Who Am I Online?- Christina Santana

In class today we watched a video about the affects of bullying before and after it is prevented. Our class activity was pairing up with someone, and looking up their name on Google to see what we would find. What the video brought to mind for me was the realization on how common bullying can be for some people.  Online I am a tiny clothes wearing Hispanic dancer. I do not think people perceive me well based on this appearance because it is not professional. The goal of internet trolls is to bring down other for their personal enjoyment. In my opinion I think there are only cons to online anonymity useless someone is using it to post an honest review on a product, on food, etc. 

Matt Reed

​Hola, me llamo Matt. Tengo catorce anos. Soy de Filadelfia. 
Soy altO y gordO.  Soy creativO y fuerte
Me gusta algo dormir. No me gusta nada tremendamente  nadar 
Que te gusta hacer 
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 3.01.02 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 3.01.02 PM

Alexandrea Rivera

Hola mi nombre Alexandrea Rivera. Tengo catorce anos. Soy de New Jersey pero vivo en Filadelfia, Pennsylvania.

Me encanta música. Yo escucho Drake, Bryson Tiller y muchos más.

Me gusta cantar. Soy una persona relajada. Soy puertorriqueño,irlandés

alemán,escocesa un francés.

No me gusta nada los lunes.

¿te gusta cantar?


Jeremiah Cole

Hola, me llamo Jeremiah Cole. Tengo 30 anos. Soy de Frankfurt, Germany pero vivo en Fayettville, North Carolina. Soy alto,delgado, y bien famoso. Me encanta cantar, soy muy talentoso. Me gusta tambien escuchar musica.

¿Que te gusta hacer?

Benamara - Online Identity

Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 6.01.57 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 6.01.57 PM
  1. Today in class we watched the "I Am A Witness" video about bullying and how to help prevent by clicking the eye. 
  2. The video bring many things to my mind, for example, how bad people's feelings get hurt and how bullying can mostly be worse on the internet, especially when the bully is anonymous.
  3. When my name is searched online many school websites are found. Especially my middle school awards I have received for my science fair. So, online I am a student, which is correct. 
  4. Based on who I am online, people probably see me as hardworking and scientific. 
  5. The goal that internet trolls have are to bully someone online without getting caught. They are most likely to be anonymous, giving them more of a purpose to have fun and torture someone without being found. They mainly expose people and mess with their feelings for their own pleasure. 
  6. A positive thing about anonymity is you do not know who they are which makes things less hurtful, in a way because, if you find out who this online bully is, your feelings will be crushed and you'll have a hard time actually believing that person would do such a thing. A negative thing about anonymity is it will be harder to report them because they have a hidden identity online. 


1. A video about a kid being bullied. It is an interactive video. That you can change the interactive video by interacting to make the situation better.

2. That it is horrible and can cause people to hurt themselves.

3. I'm not very social and don't have a huge life an the internet. 

4. That i'm not up with the trends.

5. To make fun of other people's suffering.

6. That people won't know who said the gossip but, it can hurt the people that the anonymous person are talking about.

Danny DeVito

Write an autobiographical post. You can write about yourself or assume the role of a famous person.

You must include:
  • a photo
  • an intro paragraph including name, age and origin
  • a paragraph about their physical characteristics and personality
  • a paragraph about their likes and dislikes
  • words from the "Más Palabras para Ti" page of your unit packet. BOLD THEM.
  • Close with a question. Your choice! You can ask the reader about their personality, about their likes/dislikes. You can ask if they like specific things (¿Te gusta...?). 

Soy Danny DeVito, tengo 70 años. Soy de New Jersey, pero vivo en Beverly Hills. 

Soy bajo, gordito, sociable, trabajador, y hablador. Además la gente dice que soy muy comico .

Me gusta trabajar, escuchar música, escribit, y comer. Me gusta ir al cine, pero me encanta actuar. No me gusta nada correr, jajaja. 

¿Qué te gusta más Matila o El Lorax?
shhhh the goblin is sleeping
shhhh the goblin is sleeping


We watched the i am a witness video in class. The video was to show that you should always keep an eye out for bullying. You are just as bad as the bully if you dont help because no one deserves to be bullied. The eye emoji helps make situations better so always press the eye. The video makes me think that bullies on hurt people because they have been hurt themselves so they act out. I appear online as a teenager who has been through a lot even though i have only one picture of myself . I believe when people see me online they think im a good kid which i am and im just trying to find myself. Internet trolls purposely comment things to make you upset. Some positve things about online anonymity is that you can say what you want and ¨get away with it¨. A negative thing about it is that no one is actually anonymous online there is always a way to find you.
Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 4.29.28 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 4.29.28 PM

Q1 Art Slideshow

My experience with art is very vague. I usually don’t have a particular reason to draw what I draw. So with that in mind, as an expression of myself, I like to keep things simple most of the time.

