takes place behind the scenes and how serious the whole situation really is.

The original research part of the project was probably the most successful, since not only did I collect actual facts and statistics, but also personal opinions and experiences. I learned about how much of a difference gender actually does make when in the workplace which hadn’t occurred to me before. Equal pay, gender stereotypes, low percentages of women, and inadequate benefits are just a few of the issues I touched on and also spread awareness of through numbers and facts, but I mainly got personal accounts from issues such as lack of confidence, lack of self-belief, and also lack of self-application. I think that was another successful part of this project, reaching out to people. I was able to conduct a survey with the help of a senior and her feminist blog, which got twenty-two results, and I also led two interviews with Buzzfeed workers which was a huge accomplishment. Aside from that, I heard numerous personal accounts from people which added greatly to my final product. One thing I would have changed are the types of questions I asked because they seemed a bit redundant and at times a bit irrelevant.

For my agent of change, I created a presentation where I summarized the information I collected and taught my classmates about the injustices that afflict the female working world and also how things are getting better in this day and age. Most of my peers partook of social media trends and school-wide protests but I decided to take a different route, one that I knew couldn’t end women’s issues as a whole but would at least educate my classmates on a topic I’m very passionate about. The result was great and I was successful in bringing this issue through to light, not only through my blog posts but through my Agent of Change. I almost wish I had started a petition or a strike or something a bit bigger that would have a larger impact, but I feel that education is the strongest form of change and taking that information, I went forth and made my presentation. One thing I would change though, is the amount of time I put into the initial rehearsal, since I was pretty much winging the whole thing, which most times I’m good at but this time a bit of practice wouldn’t hurt.

In conclusion, this was a great project that exposed me to the secrets and also public issues that affect women in the working world. I expected to there to be a lot less complications that were involved with the whole situation but it is one that has been intertwined into our society for time. For many of my peers and also for me, this was an eye-opening experience. I never realized how much this actually affected me and also my family members. I hope to do more work with this in the future and hopefully make an impactful change in society with the efforts I make.

4th quarter art

This quarter in art class I got to use and put into practice things that I have learned throughout the year. I got to put techniques like shading and mediums India ink into practice with my own style. This was very  helpful for me because it let me see how what I have learn will be enmeshed in my art as I go forward. I didn’t have any other theme beside practice and using things learned. I think this quarter was very helpful for me and I got a lot from it.

Art Portfolio Q4

For the last quarter I decided to focus on things I enjoy drawing. The first project was drawing girl's face. The second project I wanted to draw are leaves using a pencil. The third project I decided to have two pictures that show the depth of field. I really enjoyed the third project. The fourth project was drawing hands that hold an apple. This quarter was different, than the last three because we did not have directions on what we need to draw. I liked how we could pick what to draw because we draw what we are interested in the most. 

Animal abuse

I am choosing animal abuse because there are a lot of people around the world abusing animals. There are too many people using animals to take advantage of them just because they may make one small mistake. Some people would make up an excuse saying that they would hit their pet just because they were not listening to their owner. Also thousands of animals would be abused each day just because they were with the wrong owner. The most abused animal is the pitbull. This one pitbull, she was a girl and she was homeless until one night a stranger had came up to her in an alleyway and tied a wire very tight around her mouth. Her nose had to be surgically removed. It is really sad that humans would be so cruel to hurt or attack a sensitive animal like this.

Now wouldn't you like to see a dog happy, not sad? Why would anyone want hurt a poor little puppy or kitten?  Some people say that it's hard to train an animal or they don't like how their pets react to certain things. That's why ASPCA would help. Nobody could ever make up an excuse to hurt a dog physically or mentally. The main reason why I chose animal abuse is because too many people think that animals shouldn't be treated as well as humans. Sometimes I really just wonder why humans would take their anger out on poor little animals, and why would they do that?  Why hurt little animals at least you could confront the people that hurt you instead?

You can actually help the fight against animal abuse. You can spot animal abuse by just walking down the street. If an animal has untreated wounds it can get infected.  An owner could be seen giving it's pet dirty water. If you look closely at a dog's neck, there might be a scar on it's neck from the collar being too tight. I think animal abuse should be stopped by arresting the owners that abuse their pets. It is not fair to the animals that have to deal with this in any time in their lives.

