E2U3 - El Niño Perezoso (Antonio, Naima, y Alex)

This is the story of a boy named Antonio or Tony who is lazy. He is in a workout video however this doesn't fit his liking. Sitting on the couch and watching TV or playing video games is what he loves to do. Alex and Naima begin teaching Tony of different exercises he can do so he'll stay healthy. Whenever you start an exercise, you have to stretch. Alex and Naima tell Tony to have his arms reach high and then have him come down and touch his toes. Tony isn't a strong or fit man so he of course is going to struggle throughout everything. The first thing that was done was Push-Ups. His arms couldn't handle the pressure. Once again he was in pain because he had to do Wall Sits. At this point he has pain throughout his whole body, for example, his head, neck, arms, legs, etc. Sit-Ups is when Antonio started to become frustrated. He didn't know they would challenge him to this extreme. So after that he is told he has to do Jumping Jacks so he starts yelling, throws his food at Alex, and runs off.

P.S. The character Antonio isn't pregnant.

Mural: AQUI Y ALLA. Artistas: Michelle Angela Ortiz, David Flores, Oscar Gallegos, Juan Carlos Reyes and Antonio Leal.

​Ubicado en:  1515 South 6th Street. ( South Philadelphia) 

3 cosas que este mural revela sobre la comunidad: 
-Luchas de los inmigrantes
-potenciar la juventud
empoderar a las razas españolas
2 objetos, imagenes, frases o palabras en mural
- Mapas 
- Flags 
- Leafs
1 razon que es significativo para esta communidad: 
To connect people in the community to their spanish roots even though immigration issues may separate people from there families. 

The Vitruvian Cock

​Hey, it's Paxton, but you can call me Contemporary Da Vinci. Here's a picture of the Vitruvian Cock. Like the Vitruvian Man, this piece of art will revolutionize art as we know it, especially pornographic art.

My radio piece

Hey everyone:
This is my radio piece where I tell the story of my older brother Maximo, He is a freshmen in college, and we talk about the studies and why want to become a computer engineer.
Thanks for watch it


SLA! Sam, Kenzie, Mike Sarah, Donald

!Hola¡ Somos… (we all introduce ourselves). Somos del primer año en la escuela. SLA está en Filadelfia. Está cerca de Arch Gourmet, Franklin Institute, y Trader Joe’s. SLA es la escuela pequeña y brillante. Hay quinientos (500) estudiantes, treinta profesores, y hay cinco pisos. Nosotros tenemos Spirit Week, bailes de escuela, consejerías, y hay ultimate frisbee. Ofrecemos deportes, poetry club, cine, ingeniería, y comida deliciosa.

En la clases, nosotros aprendemos. Nosotros leemos, tomamos apuntes y prestamos atención. En SLA, tenemos muchas clases. Por ejemplo, inglés, historia, español, tecnología, ingeniería, arte, algebra/ geometria, bioquímica, consejería. Para tener éxito en esta clase, necesitamos hacer la tarea. Es importante tomar apuntes En la clases hacemos tarea con computadoras. La clase de inglés muy fácil.

¡En SLA las estudiantes están muy contentas! ¡Los profesores están muy inteligentes! ¡Los profesores les gustan los estudiantes mucho! Vamos a ver los estudiantes y profesores. (show teacher looks at kid and head explodes).

SLA es muy interesante. Me encanta bioquímica y ingeniería porque es fácil. Lo que más nos gusta de SLA es consejería. SLA es chévere, tranquilo, e inspirante. Para más información, ve a www.scienceleadership.org. !Ven a visitarnos!

Spanish Video- Justin, Joziah, Tyah, and Alexis

  1. Introduction + Overview (JUSTIN)

¡Bienvenidos a SLA! Los profesores son muy inspirantes. SLA es muy divertido pero exigente. Los amigos son chéveres. SLA tiene cinco pisos. Es muy fácil hacer amigos. SLA la escuela está en Filadelfia. Somos del primer año. Las matemáticas es muy importante. SLA es nuestra casa.

  1. Tus Clases (ALEXIS)

Tenemos muchas clases en SLA. Tenemos bioquímica, inglés, español uno, álgebra, geometría, tecnología, drama y historia. Todas son clases difíciles pero fáciles, también. Español es mi clase favorita. Español es mi clase favorita porque es muy chévere, interesante y importante. Leemos palabras en español, hacemos toda la tarea, tomamos notas, participamos activamente y somos responsables. Los materiales que necesitamos son unas plumas y lápices, unas hojas de papel, y unas carpetas. Necesitamos unos cuadernos, también. Para tener éxito en esta clase, es importante prestar mucha atención a las profesoras. Es importante tomar notas y participar mucho. Es muy fácil sacar buenas notas.

  1. Los Profesores y Los Estudiantes (TYAH)

Mi profesor, el Señor Kay, es nuestro favorito profesor. El enseña inglés. Nos encanta porque la clase es fácil. Su clase es un poco estresante, pero me encanta la clase de inglés. El profesor es bastante tranquilo y inspirante. El enseña muy bien. Su clase es chévere y interesante. Nuestros estudiantes son interesantes ¡Me gusta la comunidad y la familia en SLA!

Opinión (JOZIAH)

En general la escuela es perfecta. Es diferente. Nos encanta la libertad tenemos porque es fantásticos y tenemos que trabajador. Además SLA es chévere porque los estudiantes son interesantes y diferentes. SLA es como una segunda familia con amigos. Depende del día, SLA es político. Además SLA es muy música y artístico. Para más información, ve a www.scienceleadership.org  ¡Gracias y ven a vistarnos!