Everything you will see in this slide-show was drawn either with simply a pencil or a brush. There’s no special techniques that need to be known, my artist-progress if very much just drawing whatever comes to mind, and if that usually doesn’t require anything too complex.

None of this means I don’t think much of my art. The problem is simply that I’m not very good at it, which means my ability to bring what I draw to life is severely limited.  Everything you will see in this slideshow is best, more sincere effort, and even if it doesn’t look like it, I put a lot of myself into almost all of these works, one way or another. It’s why many of them are so vague, they only mean something to me. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I haven’t decided yet.

Kamil Kielar

Hola, mi nombre Kamil Kielar. Tengo catorce años. Soy de filadelfia pero viva en Poland. Soy de decendencia europea.   

Soy alto, perezoso, y simpático. Mis padres dicen que muy intelligente.

Me encanta dormir y comer. Odio la tarea porque es muy difícil. Cuando tengo tiempo libre ver la películas y jugar videojuegos. Me gusta escuchar música. Tambien me fascina música rock sin embargo no me gusta nada musica electrónica.

¿Que tipo de musica te gusta?


Who am I online

1. The video that we watched in class was about a boy who was being bullied in school and cyber bullied at home. In this video we had to click the Eye (I am a witness) to help the boy.

2. Bullying should be stopped because if it isn’t it only gets worse. 

3. When I search my name nothing comes up.

4. Nothing comes up.

5. Their goal is to bother people and hurt their feelings because they think it’s funny.

6. Positive results are that you can say whatever you want. Negative is that you think you can get away with it, and that you can’t be tracked but you can.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.36.00 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.36.00 AM

Meeghan Kersten Autobiography

Hola, yo soy Meeghan Kersten. Tengo 14 años. He nacido en Filadelfia y tambien  vivo en Filadelfia, Pennsylvania.

Soy comica y deportista. También  puedo ser bastante tímida.

Mi amor es dormir y comer. No me gusta nada hacer la tarea. Me gusta ir de compras.  No me gusta nada a ir loca pero yo sera con mi cerca amigos y familia. Me encanta jugar al fútbol, sin hacer jugar como mucho yo seria como a.

¿Te gusta jugar fútbol?

Boubou Magassa Autobiography

Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 4.41.58 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 4.41.58 AM
Hola, me llamo Boubou Magassa. Tengo catorce anos. Soy de Filadelfia.

Me encanta ¨League of Legends¨. Videojuegos en computadoras.
Me muy inteligente. Me gusta cocinar. Me trabajador. Me Africano-American@.

Me coleccion de ¨Yu-Gi-Oh¨ tarjetos. Me hacer ¨Pop Heros¨ coleccion. Un poco heros. Me gusta musica moderno.
No me gusta nada un poco dormir.

?Te gusta videojuegos?

Autobiography, Mindy Saw

Hola, yo soy Mindy Saw. Tengo 14 años. Soy de filadefia y vivo en filadelfia, Pennsylvania.

Soy bastante simpática y de costumbre perezosa pero algo deportista. Mi amigos dicen que soy timida.

Mi familia es de Asia. Me fascina música y soy bien talentosa en música. No me gusta nada hacer la tarea. Me encanta ir de compras.  No me gusta nada descansar, soy preferir yendo loca con mi familia y amigos. Me encanta correr, sin embargo ello muretes yo mucho.

¿Té gusta escuchar música?


Autobiography - Vivian Pham

Hola me llamo, Vivian Pham. Tengo catorce anos, soy de Filadelphia pero vivo Filadelphia
muy baja, soy un poco antipactica, soy divertida, me encanta dormir, cantar, bailar, no me gusta correr, pasar tiempo con mi familia, me gusta escuchar musica, no me gusta estudiar, no me gusta leer, me gusta cocinar, soy delgada, no me gusta ir a la escuela, me gusta comer, me encanta descansar, 
Te gusta bailar? Te gusta cantar?

Zahira Tucker Autobiography

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.07.28 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.07.28 PM

Hola, Yo soy Zahira Tucker. Tengo catorce años. Soy de Harrisburg pero vivo en Filadelfia.

Me Baj@,extrañ@ y muy talentos@. Me moy hermos@.

Me encanta cantar y bailar. No me gusta Nada estudiar.Prefiero leer y dormir.Me gusta escuchar música.Me fascina Taylor Swift y Justin Beiber sin embargo  no me gusta nada la música de Meek Mill. Me moren@. Me Africano-American@, Chin@, mexican@, de decendencia europea.