Image result for dog abuse wire around its mouth

Blog Post #2: Original Research

  • interview recording

                     Animal Cruelty

What do you think about animals being abused

Have you ever seen animals being abused

Will you ever stop an animal being abused

Tiana's response

1. I think that is very wrong for animals to be abused people should be locked up for that.

2. No

3. Yes I will because it is wrong.

Blog Post #3: Agent of Change

  • presentation slides

  • recording of presentation

Here you can view my presentation

Q4 art Lukas Supovitz-aznar

I really enjoyed working on Quarter 4 art this year. It was a pleasure to do something for a grade which also enabled me to get out my creative personality. For my first project I wanted to draw a photo of one of Kanye West's most famous album covers. I did this with incorporating the same colors and photo on a bigger piece of paper, making sure I did not leave out details because that was the important part of the project. For my second project I wanted to make sure I did something that was a little bit harder to do. That is why I decided to draw a photo of Kanye West while performing. I made sure to make note of the things he does during performance and one of the things that makes him such a unique talent. I did this by taking the lights from his performances. For my final project I wanted to highlight a album that was very close to me. This was "The college dropout" by Kanye West. I drew the album artwork for the project, making sure to capture the small details that the artwork contains. This probably was the hardest of all of the projects to capture because of all of the small details in the photo. Overall I very much enjoyed these projects and if i were to do it again I would just give myself more time to work.

Q4 Art Portfolio

This quarter in art is different from the previous 3 because we had the opportunity to choose our our projects, instead of having a set project biweekly. We had to do 4 different projects so I did a 3D origami piece, a series of modular origami, a water color painting, and an abstract drawing. All of these projects have 1 thing in common, my childhood. I used to do these things all the time when I was younger, but stopped when I got older. It felt nice to be able to connect with my old habits. 
My first project is a 3D origami piece that involves folding paper into hundreds of triangular pieces and then inserting them together in a certain patter to create a shape, in my case, I created a swan. There were about 150 small pieces that are fairly simple to make, but very time consuming. Putting the final thing together took a lot of concentration because there is a specific way to place the pieces and I messed up many times and had to start over.
My second project was modular origami, which is similar to the 3D one, but the folding is a lot more complicated, intricate and time consuming. Also combining the pieces is more challenging because it's not as easy as sliding paper on top of each other. For this project I made 5 different pieces: a square box that unfolds into a rose, a colorful spinning top, a star-like piece, an intricate cube, and a flower.
My third project was a water color painting of a scenery, which was both fun and a little challenging because there were so many colors and I had to make sure that things blended in well with each other. I had a lot of fun playing with contrast, color, and shades. 
My last project was an abstract drawing that has a lot of patterns and designs. It's based off of my old doodling habits from when I was younger. I used to fill pages with random drawings and I loved how the lead from the pencil gave the drawing a shine. I was always obsessed with things that were symmetrical and I originally wanted to create a mandala, but this felt more familiar.

Overall, I felt like I did really well this quarter and I'm proud of all my artwork. I love how all of them turned out and I was also able to explore various types of art that I probably wouldn't have if there was a set work we had to do.

Q4 Art Portfolio

Quarter 4 we were allowed to pick and make our own assignments with a rule that they should each take you a hour or longer. I wanted to go all out on my art projects I wanted to include all my art talents into each project. This included painting, collaging and teamwork. To make my projects fun I wanted to have a theme so each of my projects included newspaper in the theme. I was either a news paper background, a somewhat comic from a newspaper or it was a story from a newspaper and each piece of work can tell a different story like newspapers do,

My first project was basic shapes and collaging I used the red colors as fire to represent the many forest fires that we're killing our own environment with. This piece involved water coloring and the splatter technique to get the feeling of fire. The glitter might be a little hard to see but it's supposed to show the glow fires have.The second project shows the beauty in our environment, I wanted painting to stick out so I painted them black and added accents of color to give the eye something to look at. It's the good and bad of nature. 

I had so much fun with my first ceiling tile I wanted to do more. I made one big one and two little ones. The first one had a twist on an old 80's comic, I wanted to use bolder colors than the original comic it took a little longer to get the details in the face and the tear drop. I was proud of the way mines came out especially the girls hair. The little ceiling tiles are two of the few places I want to travel to because everyone does a Philly skyline I wanted to leave the borders of America and adventure out. Tokyo and Johannesburg are beautiful places so they were fun to draw and paint.