English Radio Piece

The main thing I want to get across in this radio piece is just sharing experiences from my mom’s life. Besides soundtrap, I struggled with coming up with a main idea and a script. I ended up re-writing my script four times. It was difficult connecting the interview because my mom kept jumping all over the place, I learned that coming up with a main idea is better to do first, then questions and the script.


The Man He is Today

Reflection: This project was unique for me. I went at least two days with my laptop being in complete Arabic and not understanding what across my screen until I got it fixed. I know that this has limited me to having my interview completed and polished on time, but I have found a way to still get what was needed to be done. My objective for this project was to tell this story of my dad and how he was raised which made him into the man he is today.

The Man He is Today

“My childhood was different than a lot of my friends when I was growing up,” my father says. Martin J. Harris was born into a huge family from West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. He lived with his parents, six siblings with him being the youngest (which makes 7 of them in total), and his cousin along with his aunt. At the age of 14, he lost his parents due to a tragic accident. “I think that with me losing my parents at a young age made me realize that I had to grow up faster than my friends and my peers around me”. My father then had to grow up under the rules of his older sister and followed her guidance as if she was his mother. “I give my sister a lot of respect and credit for the times she raised me and my other siblings, later on, ” he says. His sister became his hero and that is someone my father definitely looks up to and has the utmost respect for. Growing up is one of the toughest times for a child and when you have to grow up faster, it makes you see the world differently. You become wiser and mature faster than your peers which set you apart from them.

At the age of 22, my father graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He was the first out of his siblings to graduate from college and earned his bachelors and masters degree. “What kept me motivated to achieve the goals I have was to stay positive and saying I can do this instead of saying I can’t”. After c, later on, married his college sweetheart Kim Ford. Later on, they had two new additions to their family: Madison and Martin J. Harris II. “I never wanted a big family,” my father says. “I think that coming from a huge family like I did and being the youngest, I would never have a big family because there was limited attention I received while growing up and when my parents got to me they were tired”. My father definitely gives my brother and I his full attention when we are around him. He is very involved in our lives and I will say that my father and I definitely has a close connection. “ I always wanted to have a strong relationship with my children,” he says. “ I know that having this bond with my children will benefit them as they grow up knowing that I could not have this type of bond with my parents”. My father is always tentative in his presence with being in my brother and I’s life. He always supports me whether that is coming to my basketball game or being the ear I need to talk to. Learning from experiences growing up makes you realize the target that is on your back to become successful and achieve your goals when sometimes you have a different start than others. It also gives you a chance to become the hero to those who look up to you and be there for them knowing that it will benefit them.

“I wish that I had a brother closer to my age while growing up,” my father says. Before he answered I asked him if there is anything he could change about his childhood what would it be. “Throughout all of the experiences of my growing up, I would never change the people I have experienced them with”. This stuck with me throughout the interview because us humans are always going to have situations and lessons we have to go through because that is a part of growing up, but the people that have seen us with the issues as we are growing up and has been there for us, we can never change that. “Those are relationships that have grew strong with me and will never change”.”It will always be a fine memory in my mind and that is something that’s there forever.” he says. My father is continuing to be the strong, faithful, and loving brother, father, and husband he has always been for my family and I. His childhood has definitely molded him into the man he is today for the better because he took his situations and setbacks as targets and goals he wanted to accomplish which made his successful. “Anything is accomplishable during the roughest times in life, it’s either you take on the challenges and achieve them or you drown in the hardships”. -Martin J.Harris

E1 U4 (Karen,Simon,Sara,Grahm)

¡Hola! Somos del primer año de SLA en Filadelfia. La escuela está cerca de la calle principal de la ciudad que se llama Market St. Está cerca de una tienda muy popular, el Trader Joe. Tenemos quinientos estudiantes y veinte professores. No somos muchos! La escuela no es muy grande, tenemos solo cuatros pisos… Tenemos equipos de sport, con el fútbol, el voleibol, el baloncesto… Algunos de nosotros estamos en la Black Student Union, ¡es muy interesante!

En SLA mis clases are ingeniería, bioquímica, inglés, matemática, historia, and español. Mi clase favorita es inglés. En esta clase a veces leemos y trabajamos duro. Nosotros aprendemos y cantamos canciones en español. Nosotros trabajamos duro en SLA. Nosotros leemos Shakespeare y hacemos proyectos divertidos. Para proyectos usamos computadoras y papel. Para tener éxito en esta SLA, participamos activamente y trabajamos duro y sacamos buenas notas.

Nuestra profesora favorita es la Srta. Giknis. Ella enseña la clase de inglés y es muy chévere y simpática. Su clase es facil y interesante. En la clase de inglés, nosotros leemos novelas, actuamos Shakespeare, y escribimos ensayos. Nuestros estudiantes en SLA son cómicos, inteligentes, y simpáticos, pero algunos de mis compañeros de clases son molestos. Los proyectos de grupos son a veces difíciles y muy estresantes.

Me encanta SLA porque es una escuela interesante e inclusiva. ¡Ven a visitarnos! A nuestros estudiantes les encanta nuestra escuela porque los profesores y estudiantes son muy buenos. Lo que más nos gusta de SLA es el ambiente y los estudiantes son fantásticos. SLA es enérgica, divertida, y magnífica. SLA es además una escuela muy diversa. Para más información, ve a www.scienceleadership.org.