Why is liking the Japanese culture such a problem?

Everyone gets made fun of for something, even if that something is precious. You can't please everyone because someone will always have a problem with what you do. The Japanese culture interests me. I don't understand why people have a problem with my taste, it has nothing to do with them.I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why I love the Japanese culture. Anyone can make fun of me as much as they wish, but my love for the culture will never change.

Ever since people in middle school found out I had a thing for the Japanese culture, I've been teased for it. Non-anime lovers somehow found out about the word weeaboo, and started labeling me as such. That...is not a good thing.  A weeaboo is a person who has a serious mental condition. They think they are characters in an anime living in japan, etc.This term was coined  in Japan to make fun of manga and anime lovers. It is considered to be an insult. Weeaboos in Japan are highly frowned upon. In the past, if you were considered a weeaboo, you were even disowned!

All that being said, I think it’s safe to say that I am NOT a weeaboo. I am simply a big fan of the japanese culture, and strive to immerse myself in the language. One day I hope to become fluent in Japanese. One day, I hope to learn the language, and become fluent in it. I also want my house to be rich in cultural artifacts and encourage  my children to  explore cultures other than their own.

They say high school can be a pain.  This past summer, a girl who goes to school with me went to the same girl scout camp. We are in her tent reading a letter that her boyfriend sent her.  At some point during our letter reading, she read out loud, “Oh yeah, tell your weeb friend I said hi.”

I look at her puzzled. “What? Who's he talking about?”

She smiled at me and said, “Yeah he knows that you like anime, but he couldn't remember your name.”

I folded my arms with a curious expression and said “Well, does he even know what a weeb is? Do you? That's totally not what it means.”

She made a defensive and worried face. “Well yeah I know a weeb is suppose to be a bad thing, but you do love anime a lot, not that there's anything wrong with that,” she said.

“According to the Japanese it's an insult!” My face become flushed from anger.“It’s a big deal to people like me. It’s an insult in Japan. It means I’m mental and think that I live in an anime world. I’m not that crazy, or am I?” I smirk to try and play off my anger and she playfully smacks me.

I’ve had many experiences with this, and it’s the same thing over and over again. People really don’t know the meaning of the word, and how hurtful it can be. It’s very hard sometimes telling people I am in to the Japanese culture. If someone brings it up I will admit to liking it, but I will never bring it up on my own. Being weighed down by the insult, I am too shy to admit my love for the culture. My friends in middle school didn't know I liked anime and manga until years after I met them . I've known my best friend for 5 years, and she didn't find out till last year. It’s a shame that insults hide people. I feel like I need to lock my thoughts up in a cage and throw them in a dark room so nobody can find them.

The thing you love to do is personal to you and no one can come between that. I love anime and manga because it makes me happy. It saved me from being alone when I had nobody to stand by me. It will always be my savior, and I will never stop loving it. The Japanese culture will always stay in my heart. Don’t let anyone make you feel small because of your interests. At the end of the day it’s your happiness that matters, not what other people think.

Who Am I Online? Ashley De La Cruz

In class, we watched a video about bullying. There was a little boy that was getting bullied before school, during school, and after school. There was an eye icon that appeared during some parts of the video. If you clicked on the eye, then something would prevent the little boy from getting bullied. For example, after school, the boy was walking home but he had a sign on his back. The sign said, "kick me", if you clicked the eye icon, then the bullies walking behind him would come up and take the sign off and be nice to him. However, if you didn't click on the eye, then the bullies would come up to him and kick him, like the sign said. When I think of bullying, I often think about others not doing anything to prevent bullying. I also often think about suicides, because bullying is often what leads to someone deciding to take their life away. Online, I appear to be a transgender model, even though I am not. There are also Facebook profiles from people named Ashley De La Cruz, which aren't mine, because I don't have a Facebook. I think if someone didn't know who I was, and they decided to look me up online, they might think that I am a transgender model, but I doubt it because I don't model. The goal of an internet troll is to create drama by making up false statements or accusations, in order to stir up controversy on someone. Something positive about online anonymity is that you can talk about something personal, like bullying issues, physical abuse issues, or any other thing, without using your real identity, so that it doesn't affect your daily life. Something negative about online anonymity is that if someone is being rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate towards someone else, you won't know who the person is because they are anonymous. 

Art Q1 Slide show

Ceiling tile - 
My passion is soccer and I wanted to reflect upon soccer itself.  My favorite soccer player is Mesut Özil.  I reference him in the entirety of my picture.  The cleats have the first letter of his last name and the ball has his entire name.  SLA Boys soccer had such a good year, moving up to A division.  I had to make a ceiling tile that reflected soccer and the soccer player I look up to.