    Overall I had a lot of fun with my art assignments and look forward to creating a lot more. I couldn't have done it without the help of my lovely art partners in crime who helped cut out the many many pieces of paper for each background. Gave me the motivation to paint and even gave great feedback. I hope you enjoy my four lovely master pieces.

                  Thank You

Q4 Art Portfolio - "A Man Prays: The Last Transcendence"

I have birthed and written into my artistic creations a vast array of pure emotional fervers and lusts of the soul, which presents itself to us most often when we observe the morning sky. The great star rising up, climbing the greatest cliffs, greeting us all simultaneously. We smile upon the art of the great star, as it begins to paint the fields and meadows deep purples, and blinding yellows... And those who document this incredible idolotry with canvas and brush? They are the children of the great star, truly alive, always burning. They know the star better than any normal being ever could, for they have been inside of it. These sons and daughters, when this world we have built for ourselves begins to crumble into dust, we will reach out to the children of the sun for some final salvation.

Staying Safe

In my first Blog Post, I mentioned Online Predators. In a nutshell Online Predators are people who commit child sexual abuse that begins or takes place on the Internet. This needs to be brought up and have more awareness for many reasons. One; most children are not educated or not educated enough about this topic. If we could teach kids how to be safe Online, there would be a lot less of this crime going on. Two; some parents are not educated enough in this field. If more parents knew the signs of a predator, then more of these instances can be avoided or cut off before it goes out of control. And finally; our society is mostly based off of modern technology. This allows Predators to stalk in the depthness that is the internet and can get away scott-free. If we educate and teach more individuals about this issue, more events like these can be stopped. There has been cases where some police units are trying to bring up awareness, however it is not brought up enough on a global scale. So what are some of the signs of an Online Predator? According to the Washington Police there are several tricks Online Predators use including, but not limiting to; chatting privately, flattery, intimidation, asking for personal information, and sympathy. The main way predators lure in their victims is by ‘grooming’. “Grooming is how online predators manipulate children into meeting in real life with their sole goal of having sex with them. Predators will spend weeks, months, and/or possibly years "grooming" their victims before asking them to meet in real life.”

Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 12.47.08 PM.png

In my second Blog Post, to find out how much our students actually know, I gave out a quick survey regarding Online predators. Most people in fact did not know the first signs which are chatting privately, flattery, intimidation, asking for personal information, and sympathy. Participants stated that the first signs were asking to meet up or pictures. These are when the Predator already has you in their grip. So this means children are being taught what the most noticeable signs are, but not necessarily the first red flags.

For my agent of change I decided to bring my project closer to the SLA community. I wanted to actively show how to stay safe on the internet. I wanted to make a direct impact. My solution to this was to give a presentation about Online Predators and how to stay safe on the internet. So that’s what I did. I created a google presentation and showed some of my classmates and advises what to do Online and what to look out for. The video can be played below.

Doing this project was definitely an adventure. From having no idea what to do, to making a great presentation, to scheduling presentation dates, rescheduling. Overall it was challenging, but still felt like I made a difference, no matter how small. If I could’ve done this again, I would definitely done something a little more big. Maybe a presentation at a middle school or at TFI. If you still want to make a difference, learn the signs, be safe, and tell others. After all one person saved is another gained to spread the word.


Blog Post 2

Blog Post #1 shared the point of Black Lives Matter, people who stands up for what they believe in. Black Lives Matter stands up for what you believe in, and what I am doing for this Blog Post is exactly what I want to do.

Black Lives Matter, and Trayvon Martin

For me previous work, I’ve found a video that talks about different people who needs to respect the laws, a guy at the time who was 20-30 years old randomly stopped a Police Officer by the Law of Washington State/RCW. The law stated that anyone who has an unmarked vehicle, is hereby banned to drive. The cop had an unregistered unmarked vehicle and he was using it for undercovering. The citizen gave the cop a huge warning to the cop making him to register the vehicle. The citizen stated there is no mark or indication on the car and the Driver/Cop known as Deputy Canfield have been stopping people in the vehicle in an unregistered vehicle. Everyone needs to respect the law, even the people that are under the power as well.

What I pursued and learned more information about is the laws in the states There should be a change in the community we live in, because people are getting disappointed in the way that they’ve been treating and now it leads to chaos more people are following the ways of mankind.

#BLM Survey

This helps me inform the concept I am learning/researching, it gives us a valuable source of what is happening around the world that demonstrates the cause of these things. I believe that everyone who have heard about this topic is furious about this but we all have a same/different theory about this, we agree and disagree on what we are doing and who we are becoming, but if you actually look at the cause and effect of what’s happening from the past to the present, you would see a huge difference then what society had on us then before.  

This help me of my understanding by showing the concept of why we do this, we do this because we want what’s best for the future, we don’t want a cruel world where we look up to people by example and teach all of us from right to wrong, we want to teach one another respect and acknowledge the fact that we need to do the best we can to raise our children. So my understanding would be the leaders stepping up not just for kids, but for all of us around the world.

Q4 Art Portfolio

Hello, I'm Klarissa Hudson and this is my work from my senior art class. In this class we usually have students who are "passing", "middles", and "college preps." Each section has different artworks to be completed based on their level. I'm in the "passing" group, so I have the smaller and easier assignments to complete. This quarter I had to come up with and create my own assignments so I chose to:

1. Draw a stained glass window

2. Draw an everyday item that I use with only shading to show details

3. Make three things with origami

4. Make a stuffed bear

For my first assignment, I worked to create a stained glass window of my own. I chose a picture of a flower with different colors and shapes around it. For the second assignment, I drew a pair of headphones with shading. I use headphones everyday for hours on end so I drew them with shading to show details. For the third assignment I made three things with origami. So I created a flower, two bunnies, and a fox. And for the fourth assignment I made a stuffed bear with cloth, needle, thread, buttons, cotton, and a bear stencil. Please enjoy and comment if you like; thank you for taking time to look at my work.


 During Research I wish i would have found more cases where speaking out and the negative term snitching was being brought up so that I could feed off of those cases and make some thing out of it. I also  wish I  could of found so much more on kids and teens and this topic maybe not just  pre  teens but teens  and older teens and maybe young adults. It would of made it better so that i could all this stuff in tough comparison . I also  wish that my research could of actually more so helped me  create my presentations because I  had to do much more original research because online research was very limited because of the  small importance  people think of the topic or the ignorance level in society .

   My original Research went very well actually . i interviewed  people in SLA , the freshman in red stream . They were very cooperative . They helped me a lot because they all had different opinions . A lot of people would of wanted a more narrow view because it was less work but for me honestly the more opinions the better because  everyone is an individual and it helped me get a view on what the middle school I presented for might think . So it helped in my presentation before hand . It also went well because  I had my father to talk to who was a case manager that dealt without a lot of people on the streets that had this vision it helped me also tell people the root so I had gotten so much out of  making my own research for my project since their was very little out their .  

  I did get the impact I hoped for mostly . i wish I could probably had a much more bigger impact I think on the community as whole but I think that it is going to take one step at a time .  i also think that i made a impact by bring such a unique topic to the table . i think that I got people to think about their actions and what they say and do for my agent of change so I think it was very useful . I  made this impact by a simple presentation to a middle school and discussing , playing games , and reflection on my topic . I think that they got a real feel for what i was talking about . I made them also connect my topic to personal experiences to make it feel more real , so i think i made an impact on kids who will grow in a genration who is no longer ignorant on the topic and can teach it to future generations . 

Q4 Art Portfolio

Hello, my name is Mingxue Zheng. The following slide show will contain the artworks that I have done in the fourth quarter of my senior art class. 

This quarter, all students will be creating their own projects. 

First Project: Create a Mosaic Rose Drawing 
Second Project: Create Mask Paintings
Third Project: Crayon Art 
Fourth Project: Flower Vase Painting 

I found the assignment this quarter to be challenging because it was my first time doing crayon art and mosaic rose drawing. 

Among all of the projects, I am proud of the mosaic rose because it was the first time that the rose actually looked like a rose. The color combination is made up of warm colors. It gives off a summer vibe. 

The most difficult project is the mask painting. I chose to create two Chinese Opera mask paintings. The Chinese Opera masks are so detailed, that it makes it harder for me to draw and space out the elements in the masks. 

Overall, I love this class. I will continue to draw and paint in college because art is one of my prized hobbies. 

Adam Feliciano - Q4 Student Art Portfolio

During the fourth quarter art class, students had a series of tasks to complete. These tasks were to create four art projects, each in which represented eight hours worth of work. Since I was given the freedom to create anything that I wanted, I decided to focus on the architectural world of art. Having a huge passion for architectural designing, I chose to create four different mediums of architectural homes. Two of my projects were blueprints, another a three-dimensional design of stairs, and lastly a blueprint of a hallway with doors by creasing the paper.