Choose my own drawling - 
I chose to draw very basic things.  When I was younger I had art classes and during those art class I drew basic objects and I would shade it after.  For this drawing I drew an apple and I shaded it.  I take pride in the skills that I have acquired from that art class.  

Pumpkin - 
For the pumpkin I wanted to something different than carving a pumpkin and different than just drawing your most basic pumpkin.  I wanted to draw a pumpkin mixed with a plant.  My pumpkin has all the features of a scary pumpkin, but also has roots coming out of it.  

Self Portrait - 
My self portrait does not look exactly like me and that is because I drew me in the future.  I have the glasses and the facial hair.  But I look a lot older and more sophisticated.  I envision that I am about 2 to 3 years through college and I am getting ready to be on my  own.  

Who am I

  • a photo
  • an intro paragraph including name, age and origin
  • a paragraph about their physical characteristics and personality
  • a paragraph about their likes and dislikes
  • words from the "Más Palabras para Ti" page of your unit packet. BOLD THEM.
  • Close with a question. Your choice! You can ask the reader about their personality, about their likes/dislikes. You can ask if they like specific things (¿Te gusta...?). 
Mi nombre es Deja. Mi apellido es Winfield. Tengo catorce anos de edad. Soy de filadelfia, mi familia pero vivo en Puerto Rico.
soy súper baja. Mi amigos es bastante alta. Depende del día soy artístic. Mi mejor amingo es súper artístic. soy por lo general simpática.
Me gusta ir al cine y hablar por teléfono con amigos. Me encanta surfear la red y estar de vago. Odio cantar y ir de compras. Detesto correr.¿ Qúe te interesa?

Two-Faced Talking

“Yo, there’s some crazy jawn that’s over in the city! Let’s slide thru real quick and make this the move!” Okay, whatever, let’s go. “ard, let’s dip!” is what comes out my mouth. “Zahirah, how was school?” it was ard i guess. “It was good, I hung out with some friends, and had a good day. How was work?”

I am one of those people that when it comes to language, I have two different personas. I can be completely formal, mostly around adults, and polite- or in other words, I talk like I have ever picked up a book before. I can’t speak a certain way in front of my grandmother, and expect to not get slapped or lectured about my grammar. The way I was brought up in my family, improper grammar and slang, is just simply not acceptable or tolerated. I was always told to “speak like a lady, like you are talking to the president of the United States”, and in turn there is always an expectation that I follow in front of my elders. “Don’t use the word ain’t in my house. Don’t refer to things as jawns in my presence! I know I raised you to know better than that young lady.” These are the rules in which I had based my childhood off of in my home, and it has benefitted me so much. My vocabulary was forced to expand, and I am able to surprise adults when I speak to them for the first time because they’re used to hearing a child of color talk with a drawl, or improper English.

However, when I am around my friends, or people my age, speaking the way that they do, or sounding like I come from the streets, and know all this slang is more beneficial than isn’t. Part of that is society’s fault because it made teenagers my age think differently of anybody who “talks right”. I’d get called stuck up, or uppity, and looked at in a weird way if I actually name objects instead of saying jawn, or saying isn’t instead of ain’t. My entire persona switches up really quickly when I get around my friends, and I curse more than usual. I go against everything that I was taught as a child.

“How are you doing?”

That’s too proper.

“Wassup, how you been?”


For awhile I often felt really conflicted because I was being put in situations when I had to constantly switch up the two different ways I talked. It caused me to often stumble upon my words, and that resulted in me being insecure to speak sometimes.

Growing up with the two different dialogues I was being taught, and also influenced to say have made me into an individual that I hope stands out with her voice. I used to be so confused and conflicted over which kind of speech I could use around which kind of people, and after a while it became an everyday struggle trying to switch up the two. As time went on, I realized that there was no need to keep changing myself to fit the situation. I came up with my own way of how I communicate combining both dialects I’ve grown up around. It’s helped me really be more comfortable with my own voice, and has helped me communicate to people better when I feel comfortable with the way I sound.

Bill Withers by Nick Ryan

Hola, mi nombre es Bill Withers. Tengo 77 años. Soy de West Virginia pero vivo en Los Angeles, California.

Soy alto. Soy delgado también. Soy moreno africano-americano. Soy muy viejo.

Me gusta escuchar música, es por eso que me encanta fabricación música. Me gusta mucho escuchar alma y R&B música. Te gusta Taylor Swift sin embargo no me gusta nada la música de Katy Perry. Me encanta Big Bang Theory, es muy cómico!

¿Te gusta mi música?
bill withers
bill withers